Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Penny For Your Thoughts

As John sat on the couch watching the news, Penny came in with the mail and sat next to him, leaning back against the arm rest, and settling her legs on John’s thighs. John used her legs as a drink holder, setting his beer bottle between her knees, and she dutifully shifted her legs a bit closer together to hold it. As she did so, John reached over and rubbed her feet.

“Mmmm,” said Penny, smiling. She blew John a kiss, sending a touch of magic with it. John actually felt the touch her lips on his, and he smiled back.

Penny sifted through the mail, and started shifting through it. Mostly junk and a couple bills. Penny stopped at an envelope she didn’t recognize, however. It appeared to be a vacation offer. Shrugging, she tore open the envelope and glanced over the contents, a pamphlet showing an ocean liner.

John took a drink of his beer as the TV show cut to commercial, and he glanced at the pamphlet. “Ha. I remember when we used to do stuff for vacation.”

“I don’t,” said Penny. The two chuckled. The first vacation together they’d taken had been a cruise ship. Unfortunately, they caught a horrible flu the first day, and spent half the time confined to quarters. When they finally got better, a tropical storm kicked up and the ship had been forced to cut its route short. Still, they’d managed to buy enough souvenirs to impress their friends when they got back.

“Why don’t we ever go places anymore?” said Penny. “You know, besides the lake.”

“You don’t like the lake?”

“I love the lake. But the past five years, that’s the only place we’ve been. It would be nice to go, I dunno, hiking at Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, or go to the Bahamas, or to Ireland like we always said we would. Hell, even just do a roadtrip down the coast, y’know?”

“Yeah, I hear ya.” John pat her leg. “Well. I mean, we could. Not too much really stopping us.” He paused. “Except, you know, America getting chopped up into a bunch of little kingdoms and travel between them now being a tremendous pain the ass.”

“Queendoms,” said Penny. “They’re called Queendoms now.”

Monday, December 16, 2013

Just A Little Scene: Teasing Relaxation

Taneesha let out a relaxed sigh as she lay back on her bed and softly stroked the lips of her pussy. She’d spent a long, hard day at the warehouse and her whole body ached from twelve hours of hauling boxes and loading and unloading crates. Now, it was time to unwind and ease out the stiffness and aches, and there was nothing better for that, than a little Sex Magic. Still single at the moment, this did not stop Taneesha from accessing male energies as she pleasured herself.

Closing her eyes, she cast out her sexual senses, even as she slowly rolled her clit between two fingers, warming herself up. She could sense the cocks of men for miles around, all in various states of stiffness, but she had a few specific ones she liked to play with. Even over the distance of an entire state, she could home in on a helpless penis, tease it, and it would send back the resulting sexual energy to her. Filling her not only with psychic pleasure, but also energizing the healing properties of the Magic, repairing the strained and sore muscles and even maintaining her physical youth. What “lucky” men were going to help her in this task today?

Hmm… let’s see… who to pick? There were about two dozen cocks she had psychically “marked” as hers. She knew she wasn’t the only one to do so in some cases, and she did pity the poor boys (usually single men not yet under the control, and protection, of a wife, girlfriend or mistress), who had multiple women teasing them at random. But pity only went so far. She, a woman, was in need of pleasure and comfort, and that was worth more than any man’s silly need for relief.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You Asked For It

Molly cocked an eyebrow at her husband, her expression showing a mixture of amusement and concern. “Hank, are you sure you want me to do this?” She stood in their bedroom, fully dressed, looking subtly sexy in her suit and glasses as she stood over her husband.

Her husband, nude and laying on the bed nodded. He was blushing a little, but his cock was rock hard and twitching with excitement. “Yes. Please. I know it sounds nuts, but I really want to try this.”

“Okay. Just so we’re clear. I won’t be back to release you for seven hours at the earliest.”

“I know.”

“And you want it to last the entire time, non-stop?”

Hank nodded vigorously. Molly let out a half-sigh, half-chuckle and motioned to him. Hank felt her magic take hold of his body, forcing his limbs spread eagle, and then freezing him in place. With a twitch of her finger, Hank then levitated into the air, still stiffly spread eagle, his cock pointing straight to the ceiling. He hovered about two feet off the bed like that.

“Last chance to back out,” said Molly as she poised her hand. Hank shook his head. Molly shrugged and twitched a finger again, and Hank was frozen almost completely, his whole body stiff as a statue. All he could do now was blink and breathe, and his cock could still twitch and jerk. Molly then wriggled her fingers briefly over Hank’s cock, and he gasped. He could feel the sensation of soft, tickling feathers, and wet, velvety tongues stroking and licking his cock.

Hank groaned. “J-jeez,” he murmured through his partly open mouth. “Kind of… intense… to start...”

“Good,” said Molly. She leaned over and gave him a deep kiss, then said, “Have fun now, sweetie.”

“Th-thank you,” said Hank. He let out a soft moan as two phantom tongues licked a very sensitive spot on his cock, lingering as they went. “L-love you!”

Molly smiled, then leaned down and gave the tip of his penis a quick kiss. “I love you, too. See you tonight.” With that, she walked out the door, shaking her head in amusement. Honestly. Her husband was such a freak. She knew plenty of women liked to use their newfound Sex Magic to playfully torment their husbands, but Molly had not originally been into the idea. Ironically, Hank very much had been into the idea of a female dominant sex life. Molly had been more than willing to take it easy on her husband, but Hank turned out to be a real sensual masochist. Given the benefits of magical cockteasing, Molly had no problem going along with it, even if her silly, horny husband’s ideas were a bit wild.

Like today. He’d been wanting for weeks now to have Molly do something he’d read about on an orgasm denial forum. He’d wanted her to use her magic to bind him in place, and then continuously stimulate his penis, testicles, even his asshole, with magical, phantom touches all day. The idea intimidated him, but he could not get it out of his mind. So today, Molly decided to indulge him. As he stayed at home, helplessly suffering constant stimulation without relief, the output of his sexual energy would be imbuing Molly with energy all day.

