Saturday, December 26, 2015

Riding with Girls

Doreen Stevenson smiled and waved as she pulled up in front of the Johnson’s house. She was giving her daughter Jenny, and Jenny’s friends, a ride to the beach, and this was their last stop. Jenny sat up front, Lindsey and Tessa sat in the two bucket seats of the van’s second row, leaving the back row for the Johnson siblings.

Cathy and Blake Johnson were already standing in the yard, Cathy wearing a bikini top and short shorts, Blake wearing only gym shorts and a tee-shirt. He looked a little embarrassed as he realized the van was full of Cathy’s friends.

“Hey, I thought this was an all-girl hang out,” said Jenny, frowning at Blake, who shifted nervously under her gaze.

Cathy shrugged apologetically, then looked past Jenny to Doreen. “Really sorry, Ms. Stevenson, but my mother was supposed to drop Blake off at the library. She had an emergency and had to jet. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind giving him a ride? It should be on the way.”

Doreen Stevenson looked at Blake. “Of course, honey. If he doesn’t mind being trapped with a bunch of cute girls for a while.” She gave him a wink and a grin.

Blake blushed. “No, it’s fine. Thank you, Ms. Stevenson.”

The older woman chuckled. “Aw, so polite! It’s no problem at all. And please, call me Doreen.”

Jenny rolled her eyes. “Ugh, Mom, have some standards, will you?”

Doreen rolled her eyes right back. “And here I thought mothers were supposed to be the prudish ones.”

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Subway Ride

After a long day at work, Peggy was not in the mood to deal with rude assholes on the subway. One would think a few years of Sex Magic would make any man wary of being disrespectful of a woman, but not every guy was as appreciative of the power a Sex Mage could wield.

Case in point, the subway car was packed with businesswomen and men heading home from work and those not working coming home from errands. Every seat was taken, and every bar already had enough people around it.

Only one bar remained relatively clear. Or at least it would have, if the douchebag leaning on it didn’t insist on taking up the whole thing by leaning his whole butt, back, and head along every available spot Peggy could have comfortably reached. The man looked like a real punk, too. Leather jacket, ripped jeans, a buzzcut, lanky but tall, with a thin facial scar indicating he’d once been in a knife fight. He was Latino, and the green bandanna around his head indicated he belonged to one of the gangs still lurking in the alleys. What the hell he was doing in this part of the subway, looking like a tough guy among all the suits and casuals, Peggy couldn’t guess.

On the Quad

Suzy yawned and stretched as she looked up from her text book. She leaned back against the tree she’d be studying under and looked out over the rectangular field around which the college’s main classroom buildings were situated. Dozens of other students were taking advantage of the beautiful day. Sunny, only slightly cloudy, warm, but with a cool breeze. Many were sitting around studying or drawing or just hanging out with their friends. Most everyone was dressed in shorts and tee-shirts, Suzy and her boyfriend included. Some of the girls were stretched out on beach towels, wearing only short shorts and bikini tops, sunbathing. Suzy couldn’t help but smirk.

Suzy glanced at her boyfriend, Jim. The blond boy was reading a comic book instead of studying like he was supposed to. He was also glancing up fairly frequently at the hot college girls lounging around or walking by in their skimpy clothes. Even if she hadn’t been watching him from the corner of her eye while she studied, the mystic power of Sex Magic let her detect every time his libido sparked whenever a particularly cute or sexy girl came into his field of view, briefly drawing his gaze before he forced himself to look back at his comic. He made a few furtive glances back at Suzy, but the brunette sophomore acted like she hadn’t noticed his wandering eyes.

Jim wasn’t the only guy giving appreciative glances, of course. Suzy could sense dozens of little sparks from all the guys on the campus quad as they noticed a set of bouncing tits or the curve of a stretched out leg. Several guys were fighting to keep from getting erect, so as to avoid too brazenly drawing attention to the fact they were looking. Several guys failed, and Suzy was quite amused as she sensed at least one guy on the far end of the quad, hiding behind a set of bushes, trying desperately not to cry out as his hard cock was being teased with a feather-light stroking spell by some other girl with Sex Magic. He didn’t even know who it was, but he didn’t dare try to run, lest he draw even more attention to himself. For now, it amused the women around him to let him panic over his predicament, letting him sweat out if he should leave or not.

Suzy, ever mischievous, decided she’d had enough Calculus for the day, and closed her book, relaxing against the tree. Next to her, Jim sat cross-legged, keeping his head down and focused on his comic.

“Hey,” said Suzy. “I’m bored.”

“Oh, yeah?” said Jim. He gave her a smile that was both suggestive, but also a bit nervous. “I’m bored” was usually the code word for upcoming Sex Magic shenanigans. Suzy had no qualms playing around with Jim, even in public, whether it was suddenly giving him a quick psychic blowjob while he walked down the street or making him as hard as possible while at a restaurant, causing all the women to notice.

“Yeah,” said Suzy, giving him a sly grin. “Take your clothes off.” 

Monday, December 21, 2015

An Instant Messenger Story

AOL Instant Messenger Log
April 9th, 2010
CyberEDD logged on. CyberEDD wants to send a message to RadicalRiley.
CyberEDD: Hey! So, how you enjoying Colorado!
RadicalRiley: Hey there! It’s good so far! Moved in and unpacked already. Roommate seems nice so far. Summer classes start in a couple weeks, so I can get used to campus. Seems like a nice town, if kind of small.
CyberEDD: Cool. Podunk, West Virginia hasn’t changed since you left.
RadicalRiley: Haha! How are your classes going? Final coming up soon, yeah?
CyberEDD: Another month.
RadicalRiley: Ah.
CyberEDD: Still a little jealous you get to go out of state. Always wanted to see Colorado. My Dad grew up there.
RadicalRiley: Eh, I lucked out on getting the scholarship. And yeah, you’ve said. Well, now you’ve got an excuse! You can come visit sometime!
CyberEDD: Haha, just might do that.
CyberEDD: Hey.
RadicalRiley: Hi!
CyberEDD: So, um, this is gunna sound kinda weird, but
RadicalRiley: Uh-huh?
CyberEDD: Have you heard anything about this “Sex Magic” stuff people are talking about?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cherry Spies

Cherry giggled as she watched the pool boy struggle in her mother’s invisible bonds. He was being disciplined again for some probably imagined slight or mistake her mother cooked up. The boy was eighteen, but was tall and rippling with muscle, clearly making an effort to build up his body. Her mother, on the other hand, was a petite woman with a slight figure, elegantly attractive. She wore her red silky gown, while the pool boy was naked, his penis straining towards the sky, throbbing and jerking like mad.

The pool boy was pinned spread eagle against the wall, his eyes kept shut, his whole body shaking, his muscles flexing and clenching as he struggled against the magic bonds that held him in place. Her mother lay back in her seat, legs crossed, giving him a look of bored tolerance. With only her thoughts, she teased the poor pool boy’s cock with pleasures, perhaps a phantom handjob or blowjob or maybe some psychic fucking. Or maybe all three, the way he was struggling.

And of course, even as his hips jerked and his cock bounced, even as he moaned and gasped and whimpered and made an “O” face, he was unable to cum, his balls swollen and dark with unspent semen. Her mother said one of that the simplest, yet most devastatingly effective spell in a Sex Mage’s arsenal was the orgasm block, and Cherry could believe it, seeing how much the pool boy was suffering. Her mother had also sealed the pool boy’s lips to gag him, but even from her hiding spot in her mother’s closet, where she peered through the thin spaces between the slats, she could make out the muffled cries the boy was giving, consisting largely of words like “mercy,” “please,” and “cum.”