Saturday, February 16, 2019

First Patreon Posts

So the way the "Per Creation" charging system works is that every "paid post" I make can be seen by every Patron, regardless of their Tier. You can otherwise set posts to only be viewable by a certain Tier, but those can't also be charged posts. So in order to do Early Access as a reward, I will have to make "free" posts set to that Tier, and then a separate post to actually do the charge for the month.

So for now, I guess that's what I'll have to do, is just have a general "tip" post for each month I'm active, or for each major project I get done, and then a separate post for Early Access. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to utilize this platform, but I think that's the only way to do it and still keep Early Access as an actual reward.

Anyway, with that said, if you pledge $3 or more, you can see a new Just A Little Scene over on my Patreon. Or wait a week or so and I'll just post it here anyway.

I humbly thank you again for your support, and your patience while I figure all this out. :)

Friday, February 1, 2019

Salamando Is Back On Patreon!

After a lot of reconsideration, I’ve decided to finally return to Patreon! So for those of you who wish to support me in ways other than buying ebooks, you can sign up here to make a pledge!

For right now, I intend to use Patreon solely as a Tip Jar mechanism. This means that the main Tier for now is a basic $1-minimum pledge. You can pledge more, of course, but I won’t insist on it. For the time being, I intend to still release most of my work for free. As such, the Patreon is simply a way to show your support if you enjoy my work.

I do not intend this as a means to facilitate commissions, nor to have patrons vote on my next project. I realize this may demotivate some of you from pledging, but as those of you who’ve followed me a while know, I do not write other people’s stories for them, and I’m terrible at taking suggestions. As such, I do not want to falsely encourage people by making promises I can’t keep.

Some of you may recall that I did open up a Patreon two years ago, but after three months, I shut it down. My primary concern was that Patreon only allowed a “Per Month” charge model at the time, and I knew I couldn’t sustain a consistent monthly workflow. I didn’t want to unfairly charge people for the times I wasn’t making content.

However, Patreon has now re-instated the “Per Creation” model, meaning that instead of automatically charging you monthly, you will instead be charged only when I make a “paid post” on the site. I don’t plan on making more than one or two such posts a month, but the added benefit of this is that if I have a month or three where I don’t produce anything, or I only produce something minuscule, you will not be charged for it.

While I intend to continue occasionally producing ebooks, I also still want to keep the majority of my content free for people to enjoy. Moreover, in the past two years, I have been expanding my erotic content beyond merely writing. Audios, art, and games are mediums I have enjoyed working in, even if I am still a beginner at them. Unfortunately, they take even more time and effort than writing short stories or captions, and they are considerably harder to monetize on their own.

Nonetheless, I would like to continue making more art and games in the foreseeable future, but that requires a commitment I’m not sure I can justify without some level of support. This year, I would like to dedicate time to putting together another video game or possibly a visual novel, making a comic book, and/or writing an erotic adventure web serial. Even if it isn’t much, a dollar here and there from all those willing would go a long way towards motivating and enabling me to produce such content.

One thing I may decide to do is an “Early Access” Tier. In this case, some content I may post on Patreon exclusively for a short period, let's say a week, before releasing it for free on my blog. I’m not completely sold on this yet, but for right now, I think it may be a fair compromise.

If I’m going to be charging for content, I will make an effort to produce a better quality product, such as more thoroughly editing stories before posting. I will also try to be more consistent with my posting schedule, whatever content I end up making.

I thank you all for your support, in whatever way you wish to give it. I hope to keep you entertained for as long as my inner fire still burns!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Power Games

That's right, another new anthology already! As with previous books, this collects stories from this blog, better proofread and following a common theme; in these case, just stories of sheer, overwhelming domination! I mean, all my stories basically have that, but nevermind, you know you like it rough!

This books collects the following stories: At the Movies, Celebrity Sex Mage, Found and Lost, The Gallery, A Little Spell, Mel’s Game, Nude for School, Punishing Perversions, Rainbow Party, and Straying Thoughts. As with my previous anthologies, these stories are free on my blog, but if you enjoy my work, and wish to show your support, please consider buying a copy! Every purchase is greatly appreciated.

You can buy the book here at Smashwords:

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Centurions E-Book Update

The Centurions ebook has been updated into a complete package, with a new cover, and containing every official Centurions story I've written. If you've already purchased the book previously, you can just download the new edition for free. If you haven't, but have enjoyed the Centurions stories, and want to support my work, please consider making a purchase!

You can acquire the book here at Smashwords:

It's been many years since I wrote a story set in the Centurions Universe. Much like the World of Civero, it was a setting that started strong, and yet fizzled out after a few years, as I moved on to other projects like the Sex Mage World. While the Centurions continued to be a significant part of the growing lore of my erotic universe, in actual practice, it's pretty much a dead property; I haven't written a "real" Centurions story since 2012. Furthermore, from this point, I'd rather any future superhero erotica I write to be unrelated.