She was a little worried he might be utterly out of his mind by the time she got home. But she could easily use her magic to check up on him hourly, see how he was doing, and stop if it seemed like it was too much. He should be okay. She’d just allowed him to have an orgasm five days ago, so he wasn’t too backed up. After today, however, five days might seem like five weeks!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Kat's Boytoy: Zoa Blues

NOTE: This story takes place after Kat’s Boytoy: The Party and Kat’s Boytoy: Wild Lust

My name is Kat and I am an Esper, a person gifted with psychic powers. For over a year and a half now, I have been enjoying an intensely kinky BDSM relationship with my boytoy, Ben. Instead of whips and chains and chastity belts, however, I use my mental abilities in all sorts of ways to dominate him, sensually tormenting his body and mind until he can’t stand it anymore, forcing him to please me while I tease him with only occasionally blessings of relief. If it sounds a bit harsh, don’t worry. It’s always been in good fun. I can be pretty intense with my sadism sometimes, but he’s a total masochist for my brand of psychic sex play, so it all works out.

At least, it used to. But all good things have to end someday, right? Ben came over to my place the other night, and I could tell he wasn’t bringing good news. Just heading to the door, I could feel the mix of emotions, mainly anxiety, emanating off him. When a person was that wound up, I didn’t have to pry to sense what they were feeling. Ben swallowed hard when I opened the door and gave him a smile, hoping to ease his mood. “Hello, boytoy. You aren’t due for another couple of days. Feeling tense already?”

“Already” was a bit of a joke. We’d incorporated orgasm denial into our sexual play since the beginning. I used to let him pop at least once a week, usually twice, but after last summer, I got into the habit of extending the time between climaxes. I loved to make him cum, but I also enjoyed feeling his sexual excitement and frustration wash over me as we fucked. I now usually let him pop only once every two weeks. Sometimes I’d extend it to three if I was feeling especially wicked. It drove him absolutely crazy, but when I did finally let him cum, it was unlike any orgasm most men get to experience in their lives. Trust me, I made sure it was worth it.

However, as he stood at the door looking almost pensive, his nine day stretch of blue balls seemed the last thing on his mind. I frowned a bit. “Are you alright?” I said.

“Kat, we, uh… we need to talk…” he said. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Adams Teasing Afternoon

Adam was just stepping out of the shower, when his cock suddenly went erect. It was the unbidden erection of a forced hard-on. Somewhere, a woman was using her Magic, broadcasting waves of lust. Adam flushed, his heartbeat quickening, as he felt a very sudden, and very intense, surge of arousal wash over him. His cock got even harder, and he gasped as it swelled to full mast, then maximum tension, then seemingly even further. The veins bulged and the color of his cock darkened with the pressure. Adam had to put a hand to the wall to steady himself as he felt briefly lightheaded from the sudden “hard attack.”

And then he felt the phantom hand lightly grasp his cock, tugging him towards the door. Knowing resistance was futile, Adam exited the bathroom, leaving the towel behind. His wife was home and in the mood. Well, no need to keep her waiting! Except… Adam froze as he got halfway down the hall, and heard the giggling of several women. He blushed fiercely. Oh, no, she wouldn’t, not again!

Adam tried to back up towards the bedroom and grab a robe, but the hand on his cock gripped him firmly, not allowing him to back up. Swallowing hard, he hesitantly stepped forward, trembling a little. Damn it, Maggie knew how humiliating this was for him! And yet, how arousing it could be. His already impossibly hard cock twitched in anticipation as he neared the entrance to the living room. The phantom hand tugged a bit more insistently.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sex Mage World Origins

So How Did Sex Magic Get To Earth In The First Place?

Hell if I know. There are about a dozen possible origins, and I’ve always liked the idea of keeping the origin pretty much unknown, because it’s part of the allure of the setting; Sex Magic is just so ridiculous and mysterious a power, not even knowing where it comes from just adds to the frustration of its reality, driving everyone, but especially the menfolk, utterly bonkers trying to figure it out. And of course, the point of the SMW stories is to focus on what people do with the magic, rather than dissecting and explaining it.

Nonetheless, just for funsies, I’ll pop out some of my own theories. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Playful Heather

 Heather looked up from her magazine as she suddenly sensed her husband getting a very strong erection. She glanced over to him, sitting on the couch watching the television. Duncan squirmed a bit and had to adjust himself. Heather gave him an amused smirk as he glanced over to her inquisitively.

“Thinking of something naughty?” Heather said. She brushed her curly brown hair back, tucking a strand behind her ear in that way she knew Duncan found unbearably sexy-cute.

He shook his head. “N-no,” he said. “Are you doing this?”

“I’m not doing a thing sweetie,” she said. Duncan then gasped and his body tensed. Heather focused her senses, and could tell he was feeling the effects of two phantom mouths lovingly licking and sucking his cock. Duncan let out a moan and gripped the couch cushions tightly. “Oh, my. Looks like you’ve got a secret admirer who wants to show her appreciation! Have you been fooling around behind my back?”

“No!” said Duncan. He winced as the mouths sucked him harder, the tongues swirling and stroking his sensitive cock in just the right places. “A-are you sure you’re not doing this?”

“Girl scout’s honor!” said Heather, holding up a three finger solute. And she really wasn’t this time. Aside from her husband, she could sense the erections of at least a dozen other men in the neighborhood, being stimulated by the same double-blowjob signals. It was impossible to trace the origin point, but it was clear some woman, or perhaps several women, in the neighborhood were casting a wide spell signal, broadcasting the blowjob sensations to any man who happened to be in range. Perhaps the twins down the street? They should be just getting into their powers about now. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stan's Strange Encounter

Few men in the world could make their own way these days. But those that could were afforded a unique luxury of freedom. Living in the protected wild lands of the former state of Colorado, Stan led a simple life, if a rough one. Today, he was fishing, hoping to catch some trout in a small lake. Leaning back in his boat with a six pack and an old portable cassette player, he serenely took in the morning beauty. The air was clear, with only a few clouds in the sky, and a light breeze to cool down the warmth of the sun. Peaceful.

And then, Stan felt his cock go hard. He jumped. He hadn’t been thinking about sex. He hadn’t been about to fall asleep, which sometimes signaled his cock to have a nice stretch out for a bit. Just, suddenly, he went from complete shrivel to full mast, and with alarming speed. His cock got stuck pointing down, and strained uncomfortably inside his jeans. He had to open his fly and pull it free to let it swell fully. He now had to try and close his pants around his erection, a dubious mission when his cock insisted on getting even harder! He wasn’t just hard, he was at maximum tension! His whole cock darkened a bit from the excess rush of blood and the veins bulged along its length.

