Monday, May 30, 2016

The Escape

Paulo took a deep draw on his cigarette as he stared out over the blue horizon. Standing at the edge of the long, wooden pier, he listened to the gentle rush of the waves, along with the thunking of many small rowboats. Every sea-worthy vessel was tied.

He heard the familiar footfalls of Marcus coming up behind him, followed by the pattering of smaller feet. Paulo took a final puff of his cigarette, then tossed it out into the water. The butt hissed briefly, before a fish swam up and sucked it into its mouth. Paulo watched it go, wondering if the thing would swallow and choke on it, or if it would have the sense to spit it out.

“It’s a no go,” said Marcus, in smooth Portuguese. “Senegal has sealed its boarders, and that means The Gambia is cut off as well. They’ve got a marine blockade up, just past the horizon. Everyone’s fenced in; anyone caught more than two miles out to sea will be detained and forced to shore, on threat of death. Going to be hell on the fishermen.”

Paulo mulled this over, then turned to his friend. Both men were swarthy, dressed in white slacks and shirts, sunglasses and straw hats with wide brims to help fend off the sun. Both also wore backpacks, holding all their belongings. With the way things were going, pickpockets and swindlers were being particularly bold in their efforts. Both men didn’t dare leave their packs unattended.

“No planes?” said Paulo.

“Everyone’s grounded,” he said. “Assuming we could even make it to an airport, the military still has them all locked down.” He sighed.

Sex Mage World: Alternate Endings

We have seen several ways the Sex Mage World may have begun. Now, let us explore how it may end.

As I described in my SMW Origins article, I like to keep the greater canon of the Sex Mage World loose and unofficial. The real point of the Sex Mage World is in seeing all the delightfully evil ways Sex Magic gets used and how society has to adapt to the power being there, as opposed to focusing on the greater cosmic meta-plot of where the power came from and what its greater purpose is.

That said, some readers are curious to know what happens later in the timeline. Most such queries are usually followed by desires that I somehow implement a way to force the scales of powers to tip back into balance, give men immunity to the magic, or take the power away from the women somehow. I’d say they’re completely missing the point of the Sex Mage World, but hey, whatever turns your crank.

Still, how does the Sex Mage World end? Surely, the anomalous power of Sex Magic can’t just stick around forever. It came in a flash and could be gone in a flash. Or, if it did stick around, there’s no way human society will still resemble the one we know in a million years, will it? So, what future are we looking at here? Well, here’s a few possibilities:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

JALS: Comic Throb

The little bell on the door jingled, as a petite teen girl with mouse-brown hair entered the little comic/game store. Frank, the young man behind the counter, blanched at the site of her. The other customers, four guys playing a card game at the back table, and a middle-aged man sifting through the long box of comics, glanced up and almost did a double-take, then nervously went back to their game and comics.

The girl smiled sweetly at Frank, saying, “Hi! I don’t suppose you kept up with my pull box, huh?”

Frank sighed. “I told you to get lost, Julia. Nobody wants you here. This is a guy-zone.”

Julia smiled slightly at him. “Now, is that any way to treat a customer?”

Frank opened his mouth to retorted, but instead gasped as he felt a sudden jolt in his loins. Out of no where, his penis began to erect. He blinked and looked down at himself, then back up at Julia, who was already making her way to the display shelves to check the new releases of the comics. She tapped her chin in thought as she gazed over the titles, before pulling a couple issues of the Centurions and the Phantom Five, then seeing what else stood out to her.

She looked back over her shoulder, saying, “I should be making you fetch these for me. You were supposed to keep up with my pulls.”

“You got kicked out!” said Frank. He squirmed behind the counter. His cock was steely hard now, painfully tenting his pants, but he didn’t dare adjust himself in view of Julia. Instead he leaned forward and crouched slightly behind the counter, to try and hide the tenting.

Julia shrugged, then turned back to the books, and Frank took the moment to try and adjust himself, pushing his cock so that it throbbed against his stomach, held in place by the waistband of his jeans. However, instead of easing his discomfort, his cock seemed only to get more tense, becoming almost painfully hard. He was having a Hard Attack! Some woman was using Sex Magic to force an unnaturally tense erection on him!

