Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Metis Academy - Blake's Roommate

Blake was trembling as the new dorm assignments were being made. Every student in the academy had lived in single bedroom dorms, and now, for the final third of the school year, they were all going to get roommates. Half the guys from the boys’ dorm would be moving into the girl’s rooms, and vice versa. Whilst this meant half the available rooms were no longer occupied, students could potentially use them as extra study or play areas if they so desired.

Blake thought it was a little nuts how they kept changing the dynamics. In the first three months, when none of the girl students had their Sex Magic powers, the boys were supposed to obey every word the girls said, or risk punishment by the staff. In the second three months, that rule had been lifted, but by then, the girls were all getting their Magic, and they didn’t need rules to make the boys obey them. They’d said the point was to get the boys used to obedience and the girls used to the power they had, or would have, over the boys through their lives.

Now the final stage of the plan was being implemented. Every boy was being given to a girl to be their live-in servant. Many of the boys by now were fortunate enough to have hooked up with a specific girl, becoming her boytoy or sex slave. Those assignments were easy. Out of 100 males and 100 females, 67 official couples were recognized, and another 20 were at least a little interested in each other. Assigning those sets together made sense.

Blake and a dozen others, however, were the dregs who got picked last. Boys who managed to not earn any girl’s favor, girls who didn’t find any particular boy appealing (who wasn’t already taken). For these new assignments, they were being matched together by random draw.

Blake glanced over the other twenty-five students gathered in the assembly hall. Five sets had already been picked, a name drawn from a hat for the girls, and another hat for the boys. The head mistress, dressed in a smart, sexy business suit, let her hands slowly rustle around in the hats, drawing it out for suspense. Finally, she withdrew her hands, a girl’s name on the right, a boy’s on the left. “Valerie and Jason,” she said.

Jason grinned sheepishly, and waved to Valerie, who rolled her eyes, but smiled slightly. Jason got up and sat next to her.

Blake didn’t have an opinion on most of the girls. He had barely spoken to any of them when he didn’t have to. But there was one in particular he saw at the far end of the seats. A short, petite blond, dressed in tan cargo pants and a green tee-shirt, wearing glasses and playing on her cell phone. She seemed wholly uninterested in the proceedings.

Stephanie. Like most of the boys, Blake had learned very early on to stay the hell away from her. He didn’t really know what her deal was, but she’d made it clear she had no interest in the boys, and she was not afraid to magically enforce this lack of interest.

The first day, the boys were bashfully socializing with the girls after being made to strip naked before them. The girls had coyly feigned shyness, and milled around until the boys found the courage to talk to them. One by one, the boys trickled over to the girls, who were quite enthusiastic to talk once they got started.

Not Stephanie. The girl had been silent and dismissive, turning her nose up and glaring at the few boys who’d approached her. Finally, she’d made her lack of interest clear when one boy came up to talk and she swiftly kneed him hard between the legs and stormed off to her room. The boy crumpled to the ground instantly, briefly blacking out.

The boy (Blake couldn’t remember who it had been) had awoken on the floor half a minute later with half the girls laughing, the other half looking the other way. The worst part was most of the guys were laughing, too.

He wasn’t the only one. By the end of the first month, several cases of badly abused testicles had made Stephanie the terror of the school’s male population. Boys twice her size practically jumped out of her way when she walked by.

When she got her Sex Magic, things got even worse. Boys who so much as looked at her longer than absolutely necessary were sent crashing to the ground from intense hard attacks, their cocks forced into inhumanly intense erections. If they talked to her longer than absolutely necessary, she’d use her magic to make them feel like a huge cock was raping their asshole. Guys who just happened to be around when she was pissed off and wanting to vent would be hit with cock tease spells that would last for days until one of the staff or another female student finally took pity and broke them free.

There was even a week where a few dozen boys suddenly started feeling horrible burning sensations when they peed. At first rumors of a magically resistant STD started going around, but the Nurse confirmed there wasn’t anything of the sort; the pain was from a spell, which the Nurse was able to stop. While it had never been confirmed, everyone suspected Stephanie.

Blake was sweating as the pool of available pairs shrank, and he and Stephanie remained unpicked. Was the Headmistress actually taking longer with each draw, or was it his imagination? Only a few students left now, and all the boys were giving Stephanie nervous glances. Stephanie continued to ignore them.

“Michelle and Peter,” said the Headmistress.

Inwardly, Blake cursed as he watched Peter get up and go to his new mistress/roommate.

“Margerie and Michael.”

Damn it!

“Kat and Ben.”


“Violet and Jim.”


The Headmistress seemed to look right at him as he sweated in his seat, his eyes almost pleading. Was that the slightest hint of a smirk in her otherwise stoic expression? She slowly drew out two more pieces of paper glanced at them, paused just a bit longer then necessary, before she said:

“Samantha and Bobby.”

No! NO! Blake almost started crying as Bobby audibly exhaled in relief. He got up and sat next to Samantha. Bobby hesitantly put his hand over hers, and she flushed crimson, looking at the floor. Even after six months at Metis, the girl was almost stubbornly bashful and nervous about using her powers. Truth be told, most of the guys here would have probably killed to have her as their assigned mistress, just because she seemed the least likely to actually do anything to any of them. And Blake had almost had her. Blake, now by himself in the boys’ section, looked crest fallen.

“Boy,” said the Headmistress, and he jumped. “Do I really need to read the last two names? Or is there a problem?”

Blake shook his head and stood up, walking over to Stephanie. She continued to tap away at her phone, ignoring him. If his penis was not magically forced hard at all times by the Magic, his cock would have probably shrunk right up into his body. Several of the guys, and even a couple girls, gave him sympathetic looks.

