Monday, September 16, 2013

Metis Academy - Greg's Story

Greg was lying on his bed, reading a comic book, when Pam walked into his room. The petite brunette had never given Greg a glance before, but here she was, barging into his room. Not for the first time, Greg wished the boys dorm rooms actually had doors they could close and lock. But it was probably better that they didn’t, because that’d just give the girls more excuses to punish and tease them.

“Hey,” said Pam, coming in and sitting at his desk chair. “Do you mind if I use your computer? I need to look up something, and the girl’s dorm and computer lab are on the other sides of campus.”

Greg blinked at her in surprise. “Uh… okay… I guess…?”

Pam turned to his computer, adjusted her glasses, and turned it on. “I just need some info for a test, and all the boys I know are playing that online shooter thing on their comps. It’s dumb.”

“Oh, um, okay,” he said. He went back to reading his comic book, and tried to ignore Pam’s presence. Greg was one of the boys who thankfully didn’t suffer too much teasing from the girls, even on a small campus filled with newly awakening Sex Mages and their mischievous teachers. Polite and diligent, Greg’s real secret was distracting himself with other things. Nerdy, geeky things, such as video games and comic books. It didn’t make his blue balls ache any less, but it was easier to ignore a girl’s sexy legs and cleavage if you could let yourself get carried away in a good book.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Metis Academy - Todd's Lesson

Todd was trying very hard to concentrate in Miss Stella’s class. But he was finding it nearly impossible as Becky stretched out her leg and flexed her calf muscle a few seats ahead. Todd’s breath caught and his cock twitched as she wriggled the toes of her bare foot. Todd could not tear his eyes away from the sight of her sexy leg, and try as he might, he could not get the thought her rubbing his achingly hard cock with her sexy foot. He had to look away before the teacher, and any of the other empowered girls, sensed his thoughts. He had to look at the bored and laser focus himself on the teacher’s lecture. But Becky’s leg was just too tempting.

Okay, just a few more seconds. He could spare a few more seconds. If she would just pull her leg back under her desk, it would be easier, but she was just letting her leg stay outstretched just around the legs of her desk. Just enough to reach the back chair leg of the boy in front of her. She tapped the leg of the chair and Todd, out of his peripheral vision, could see Jake tense up. Todd didn’t have to look to know Jake’s cock was twitching in excitement, just like his own. But Jake didn’t dare turn to look. He knew better. Jake had also been allowed to cum just this past weekend, and so wasn’t nearly as pent up as Todd. Oh, how Todd wished, desperately, that he could shoot his cum all over Becky’s…


Todd jumped with a small cry as Miss Stella’s yardstick-long wooden pointer smacked against the edge of Todd’s desk. Todd looked up at her with a deer in headlights look. “Todd!” she said with a firm, authoritative tone. “I have asked you a question three times now. Are you not paying attention?” Miss Stella was thin, but tall, her outfit a little too tight and short on her body, the button’s of her blouse undone a little too low to be appropriate. With her glasses and her long blonde hair tied up in a pony tail, she was the model image of a naughty librarian. Or perhaps an academically-inclined dominatrix. The way she slowly fingered the wooden pointer was hypnotic, like watching a cobra weaving back and forth just before it would strike.

“N-n-no, Miss Stella,” Todd stammered. “I mean yes, Miss Stella. I-I-I mean…” Todd couldn’t bare her intense gaze, and looked away. He noticed half the class staring at him. Todd flushed, and he felt his cock throb as embarrassment turned to arousal. The girls were all grinning, a few giggling, and the boys were only glancing at him sidelong, a bit relieved that Todd was taking attention away from them.

He looked back up at Miss Stella and resisted the urge to shrink down. Her expression was not cruel, but there was an intimidating, piercing coolness to her gaze. Todd’s cock continued to throb. He felt the build up of arousal gathering in his loins, that familiar tingle of anticipation for pleasure. Oh, no. He was getting too horny. Right here in class, he was getting so horny, his hair trigger was going to go off.

It was bad enough that the boys at Metis Academy were forced to be naked and hard at all times. Bad enough that their orgasms and masturbation were sealed away, unless permitted by a woman. It was the teasing and the humiliation and the way the girl’s antagonized their helpless, denied cocks, then scolded the boys when they lost control of themselves. It was so embarrassing, and yet so arousing, a cyclical cause and effect of sensual torment that kept the boys dizzy with lust and confusion, and the girls elated with power and amusement.

“Todd,” said Miss Stella. “Your concentration problems are getting worse this week. Must you be disciplined in front of the class?”

