Monday, March 20, 2017

Sex Mage Multiverse

The events of Dellissa’s World: Penetration have had much farther reaching consequences than anyone knew. The impact event that briefly threatened the stability of that world caused fragments of that reality to shoot off across the Fae Realm. Many fragments eventually dissipated into nothing. But some left the boundaries of that formless dimension to affect material worlds in the greater multiverse. Due to the nature of the dimensional shifting and the worlds where these fragments landed, the power altered as it went; while always creating a magical paradigm of female dominant sexual magic, the outcome of the magic could have changed in various ways.

Moreover, given Dellissa’s “proximity” to Earth, most fragments landed on various versions of our world. Thus, Sex Magic has spread across the dimensions, empowering women and bringing men to heel in world after world. Where might it end up next?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Resisting the Magic

NOTE: As of the Reboot, this article is strictly non-cannon in terms of the extradimensional shenanigans. Technically, though, I suppose the same rules would apply.


I have always said that the moment something appears which starts allowing men to resist the power of Sex Magic is the moment the setting stops being the Sex Mage World for me. But that mainly refers to an easy, wide-spread shift in the power that effects the whole world at once. There is something to be said for exploring creative, even powerful, yet limited and potentially dangerous, means of resistance, to drive up the drama. Sex Magic’s only real advantage on Earth is that it is specifically designed to circumvent mundane means of stopping it, and as this Earth has no other supernatural powers to counter balance it, the Magic seems unbeatable.

In actually, the Magic has numerous weaknesses that could be taken advantage of by other magical, super powered, and weird science means. In fact, all things considered, Sex Magic is distinctly weak against most other forms of supernatural powers that aren’t specifically keyed to the aspects they influence. Following the Cult Wars, the barriers between Earth and other worlds have weakened, just enough that other strange phenomenon are now starting to bleed into the world. It’s only a little bit here and there, but gradually, means of overthrowing the Magic are appearing. Only the Queendom’s isolationist policies are preventing news of these breaches from spreading, but there are some resources and information that have made their way across the world regardless of attempts to shut them down.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sex Mage World of Civero

Now here’s a concept I’ve struggled to work on for years, but never could really wrap my head around how it would work out. As mentioned in a recent post, trying to combine the Sex Mage concept with Civero comes with a host of logistics issues that makes writing a Civero-based SMW story somewhat problematic. Part of the issue is Sex Magic works best as a concept, in my mind anyway, when there aren’t any other forms of supernatural power to counter it. So, the idea of Sex Magic spreading across a world that already has several other magical power concepts in place certainly lessens the blow.

Moreover, part of Civero’s conceit is that not only do both men and women equally gain powers here, magical individuals are also relatively rare. Naturally, my stories focus on these individuals, and usually on empowered women specifically, but part of the appeal here is that very few people have magic powers, and therefore, the power dynamic of such couples functions differently. More over, while in some ways the man is even more helpless against a mage when she can tease and torment him without anyone knowing what’s really going on, at the same time, the truly evil mages can be stopped by supernatural authorities whose job it is to shut down people like them. This as opposed the Sex Mage World, where everyone has all the same powers, everyone knows what’s going on and lets it happen, and the “novelty” of Sex Magic kind of dulls after a while.

Another part of the struggle was that, just like with Earth, trying to figure out exactly how Sex Magic was going to affect all the different cultures of the world is difficult. With Earth, I admit I ultimately just copped out with having all the countries of the world turned into the Queendoms. With Civero, it was a matter of lacking both a fleshed out world concept, but also just not knowing how the Magic was going to clash with certain elements of the setting. Figuring out how Civero societies deal with Sex Magic does make for an interesting world building exercise, I’ll admit. It’s an unexpected way to find out what each country values. However, as Civero has developed further, I have also came to realize there are things about the world as a whole that don’t match up with Earth.