Monday, April 22, 2013

Just A Little Scene: Horny Neighbor

Here's a little snippet, and as an added bonus, I'll throw in a completely unrelated Captioned Pic!


Lakisha awoke to thoughts of several women taking turns sucking her cock. She groaned and squirmed as the pleasure tickled her rigid womanhood. Then, as she came more awake, the logistics of such a scenario suddenly registered in her more rational mind. She remembered that she was neither a man nor a hermaphrodite and not the slightest bit interested in stick thin white chicks. Lakisha blinked awake and jolted upright, looking around a little dazed. Then she narrowed her eyes as focus came back to her, and she recognized the intense mental humming of a hard penis being frantically stroked. And along with that hum, she could see the fantasies of a horny young man desperately trying to shoot one off before any woman with Sex Magic had time to realize what he was doing.

It was her neighbor, Jake, again. Twenty years old, still single, and living in the apartment right next door, Jake was a quiet guy, friendly enough, but seemed reluctant to get to know his neighbors. This was the fifth time this month she’d been woken up by his morning stroking, and had had to put up with it a couple times when trying to go to bed, as well. The boy seriously needed to get himself a real woman.

Lakisha sighed and made a motion towards the wall which separated her bedroom from her neighbors. Just as the horny man was about to reach climax, her Sex Magic seized some ethereal mechanism in his genitals, and suddenly, he was unable to have an orgasm. She could hear him grunt in frustration as his climax was cruelly cut off. He stroked faster, and his fantasy of his little harem of Ukranian supermodels servicing his cock got more intense. Several seconds later, she could hear him whimper, could hear the added buzzing of blue balls, as his masturbation served only to grind him harder against the edge of release, unable to overcome the magic that held it captive.

Lakisha rolled her eyes and gave an exasperated sigh. It served him right for making her put up with his perverted thoughts, when she was asleep and defenseless against sensing them. She’d gotten used to the humming of hard dicks and the buzzing of full balls, but being this close to a man so focused on his sexual thoughts, it was hard not to pick up on their fantasies, especially when she wasn’t actively blocking them out.

Getting out of bed, she stretched and yawned, letting Jake’s sexual desperation soak into her body straight through the wall, refreshing her and working out the kinks of sleep better than a morning jog or cup of coffee could do. She then showered, taking her time and slowly running her hands over her body as she felt the sexual energy from Jake intensify. Reaching down, she passed her hand over her pussy lips and remembered his fantasy, remembered the sensation of having a desperately hard penis jutting between her legs. It was a little disturbing, the thought, and it made her all more grateful she was a woman, not a man. She knew the poor boy’s had it rough in a Sex Mage world; she herself had only had the magic for three years, and just sensing the increasing tension in the men as the months went by, she was surprised more men weren’t institutionalized.

Speaking of which, the pressure from Jake’s sexual denial was getting even stronger, spiking up to reach that point where a man has been riding the edge constantly for several minutes, and pleasure started becoming pain. She could sense he was impossibly hard now, his balls feeling like they were going burst like overripe melons just to release his pent up seed. She could sense now that she bothered to look, that poor Jake had not cum in at least a week. Maybe some mean girl had already been blue balling him, and the reason he was so intense this morning was it was his only chance to cum for a while?

As Lakisha finished rinsing off her body, she made a flicking motion towards the wall. In the other apartment, Jake’s orgasm block was released, and he gave a tremendous shout, one she could even hear through two walls and over the sound of the shower, as his penis finally began to spurt, thick white shots of semen hosing down his body. He came so hard, several shots hit his face. Lakisha snickered as she sensed this, even as the burst of energy from his climax made her pussy moisten and pepped her up like an energy drink straight to the veins. Another couple seconds to rinse off, and Lakisha stepped out of the shower, keeping a mental eye on her now exhausted neighbor as he spiraled down from his too-intense climax.

As Lakisha dressed, she smirked and gave him one more little punishment, making another motion to his cock and speed dumping lust and adrenalin into his system. Jake yelped as his cock, already aching from the intense session, instantly stiffened back to maximum erection, and he felt the urge to masturbate return. Jake whimpered as, unable to fight his body’s urges, he grasped his now truly aching cock, and stroked it again, frantically jacking off to a second climax. Lakisha put another block on his cock, a timed one this time, that would release itself in no less than half an hour. Jake was ready to shoot again in barely three minutes. Goodness, he had been pent up this morning! Even utterly drenched in his own seed, Lakisha could tell his next climax, when he finally reached it, was going to be twice as hard, and at least as messy!

Unfortunately, she couldn’t stick around to enjoy it; checking the time, she realized she was almost going to be late for work. She sighed. Stupid work, always spoiling her fun. As she went out the door, she made another motion towards Jake, increasing the timer on his block to a full hour. She then scribbled a note, and as she left her apartment, she slipped the note under Jake’s door. If he ever managed to get out of bed today, he’d see that it read, “I warned you. Next time, you’ll be stroking for a week!”