Over by the card table, a couple of the guys shifted uncomfortably as well, obviously dealing with sudden erections of their own. The guy at the long boxes blushed and crouched down, ostensibly to check the lower shelf of boxes, but no doubt to hide his own sudden erection.

Julia turned back to Frank and stepped up to the counter. Frank let out a gasp as his erection intensified with every step closer she took. Frank’s eyes bugged out as he put two-and-two together. It was her!

“You know, I still don’t think that was fair, you kicking me out like that,” she said. “Just because I kept mopping the floor with you nerds at Magic and YuGiOh.” Over at the table, a couple of the card players grunted, and one dropped his cards with a gasp, gripping the edge of the table. “And okay, I know I used to butt into your dumb little comic book ‘who would win’ debates, but I just wanted to join in the fun.”

Frank let out a small groan as he felt a building sensation of tingles flowing over his cock, and a horribly intense compulsion to start jerking off. His cock wanted to be touched. It had to be touched! He was going to go crazy if he didn’t touch it! He held the edge of the counter in a death grip, refusing to give the girl the satisfaction of trying.

“J-j-julia! You’re… you can’t…”

“Hmmm? Oh, right. My Sex Magic. I just got it a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool, huh?”

“You’re like a sophomore in High School!” Frank gasped. “How could you have it?!”

Julia laughed. “I’m a senior, idiot! And I got held back a year in grade school. I turned nineteen a couple months ago!”

Frank gawked at her, or tried to, even as his face scrunched into the grimace of need. His cock clenched in his pants as the tingles increased, tickling every nerve. He was so aroused, the slightest touch to his cock would probably make him blow his load!

“I’ll take it as a compliment on my youthful looks, I suppose,” said Julia, setting her comics down on the counter.

One of the guys at the card table let out a whimper, and lost control of himself. Brazenly, he held the edge of the table and rhythmically pressed his crotch against the edge, humping it. The other three, unable to concentrate on the game anymore, just flushed crimson and looked away. Julia smiled sympathetically towards them.

“Poor nerds,” she said, loud enough for them to hear. “You so rarely get a chance for relief, don’t you? All the mean bitches in your lives think it’s funny to keep you locked up, and mock you for being fat or too skinny for a guy or just dorky looking.”

All four guys let out yelps as Julia extended her power to all of them. All four bucked in their seats as her magical thoughts caressed their delicate, needy manhoods. In just seconds, all four guys let out squeals and grunts as their cocks jerked under their clothes, and they came like fire hoses. Huge stains bloomed from the crotches of their shorts, and after several more seconds, the guys sagged back in their seats, trying to catch their breath.

“You owe me a game or three for that, boys!” said Julia with a laugh. The guys nodded, one of them giving her a thumbs up.

Julia than glanced at the middle aged guy still crouched near the bottom shelf of long boxes. He gave her a pleading look. “Please… I can’t… my wife…”

Julia blinked, then put a hand to her mouth and her eyes widened a little. “Oh! Oh, of course, I’m sorry.” She winked at him, and the man let out a sigh of relief as she pulled away her magic influence, letting his cock soften.

Instead she funneled all the magic towards Frank, invisible, irresistible energy beaming straight from her pussy into his cock. Frank out a girly whimper and fell to his knees as his cock became so tense, it began to vibrate in his pants. The tingles, the tension, the sheer need to be touched, all became so intense that his body couldn’t take it anymore. Just from sheer arousal, he attempted to cum.

But Julia didn’t let him. Just as her power flooded his nerves, she had pinched off the reflex that allowed him release, blocking his orgasm. Frank bucked and gasped, falling forward onto his hands and knees in the small space behind the counter, humping the air.

Julia leaned over the counter, and scanned in her purchases, then used the register herself, paying cash. Grabbing a bag, she slid her comics inside and gave Frank a bemused look. “I expect my pull box to be up to date next time I come by.”

“You… can’t… aaaah!“ Frank cried out as the tension somehow, impossibly, increased! He collapsed fully onto the floor, grinding his cock against the ground.

“Look, I get it, you were just pissed a girl kept showing you up at your own geek hobbies,” she said. “And I know I was a little obnoxious last time, but I’ll cool it if you let me come back without an argument again, okay?”

Frank just groaned an attempt at a cuss word.

