Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just A Little Scene: Holding Out

Pete’s on his Playstation again when I get home from work. I don’t even need to be a mindreader to know he’s been playing video games all day. I frown as I come into the room and he pretends to ignore me. I watch him for a few moments while he blows away soldiers on the screen in some war simulator. Neither of us says anything. I shake my head and turn to go to the bathroom.

As I turn, I can sense him giving my back a glance. I cock my hips just so as I walk, and I sense his penis twitch in his pants. I hold back a chuckle as I sense him mentally fighting it, trying to stop himself from getting hard. I let him try, knowing how difficult it is for him at this point.

I haven’t let him cum in almost five weeks. He’s pissed as hell, but there’s nothing he can do about it. He thinks he can somehow outlast me. Thinks I’ll slip up and my orgasm denial spell will just wear off on its own, or I’ll somehow get tired of denying him. Fat chance. A man’s determination utterly pales compared to a woman’s grudge. Besides, Sex Magic stacks the deck so high against boys, it’s really quite pathetic. But I’m not complaining. He wants to be stubborn, that’s on him. I told him what he has to do to cum. But his silly male pride is as much a downfall as that silly little thing between his legs.

Heh, well, not so little really. Quite big, in fact. And that just makes him even more fun to fuck with. And just plain fuck, of course. But he thinks because he’s that big, he’s somehow so much more powerful, so much mightier than he is. I wonder if that’s why the word for excess pride is “cocky.” Men are so proud of their hard, needy members, even in a world where women can utterly control them through those members with their mere thoughts.

As I change out of my work clothes in the bedroom, I sense him still struggling with his cock. He’s losing the battle, his penis stiffening slowly, but inevitably. He wants to reach down and adjust himself, maybe rub himself a little to calm down, but I have spell preventing that as well. His hands can only touch his crotch if he’s totally flaccid. Once he’s even a quarter hard, a little magic barrier keeps him from touching his groin. It’s certainly made things interesting in public sometimes.

I chuckle softly as I sense his thoughts whirl. He’s wondering if I’m using my magic to force him to be hard. I’m not. I’m not doing a thing. He’s just pent up, and he’s so turned on by me, even when he’s mad at me. Especially when he’s mad at me. Because he knows how powerless he is against me. And in some twisted fetish way, that just turns him on more and more.

I could start casting spells on him to tease him some more. But I know something that’ll rile him up harder than any spell I could cast. See, if I use my magic, he can rationalize that it’s not his fault he’s so turned on by me. But if I just let his natural male urges churn and boil inside him, let his own thoughts whip him into a frenzy, all I have to do is use natural female charm to turn him into putty.

I don’t bother getting dressed. I walk out of the bedroom naked. I pass through the living room, ignoring him. But he can’t ignore me. Out of the corner of his eye, he catches a flash of bare flesh, and instinct takes over, forcing his gaze away from his game. So much for trying to use video games as a distraction. He catches a glimpse of my bare ass as I go into the kitchen. I hold back a laugh as I sense his cock instantly surge to full hardness, his heartbeat and breath quickening. I take my time in the kitchen, letting him sweat it out, anticipating seeing me naked again. I haven’t strut around the house nude for a while. But today I feel like twisting the knife.

After twenty minutes of pretending to be busy, listening to his cock stay iron hard, I get a glass of water and come out into the living room. I sit on the chair next to the couch, crossing my legs. I make sure he gets a glimpse of my bare pussy for an instant. His breath catches. He fumbles in the game and loses a life. He grits his teeth, but doesn’t say anything. He tries to keep his gaze riveted to the screen, while I sit there, watching him play, slowly taking sips from the glass. His eyes keep darting over to me, tracing the curves of my legs and breasts, watching my red lips touch the glass, watching my throat work. Memories of sex flash through his mind, of the times I would swallow his cum like it was my lifeblood, of the times I let him fuck my tits, of the times he had me screaming in helpless ecstasy while he railed me doggy style.

We hadn’t had sex in five weeks either. Oh, he wanted to fuck me. He wanted me so bad right now, he’d pounce on me and pound into me like a mad man if he could. But more spells prevented it. He couldn’t initiate sex. No fucking. No masturbating. No cumming. For five whole weeks. And all he had to do to end the torment was give me an apology and admit that I was right. But his pride wouldn’t let him. I wondered how long it could hold out. He could be quite stubborn. But then, so could I. And I was the one with the magic.

Speaking of which, it was time to up the ante. I could have sat here all night, letting him work himself into a lather. But the longer this little “fight” we had went on, the more ruthless I can be. I uncross my legs and held them slightly apart, enough to make my pussy just visible. Then I let out a slow breath and relax that little, inner part of me, opening the door to my power just a crack. From my pussy, magic flows, invisible, but unavoidable. Pure arousal fills the room, and his cock soaks it up like a lightning rod.

His cock goes from iron hard to diamond hard. With my senses, I can see his naked body right through his clothing, and I watch his cock grow beet red with tension, the head and testicles swelling tight as a drum, and darkening to deep purple, the veins bulging and pulsing along his shaft. I sense in his mind, the need for sex deepening, the ache for intimacy burning hotter.

He lets out a shaky breath, but bites his cheek. He’s determined not to beg. Not to give in. I let the magic flow stronger. His cock can’t possibly get any harder, but the mental pressure continues to grow. Soon, he is shaking, not even playing the game anymore, his eyes squeezed shut as he tries, and fails, to shut me out. I let him struggle for several more minutes, then stand and walked up to him.

I push his legs open and step between them. He drops the controller and leans back on the couch, hips squirming, cock clenching. His eyes are tightly shut, his hands balled into fists, his teeth grit. I let the magic flow even stronger. His penis begins to vibrate like a battery-powered dildo, the tent in his pants ruffling at high speed.

“Well?” I say softly, huskily. My voice reverberates across his mind, shaking his will. But he holds strong. Even as his breath starts coming in gasps, he shakes his head vigorously, denying me his submission. So stubborn. So strong. And all mine. God, I love him, even if he does tick me off sometimes. I feel my pussy moisten watching him valiantly struggle against me. He catches a whiff of my scent, and he almost cracks, but chokes back his words into a whimper.

I stand there for another minute, pushing bucketfuls of arousal into him, his cock vibrating so fast, I can feel the heat throbbing straight through his pants. His brain would turn into mush if I kept him like this any longer. I wait until a split second before it would be too late. Then finally, I step back and cut off the signals.

He sags in his seat, his genitals aching and throbbing, but he can’t even cup them. I reach down and give the tent in his pants a nice, hard flick. He cries out and bucks fiercely as he tries to cum, but only succeeds in a fierce edging. As he writhes, I walk back into the bedroom and put on a robe, satisfied I’ve made my impression for the day.

I wonder how many more days he can hold out. He is just a man, after all. His penis will betray him. It’s inevitable. Me, even without Sex Magic, I can wait as long as I have to, and I will. The Magic just makes it more fun.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Random Thread

So I was trying to work out some Captioned Images, when I came upon the idea of what would a typical thread on Orgasmdenial.com or Milovana.com look like in a Sex Mage World? I’m not really sure, but I imagine you might see something like this:

(Note: Names have been parodied, because no one is innocent!)

