Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sex Mage World: Digital Domination!

Six tales of Sex Magic, as seen through the lens of the Internet! One long story and five shorts, all in the form of messenger logs, transcripts, and forum posts, show the sexy, and scary, potential of this strange sensual power!

Collects the following stories:
-An Instant Messenger Story
-A Random Thread
-FapReport Tech Support
-Hard Gaming (reworked caption)
-Ex-Grinder Disappearance

While I was at it, I updated the cover, and the content of Naughty Mages & Erotic Espers, swapping out the Kat's Boytoy story for the Vampiress Threesome one. If you've already bought the book, you can just download the new version. If not, consider a purchase!

Likewise, Amy & Nikki has a new cover! The file is still the same, though, so no real need to download a new copy.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Centurions Universe Realm


The third major setting for my erotica takes place in what appears to be a fully-realized comic book reality, where superheroes with all sorts of back stories and powersets exist, and any number of crazy events take place. Initially conceived as a “generic” superhero world, similar to Marvel or DC, in reality, I never really fleshed it out at all, content with little snippets of stories that don’t even properly explain the setting.

In hindsight, I wish I’d picked something a lot less elaborate; the Centurions are designed for multiple levels of adventure, but basically start at “save an entire country” to “save the entire galaxy.” Now, if I want to keep doing superhero erotica, I’m kind of stuck with the Centurions, since I don’t want to have to re-establish yet another setting just for some more side-snippets.

Except, of course, I have not touched the Centurions in years anyway, and I realized that since I never really did explain anything about the setting, I realized the perfect way to fill the gaps. Why not just cheat with another set-up I already invented as an alternative setting for the Sex Mage World: what if the Centurions Universe isn’t a whole universe at all, but a Fae Lord Realm?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Queendoms

There was a brief time when people believed Sex Magic might unite the world into a global society of female rule, that the “compassion of the Fairer Sex” would lead to a peaceful co-existence, once the initial chaos of the magic died down. This proved to be a laughable conceit. In the wake of the Cascade Event, the world is more divided than ever before, dozens of new countries formed under the iron rule of the Megami Queens.

Each Queendom follows its own laws and ideals, as decided by the Queen, and enforced by her Archmage loyalists or by her own hand. Each Queen strives to make her country as self-sufficient as possible, while all agree to a global policy of non-interference with one another. At most, tenuous alliances are made and broken almost on whim, and only the threat of mutually assured destruction keeps the world at peace. Clashing ideologies guarantee that the varying cultures of the Queendoms cannot peacefully co-exist, and so the Queens largely keep their subjects contained and controlled within their borders.

Some believe the Queens are simply power-mad, and perhaps some are. But even the most altruistic and compassionate of the Queens knows that in a Sex Mage World, subjugation is ultimately better than the alternative, at least for now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The club was dim and loud and smoky, just like Gita liked it. She smiled as she stepped in time to the deep bass techno beat that thrummed through the whole structure. All around her, the flow of beautiful and lithe young men and women, dressed to kill, gyrating and swaying to the beat, filled the air with a sensual energy. Although every cock in the club was rock hard and every woman flush with warmth, the atmosphere was not necessarily purely sexual, just folks escaping the pressures of the world through music and movement, losing themselves to the rhythm and flow. Of course, such a club was also a great place to go and meet a fling.

In the Sex Mage World, any woman could snatch up any man with almost a mere thought, but in the Cosway Queendom in the former Indonesia, such barbaric notions were kept in moderation. Women were free to tease at will, of course, but only to a point. They didn’t just grab men willy-nilly, and haul them to bed without consent. However, fifteen years of Sex Magic had eased men into the idea of being open for women’s pleasure and use on whim. Still, if industry and society were to continue, men couldn’t just be snatched up at a moment’s notice, whatever they were in the middle of. To strike a balance between society maintaining its relative fairness and stability, and satiating the sensual sadism that the Magic coaxed, places like the clubs had made good business providing such a “hunting ground” for pleasure on the citizen’s own terms. Here, any man was ripe for picking, so long as they were not already being claimed.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ex-Grinder Disappearance

Case Name: E.G.D. - Ex-Grinder Disappearance

Status: Unsolved

Summary: Ex-Grinder was founded on September 13, 3 G.E. (2013 A.D.). The site was spun off of the FapReport community, and often linked to that site, as well as humiliation videos on MageTube. The theme of the site was for women to talk about, and give advice on, using their magic to get revenge on ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. Eventually this expanded to men in general who they felt had wronged them. The site also included tips for keeping one’s current man in line.

Attempts were made to have the site shut down for promoting excess cruelty and criminal activity, but the site’s owner and servers were stationed in an early Queendom, outside the jurisdiction of most other countrie. The site was blocked and blacklisted in over a hundred countries, but getting around this block through proxy servers and via the “deep web” was easy enough.

