Saturday, July 14, 2018


For years now, I had wanted to destroy my brother with Sex Magic. I masturbated several times a week to the thought of finally obtaining the power to torture his cock with my mind until he went insane! I really don’t even know why the idea was so powerful in my mind. I didn’t want to fuck my brother, I wasn’t in love with him in that way or anything. As annoying as he could be, for all the little pranks he’d pulled on me when we were kids, it wasn’t even like I really hated him or anything. I just could not get the concept out of my head, and the older I got, the more intense the desire.

Some girls were lucky enough to awaken their Sex Mage powers at eighteen, but as cool as that would be, I wasn’t banking on winning that lottery. So I forced myself to be patient. I was now eighteen and eleven months, I felt myself growing giddy with anticipation. Which is why it was so devastating when this morning Mom sat us both down for a talk that put my plans into jeopardy!