Monday, March 20, 2017

Sex Mage Multiverse

The events of Dellissa’s World: Penetration have had much farther reaching consequences than anyone knew. The impact event that briefly threatened the stability of that world caused fragments of that reality to shoot off across the Fae Realm. Many fragments eventually dissipated into nothing. But some left the boundaries of that formless dimension to affect material worlds in the greater multiverse. Due to the nature of the dimensional shifting and the worlds where these fragments landed, the power altered as it went; while always creating a magical paradigm of female dominant sexual magic, the outcome of the magic could have changed in various ways.

Moreover, given Dellissa’s “proximity” to Earth, most fragments landed on various versions of our world. Thus, Sex Magic has spread across the dimensions, empowering women and bringing men to heel in world after world. Where might it end up next?

Monday, March 13, 2017

SalamandoCast 004 - Q&A #4

Well, I figured why not do another round. If there are other topics you'd like me to cover or if you just want to me to shut up and keep doing story readings, let me know.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sami - Audio

My longest reading yet! Sami has been my favorite of the Demihuman-themed stories I've written, as I like the lead character's short arc, and it remains one of my overall "nicer" stories. Hopefully this will be as entertaining as the all the others!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

SalamandoCast 003 - Q&A #3

And a third round of QnA.

SalamandoCast 002 - Q&A #2

And here's my second response cast. From the lack of questions, I'm of the impression most people aren't particularly interested in these, or maybe I've already answered all the obvious questions in comments throughout the years. Either way, maybe some will find it informative enough.

Monday, March 6, 2017

SalamandoCast 001 - Q&A #1

Answers to my first set of questions. Keep 'em comin'!

Sex Mage World of Civero

Now here’s a concept I’ve struggled to work on for years, but never could really wrap my head around how it would work out. As mentioned in a recent post, trying to combine the Sex Mage concept with Civero comes with a host of logistics issues that makes writing a Civero-based SMW story somewhat problematic. Part of the issue is Sex Magic works best as a concept, in my mind anyway, when there aren’t any other forms of supernatural power to counter it. So, the idea of Sex Magic spreading across a world that already has several other magical power concepts in place certainly lessens the blow.

Moreover, part of Civero’s conceit is that not only do both men and women equally gain powers here, magical individuals are also relatively rare. Naturally, my stories focus on these individuals, and usually on empowered women specifically, but part of the appeal here is that very few people have magic powers, and therefore, the power dynamic of such couples functions differently. More over, while in some ways the man is even more helpless against a mage when she can tease and torment him without anyone knowing what’s really going on, at the same time, the truly evil mages can be stopped by supernatural authorities whose job it is to shut down people like them. This as opposed the Sex Mage World, where everyone has all the same powers, everyone knows what’s going on and lets it happen, and the “novelty” of Sex Magic kind of dulls after a while.

Another part of the struggle was that, just like with Earth, trying to figure out exactly how Sex Magic was going to affect all the different cultures of the world is difficult. With Earth, I admit I ultimately just copped out with having all the countries of the world turned into the Queendoms. With Civero, it was a matter of lacking both a fleshed out world concept, but also just not knowing how the Magic was going to clash with certain elements of the setting. Figuring out how Civero societies deal with Sex Magic does make for an interesting world building exercise, I’ll admit. It’s an unexpected way to find out what each country values. However, as Civero has developed further, I have also came to realize there are things about the world as a whole that don’t match up with Earth.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Metis - Guy Time - Audio

And here's another! I should be getting a better microphone soon, hopefully that'll help the sound quality a little bit.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Audio Recordings

After years of listening to podcasts, I occasionally aspire to do some audio recordings, be they podcasts, commentary, or readings of my stories. (It'd be great to get a sexy woman voice to do story readings, but I'm too cheap and lazy to find and hire a decent voice actress. So fuck it, you get my voice instead.)

I'm really just starting out on these, and my equipment is crap, so bare with me if it's a little on the rough side.

First up, a commentary on my game, Dellissa's World: Penetration:

Second up, a reading of one of my more popular JALS, "The Bench":

Third up, a reading of another JALS, "FapReport Tech Support". Audios a bit crummier on this one, including a rather poor attempt at using modulation to simulate a more feminine voice for half the dialogue, but you might find it worth a laugh.:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lightning Rod

Dana was ticked off again. Fred could tell from the way his cock felt like it was going to shoot right off his body from how hard it was. His penis was so stiff and swollen he could have probably hammered nails with it, every ounce of his blood trying to cram itself into that limited space. As it was, the entire organ was a deep plumb purple, the veins bulging out like little cables. At the same time, he felt a squeezing sensation, like a tube-shaped vice attempting to squeeze his cock in paste. Were it not for the healing power of the Sex Magic, he was pretty sure his cock would be getting mangled with priapism and the crushing force.

The sudden attack hit him right as he was getting his mail, his cock tenting his pajamas lewdly, enough that even his thick robe didn’t help hide it. He dropped his letters and leaned heavily on his mailbox, letting out a loud grunt. He glanced up, noting the occasional glance and perhaps a chuckle from his female neighbors as they were out jogging or leaving for work. All could sense his intense erection, but none were going to bother helping him with it.

Dana was probably on her way to work as well right this moment. Someone had probably cut her off in traffic. Or she realized she was going to be late for work. Or she’d spilled her coffee on herself. Something quick, just a flash of anger, or so Fred prayed. He clutched the mailbox tightly, squeezing his eyes shut, and gritting his teeth as his cock began to quiver with even more tension, painful arousal lancing through his cock. “Come on,” he hissed to the air. “Let up. Please!”