With that in mind, it seemed best to just wrap everything up in one collection. These were all fun to write at the time, and stories like Feel Girl are among my most popular early works. If you missed out on these stories, why not give them a look? And if you've read them before, but it's been a while, maybe give them another read and enjoy the super erotic fun all over again!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Family Bondaging

I have finally put together a new collection! This one is themed around the subject of incest and family femdom. While you can still find most of the material for free on my blogs, the stories are better edited, several of the Little Scenes included are lightly expanded or reworked Captions, and I've also included a lost script to one of my audios!

The three major stories included are: Beth's Boy (momdom), Rolling (cousindom), and Sistress (sisdom/various). If you enjoyed my work, especially the stories featured in the book, please consider making a purchase! Your support is greatly appreciated.

You can find the book here on Smashwords:

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hikaru's Need

NOTE: Lesbian. The characters in this story are older versions of two of the main characters from Saisho no San. You don't have to read that to understand this short, but if you wanted to kick me a few bucks, I'd say it's definitely one of the better of the SMW stories.


Umiko sensed her friend coming from several miles away. She didn’t let that interrupt her lecture, however, keeping a cool, pleasant smile as she addressed the thousand people who had come to listen to her presentation.

Umiko’s seminar on the history of Sex Magic and its proper use in society was a popular one. Everyone sought the wisdom of the Professor who was among the first women in Japan to gain the Magic, and one of the first to start publicly discussing it via YouTube and various forums. When the Japanese government was initially trying to keep the Magic’s existence low key and ban its discussion, Umiko Ryoki insisted on educating the people. Even as a college freshman, her understanding of the Magic, and how important it was to maintain a fair and balanced use of it, was a guiding beacon for many.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Celebrity Sex Mage

NOTE: This story uses fake versions of existing celebrities as a narrative shorthand. It is not meant to be a serious speculation on what their real world counter parts would be like in this scenario.

My cock was rock hard as I typed away at my keyboard. I had to fight to resist the urge to stroke myself as I once again added words of sexy teasing to the side of a picture of a sexy celebrity. My favorite celebrity, a woman I’d jacked off to more pictures of than any three actual nude models combined: Irma Jane Watkins.

I’d always fantasized about female domination to some degree or another. Every girl I ever had a crush on, I dreamed of being her servant, or her using me for her pleasure. When I discovered orgasm denial, that quickly became a pervasive theme of my fantasies. This only got more intense when I discovered chastity belts. Ironically, the idea that I could not touch my dick when excited, could not achieve orgasm when I needed, make me rock-fucking-hard and made me cum faster than any other fantasy. The idea of a girl I liked giggling as she locked my penis in a cage, and then waving the key in front of me tauntingly, it made my head spin.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Flee The Terror Zone

NOTE: Okay, so apparently part of the beginning got deleted in transit. WHOOPS. Here's the full thing.


Sheri waited as the sound of soft shuffling slid past the broken window. She held her breath for several long, tense seconds as she stayed crouched below the windowsill. She had caught only glimpse of the thing, a hulking mass of tendrils and what might have been leaves, slowly dragging itself along the ground. In the dim, misty twilight, however, there was no telling what exactly the thing had been, but in her experience, such creature’s movements were deceptive. Large as a car, slow as a turtle, she’d tried running past similarly large and slow creatures, only for them to demonstrate terrifying bursts of speed once prey was in their sights.

Sheri looked back to her companion. Dar, the thin young man shivering in the corner of the broken down shack, was still keeping his eyes toward the floor, curled up with his arms wrapped around his folded legs, head buried against his knees. His breath was quick and shallow, on the verge of whimpers. Sheri put a finger to her lips and made as quiet a shushing sound as she could. The boy nodded, rubbing his forehead against his knees, but didn’t look up or open his eyes. He did tightly press his lips together, which just made the air whistle through his nose.

Sheri grit her teeth, listening past this noise to detect if the creature outside the window was still moving. The shuffling came to a stop for a moment, and she thought she heard something like a series of rapid huffs, almost like breathless laughter. Then silence. Several agonizingly long seconds of silence. Then the shuffling continued on until it faded.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Ishtar's Salvation

A new expansion to the Jahi's Invasion Table Top Roleplaying Game!

You can download the ebook here:

The people of Earth have been beaten down and cornered into the last remaining strongholds. But just as all seems lost, a hated rival appears to give humanity a fighting chance! Ishtar, sister Demon-Goddess to Jahi, is here to ensure that her hated sibling never claims Earth as her prize. Make no mistake, however, she doesn't really care about humanity. She's hear only to fuck over Jahi. Beggars can't be choosers, however, and Earth needs help anyway they can get it!

Play as new and adjusted character types! Utilize powerful new resources! Battle against powerful new enemies! This short, but densely packed Supplement guides you to a new end game with a chance for the heroes to actually win the war!