SUBJECT: Turned On By Girlfriend Tricks
Anyone’s girlfriend or wife like to do some tricks on them? My girlfriend will sometimes freeze me naked to her bed sometimes and just leave me there to struggle. I don’t know why, but this turns me on so much as I lay there unable to move, my cock twitching in the air, while she just hangs out on her computer or whatever, not even bothering to tease me. She’ll leave me there for hours and let me stew in my thoughts, and I get so horny! Then, she’ll suddenly come over and give me a blowjob or a handjob, and I cum so hard I almost pass out!

Any of you guys (or gals!) do similar stuff?
My mistress likes to Roast me when I’ve been bad. She’ll make me suckle and lick her breasts while she does it, and won’t get off me until she cums from my breastplay. It can take hours some nights!
My wife put a spell on me so I have to be naked at the house all the time. I literally can’t keep my clothes on, or put any on, when I’m at home! I get hard all day just being like that, and she teases me (verbally) about it all the time. She’ll stay dressed, but always in her short, tiny outfits, and… urgh! Sometimes, as I walk by, she’ll tap my cock with her finger or toe, and it’ll send a little magic jolt through my cock and I almost cum just from being so turned on all the time!

She says its pay back for when I used to pinch her ass before she got her powers. We’ve been together for eleven years, and she’s had her powers for ten!

She still let’s me pinch her ass now and then, but now when I do it, it sends another jolt through my cock that nearly makes me cum again!
I haven’t cum in almost three years, help! : (

Monday, November 3, 2014

Tricks, Pranks, and Games

There are many tricks and techniques women can perform with Sex Magic to make teasing more fun and interesting. It’s impossible to list all the possibilities, but these ones in particular are some of the more popular or notable.

Hard Attack – This is when a man is suddenly made extremely aroused by an overwhelming bombardment of Magic, such as with an intense Arousal Aura, or a concentrated Hard On spell. Their penis and testicles become so hard, swollen, and tense that it hurts; usually the Magic will prevent true pain, and the aching feeling will be more mental than physical. This essentially causes priapism, but without the risk of injury, and a man can actually feel even more sexual tension and pressure than normal priapism. Likewise, the mental tension of need can keep increasing even if his penis simply cannot get any physically harder. Usually this is caused by the man being bombarded with arousing signals from Sex Magic.

Cockscrew – The art of applying and intensifying a Hard Attack in a relentless increase of pressure, driving his sexual tension up higher and higher, usually in a torturously slow manner.

Boyboarding/Boysurfing – Invented by skater girls in Southern California, this is the act of using a boy like a skateboard or surfboard. More accurately, the boy becomes a “hoverboard.” The girl uses her magic to freeze the boy so he is laying perfectly straight (supine), then has him hover a foot or two off the ground. The girl stands atop him, and rides him like a hoverboard, propelling him with her magic. Typically, the boy is naked, and the girl is barefoot, with one foot planted firmly on the boy’s penis, pumping teasing sensations through it.

Boyboarding has become a common transport method for women taking quick trips around town, and has also become a national competitive sport in some countries, and later Queendoms.

Boy Cracker – A particularly wicked tease game, the woman will use her magic to pleasure-torture the man’s cock without allowing him relief until he “cracks” and begs for mercy. He must hold out for a minimum amount of time, though the woman won’t tell him how long. If he manages to last longer than the minimum amount of time, then he “wins” an orgasm; however, he must wait a number of days equal to the amount of time he lasted (minutes, seconds, hours, whatever the woman wishes), before he gets to actually cum. If he loses, however, his next orgasm will delayed far longer, and other punishments may be levied.

The game is a real mind-bender for the man, because the longer he holds out, the longer the denial period of his orgasm. Since he as no way of knowing how long he’s supposed to last, he has to last for as long as possible just to be sure. But if he were to try and give up early, the punishment would be even worse. So, a woman might decide he only has to last five minutes, but the man might hold out for hours since he doesn’t know, resulting in his orgasm being rewarded weeks later.

Twenty Teasing Questions – A fun game for trivia lovers, the woman asks a man a question, then after he answers, she adds a teasing sensation to his cock, such as a psychic handjob or blowjob. After every question, he’s hit with a new sensation, layered onto the ones before. By the end, he is usually being teased breathless by twenty sensations hitting him at once. Of course, he must answer the questions correctly for a chance to cum. The classic version of this game states that every question missed is a day he must wait before he can cum again, until the next game is played. If he gets all questions right, he can cum right then. If he gets one wrong, he waits until tomorrow. Two wrong, then the day after that, etc. When the game is next played, the schedule resets. For those that do this weekly, a man can only miss six questions, or he won’t get a chance to cum before the next game.

See-Sawing – The act of floating two men in the air, and then making them 69 each other, freezing them like that so that their lips seal over one anothers’ penises; neither man can pull their mouth off the other’s cock, forcing the two to bob back and forth in mid-air like a see-saw from blowing each other. Usually a college party prank or challenge, but in some Queendoms this is used for public humiliation punishment. The spell will usually not break until one or both men cum, or until they are purposefully released.

Rock Party – Popular at colleges, these are parties in which men who attend must be naked, while the women are usually clothed. All women in attendance purposefully radiate a mild aura of lust, which keeps the men hard, and slowly builds up sexual pressure. Typically, the idea is to see how long the men can hold out, before breaking down and begging the women for mercy, or trying to initiate sex.

Usually, the men who break down early are then directly teased by the women, who play games with them using their magic. Typically, only the last man or handful of men who manage to hold out are given relief by being allowed to fuck a woman, or women, of their choice, be the dominating partner, and/or cum as much as they like until the party is officially over.

Rock Parties often devolve into orgies at some point regardless, with the men who give in early being used for sex after sufficient teasing, but are still denied orgasm.

Roasting – “Roasting a boy” involves a woman pinning a male down with magic, then using her powers to greatly increase the sensitivity of his penis, while putting a very strong orgasm block on him. Then she straddles him, taking his penis inside her vagina, and starts channeling magical stimulation directly into his cock. Usually, she will just sit there atop him, often pressing her breasts to his face, and continue to build up the stimulation, his sensitivity, and the pressure in his cock. This very quickly becomes more than the boy can handle, as she magically “roasts” his cock inside her pussy. Alternatively, this can be done with the mouth as part of an intense blowjob, or squeezing him between her breasts.

Often used as a punishment or revenge technique, but can also be used as simply a fun challenge during foreplay, or even as a competition during sex parties, in which the boy who lasts the longest without begging for mercy gets to cum in any way he wishes.

Livewiring – Livewiring involves a girl charging her skin with magic so that just touching a boy will send jolts of intense magical pleasure through him. If she wants to target a specific boy, she may also increase his sensitivity first to really pack a punch! Essentially the same idea as Roasting, but rarely as intense, as it focuses less on trapping and holding a boy's cock, and more using quick swipes and taps to stimulate him, or making it too difficult her him to hold onto her.

Tension Ramp – This conditional spell increases a man's sexual tension and semen production at an accelerating rate. It gets him hornier faster and more intensely the longer it goes. The effect is slow at first, but grows exponentially; on the first day, he might not notice the difference. By the end of the second day, he's already feeling hornier than he expected, but not too unusual. By day three, his balls are beginning to ache. By day four, he's absolutely desperate to stick his cock in something. After a whole week, he'll feel like he hasn't cum in a month. After an actual month? It'll feel like he hasn't popped in years.

The spell will reset after an orgasm, but of course, it doesn’t take long to build back up to unbearable levels. This is the perfect spell for women who don’t really want to engage in long-term orgasm denial, but still enjoy the teasing and delay aspects. It’s also popular in communities where orgasms are very strictly regulated to ensure male obedience. All it takes is one skipped release to really crush the man simply by making him wait while the condition does its work.

