Monday, October 21, 2013

Adams Teasing Afternoon

Adam was just stepping out of the shower, when his cock suddenly went erect. It was the unbidden erection of a forced hard-on. Somewhere, a woman was using her Magic, broadcasting waves of lust. Adam flushed, his heartbeat quickening, as he felt a very sudden, and very intense, surge of arousal wash over him. His cock got even harder, and he gasped as it swelled to full mast, then maximum tension, then seemingly even further. The veins bulged and the color of his cock darkened with the pressure. Adam had to put a hand to the wall to steady himself as he felt briefly lightheaded from the sudden “hard attack.”

And then he felt the phantom hand lightly grasp his cock, tugging him towards the door. Knowing resistance was futile, Adam exited the bathroom, leaving the towel behind. His wife was home and in the mood. Well, no need to keep her waiting! Except… Adam froze as he got halfway down the hall, and heard the giggling of several women. He blushed fiercely. Oh, no, she wouldn’t, not again!

Adam tried to back up towards the bedroom and grab a robe, but the hand on his cock gripped him firmly, not allowing him to back up. Swallowing hard, he hesitantly stepped forward, trembling a little. Damn it, Maggie knew how humiliating this was for him! And yet, how arousing it could be. His already impossibly hard cock twitched in anticipation as he neared the entrance to the living room. The phantom hand tugged a bit more insistently.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sex Mage World Origins

So How Did Sex Magic Get To Earth In The First Place?

Hell if I know. There are about a dozen possible origins, and I’ve always liked the idea of keeping the origin pretty much unknown, because it’s part of the allure of the setting; Sex Magic is just so ridiculous and mysterious a power, not even knowing where it comes from just adds to the frustration of its reality, driving everyone, but especially the menfolk, utterly bonkers trying to figure it out. And of course, the point of the SMW stories is to focus on what people do with the magic, rather than dissecting and explaining it.

Nonetheless, just for funsies, I’ll pop out some of my own theories. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Playful Heather

 Heather looked up from her magazine as she suddenly sensed her husband getting a very strong erection. She glanced over to him, sitting on the couch watching the television. Duncan squirmed a bit and had to adjust himself. Heather gave him an amused smirk as he glanced over to her inquisitively.

“Thinking of something naughty?” Heather said. She brushed her curly brown hair back, tucking a strand behind her ear in that way she knew Duncan found unbearably sexy-cute.

He shook his head. “N-no,” he said. “Are you doing this?”

“I’m not doing a thing sweetie,” she said. Duncan then gasped and his body tensed. Heather focused her senses, and could tell he was feeling the effects of two phantom mouths lovingly licking and sucking his cock. Duncan let out a moan and gripped the couch cushions tightly. “Oh, my. Looks like you’ve got a secret admirer who wants to show her appreciation! Have you been fooling around behind my back?”

“No!” said Duncan. He winced as the mouths sucked him harder, the tongues swirling and stroking his sensitive cock in just the right places. “A-are you sure you’re not doing this?”

“Girl scout’s honor!” said Heather, holding up a three finger solute. And she really wasn’t this time. Aside from her husband, she could sense the erections of at least a dozen other men in the neighborhood, being stimulated by the same double-blowjob signals. It was impossible to trace the origin point, but it was clear some woman, or perhaps several women, in the neighborhood were casting a wide spell signal, broadcasting the blowjob sensations to any man who happened to be in range. Perhaps the twins down the street? They should be just getting into their powers about now. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stan's Strange Encounter

Few men in the world could make their own way these days. But those that could were afforded a unique luxury of freedom. Living in the protected wild lands of the former state of Colorado, Stan led a simple life, if a rough one. Today, he was fishing, hoping to catch some trout in a small lake. Leaning back in his boat with a six pack and an old portable cassette player, he serenely took in the morning beauty. The air was clear, with only a few clouds in the sky, and a light breeze to cool down the warmth of the sun. Peaceful.

And then, Stan felt his cock go hard. He jumped. He hadn’t been thinking about sex. He hadn’t been about to fall asleep, which sometimes signaled his cock to have a nice stretch out for a bit. Just, suddenly, he went from complete shrivel to full mast, and with alarming speed. His cock got stuck pointing down, and strained uncomfortably inside his jeans. He had to open his fly and pull it free to let it swell fully. He now had to try and close his pants around his erection, a dubious mission when his cock insisted on getting even harder! He wasn’t just hard, he was at maximum tension! His whole cock darkened a bit from the excess rush of blood and the veins bulged along its length.