He wasn’t the least bit aroused and he didn’t have uncontrollable erections on his own. That meant this had to be the work of Sex Magic. Stan grit his teeth. Damn it! This is exactly why he lived in a cabin in the woods in the first place! To get away from this sort of thing! He quickly scanned the area, looking towards the shore to see if he could spot any mischievous girls, perhaps some female campers who had spotted him and decided to pull a prank. But he couldn’t see anyone. So where was thi—

And suddenly, there was a tremendous booming splash not twenty feet from his boat as something dropped from the sky at terminal velocity. Stan jerked back with a shout, clutching at the edges of the boat as a wave swept over him and threatened to capsize him. However, he and the boat managed to stay upright, if soaked, and once the water calmed some, he looked over the side to see what could possibly have hit he water like that. He blinked in surprise when he saw a young woman with long black hair, dressed in some kind of stylized Gothic Lolita dress, floating face down in the water. Seeing her, Stan winced as his cock began to throb intensely.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sex Mage World: Apocalypse Timeline


Updated: Over the years, I ended up adding all sort of ridiculous science-fantasy schlock concepts to the Sex Mage World, mainly in the various ways that it crossed over with my other erotica settings. This is no longer canon, as it pulled the Sex Mage World too far away from what was supposed to be the point of the setting. Nonetheless, I did end up putting a good amount of thought and brainstorming behind this, and most of the stories I’ve written that hint to a bigger continuity used to follow this one’s logic.

I suppose in the greater Sex Mage Multiverse, this could still be canon in that old DC Comics Earth 1/Earth 2 sort of way. Or maybe this Timeline actually describes a work of fiction within the Sex Mage World itself, perhaps a TV show or comic book that attempts to add superhero elements to their world while still factoring in the magic. Either way, though, it’s no longer a timeline I wish to pursue.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sex Mage World: Early Timeline


Note: I first put this together a few years ago, in my first real attempt to hammer down a continuity for the setting of the Sex Mage World. Concepts have developed further since then with new ideas, along with expansions and clarifications of older ones, prompting me to occasionally make updates. This is hence still somewhat incomplete, and subject to further revision.

While continuity is somewhat loose in the Sex Mage World, what follows is a listing of the major events that shape the setting over the course of the first 20 years. What follows after is up for speculation.

In any case, this should be considered the Primary Canon, from which any alternate timelines are spun off from. Unlike older versions of the concept, a key defining factor of the current canon posits that Sex Magic is the only supernatural force on Earth.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Deny Me Please

Kim watched with fascination as her hand slowly stroked Cole’s cock. She was seeing all sorts of strange lines and auras of energy flowing around his throbbing organ. Well, not actually “seeing” them, but “sensing” them, and in her minds eye picturing the lines of energy like a glowing web. It was very difficult to describe these new sexual senses, brought on by the mysterious force of “Sex Magic” that had spread across the world a couple years ago. But even if she couldn’t explain them, they seemed so natural and instinctive to her. She’d had them only a couple weeks, and already, her handjob skills had improved immensely, just by following the paths of energy she could “see” around her boyfriend’s cock.

This was only the fourth handjob she’d given him since her powers awakened, and Cole, who before all this had been able to last twenty minutes under her moderately skilled fingers, could now barely last thirty seconds if she didn’t deliberately slow down her efforts to a crawl. But even then, tonight, she was stroking slowly, and Cole was giving off that telltale hiss that indicated he was close. Not that she needed that sign; her sexual senses were going off like an alarm, telling her he was about to shoot his seed right into her face if she didn’t switch tactics. So she did, going off the guidelines to stroke him in a way that would keep him aroused, but hold off his climax for another minute or so before she had to shift her grip again.

Cole let out a slow breath as he got himself under control again, and gave her an affectionate squeeze around the shoulders with his arm. They were sitting on Cole’s couch, the TV on, but neither watching, as Kim lay against him, resting her head on his shoulder, while he had his arm around her. His pants were open at the fly, and his cock stiff and throbbing in her right hand, while her left arm was curled around his lower back.

“Jesus, I can’t believe how good you are at this now,” he said.

Kim smirked without looking at him. “Implying I was bad at this before?”

Monday, September 16, 2013

Metis Academy - Greg's Story

Greg was lying on his bed, reading a comic book, when Pam walked into his room. The petite brunette had never given Greg a glance before, but here she was, barging into his room. Not for the first time, Greg wished the boys dorm rooms actually had doors they could close and lock. But it was probably better that they didn’t, because that’d just give the girls more excuses to punish and tease them.

“Hey,” said Pam, coming in and sitting at his desk chair. “Do you mind if I use your computer? I need to look up something, and the girl’s dorm and computer lab are on the other sides of campus.”

Greg blinked at her in surprise. “Uh… okay… I guess…?”

Pam turned to his computer, adjusted her glasses, and turned it on. “I just need some info for a test, and all the boys I know are playing that online shooter thing on their comps. It’s dumb.”

“Oh, um, okay,” he said. He went back to reading his comic book, and tried to ignore Pam’s presence. Greg was one of the boys who thankfully didn’t suffer too much teasing from the girls, even on a small campus filled with newly awakening Sex Mages and their mischievous teachers. Polite and diligent, Greg’s real secret was distracting himself with other things. Nerdy, geeky things, such as video games and comic books. It didn’t make his blue balls ache any less, but it was easier to ignore a girl’s sexy legs and cleavage if you could let yourself get carried away in a good book.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Metis Academy - Todd's Lesson

Todd was trying very hard to concentrate in Miss Stella’s class. But he was finding it nearly impossible as Becky stretched out her leg and flexed her calf muscle a few seats ahead. Todd’s breath caught and his cock twitched as she wriggled the toes of her bare foot. Todd could not tear his eyes away from the sight of her sexy leg, and try as he might, he could not get the thought her rubbing his achingly hard cock with her sexy foot. He had to look away before the teacher, and any of the other empowered girls, sensed his thoughts. He had to look at the bored and laser focus himself on the teacher’s lecture. But Becky’s leg was just too tempting.

