Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Argument

“For fuck’s sake, Todd, all I’m asking is that you do a little fucking housework. Why is this such a big deal for you?” Margaret was glaring at her husband, hands on her hips, as he sat on the couch, playing one of his dumb video games, like he’d been doing all week. She had hopped for once to come home from work to find the house at least half-way straightened up, but no, that was apparently too much to ask.

“The place looks fine,” growled Todd.

“Fine, huh?” Margaret picked up one of Todd’s shirts, idly tossed on the floor of their one-bedroom apartment. She tossed it at his head, where it wrapped over his face, blocking his view of the screen. Todd grunted, yanked the shirt off his face, and threw it to the side, pausing the game. He turned at glared at her.

“The place is a mess,” she said, motioning to the empty soda cans on the coffee table, the discarded clothes on the sofa, and the pile of dishes in the sink. “Maybe you don’t mind sitting in filth, but I’d like to not trip over your fucking underwear when I come home from work.” She kicked at the carpet, and winced as she saw a few crumbs from one of their meals fly up. “Christ, when is the last time you even vacuumed? There’s only three rooms worth of carpet in this place, you can’t run the fucking Hoover for ten minutes?”

“I’m shit at housework, I told you,” he said.

“Let me guess, because it’s woman’s work, right?” she said.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Metis Academy - Blake's Roommate

Blake was trembling as the new dorm assignments were being made. Every student in the academy had lived in single bedroom dorms, and now, for the final third of the school year, they were all going to get roommates. Half the guys from the boys’ dorm would be moving into the girl’s rooms, and vice versa. Whilst this meant half the available rooms were no longer occupied, students could potentially use them as extra study or play areas if they so desired.

Blake thought it was a little nuts how they kept changing the dynamics. In the first three months, when none of the girl students had their Sex Magic powers, the boys were supposed to obey every word the girls said, or risk punishment by the staff. In the second three months, that rule had been lifted, but by then, the girls were all getting their Magic, and they didn’t need rules to make the boys obey them. They’d said the point was to get the boys used to obedience and the girls used to the power they had, or would have, over the boys through their lives.

Now the final stage of the plan was being implemented. Every boy was being given to a girl to be their live-in servant. Many of the boys by now were fortunate enough to have hooked up with a specific girl, becoming her boytoy or sex slave. Those assignments were easy. Out of 100 males and 100 females, 67 official couples were recognized, and another 20 were at least a little interested in each other. Assigning those sets together made sense.

Blake and a dozen others, however, were the dregs who got picked last. Boys who managed to not earn any girl’s favor, girls who didn’t find any particular boy appealing (who wasn’t already taken). For these new assignments, they were being matched together by random draw.