As with the original Jahi's Invasion RPG, this ebook is set at Pick Your Price, meaning you can download it for free if you want. However, if you enjoyed Jahi's Invasion, or if you enjoy any of my work in general, please consider purchasing this supplement at whatever amount you feel is appropriate. Even just a dollar is appreciated.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Miss Feri's Movie Challenge

Miss Feri walked into the classroom with her usual chipper smile. As always the teacher wore her white lab coat, and kept her wild mane of brunette hair in a fluffy pony tail. The young woman had also taken to floating when she walked, adding a couple feet of height to her short, slim stature. While she could handle the student body thinking she was eccentric, even for a Metis Academy teacher, she was a little tired of her female students not taking her very seriously, when she looked like she could be their kid sister.

Unfortunately, the floating trick didn’t seem to be helping her image. Several of the girls snickered as she “air walked” into the room, her labcoat flaring out behind her a bit, almost like a cape. She sighed inwardly at the giggles, but maintained her smiling poker face. Maybe after today’s lesson, they’d at least start paying more attention.

The Creature

Queen Rose no longer slept. She hadn’t needed to since the day of her ascension. Sex Magic had transformed her body into a hyper-efficient machine of organic perfection; even without any magic at all, she would only need to physically rest perhaps an hour a week. But of course, even that was unnecessary. The constant background radiation of ambient Lust Energy throughout her Queendom provided more than enough to keep herself at the height of strength, focus, and balance, just taking little sips of the energy every now and then.

But even a goddess occasionally needed some form of respite. For all the Magic had changed her, she was still, at her core, only human, and a mortal mind needed a break every now and then. And so, without the need for sleep, she meditated.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Gallery

Their vacation to Costara had gone better than Tim expected. He’d always heard that the big cities of Midland were cocktease hellholes, and his wife Jodie had found it rather amusing to paint a picture that their five-day stay was going to involve Tim crawling naked on hands and knees while they stayed at her sister’s condo.

However, the costal metropolis was not, in fact, the worst dickpocalypse south of Victoria, as he’d been led to believe. Much like their home city of Rockland, Costara seemed to be filled with normal people going about their normal day. He’d expected to see cockteased men stuck to street lights to used by women as casual Lust Energy fountains, expected to see nude men being flown around by barefoot women as Boy Boards, and other such dramatic displays of Sex Magic’s incredible femdom power.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


For years now, I had wanted to destroy my brother with Sex Magic. I masturbated several times a week to the thought of finally obtaining the power to torture his cock with my mind until he went insane! I really don’t even know why the idea was so powerful in my mind. I didn’t want to fuck my brother, I wasn’t in love with him in that way or anything. As annoying as he could be, for all the little pranks he’d pulled on me when we were kids, it wasn’t even like I really hated him or anything. I just could not get the concept out of my head, and the older I got, the more intense the desire.

Some girls were lucky enough to awaken their Sex Mage powers at eighteen, but as cool as that would be, I wasn’t banking on winning that lottery. So I forced myself to be patient. I was now eighteen and eleven months, I felt myself growing giddy with anticipation. Which is why it was so devastating when this morning Mom sat us both down for a talk that put my plans into jeopardy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sacred Stars

Five years ago, I bit off way more than I could chew by writing and publishing a novella that was intended to be part one of a multi-part series, at least a trilogy of books, featuring a guy sent to a fantasy world and having to go on an erotically charged adventure.

This was a doomed endeavor right from the start. For one thing, I am abysmal at long-form writing, be it full-sized books, or multi-part series. For another, the inherent premise of the concept required far more investment in the fantasy adventure aspect of the story than I had been prepared for. For yet another, this is one of those stories that I had to really struggle to make sure there was enough erotic content to even justify calling this an erotica in the first place.

Seven Stars: Book One is without a doubt one of the most infuriating projects I've ever actually written. Just writing the first book was a hair-ripping exercise in frustration, and when I finally finished it, I ended up slamming hard into the wall of writers block. It's taken me over a dozen failed re-starts over the course of five years to accept that there was no way I was going to be able to continue this story.

Still, I've always felt bad that I left you all hanging, especially for a story I kept ebook exclusive. So, in an effort to at least bring closure to the tale, I have finally managed to rewrite the story into a single, self-contained novella. I know it's not the "epic" adventure it was hyped up to be, but it does come to a solid conclusion. The first half of the story is largely the same as before, with the major edits leading to the conclusion starting around Chapter Eight.

Instead of releasing this as it's own separate book, I have changed the original Seven Stars entry on my Smashwords to this new version of the book: Sacred Stars. This way, if you already purchased the book, you can just go back and download the new version without having to pay again.

Click here for the download page.

For those who missed out on the story the first time, consider finally giving it a shot, now that the story is completed.

Friday, May 4, 2018

At the Movies

Cali checked the time on her phone for the dozenth time and let out a long huff. Tapping her foot on the ground impatiently, she muttered, “Why is she always so fucking late? She got off work two hours ago, and she lives five minutes away. We’re gunna miss the show!”

Todd shrugged and said, “It’s like fifteen minutes of ads and previews first, you know.”

Cali rolled her eyes and shook her head, still irritated. She snapped her fingers and Todd jumped as he felt a phantom hand squeeze his balls. He looked around in a panic. “Quit it!” he hissed. “You know they don’t allow the Magic here!”