Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just A Little Scene: Some Help

Andrew grit his teeth as he tossed and turned. His cock was hard as fucking steel and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. But his damnable step-sister Becky… he could hear her moaning through the walls, the sound of at least two vibrators buzzing away inside her. She was masturbating again, for the tenth night in a row, and it was driving Andrew insane!

She knew exactly what she was doing to him, too. She knew she had no control over her Sex Magic yet; she’d only had it for a month. When she was aroused, she radiated that arousal to all the men nearby. When she masturbated, it filled the men with incredible need, giving them intense “hard attacks.” Andrew wanted nothing more than to reach down and touch himself, to jack off like he used to be able to, before he turned 18, and his masturbation and orgasms became legally sealed away by his step-mother.

Magic prevented him from touching himself. His family never allowed him to masturbate no matter how much he begged, how well he behaved, or how many chores he did to perfection. His step-mother considered the practice utterly vile. And Becky, well, she could care less. She’d never liked him. She didn’t hate him, exactly, but she made a point to be utterly indifferent to him. Even after three years, she could care less how her new power affected him.

Apparently, Becky had always been an excessive masturbator (for a girl) or she her new powers just pumped her libido to an all-time high. She’d had the magic for 32 days. She’d masturbated for at least 28 of them, and every time, Andrew had to lie there and suffer. His balls throbbed with pain and his cock jerked in the air, desperate to be touched by something, anything to bring relief. But he couldn’t even hump the mattress; even if he could, it would bring no relief.

Finally, he could stand it no more; confronting Becky would do no good. He’d pounded on her door one night, yelling for her to stop. She’d just tripled the flow of arousal, until Andrew was curled into a ball in the hallway, crying with painful need. She took an extra long time finishing herself that night. His only recourse was to call his friend for pity.

He dialed Angela’s number. A childhood friend, Angela lived only four blocks away. She was the only girl who remotely pitied him. In the last seven months, he’d managed to get only three orgasms, and they’d all been from her.

Angela answered with a sleepy, “H’lo?”

“Angela,” he gasped. “Help! Please!”

There was a sigh. “Becky’s really killing you isn’t she? Jeez, I can sense your cock from here!” She made a small gasp. “God, it sounds painful.”

“It is! Please, can you do something? I’ll do anything you want, let you borrow my car for a week, I’ll do your history essay, anything!”

There was pause. “Make it two weeks and my history and english essay.”

“I-I-I don’t know… I n-need the car next week for…”

“You want to cum this month or not?”

“Yes! Okay, two weeks! And both essays!”

“You realize if I make you cum, that’s not going to stop Becky from affecting you.”

Andrew let out a groan as the arousal spiked up as Becky came hard. For a moment, he hoped she might stop early for the night, but no, she was just getting started. And then, it got worse… he felt the effects of a second wave of arousal!

Oh, god, no, please, no! His step-mom almost never masturbated, since she had his dad to service her. But he was out of town. Maybe tonight, she just decided to indulge. Or maybe it was his neighbor Jenny. She’d just turned 19 last week. Was she already awakening to the power?

Andrew let out a shuddering cry as the dual waves of lust threatened to completely overtake his senses. He shook as he lay on the bed, the pressure in his genitals crushing his sanity.

“Well, what’s it going to be, Andrew?” said Angela. “I’d like to go back to sleep now.”

“Do it! PLEASE!”

Angela yawned. “Alright. Tomorrow morning. If I remember.”


“I told you, if I made you spurt now, it wouldn’t help you too much. You’d still be soaking in their magic, and you’d be just as desperate, and your cock would hurt even more from having just cum. Heck, you might even experience some nice post-orgasm torture.”

Then, Andrew could almost hear her grin as she said, “Unless you’d like to feel that?” He felt a wet, soft mouth close over his cock. He stiffened as the phantom mouth slooooowly slid down his cock, then slooooowly slid up to the tip.

“Ah! No! Please don’t!”

“Why not?  I am getting a little tired of you always begging for help.” The sensation continued, a long, slow agonizing loop. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be enough to make him cum, but as insanely aroused as the waves of lust were making him feel, a single swipe of a feather could make him shoot off.

He cried out as he felt something shift slightly deep inside him, and he knew his orgasm blocker had been temporarily lifted. He grit his teeth as he tried not to cum just yet. “Well, try to hold it in as long as you can. I’m going back to bed. I expect your car to be in my drive way tomorrow night.”

“Angela, wait—!”

“Night-night,” she said and hung up.

Andrew thrashed as he clutched the sides of his bed in a death grip. He fought as hard as he could to hold back, even though every cell in his body was absolutely dying for release. But if he spurted now, the torment would only get worse! Much worse! Oh, god… he could do it… he had to do it… if the mouth stayed this slow and light, he might just be able to hold until Becky and the mysterious second masturbator finished for the night. If he could just—

Then Becky all but howled as she activated a third vibrator. Andrew didn’t even last another five seconds. But Becky, and the second woman, kept going for nearly two more hours… 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


“There must be some mistake,” said Kevin told the representative standing before him. “I didn’t ask for this.” He cocked his thumb at the young demihuman woman who had been presented to him. The young woman bowed her head, looking even smaller as she stood in the large office.

“I assure you, sir, do not let her small stature mislead you,” said the other man, giving Kevin a warm smile. “She is quite strong and nimble. And her smaller size will make it easier to house her.”

“Easier to get underfoot, too.”

“She also won’t require as much food.”

Kevin eyed the young demihuman woman thoughtfully. She was a Rouccuan of the more feline persuasion, with a cat-like tail, ears, and eyes, and a jaguar-patterned coat of short, fine fur over her body. Kevin noted that her fangs and claws had been surgically removed. The Rouccuan kept her gaze lowered, but kept sneaking glances upwards at her prospective buyer.

“You’re sure she speaks Ashi?” said Kevin.

“Quiet well,” said the man. “See for yourself.”

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teased Tutor

It’s a boring spring day at school. We’re both seniors, in math class, pre-calculus. You are really good at math, always eager to answer questions in class and always being the one person to break the curve. Because of this, though, you’re kind of pegged as the nerd of the class. Even though you’re pretty cute, most girls are more interested in the jocks.

Because of this, you are a virgin, and worse still, you turned 18 two months ago. As per societal decree, upon your 18th birthday, you are no longer pleasure yourself, initiate sex, or cum without help from a female. Sex Magic binds you to these rules, making it physically and psychologically impossible for you do these things. Unfortunately, you’re mother is no longer with you, and you have no siblings, meaning you can’t even rely on a female family member to help you out. Maybe your aunt, if she didn’t live halfway across the world. And wasn’t a complete bitch. And, so, you suffer in silence, your balls aching, but with no chance to do anything about it. The other girls won’t give you the time of day.