Tension Prop – Doesn't allow a man to "cool down" from his excitement, even in the absence of mental, physical, or magical stimulation. Will usually break with orgasm, but not necessarily.

Lightning Rod – A special technique of attuning one’s Sex Magic so that spells and aura effects are automatically drawn to a specific target. While rarely used by normal Sex Mages, this has become a somewhat controversial, but increasingly used solution for Glitch women whose powers are difficult to control. Particularly for those who have difficulty reigning in their powers, either automatically producing an aura, or who end up accidentally casting spells when agitated, this enables the Glitch to ensure that most, if not all, of her unintended spells automatically target a specific man. This way, they can resume a mostly normal lifestyle, with only a particular man, or handful of men, suffering from the lack of control.

Buzzing – Street slang for the practice of Sex Mage girls to "get high" by getting a boy specifically to have him stand in a corner and be hard and teased so she can experience the euphoria effect of his frustration without otherwise paying attention to him. Girls may have "sleep overs" with a few guys frozen against the wall, suffering in desperate silence, while the girls hang out and groove off their energy. A good way to make use of those bothersome boys she's not interested in, but whose cock will work just as well as any other. Annoying brothers, irritating ex-boyfriends, or awkward boys from school or next door may be of ideal use for Buzzing.

LolliPopping – A trick used at orgies, this involves two or more girls pinning a man down and licking, kissing, and sucking his cock, one at a time and one move at a time, going back and forth between them. The euphoric effect of a well-teased man increases with direct skin contact with his penis, especially by the mouth or vagina. In this way, the women feel a jolt of pleasure that lights up every pleasure center in their body with every lick of the man's penis. Lollipopping involves girls using this fact to pleasure themselves by giving the man oral, each giving a single lick, suck, or kiss, repeatedly until they cum. There is usually a challenge involved, such as the winner being the girl who lasts the longest before she finally orgasms, or seeing whoever can reach a set number of orgasms first.

Time Taps – This trick makes it so that when a woman taps a man’s penis with her finger, toe, tongue, or other body part, it induces a powerful burst of pleasure, while also creating a Time Warp effect. Although only a few seconds may pass in real time, the man experiences a powerful pleasure torture effect and intense edging lasting for minutes, to hours, to even days. Often used as a disciplinary tactic for stubborn or unruly men.

Solitary Confinement – Largely considered cruel and in some Queendoms is outright illegal. This is often used as a revenge technique, but is occasionally consensually indulged in short bursts by the sadomasochistic. The woman uses her magic to shut down all of a man’s senses, sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch, save for a massive increase in sensitivity in his penis and testicles.

Any amount of pleasure he feels now accumulates: any stimulation will continue to be felt, even if it only touches for a brief moment. Ergo, a single lick to the penis will continue to be felt for the duration of this technique. A second lick will be felt on top of the first. A third on top of that. On top of this, the man’s arousal/sexual pressure will automatically slowly rise over time, even without stimulation.

This would all be hard enough to endure of course, but added to that, the victim’s perspective of time is also altered. For every second that passes in the real world, the victim will experience a greater amount of time. The default is usually one second becomes one hour for the victim, but this can be altered as desired.

Deep Wriggle – A woman will create the sensations of a phantom finger that will at random intervals wriggle around in a man’s rectum, stimulating the prostate. An embarrassing prank that became popular after a series of internet videos showed off men on the street randomly being teased with it.

Peedging – A trick that a man to be stimulated with pleasure when he pees, creating the rather embarrassing problem of making him get erect and edge while he’s trying to urinate. Aside from risking making a mess everywhere, especially if he has a no-touching restriction, he can suffer the dual frustrations of both the edge, and his peeing getting cut off partway, which is never a good feeling. This pranks was briefly popular as a college party trick gone awry.

Voodoo Cock – A woman uses her magic to connect a dildo or other object to a man’s penis. While dildos are the most common, fingers are a close second. This technique is popular for women who have not yet manifested Sex Magic. A magically active friend of theirs can connect the penis of a man to an object of choice, and this way, even a woman without active Magic can still have a method of teasing a man from afar. There is an unconfirmed belief that doing this can jump start a woman’s magic early, if she turns out to be a Late Bloomer.

More humiliating for the man, a woman can connect his penis to a dildo, or her fingers, and make him suck them, effectively making him blow himself through the Voodoo Cock. In some circles, this is the preferred way to allow a man to orgasm.

Some women with multiple male partners may even use the Voodoo Cock spell to connect their penises together, so that whatever she does to one of her men, all the other men will feel, allowing her to effectively tease and fuck all of them at once.

Pussy Trap – A prank wherein a woman casts a spell on a man so that he is constantly tasting and smelling her pussy, or that he tastes and smells her pussy for a short period of time due to a trigger. For example, whenever he thinks about panties, he may suddenly catch a whiff of his girlfriend or wife’s panties.

Edge Loop/Edge Ring – Quite the maddening little trick, this spell creates a pleasure sensation on the man's penis the keeps teasing him. Popularly, this is a ring of pure pleasure directly stimulating the nerves of the penis as the ring moves up and down the length of it, but this can be made to simulate the feeling of a mouth, hand, or whatever instead. The spell continues to stimulate the man until he is just about the reach orgasm, then the sensations stop. Just when he is about to cool down, the spell resumes, stimulating him to just before he's about to cum, and stopping. The spell is then set to automatic, fueled by his growing need for relief, and it continues to edge him indefinitely, until a condition is met or the woman stops the spell.

Usually, the spell keeps going until not even stopping can keep the man from cumming; the spell can either then keep going to milk him, or will still stop, leaving him with a ruined climax. Of course, wicked women will combine this spell with an orgasm block, leaving him mercilessly teased until she decides to cease the spell or grant him release. There are many variations of this "perpetual tease" spell, but this is the most common version, and the name used to refer to such.

Tug-of-War – A simple, but devastating contest of power. One (or more) women will seal an orgasm block on a man and hold it in place as best she can, while another woman (or more), attempt to stimulate him with magic so much that he busts through the block and manages to cum. Depending on the difference in power level, the man could spend hours writhing so hard against the edge of orgasm, that he actually ends up held at the moment of climax, his semen creeping up his cock one millimeter by agonizing millimeter. Or, the woman holding his block might be so strong, that even a dozen women stimulating him at once can't bring him over.

If he's lucky, of course, the stronger woman will be the one trying to make him cum. If he's really lucky, she'll be powerful enough to bust his block quickly. But usually, such is not the case, and while he may eventually obtain release, it will often be a long, torturous crawl to achieve it, as the women laugh and cheer each others' efforts.

Scissor Storm – Less a prank, and more just a side effect that some Sex Mage's take advantage of. Whenever two (or more) Sex Mage women sex with each other, their energies may mix, amplify one another, and radiate as a powerful, far reaching wave that intensely arouses any man in range. If the women don’t make an effort to contain this effect, they can send whole neighborhoods around them into intense Hard Attacks. Sometimes, if the women are strong enough, they can affect entire towns or small cities! And since Sex Mages can fuck almost indefinitely, this can last hours or possibly days!

The men caught in the wave are helpless to resist the unbearable tension. If they're lucky, female friends might try to shield them from the signals. If they're unlucky, other women might decide to take advantage of their plight. Still, as much as the men may suffer, the women can't deny the absolutely amazing euphoria generated by the desperation energy generated by an entire town of men at once!

