Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Flesh Pit Caverns

The Flesh Pit Caverns is an “optional addition” to the settings of my erotic multiverse. Whether it is actually present on a physical world, or if it’s just another hyper-sexual pocket dimension, the end result is largely the same.

The Flesh Pit Caverns are a massive subterranean territory made not of earth and stone, but seemingly of human flesh and blood. More specifically, much of the cavern system’s texture resembles a vaginal passage: pink, flexible, sometimes ridged or smooth, almost always moist with fluid, though there are some dry spots. Streams and ponds of viscous sexual fluids, which drip or flow from various glands, are the main source of this fluid, and lend the entire cave system its humid, musky atmosphere. The air is always well oxygenated, and thus safe to breathe, but always has the smell of a healthy vaginal musk. There is always a very faint flow of air through the caverns, drifting slowly one way, then the other, as if the cavern system itself is shallowly breathing. Moreover, if a person stands very still, or lays down fully on the ground, they will be able to feel a faint pulse in the flesh beneath them.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Resisting Is Futile - Gender Flipped!

NOTE: This is a near-identical copy of the “Resisting Is Futile” story, just with the genders reversed. Thought it would make for an interesting little thought experiment.


Jecky swallowed nervously as she heard her phone beep in her pocket. She checked it and almost cursed. Devin hadn’t forgotten.
Come upstairs! The party’s started! the text read.
Jecky sighed and quickly typed: That’s okay, I’m not feeling that well.
You liar. I told you, you need to get out more! Devin typed back. Come on up and join the fun!
You know I hate those kinds of parties, she responded.
But I like parties, and I want you here. :(   Jecky was about to type another response, when she felt something stir in her loins. She let out a small gasp as her clit grew stiff. Not just stiff, but throbbing. She could feel her pussy moistening in anticipation. She felt an overwhelming need to touch herself, but she resisted. Her phone beeped again: If you come upstairs, I can take care of that for you.
Jecky cursed softly. She felt another glimmer of magic, and her clit pulsed, her fluids already absorbing into her shorts, the sexual tension increasing. Her heartbeat quickened as her blood rushed to her core, filling her with an aching need.
Jesus, okay! Just stop! Jecky texted back frantically.
It’ll stop when you get here, he replied. You have two minutes. If you aren’t at least on this floor by then, I’ll start licking.
Jecky let out another small gasp and pocketed her phone, heading for the door. She was wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt, but didn’t dare waste time finding a better outfit. She slipped on her sandals and exited her tiny, studio apartment, heading for the stairs.