Okay, just a few more seconds. He could spare a few more seconds. If she would just pull her leg back under her desk, it would be easier, but she was just letting her leg stay outstretched just around the legs of her desk. Just enough to reach the back chair leg of the boy in front of her. She tapped the leg of the chair and Todd, out of his peripheral vision, could see Jake tense up. Todd didn’t have to look to know Jake’s cock was twitching in excitement, just like his own. But Jake didn’t dare turn to look. He knew better. Jake had also been allowed to cum just this past weekend, and so wasn’t nearly as pent up as Todd. Oh, how Todd wished, desperately, that he could shoot his cum all over Becky’s…


Todd jumped with a small cry as Miss Stella’s yardstick-long wooden pointer smacked against the edge of Todd’s desk. Todd looked up at her with a deer in headlights look. “Todd!” she said with a firm, authoritative tone. “I have asked you a question three times now. Are you not paying attention?” Miss Stella was thin, but tall, her outfit a little too tight and short on her body, the button’s of her blouse undone a little too low to be appropriate. With her glasses and her long blonde hair tied up in a pony tail, she was the model image of a naughty librarian. Or perhaps an academically-inclined dominatrix. The way she slowly fingered the wooden pointer was hypnotic, like watching a cobra weaving back and forth just before it would strike.

“N-n-no, Miss Stella,” Todd stammered. “I mean yes, Miss Stella. I-I-I mean…” Todd couldn’t bare her intense gaze, and looked away. He noticed half the class staring at him. Todd flushed, and he felt his cock throb as embarrassment turned to arousal. The girls were all grinning, a few giggling, and the boys were only glancing at him sidelong, a bit relieved that Todd was taking attention away from them.

He looked back up at Miss Stella and resisted the urge to shrink down. Her expression was not cruel, but there was an intimidating, piercing coolness to her gaze. Todd’s cock continued to throb. He felt the build up of arousal gathering in his loins, that familiar tingle of anticipation for pleasure. Oh, no. He was getting too horny. Right here in class, he was getting so horny, his hair trigger was going to go off.

It was bad enough that the boys at Metis Academy were forced to be naked and hard at all times. Bad enough that their orgasms and masturbation were sealed away, unless permitted by a woman. It was the teasing and the humiliation and the way the girl’s antagonized their helpless, denied cocks, then scolded the boys when they lost control of themselves. It was so embarrassing, and yet so arousing, a cyclical cause and effect of sensual torment that kept the boys dizzy with lust and confusion, and the girls elated with power and amusement.

“Todd,” said Miss Stella. “Your concentration problems are getting worse this week. Must you be disciplined in front of the class?”

“N-no, I—” Todd’s words were cut off in a gasp as the throbbing in his cock became a pulse of pure pleasure, running down his cock and tingling over his balls. Oh, God, he was going to lose it right here! It occurred to him that Miss Stella herself could using her powers on him, or perhaps one of the empowered girls. He’d never been a premature ejaculator before coming to Metis Academy, but somehow, either from lack of regular orgasms, or some mischief by one of the many awakened Sex Mages on campus, he could barely handle even the brush of his bedsheets on his cock without threatening to lose it. It was no wonder he was in even worse shape than most of the boys at the Academy. He was so sensitive, that just being in the presence of a gorgeous woman threatened to make him edge, all more easily when a woman demonstrated her power over him.

Miss Stella extended her pointer downward. The thin, wooden rod, so reminiscent of a dominatrix whip in the right hands, came perilously close to Todd’s red, twitching cock. “No? Are you certain? This twitchy little thing seems to be taking your attention away from your very important studies. If you do not learn to focus and study hard in school, you won’t be able to be a successful man in the real world. And if you can’t be a man, than no woman is going to want to help you tend to that silly, little thing that’s distracting you so. So, can you be a man, or will you be a little boy who can’t control himself?”

Todd was almost dying from the pressure. His cock was jerking now, dancing comically for all the girls to laugh at, which they of course did so. He was so close it was getting hard to think, much less form words. He vaguely noticed other boys’ cocks were twitching now, either embarrassingly aroused by the scene, or because some of the girls in class were taking the opportunity to tease them. Todd tried to steel himself for one last push of willpower. “I-I-I’m a, a m-man, Miss St-stella…” he gasped. “I’m a...”

And then, as if by reflex, he glanced back to Becky’s foot. Becky smiled as he did so, and wriggled her toes once more. Todd wasn’t sure if he had glanced of his own volition, or if Becky or Miss Stella had mentally pushed him to do so. But it didn’t matter either way, because that was the last straw. Todd gasped, his mouth gaped, and his eyes rolled up as pleasure bolted through his loins. He grabbed the edge of his desk in a deathgrip and his hips bucked in his seat, causing his clenching cock to bounce wildly. He let out a shuddering moan as his body locked up and reached the edge of orgasm...

…and, to laughter of the girls and the sympathetic groans of the boys, he failed to cum, as his climax reached the magical barrier that all the boys had installed to stifle there release. Miss Stella watched Todd shudder and shake in his chair for a moment, before he finally calmed down, and sagged, gasping in his seat. Miss Stella frowned and with a flick of her wrist, whipped back to the pointer, than snapped it forward, rapidly striking Todd’s swollen testicles three times. Just light little taps, but for a boy who hadn’t ejaculated in seven weeks, it was more than enough make him fall out of his seat.

“As I thought. Still a little boy, undisciplined, unfocused…” she glanced at her pointer, and frowned again. “…messy.” There was a thread of pre-cum glistening along the end. Miss Stella slowly licked it off. Every boy in the class room flushed and their cocks clenched hard at the sight; even some of the girls blushed at the sight, feeling a tingle between their legs.

Miss Stella then used the pointer to give Todd a light smack on the ass. “Get up and into your seat,” she said. “If you interrupt my class with your perversions one more time, I will send you to the Nurse for discipline.” Another round of clenching cocks, but Miss Stella ignored them as she watched Todd slowly get up and get back in his seat. She then turned and went back up to the bored, grabbing some chalk and writing more formulas down, before asking questions of other students.

Todd kept his eyes closed as he tried to calm himself down, until he felt the throbbing in his balls fade and the tension in his cock go down. He couldn’t go soft, of course, but he could at least get to a point where he wasn’t twitching in excitement. After a few minutes, he then slowly opened his eyes and buried his gaze down into his book, concentrating on the science lesson Miss Stella was telling them about. He tried to keep his attention focused solely on his work. But out of the corner of his eye, he could still see Becky’s leg, still outstretched, her foot now lightly tapping to some imagined beat against the back of Jake’s chair leg. Jake was stiff in his seat, and Todd couldn’t blame him. Becky had just devastated him with her foot and she hadn’t even touched him!

