Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Flesh Pit Caverns

The Flesh Pit Caverns is an “optional addition” to the settings of my erotic multiverse. Whether it is actually present on a physical world, or if it’s just another hyper-sexual pocket dimension, the end result is largely the same.

The Flesh Pit Caverns are a massive subterranean territory made not of earth and stone, but seemingly of human flesh and blood. More specifically, much of the cavern system’s texture resembles a vaginal passage: pink, flexible, sometimes ridged or smooth, almost always moist with fluid, though there are some dry spots. Streams and ponds of viscous sexual fluids, which drip or flow from various glands, are the main source of this fluid, and lend the entire cave system its humid, musky atmosphere. The air is always well oxygenated, and thus safe to breathe, but always has the smell of a healthy vaginal musk. There is always a very faint flow of air through the caverns, drifting slowly one way, then the other, as if the cavern system itself is shallowly breathing. Moreover, if a person stands very still, or lays down fully on the ground, they will be able to feel a faint pulse in the flesh beneath them.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Resisting Is Futile - Gender Flipped!

NOTE: This is a near-identical copy of the “Resisting Is Futile” story, just with the genders reversed. Thought it would make for an interesting little thought experiment.


Jecky swallowed nervously as she heard her phone beep in her pocket. She checked it and almost cursed. Devin hadn’t forgotten.
Come upstairs! The party’s started! the text read.
Jecky sighed and quickly typed: That’s okay, I’m not feeling that well.
You liar. I told you, you need to get out more! Devin typed back. Come on up and join the fun!
You know I hate those kinds of parties, she responded.
But I like parties, and I want you here. :(   Jecky was about to type another response, when she felt something stir in her loins. She let out a small gasp as her clit grew stiff. Not just stiff, but throbbing. She could feel her pussy moistening in anticipation. She felt an overwhelming need to touch herself, but she resisted. Her phone beeped again: If you come upstairs, I can take care of that for you.
Jecky cursed softly. She felt another glimmer of magic, and her clit pulsed, her fluids already absorbing into her shorts, the sexual tension increasing. Her heartbeat quickened as her blood rushed to her core, filling her with an aching need.
Jesus, okay! Just stop! Jecky texted back frantically.
It’ll stop when you get here, he replied. You have two minutes. If you aren’t at least on this floor by then, I’ll start licking.
Jecky let out another small gasp and pocketed her phone, heading for the door. She was wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt, but didn’t dare waste time finding a better outfit. She slipped on her sandals and exited her tiny, studio apartment, heading for the stairs.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mom's Rule

My son moved back in with me 7 months ago after his girlfriend dumped him. I don’t mind helping him out while he tries to get back on his feet, but he hasn’t had a job in 3 years, and his girlfriend controlled all his funds. So, he isn’t even able to pay rent. I told him that since he’s an adult, he still has to contribute to the household in some way. Doing chores is nice, but as my son, he should be doing that anyway if he’s living with me, so he has to pay me in some other ways.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Off The Rails: A Jahi's Invasion Gamebook!

Well, it took me long enough, but it's finally here! A new Erotic Gamebook, featuring the world of Jahi's Invasion! Lascivious dangers await you in this quick and dirty adventure, as you choose the path of a man whose town has just been overrun by a horde of Sex Monsters. You must make it safely to the next town over and warn them of the coming danger, while avoiding the lascivious clutches of the Monster Women roaming the countryside. Good luck!

Check it out here:

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Racing (Unfinished)

The tall, skinny redhead, pale skinned and freckled, gulped a little as she looked up at the obstacle course. A huge cobweb of poles, rings, nets, slats, and bullseyes, mounted across thick wooden and stone pillars, spread out before and above her. She took a breath, and leaned forward. Her hair was tied back in a tight pony tail, and her tank top and short shorts did little to abate the heat of the sun.

Just beneath her bare feet, Evan laid naked, frozen stock still and straight. As tall as Hannah, lean but fit, his curly blond hair was cut short. Hannah’s left foot was on his chest, her right foot planted firmly atop his hard, throbbing penis. He had a look of serene calmness, even as Hannah channeled teasing energy through his body, pleasurable tingles and stroking and sucking sensations up and down his penis and testicles. The boy let himself enjoy the sensations, going with the flow. Frozen in place as he was, the magic gripping him from the inside, most boys would still be twitching and gasping in their restraints. Evan had learned an art of self control that let him remain calm, even as Hannah’s sexual magic flooded his physical senses with incredible feelings of lovemaking. Hannah smiled at him, and he opened his eyes just a bit. Hannah winked and blew him a kiss. Evan made a kiss back, though all he could do was twitch his lips a bit, before closing his eyes and letting himself bath in her energies.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Classic Characters

So, when I was younger, my fantasies revolved around creating specific characters each with unique powers that lent themselves to sexual teasing and domination. Even when fantasizing about powered versions of real women, I would usually come up with a specific ability for them to have.

There was a whole cast of these characters, some of whom I made up as far back as the mid-1980s. For as old as they are, I never really developed them hardly at all as characters. Probably not a surprise given they were purely for sex fantasies, but now I wonder how they might have turned out if I’d actually chosen to keep using them.

The characters I can remember came in essentially two sets:

The Mistress Crew Era
Mistress – Telekinesis, mind reading, eventually gained Goddess powers
Touch – Can manipulate nerves and sensations on touch
Whisper – Sultry mind-controlling voice
Aroma – Able to transform into a living pink cloud of pheromones
Sedusa – Semi-hypnotic arousal aura, based on seeing her naked body
Tongues – Skin and sexual fluids were laced with hypnotic pheromones
Voodoo – Able to do voodoo doll effects on people, mainly their genitals. Thanks to her, the other girls could use their powers at a great distance from their target, using them on the voodoo artifacts to make the connected person feel it.
Clones – Three clones of me who had a controllable voodoo cock effect.
Rune – A female clone of me, who also had a sort voodoo cock effect on me and the clones together, then gained essentially a Sex Mage power set.

Mistress, Touch, and Whisper are the first three characters of any sort that I can recall creating, while the others came up over the years. Funnily enough, I didn’t actually notice until much, much later that most of this group’s powers revolved around the five physical senses.