“What was that, little boy?”

Frank could barely form the words, between both the exertion of his humping, and the sheer tension taking his breath away. “F-f-fu-fuck—AAH!—F-fine! Okay!”

“Excellent,” she said with a smile. All at once, she shut off the magic, leaving Frank to gasp and twitched, momentarily stunned from the sudden absence. She left the store, giving a small smile and a wave to the other customers.

Frank managed to get back onto his feet, taking several minutes to try and calm himself. His erection, although no longer painfully intense, stubbornly refused to quit. The guys at the card table were taking turns going into the bathroom to try and clean up at little. As the middle aged guy came up to the counter.

Frank scanned his purchases, red faced, and the man obligingly didn’t look him in the eye. He did, however, break the awkward silence, saying, “So, ah, you really kicked her out? I wondered why she wasn’t around the last few months.”

“She was being a little bitch,” muttered Frank. “Driving off customers.”

“If you say so,” said the man.

Frank’s erection still throbbed. Had she made it permanent, or was he still just so turned on by how she’d just manhandled him with her mere thoughts? God, he’d been jacking off to thoughts of her for weeks! Did she know? She had to know! Bad enough she beat him at every card game and always made him look like an idiot at comic trivia, it just wasn’t fair that a girl that fucking cute was so good at those things!

As the drawer of the register popped open for him to take the other man’s cash, Frank noticed a paper note had been slipped on top of the twenties. He quickly finished the transaction, and as the man left the store, he read the note:

I’ve blocked your orgasm and given you a permanent stiffy. If you want to fix that, give me a call tonight. If you can beat me at a little trivia, I’ll release both those conditions, and you can jack off to thoughts of me all you like. If not, well, there’s all sorts of other games we can try. – Julia

Frank swallowed hard and his cock throbbed. He was going to have to brush up on his comic knowledge and fast.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Resisting Is Futile

Devin swallowed nervously as he heard his phone beep in his pocket. He checked it and almost cursed. Jecky hadn’t forgotten.

Come upstairs! The party’s started! the text read.

Devin sighed and quickly typed: That’s okay, I’m not feeling that well.

You liar. I told you, you need to get out more! Jecky typed back. Come on up and join the fun!

You know I hate those kinds of parties, he responded.

But I like parties, and I want you here. :(   Devin was about to type another response, when he felt something stir in his loins. He let out a small gasp as his penis grew hard. Not just hard, but throbbing. He felt an overwhelming need to touch himself, but he resisted. His phone beeped again: If you come upstairs, I can take care of that for you.

Devin cursed softly. He felt another glimmer of magic, and his cock flexed hard in his shorts, the tension increasing. His heartbeat quickened as his blood rushed to his organ, filling it as much as humanly possible.

Jesus, okay! Just stop! Devin texted back frantically.

It’ll stop when you get here, she replied. You have two minutes. If you aren’t at least on this floor by then, I’ll start sucking.

Devin let out another small gasp and pocketed his phone, heading for his door. He was wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt, but didn’t dare waste time finding a better outfit. He slipped on his sandals and exited his tiny, studio apartment, heading for the stairs.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

JALS: Arm Wrestle

“Come on.... this isn’t… fair…!” Pete was grunting and sweating with exertion as he tried his damnedest to move his girlfriend’s arm back. The two were kneeling on the floor, arm wrestling with their elbows on the coffee table. Across the table, Haley grinned at her boyfriend’s expression, red faced with effort.

Pete easily dwarfed his girlfriend, at six-foot-seven, and rippling with muscle built from years of weight lifting. Haley, meanwhile, was quite petite, five-foot-two, and still skinny as a bean poll. And yet, the scene was comically reversed as Pete’s thick, muscular arm flexed tightly, trying to push down girlfriend’s stick thin arm.

Of course, his arm wasn’t the only part of him flexing; his cock was erect and throbbing, straining to the limit with sexual tension. His erection fueled Haley with the energy that powered her Sex Magic abilities, giving her total control of his physical and mental sexuality. It also boosted her own body to superhuman levels, hence the harder his cock was, the easier she could hold back his arm. And with a simple mental command, she made his cock as hard and needy as humanly possible. She wasn’t even trying to push his arm down yet, just fending off his efforts.

