Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You Asked For It

Molly cocked an eyebrow at her husband, her expression showing a mixture of amusement and concern. “Hank, are you sure you want me to do this?” She stood in their bedroom, fully dressed, looking subtly sexy in her suit and glasses as she stood over her husband.

Her husband, nude and laying on the bed nodded. He was blushing a little, but his cock was rock hard and twitching with excitement. “Yes. Please. I know it sounds nuts, but I really want to try this.”

“Okay. Just so we’re clear. I won’t be back to release you for seven hours at the earliest.”

“I know.”

“And you want it to last the entire time, non-stop?”

Hank nodded vigorously. Molly let out a half-sigh, half-chuckle and motioned to him. Hank felt her magic take hold of his body, forcing his limbs spread eagle, and then freezing him in place. With a twitch of her finger, Hank then levitated into the air, still stiffly spread eagle, his cock pointing straight to the ceiling. He hovered about two feet off the bed like that.

“Last chance to back out,” said Molly as she poised her hand. Hank shook his head. Molly shrugged and twitched a finger again, and Hank was frozen almost completely, his whole body stiff as a statue. All he could do now was blink and breathe, and his cock could still twitch and jerk. Molly then wriggled her fingers briefly over Hank’s cock, and he gasped. He could feel the sensation of soft, tickling feathers, and wet, velvety tongues stroking and licking his cock.

Hank groaned. “J-jeez,” he murmured through his partly open mouth. “Kind of… intense… to start...”

“Good,” said Molly. She leaned over and gave him a deep kiss, then said, “Have fun now, sweetie.”

“Th-thank you,” said Hank. He let out a soft moan as two phantom tongues licked a very sensitive spot on his cock, lingering as they went. “L-love you!”

Molly smiled, then leaned down and gave the tip of his penis a quick kiss. “I love you, too. See you tonight.” With that, she walked out the door, shaking her head in amusement. Honestly. Her husband was such a freak. She knew plenty of women liked to use their newfound Sex Magic to playfully torment their husbands, but Molly had not originally been into the idea. Ironically, Hank very much had been into the idea of a female dominant sex life. Molly had been more than willing to take it easy on her husband, but Hank turned out to be a real sensual masochist. Given the benefits of magical cockteasing, Molly had no problem going along with it, even if her silly, horny husband’s ideas were a bit wild.

Like today. He’d been wanting for weeks now to have Molly do something he’d read about on an orgasm denial forum. He’d wanted her to use her magic to bind him in place, and then continuously stimulate his penis, testicles, even his asshole, with magical, phantom touches all day. The idea intimidated him, but he could not get it out of his mind. So today, Molly decided to indulge him. As he stayed at home, helplessly suffering constant stimulation without relief, the output of his sexual energy would be imbuing Molly with energy all day.

She was a little worried he might be utterly out of his mind by the time she got home. But she could easily use her magic to check up on him hourly, see how he was doing, and stop if it seemed like it was too much. He should be okay. She’d just allowed him to have an orgasm five days ago, so he wasn’t too backed up. After today, however, five days might seem like five weeks!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Kat's Boytoy: Zoa Blues

NOTE: This story takes place after Kat’s Boytoy: The Party and Kat’s Boytoy: Wild Lust

My name is Kat and I am an Esper, a person gifted with psychic powers. For over a year and a half now, I have been enjoying an intensely kinky BDSM relationship with my boytoy, Ben. Instead of whips and chains and chastity belts, however, I use my mental abilities in all sorts of ways to dominate him, sensually tormenting his body and mind until he can’t stand it anymore, forcing him to please me while I tease him with only occasionally blessings of relief. If it sounds a bit harsh, don’t worry. It’s always been in good fun. I can be pretty intense with my sadism sometimes, but he’s a total masochist for my brand of psychic sex play, so it all works out.

At least, it used to. But all good things have to end someday, right? Ben came over to my place the other night, and I could tell he wasn’t bringing good news. Just heading to the door, I could feel the mix of emotions, mainly anxiety, emanating off him. When a person was that wound up, I didn’t have to pry to sense what they were feeling. Ben swallowed hard when I opened the door and gave him a smile, hoping to ease his mood. “Hello, boytoy. You aren’t due for another couple of days. Feeling tense already?”

“Already” was a bit of a joke. We’d incorporated orgasm denial into our sexual play since the beginning. I used to let him pop at least once a week, usually twice, but after last summer, I got into the habit of extending the time between climaxes. I loved to make him cum, but I also enjoyed feeling his sexual excitement and frustration wash over me as we fucked. I now usually let him pop only once every two weeks. Sometimes I’d extend it to three if I was feeling especially wicked. It drove him absolutely crazy, but when I did finally let him cum, it was unlike any orgasm most men get to experience in their lives. Trust me, I made sure it was worth it.

However, as he stood at the door looking almost pensive, his nine day stretch of blue balls seemed the last thing on his mind. I frowned a bit. “Are you alright?” I said.

“Kat, we, uh… we need to talk…” he said.