Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Phallica #01

It was way too late for me to be out and about. I was way too old to be dressing up in black spandex and a domino mask and go running around in the bad end of town. I was way too out of my depth to be hiding in a warehouse trying to do some kind of sting operation on a drug deal. I should have been back at my apartment, studying for my finals. But that was the thing about being a college student living on your own, your parents weren’t there to force you to be good. At twenty-one, I shouldn’t need my parents to do that anyway. But then, I also shouldn’t have mysteriously gained the power to psychically control penises.

You heard me.

In a world where it seems like one in every million people end up with crazy super powers, that still leaves… uh… wait how many people are there in the world? Six-point-three billion or something? So, that still leaves several thousand people with super powers running around. And I’m one of them. And I get something ridiculous like being able to give men boners with just a thought. Still, I’ve heard of worse. There was that one crook who got the power to change the color of their skin. He thought he could use it to camouflage himself. He didn’t think about the fact that his clothes didn’t change with him.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dealing with Minors

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended for titillation purposes. This article holds no sexually explicit content, no eroticism, and does not involve any specific characters, fictional or real, of any age. This should be treated as an informative and largely clinical descriptor of a fictional setting. It is not intended as a sexual story involving minors. Quite the opposite: this article is about avoiding that very scenario as much as possible within the setting.

Male Employment

In a world where women have instant, easy access to superhuman physical prowess, knowledge, and skills just by making a man aroused, this creates certain challenges to the basic functions of society. How exactly can men contribute to the workforce in a world where their physical and mental prowess are mostly made obsolete?

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Goodness, would you look at the time? According to the skin on my wrist, it’s been several years since I started the Sex Mage World. By the rules of Hollywood, that means its time for a Reboot!

So, nobody probably cares that much, but in lieu of having any new stories to write, I’ve decided to make some adjustments to the lore of the Sex Mage World once again. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve vacillated between liking and disliking the “meta-continuity” between my settings. The Sex Mage World in particular has built up some ridiculous science-fantasy nonsense that, while its fun to think about as a world-building exorcise, has never sat well with me in terms of the actual spirit and function of the setting. I’m not really sure why I kept building on it. If I really want to put that stuff in a story, all of my other erotica settings have those already. The Sex Mage World, by contrast, should always be focused on the crazy erotica concepts and scenarios of women using magic to dominate men.

For those wishing to investigate the change, the following articles have been adjusted:
Sex Magic Power Set – slight expansion on the powers
Timeline – completely rearranged
Queendoms – articles combined into one, some Queendoms changed
Sex Magic Origin and Ending Theories – none of these apply anymore
Pandora Secret Files – a couple entries removed, the Created section changed
Resisting the Magic – doesn’t apply anymore, so it’s scrapped
Dellissa's World – significant overhaul

If you just want to know the gist of the changes, they are as follows:

The Cult Wars – I’m removing this whole ridiculous idea from the lore. It was a dumb idea, and I don’t know why I ever added it, other than to just throw in weird shit. This is the biggest change relevant to the actual stories, since the Cult Wars have been mentioned multiple times, but almost always in a minor, off-handed way, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, really. (Technically, the Cult Wars is still a thing in Dellissa's World, where it's even more convoluted. I suppose you could just say stories that mention the Cult Wars officially take place there.)

Other Worlds – The removal of Jahi, Zane, the Death Spirit Men, the Cults, Temael, and anything else Civero related. No imminent planet-stealing apocalypse. Likewise the removal of all Centurions related elements and characters. Any mention of these things will just be as easter eggs.

Cosmology – Related to the above, the official Cosmology has now changed, in terms of what worlds fit where.*

The Queendoms and the Megami – The awakening of the Created and an altered Cascade Event are now the origin for the Megami and their main motivation to form the Queendoms. There are also considerably less Megami and Queendoms.

Timeline – Basically none of the speculated Origins and Endings apply now. The origins of the Magic are still unknown, and humanity lives with Sex Magic indefinitely to an unknown future.

The Magic – Rules are tweaked so that even standard level Sex Mages are able to use the higher up spells, they just need special circumstances and a lot of effort.

Dellissa's World – I figured I'd touch this setting up, too. This is an expansion of the existing Queendoms, with a new map, and new scenarios.

So in overall effect, not that much necessarily changes as far as the stories go. Hopefully this won’t sully the enjoyment too much. :P  Let me know what you think about the retcon. A few more minor changes may be on the way, but this should wrap up all the major adjustments to the SMW.

*The official Erotic Cosmology now works as follows:
-Civero and Jahi's Invasion Earth exist in the same universe, which is being preyed upon by the Fae and Temael.
-Dellissa's World and the Centurions Universe are Fae Lord Realms linked to the Civero/Jahi's Earth universe.
-Sex Mage World Earth is part of the Sex Mage Multiverse accidentally created when fragments of Dellissa's Realm were scattered across the alternate timelines of Earth.