Todd swallowed, and shook his head, focusing back on the book. But Becky’s bouncing foot was still there, niggling at him out of the corner of his eye. He tried to turn his head to look away, but that’s when he noticed another girl’s foot; Judy who sat immediately to his right, had her legs crossed so that her sandal was dangling off her foot, right in front of Todd’s view. Todd glanced up at her and she gave him a sly smile and a wink, before letting the sandal sway to draw his attention back down. The sandal slipped off, and fell to the floor, leaving Judy’s foot bare. Todd watched as she flexed her toes. Todd wanted to look away, every fiber of will, told him to look away. He closed his eyes and faced down towards his desk.

But it was too late. The mere knowledge that all he had to do was open his eyes, and a cute girl’s sexy foot would be there waiting for his admiration was all it took to rev his engine back up.

Up at the front, Miss Stella allowed herself a slight smile as she sensed Todd’s cock begin to twitch again…

Friday, June 28, 2013

Reader Response: So What's Your Fantasy?

So, I have a fair number of readers it seems. And while I don't get many responses to posts like these, I thought I'd give it a shot.

What's your ultimate Sex Mage fantasy? What's your ideal situation (as a man) in which you are played with, taken, disciplined, or otherwise used by a Sex Mage? Or what's your ideal situation in which you (as a woman) have the power?

If you can't think of something, then here's a scenario: let's say your girlfriend/wife, or ex-girlfriend/ex-wife has gained Sex Magic and is looking to punish you with the power because you pissed her off. How do you imagine this goes?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Interview 001 - A Look Back

Warning: Dark material. Not very sexy.

Notes: Every time I think I'm finished with the Sex Mage World, sooner or later, it creeps back up on me, and I wonder about it as a setting again. It's sort of a little fascinating, still, how an idea that was really just supposed to be this funny little sex fantasy spawned some really dark shit in my head.

For example, I've brought up the Cults and the Cult Wars in several SMW stories as a background detail, and I got to wondering, just how far reaching the consequences could be. One of my misgivings about the Year 100 story was, after 100 years of Sex Magic, would society really resemble what we know now? Especially when something as devastating as the Cult Wars happened? One reason I've had trouble expanding with the Sex Mage World is I really have no idea how other cultures, hell even how America for the most part, would realistically react to the appearance of Sex Magic. I'm sure most of my attempts to describe the various changes to all the different countries thanks to Sex Magic would be horribly culturally insensitive, so I just sort of avoid talking about it.

Of course, you don't go to sex fantasy stories for the realism. A lot of gynocracy fictions try to hand wave the idea that the women locked all the men in chastity belts so they could stop men from always going to war. That always seemed like a rather trite, kind of insulting excuse, honestly. No offense to those who use it; obviously, the point of those stories is to enjoy the femdom elements, not get into the deep, complex cultural and political ramifications and history of the world. You're there to read about women punishing men for being naughty little boys who can't control their cocks, and when the entire world is in on it, all the better because there's no place to run! The why's and wherefore's of the situation aren't really that important.

But, you know me. I can't just be satisfied with a story where a girl spanks a boy for trying to touch himself, and call it a day. I gotta get all melodramatic with this shit.

So, as I was writing these most recent Sex Mage World Captions, this little gem started niggling away in my mind. It kept pestering me, so I decided to write it out. I have no idea if it will lead anywhere, but as I'm thinking it, I like the idea of a sort of new version of Earth to stem from the Cult Wars event. This way, even though it takes place on Earth, enough things have happened, beyond just the appearance of magical cock tease powers, to let me branch out into a more fantasy oriented situation. I might try to map out a "Post Cult Wars North America" set-up that I'm sure will be horribly culturally inaccurate and insensitive, but hey, it's just a silly sex fantasy story. Alternate history, weird magic, and something as globally devastating as the Cult Wars helps to wipe the slate somewhat clean and cause new cultures to rise from the ashes!

So anyway, here's the little scene, that got me think about all this again. There's a couple sexy moments in it, but this isn't really something you'd want to beat off to. Also probably not very consistent with it's tone. Just something I had to get off my brain and onto the screen, I suppose. Even still, you might find it an interesting read.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Just A Little Scene: Horny Neighbor

Here's a little snippet, and as an added bonus, I'll throw in a completely unrelated Captioned Pic!


Lakisha awoke to thoughts of several women taking turns sucking her cock. She groaned and squirmed as the pleasure tickled her rigid womanhood. Then, as she came more awake, the logistics of such a scenario suddenly registered in her more rational mind. She remembered that she was neither a man nor a hermaphrodite and not the slightest bit interested in stick thin white chicks. Lakisha blinked awake and jolted upright, looking around a little dazed. Then she narrowed her eyes as focus came back to her, and she recognized the intense mental humming of a hard penis being frantically stroked. And along with that hum, she could see the fantasies of a horny young man desperately trying to shoot one off before any woman with Sex Magic had time to realize what he was doing.

It was her neighbor, Jake, again. Twenty years old, still single, and living in the apartment right next door, Jake was a quiet guy, friendly enough, but seemed reluctant to get to know his neighbors. This was the fifth time this month she’d been woken up by his morning stroking, and had had to put up with it a couple times when trying to go to bed, as well. The boy seriously needed to get himself a real woman.

Lakisha sighed and made a motion towards the wall which separated her bedroom from her neighbors. Just as the horny man was about to reach climax, her Sex Magic seized some ethereal mechanism in his genitals, and suddenly, he was unable to have an orgasm. She could hear him grunt in frustration as his climax was cruelly cut off. He stroked faster, and his fantasy of his little harem of Ukranian supermodels servicing his cock got more intense. Several seconds later, she could hear him whimper, could hear the added buzzing of blue balls, as his masturbation served only to grind him harder against the edge of release, unable to overcome the magic that held it captive.