Tease Bombing – A popular prank among college girls in the first few years of Sex Magic. This was a deliberate heavy broadcasting of arousal signals in a public space, or area of campus. Sometimes this was just a several girls broadcasting at will, but more vicious ones had small groups of girls engaging in lesbian orgies to create powerful Scissor Storm cascades. These got men so riled up, that other women sensing them couldn't help but be overwhelmed with the pleasure produced by the energies of men's need, and they might join in, worsening the situation!

This got so bad on some campuses, that the effected schools, vainly, attempted to ban lesbian sex on campus, and "bombings" in general, but of course, very little could be done to stop them. This was blamed as just one reason for the early mass-drop-outs of males, and some girls, from college and resignation of college professors. Tease Bombings still happen from time to time, but now are more likely to occur off campus, in general public and neighborhoods.

Tease Cheer – A Tease Bombing initially started by two cheerleading squads to spice up a football game. This led to an out of control mass-orgy in the stadium that went on for hours. Now, Tease Cheers still happen as part of pre-game stunts, but are much more controlled and regulated.

CP/BP - CP/BP, CP-n-BP, or just "C.B." is short for Cum Points & Block Points. Rather than be a specific type of game, this is more of a point-score system that Sex Mages will use while playing various games with their subs. The idea is that if the subs succeed at certain challenges, they will earn "Cum Points." If the mistresses succeed at a challenge, or the subs lose a challenge, the masters will win "Block Points." Usually the mistresses will earn more Block Points for a success than the subs will earn Cum Points for a success, such as 1 Cum Point per challenge, but 5 Block Points per challenge.

The end result is that if there are more Cum Points than Block Points, then the Cum Points are divided by the Block Points, rounded down to a minimum of 1, and that is the number of orgasms a sub can "cash in" any time they want. However, by contrast, if there are more Block Points than Cum Points, then the totals are multiplied, and the result is the number of days the subs must wait until they can cum again. Obviously, the challenges are heavily skewed to letting the mistresses win by a large amount of points, but it’s not impossible for a sub to pull through on occasion.

Rainbow Lock – Originally starting as a party trick, then later a discipline practice for men passed around between several Mages. A set of women will each inflict an orgasm block on a single man, each one creating a different colored ring on his penis, using magic to shift the skin color. A man must do a good deed or favor for each woman, so that she will decide to remove her color ring and block. The man is only allowed to cum once all the colors are removed. In some cases, this is only done once, but other times, the rings return after his climax and the women replaced all their blocks to keep him in service to them.

Symphonic Stroke – Women sense men’s erections by means of a sort of psychic humming in their mind’s ear. When stimulating a man physically or with spells, the more artistically minded Sex Mage may sometimes interpret the reactions she senses from him as a sort of song. With some practice, she can replicate the “song” she senses in her mind to cast a sort of pre-set sequence of spell effects, which she can call up as a single spell once she has it memorized.

A few women have translated some of these sequences into actual songs, which can be downloaded off the internet by others. A woman listening to one of these songs can, with practice, synch up the rhythm and beat of the song to her magic to replicate the spell set to project onto a man. While not very common, there is a niche market for women so musically inclined.

Pop Him – A game whereby a woman places a weak orgasm block on a man and teases or fucks him relentlessly. With a lot of effort, a man can theoretically bust the orgasm block, but there's an equal or greater chance the sexual pressure will reach a point where he blacks out from sensation overload instead. As the saying goes, "Which will pop first: your cock or your brain?" If a man busts his block, then he gets the joy of release. If he blacks out first, he'll be denied his next orgasm for an even longer period, often a day or a week for every hour he struggled before his mind "popped." In some Queendoms, this game became a popular trend as the only way some women allow their men a chance at relief.

Tease Walk – A trick in which the Sex Mage sets a Tease Spell on the man that triggers every time he takes a step or even just moves any of his limbs. Every step he takes or every time he reaches for something, he will feel a phantom stroke or suck. This of course encourages him to stay still, but this spell is often paired with leaving him in a location, then telling him he has to make it to another location within a certain time limit. Every step or crawl or movement of his arms stimulates him, rapidly bringing him to an edging, leading to more increasingly frequent stops as his progress is stalled by breath-taking strokes and shuddering edges. Naturally, if he doesn't manage to make it to the destination (such as making him walk from work to home), he will be punished. If he can power through, though, he'll be rewarded, usually with an orgasm.

Strip-n-Tease Poker – A game of poker, or other such gambling game, where the man already starts out naked, and the woman fully clothed. As in strip poker, every hand the woman loses equals the lose of an article of clothing, and she can be as nitpicky as she likes, i.e. each separate piece of jewelry can count. For the man, however, every hand he loses means he gets a Tease Spell applied to him. He can also opt to remove a Tease Spell instead of having the woman remove a piece of clothing. The game ends when the woman is fully nude, or when the man is so distracted/overwhelmed with the teasing he gives up or can't even play the game. Winning usually means the man gets to have an orgasm and/or fuck the losing woman any way he likes. Losing usually means his orgasm will be further delayed a number of days equal to how many hands he lost.

Sixes – Typically played with six women and one or more guys, but more or less women can do it as long as there are at least three. The idea is simple enough: each woman casts a single Tease Spell on a guy. The guy has to accurately guess which woman is using which spell. To make this more challenging, he cannot guess the same woman or spell twice (so he can't just guess "blowjob" with every woman until he succeeds). The typical Sixes Sensations are: Hands, Mouth, Feet, Boobs, Feathers, Vibrator. Ass and Pussy can be swapped out, as can other tactile sensations.

Every time the guy screws up the guess, he has to give the woman he picked an orgasm and she edges him as many times as it took him to pick her (first girls edges him once, second twice, third thrice, etc). If the guy ever guesses right, the woman he picked has to use that sensation to make him cum.

60-Minute Countdown Challenge – A woman casts a Tease Spell on a man's cock with a special timer. The spell, which can be a Phantom Blowjob, Handjob, or Pussy, Pleasure Pulses, etc., will stimulate a man until he edges. Then, the spell will pause for 60 minutes, then edge him again. Then it will wait 59 minutes, and edge him again. Then 58 minutes, edge, 57 minutes, edge, 56, edge, etc, all the way down to a 1 minute pause, and he is finally allowed to cum.

The Challenge comes in where the woman can make up to three rules that, if the man breaks them, the countdown resets, and he has to start from 60 all over again. Given that the challenge can take several days to complete even without mistakes, the man's chances of screwing up and resetting increase drastically, especially towards the end of the countdown. Some men have been stuck resetting the cycle for weeks before they finally manage to end it, or the woman who cast it has to stop the tease for him.

The woman can make any rule as long as its not completely impossible, but of course, most rules tend to be extremely difficult. For example, rules like, "You aren't allowed to see a naked woman while the challenge is happening, You aren't allowed to let anything but air touch your cock the entire time, You aren't allowed to think about any woman but your wife while you edge", etc. And of course, just because the Challenge is happening doesn't mean the man is safe from other tease spells.

Hell Week Tease – Inspired by the 60-Minute Countdown Challenge, this isn't a challenge, just a sort of prank or hazing or discipline game some women put their men through. On some colleges or in some small towns, this may be part of an official "party week" like Spring Break. Hell Week Tease is a seven day tease spell that stimulates a man to orgasm in set time increments that get smaller each passing day.