While Mistress started off as a basic psychic, her powers grew in my mind. After creating the character of Pixie, Mistress herself was upgraded into a full Goddess, granting her reality warping magic, and I retroactively added a backstory that she had given her friends (the other ladies in this set) their powers by sharing a bit of her Goddess magic with them. My place in the “story” of these fantasies was just some guy they arbitrarily decided to torment for no particular reason.

Thorough readers of my blogs can probably already see where I’ve adapted some of these concepts into my later works. Many of the powers of these women were adapted into the Sex Mage template and into Monster Women templates for Jahi’s Invasion, while the clone concepts were re-adapted into some of the Pandora Experiments.

Pixie and Her Toys
Pixie – A powerful fairy woman who used reality-bending magic.
Silk – A shape-shifting silk-cloth golem. Aside from expert binding, she could slip threads of herself into orifices to stimulate from within.
Bunny – A stuffed toy rabbit who could become a sort of “stuffed bunny girl” golem. She had uncanny skills, creating overwhelmingly intense pleasure with a touch.
Putty – A silly-putty golem.
Cummy – A tiny cum spirit, that could take control of a man by slithering part of herself back into his dick and somehow high-jacking his nervous system.
Various Women – Random girls, often based on real women I knew, that pixie empowered with sexual magic abilities. Fantasies of my girlfriends having magic would often have an origin of Pixie giving them essentially Sex Mage powers.

Pixie was the first fairy-type character I fantasized about, fascinated with the concept of a woman barely the size of my own cock, being able to sexually dominate me with a wave of her hand. Pixie was where the scale of the fantasies and the sexual powers ramped up. While she had the power to effectively do anything, most of the things she did were abilities that would eventually become some of the wilder Sex Mage powers: overwhelming phantom pleasure sensations, orgasm control, size alteration, shape changing, brain melting arousal auras.

Pixie’s gimmick was that she was a playful, mischievous fairy who loved the idea of female dominant sex. Not only did she love playing with people directly, but she also liked to create and direct proxies to further tease her chosen playthings. Primarily, she would create “living sex toys” out of everyday objects, such as turning a silk blanket or stuffed toy into a sexy woman. Likewise, she would really fuck with the heads of her playthings by recruiting girls they knew and empowering them, coaxing them to help dominate the poor guy. She would even bring to life fictional women out of comic books, TV shows, or your own mind to add to the fun.

Pixie’s big issue was that she didn’t understand human limitations. While all my fantasies about these various super-women had a theme of overwhelming power and domination, Pixie took things farther than any of them up to that point, and the usual “story” of Pixie was that she would eventually have to be caught and pulled away by her fellow fairies, only to come back and haunt me again.

The Super Tease and Denial story was based off a typical Pixie scenario, while mixing in a few of the Mistress characters. In a way, that story was sort of a celebration of my old sex fantasy ideas, despite also being the first erotic story I ever put online.

At one point, I’d actually intended to do a whole series based on Pixie’s adventures, as she went to different people and tried out different scenarios. However, this never worked out, due to my usual problems with creating sequels and series. I did, however, manage to use the concept for the Pixie’s Reward story, which I think fit well.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Magic Lina: A Little Bit Savage

And here we get into my first real Demihuman-focused story. Man, these Magic Lina tales are quite the sampler of things to come, huh? :P


It’s a wonder sometimes that my boys don’t just up and die from the sheer overwhelming magnitude of pleasure I make them experience. Well, obviously, my powers help with that, but case in point:

Jenna, another good friend of mine, had called me up, and she was in the mood to ball. She was normally a reserved and dignified woman, but she fucked like an animal when she was ready to go. I, of course, couldn’t turn her down… what kind of friend would I be? And this would be a perfect opportunity to try a new position with Ben.

Magic Lina: Seducing A Hero

My first attempt at incorporating a superhero into the mix, Meteora would later be changed to the Centurions hero Ion. I guess technically, this could mean that Magic Lina is actually part of the Centurions Universe, and Meteora just changed her name not long after this encounter. I like the conflict between the two women here; Lina is clearly the "bad guy" in this little scenario, but the encounter reveals Meteora/Ion has her own sense of sensual sadism, something that is seen again in the Ion's Wicked Lesson story.


Magic Lina: Break-Up Tease

The Magic Lina stories featured my character Magic Lina, based on the forum persona I used posting as LinaInverse on the Orgasm Denial forums.

Lina was effectively my first true Sex Mage character, essentially the concept's prototype, combining my favorite elements of my previous sex powers fantasies into one character, without making her as blatantly overpowered as someone like Pixie or Goddess-form Mistress. Still pretty damn overpower though. Going off her feats, she's at least Megami level. She could easily fit into the current Sex Mage World as one of the crueler Queens. :P

"The Break Up Tease" is also more of a Just A Little Scene than a full story. Weirdly, this was the first "Magic Lina" story, but focused on her break-up with her boy toy Ben, making this the last of the three stories chronologically.


The Weird But Exciting Scene

First posted as "LinaInverse" on the Orgasm Denial forums.

You know, this could be considered my first Just A Little Scene style post! This pretty well captures the idea of Sex Mage powers before I even came up with official concept.


Super Tease and Denial

This was my first erotic story posted online, under the SilkenBunny name, back in 2000 on the NTCWeb, then reposted in 2003 on the Orgasm Denial forums. It definitely isn’t as refined as my current stuff, but I feel it best to just post it as is.

The characters in this story are based on many of my early fantasy characters and sex powers concepts. The thorough reader of my stories and articles can probably see where some of these have been adapted into later works, not only in Sex Mage concepts, but in Civero and Jahi’s Invasion stories.

Friday, October 21, 2016

That Time I Was A Woman On The Internet

So, I’m going to do something I may very well end up regretting, but as a fire elemental, I suppose it’s only fitting I set my “career” aflame at some point. No time like the present, I suppose.