“Haley… please…! You can’t just cheat like this!” Pete was trembling, not only from the effort of arm-wrestling her impossible strength, but from how badly he needed his cock to be touched. He’d be masturbating furiously right now, if her spells weren’t restricting him. “Come on!” he whined. “You’re not using your power to hold my arm back, are you?”

“Nope!” said Haley, grinning wider. “Just the strength your boner gives me. If I was going to use my powers, I’d just do this.” She winked at him, and his arm flew back and down, the invisible force of her will casually pinning his arm to the table.

Pete gasped and tried to lift his arm up, instinctively fighting her, even though he knew it was futile. After a moment, she let his arm go, and he shook it, holding his forearm with his other hand. “Enough!” he said. “I yield, okay?”

“Pussy!” she said with a laugh. Pete blushed and looked to the side, ashamed. He’d worked for years to build his body up, and all his girlfriend, hell, all any woman needed to do was give him a boner, and she was stronger than him without even trying.

Haley looked past the table. She was still dressed in shorts and a tank top, but she wasn’t letting Pete wear clothes at the moment, and his cock strained towards the ceiling, a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip, crying for her attention. She licked her lips. “Speaking of pussy, you certainly need some, don’t you?”

His blush deepened, and he mumbled, “Uh-huh.”

“Well, too bad. You have to beat me at something before I let you inside! And I’m sticking to my rule, no matter how badly you need it: you cannot cum unless it’s inside me.” For just a moment, she thought about his cock entering her, and Pete gasped and jumped as he briefly felt the sensations of a tight, hot, wet pussy sliding down his sensitive length. The sensation vanished just as the phantom pussy lips reached the base of him, and he took a moment to catch his breath. His balls ached with unspent cum, his cock attempting, futilely, to get rid of it in that moment, before her orgasm block smacked it right back into his balls. He grunted at the kickback.

“I can’t!” he said, unable to stop his voice from breaking into a whine. “The longer I go without, the stronger you get!”

“Hahaha, I know! That’s what makes it fun!” She sent a short sensation of her hands squeezing his tender balls, making him jump. She did it again, then again, sending the sensation every couple of seconds, squeezing him rhythmically. He leaned back against the couch and squirmed. “You’re so big and strong. You could probably break me in half with one arm. And yet, you’re completely, utterly helpless against my mere thoughts. All because of that silly thing between your legs!”

Pete was gasping, wincing at every squeeze. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but it jolted his nerves every time. “Ah! Please! Mercy!”

Then, the sensations stopped being brief blips, and the squeezing sensation stayed, phantom hands grinding in his testicles and holding him. Pete yelped, his hips squirmed, and he let out a long groan. “Please! Goddess please!”

Then, the phantom sensations of that tight, hot, wet pussy came back, and this time, it didn’t disappear, but rode him slowly. Up and down, up and down, twisting slightly, milking him with pleasure. His cock, already swollen to maximum tension, darkened and jerked in the air rapidly. Pre-cum oozed freely and his hips bucked, his cock stabbing the air desperately. “Aaaaah! PLEASE!”

Haley put her arm up on the table. “Hey, I can do this all day. Tell you what, all you have to do is move my arm a little. You don’t even have to fully push it to the table; if you can move it back just three inches, I’ll suck you off while I ride your face tonight. That counts as inside, so you can blow your load right down my throat. I’ll even let you use both arms!”

Pete was thrashing and gasping too much to respond, so she reluctantly canceled her spells, letting him calm down. Even so, she felt his tortured cock feeding her with even more male desperation energy, filling her with even greater strength. She waited until Pete was cognizant enough, then repeated her wager.

Blushing with how easily she overpowered him, Pete couldn’t think of any other resource. Maybe if he wasn’t so insanely horny, he could have thought more clearly, but Haley wasn’t about to spoil her fun letting him off easy. She grinned at him as he resumed the arm wrestle, putting both hands on her one and putting his whole weight into the push. Her arm wavered, and she actually had to push back some. But not enough to make her worry.