On May 29, 7 G.E. (2017 A.D.), the Ex-Grinder website vanished. None of the posters who frequented the site have come forward to offer an explanation. Moreover, it seems the only posters who have admitted to using the site had already quit doing so well before the shut down, and thus have no idea of the cause.

On October 17, 13 G.E (2023 A.D.), a server was found in the basement of a condemned building in the Rutalca Queendom in Africa. The server held the entire archive of the Ex-Grinder website, and is thought to be the original hosting device.

This is the final thread of the archive.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Tyrga walked slowly through the book store, patiently waiting for his charge to finish her shopping. The young lady he was escorting was off in the comic book section, lost in her reading as she skimmed through various graphic novels to buy. Tyrga wasn’t much into comics himself, and so he stayed where he could keep an eye on her, but skimmed the shelves around him to see if there were any books of interest. He wasn’t much of a reader of normal books, either, frankly.
Still, as he searched, his gaze fell upon a small section containing Demihuman literature. Tyrga’s eyebrow’s raised at that. It was the only set of shelves to feature such books, and some of them were even written in High Zoan, the “common” Demihuman language. It was nice to see such things; Demihuman art was rarely promoted in stores.
Tyrga skimmed the titles on the shelves. Most were autobiographies, telling of Demihumans who had struggled through the harrowing conditions of the Forbidden Continent, before being rescued by humans, only to then live as servants to the humans. Tyrga had read enough of those growing up. While they could be inspiring, after a while, they all ended up following the same formula, and more than a few of them were overall depressing reads. Tyrga did notice a couple fantasy novels, but he wasn’t really interested in those things. He was about to give up and turn back to skimming other works, when one title caught his eye.
Demi-Love: A Guide to Cross-Species Relations. Tyrga’s eyebrows raised again. What was this now? He picked up the book. The title was in gold, curvy script, overlaying a cover which depicted an artfully shaded photograph of a nude couple. The woman was a human leaning back against her partner, with one arm raised to cup his cheek while she leaned back for a kiss, another extended back to grasp his buttocks. The man, however, was a Rouccuan, a catlike Demihuman just like Tyrga himself. The Rouccuan hugged the human from behind, pressing his front against her back. One arm was wrapped over her breasts, while the other slid down her belly, the hand covering her sex. His tail curled around her thighs, as he leaned his head over her shoulder to kiss her.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The First Megami

Devika Sai’s eyes snapped open. A moment ago, she had been deep asleep, but something had awoken her. For a moment, she wondered if her alarm had gone off somehow, but a glance at the clock told her it was 3:00 am, a few hours too early. She wondered if there had been a loud noise just now, if it had ended the moment she’d awakened. Perhaps a peel of thunder? She paused and listened. She didn’t hear any rain. But she could hear… something…

With a soft sigh, she sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes with one hand, then pulling her blanket back. She squinted in the dark, going off the soft glow of a green night light to get her bearings.

She felt like someone was in the room. Had someone come in? Her door was closed. She glanced around. She didn’t see anyone, nor did she hear anyone moving or breathing. But she could hear something… she could feel like there was something…

What the heck was that sound? A sort of low hum, like a tuning fork going off, but it didn’t quite seem like she was really hearing it. More like a ringing in her ear, but so low you couldn’t tell if you were actually hearing or just imagining. She glanced around, focusing on the sound, trying to determine its source.

As soon as she did, she felt a notion to look towards the wall. As soon as she did, an image bloomed in her mind. She could “see” her father lying down in his bed, softly snoring, her mother curled up against him. But the most distinct detail she could sense was that she somehow knew her father had an erection.

His penis was hard and it was making that humming noise she could almost hear. She realized the sound was inside her head. And as she focused on it, the little window in her mind showing her father, zoomed in on his cock, x-raying through the sheets and clothes and presenting his full manhood to her mind’s eye.

Devika jumped, leaping out of bed, landing on her feet, and staring open mouthed at the wall, jerking back in instinctive revulsion at a cock, her father’s cock no less, being mentally shoved in her face. But she realized that her earlier sense that someone was in her room wasn’t wholly accurate, just that she had a feeling someone was nearby. She was sensing her father’s presence, on the other side of the wall; sensing him through his… penis…

Devika swallowed. Sex Magic. She had Sex Magic! But… but that was impossible! She had just turned eighteen only yesterday! Sex Magic wasn’t suppose to develop in a young woman until she was nineteen the earliest! Many didn’t even get the power until they turned twenty! True, she’d heard there was the occasional early bloomer, who might get the power shortly before they turned nineteen, but even the earliest she’d ever heard about was eighteen years and ten months.