As I was putting together my Recommendations list, there’s one name I held off placing there. Long time readers on the Orgasm Denial forums may recall a certain female author who wrote stories of supernatural femdom quite similar to my own. One could even say she created the first true Sex Mage style character; Pancake even cited her as his other inspiration for his first Sex Powers story. This woman likewise mysteriously up and vanished right around the time I started posting on the OD forums. If you’re familiar with her work, then you probably have already guessed my confession: I was her.

I was Magic Lina.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sex Mage Sports

Traditional male sports went largely by the wayside once Sex Magic hit. Like for most famous males, Sex Magic from legions of female fans ended up being a nightmare. Too many famous athletes went missing or crazy from kidnappings and mass teasing, games that could get started were interfered with too often by spells from the audience, and even the beneficial effects of magic caused imbalances in performance ability. Male sports became yet another massive industry that went under with great speed.

Female sports faced a different sort of challenge, with female athletes often absorbing energy from admiring males causing them to massively increase their physical capability. In some cases, this was deliberate, but even for women who did not want to cheat that way, when surrounded by a whole stadium of admirers; they couldn’t help but soak in some of the ambient energy. As such, traditional sports among women’s leagues also became heavily lopsided in performance. Even in cases where all game participants just decided to soak in all the energy evenly, this resulted in a lot of broken equipment, or players holding back and thus not playing to their best performance.

After the formation of the Queendoms, and heavy restriction on international travel, most traditional sports are now limited almost exclusively to in-country teams, and most no longer have a professional circuit or leagues. Larger Queendoms may have enough cities and larger towns for each to host their own teams, but most no longer allow for actual careers in traditional sports.

Still, nothing unites a culture like sporting events, and especially with all the dark impact Sex Magic has had on the world, people needed some kind of unifying distraction more than ever. With traditional sports now greatly reduced in scope and range, new forms of professional competition have arisen that fully take advantage of Sex Magic’s many powers.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sex Mage World: At the End of the Tunnel

Now available here:

Sex Magic isn't easy for everyone to deal with. As fun as the power can be, for all its miraculous abilities, the Magic comes with consequences. From simple arguments over a man's role in the world, to a woman's conflict with her out of control powers, to the revelation of Sex Magic's sinister origins, those who struggle to live in the Sex Mage World must find new hope in the darkness.

This collection brings together two larger stories and four shorts, improved with better edits and a few small rewrites! The stories collected are:

-The First Megami
-The Escape
-The Argument

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sex Mage World: Digital Domination!

Six tales of Sex Magic, as seen through the lens of the Internet! One long story and five shorts, all in the form of messenger logs, transcripts, and forum posts, show the sexy, and scary, potential of this strange sensual power!

Collects the following stories:
-An Instant Messenger Story
-A Random Thread
-FapReport Tech Support
-Hard Gaming (reworked caption)
-Ex-Grinder Disappearance

While I was at it, I updated the cover, and the content of Naughty Mages & Erotic Espers, swapping out the Kat's Boytoy story for the Vampiress Threesome one. If you've already bought the book, you can just download the new version. If not, consider a purchase!

Likewise, Amy & Nikki has a new cover! The file is still the same, though, so no real need to download a new copy.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Centurions Universe Realm


The third major setting for my erotica takes place in what appears to be a fully-realized comic book reality, where superheroes with all sorts of back stories and powersets exist, and any number of crazy events take place. Initially conceived as a “generic” superhero world, similar to Marvel or DC, in reality, I never really fleshed it out at all, content with little snippets of stories that don’t even properly explain the setting.

In hindsight, I wish I’d picked something a lot less elaborate; the Centurions are designed for multiple levels of adventure, but basically start at “save an entire country” to “save the entire galaxy.” Now, if I want to keep doing superhero erotica, I’m kind of stuck with the Centurions, since I don’t want to have to re-establish yet another setting just for some more side-snippets.

Except, of course, I have not touched the Centurions in years anyway, and I realized that since I never really did explain anything about the setting, I realized the perfect way to fill the gaps. Why not just cheat with another set-up I already invented as an alternative setting for the Sex Mage World: what if the Centurions Universe isn’t a whole universe at all, but a Fae Lord Realm?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Queendoms

There was a brief time when people believed Sex Magic might unite the world into a global society of female rule, that the “compassion of the Fairer Sex” would lead to a peaceful co-existence, once the initial chaos of the magic died down. This proved to be a laughable conceit. In the wake of the Cascade Event, the world is more divided than ever before, dozens of new countries formed under the iron rule of the Megami Queens.

Each Queendom follows its own laws and ideals, as decided by the Queen, and enforced by her Archmage loyalists or by her own hand. Each Queen strives to make her country as self-sufficient as possible, while all agree to a global policy of non-interference with one another. At most, tenuous alliances are made and broken almost on whim, and only the threat of mutually assured destruction keeps the world at peace. Clashing ideologies guarantee that the varying cultures of the Queendoms cannot peacefully co-exist, and so the Queens largely keep their subjects contained and controlled within their borders.

Some believe the Queens are simply power-mad, and perhaps some are. But even the most altruistic and compassionate of the Queens knows that in a Sex Mage World, subjugation is ultimately better than the alternative, at least for now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The club was dim and loud and smoky, just like Gita liked it. She smiled as she stepped in time to the deep bass techno beat that thrummed through the whole structure. All around her, the flow of beautiful and lithe young men and women, dressed to kill, gyrating and swaying to the beat, filled the air with a sensual energy. Although every cock in the club was rock hard and every woman flush with warmth, the atmosphere was not necessarily purely sexual, just folks escaping the pressures of the world through music and movement, losing themselves to the rhythm and flow. Of course, such a club was also a great place to go and meet a fling.