“N-no, I—” Todd’s words were cut off in a gasp as the throbbing in his cock became a pulse of pure pleasure, running down his cock and tingling over his balls. Oh, God, he was going to lose it right here! It occurred to him that Miss Stella herself could using her powers on him, or perhaps one of the empowered girls. He’d never been a premature ejaculator before coming to Metis Academy, but somehow, either from lack of regular orgasms, or some mischief by one of the many awakened Sex Mages on campus, he could barely handle even the brush of his bedsheets on his cock without threatening to lose it. It was no wonder he was in even worse shape than most of the boys at the Academy. He was so sensitive, that just being in the presence of a gorgeous woman threatened to make him edge, all more easily when a woman demonstrated her power over him.

Miss Stella extended her pointer downward. The thin, wooden rod, so reminiscent of a dominatrix whip in the right hands, came perilously close to Todd’s red, twitching cock. “No? Are you certain? This twitchy little thing seems to be taking your attention away from your very important studies. If you do not learn to focus and study hard in school, you won’t be able to be a successful man in the real world. And if you can’t be a man, than no woman is going to want to help you tend to that silly, little thing that’s distracting you so. So, can you be a man, or will you be a little boy who can’t control himself?”

Todd was almost dying from the pressure. His cock was jerking now, dancing comically for all the girls to laugh at, which they of course did so. He was so close it was getting hard to think, much less form words. He vaguely noticed other boys’ cocks were twitching now, either embarrassingly aroused by the scene, or because some of the girls in class were taking the opportunity to tease them. Todd tried to steel himself for one last push of willpower. “I-I-I’m a, a m-man, Miss St-stella…” he gasped. “I’m a...”

And then, as if by reflex, he glanced back to Becky’s foot. Becky smiled as he did so, and wriggled her toes once more. Todd wasn’t sure if he had glanced of his own volition, or if Becky or Miss Stella had mentally pushed him to do so. But it didn’t matter either way, because that was the last straw. Todd gasped, his mouth gaped, and his eyes rolled up as pleasure bolted through his loins. He grabbed the edge of his desk in a deathgrip and his hips bucked in his seat, causing his clenching cock to bounce wildly. He let out a shuddering moan as his body locked up and reached the edge of orgasm...

…and, to laughter of the girls and the sympathetic groans of the boys, he failed to cum, as his climax reached the magical barrier that all the boys had installed to stifle there release. Miss Stella watched Todd shudder and shake in his chair for a moment, before he finally calmed down, and sagged, gasping in his seat. Miss Stella frowned and with a flick of her wrist, whipped back to the pointer, than snapped it forward, rapidly striking Todd’s swollen testicles three times. Just light little taps, but for a boy who hadn’t ejaculated in seven weeks, it was more than enough make him fall out of his seat.

“As I thought. Still a little boy, undisciplined, unfocused…” she glanced at her pointer, and frowned again. “…messy.” There was a thread of pre-cum glistening along the end. Miss Stella slowly licked it off. Every boy in the class room flushed and their cocks clenched hard at the sight; even some of the girls blushed at the sight, feeling a tingle between their legs.

Miss Stella then used the pointer to give Todd a light smack on the ass. “Get up and into your seat,” she said. “If you interrupt my class with your perversions one more time, I will send you to the Nurse for discipline.” Another round of clenching cocks, but Miss Stella ignored them as she watched Todd slowly get up and get back in his seat. She then turned and went back up to the bored, grabbing some chalk and writing more formulas down, before asking questions of other students.

Todd kept his eyes closed as he tried to calm himself down, until he felt the throbbing in his balls fade and the tension in his cock go down. He couldn’t go soft, of course, but he could at least get to a point where he wasn’t twitching in excitement. After a few minutes, he then slowly opened his eyes and buried his gaze down into his book, concentrating on the science lesson Miss Stella was telling them about. He tried to keep his attention focused solely on his work. But out of the corner of his eye, he could still see Becky’s leg, still outstretched, her foot now lightly tapping to some imagined beat against the back of Jake’s chair leg. Jake was stiff in his seat, and Todd couldn’t blame him. Becky had just devastated him with her foot and she hadn’t even touched him!

Todd swallowed, and shook his head, focusing back on the book. But Becky’s bouncing foot was still there, niggling at him out of the corner of his eye. He tried to turn his head to look away, but that’s when he noticed another girl’s foot; Judy who sat immediately to his right, had her legs crossed so that her sandal was dangling off her foot, right in front of Todd’s view. Todd glanced up at her and she gave him a sly smile and a wink, before letting the sandal sway to draw his attention back down. The sandal slipped off, and fell to the floor, leaving Judy’s foot bare. Todd watched as she flexed her toes. Todd wanted to look away, every fiber of will, told him to look away. He closed his eyes and faced down towards his desk.

But it was too late. The mere knowledge that all he had to do was open his eyes, and a cute girl’s sexy foot would be there waiting for his admiration was all it took to rev his engine back up.

Up at the front, Miss Stella allowed herself a slight smile as she sensed Todd’s cock begin to twitch again…