The first day, a man is teased with spells, every hour on the hour. The tease spell only stops when he edges, and resumes immediately on the next hour. If he manages not to edge in that time, the stimulation just keeps going from one hour to the next. The second day, he is teased every forty-five minutes. The third day is every thirty minutes, the fourth every fifteen minutes, the fifth every ten minutes, the sixth every five minutes, and the seventh is every minute. There are no extra rules, and there is no guarantee of an orgasm at the end.

DnTease – A long-term tease game using Polyhedral Dice as used in Table Top Roleplaying Games like Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). The man rolls one or more of each of the die types at the beginning of the week. The Sex Mage will determine the results of each of the rolls; she can make them whatever she wants, but the following has been settled upon as the standard:

Roll an Orgasm Die (d100) to see how many orgasms the man must give his mistress during the week before he is allowed an orgasm. If he comes up short of that number, the amount he missed is added to the next week.

Roll a Spell Stack Die (d20) to determine how many d10's he must roll.

Roll two Hour Dice (d12) for how many hours a day the Sex Mage will tease him with her magic.

Roll a number of Tease Spell Dice (d10) equal to the result of the d20 roll. The number on each d10 determines which Tease Spell sensation he'll recieve:

  1. blowjob
  2. handjob
  3. footjob
  4. beast fuck
  5. feathers
  6. vagina fuck
  7. vibrations
  8. licking
  9. ass fuck
  10. ball slaps

Each of the spells is then stacked together as per the d20 result, meaning a man can have anywhere from 1 to 20 sensations hitting him at once.

Roll a Day Die (d8) to see how many days a week he'll be teased. If he gets a result of 8, then the extra day is added onto the following week's result. This can continue accumulating.

Roll an Intensity Die (d6) for each Tease Spell, to see how intense the sensations are. 1 will be a faint tickle, while 6 will be intense enough that each individual spell will edge a man in seconds, with the rest of the numbers scaling appropriately. This is done for every separate spell.

Roll a Warp Die (d4) to determine the use of the Time Warp Spell to skew the man's perspective of the passage of time, to lengthen the apparent amount of time he is trapped in the sensations. This die is considered optional, used mostly by more hardcore players, as this can lead to dangerous levels of overstimulation. The standard skew simply multiples the time by the number:

  1. No change
  2. Twice as long (1 second feels like 2 seconds)
  3. Thrice as long
  4. Four times as long

A secondary "killer scale" is also known, but its not confirmed that anyone uses it regularly.
  1. One second feels like ten seconds
  2. One second feels like one minute
  3. One second feels like an hour
  4. One second feels like a day
Some may also implement flipping a Risk Coin (d2), where if the man is really terrified by his result, he can flip a coin to see if he can re-roll. If he gets heads, he can re-roll his results. If he gets tails, then he not only has to accept the rolls, he has to repeat those results the next week.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Floating Tease

Maggie smirked as she watched her husband gently suckle her toes. For several minutes now, she’d used her magic to float him in the air, limbs pulled back into a hog-tied pose, settling his face against her feet as she stretched her legs out on the ottoman. Tom shivered and trembled as he sucked and licked her toes; as she floated him, she likewise caused the sensations of dozens of phantom feathers and tongues to stimulate his cock and balls, which throbbed with incredible tension. To his humiliation, she likewise made a phantom finger spell to wriggle inside his rectum, stimulating his prostate.

She’d been teasing Tom this way for only a few minutes, and he was already steadily dripping precum like a leaky faucet as his cock clenched and jerked fiercely in a vain attempt to cum. But then, she hadn’t let him orgasm in nearly eight weeks, so it was understandable. But she would still chastise him for it.

“Ugh, you’re making such a mess,” she said in a lightly scolding tone. “Can’t you exercise even a little self control?” Tom’s only response was a loud whimper as she twisted the phantom finger in his ass a bit more intensely.

“Well, anyway,” she said, feigning bored tolerance, “now that I have your undivided attention, I wanted to discuss a few things with you. You’re in trouble, mister.” Tom whimpered again. “Oh, don’t even try to appeal to my sense of pity. You used that up while we were still just dating. By now, you should know the rules. And the rules say… what? What do they say?”

Tom could only give another high-pitched whimper, but his thoughts came through clearly to Maggie. She nodded. “That’s right, Tom. They say that you are not allowed to masturbate. But what were you doing when I got home?” Another pitiable moan. “Playing with my stockings that’s right. Quite a clever little set-up, stringing them up on a clothes line, then using a fan to blow them back and forth, then sitting under them so they would lightly drag across your cockhead.”

She held them up for Tom to see, and shook her head. “Getting your pre-cum all over them. So messy.” She tsked as she magically made Tom feel the sensations she was describing, adding them to the onslaught, causing his whole body to quake with need. “Honestly, I’ll never stop being amazed at you men’s ingenuity. Even when you have magic spells restricting you from touching yourselves or humping surfaces, you still find ways to get yourselves into trouble.”

She took out her cell phone and checked it. “Well,” she said, “I’ve got errands to run, and then I’m meeting Judy for lunch.” She pulled her legs away and Tom’s mouth worked for a few moments more, before letting out a pained moan of need. He had to do something to try and distract himself from the teasing torment, even if only a little. Without that, he was going to go mad!

Maggie stood up and slid off her panties, freshly moist from teasing her husband. She slipped the panties over his face, making sure the damp spot was right on his nose. Tom groaned and shuddered, his cock surging at the scent. As she did, she added a second phantom finger to his rectum, and a couple phantom hands to rhythmically squeeze his cock, coaxing him fiercely to the edge of a climax she would not allow him to have. Tom mewed and shook pitifully, tears of desperation running down his face and soaking the panties further.

“Now, now,” she said, petting his hair soothingly. “I’ll only be gone for a few hours, then I’ll let you go. Plenty of time to think about what you did.” She leaned close and whispered hotly into his ear. “Plenty of time to devise new ways of getting into trouble, I’m sure. You’re such a slut for punishment, aren’t you dear?” Tom mewed, but already, she could sense his mind racing, trying to think of some way, any way, he could defeat her spells and relieve himself. She’d promised him he could cum if he could find someway of masturbating to completion, after all. The stockings just hadn’t been enough stimulation to let him shoot before he was caught.

Maggie smiled and pat his head. “There you go, naughty boy,” she said. “Keep dreaming.” She reached over and gave his cock a sharp flick, and all the sensations intensified. She let out a soft chuckle, then straightened her skirt, slipped on her high heels, and went out the front door, leaving Tom helplessly teased and afloat.

Common Terms

Sex Magic – The mysterious sex-based power which has given all adult women on Earth psychic and magical powers over men’s bodies and minds. Only women ever obtain this power, and no man has ever been able to resist it.

Lust Energy – The ethereal energies which men generate, which women then absorb to power their Sex Magic spells. The energy can only sensed and used by human women; no man or technology has been able to sense it.

Sex Mage – A woman who has gained the power of Sex Magic. Since all women eventually gain the power, Sex Mage is effectively synonymous with “adult woman.”

Archmage – A Sex Mage who demonstrates stronger than average abilities, and may even be able to perform extra abilities that most women do not have. Usually Archmages are born into their power, but in theory, a normal Sex Mage may be able to train themselves to become an Archmage over a long period of time, if they have attention from a large number of males who readily supply her with an excess of energy. Most celebrities and porn stars, for example, seem to invariably become Archmages.

Megami – A Sex Mage with far greater powers than normal Sex Mages or even Archmages. They can easily use special abilities most women can’t do. All Megami are thought have been empowered by the Cascade Event.