In the Sex Mage World, any woman could snatch up any man with almost a mere thought, but in the Cosway Queendom in the former Indonesia, such barbaric notions were kept in moderation. Women were free to tease at will, of course, but only to a point. They didn’t just grab men willy-nilly, and haul them to bed without consent. However, fifteen years of Sex Magic had eased men into the idea of being open for women’s pleasure and use on whim. Still, if industry and society were to continue, men couldn’t just be snatched up at a moment’s notice, whatever they were in the middle of. To strike a balance between society maintaining its relative fairness and stability, and satiating the sensual sadism that the Magic coaxed, places like the clubs had made good business providing such a “hunting ground” for pleasure on the citizen’s own terms. Here, any man was ripe for picking, so long as they were not already being claimed.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ex-Grinder Disappearance

Case Name: E.G.D. - Ex-Grinder Disappearance

Status: Unsolved

Summary: Ex-Grinder was founded on September 13, 3 G.E. (2013 A.D.). The site was spun off of the FapReport community, and often linked to that site, as well as humiliation videos on MageTube. The theme of the site was for women to talk about, and give advice on, using their magic to get revenge on ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. Eventually this expanded to men in general who they felt had wronged them. The site also included tips for keeping one’s current man in line.

Attempts were made to have the site shut down for promoting excess cruelty and criminal activity, but the site’s owner and servers were stationed in an early Queendom, outside the jurisdiction of most other countrie. The site was blocked and blacklisted in over a hundred countries, but getting around this block through proxy servers and via the “deep web” was easy enough.

On May 29, 7 G.E. (2017 A.D.), the Ex-Grinder website vanished. None of the posters who frequented the site have come forward to offer an explanation. Moreover, it seems the only posters who have admitted to using the site had already quit doing so well before the shut down, and thus have no idea of the cause.

On October 17, 13 G.E (2023 A.D.), a server was found in the basement of a condemned building in the Rutalca Queendom in Africa. The server held the entire archive of the Ex-Grinder website, and is thought to be the original hosting device.

This is the final thread of the archive.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Tyrga walked slowly through the book store, patiently waiting for his charge to finish her shopping. The young lady he was escorting was off in the comic book section, lost in her reading as she skimmed through various graphic novels to buy. Tyrga wasn’t much into comics himself, and so he stayed where he could keep an eye on her, but skimmed the shelves around him to see if there were any books of interest. He wasn’t much of a reader of normal books, either, frankly.
Still, as he searched, his gaze fell upon a small section containing Demihuman literature. Tyrga’s eyebrow’s raised at that. It was the only set of shelves to feature such books, and some of them were even written in High Zoan, the “common” Demihuman language. It was nice to see such things; Demihuman art was rarely promoted in stores.
Tyrga skimmed the titles on the shelves. Most were autobiographies, telling of Demihumans who had struggled through the harrowing conditions of the Forbidden Continent, before being rescued by humans, only to then live as servants to the humans. Tyrga had read enough of those growing up. While they could be inspiring, after a while, they all ended up following the same formula, and more than a few of them were overall depressing reads. Tyrga did notice a couple fantasy novels, but he wasn’t really interested in those things. He was about to give up and turn back to skimming other works, when one title caught his eye.
Demi-Love: A Guide to Cross-Species Relations. Tyrga’s eyebrows raised again. What was this now? He picked up the book. The title was in gold, curvy script, overlaying a cover which depicted an artfully shaded photograph of a nude couple. The woman was a human leaning back against her partner, with one arm raised to cup his cheek while she leaned back for a kiss, another extended back to grasp his buttocks. The man, however, was a Rouccuan, a catlike Demihuman just like Tyrga himself. The Rouccuan hugged the human from behind, pressing his front against her back. One arm was wrapped over her breasts, while the other slid down her belly, the hand covering her sex. His tail curled around her thighs, as he leaned his head over her shoulder to kiss her.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The First Megami

Devika Sai’s eyes snapped open. A moment ago, she had been deep asleep, but something had awoken her. For a moment, she wondered if her alarm had gone off somehow, but a glance at the clock told her it was 3:00 am, a few hours too early. She wondered if there had been a loud noise just now, if it had ended the moment she’d awakened. Perhaps a peel of thunder? She paused and listened. She didn’t hear any rain. But she could hear… something…

With a soft sigh, she sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes with one hand, then pulling her blanket back. She squinted in the dark, going off the soft glow of a green night light to get her bearings.

She felt like someone was in the room. Had someone come in? Her door was closed. She glanced around. She didn’t see anyone, nor did she hear anyone moving or breathing. But she could hear something… she could feel like there was something…

What the heck was that sound? A sort of low hum, like a tuning fork going off, but it didn’t quite seem like she was really hearing it. More like a ringing in her ear, but so low you couldn’t tell if you were actually hearing or just imagining. She glanced around, focusing on the sound, trying to determine its source.

As soon as she did, she felt a notion to look towards the wall. As soon as she did, an image bloomed in her mind. She could “see” her father lying down in his bed, softly snoring, her mother curled up against him. But the most distinct detail she could sense was that she somehow knew her father had an erection.

His penis was hard and it was making that humming noise she could almost hear. She realized the sound was inside her head. And as she focused on it, the little window in her mind showing her father, zoomed in on his cock, x-raying through the sheets and clothes and presenting his full manhood to her mind’s eye.

Devika jumped, leaping out of bed, landing on her feet, and staring open mouthed at the wall, jerking back in instinctive revulsion at a cock, her father’s cock no less, being mentally shoved in her face. But she realized that her earlier sense that someone was in her room wasn’t wholly accurate, just that she had a feeling someone was nearby. She was sensing her father’s presence, on the other side of the wall; sensing him through his… penis…

Devika swallowed. Sex Magic. She had Sex Magic! But… but that was impossible! She had just turned eighteen only yesterday! Sex Magic wasn’t suppose to develop in a young woman until she was nineteen the earliest! Many didn’t even get the power until they turned twenty! True, she’d heard there was the occasional early bloomer, who might get the power shortly before they turned nineteen, but even the earliest she’d ever heard about was eighteen years and ten months.

