Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ex-Grinder Advice: Punishing Brother

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TOPIC: Punishing Brother
Created by: Su-B
Date Created: August 27, 2014
Su-B – 08-27-2014
Hello!  I'm 19 years old and I just got my powers. I live with a brother whose one year younger than me, and my Mom, who is often away on business trips. Even though I'm older, I'm also smaller than my brother, and he's always picked on me as we grew up, even after Sex Magic appeared. I want to know, what are some good punishments I can levy on him?

Honey Suck All – 08-27-2014
Ooh, sweetie, welcome!  You are going to have SO much fun with this!  I have some questions first though:

1) Does he know you have the powers?

2) Have you practice them at all yet? How long have you had them?

3) Do you want to fuck him?

4) How bad exactly do you want to punish him? Are you thinking relatively harmless pranks, or do you want to ruin him?

5) Does your Mom do anything to him? Do you think she will co-operate with you, or do you think she might put a stop to it?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Surprise Visit

Cole was a little surprised when the front door to his girlfriend’s home swung open just before he could put the key in the lock. The twenty year old was more surprised to see that, instead of his red-headed girlfriend, a tall, leggy brunette was grinning at him from the doorway.

“Um… hi…?” he said, a little confused. He didn’t recognize the young woman.

“Hey! So you must be Rachel’s boytoy, huh?”

“Uh, I’m her boyfriend,” Cole corrected.

The woman’s grin widened. “Oh, they still call you guys that here? Aw, that’s cute!” She stepped aside and waved him in. “Come in, come in.”

Cole entered the house, dropping his jacket off on the coat hook, then moving to the living room. He looked at the woman a little warily. “Sorry, Rachel didn’t tell me we were having company.”

“She didn’t know until this morning!” the young woman chuckled. “We just got into town a few hours ago, and managed to catch her before she left for work. She was kind enough to put us up for the weekend.”

“Us?” said Cole, just as another young woman he didn’t recognize, a petite blonde, came into the room.

“Oh, hi!” this new woman said. “You must be Cole! It’s nice to meet you!” She gave him a grin that seemed a little bit too sly as her eyes roamed over him. “Nice! Rachel picked herself a looker!”

Cole flushed slightly, tickled by the compliment, but still a little wary. Rachel hadn’t even texted him about this. “So, uh, you’re Rachel’s friends, then? How do you know her?”