Lakisha rolled her eyes and gave an exasperated sigh. It served him right for making her put up with his perverted thoughts, when she was asleep and defenseless against sensing them. She’d gotten used to the humming of hard dicks and the buzzing of full balls, but being this close to a man so focused on his sexual thoughts, it was hard not to pick up on their fantasies, especially when she wasn’t actively blocking them out.

Getting out of bed, she stretched and yawned, letting Jake’s sexual desperation soak into her body straight through the wall, refreshing her and working out the kinks of sleep better than a morning jog or cup of coffee could do. She then showered, taking her time and slowly running her hands over her body as she felt the sexual energy from Jake intensify. Reaching down, she passed her hand over her pussy lips and remembered his fantasy, remembered the sensation of having a desperately hard penis jutting between her legs. It was a little disturbing, the thought, and it made her all more grateful she was a woman, not a man. She knew the poor boy’s had it rough in a Sex Mage world; she herself had only had the magic for three years, and just sensing the increasing tension in the men as the months went by, she was surprised more men weren’t institutionalized.

Speaking of which, the pressure from Jake’s sexual denial was getting even stronger, spiking up to reach that point where a man has been riding the edge constantly for several minutes, and pleasure started becoming pain. She could sense he was impossibly hard now, his balls feeling like they were going burst like overripe melons just to release his pent up seed. She could sense now that she bothered to look, that poor Jake had not cum in at least a week. Maybe some mean girl had already been blue balling him, and the reason he was so intense this morning was it was his only chance to cum for a while?

As Lakisha finished rinsing off her body, she made a flicking motion towards the wall. In the other apartment, Jake’s orgasm block was released, and he gave a tremendous shout, one she could even hear through two walls and over the sound of the shower, as his penis finally began to spurt, thick white shots of semen hosing down his body. He came so hard, several shots hit his face. Lakisha snickered as she sensed this, even as the burst of energy from his climax made her pussy moisten and pepped her up like an energy drink straight to the veins. Another couple seconds to rinse off, and Lakisha stepped out of the shower, keeping a mental eye on her now exhausted neighbor as he spiraled down from his too-intense climax.

As Lakisha dressed, she smirked and gave him one more little punishment, making another motion to his cock and speed dumping lust and adrenalin into his system. Jake yelped as his cock, already aching from the intense session, instantly stiffened back to maximum erection, and he felt the urge to masturbate return. Jake whimpered as, unable to fight his body’s urges, he grasped his now truly aching cock, and stroked it again, frantically jacking off to a second climax. Lakisha put another block on his cock, a timed one this time, that would release itself in no less than half an hour. Jake was ready to shoot again in barely three minutes. Goodness, he had been pent up this morning! Even utterly drenched in his own seed, Lakisha could tell his next climax, when he finally reached it, was going to be twice as hard, and at least as messy!

Unfortunately, she couldn’t stick around to enjoy it; checking the time, she realized she was almost going to be late for work. She sighed. Stupid work, always spoiling her fun. As she went out the door, she made another motion towards Jake, increasing the timer on his block to a full hour. She then scribbled a note, and as she left her apartment, she slipped the note under Jake’s door. If he ever managed to get out of bed today, he’d see that it read, “I warned you. Next time, you’ll be stroking for a week!”

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just A Little Scene: Morning Rub

He woke up frozen in place. He had a moment of panic, before forcing himself to remain calm. His wife did this to him sometimes. He was lying prone on his back, straight as a board, arms at his sides. He could still breathe, but that was the only thing he could do; he couldn’t even open his eyes or form any words. Only one other part of him was still moving, twitching crazily as a soft, gentle fingertip traced lazily back and forth, up and down its diamond hard length. Jesus, she was teasing his cock with her finger again, her feather-light touch electrifying every sensitive nerve on his penis with pleasure.

He could hear her giggle softly as she read his mind, sensing that he was now fully awake. She leaned close, and her warm breath tickled his ear. His muscles twitched as he tried to shy away from the ticklish sensation, but he could not move to escape it. “Good morning, my love,” she said. Her fingertip slipped lower, and for a moment she drummed her fingers lightly on his tightly engorged testicles. She had not allowed him release for nearly two months, and his balls ached sweetly with sensual pressure. She giggled again as she sensed him trying to wince from the drumming on his tender balls. She resumed the maddeningly slow tracing along his shaft. The sensations were getting to him faster than ever, with such a long time of denial. She also seemed to have increased his sensitivity.

“Only by a little,” she said, still reading his thoughts.

Oh, gods, Madeline, please, please, please let me shoot! he thought.

“Now, now, we wouldn’t want you popping off prematurely, would we? After all…” her finger left his cock, and for a moment, he heard a slick, wet sound. Then, he felt her wipe her now wet finger on his upper lip, rubbing the fluid in. The scent of her pussy made him dizzy. She giggled again, “…I’m just getting warmed up.”

Oh, gods, no, she wasn’t going to—AAAAAHH! He shuddered, even despite her spell, as she straddled him, and sat upon his cock. She didn’t let him inside, but instead pressed her slick pussy lips against his shaft. Slowly, she rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit deep against his length. He managed a pitiful moan as contact with her pussy shot lightning bolts of pleasure through his loins, nearly boiling the unspent cum in his balls. She let out a soft sigh of pleasure as she rubbed against him, every throb of his organ sending jolts of pleasure through her core. She bit her lip and dug her nails into his chest as she picked up the pace. Soon, she was grinding her clit rapidly along him, every stroke of her lips driving her into greater pleasure, whilst making him crash hard against the barrier to his release.

Just before she climaxed, however, she lifted off him, now gritting her teeth, and gasping rapidly, as edged herself. She shivered, letting the high of near-climax almost fade, before dropping down and resuming the slow grind against his cock. Another few minutes, and she sped up as she neared climax again, only to stop once more, denying herself even as she denied him. She did it again, then again, and again, each time reaching the edge quicker, and each time forcing him harder against his own barrier. But unlike him, she was not magically prevented from climax, and could not last forever. Finally, after her fifteen edging, she could take no more, and did not stop. She climaxed with a howl, and came so hard, she squirted, drenching the bed, and her husband, in her fluids. She collapsed onto his shuddering form and held him, kissing him deeply, and stroking his hair.

Please, he begged her mentally, please, please, please! Tears of frustration fell from his eyes. His genitals were on fire with sensation overload and the immense sexual pressure. But his pleas were not acknowledged, though she heard them clearly.