Glitches – A slightly derogatory, yet generally accepted term for Sex Mages whose powers have some faulty aspect.

Queen – A Megami-class Sex Mage who rules over a Queendom, often receiving worship from her followers.

Queendom – A national ruled by a Megami Queen. Queendoms are absolute dictatorships where the Queen’s ideology determines the cultural values of the nation.

Tease Zones – Areas bathed in Sex Magic which automatically arouse and tease men who step into them.

Queendom Barriers – Tease Zones formed as high, thick, but invisible walls around the outermost borders of Queendoms. These trap foreign men trying to enter the country illegally, as well as apply psychic warnings to women doing the same. In some cases, the Barriers also trap citizens in.

Gitch Commune – Depending on the nature and severity of their Glitch condition, some women chose to live in isolation, either completely by themselves, or in small, all-female communities, where distance from men can at least mitigate most issues.

Free Roamer Lands – The large stretches of wilderness and ruined civilization that exist outside the borders of the Queendoms. These areas are given to anarchy, and consist of "Free Roamers", nomadic groups or self-sustaining villages and towns that follow their own codes, but have no means of enforcing rule of law beyond their small settlements.

Free Zone – Found in a couple Queendoms, these are protected areas where men are allowed to live free of Sex Magic interference. Men living here have to “rough it” with little to no running water or electricity, but on the other hand, women who enter this area and use their Sex Magic are harshly punished.

The Cascade Event – A global phenomenon wherein the entire population of the world was knocked into a coma due to a contagious storm of Sex Magic spell effects. Men were mentally submerged into sexual dreams so intense that all women around them would sense it and be overwhelmed by the intense Lust Energy radiating from them, forcing them to create an equally intense Lust Aura that sent other men into a similar dream state, spreading like a psychic contagion. This event created the Megami, who managed to stop and reverse the effects of the Cascade, but not before billions of lives were lost.

The Cults –  In the context of recent history, "the Cults" were small organizations that took advantage of lost and desperate people unable to deal with the changes Sex Magic was making to society. Like many previous cults throughout history, the leaders of these organizations were largely con-artists or lunatics seeking to use easily manipulated people for their own personal gain. Many also claimed to be attempting to unlock other forms of Magic, though this never actually happened.

Several Cults were known to take their newfound philosophies to dangerous extremes, being responsible for ritualistic murders, kidnappings, and political sabotage. At least one Cult was known to engage in domestic terrorism in the name of their goddess. Presently, while some suspect a few Cult communities may still exist out in the Free Roamer lands, most Cults that were not already dismantled by the authorities are assumed to have perished during the Cascade Event.

The Surge – The phenomenon in which the first generation born after Sex Magic arrived on Earth displays stronger powers on average than the generation that came before. All women are closer to Archmage levels of power, Glitches are almost unheard of, and all men produce an increased level of Lust Energy.

Radiants – Men who, for whatever reason, produce copious amounts of sexual energy compared to other men, even from just a little bit of teasing. One Radiant can produce as much as ten to twenty times as much energy as a regular man for less effort. Radiants tend to be highly prized, and often horded, by powerful Sex Mages, often forced to work for the government or as a direct servant to a Megami.

Samaritans – Women who consider it a duty to aid men who are suffering from Sex Magic torment. Most commonly, these women will remove orgasm and masturbation blocks on men, might occasionally give a long suffering man a good hard orgasm in relative privacy, or other similar generous gestures. Samaritans are derogatorily referred to as “White Knights” by some women who are angry at such interference, both as an implication of someone who thoughtlessly lends aid, as well as a reference to semen.

Punishers – Women, almost always Archmages, whose job is to punish female criminals, particularly for egregious acts like murdering men or controlling men to commit other crimes.

Lover’s Honor – A phrase with a two-fold meaning, depending on the context. In some circles, this is considered a very serious pledge of trust between a woman and her partners. However, in other circles, it has been adopted as a facetious phrase, using it sarcastically or teasingly.

Chivalry – Chivalry has taken a new form since the emergence of Sex Magic. It now usually refers to a code of honor among women to treat men fairly and protect them from abuse.

Test Boy – A (usually young) man who is often a Sex Mage's first man she plays with, just to test her powers on. If the boy isn’t already attached to a woman, he may find himself the town test dummy for burgeoning Sex Mages, often not allowed to cum or even given sex despite how much teasing he has to endure. In such situations, “Test Boy” can have the same connotations as “virgin loser.”

Ex-Toy – A somewhat mocking term some women have for their ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands, whom they still tease and torment with Magic, usually out of spite.

Pussy Shock – The point where a man is so wired up and tormented by sex, he goes into a sort of trauma-induced shock state. A man this messed up by Sex Magic can be sent into this state merely by seeing a glimpse of a bare breast or vagina. It's worth noting that Sex Magic will normally prevent this sort of trauma, but not always.

Hard Attack – This is when a man is suddenly made extremely aroused by an overwhelming bombardment of Magic, such as with an intense Arousal Aura, or a concentrated Hard On spell. 

The Bench – The Bench is a sort of modern "stocks" form of punishment, usually found in smaller villages and towns, sometimes also found in gated communities in the suburbs. The Bench is usually an actual bench, but may be just a platform or wall placed in a common, high-traffic area of the town, such as the business district, a popular park, or the town square. Men found guilty of crimes are made to sit on the bench, or stand against the wall, fully nude, and are frozen in place, kept that way for several days. Any woman who wishes can do anything they want to the man, in terms of sexually teasing him. Naturally, any man on the bench cannot be made to orgasm, otherwise, pretty much anything at all is permitted, short of actually injuring him.

The men are helpless as literally hundreds of women send them small psychic teases on whim, and some women (often the victim of the crime) will show up to mock and tease and play with him for hours. Young Sex Mages may even be encouraged to use them as Test Boys for practicing their powers. Often at night, the lights are doused around the men, and some women use this opportunity to have sex with them anonymously in the darkness.

Sentences on the Bench will almost never last more than a week, given that even the most stalwart of men will easily go insane with such constant treatment. Although the Bench is reserved for actual crimes, such as theft or violence, it isn't unheard of that sometimes a women with influence may arrange a few days on the Bench for a guy who has simply pissed her off. Every town with a Bench has a few anecdotes of ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends getting Benched by a jilted ex-lover.

Furs/Anthros – With the realization that the Magic could alter the human form, thousands of people were suddenly able to indulge in fetishes not physically possible before. Foremost among these are people who have changed themselves to have animal features, like cat ears and a tail, or bunny ears, or bird-like wings. Most stick only with minor additions, but some will actually undergo full metamorphosis into half-human/half-animals. These people came to be called “anthros” or “furs.” Even despite much greater acceptance of a variety of fetishes, there is still a lot of stigma against people who actually undergo such transformations and try to make them into a full life style. As such, most Anthros have isolated themselves into Anthro-specific Queendoms or towns where their lifestyle is the norm.

Lust Energy Dynamo – An energy collection device invented to mitigate some of the energy crisis caused by the collapse of the global economy. Contrary to the original concept of the device, the LED does not actually directly convert Lust Energy into tangible energy. Instead, LED technicians use Sex Magic to tease men and absorb their energy, then increase their own body heat and bio-electric fields and channel that energy into the LEDs, to be converted into electricity.

