Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Penny For Your Thoughts

As John sat on the couch watching the news, Penny came in with the mail and sat next to him, leaning back against the arm rest, and settling her legs on John’s thighs. John used her legs as a drink holder, setting his beer bottle between her knees, and she dutifully shifted her legs a bit closer together to hold it. As she did so, John reached over and rubbed her feet.

“Mmmm,” said Penny, smiling. She blew John a kiss, sending a touch of magic with it. John actually felt the touch her lips on his, and he smiled back.

Penny sifted through the mail, and started shifting through it. Mostly junk and a couple bills. Penny stopped at an envelope she didn’t recognize, however. It appeared to be a vacation offer. Shrugging, she tore open the envelope and glanced over the contents, a pamphlet showing an ocean liner.

John took a drink of his beer as the TV show cut to commercial, and he glanced at the pamphlet. “Ha. I remember when we used to do stuff for vacation.”

“I don’t,” said Penny. The two chuckled. The first vacation together they’d taken had been a cruise ship. Unfortunately, they caught a horrible flu the first day, and spent half the time confined to quarters. When they finally got better, a tropical storm kicked up and the ship had been forced to cut its route short. Still, they’d managed to buy enough souvenirs to impress their friends when they got back.

“Why don’t we ever go places anymore?” said Penny. “You know, besides the lake.”

“You don’t like the lake?”

“I love the lake. But the past five years, that’s the only place we’ve been. It would be nice to go, I dunno, hiking at Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, or go to the Bahamas, or to Ireland like we always said we would. Hell, even just do a roadtrip down the coast, y’know?”

“Yeah, I hear ya.” John pat her leg. “Well. I mean, we could. Not too much really stopping us.” He paused. “Except, you know, America getting chopped up into a bunch of little kingdoms and travel between them now being a tremendous pain the ass.”

“Queendoms,” said Penny. “They’re called Queendoms now.”

Monday, December 16, 2013

Just A Little Scene: Teasing Relaxation

Taneesha let out a relaxed sigh as she lay back on her bed and softly stroked the lips of her pussy. She’d spent a long, hard day at the warehouse and her whole body ached from twelve hours of hauling boxes and loading and unloading crates. Now, it was time to unwind and ease out the stiffness and aches, and there was nothing better for that, than a little Sex Magic. Still single at the moment, this did not stop Taneesha from accessing male energies as she pleasured herself.

Closing her eyes, she cast out her sexual senses, even as she slowly rolled her clit between two fingers, warming herself up. She could sense the cocks of men for miles around, all in various states of stiffness, but she had a few specific ones she liked to play with. Even over the distance of an entire state, she could home in on a helpless penis, tease it, and it would send back the resulting sexual energy to her. Filling her not only with psychic pleasure, but also energizing the healing properties of the Magic, repairing the strained and sore muscles and even maintaining her physical youth. What “lucky” men were going to help her in this task today?

Hmm… let’s see… who to pick? There were about two dozen cocks she had psychically “marked” as hers. She knew she wasn’t the only one to do so in some cases, and she did pity the poor boys (usually single men not yet under the control, and protection, of a wife, girlfriend or mistress), who had multiple women teasing them at random. But pity only went so far. She, a woman, was in need of pleasure and comfort, and that was worth more than any man’s silly need for relief.