She finally stood and stretched, giving a satisfied moan. “God, what a way to start the morning! I really need to do that more often!” He only whimpered in response. She giggled back, then leaned down and gave his penis a quick kiss. “Now, make sure to clean the bed when you can get up again!” With that, she showered and got ready for work, leaving him frozen, soaking in her juices, until she left the house. Only then, did her spell wear off and allow him to move again. The pressure in his genitals made it slow going, but he immediately set up cleaning up. Disobeying her was what led him to be denied for so long in the first place!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Not Technology?

I'm not a fan of technology or devices as a means of power fantasy. I've always felt much more drawn to characters who have innate super powers. Even when using magic, I greatly prefer characters who can just point at something and shoot a fireball, rather than those who have to use chants or reagents or magic rituals (unless those things can be used as a plot hook for something). This traces back to my preferences with superheroes, wherein I'd always prefer someone like Spider-Man or Superman over Iron Man or even Batman. I like all those characters, but in terms of thematic powers, I prefer the former to the latter. Robots like the Transformers and such are the exception, and I think that's only because the machines themselves are the characters, and thus have a soul to them, and their tech abilities hence feel like super powers.

However, on occasion, a reader will bring up the idea that they much prefer technology to magic, and wonder why I don't use devices such as chastity belts or special futuristic body suits or nanomachines that would do all the things I write about, except instead of magic and psychic powers, it would be technology. Heck, one person basically outright said, "You should do everything you already do exactly as you do it, but you should just say it's because of futuristic nanotech instead of magic." Sorry folks, but I'm not going to do that, unless I get into one of those moods where I just do something I normally wouldn't for the sake of doing something different. Obviously, taste is subjective, and I'm not knocking people for preferring technology to magic and psionics. However, I'd like to explain my reasoning for it, nonetheless.

Now, the primary motivation for the tech preference seems to be twofold. Firstly, basing it in technology helps some people better pretend that it is real, because technology is real and currently advancing at such a fast rate, that in theory, super sex devices could become a reality, and some cases, do already exist. Even at its most basic, everyone can indulge in a chastity belt even if they don't have a mistress or master to hold their keys.

However, that element of it has never really impressed itself upon me. I guess I prefer magic and super powers, because when you get down to it, those superhuman abilities are simply exaggerated expressions of the innate power a human being already has, and thus, using superpowers to enhance sex is a means of further enhancing intimacy. Sex Mages fascinate me as a concept, because it's taking everything that is naturally powerful about a woman and ramping it up to superhuman levels. The Sex Magic lets women directly manipulate men's libidos and body, because a woman can already do that, and this is an enhanced expression of that. Her power reaches into him and overwhelms his senses because she is funneling part of herself into him, knowing his every intimate secret, and directly tugging on his strings to make him move and feel the way she wants. Even if she's playing the ice queen, sitting across the room with arms and legs crossed, and a bored expression on her face while her man is thrashing in ecstasy on the bed and she's holding back his orgasm, she's doing it by extending her power into him in a direct connection.

With the use of tech and devices, in my mind, it creates this disconnect, it takes away from the intimacy, and thus dulls the excitement and connection to the character. Sure, in real life a woman can just strap a vibrator on a man and leave him tied to a bed that way, and while some may find it hot, it doesn't do much for me if she's not in some way getting directly involved. It's just the guy and a cold, unfeeling machine mindlessly stimulating his genitals. At least have the woman cuddle with him, straddle his face, make him suck your toes, taunt him in a sultry voice, masturbate in full view of him, or something! Which is not to say I don't enjoy sex toys. A good vibrator is always a fun time. But storywise, its just not the same as a woman using telekinesis to give a man a handjob, even if she's on the other side of the city from him. Incidentally, this mentality is also why I despise chastity devices, and much prefer the idea of magically making a man unable to masturbate while his cock swings hard and free and desperate in front of him, ready to be played with by his mistress.

The second aspect is the illusion of a male being able to escape his device somehow creates a deeper thrill, because a woman having all the power with no hope for the man to escape is too boring. The possibility of escape means either the man still has some fight in him or there's the illusion that the woman still isn't quite in control and still needs to do more work to fully break him.

Well, okay, I'll admit, the woman being absolutely overpowering kind of what I like, so that even as much as the man may struggle, there's no chance for him to break free. That's just how I like it on a fantasy level, and it ties back to the intimacy thing. However, this also touches on a rather significant pet peeve of mine in fiction in general. Yes, with the chastity belt, there's a chance the guy could escape of his own will. But he won't. In every chastity-based story I've ever read, through whatever means, the man remains belted, and even though he may be teased with the idea of its removal, it only comes off and stays on at the woman's discretion. Even if by some miracle, the man gets the belt off, he either gets caught and it's put back on, or he ends up being so under the woman's control he submits to being belted again.

I get that for most people, this is an effective psychological element, but for me, it completely fails to interest me, because I know story wise it's a fake out. It's very much like in superhero stories wherein the superhero loses their powers and is forced to combat the villains or overcome a trial without their special abilities. Whenever I see this type of story, it always irritates me, because I know that regardless of how much the hero struggles, they pretty much cannot fail without their powers. This is because losing their powers means they gain super-special-plot-armor that protects them to an even stronger degree than when they have abilities, because point of the episode is to show how bad-ass the hero is or to hammer in the moral lesson that "even people without powers can be special!" I have never been able to buy into the illusion of greater danger because I know the hero is going to somehow bullshit their way to victory even when it should be impossible. In this same fashion, the whole element of "but he could escape the belt" holds no water for me.

You then might say, "Well, but then, its not true submission when the woman just overpowers the man with mind powers." I would also say that's not true; in my stories, the men do struggle, and they submit to the women, because that's the point of the story. We all know this. That's what we're here for. But this is also why I've never been a fan of mind-control stories that actually do erase or overwrite people's thoughts. Even against impossible odds, there is still a thrill in seeing someone struggle against power. In most stories, we like to see them succeed, in domination fantasy stories, we like to see them give in. You'll notice most of the time, the women in my stories leave the minds of their men intact, to fully appreciate what's happening to them and submit of their own free will. In the stories where that doesn't happen, it's usually because a supervillain is just using sex as a means of mind control for a greater plot beyond being merely a cocktease.