Nude For School

As Jet walked up the steps to school, he hung his head, flushed with embarrassment. All around him, students gawked and did double-takes. “Dude! What the fuck?! Oh my God! No way! Forget something? The hell is wrong with you? Oh my god, is he serious?” and other such exclamations sounded around him, punctuated by laughter, grunts of disgust, or the rapid clicking of camera phones.
Jet, eighteen year old student, was walking to school wearing nothing but his backpack and his utter shame. He didn’t bother to try to protect his dignity by carrying his backpack in front of himself. He wasn’t even wearing shoes, which meant walking carefully on the ground. At least this gave him an excuse to keep his eyes firmly planted on his feet. But avoiding looking at anyone didn’t stop him from hearing every comment. And the worst part was, his cock was hard and wagging before him, waving to everyone merrily, like a morning wood that refused to quit.
Stepping into the building quickly as he could, Jet made his way to his locker, and couldn’t avoid looking up to see where he was going. The expression on everyone’s faces left him red as a tomato, guys making exaggerated displays of reeling back and turning their heads, girls half-turning, but still looking, covering their mouths to hide their huge grins and chuckles. More cameras went off as he proceeded. At least one girl was clearly recording a video. Jet could only swallow hard, grimace, and keep walking forward. His walking became slightly jerky as the humiliation built and built, making him shiver. He spotted the bathroom and immediately wanted to run inside and hide there all day. But he knew there wasn’t a point.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Queen Jenny's Touch

I can feel you approaching long before I see you. As a Queen Megami, your aura of sexual power is naturally immense. Without even casting spells, every penis goes hard within a mile of your presence. Even women grow wet around you. The bodies of your citizens automatically acknowledge the authority and power you have over them. With just a tiny notion, you could have every person in your country similarly hard or wet, and you sometimes amuse yourself doing just that at random intervals. Everyone knows when this happens they are to stop what they are doing and pray to you.

My body, however, is especially attuned to you. Within the borders of your country, I am always diamond hard, so hard it hurts. In the seven years since you have taken over the land, I have never had a single orgasm, only clusters of soul-crushing edges. And whenever you approach me physically, the pressure intensifies until I can barely form thoughts. All our exchanges are from you speaking, and me thinking, with you reading my mind.

Men in your Queendom already have it rough, being constantly teased and denied to empower the women of your country. Even the sweetest of mistresses will send their man to “work” as energy generators all day, then tease him all night to refresh themselves. The luckiest men get the occasional break and releases between shifts. The rest, however, suffer endlessly and exquisitely.

I suppose I could be considered lucky, in a way, and unlucky in others. To be chosen as the Queen’s personal toy is quite an honor. The honor, however, comes at the cost of sanity. So cruelly you treat you toys, breaking them to pieces, then threading them back together just so you can break them again. Any other Sex Mage would have failed to fix me after so much trauma, but your miraculous Megami powers have not yet found that limit. No matter what you do, no matter how thoroughly I am crushed, you always manage to piece me back together, so you can tear me apart again.

You enter the room where you’ve kept me ever since I was picked. I have no idea what you see in me, but I seem to bring you endless amusement. You step into the room and smile at me. From my corner where I cower, I gasp, my body surging. My cock cannot possibly get any harder physically, and yet all the blood tries to rush straight in my organ. Lightning sensations shoot through every nerve in my body, and my whole body jerks, hip-first, towards you, instantly trying to cum, instantly crushed against the edge of your indomitable will. I open my mouth to scream, but I have no breath.

Your smile widens as you slip off your dress, exposing your perfect nakedness to me. That’s all it takes for the pressure to red-line, and I already start to go comatose. Your power doesn’t let me, however, your will forcing me awake to enjoy every agonizing moment of your sexual omnipotence. You take a step toward me, then another, slowly prowling forward like a jungle cat towards a mouse, playfully enjoying the overwhelming, growing terror your sheer presence brings. Every step spikes the pressure and sensations up another notch. By the time you are near enough to touch me, I am literally dying from the sheer sensation overload, with only your power keeping me alive.

Then you reach out to touch me, and my world goes white, and I know nothing more than pure, endless, sexual agony. The space of years passes with every second, Even your power cannot keep me from reaching a headspace where the sensations and pressure are too immense for my feeble mortal brain to comprehend. I have no idea how long you use my body for you pleasure, enraptured by the energy of my suffering, and the sheer joy of your sadistic urges. It feels like eternity within you.

Eventually, something gives, and I feel the pressure and sensations abate. I come slowly aware, shivering and weeping on the floor. The first thing I can comprehend when my senses can focus again is that I’m laying on the floor of my room again. I can’t tell if mere minutes have passed, or days, or months, or years. You’ve kept me in this windowless dungeon with no way to tell the passage of time, and your magic warping my perception of such anyway. You could have kept me here for only a month, or it could already have been decades. All I know to gauge anything is the number of times you’ve visited me, and I’ve already lost track. All I can do is try to recover, and brace myself for you next visit, for the next blessed touch of my Queen.