Friday, May 13, 2011

Magic Revenge

Robert was grinning smugly as he strode towards his girlfriend’s apartment. Well, to be more specific, one of his girlfriends’ apartments. A college senior with little to lose after graduation, or so he thought, Robert fancied himself rather adept at being able to juggle three girls at once. Technically, only Karen was his official “girlfriend,” while he considered Becky and Jane to just be fuck buddies. However, he knew Becky was infatuated with him, and he always dangled the possibility of going steady with her, as long as she continued to give it up. Of course, she had no idea about Karen. Jane, on the other hand, was aware of the two girls, but didn’t know that they didn’t know; she assumed everything was cool, and Robert saw no reason to break that illusion. After all, the three ladies were part of wholly different social circles, so what did he have to worry about? All Robert knew was that this morning, he’d gotten a stellar blowjob from Becky, and tonight, he was going to be balls deep in Karen.

So it was that when Robert entered Karen’s place, he was rather stunned to see Becky sitting on the couch, giving him a death glare. For a brief moment, he thought that maybe he’d gone to the wrong apartment, but no, he was sure this was the right one. For one thing, Becky was sitting on the couch Robert had fucked Karen doggie-style over so many times. “Uh, hey, how’s it going?” he continued, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. “I guess you’re friends with Karen, too, huh?”

“I suppose so now,” said Becky, crossing her arms.

“Um… okay,” said Robert. “I can explain.”

“Save it,” came the voice of Karen from right behind him. Robert felt himself shoved forward, almost falling on his face.

“Hey!” said Robert. “That was uncalled for!”

“Actually, I think it’s a great idea,” said the voice of Jane. Robert suddenly found himself being shoved bodily to the ground, forcing him to his hands and knees. It felt like a sudden pressure pushing down on every inch of his body. He tried to look around, but found his head forced to stare forward at the couch, where Karen and Jane joined Becky.

“What the fuck?” said Robert. There appeared to be nothing actually holding him down, and yet he felt a sensation like a tremendous weight was pinning him in place. He tried to struggle to his feet, but it was useless, like trying to shove against a solid wall. “What the hell is this?!” He glared up at the three women.

Karen, the tall redhead, gave him a look of smoldering fury. Becky, the petite blond, continued to glare at him, though he could see her eyes glistening with held back tears. Jane, the athletic brunette, just gave him a look of calm contempt. Jane had her hand held out, palm down, the fingers slightly curled as if gripping the top of a large ball. She twitched her hand down slightly, and Robert felt the pressure on his back increase. He found his head being forced down in a bow, and even though he strained so hard the veins stood out on his muscles, he could not resist the invisible force.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tender Loving Cruelty

Tracy was a student at one of the few colleges to hold a mage-exclusive sorority and fraternity. Tracy, like most mages of the modern day, had only a trace of power, only being able to do a handful of little tricks, but it was enough to get her admitted and gain a scholarship to the school. Presently, it was summer vacation, and she was only one of two young women who were staying at the house over the summer. The other was Andrea, a demure, but very powerful biomancer. You couldn’t help but love Andrea, sweet and friendly as she was, but a lot of the girls were admittedly rather jealous of her. Andrea was one of the gifted ones; landing a high paying career would be a piece of cake for her. Tracy herself barely qualified as a bottom-rung shadowmancer. Other than a few minor illusion tricks, she really had nothing going for her, magic-wise. Heck, she could barely even turn invisible.

Still, no use fretting about it, especially on such a nice day. She had been off to do one of her summer classes, but when she arrived, found it had been canceled for the day. As she headed back, she thought of inviting Andrea for a quick trip to the lake at the end of town, having some fun on the small beach there.

As she came into the house, however, she thought she heard a low moan coming from the main lounge. Tracy caught the door before it could shut with the usual bang, and listened. She heard another moan again, and this time, there was no mistaking what it was. Tracy’s eyes went wide. She let the door silently slip shut and she walked a few feet over to the doorway which looked into the lounge.

Tracy gawked from where she peaked around the corner. Jake was sitting on the couch, completely naked, save for the black cloth straps that bound his arms down to his sides, and the blindfold and gag that partially masked his face. His ankles, however, were tied to a bar that forced his legs apart, granting Andrea full access to his genitals. Andrea, however, was fully dressed, and sat on the coffee table just in front of the couch. Her back was to Tracy, and she had evidentially not heard Tracy return home. Tracy wasn’t surprised, as she saw Andrea was completely engrossed in her work. With Jake blindfolded, and Andrea with her back to the door, neither noticed that Tracy had just stumbled upon them.

The young woman was taking a long, white feather, and was lightly tracing the tip of it along Jake’s penis. Tracy’s eyes widened as she saw how stiff and red the penis was; it quivered at the feather’s touch, and pre-cum was already seeping steadily from the tip. Jake let out a long moan as Andrea ran the feather with surgical precision along the length of his shaft and around the ridge and tip of the penis head, making tight little swirls at specific spots, an act that caused Jake to jump, his penis clenching hard at each point.

Andrea reached down, and brought up another feather. She brought it forward, and ran it along Jake’s throbbing organ. The second feather she focused more on Jake’s testicles and the nooks of his inner thighs, while the first she focused more specifically on his penis head. She occasionally brought the two together along his shaft for several quick swipes, before returning to either end of him. Jake squirmed like crazy, and let out another long moan, this one almost a plea. Tracy could not believe her ears as Andrea answered this moan with a smug giggle.