“Alright, then,” said the Headmistress. “Girls, your doors have been tagged to indicate if you will be staying in your old room, or moving to your boy’s room. I know some of you may be unhappy with your assignments, but such is the whim of chance. You should take this opportunity to learn to appreciate one another, because there will not be any switching around. Remember, girls, the boy you are with is your servant, but also, your responsibility for the rest of the semester. You should take care of him, as he takes care of you. That means protecting him from the whims of other girls, and asking permission to play with other girls’ boys. You should…”

Blake could barely hear her. He sat like a doomed man with his head lowered, shifted so he was leaning away from Stephanie. She continued to ignore him, until finally, the assembly was over. Then she stood and started walking away, already heading out the door before anyone else was halfway down the aisle. Blake stumbled out of his chair and ran to keep up with her.

He caught her on the steps of the assembly hall, falling into place a bit behind and beside her. She actually bothered to glance at him, and gave a derisive grunt, then walked faster. He struggled to keep up, being both barefoot and with his permanent hard-on waging in front of him. She didn’t say a word as the two walked over to the girls’ dorm. The mind-numbing aura of arousal that usually hung over the dorm had mostly been reigned in by now as the girls got their powers and energies under control. Unlike even just a month ago, a boy was able to step into the building without blacking out from so many arousing signals bombarding him at once. Of course, it helped that the female population had been reduced by half. Perhaps having half the boys here also helped, more cocks to divide the errant signals. Blake wasn’t sure if the power actually worked that way, but he’d take what he could get.

He quickly stayed behind Stephanie as she bee-lined it to her room. As soon as she saw her door, she let out a long, loud sigh of annoyance. “Fuck,” she muttered.

“Wh-what’s wrong?” Blake dared to ask. He saw the yellow post-note on the door, with an X over it. Blake glanced around, and saw all the doors marked with yellow notes, alternating X’s and O’s.

Stephanie glared at him. “We have to move to your room.” X meant “get the fuck out” apparently.

“Okay, well, um, so, when do you want to start moving?” he said.

“Now,” she grumbled. She pushed her door open, revealing a room that looked like a bomb had gone off. Clothes everywhere, books haphazardly stacked in random spots. The bed wasn’t made; the small desk, and the chair next to it, were a mess of papers. It also smelled faintly, and from the dust on the windowsill and desk corners, no attempt had apparently been made to clean the place since she had moved in. There was even an open bag of chips next to the overflowing trashcan, crumbs spilled onto the small rug.

“Jesus,” said Blake. He’d never actually been in the girls’ dorm before, but he couldn’t imagine the other girls’ rooms looked half this bad. The boys certainly weren’t allowed to have rooms this messy. Blake sighed internally. She was going to make him his personal maid and butler, wasn’t she? She’d probably spill soda on the floor just to make him lick it up.

“That’s gross,” she said, casually reading his mind. Blake jumped and looked at her. “I’m not into that human toilet/human trashcan shit, so don’t even think about that shit when we’re together.”

“I-I’m not either, I just—”

“Shut the fuck up,” she said. She grabbed her laundry basket and started shoving clothes from the floor into it. Blake just stood there for a moment, then started gathering her clothes. She whirled and slapped his hands, forcing him to drop them. “Did I fucking say to touch my shit? Hands off!” Blake opened his mouth, but she cut him off before he could draw in a breath to speak, “Sit the fuck down!” she pointed to a corner of the room, where the floor was actually bare, both of her belongings and even the floor’s large rug. He sat on the cool, hard tile and watched her.

Six months at Metis had taught every boy here that even trying to defy the orders of a girl was an immediate torture sentence. Even the nicest, most caring girls would reward defiance with unbearable teasing. Some of the guys who were actually in good with their mistresses would deliberately defy them in small ways, just so the girls would play with them that way. Such girls took this in stride, enjoying it as a sort of clever way of initiating foreplay. Other girls deviously talked confusing circles around their boys, deliberately tripping them up and setting them up to fail or rebel, having as much fun throwing their boys for a loop as teasing them for it afterwards.

Blake might have pushed back a little if it was one of those girls. Stephanie, however, he didn’t dare. Except he knew, he just knew, that if she did all the work of the move, he was going to be punished anyway. The boys were always punished for everything, but most of the girls at least made a little game of it.

Stephanie spent the better part of three hours packing her stuff into boxes and baskets, and Blake just sat there, watching. He shifted uncomfortably, wishing she would finish soon; his butt going numb on the hard tile. But when he tried to stand, Stephanie snapped at him. Angrily, she jammed the last of her things into more boxes, put her laptop in her backpack, and turned to him. “Get up,” she said.

Blake jumped to his feet, relieved he could stretch out some. However, as he took a step, Stephanie flicked a finger at him. Blake felt her magic seize his body, and he stood stock still, arms at his sides, but slightly away, the hands spread out. His feet were shoulder width apart. He couldn’t move, save to blink, breathe, and twitch his cock. A full body binding spell. Stephanie held out her hand, vertically, then made a quarter turn, her hand now horizontal. Blake’s body tipped over and fell to the floor face down, his body still frozen. He closed his eyes, anticipating a hard landing, but his fall was stopped before his nose could hit the ground. He felt his body levitate up, and he opened his eyes to see he was hovering two feet off the ground.

Stephanie floated his body over to him, then started stacking her boxes and bags onto his body, using him like a cart. Blake had to admit, this was actually a bit clever. He just wish she’d informed him this was going to be the case. But he guessed this was going to be how things would go. She was going to just do things to him without warning.

“You’re mine now, apparently,” Stephanie said. “I don’t need your input to do what I want to you.”

“But—” Blake began, but as if to prove her point, she felt her magic seize his mouth and clamp his jaw and lips shut.

Stephanie headed out the door, floating Blake and her things behind her. Blake could only stare at the ground, watching the concrete or grass pass below him. He couldn’t really see where they were going, and only caught glimpses of her heels at the top of his vision. He heard chuckles and “why didn’t I think of that?” from some of the other girls, most of whom were just having their guys move things the old fashioned way.