He wasn’t the least bit aroused and he didn’t have uncontrollable erections on his own. That meant this had to be the work of Sex Magic. Stan grit his teeth. Damn it! This is exactly why he lived in a cabin in the woods in the first place! To get away from this sort of thing! He quickly scanned the area, looking towards the shore to see if he could spot any mischievous girls, perhaps some female campers who had spotted him and decided to pull a prank. But he couldn’t see anyone. So where was thi—

And suddenly, there was a tremendous booming splash not twenty feet from his boat as something dropped from the sky at terminal velocity. Stan jerked back with a shout, clutching at the edges of the boat as a wave swept over him and threatened to capsize him. However, he and the boat managed to stay upright, if soaked, and once the water calmed some, he looked over the side to see what could possibly have hit he water like that. He blinked in surprise when he saw a young woman with long black hair, dressed in some kind of stylized Gothic Lolita dress, floating face down in the water. Seeing her, Stan winced as his cock began to throb intensely.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sex Mage World: Apocalypse Timeline


Updated: Over the years, I ended up adding all sort of ridiculous science-fantasy schlock concepts to the Sex Mage World, mainly in the various ways that it crossed over with my other erotica settings. This is no longer canon, as it pulled the Sex Mage World too far away from what was supposed to be the point of the setting. Nonetheless, I did end up putting a good amount of thought and brainstorming behind this, and most of the stories I’ve written that hint to a bigger continuity used to follow this one’s logic.

I suppose in the greater Sex Mage Multiverse, this could still be canon in that old DC Comics Earth 1/Earth 2 sort of way. Or maybe this Timeline actually describes a work of fiction within the Sex Mage World itself, perhaps a TV show or comic book that attempts to add superhero elements to their world while still factoring in the magic. Either way, though, it’s no longer a timeline I wish to pursue.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sex Mage World: Early Timeline


Note: I first put this together a few years ago, in my first real attempt to hammer down a continuity for the setting of the Sex Mage World. Concepts have developed further since then with new ideas, along with expansions and clarifications of older ones, prompting me to occasionally make updates. This is hence still somewhat incomplete, and subject to further revision.

While continuity is somewhat loose in the Sex Mage World, what follows is a listing of the major events that shape the setting over the course of the first 20 years. What follows after is up for speculation.

In any case, this should be considered the Primary Canon, from which any alternate timelines are spun off from. Unlike older versions of the concept, a key defining factor of the current canon posits that Sex Magic is the only supernatural force on Earth.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Deny Me Please

Kim watched with fascination as her hand slowly stroked Cole’s cock. She was seeing all sorts of strange lines and auras of energy flowing around his throbbing organ. Well, not actually “seeing” them, but “sensing” them, and in her minds eye picturing the lines of energy like a glowing web. It was very difficult to describe these new sexual senses, brought on by the mysterious force of “Sex Magic” that had spread across the world a couple years ago. But even if she couldn’t explain them, they seemed so natural and instinctive to her. She’d had them only a couple weeks, and already, her handjob skills had improved immensely, just by following the paths of energy she could “see” around her boyfriend’s cock.

This was only the fourth handjob she’d given him since her powers awakened, and Cole, who before all this had been able to last twenty minutes under her moderately skilled fingers, could now barely last thirty seconds if she didn’t deliberately slow down her efforts to a crawl. But even then, tonight, she was stroking slowly, and Cole was giving off that telltale hiss that indicated he was close. Not that she needed that sign; her sexual senses were going off like an alarm, telling her he was about to shoot his seed right into her face if she didn’t switch tactics. So she did, going off the guidelines to stroke him in a way that would keep him aroused, but hold off his climax for another minute or so before she had to shift her grip again.

Cole let out a slow breath as he got himself under control again, and gave her an affectionate squeeze around the shoulders with his arm. They were sitting on Cole’s couch, the TV on, but neither watching, as Kim lay against him, resting her head on his shoulder, while he had his arm around her. His pants were open at the fly, and his cock stiff and throbbing in her right hand, while her left arm was curled around his lower back.

“Jesus, I can’t believe how good you are at this now,” he said.

Kim smirked without looking at him. “Implying I was bad at this before?”