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rescue (Unfinished)

Notes: Another piece that's been lying in my unfinished folder for a couple years. I'm not sure why it's so difficult to end some of these, other than I guess I just don't have enough material for a full story, but at the same time, it's too long to be trimmed into a JALS. Oh, well.

I've always found combining Demihumans with Sex Magic difficult. Probably because a Demihuman by themselves is already fantastic enough, adding Sex Magic is just sort of overkill. Same with Giantesses, which is why I've yet to do a real New Bestia or Amazonia story, despite both Queendoms being prominent sub-settings in my lore articles.

I guess in this case, the story also felt a little too pity-party in tone, and I've already seen and written enough "poor boy feels bad about being in a Sex Mage World" stories. Still, some folks might like what's here so far.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Resisting the Magic

I have always said that the moment something appears which starts allowing men to resist the power of Sex Magic is the moment the setting stops being the Sex Mage World for me. But that mainly refers to an easy, wide-spread shift in the power that effects the whole world at once. There is something to be said for exploring creative, even powerful, yet limited and potentially dangerous, means of resistance, to drive up the drama. Sex Magic’s only real advantage on Earth is that it is specifically designed to circumvent mundane means of stopping it, and as this Earth has no other supernatural powers to counter balance it, the Magic seems unbeatable.

In actually, the Magic has numerous weaknesses that could be taken advantage of by other magical, super powered, and weird science means. In fact, all things considered, Sex Magic is distinctly weak against most other forms of supernatural powers that aren’t specifically keyed to the aspects they influence. Following the Cult Wars, the barriers between Earth and other worlds have weakened, just enough that other strange phenomenon are now starting to bleed into the world. It’s only a little bit here and there, but gradually, means of overthrowing the Magic are appearing. Only the Queendom’s isolationist policies are preventing news of these breaches from spreading, but there are some resources and information that have made their way across the world regardless of attempts to shut them down.

Friday, February 10, 2017

So You Want To Write A Sex Mage Story

Great! I am very flattered that my work has inspired you to write something similar. I started writing Sex Mage stories because no one else was writing anything quite like it, and part of me kind of hoped others might pick up the trend. While at this point, I do like that I am basically “the” Sex Mage guy, I don’t mind other people also exploring the concept in their own ways.

Ultimately, this being the internet. I can’t stop you from writing and posting whatever the hell you want, in whatever way you want, regardless of my consent. I do appreciate if you ask me first, but it isn’t necessary. Even if you don’t ask, I’d like it if you let me know when you’ve posted your work, so I can take a look at it myself. However, if you do decide to do a Sex Mage story, if you respect me and my work, there are a few things I would appreciate:

Credit Where Due
If you are directly copying the Sex Mage World and Sex Mages template and various directly related concepts, then please credit me for the concept. I would consider this to count even if you opted to combine my Sex Mage concept with a different setting. You’d essentially be doing fan fiction at that point, and naming your “source” would be proper etiquette in this instance. The Sex Mages and Sex Mage World as a concept and setting is something I’ve been working on and building up for years, it is my Intellectual Property and Brand (however amateur), and I’d say I’ve earned the right to be recognized for it as much as any author should be recognized for their specific stories in a given genre.

Likewise, if you are directly borrowing concepts from other Sex Mage style writers, such as PancakesForDinner (aka PFDee)’s Sex Powers Universe, please credit them as well, (or instead, if you’re fully deriving from them, and not from me). For example, the “Loops” and “Willy Wanker/Procedure 501” techniques are specifically part of Pancake’s Sex Powers set, not my Sex Magic set.

Otherwise, if I just inspired you to do your own magical femdom idea, and you’re using your own similar, but original power set, then I don't expect credit, even if the end result is fairly similar in style and tone (such as a world of Goddess Powers or Succubus Powers alla Gloryboy and MVGaius). If you wanted to mention me as an inspiration, that would be appreciated, but I won’t hold it against you if you don’t.

What I Am Okay With
You may use the Sex Mage/Sex Magic power set and a basic version of the Sex Mage World (all women have the Magic, there’s different power levels, using the magic tricks like Boyboarding, etc.). Feel free to make and explore your own Queendoms or how various pre-Queendom countries dealt with the magic. Feel free to even use Sex Magic in combination with some of your own ideas or settings.

I do encourage people to take the basic Sex Mage concept and run with their own spin on it, if only to keep our works distinct. I won’t ask/pressure you to, but unless you really want to replicate my setting as is, I’d say feel free to find your own unique spin on it. Pancake’s Sex Powers concept, for example, uses a different set of rules and limitations compared to my Sex Magic, while Grey Savidge’s Chastity Island world has Sex Magic confined specifically to the island nation of Castem. SexMageJenny posited a world where "Jenny" was the first Sex Mage, and all other mages gained their powers through her and her chosen followers. Even I have a second version of the SMW in the form of Dellissa’s World.

What I Am NOT Okay With
Please do not use any of my specific characters from any setting. Instead, please use your own original ones. If you absolutely must write a character of mine, at least change the name. Chances are, your interpretation of them will turn out differently anyway, so they may as well be your original.

Likewise, please do not use any of my other erotic settings. This includes, but is not limited to: Civero, Temael, Fount-Loche, the Centurions, Jahi’s Invasion, Dellissa’s World, the Fae Lord Realms, Magic Lina, Zama (Seven Stars), etc.

Within the Sex Mage World itself, I would also appreciate if people did not touch on the greater meta-lore that links the Sex Mage World to these other settings, including the appearance of Temaelean, Civeron, and Centurions characters on Earth. I’d also rather people not do stories involving the Cults, the Cult Wars, the Special Task Force, or the Dark Queendoms. (I actually highly doubt anyone is remotely interested in writing about these things, but just in case.)