Nude For School

As Jet walked up the steps to school, he hung his head, flushed with embarrassment. All around him, students gawked and did double-takes. “Dude! What the fuck?! Oh my God! No way! Forget something? The hell is wrong with you? Oh my god, is he serious?” and other such exclamations sounded around him, punctuated by laughter, grunts of disgust, or the rapid clicking of camera phones.
Jet, eighteen year old student, was walking to school wearing nothing but his backpack and his utter shame. He didn’t bother to try to protect his dignity by carrying his backpack in front of himself. He wasn’t even wearing shoes, which meant walking carefully on the ground. At least this gave him an excuse to keep his eyes firmly planted on his feet. But avoiding looking at anyone didn’t stop him from hearing every comment. And the worst part was, his cock was hard and wagging before him, waving to everyone merrily, like a morning wood that refused to quit.
Stepping into the building quickly as he could, Jet made his way to his locker, and couldn’t avoid looking up to see where he was going. The expression on everyone’s faces left him red as a tomato, guys making exaggerated displays of reeling back and turning their heads, girls half-turning, but still looking, covering their mouths to hide their huge grins and chuckles. More cameras went off as he proceeded. At least one girl was clearly recording a video. Jet could only swallow hard, grimace, and keep walking forward. His walking became slightly jerky as the humiliation built and built, making him shiver. He spotted the bathroom and immediately wanted to run inside and hide there all day. But he knew there wasn’t a point.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Queen Jenny's Touch

I can feel you approaching long before I see you. As a Queen Megami, your aura of sexual power is naturally immense. Without even casting spells, every penis goes hard within a mile of your presence. Even women grow wet around you. The bodies of your citizens automatically acknowledge the authority and power you have over them. With just a tiny notion, you could have every person in your country similarly hard or wet, and you sometimes amuse yourself doing just that at random intervals. Everyone knows when this happens they are to stop what they are doing and pray to you.

My body, however, is especially attuned to you. Within the borders of your country, I am always diamond hard, so hard it hurts. In the seven years since you have taken over the land, I have never had a single orgasm, only clusters of soul-crushing edges. And whenever you approach me physically, the pressure intensifies until I can barely form thoughts. All our exchanges are from you speaking, and me thinking, with you reading my mind.

Men in your Queendom already have it rough, being constantly teased and denied to empower the women of your country. Even the sweetest of mistresses will send their man to “work” as energy generators all day, then tease him all night to refresh themselves. The luckiest men get the occasional break and releases between shifts. The rest, however, suffer endlessly and exquisitely.

I suppose I could be considered lucky, in a way, and unlucky in others. To be chosen as the Queen’s personal toy is quite an honor. The honor, however, comes at the cost of sanity. So cruelly you treat you toys, breaking them to pieces, then threading them back together just so you can break them again. Any other Sex Mage would have failed to fix me after so much trauma, but your miraculous Megami powers have not yet found that limit. No matter what you do, no matter how thoroughly I am crushed, you always manage to piece me back together, so you can tear me apart again.

You enter the room where you’ve kept me ever since I was picked. I have no idea what you see in me, but I seem to bring you endless amusement. You step into the room and smile at me. From my corner where I cower, I gasp, my body surging. My cock cannot possibly get any harder physically, and yet all the blood tries to rush straight in my organ. Lightning sensations shoot through every nerve in my body, and my whole body jerks, hip-first, towards you, instantly trying to cum, instantly crushed against the edge of your indomitable will. I open my mouth to scream, but I have no breath.

Your smile widens as you slip off your dress, exposing your perfect nakedness to me. That’s all it takes for the pressure to red-line, and I already start to go comatose. Your power doesn’t let me, however, your will forcing me awake to enjoy every agonizing moment of your sexual omnipotence. You take a step toward me, then another, slowly prowling forward like a jungle cat towards a mouse, playfully enjoying the overwhelming, growing terror your sheer presence brings. Every step spikes the pressure and sensations up another notch. By the time you are near enough to touch me, I am literally dying from the sheer sensation overload, with only your power keeping me alive.

Then you reach out to touch me, and my world goes white, and I know nothing more than pure, endless, sexual agony. The space of years passes with every second, Even your power cannot keep me from reaching a headspace where the sensations and pressure are too immense for my feeble mortal brain to comprehend. I have no idea how long you use my body for you pleasure, enraptured by the energy of my suffering, and the sheer joy of your sadistic urges. It feels like eternity within you.

Eventually, something gives, and I feel the pressure and sensations abate. I come slowly aware, shivering and weeping on the floor. The first thing I can comprehend when my senses can focus again is that I’m laying on the floor of my room again. I can’t tell if mere minutes have passed, or days, or months, or years. You’ve kept me in this windowless dungeon with no way to tell the passage of time, and your magic warping my perception of such anyway. You could have kept me here for only a month, or it could already have been decades. All I know to gauge anything is the number of times you’ve visited me, and I’ve already lost track. All I can do is try to recover, and brace myself for you next visit, for the next blessed touch of my Queen.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Midnight Bliss

It was well past midnight when Paul was suddenly jolted from his sleep by an intense erection. He tossed and turned for a moment, then made a sharp grunt as his eyes snapped open. His hips jerked as he felt his cock, already semi-hard, snap to full attention, then grow even stiffer.

“AH!” he gasped as his cock grew so tense, it hurt! Then it kept getting tenser! “Aaah, fuck! What the...?”

Next to him, his wife Janey stirred, roused by both his movements and voice, as well as the intensity of his erection, which hummed in her mind like a high pitched tuning fork. “Mmmm whuh?” she yawned, “Wa’zrong, hun?”

“What do you think?!” he hissed. He motioned down to himself, yanking the covers away to reveal his tortured rod. Rather than feel freeing, the tension just seemed to increase even more! “Aaaah, fuck! my cock! God, it's hard!” 

Saturday, July 9, 2016


I can just imagine what sort of silly clickbait articles would be popping up in the early years of Sex Magic. Something like this came to mind...

7 Ways You’re Thinking About Sex Magic Wrong!

#1 – His semen is the key to his sanity… breaking it, that is!
Guys need to cum. No, you don’t understand, they need to cum. It’s the way they were designed. It’s why they think about sex all the time. Their bodies keep producing that thick, white goo and they have to get rid of, like a cow needs to get rid of its milk. If a guy doesn’t release his semen, he will go crazy. Fortunately, the crazier he gets, the more subservient he gets when he realizes that you are the only one who can release his seed for him!

Ladies, you absolutely must learn the Orgasm Block spell. If you only ever learn one spell in your life, it should be this one. It’s one of the easiest to learn and simplest to use. Just practice on a guy a few times, and you’ll be placing them like a pro! And when a man in your life is completely powerless to release the crazy juice boiling in his balls, he will treat you like an absolute Goddess if you so much as hint that you might, maybe, some day think about helping him ejaculate.