CoO – Pronounced “koo”, but sometimes mispronounced as “Q”. An acronym standing for “Chance of Orgasm”. This expression is used in some circles by women to rate men on a scale of 1 to 10. Instead of judging beauty or whether or not she would sleep with him, this is a matter of likelihood she would allow the man to cum, 10 being she would let him cum immediately, 1 being let him cum no more than once a year. Alternatively, some guys rate their chances for relief with a woman on this scale, since getting laid or magically teased is pretty much a given, being allowed an orgasm is the truly difficult part. Also alternatively, this is used by a third party observer to rate how cock teasing the woman in a couple is. (Example: “What’s his CoO?” or “Careful, she’s like a 3 on the CoO!”)

ZQ – “Zero CoO.” A man who has absolutely zero chance of cumming, or who just never gets to cum. First dates with a Sex Mage are essentially a guaranteed "ZQ" for any man.

Pop Day – Some Queendoms or specific towns have come to the conclusion that the men deserve at least one guaranteed day within a certain time period to achieve relief, otherwise, they eventually get despondent from endless teasing with potentially no breaks in sight. Thus, the Pop Day was made as a country or town-wide holiday that happens two, three, or four days out of the year, often in accordance with a pre-existing holiday. For example, Christmas is a common Pop Day for many western Queendoms, while some set them to the solstices and equinoxes. Some places may set a man's birthday as a guaranteed Pop Day as well.

For some the Pop Day is a day of total sexual freedom, where a man's normal restrictive conditions are released, and he's free to masturbate, cum, and initiate sex as much as he wants. For others, the Pop Day is dreadful, as the guys in town may be guaranteed to cum before midnight, but all the women put them through a twenty-four hour cocktease hell to make sure he "earns" his release. Either way, it is heavily discouraged that any man be prevented from cumming at least once on that day, or the women who prevent it may themselves face punishments or social backlash. The only exception may be guys who are being Benched, but usually the Bench is cleared on Pop Days.

Lesbian Amplification Effect – The effect by which one or more women having lesbian sex amplifies the power of their spells and generates an immensely strong Arousal Aura.

Spell Levels – An unofficial ranking of the power of a spell, as measured by scientists at Pandora. This is based more on the intensity of effect a spell my have on a man, which may vary a bit from person to person, rather than a specific measure of "energy", which still cannot be accurately measured to this day. This also can be equated to the euphoric effect Lust Energy has on women.

FapReport – FapReport is a popular social media site, with an emphasis on sexually embarrassing boys and men. Especially popular in the early days of Sex Magic, when both genders were still getting used to its presence, it faded into obscurity after the Cascade. Women will create profiles of males they know, and post reports on their masturbation habits, what types of sexual fantasies they have, who they are lusting after, pictures of them in compromising situations, stories about their sexual exploits, and other such things.

In this way, thousands of women who don’t even know or would never meet the man in question, can have fun laughing at his sexual humiliation. In some cases, it even allows a woman to use her magic to find and connect to a man she’s never met, and tease him without him ever knowing who she is.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this site is that any woman can edit any profile, and information is always posted anonymously. Ergo, it is usually impossible for a man to know which woman or women are posting his information, unless she outright admits it.

Open Season – “Open Season” is a FapReport gimmick in which a woman announces on a man’s profile that during a certain date, she is declaring “Open Season” on a man’s penis. This is an all-purpose invitation to any woman who wishes to use their powers to tease the man during that time period. Anywhere from dozens to hundreds of women might take some time out of their day to tease the man with their magic.

Typically, these last for twenty-four to seventy-two hours, and are announced by a man’s girlfriend, wife, or mistress. Certain conditions to the Open Season may also be laid out, such as “send only blowjob sensations” or “wait till he’s asleep, then let’s manipulate his dreams.” A common, and often assumed, condition is that the man is not allowed to cum until the end of the session.

Pussy Power – An educational wiki and blog website, where women share various magic techniques they’ve learned and various scenarios and roleplays they’ve cooked up to use them. The site is often credited with being the first of its kind, starting as a small blog ring in the earliest days of Sex Magic’s appearance, and eventually growing into the giant website it is today. Thanks to this and similar sites, many women know a full range of tricks and spells they might never have thought of before.

MageTube – The most popular porn video site featuring exclusively Sex Magic related porn. While not the only site for such subject matter out there, it is the household name for any site of that nature. Almost universally femdom focused, but does occasionally feature maledom, and non-domination sex, while still using the magic to spice things up.

Confessions – A type of pornographic video that had popularity in the early days of MageTube, and is often linked to FapReport. Confessions is a video wherein a naked man, either on his knees or magically bound to a chair or wall, are teased relentlessly by a woman or women off camera, who ask him very revealing and often sexually humiliating questions. The woman is usually never seen in the video, using her magic on the man from off camera, but occasionally a woman or women will get on camera to physically play with the man as well.

The women keep the man teased and at the edge of orgasm in order to coax answers from him, even as he tries to resist and stay silent. He will usually be allowed to cum if he’s been particularly forthcoming, but if he’s been stubborn, he will be fiercely edged several times, then not given relief.

Despite appearances, many modern Confessions videos are actually consensual, and considered part of sexual roleplay.

Ex-Grinder – A website where women discuss, advise, and plot revenge against their ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands, as well as advice for disciplinary practices in current relationships.

Samaritan Central – A website run by anonymous women, supposedly a series of Archmages, who receive pleas for help in the form of e-mails or private messages from men who are desperate for relief. They will, based on information given in the messages, seek out the tortured men, and use their powers to override restrictions they may be under, and give them free orgasms. Mostly an altruistic counter to things like FapReport and Ex-Grinder, the women who run the site are thought to also benefit from the burst of energy orgasm gives, though no one is certain how they make use of the extra power when it is so brief.

AnonyMan – The Anonyman forums are an anonymous message board, in the tradition of 4chan, 8chan, etc. It was started in 2011, as a place for guys struggling to deal with Sex Magic to talk openly about any number of topics relating to it, with a minimal risk of being traced or doxxed. As a completely anonymous board, this lowered the chance of a woman recognizing an individual man, and even if Sex Mages knew a man was posting on the forum, no individual male would know the identities of any other males, and thus could not be made to out his fellow posters. It’s pretty much common sense on the board to never give too many details of your given situation, and if you fuck up and out yourself, that’s your own damn fault. In light of this, it’s become something of a board-wide in joke to always talk about anecdotes that happened to a friend or a relative.

Anonyman also differentiates itself from other similar boards in that it is strictly text only. This is because of the infamous Image Trap Event. In the beginning, the site was also an image board, and some men would post pictures of women to attempt to dox them or post revenge nudes. However, some men on the board ended up masturbating to the images, which of course quickly got them caught by those very women. Immediately, the women targeted by this harassment moved to have the site shut down. The attempt failed, but brought wide-spread awareness to the site, and more importantly to the power that such images had. Very shortly after, the board was spammed with thousands upon thousands of nude selfies, as women tried to tempt guys to masturbate to them, and thus be able to catch them using the site. The site was quickly shut down, and then returned with a text-only format to prevent such disasters. Even now, the website automatically scrambles any attempt to link to other websites just to be safe, and any tricks that do get through the scrambler, well, it’s your own damn fault if you fall for it.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Brutal Healing