As they came to the dorm, Blake, whose body had stayed relatively the same height off the ground as they’d gone up and down the slopes, felt his body turned and floated at and angle to go up the steps, his right side facing them. The angle was low enough that the end of his cock bounced off the edge of each step as they went, causing Blake to wince each time. Was that the snickering of other girls he could hear passing him by, or was that Stephanie herself?

They entered Blake’s room. Unlike the girls’ rooms, their doors weren’t allowed to be locked. Blake supposed that was going to change now. Stephanie, of course, would be the only one who got a key. There’d been talk of not even letting the boys have doors at one point, but some of the girls who stayed over (even though they weren’t supposed to back then), preferred the illusion of privacy for their own sake. Plus, with the reassignments planned, it was just easier to leave them on.

Blake’s room, like the rest of the boys’ rooms, was sparse. They had been allowed almost no possessions when they came by. Since the boys were kept naked, there was no need to bring any clothes; the clothes they’d worn when they first arrived had been sent back with their folks. Computers had been provided by the school, and while the girls could bring their own laptops and tablets, the boys had been allowed only the school computers, admin-locked to keep them from messing with the programs. School supplies were similarly provided for. They’d been allowed only whatever personal belongings they could fit in their backpacks, the closest thing to “clothing” they were allowed to wear. In most cases, this just amounted to entertainment: books, comics, video game stuff, etc.

Blake hadn’t bothered to bring anything but his e-book reader and his Nintendo DS. He hadn’t had as much opportunity to use either as he’d thought. Stephanie saw these items charging on his desk, pulled the chargers out of the socket, and stuck the devices into the desk drawer, before setting her laptop on the desk instead. She looked over to Blake, and frowned, then waved her hand at him.

Blake was lowered to the floor; he had to flex his cock up so it wouldn’t get smashed at a weird angel as his body settled against the rug. Then the freeze spell wore off, and the boxes and bags of Stephanie’s things tumbled down around him, their weight fully pressing down on him. She grabbed a box and started unpacking as he pulled himself out from under the heavy pile, huffing from the effort. He hadn’t realized how much weight had been on him while he was under the freeze spell.

Stephanie was picking through her clothes to find what was clean and what wasn’t, muttering about doing laundry. Blake stood there, shifting nervously. He decided to gamble. “Stephanie?” he said meekly. “Mis—ah!”

Stephanie hadn’t even bothered to look at him or make a gesture to cast her spell. It wasn’t even a spell, so much as just a concentrated radiation of her magic, commands of arousal beaming straight from her pussy to his cock. Blake gasped and fell to his knees, mewing pitifully, his hands shaking as he fought the spells that kept him from clutching himself. His penis was already beyond maximum tension, hard as physically possible, the shaft red with bulging veins, the head fully swollen and dark purple. A “hard attack” as it was now often called. The physical pain was dwarfed by the sheer tension of carnal need; he wanted, no needed, to have his cock touched, as if his very life depended on it! But Stephanie wasn’t going to touch him, not even with magic, and the anti-masturbation spells all the boys had been given prevented Blake from even humping the floor. All he could do was curl up on the ground, clutch at his thighs, and whimper.

Stephanie muttered, “What part of sit down and shut up don’t you get?” she said. She deigned to glance back at him, watching him shudder and gasp and squirm. She let more of the sexual energy flow from her pussy, and Blake shrieked like a girl as the pressure in his loins somehow got even stronger. His balls felt like they were in a vice, his cock felt like it was going to rip clean in half from the tension. His genitals began to literally vibrate, quivering inhumanly. The nerves on his skin tingled unbearably, like a horrible itch one was unable to scratch,

Stephanie proceeded to ignore him until his squeals were too loud, and she once again flicked a finger at him, clamping his mouth shut and silencing him. She continued to unpack her things, while Blake shook and gasped and cried. Then she paused and turned to him. “You know what? Since you are my slave now, you should be doing this.” She sat down on the chair and looked to Blake. He could only give her a pained look.

Stephanie lessened the tension in his cock just enough that he could get to his feet with an effort. “Unpack my things and sort them how I say, and I’ll let it stop.”

Blake hastily stumbled around, putting away her clothes in the closet, setting up her computer at his desk (and putting his in the corner), putting her books on the little bookcase built into the room’s wall. He’d never had a chance to fill it himself. Every few seconds, Stephanie spiked the tension in his loins if he didn’t put something away exactly as she wanted, or sometimes, just to be a bitch. Gritting his teeth and trying not to get tears on her things, it took him nearly an hour to do what should have maybe taken twenty minutes.

Finally, he was finished and he looked to Stephanie pleadingly. Her silencing spell prevented him from begging verbally, but he was doing so with his thoughts, pleading with her for mercy. Stephanie gave him a look of bored tolerance, and then spiked the pressure up again, even fiercer than before, and held it there. Even through the silencing spell, Blake managed a muffled scream. He fell back onto the ground and writhed. In his mind he cursed and babbled and asked her why.

“I told you hands off my shit, remember?” she said. “That didn’t change. Touch anything of mine again, and I’ll crush your balls.” Blake’s mind fumed over the contradicting rules and commands. The girls loved making the boys break the rules, just to punish them for it later. For most it was a fun prank, but Stephanie didn’t even bother trying to be clever about it.

Then she turned to her computer and brought up the web browser, ignoring the poor boy. Even as her magic tormented him in ways no human being should have been able to feel, she considered his whimpers and the tension hum of his cock a mere pleasant background noise.

“Jesus, Steph you’re gunna kill him!” came a voice. Stephanie glanced up to see Moira, the pale, freckled girl with red frizzy hair. Stephanie didn’t have friends at school, but Moira was at least someone who bothered talking to her.

“He’s fine,” Stephanie said, waving at him dismissively.

“Well, the whole dorm can sense it,” said Moira. She frowned pitiably at Blake, who was so agonized, he hadn’t even noticed she was there, his eyes squeezed shut, his body shuddering. “Jeez, you’re not gunna leave him like this all the time, are you?”