You should let him, once in a while, for very good behavior. But never too much. You can always find little excuses here and there to extend his release times, if you feel he’s getting spoiled.

#2 – His penis can only get so hard, but there’s no limit to his tension!
On an erection intensity scale of 1 to 10, his penis tops out at 3, maybe 4 is he’s really huge. Unless you use the magic to warp his body, the penis literally cannot get any stiffer, cannot get any fuller with blood. If it did, it would probably burst like an overfilled tire! Thankfully, Sex Magic will never let that happen.

Even more thankfully? Magic doesn’t care if his cock can’t get any harder. It’ll make him feel harder, feel all the more tense, until his whole body is shivering and his penis is literally vibrating to shake off some of the tension. Even if his cock can only reach a 3 in tension, his libido can go all the way to 10, and beyond! Dial up to 11? Fuck, that’s just foreplay. Dial that fucker up to 100!

Remember that the more tense he is, the more amazing the desperate lust energy he gives off feels. Keep going until his brain fries and there’s so much energy flying off him that you can’t even stand near him without cumming your brains out! Don’t worry about overdoing it, the Magic will recover him, so don’t hold back!

#3 – It’s not cheating as long as he doesn’t cum!
Most guys fantasize about being lord of their personal harem, with several girls clamoring for his cock. In reality, a lot of guys are loyal, and really only want that one special woman. And in a world of Sex Mages, it’s very easy for all the good guys to get snatched up by the competition! What’s a horny girl to do when her best friend already has that really cute boy she likes on a leash?

Fuck with him anyway! In a world of Sex Magic, all the old rules are off! Women share and swap and pull pranks all the time. Sex is so open, it’s pretty much impossible not to screw around with multiple people. But there should still be some standards. And these days, a man shows his loyalty to a woman by making sure she’s the only one he cums for. As long as you remember this, then there’s no problem! Play with the poor bastard all you like! Just don’t let him pop, and your girlfriends will understand. Just don’t be surprised when they return the favor on your own boy toy! ; )

#4 – His penis is your friend, and his enemy!
It may be attached to him, but trust us, his penis is on your side. It wants you to play with it, all the time, forever. It wants to please you any way you wish. It will always side with you and betray him. Take advantage of this, and remind him of it, every time he tries to act tough. The penis practically has a mind of its own, and this is one of the most frustrating and potentially humiliating things about being a guy. Any time you’re seducing a man or arguing with him, the fight will always be two against one, you and his penis versus his rational mind. Even without your Magic, the deck is already stacked in your favor. The Magic just makes it that much more overwhelming for him!

Any time you’re arguing or debating or even just can’t agree on something trivial, use your Magic to coax his penis for a little backup! It will always be eager to lend an assist!

#5 – You can never, ever get caught if you don’t want to!
Sex Magic is naturally a completely anonymous power! Unless you make a point to tell him, a guy has no real way of knowing what woman is playing with him. Better yet, with the exception of extremely rare Special Abilities, other women can’t sense where each other’s spells are coming from. This means you can do anything you want to a guy completely without repercussions, so long as you don’t reveal it’s you.

Want to tease your neighbor into insanity, but you’re afraid of what his wife will do if she finds out? Do it without fear! Play with that cock until he’s crying for mercy, all from the comfort of your own home, or office, or wherever! Hell, make him cum if you want. Let his wife fume over it. As long as you don’t admit it, even if they happen to suspect you, they’ve got no proof. Go hog wild!

Heck, some wives and girlfriends and mistresses even have fun with their boys by playing with them all day long, yet feigning innocence, scolding him for suspecting her. It drives men almost as crazy as the spells themselves!

#6 – Punish him for everything!
Never, ever, ever give him a break. Keep his head spinning. Punish him if he breaks a rule, even if you’re the one who makes him break it! Punish him for rules you just made up on the spot. Heck, punish him for being so good you don’t have anything to punish him for!

Make your rules up to interpretation. Never tell him things plainly. His head is already foggy with lust, keep him confused so he’s bound to screw something up (as long as it’s something that isn’t too much of a bother for you, of course).

Or, hell, just punish him because you feel like being mean, don’t even tell him why, then laugh as he struggles to figure it out. The only time you should ever show mercy is when you’re building anticipation for the next punishment!

#7 – He can never win. Ever. No, seriously, not ever!
You are a Goddess. Literally. You control supernatural powers. He is just a man. Men are ruled by their cocks. And your power gives you absolute control over those cocks. The only chance he will ever have is your own sense of fair play and mercy. Don’t have one? Well, that’s just tough… for him! For you? All the fun in the world!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