So, that's pretty much that. I can see why people might get bored with the women being so powerful and why magic is too out there to suspend disbelief, but this is where I come from on the matter.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Prize Student Now Available!

Prize Student is now available as an eBook! Set in the World of Civero, Prize Student follows the path of James, a prospective college student hoping that his potential for magic will allow him a full scholarship to the renowned Callaxus University. But when his potential for magic turns out to be an entirely different sort of power, the sly Professor Gemma maneuvers him to become the subject of sensual tease and denial experiments to develop his new found abilities.

In this expanded version of the tale, a new final chapter and additional interlude sequences refocuses the story through a darker lens. Professor Gemma's ambitions for James lead to dangerous consequences. How will James handle the power he has developed? How will Gemma twist this power to suit her whims? And what will be the result when this power is unleashed?

To find out, you can purchase the full story here:

If a dark twist isn't to your taste, however, most of this story can still be found on my blog in seven parts, under the entries throughout October 2012 and January 2013.


Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sami tried to navigate out of the way of the oncoming cluster of students, but with the stack of books she had, she couldn’t maneuver quick enough without spilling them. The cluster of students didn’t seem to care about this, and the tall, strapping young man almost directly in front of her didn’t bother getting out of the way. He glanced at her and barely hid a sneer as he purposefully angled his elbow to hit Sami’s shoulder, causing her to jerk back. Her books tumbled to the ground and she tripped over one, landing with a grunt on her hands and knees.

Sami sighed as she heard the young man let out a short guffaw, and his two buddies snickered as well. Two of the three girls with them giggled along, while one frowned, but didn’t say anything in Sami’s defense. Of course, she wouldn’t. Sami was a Demihuman. In their eyes, the mere fact that Sami was on a college campus and wasn’t either pulling weeds or pushing a mop was an affront to their sensibilities. Even here in the supposedly “open minded” nation of Argonia, Sami was a sub-human as far as most people, and even the law itself, were concerned.

Sami started assembling her stack of books, her long reddish-blond hair and long rabbit-like ears falling over her shoulders, forming a curtain around her face. She didn’t need to see the other students, and faculty, watching her. It’s not like any of them were going to—

“You need some help?”

Sami almost jumped at the voice, and looked up to see a white-haired young man with icy blue eyes looking down at her. He gave her a soft smile, and crouched down, helping pick up her things. “Uh… thank you…” said Sami, cautiously. She stood, hefting her mostly-complete stack, and waited for the boy set his part of the stack on top of hers. When he just kept them tucked under his arm, she gave him a perplexed look. “Um…”

“Where are you headed? Can’t be too far, right? I’ll help you carry these,” he said.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kat's Boytoy - Wild Lust

It’s me, Kat the Esper again, for another little tale of erotic adventure!

A year and a half had gone by since I had first seduced Ben into being my sex slave. Just a couple weeks ago, we had attended a sort of swingers party with a group of kinky mages and had decided that, kinky as we ourselves were, that sort of thing wasn’t really up our alley. The experience also left us both feeling a little sexed out, so we hadn’t fooled around or anything since then. I knew by this point, however, Ben must be getting antsy; one of my psychic tricks was to put a limiter in his mind that prevented him from masturbating or achieving orgasm without my permission, and two weeks was quite a while for the poor guy to endure.

Usually, we had our fun over at my place, but I decided today I would surprise him. About mid-afternoon, once my classes were over, I popped over to his place. I spread my psychic senses out to make sure he was actually there. If not, I’d make myself comfortable and wait, but if so, I considered tricking his senses into not being able to see me, and then play a prank or two on him whilst I was “invisible.” Childish? Sure. Fun? Heck, yeah!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prize Student

James trudged up to his dorm room, letting out a dejected sigh as he came to the door. Soon, he knew, he’d be leaving this place, before he’d even settled in. For the past three weeks, he’d studied at Callaxus University, specifically their branch of Magic Studies. In High School, James had seen several specialists who had all told him that he had a tremendous potential for magic. Even though his parents were not users of magic themselves, it seemed as though the genetic code had aligned just right in his conception to allow him access to the Mage gene which lay buried in certain human bloodlines.
It was a rare gift; in the world of Civero, only one out of a million people had the potential to become Mages, and only a fraction of those had enough potential to actually do anything significant with the magic. As such, anyone with James’ supposed level of potential was a hot commodity for future employers. Depending on the type of magic he manifested, he could easily become a high-priced doctor, scientist, engineer, special ops soldier, or even entertainer.
And yet, after three weeks at Callaxus, taking a battery of tests to discover his aptitude, his would be teachers could find nothing. He had the potential, they said, they could all sense the mana simmering in his body, but there seemed to be no way for him to direct it. He had tried Biomancy, the art of healing, and couldn’t even mend a papercut. He tried Auramancy, the art of bodily enhancement, but could not lift even an extra pound more than usual. He tried Geomany, the art of elemental manipulation, and couldn’t even make a pile of sand move. Likewise, Kinetomancy (energy manipulation), Shadowmancy (illusions), Ectomany (spirit manipulation), and Summoning (calling and controlling monsters) proved fruitless.
For James, each failure made his hopes sink a little more. Coming from a less well-to-do family, the discovery of his magic potential had been like winning the lottery. The prestige and wealth afforded to a powerful Mage was an almost instant ticket to an affluent lifestyle. Not the James himself wanted for much, exactly, but such wealth would allow him to easily support his parents in their old age, help his siblings through college, and certainly help in raising a family of his own. However, all those future plans were evaporating as time after time, James failed to perform even the most basic magical techniques. This next week, they were going to test his potential for learning the quasi-scientific magics of Enchantment and Alchemy, but James already knew in his gut those would be failures as well. By the end of next week, he’d be packing his things and heading back home. Without the scholarship provided for those with exceptional magic talents, he had no way of affording college.
James plopped down on his bed and glanced around at his accommodations. His room was sparsely decorated, since he had it all to himself, and didn’t have much he’d brought from home aside from his clothes and discount laptop. Aside from the furniture, which came with the room, he had a couple posters of swimsuit models taped to the wall, and a calendar featuring comic book characters on the monthly picture. It wasn’t much, but he’d already gotten used to living here. Another reason getting a scholarship to Callaxus had been a blessing; it had finally gotten him out of the house.