“You blue balled Jacob so hard, the entire school could feel it across campus,” said Stephanie. “You’re going to lecture me on proper boy care?”

“That was a group project with Jane and Mary, I’ll remind you,” said Moira, crossing her arms and frowning at Stephanie.

Stephanie shrugged, still facing her computer. “Whatever.”

Moira rolled her eyes. “And we at least used pleasure spells. I know you hate boys, but come on. Go easy on the poor thing.”

“Don’t waste your sympathy on him. He’s a little bitch loser.”

“You gotta let him breathe sometime, at least.”

“Actually, I don’t. The magic’s not going to let him suffocate or pass out or have a heart attack or anything. He’s fine.”

Moira sighed. “Well, I guess.”

Stephanie snorted. “Do you want him? I don’t even want a roommate, and I liked my old room. Not only am I forced to move, and have a roommate, of all the guys to get, I get him? It’s a fuckin’ drag.”

“Alright, jeez,” said Moira. “It’s not his fault, though. You don’t have to be so mean.”

“You’re right,” said Stephanie. “I don’t.” So saying, she spiked the sensation in his dick even higher. Despite the silencing spell and his sealed lips, Blake shrieked so loud that Moira winced.

“Steph, come on.” Moira started to raise her hand, a spell building on her fingertips.

“Don’t you dare,” said Stephanie. “I’m not giving you permission. You know the rules.”

Moira frowned, but lowered her hand. “Whatever,” she said, turning and walking away.

Stephanie turned back to her computer, surfing the web, even as she idly worked the knife of psychic tension back and forth through the nerves of Blake’s cock, until finally, even the magic couldn’t keep him conscious. Although even unconscious, she could still tease him and bask in his energy, she was already bored with the show. She canceled the spell, and let him stay in a boneless heap on the floor. By the time he woke up, she was already out of the room, off to do her laundry.

Blake groaned awake, wincing as he remembered the overload that had knocked him out. The phantom sensations left no injury on him, but he still felt compelled to check. Even though he felt no pain now, he wished he could clutch himself, if only to reassure himself further that his genitals were sill intact. He’d have to settle for the visual. He got to his feet, breathing heavily. That had been worse than anything he’d felt before. Not even when the girls had pranked the whole boy’s dorm with a dozen psychic blowjobs each, every night for a week. At least that had felt good, no matter how many aching edges he’d felt.

What the fuck was wrong with this bitch? Why the hell was she even at this school?

As he came out of the room, coming into the long hall of the doorway, he saw several of the other students milling about, chatting. He could see a few of the couples in the main lounge. As they noticed him, they got quiet. A couple girls looked away, almost ashamed, while others gave him a small smile of sympathy. The guys who weren’t currently enthralled in spells gave him sympathetic looks. But no one said anything. No one was going to. He hurried off to the school’s library, not talking to anyone as he crossed the field to reach it. Once inside, he found a corner deep in the stacks where he could sulk. He picked up a book and idly stared at it, without really reading it.

He jumped again when a shadow fell over him, and he felt a finger tap him on the back. He turned and saw Miss Feri, the history teacher, smiling down on him. She was something of a sight, even here at Metis. Short enough she barely reached most of the boys’ chests, she was nonetheless fit and looked almost like a teenager herself, despite being middle aged. She also sported a huge mane of brunette hair tied into a large, fluffy ponytail. She also liked to wear a white lab coat, even over her casual clothes, for some reason.

“You’re looking glum,” she said.

“My roommate is a psycho,” Blake said.

“Ah. Stephanie? Yeah.” She nodded sagely. “Gotta admit, sucks to be you.”

Blake blanched. “I don’t suppose you have any advice?”

“On that bitch?” she said. “Nope. If it was any other girl here, I would advise you to get down on your knees, kiss her feet, and ask how you could serve her. Stephanie would probably kick your nuts clear into your stomach just for touching her.”

Blake paled and gulped. “How has she not been kicked out?”

Feri frowned. “You know how most of you got paid to come here?” Blake nodded. “Her parents paid us to take her.”

Blake’s eyes widened. “Jesus, really? What for? To avoid a prison sentence or something?”

Feri chuckled. “No, nothing like that. I shouldn’t say why. Frankly, it should be obvious, but you boys can be pretty dense, especially with such full nuts.” Blake looked to the side. He was more than used to being naked in front of all the women here, but he still felt self-conscious when a woman talked about his body. Feri smirked, eyeing his hard on. “Speaking of, when’s the last time you got to shoot one off?”

“Two months ago,” said Blake. He blushed as he remembered the circumstances. Some of the girls had started up a small lottery for the boys who didn’t have a mistress to regulate their releases. A boy could enter the drawing if he amused the girls in some way, or if the orgasm was itself entertaining to the teasing, giggling young women. He won the drawing, but so had another boy. They’d been floated in the air, and made to—he shuddered at the memory, almost gagging at the thought of the taste.

Feri chewed her lip as she looked through Blake’s memory of the event. “Damn,” she said. “We used to see-saw boys at my old frat. It was so fucking hot. Glad the girls took some of my advice to heart.”

Blake blushed, mortified, but said nothing.

Feri sighed, shaking her head with a bemused smile. She pat his head, saying, “Poor boy” in a faux-sweet voice. She then reached down and lightly pet the head of his penis. “Poor little boy.” As she touched him, a spark of magic sent tingling pleasure through his loins, but the touch of her hand on his penis head was a sharp, sensual sting of pleasure. Blake gasped and clutched at his desk and chair. Feri grinned, and let her fingertips dance on his penis head, coaxing pre-cum and hard clenches from his vulnerable organ. A few more sparks of magic, and his penis was so sensitive to her touch, he was making high pitched whimpers again. But he didn’t dare try to stop her; truth be told, after Stephanie’s painful treatment, Feri’s little touches felt so good. He could feel an orgasm welling up in his loins. Holy crap, was she going to take pity on him?