I’ll give her this much, she was still the sexiest woman I had ever fucked. The kind of woman that somehow combined sexy and cute in the same package. I had met her at a bar on a warm summer night, and my first instinct upon seeing her was that she was way out of my league. But after a couple shots of “liquid confidence”, I had decided to try my luck.
“Hey, babe,” I said, sauntering up to her. “I hear the beach is nice this time of year. Care to catch a moonlight stroll?” Crap, could I have sounded more gay? I thought to myself.
She looked over at me, her blue eyes wide and somehow mixing innocence and mischief all at once. The color stood out all the more thanks to her dark hair, which hung straight to her shoulder.  At first I thought she wasn’t going to say anything and just turn away, but then she asked the barkeep to put the drink she’d ordered on her tab, then downed it in one swig. I sighed to myself, thinking I had just scared her out of the bar. But when I turned to leave, I felt her hand slip into the nook of my arm. “Okay,” she said, her voice sweet as honey, and her face slightly flushed from chugging her beverage. “Shall we go?”
Grinning like a fool, I led her outside to my car. “So,” I said. “You really interested in the beach, or did you have somewhere else in mind?”
“Oh, no,” she said. “The beach is perfect. I have a beach house I use for the summer, so we can use that. It’s a bit far down the road, but it’s nice and private.”
My grin must have widened, because I saw her smile broadly at my expression. “Ah,” I said, “So are you a summer resident?”
“Oh, no, I’m local,” she said. “But I usually live in the inner city, thanks to work. During the warmer seasons, I use the beach house on my days off, when I can get them.”
“What do you do?”
“I’m a biomancer.”
My eyebrows went up at that. “Really?” I said. “That must keep you busy indeed.”
“Fourteen hour days, four days a week,” she said, with a sarcastically chipper voice. “Well, it helps when you’ve got magic to keep you fresh and energized the whole time, but once that three day weekend hits, I want to just crash most of the time. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten out. So what do you do?”
“Oh, I’m a lawyer,” I said. Then, a bit sheepishly, I admitted, “Mainly just traffic court. Nothing too exciting, really.”
“Hey,” she said with a smile. “Nothing wrong with that. Maybe after this is done, you can help me with my speeding ticket.” She winked and we laughed a bit. We continued to chat as I drove us to her place. It was indeed out there, about a ten minute drive past the city limits. She had me pull off onto a gravel road which went through a line of trees. Finally, we got to a small paved parking area, and just behind that was the beach house.

Pet Teacher

The clock ticked by slowly as Rachel sat in her English class, bored out of her mind. She considered it her easiest class; writing had always been her strong suit. Unfortunately, this led to an overconfidence which made her unprepared for her tests, which she didn’t bother to study for. She could bullshit her way through the essays easy enough, but it was clear to Dan Hadder, her young teacher, that she was only getting by on a minimum of effort.
When class was over, Dan called Rachel to stay behind. The freshman girl sighed, annoyed at the request, but not really surprised by it. She supposed she couldn’t just slack off forever; this was college after all, but honestly, how could she be expected to pay attention when she’d learned most of this stuff in High School already?
Dan sighed a little as Rachel gave him an annoyed look.  He couldn't keep cutting her breaks, however. If he didn’t learn to be firm with his students, his teaching career would be a joke. “Rachel,” he said, calmly, keeping his eyes on her face.  “Your performance in your school work has been lacking. I can see that you are very bright, and can easily grasp the material, but you don’t put in any more than a minimum effort. Just because you are bright doesn't give you the right to slack off. I've given you the benefit of the doubt thus far, but I can’t keep giving you a pass if you aren’t going to at least try.” Dan waited to see her reaction, hoping she wouldn't be as dismissive of his words as she was of her work.
Rachel watched him with a bored expression, her grey eyes glancing over him. He was certainly a cute one, which was really the only reason she even paid him even half her attention. When he paused, she pursed her lips together as she carefully eyed him over. “I don’t see what the problem is,” she said. “I do the work. Why isn’t that enough?”
“Because just doing the bare minimum isn’t going to get you ahead in life,” said Dan.
Rachel shrugged. “Why does it always have to be about getting ahead? Life’s not a rat race. Or at least, it shouldn’t have to be.”

The Pixie's Reward

Duncan had been driving home from the factory in the wee hours of the morning when he encountered a pixie. It smacked against his windshield with a rather loud “THWAP!” as he idled at a stop light. The pixie groaned as her form splayed almost comically across the glass. Duncan frowned and observed the small creature with that perfect deadpan look only those tired to the bones, yet not in a position to fall asleep, can master. He put the car in park long enough to step out and scoop the small thing up, before depositing it on the passenger seat. He then drove the rest of the way home, ignoring the impulse to question his sanity. Such lines of inquisition could wait for a better time, one when he wasn’t having to use most of his willpower to keep his eyes open and on the road.
As he drove home, though, he stole a couple glances at the thing he had rescued. It was the very image of a classical pixie: a fully grown, beautiful woman only six inches tall, wearing a simple green dress, with two sets of translucent, iridescent wings sprouting from her back. Her long red hair came down to nearly her ankles, and her slim, fit figure had a nice set of curves.
She did not awaken as Duncan pulled into the driveway of his small, one-story home. He cupped her gently with one hand as he went inside. Grabbing a clean hand towel, he set up a small “mattress” on the kitchen counter, and lay her down atop it. Then he plopped down on the couch, and turned on the TV. As the sights and sounds of late night programming lulled him to sleep, he wondered if his little hallucination would still be there in the morning.
He was assured of this when, eight solid hours later, he awoke to a tapping on his cheek. With a snort, he blinked awake and nearly leaped out of his skin as he saw the diminutive creature hovering right above his face. Still half asleep, he swatted at it, thinking it was some kind of large bug. She easily dodged his hand, floating up to the ceiling.
“Hey!” she called down, in a voice surprisingly normal sounding for one so tiny. “Careful!”

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Girls Talk

Becky, Marceline, and June were in Marcy’s room studying, when Marcy suddenly looked up, head tilted as if trying to listen to something she could just barely hear. She “listened” for a few moments more, then let out a sigh that was somehow half-annoyed, yet half-amused. Becky looked up at her, cocking an eyebrow. “What’s up, Mars?”

“I think… I think Todd’s jacking it to thoughts of me,” she said.

The two other girls’ eyes widened. “No way, Todd Berman?” said Becky. “Oooh, that stud? I’m totally jelly!” Becky sat up and stretched. “All I get is Bobby and Tim, those dweebs. I guess because I got glasses they think I’m nerd-cute or something.”

June frowned. “Hmph. Nobody ever jacks it to me.” She looked herself over. “I guess cause I’m so fat.”

Becky sighed and gave her friend a poke in the arm. “You are not fat, you’ve got a healthy amount of meat on your bones.”

“And you two look like beanpoles,” said June. “And that’s what the boys like!”

“Speak for yourself,” said Becky. She cupped her breasts, which barely fit the small bra she wore. “At least you’ve got tits! You could smother a guy in those babies! I don’t even have a good handful.”

June scowled. “I guess Little Miss Mars is the perfect one, then!” June glanced a little enviously at their friend.

Marceline “Mars” Dean, was rather stunning with her bright red hair and trim figure, which still maintained a wonderfully developed bust. Mars shrugged. “Look, I work out and take care of myself, guys, don’t blame me if you don’t bother to do the same!”

“Bullshit,” said Becky. “I’ve seen you pack down sweets and soda like a six year old in a candy store.”

“It’s probably the boys,” said June wistfully. “When you absorb the sex energy from them, it charges your body, makes you more fit and healthy. You probably got dozens of guys masturbating for you, Mars.”

Mars smiled a little bashfully. “Nah, not that many…”