Poor Pete. He tried so earnestly, but his mere male muscles could only do so much. She considered briefly cutting him some slack. Then she smiled, and cast a little spell that tickled his cock with feather-light tongue tips, and giggled as his desperation made it even easier to fend off his efforts.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Audrey's Spell

James stepped into the coffee shop, looking around nervously. Then he saw her, sitting at the back most table seat, in the little nook that would give them some degree of privacy. He quickly strode over to her table and sat down.
Audrey was reading a book, chuckling over it, and sipping a cup of black tea. She didn’t respond to James as he sat down, waiting patiently for him to make the first move.
Several tense seconds went by before he said, “I believe you now.”
Audrey looked up at him, offering him a bemused smile. “Do you?”
“I didn’t think this hypnotism cra—stuff—was real,” he said. “That’s why I laughed it off.”
“But now I can’t…” he flushed crimson as the words hung in his throat.
“Can’t what?” she said, her voice low and sultry.
“Can’t… cum!” he said, his voice raising an octave at his confession. “I don’t know what little trick you did while I was under, but I can’t cum no matter what I do!”
“Goodness!” said Audrey, feigning pity. “It’s been two weeks since my little demonstration. You must be quite pent up. No wonder you look so tense.”
“Of all the things…” he swallowed hard. “Did you have to do that to me?”
“Well, I did say my specialty was erotic effects,” she said. “I also know you’ve fantasized and masturbated to thoughts of me quite frequently, and that you always lost it in under a minute when you stroked yourself to me.”
James’ eyes widened. “How did you…?”
Audrey gave him a smirk. “You’d be amazed what people confess to under hypnosis.” She shrugged. “Anyway, you were really set on not believing me, so I wanted to make sure my effect would have an obvious and profound impact.” James’ blush grew deeper. She reached up with her leg under the table, and tapped his crotch with her foot. His hard cock flexed. “I see that I have!”
 “So,” he said. “Could you please… I dunno… remove the block?”
“You can cum using a specific trigger word, if uttered by a woman,” she said. “One utterance equals one orgasm.”
James swallowed nervously again. “I don’t think I want my orgasms to be dependent on someone else like that. Please, just undo your trigger!”
Audrey smirked again. She settled one hand around her cup of tea, then began to slowly, lightly trace her index finger up and down it, caressing it as she might a lover’s cheek. James noticed this little motion, and he felt it suddenly very compelling to watch. He stared at her finger’s movement for several seconds, before he realized what was happening. But by then it was too late; he felt his awareness of the surrounding world start to fade, his attention narrowing until Audrey was the sole focus of his mind. He stiffened as he tried to resist, but her hypnotic triggers were stronger than he could have ever believed.
“Fall,” she whispered in a way that tickled his mind. He briefly stiffened, and then went slack, his eyes drooping and his body sagging back in the seat. “Good boy,” she said. Her words, spoken in that sultry whisper, seemed to reverberate throughout his whole being.
Audrey grinned at how easily, and readily, James fell under her power. He’d acted so resistant, laughed her off, but she knew, deep down, that the thought of erotic hypnosis turned him on like nothing else. Overpowering him had been almost too easy. Now it was time for a little fun.
“Tongues,” she whispered. James let out a small gasp as he felt the sensations of several hot, wet, tongues sliding and swirling over his rock hard cock. Nothing was actually touching him, but his mind and body were completely convinced that several women were licking his organ, deeply and sensually.
“Sucking,” she whispered, and James gasped louder, as he felt a full mouth taking him inside, sucking him deep, then slowly bobbing up and down along his length. The mouth paused near the top to pull exquisitely at the head, before the lips moved down to the root, and the phantom throat squeezed him lovingly.
“Fingers,” she whispered, and James let out a soft cry, as he felt a phantom hand grip him, the fingertips touching exactly the right spots, rubbing him in the perfect rhythm he masturbated with.
“Feathers,” she whispered, and James whimpered as he felt a dozen light, irresistible feathers tickling up and down the length of his cock, swishing around the head and around his testicles, tickling the nooks of his inner thighs, then back along the shaft.
All these sensations, the tongues, the fingers, the feathers, and the mouth, layered upon each other, each phantom sensation distinct upon his organ, the pleasure from each blending together into an irresistible, sensual force.