“You should be quiet,” scolded Feri softly. “This is a library, after all.” Even as she said it, her fingers tickled the ridge of the head, his most sensitive spot, and he let out a small cry he could only half-restrain. His balls clenched, and he felt a powerful climax begin to rise. Another second and—

“Well, good luck with your predicament,” said Miss Feri, suddenly withdrawing her hand. She turned and left, leaving Blake gasping, his cock clenching in the air, just a hair’s breadth from shooting off. Blake sagged as the tension slowly drained from him, the dull ache in his balls reminding him that even if she’d kept going, he’d have likely just hit his orgasm block. God, even the teachers were still heartless and unbearable teases, even after all the female students had proven utterly merciless with their developing powers.

Blake tried to calm down and think about what Feri had said. Stephanie’s family had paid for her to come here? Everyone else’s family had been paid by the government to send their eighteen to nineteen year old children to Metis. Blake had to wonder what sort of payment they’d made to send their daughter. Maybe they were influential? Helped get the facility built?

Blake sighed. What did it actually matter? She was horrible, and he had been thrown at her like a sheep into a pack of wolves. What was he going to do?

When Stephanie returned from doing laundry, Blake was there. When he saw he, he dropped to his hands and knees, forehead to the floor. Hesitantly, he said, “Miss Stephanie, I know you’re not happy with the situation. Please, please, please just tell me what to do so we can work this out.”

Stephanie scoffed, and flicked a finger at him. His upper body was yanked upwards, as if several hands were pulling him by the arms and shoulders. He stayed kneeling, his hands reaching back to grasp at his ankles, and locking in place. His legs spread wide at the knees, his head thrown back, and a phantom push on his butt forced him to thrust his cock into the air.

This is how you kneel before a Sex Mage, dipshit,” she said. “Your penis and testicles are to be presented fully to her. Understood?”

“Y-y-yes,” said Blake, trembling.

“Good,” she said. She made a flicking motion at him, and Blake yelped as he felt a hard slap sensation to his testicles. She kept making the motion, and the phantom slaps continued, growing sharper and more painful.

“Ah! Ah! Stop! AH! Please! AAAAHHH!!!”

“Why? I thought you wanted to work this out,” she said.

“Yes! Please! Just tell me what I need to do!”

Stephanie scoffed again. “You don’t seem to get it, dumb-ass. I know your dick slime makes you retarded when you can’t release it, but try to follow along for a minute. Can you do that?” Another flick, another hard phantom slap. Blake would have doubled over if her magic wasn’t holding him in place. Tears streamed down his face as he grit his teeth and nodded, whimpering something resembling a yes.

“Then listen close. There’s nothing you can do. Nothing you can say. I don’t like you, or any of the boys. I don’t want any of you. Just being around all of you makes me sick. I don’t want a sex slave, a boy toy, not even a servant. I want my own room to myself. But this retarded ass school with its retarded ass rules and its retarded ass Headmistress isn’t going to let me do that. So you get to be the unlucky fuck who gets to be my chew toy, because being my personal punching bag is all any of you are good for.” She made another flick at him, punctuating the motion with, “I fucking hate this fucking school!”

This time, the phantom slap was so hard, Blake’s vision went white, and his whole body went numb for a few seconds. He should have passed out; if that had been a real slap, he was certain she’d had done actual damage to his testicles. Then, the gut-wrenching nausea kicked in, and agony spiked through his body. He would have blacked out, had Stephanie’s magic not forced him to stay conscious. In truth, the pain was such that her magic should have immediately shut off; nothing about this was remotely arousing. Only his months-long state of denial and frequent teasing, and the general forced state of arousal just being at Metis caused was allowing her the window to abuse him like this.

When he could think straight again and form words without his breath cutting short, he choked out the word “Mercy!”

Stephanie rolled her eyes, reared back her arm, and physically punched him right in the balls. This time, she finally allowed him to pass out.


Blake slowly became aware again hours later. The sheer pain had faded, and he realized he was feeling pleasure again. He also realized he was floating. His eyes opened, and then widened in surprise. Stephanie was lying asleep in what used to be his bed. She had floated Blake up so that he hovered over her body, his face gazing at her crotch, his own crotch hovering over her face. She had once again locked his body into a rigid, tall stance, and sealed his mouth shut so he couldn’t complain to her throughout the night.

Instead of ball-slaps, instead Blake felt the sensations of a set of phantom hands and at least three mouths stroking and sucking and licking him. His cock was already clenching in a failed attempt to orgasm, causing him to shiver and gasp in his frozen state. His balls ached anew as his cum roiled inside him, unable to escape. But at least it was a “good” pain. God, he never thought he’d say that about blue balls, but the sweet ache of need felt almost heavenly compared to the brutal punishment he’d felt earlier.

Pre-cum dripped from the tip of his cock, but another trick of magic caused it to “fall” towards his own face, coating him from stomach to chin in his own drippings. As Blake hung helplessly in mid-air, edging over and over, he wondered why she was using pleasure at all. Perhaps because a man in frustrated pleasure gave off much more lust energy for a woman to bask in than straight pain; unless maybe the man was a genuine masochist, of course. She was soaking in his need right now, letting it soothe and lull her in sleep, refreshing her.

Girls said that basking in a man’s heightened arousal was strange combination of pleasure and refreshment, some ethereal state between sex, meditation, a narcotic high without any drawbacks, and a full nights rest. Girl’s could quickly and easily become addicted to the feeling, though they said they never experienced anything like withdrawal. Just pure, healthy, uncut happiness shot straight into their brains. Was this the only time Stephanie was going to let Blake feel pleasure? Using him to calm herself down and lull him into sleep?

Blake could only sluggishly string his thoughts together. He needed to cum so badly, the unrelenting stimulation to his genitals never getting tedious; just when he thought he was almost getting used to the phantom touches, they would switch to a new rhythm or pattern, and he’d be thrown for a loop again. Sixth months at Metis, and he still wasn’t used to the brain melting sexual high the girls’ magic could induce. Blake supposed no man could ever get used to it, not really.