FapReport Tech Support Transcript

TS: FapReport Tech Support, how can I help you?
Cust: Take down my profile!
TS: Sir, this line is for women only. If you want help with our male department, you--
Cust: That option just puts me on hold forever! I was on there for three hours!
TS: *giggle* Wow, most guys get the joke within two hours!
Cust: You think this is funny?! Your website is a huge violation of privacy!
TS: Well, sir, we at FapReport don't really think so. See, now that all women have Sex Magic, your sexual thoughts and memories are a complete open book to any woman who wants to take a peek in your pervy little mind. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself for being born with a dick and balls.
Cust: You can't just abuse your powers like this!
TS: The power begs to differ, Henry Stevenson.
Cust: Wh-what? I didn't tell you my name yet? Are you using your powers?!
TS: No, just the Caller ID function on my computer. But thank you for confirming. Now, let's see this profile of yours...
Cust: No, don't look at it!
TS: Oh, goodness. It says here that you like it when a girl finger fucks your asshole. You fucked an apple pie once because you saw it in a movie. You fantasize about your old grade school teacher slapping your balls with a yardstick. You used to steal your sister’s panties to sniff them. And your mothers!
Cust: I never stole my mother's panties! That's a lie!
TS: But you did steal your sister’s?
Cust: I--! N-no! Why would you even believe that?!
TS: Because it’s true, isn’t it?
Cust: You don’t know that! You can’t know that!
TS: Actually, sir… I think I’m getting a pretty good sense of who you are from this profile. There’s even pictures. If I focus on your image, and these fantasies, and I cast my senses in the general direction of the address on the ID… yes… yes, I think… ah. There you are Henry. Or do you prefer Hank?
Cust: You can’t sense me! That’s impossible! We’ve never met!
TS: That’s one of the beauties of FapReport, sir. A woman doesn’t even have to have met with or played with a man to get a sense of him. It’s difficult to make contact at first, but if he’s within their natural range limit, she can sometimes make a connection if she tries real hard. Me, I’ve done this hundreds of times, so I’m a pro at finding men. Of course, it helps when a pervert like you already has a throbbing hard-on when they call me. This is turning you on, isn’t it?
Cust: No! I hate your website!
TS: Liar. The thought of even women you’ve never met before, who didn’t even know you existed, now knowing all your dirty secrets and giggling over them is quite arousing for you.
Cust: Y-y-you’re the one lying! You’re just messing with my head!
TS: Do you feel a tongue on your shaft?
Cust: Ah! Yes!
TS: You feel a hand on your balls?
Cust: Yes! No! You can’t be--!
TS: How about a finger wriggling in your rectum?
Cust: Ahh!
TS: Do you believe me now?
Cust: Aaaaah! St-stop! Stop!
TS: *giggle* Goodness, you are tense! No wonder you’re already hard. When did you last empty those? Wait, hold on, your profile should say. Oh, wow, back in August? That was four months ago! No wait, August of last year? Hahahaha!
Cust: St-stop laughing! My balls are killing me, my cock is always hard, and your fucking website keeps encouraging girls to send little tease spells and dirty notes to me every day! Please, remove my profile! I can’t stand it anymore!
TS: Well, for one thing, sir, as a male, what you want is irrelevant. Our website exists for women’s fun and amusement, and if you don’t like it, too bad. You shouldn’t have been born a guy. For another, even if we did remove it, I have no doubt some of your “secret admirers” would just make another one. You’ve got an above average amount of followers.
Cust: I’ve got followers?
TS: Yes. You can’t see the number unless you’re logged in. Of course, very few men are allowed to edit their own profile, for obvious reasons. Anyway, you’ve got at least three thousand followers on here. I guarantee if I deleted your profile, at least a few of them would recreate it before the end of the day
Cust: Can’t you block my name from being used or something?
TS: Well, that wouldn’t be fair to all the other Henry Stevensons out there, now would it? And anyway, it’s not like they couldn’t remake the profile under another name or something.
Cust: So you won’t do anything?
TS: No.
Cust: Fucking cunt! You fuck--AAAH!!!
TS: Ooooh, hot sauce up the bum! I do that sensation to my boyfriend whenever he gets smart with me!
Cust: AAAAHH!!! You bitch, you cunt, I’ll fucking sue you!
TS: Yeah, good luck with that. The world doesn’t belong to your good-old-boy patriarchy anymore. It’s women’s turn to have their fun!
Cust: I’ll fucking kill you!
TS: Oh my! You know what? Just for that, I’m putting a five-day Open Season on your profile.
Cust: W-what the fuck does that mean?!
TS: Open Season is an invitation for every woman who wants to unload her strongest teasing spells on the guy in the profile. You’ve got over three thousand followers. I’m sure at least half of them are in range, or know someone in range, and have already connected to your penis before. Imagine a thousand women attacking your dick at once, without restraint, for five whole days. That’s what’s going to happen to you when I click this button.
Cust: No! Wait! Please! I’m sorry!
TS: Are you? Are you really?
Cust: Yes! I’m sorry! I’m sorry I wasted your time! I’m sorry I threatened you! I was out of line! I’m just going out of my mind here, and I’m so humiliated, and—
TS: So, you’ve learned your lesson? That women, and their fun, aren’t to be fucked with?
Cust: Yes! Yes, I swear!
TS: I’m very glad to hear it. You have a nice week, sir.
Cust: Okay… thank you… *click*
[Call Disconnected]
TS: Hahahahaha! Oh, man. Hey, did you guys hear all that? Hilarious, right?
TS: Hmm? You really think I should? I mean, he was pretty bent out of shape, but…
TS: Yeah, you’re right, he was a dickhead. Fuck ‘em! Literally!
[Enable Open Season?  Yes/No]
[Yes] *click*

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Stranger (Incomplete)

Author’s Note – Forward: So, this is the first couple chapters of a story I started writing back in 2011 or maybe early 2012, back when Civero was still my main setting, and the Sex Mage World was still new. I’ve gone back and touched it up once or twice in the years since, but never was able to figure out a good way to make it work out, and eventually, I just decided I didn’t really like where it was going. I figure after about five years, I may as well call it dead. But you know me, I hate letting effort go to waste, so here’s another incomplete story from the Scraps Folder. I’ll have more notes after it ends.

The dark-haired young man came in close to 3 a.m., just an hour before Casey Brightwell’s shift ended. He looked nervous and a little confused, but seemed also relieved as he stepped through the door. He was a bit underdressed for the weather, only a tee-shirt, jeans, and a flannel overshirt, despite the fact that there was at least a heavy jacket’s worth of chill outside. He took a seat at the end of the counter, and let out a long breath.

Casey smiled warmly at him. “Howdy, stranger,” she said with a wink. “You look like you’ve got yourself a little turned around.”

“Really?” he said.

Casey shrugged. “Well, you know, only diner around for miles, we get some folks who get lost in the middle of the night. Would you like a coffee?”

“That would be great, thanks,” he said. He spoke fluent English, but there was an odd accent to his voice that Casey couldn’t place.

“I didn’t see you pull up,” said Casey, fetching the pot and a mug. “Did you break down out there?”