James began to whine, making a high pitched mew that threatened to draw a few eyes from others in the coffee shop. Audrey whispered, “Quiet. Still.” Somehow, James’ pitiful whimpers were silenced, and all he could do was gasp softly. His body shivered, but he maintained his posture, in no danger of falling off the chair.
“So,” said Audrey, admiring her handiwork. “You wish for control of your orgasms back? You wish to cum whenever you want?”
James nodded, his face contorted in beautiful, sensual agony. Even the most desensitized, strong-willed man would have cum in seconds from the assault of phantom sensations James was feeling now. Yet all he could do was twitch and make small jerks with his hips as his cock flexed in his pants, but refused to release. Her previous hypnotic condition held strong, preventing him from achieving orgasm, no matter how hard, or how long, he was ground against the fierce edge of climax.
“Do you think you deserve it?” she said. “Do you think you deserve such a privilege, after you laughed at me, after you used my image for your pleasure so selfishly?”
James’ brow furrowed, as if in confusion. His mind was a whirl of pleasure and need; it was so difficult to form thoughts now. But he felt a pang of guilt for how he’d mocked her. Did he deserve such a privilege? He didn’t know. He couldn’t think. He could only feel and yearn.
“I’ll let you think about it,” she said. Then she went back to reading her book. The two sat there, Audrey chuckling again as she read the amusing work, sipping her tea as if nothing unusual at all was going on, while James gasped and shivered and suffered in a personal storm of ecstasy. After ten minutes, Audrey whispered “Toes,” adding the sensations of two feet rubbing him, the toes curling around his shaft and head and squeezing playfully. After twenty minutes, Audrey whispered, “Fucking,” and James grunted loudly as he felt a hot, tight, wetness envelop him, different from the mouth, a phantom pussy making love to him.
After thirty minutes, Audrey finally looked up from her book and smiled at the poor, suffering man. He was an utter wreck, sweating, gasping, making small grunts despite her command to be silent. Fortunately, the general din of conversation and work throughout the coffee shop kept anyone else from noticing his noises, and their little corner was still private enough to keep curious eyes from noticing his movements. “Faster,” said Audrey, and all the phantom sensations moved quicker upon him. James’ mouth opened in a silent scream and his body locked up, his hands gripping the chair. “Faster,” she said, and James’ body quivered with tension, his mind and body wound tight as a steel spring.
“Well?” she said in her soft, sultry voice, the words tingling across his mind. “Do you deserve it?”
James stiffly shook his head. He didn’t. He was unworthy. She was so powerful, a goddess, and he a mere mortal. He deserved his punishment, but her wicked blessing of pleasure was more than he could bear! Fueled by sheer desperation, his lips worked, and he was able to choke out two barely audible words: “please… mercy…!”
Audrey’s smile broadened. “You poor thing. I suppose you’ve suffered enough, for now. Very well, when I next say the word, your block will be released. But now that you know my power, I think you’ll be back for more soon enough. Don’t you think?”
James could only nod stiffly. Audrey chuckled. She closed her book and stood, then leaned forward, breathing her words into his ear, each syllable rippling across his mind like sensual thunder. “Wait fifteen seconds, after which, you will Wake and Explode! Starting… now!” So saying, she swiftly left the coffee shop. Just as she reached the door, she heard James’ utterly tremendous shout. She couldn’t help but laugh as she walked out.
James bucked and writhed and screamed as the spells released him and he came! He came so hard and long that his semen flowed right through the material of his pants, a huge stain forming over his crotch. He nearly blacked out as he sagged completely into his chair. Everyone in the coffee shop stopped what they were doing to watch the show, a couple people coming over to see if he was okay. Their noses wrinkled at the scent of semen.
Feeling drained and weak, he nonetheless forced himself to get up, wave off the people checking on him, and run from the shop, leaving stunned faces, and a few laughs, trailing behind him. When he got outside, he slouched against the wall of the shop and looked around. Audrey was no where to be found. As he caught his breath, he could only stand in awe of what she had done. Even though she’d just wrung more cum out of him than any other orgasm he’d ever experienced, his cock still throbbed at the thought of her. He wanted to run home and rub another few out, just to ease the haze of lust he was still in.

But he hesitated, thinking better of it. If he was going to worship his new goddess that way, it would probably be better to get her permission first. Even if, no, especially if, that meant letting her toy with his mind and body as much as she liked!