Only the knowledge that it was Stephanie below him, causing his pleasure, and the memory of the pain she’d inflicted, sobered him up just enough to attempt some degree of rational thought. She said she hated Metis? Then why would she come here? Her parents had paid the school to take her. Was Stephanie a prisoner here or something? Was this a sentence she had to serve, the way some people got to plead insanity and go to an asylum instead of prison? That didn’t make any sense, why would they send her to Metis?

They’d been told the school was some kind of social experiment. Was Stephanie secretly part of the experiment, some kind of… of… Blake let out a loud whimper as he felt the phantom hands and mouths quicken their pace, almost as if the spells didn’t want him thinking. Blake blinked and grit his teeth, and tried to push past it. Was Stephanie some kind of experiment? Put a hardcore misandrist into the community, and see what she does? No, no, why would her parents still pay to send her here? Why would… AH! The hands and mouths quickened again, and the pleasure felt more intense, as though his genitals had become more sensitive. Was Stephanie doing this in her sleep? Was the spell designed this way? Was… Blake couldn’t remember his train of thought anymore, as the agonizing pleasure overwhelmed him.

Stephanie, meanwhile, slept soundly all night, softly smiling as she soaked in the energy of his frustration. To make things worse, Blake could hear the sounds of female moans and shrieks of pleasure through the walls, as most of the other couples had hours of actual sex. A few male shouts even indicated that some of the lucky guys were being allowed powerful orgasms to celebrate the occasion. Blake, meanwhile, just floated and suffered.

The following morning, Blake was in that heady space of semi-consciousness, body twitching, soft moans escaping his lips instead of snores. Sex Magic rejuvenated the body almost better than actual sleep, but a boy teased all night long never quite got to experience that bliss of unconsciousness. However, he was shocked from his current torment as a new, but aching familiar sensation began. The feathers! The Headmistress’s signature “alarm clock” spell for all the boys, tickling their genitals with phantom feathers to coax them awake and out of bed. If Blake didn’t get out into the hall for the morning “inspection”, he was going to be punished! He started whining in a high pitch, still unable to talk.

Stephanie moaned awake, sensing Blake’s new state of panic. She yawned, then blinked several times as she became aware of the situation. She saw Blake hovering above her, radiating his frustrated lust down at her. It felt so good, she didn’t want to get out of bed. But it was a school day, unfortunately. She slid out from under Blake’s hovering form, smirking as she saw him struggling pitifully against her binding spells.

“Huh,” she said, as she noticed the extra stimulation to his genitals. “Still doing the feather trick, huh? That’s hilarious. They really are a bunch of heartless cunts here, huh?” She got dressed, grabbed her backpack, and headed out the door. Blake made a loud groan. Stephanie paused, walked over and around him, then gave his testicles a hard flick, actually touching him this time. Pain burst through his loins, even as he felt a tingling sensation envelop them. Suddenly, the feathers, as well as Stephanie’s own phantom hands and mouths, felt much more intense, each little teasing swipe and rub and lick more than enough to send body-shaking bolts of pleasure through his core. His cock flexed rapidly, this intense sensation wracking his whole body.

Stephanie leaned closer, talking directly in his ear. “I hope she sends you to the Nurse.” Blake made a pitiful moan, and she walked out, leaving him helplessly hanging there. The Headmistress was already doing her routine “roll call” of the boys, most of whom were lined up in the hall, some with their new roommates behind them, others by themselves as their roommates got ready for the day.

The Headmistress gave Stephanie a glance as she walked by, but Stephanie didn’t meet her gaze. As the Headmistress counted the boys, she noticed Blake’s absence. Once she had “inspected” the boys to see if they had behaved for the night, she watched them go, being shooed off by the dorm monitors. She then walked over to Blake’s door. He’d been the only one not to come out, still bound and teased by Stephanie. The Headmistress didn’t bother opening the door, using her sexual senses to observe Blake’s prone, shivering, whimpering form. She let him hang there for a moment, before finally canceling all of the spells, and setting the boy gently on the bed. It took him several minutes to get his body under control and his head clear, enough to get to his feet, grab his backpack, and stumble to his door.

He opened it to find the Headmistress staring down at him, arms crossed, her cool gaze making him shrink back in both fear and respect. “Blake,” she said. “Go get breakfast, then, come to my office.”

Blake went white as a sheet. He opened his mouth, perhaps to protest that he didn’t want to be punished for missing class. But no sound came out. The Headmistress’s orders bypassed any other rules, and he could have kicked himself for even thinking to say anything to contradict them.

“Yes, Miss,” he said softly. He shook in terror the whole long walk there.

The Headmistress’s office was neat and professional, as one would expect, almost painfully so. The papers on her desk looked like a ruler had been used to make the stack perfectly straight. Every pen and pencil in her holder was in its own specific notch, sorted by color from dark to light. Even the books on the shelf appeared to be ordered in such a way that each shelf held books of the exact same dimensions, allowing no deviation in height or depth despite not all being from the same publisher.

The two red padded chairs front of her desk were at a perfect ninety degree angle to each other, forming a disconnected triangle with the desk. The chair on the right held Stephanie. The Headmistress motioned for Blake to take the left seat, before she sat behind the desk, sitting perfectly prim and proper. Dressed in her business suit, her hair done up in a tight bun, her sharp features, all gave the impression they were sitting before a powerful CEO or politician.

“Stephanie,” said the Headmistress, turning to her. “I knew you’d make this difficult, but there is no reason to take out your anger on your boy.”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “He’s not my boy. You threw him to me. His bad luck.”

“We discussed this several times before the room reassignments. You were not to use your new… roommate… as your personal punching bag.”

“Why not? That’s what Sex Magic is all about, right? Using guys however we want. Well, given my situation, I could use a punching bag for stress relief.”

