Sunday, April 22, 2018

Erotic Adventure Universe Timeline

Timeline of the

This reality is one where magic, aliens, super-science, and extra dimensions exist, but while the people of Earth have long suspected such things, most of human history was ignorant of its truth. The Earth of this universe is very much like our own, save that things are perhaps a bit more “cinematic.” It is a world where spy thrillers and action movies might exist, where technically advanced at a slightly faster rate, and where the human race has long had the potential to unlock psychic powers, though it is not until modern times that such a thing has actually been proven possible.

Elsewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, however, the impact of extra-dimensional incursions have greatly shaped the course of countless civilizations. Primarily, the Material Universe has been preyed upon by two cosmic factors: the Fae Realm and Temael, the Dark God.