Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just A Little Scene: Morning Rub

He woke up frozen in place. He had a moment of panic, before forcing himself to remain calm. His wife did this to him sometimes. He was lying prone on his back, straight as a board, arms at his sides. He could still breathe, but that was the only thing he could do; he couldn’t even open his eyes or form any words. Only one other part of him was still moving, twitching crazily as a soft, gentle fingertip traced lazily back and forth, up and down its diamond hard length. Jesus, she was teasing his cock with her finger again, her feather-light touch electrifying every sensitive nerve on his penis with pleasure.

He could hear her giggle softly as she read his mind, sensing that he was now fully awake. She leaned close, and her warm breath tickled his ear. His muscles twitched as he tried to shy away from the ticklish sensation, but he could not move to escape it. “Good morning, my love,” she said. Her fingertip slipped lower, and for a moment she drummed her fingers lightly on his tightly engorged testicles. She had not allowed him release for nearly two months, and his balls ached sweetly with sensual pressure. She giggled again as she sensed him trying to wince from the drumming on his tender balls. She resumed the maddeningly slow tracing along his shaft. The sensations were getting to him faster than ever, with such a long time of denial. She also seemed to have increased his sensitivity.

“Only by a little,” she said, still reading his thoughts.

Oh, gods, Madeline, please, please, please let me shoot! he thought.

“Now, now, we wouldn’t want you popping off prematurely, would we? After all…” her finger left his cock, and for a moment, he heard a slick, wet sound. Then, he felt her wipe her now wet finger on his upper lip, rubbing the fluid in. The scent of her pussy made him dizzy. She giggled again, “…I’m just getting warmed up.”

Oh, gods, no, she wasn’t going to—AAAAAHH! He shuddered, even despite her spell, as she straddled him, and sat upon his cock. She didn’t let him inside, but instead pressed her slick pussy lips against his shaft. Slowly, she rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit deep against his length. He managed a pitiful moan as contact with her pussy shot lightning bolts of pleasure through his loins, nearly boiling the unspent cum in his balls. She let out a soft sigh of pleasure as she rubbed against him, every throb of his organ sending jolts of pleasure through her core. She bit her lip and dug her nails into his chest as she picked up the pace. Soon, she was grinding her clit rapidly along him, every stroke of her lips driving her into greater pleasure, whilst making him crash hard against the barrier to his release.

Just before she climaxed, however, she lifted off him, now gritting her teeth, and gasping rapidly, as edged herself. She shivered, letting the high of near-climax almost fade, before dropping down and resuming the slow grind against his cock. Another few minutes, and she sped up as she neared climax again, only to stop once more, denying herself even as she denied him. She did it again, then again, and again, each time reaching the edge quicker, and each time forcing him harder against his own barrier. But unlike him, she was not magically prevented from climax, and could not last forever. Finally, after her fifteen edging, she could take no more, and did not stop. She climaxed with a howl, and came so hard, she squirted, drenching the bed, and her husband, in her fluids. She collapsed onto his shuddering form and held him, kissing him deeply, and stroking his hair.

Please, he begged her mentally, please, please, please! Tears of frustration fell from his eyes. His genitals were on fire with sensation overload and the immense sexual pressure. But his pleas were not acknowledged, though she heard them clearly.

She finally stood and stretched, giving a satisfied moan. “God, what a way to start the morning! I really need to do that more often!” He only whimpered in response. She giggled back, then leaned down and gave his penis a quick kiss. “Now, make sure to clean the bed when you can get up again!” With that, she showered and got ready for work, leaving him frozen, soaking in her juices, until she left the house. Only then, did her spell wear off and allow him to move again. The pressure in his genitals made it slow going, but he immediately set up cleaning up. Disobeying her was what led him to be denied for so long in the first place!