“The other girls use pleasure for stress relief. I know you’re not here by choice, but I genuinely think you’d find it easier to bare if you’d concentrate your efforts on what feels good, instead of hurting people.”

“Hurting boys does feel good.”

“You know what I mean.”

“No, actually, I don’t. I really fucking don’t. What feels good? For the girls, perhaps. The boys? You want me to think you have any actual sympathy for them? Have you seen the way the girls treat the guys here? Even the teachers? Boys go to bed crying like babies just from how bad their little cocks and balls hurt. They go crazy from the girls playing all those retarded head games, punished no matter what they do. And do I even need to mention the Nurse? I’m surprised some of her so-called patients haven’t killed themselves.”

For the briefest moment, the Headmistress’s face betrayed an emotion, but she clamped it back down under her poker face too face to identify it. Stephanie smirked. “The only difference between them and me is I don’t play games. I get right to the point.” She idly flicked a finger at Blake, and he yelped as he felt another hard phantom slap to his testicles, crumpling into his seat like a snail curling into its shell.

The Headmistress’s bearing became even more stern. “That’s enough,” she said, with a tone and finally that would have had Blake quivering in fearful obedience.

Stephanie just rolled her eyes. “Sorry, oh, Mistress. But you can’t just cure crazy, can you?”

The Headmistress allowed a hint of a frown to cross her features. “You’re not crazy. You know it, I know it, and yes, even your parents know it, despite what they may say. Acting like a psychopath is not an effective way to get back at them. And torturing innocent boys like this is going to make things worse for you.”

“Oh, what are you going to do? Expel me? You can’t do that without getting kicked off the project and probably blacklisted from future ones. I can’t leave, or my parents will send me some place worse. You want to rein me in? Good fucking luck. In the meantime, I’m gunna do what all the little whores got paid to do: bust balls.” Stephanie stood and turned towards the door. “Come on, “slave boy,” let’s go. If you carry my books to class, I might not make you feel like you’re getting ass-raped with a rusty cheese grater.”

Blake remained seating, looking back and forth between Stephanie and the Headmistress. He knew pleading for mercy from Stephanie would only tempt her to hurt him even more, but he knew the Headmistress’s reputation for merciless treatment meant he didn’t have an ally there, either. Blake could only guess the Headmistress’s reason for even paying attention to his pitiable condition had more to do with the bad blood between the two women than any pity on his part.

Blake figured he was screwed either way. He may as well take a risk, because how much worse was it going to get otherwise? The best he could do was at least attempt to maintain some minor degree of agency. He spoke, “Permission to speak, um, free of…” he glanced at Stephanie, then the Headmistress, “free of… retaliation?”

The Headmistress nodded once, curtly, at Blake, cast a spell as she did so. He felt the older woman’s power envelope him, shielding him. Now, if Stephanie tried to shut him up with her magic, he’d be protected, at least until they left the room.

Blake turned to Stephanie. “I know you hate me for some reason. Or you hate guys. Or it’s part of whatever, um, issue you have with your parents? No matter what I say, you’re going to be mad and punish me. But I just want to know why.”

Stephanie snorted, crossed her arms, and glared at him. Blake continued. “You’re folks paid for you to be here, unlike everyone else. And you hate us boys so much, I have to wonder why you were chosen at all.” Stephanie scowled. “You’re being punished as well, aren’t you?”

Stephanie stared at him for a minute, as if debating whether to speak or attempt another ball-pulverizing spell. Finally she let out an exasperated sigh. “You know I’m tempted to let you stay in the dark just cuz I know it’ll fuck with your head more. But I’m not gunna do that head game shit the other whores do.”

She cleared her throat. “I’m a lesbian. My parents sent me here because they though it would, quote, “straighten me out.” Pun very much intended.”

“Oh,” said Blake. He blinked. “Oh! Um, well, okay.” He took a breath as he processed this new bit of information. “But… okay, but what does that… I mean, why is that a problem with them?”

“You don’t need to know my family’s story,” she said. “But they’re pretty influential. Rich. They provided a full third of the funding for Metis. That’s why the Headbitchtress there can’t just kick me out, and why I can’t just run off.”

“But, I mean, wouldn’t a lesbian… I mean…”

“It’s a political-economic image situation,” said the Headmistress. “With the shifting power dynamics brought on by Sex Magic, powerful families need to prove they are just as strong with wielding Sex Magic to fulfill their agendas, and maintain their position in the cut throat world of the upper class. A lesbian, particularly a stubborn one with a chip on her shoulder, is something of a chink in a such a family’s armor.”

Blake scratched his head. “But… I mean no disrespect, but… wouldn’t lesbian be, like… I dunno, wouldn’t they have a huge advantage? How is that a problem for you? Them?”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “God, why are boys so fucking stupid? Look, I know it’s difficult for you guys to conceive of a woman who genuinely doesn’t want cock, but a girl being a lesbian means she doesn’t want to sleep with you. She doesn’t have any interest in your cock. She isn’t going to invite you into a threesome with her girlfriend.

“Having Sex Magic means going everyday with every set of cock and balls a mile around blaring in your senses, like a sea of guys constantly thrusting their dicks in your face, all the time. Try to imagine that. You’re not gay, right? The thought of sucking a guy off probably repulses you. Even now that you’ve done it. Hell, especially now that you’ve done it.” Blake shuddered and blushed in humiliation, remembering his, and a few other guys, last orgasm.

“Yeah, see?” said Stephanie. “Imagine your every waking moment, a dozen guys are thrusting their huge, dripping, unwashed dicks at your mouth and your asshole. Even when you sleep, you’re catching dreams off the guys, seeing all their fantasies of desperately thrusting their dicks into any female hole. It’s revolting. Six months of this shit, and I just want to puke more every day.”

“So you can imagine Stephanie is not exactly thrilled to train herself to use Sex Magic for things like corporate espionage,” said the Headmistress. “Combine that with an obvious strong disgust for the backstabbing politics of her family’s life style, and what I also suspect is plain old adolescent rebelliousness taking itself too seriously for its own good, and you’ve got an excellent recipe for black sheep. Do I have it right?” Her tone of voice held a slight tinge of antagonism. Stephanie just glared at her.

“Wow,” said Blake. “Okay. That all explains a lot.”

Stephanie shrugged. “It is what it is. My folks expect me to come out of this a good girl, either being brainwashed into liking cocks, or hoping the experience disciplines me enough to obey them from now on. Fuck that. When I get out of here, I’m going to rip my Dad’s cock off with a claw hammer, and shove it up my mother’s ass.”

Blake swallowed hard. He could easily picture her doing it, too.

The Headmistress allowed herself a slight smirk. “Even if you managed that, Sex Magic could easily repair his genitals, and you will likely be sent to prison.”

“At least I’ll have given them something to think about,” said Stephanie. “And who knows? Maybe I’ll actually find a worthwhile fuck in jail.”

“I’ll mail you a box of soaps you can drop,” muttered Blake.

Stephanie cocked an eyebrow at him, then smirked as well. “Well look at you, growing a pair. Gunna keep ‘em when we leave the room?”

Blake dared to look her in the eye. “You gunna rip ‘em off?”

“I might,” she said. The two locked eyes for a moment, before Blake wavered, and looked to the floor again. But he didn’t shrink back in his seat.

“Let’s go,” he muttered, and got up to leave. He felt the Headmistress’s shield spell slip away from him, leaving him vulnerable to Stephanie once more.

“Stephanie,” said the Headmistress. “You can talk as tough as you want, but there are lines you can’t come back from once crossed. It’s only three more months. For your own sake, if no one else’s, I implore you to just try and keep calm.”

“Don’t act like you care,” she said.

“I don’t,” she said. “But I think you do, at least a little.”

Stephanie turned with a huff and went out the door, Blake following behind her. He anticipated some kind of backlash. With every step, he expected to feel her power unleash punishment on his genitals. His anxiety grew by the moment. By the time they exited the building, he was shivering. Blake followed Stephanie over towards the academic building adjacent to the offices. As they crossed, Stephanie suddenly veered into the wide, grassy, “alleyway” between the two buildings. With a flick of her wrist, she enveloped Blake in her power and yanked him along with her, tossing him onto his ass on the ground.

Blake wasn’t sure if he should get back on his feet or not, but the decision was made for him as he felt her power wash over him like a powerful wave. Once more, she radiated commands of pure arousal straight from her pussy to his cock. Blake yelped and fell back, writhing on the ground as his cock turned beet red with tension, becoming inhumanly hard. He gasped and whimpered, but resigned himself to the pain of magical priapism and horrible, hollow need.

But then, he felt something else. Something sharp and electric, almost as painful as the hard attack, but tinged with a hint of pleasure. Then, the pleasure grew, like a hot knife through every nerve in his cock, from the tip, to the base, spreading through his balls, and moving deep within him, hitting his prostate. He felt unfathomable fingers of pleasure caressing places he hadn’t known he could feel. The pleasure was so intense it tore his breath away, becoming more intense than the pain she’d inflicted on him yesterday.

And then he felt something shift inside him. And then he CAME!

If he could have caught his breath, he’d have screamed, but all he could do was make breathless little mews as his world went white. His other senses seemed to blank out for several seconds, and all he knew was the raw pleasure of orgasm. Semen ripped from his cock so hard, he felt like he could have punched a hole through his pants, if he’d been allowed to wear them. Ropes of spunk shot a dozen feet over his head. And the orgasm kept going, her phantom tendrils digging deep inside his loins, pulling every drop he could give.

Blake felt like it went on forever, but in reality, the climax lasted only half a minute. With his last shot done, she released him from her power, leaving him gasping and twitching on the ground. She let her aura of arousal fade, allowing his cock to return to a mere “normal” erection.

“That’s for showing a little backbone,” she said. “You’re the first guy here to do that. Hope you enjoyed it, because that’s your last, at least till we’re out of here.” She nudged his testicles with the toe of her shoe, and he winced. “I’m still going to use these for my personal punching bag. But maybe I’ll help you toughen ‘em up a little first.”

Blake could only moan in response, barely cognizant. Stephanie sighed and shrugged. “Take a nap today. I’ll tell the teachers to cut you a break from punishments. I think the Headmistress will back me up on it.” She held up a finger. “Don’t get used to it, though, dipshit.” Blake didn’t respond. As the aftershocks of his orgasm faded, and his body cooled down from the extreme tension, total exhaustion washed over him. He fell into a dreamless slumber. Stephanie left him there on the soft, cool grass between the buildings. She was confident none of the other girls would dare disturb him, and the staff would more than likely take him to their room to recover. It wasn’t much of a mercy, but it was as good as she’d ever felt like giving since she got her.

She scowled as she realized she almost pitied the poor boy. She would be sure to punish him severely for it later. Tonight. Or tomorrow. If she felt like it.



  1. This series has gotten more and more depressing I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up writing a story about the final year.

    1. Well, my last couple of stories were pretty sappy, so I had to balance it out somehow. : P

      Metis is not, and never has been, a nice place. The point was to replicate the unbearably cruel teasing of the classic “Home for Wayward Stroker Boys” trope of femdom/gynocracy fiction, with a Sex Magic twist that takes the teasing way over the top in my usual style.

      This probably will be the final story for Metis, honestly. I managed to get one story written for each "stage" of the semesters, as outlined in the Metis Academy notes overview (girls with no powers, girls having powers, and co-habitation). Otherwise, this little “sub-series” has definitely gotten played out.

  2. I really enjoyed this story, and I do not agree with the other commenter, I actually think despite the very harsh nature of events and Stephanie character, there was a lot of room for growth and a sense of slight understanding that can perhaps lead to something. I liked the motivation behind Stephanie and once you understood why she was acting the way she was, you begin to want to see more from her as well as Blake. This part of Metis Academy was definitely my favorite so far.