The man opened his mouth to say something, then closed it, hesitating. “Where am I?” he finally said.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dellissa's World: The Sex Mage Island

Edited from a Topographical Map of Stewart Island

The Setting
One of the possible origin ideas I had for the Sex Mage World was the idea that the whole thing is an advanced Simulation, that the Sex Mage World that is inherently “fake” even within its own universe. Only a small percentage of people within the Simulation are real, with the rest being pantomime people running through pre-set programs. Something like this could easily be done using the Fae Realm aspect of the World of Civero setting. So, as a little thought-experiment on the SMW setting, this idea proposes that the Sex Mage World is really a pocket dimension formed by an erotically-minded Fae.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


The front door burst open and slammed shut, and nineteen year old Katie all but stormed into the living room, throwing herself dramatically against the recliner. Claire, her mother, raised an eyebrow at her as she sipped her afternoon tea.

“What happened this time, dear?” she said.

“My holiday is ruined!” Katie wailed.

“You mean to Bournemouth?” said Claire with a frown.


“Goodness, what happened?”

“Tiffany can’t go because of some family emergency, she wouldn’t say what. I mean, I hope it’s not serious. But then, because Tiffany isn’t going, Gwen isn’t going. Patty isn’t going without her sister, so that just leaves me and Peggy, we don’t want to go with just to two of us, so the whole trip’s canceled!”

Claire’s frown deepened a little. “Oh, gosh. That’s a shame.”

“Guess I’ll be hanging around here all week, just like last year.” Katie pouted and huffed in her chair.

“Well, my trip is still on,” said Claire. “I’d invite you, but I don’t know if you really want to hang out with a gaggle of old ladies.” She chuckled. “Although, if I do say so myself, I’m pretty sure no one would guess I’m your mother, instead of your barely older sister.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “Ugh. No thank you. I’ve done enough museum tours. You might look twenty, but you and your friends still have boring old-people hobbies.”

Claire laughed cheerfully. “Oh, honey. We get up to some naughty things after sunset.”

“I rather do naughty things any time of day!” said Katie, smirking.

“And that’s why you young folk get so bored so quick. You have no sense of restraint or proper pacing.”

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sex Mage Shenanigans: A Gamebook Adventure!

So as something of a test run, I've slapped together a quick "Choose You Own Adventure" style interactive Sex Mage story! You play a young man who wakes up one Saturday with aching balls, and you just have to find a way to empty them!

The overall game is short, with quick scenarios, such as getting involved in a Boyboarding Race, going to a Rock Party, and being a Test Boy for your sister's friend. As mentioned, this is a first effort just to get the feel for the program and see what I can do, so it's not a stellar experience, but you might find it fun to try out!


I have converted the game program into an ebook document! Now, you don't need the Quest program to read/play it!

You can find the book for free on my Smashwords page:

The best format to use is PDF, Mobi, or Epub, as those allow the use of internal hyperlinks.

Have fun, and let me know what you think!

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Escape

Paulo took a deep draw on his cigarette as he stared out over the blue horizon. Standing at the edge of the long, wooden pier, he listened to the gentle rush of the waves, along with the thunking of many small rowboats. Every sea-worthy vessel was tied.

He heard the familiar footfalls of Marcus coming up behind him, followed by the pattering of smaller feet. Paulo took a final puff of his cigarette, then tossed it out into the water. The butt hissed briefly, before a fish swam up and sucked it into its mouth. Paulo watched it go, wondering if the thing would swallow and choke on it, or if it would have the sense to spit it out.

“It’s a no go,” said Marcus, in smooth Portuguese. “Senegal has sealed its boarders, and that means The Gambia is cut off as well. They’ve got a marine blockade up, just past the horizon. Everyone’s fenced in; anyone caught more than two miles out to sea will be detained and forced to shore, on threat of death. Going to be hell on the fishermen.”

Paulo mulled this over, then turned to his friend. Both men were swarthy, dressed in white slacks and shirts, sunglasses and straw hats with wide brims to help fend off the sun. Both also wore backpacks, holding all their belongings. With the way things were going, pickpockets and swindlers were being particularly bold in their efforts. Both men didn’t dare leave their packs unattended.

“No planes?” said Paulo.

“Everyone’s grounded,” he said. “Assuming we could even make it to an airport, the military still has them all locked down.” He sighed.

Sex Mage World: Alternate Endings

We have seen several ways the Sex Mage World may have begun. Now, let us explore how it may end.

As I described in my SMW Origins article, I like to keep the greater canon of the Sex Mage World loose and unofficial. The real point of the Sex Mage World is in seeing all the delightfully evil ways Sex Magic gets used and how society has to adapt to the power being there, as opposed to focusing on the greater cosmic meta-plot of where the power came from and what its greater purpose is.

That said, some readers are curious to know what happens later in the timeline. Most such queries are usually followed by desires that I somehow implement a way to force the scales of powers to tip back into balance, give men immunity to the magic, or take the power away from the women somehow. I’d say they’re completely missing the point of the Sex Mage World, but hey, whatever turns your crank.

Still, how does the Sex Mage World end? Surely, the anomalous power of Sex Magic can’t just stick around forever. It came in a flash and could be gone in a flash. Or, if it did stick around, there’s no way human society will still resemble the one we know in a million years, will it? So, what future are we looking at here? Well, here’s a few possibilities:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

JALS: Comic Throb

The little bell on the door jingled, as a petite teen girl with mouse-brown hair entered the little comic/game store. Frank, the young man behind the counter, blanched at the site of her. The other customers, four guys playing a card game at the back table, and a middle-aged man sifting through the long box of comics, glanced up and almost did a double-take, then nervously went back to their game and comics.

The girl smiled sweetly at Frank, saying, “Hi! I don’t suppose you kept up with my pull box, huh?”

Frank sighed. “I told you to get lost, Julia. Nobody wants you here. This is a guy-zone.”

Julia smiled slightly at him. “Now, is that any way to treat a customer?”

Frank opened his mouth to retorted, but instead gasped as he felt a sudden jolt in his loins. Out of no where, his penis began to erect. He blinked and looked down at himself, then back up at Julia, who was already making her way to the display shelves to check the new releases of the comics. She tapped her chin in thought as she gazed over the titles, before pulling a couple issues of the Centurions and the Phantom Five, then seeing what else stood out to her.

She looked back over her shoulder, saying, “I should be making you fetch these for me. You were supposed to keep up with my pulls.”

“You got kicked out!” said Frank. He squirmed behind the counter. His cock was steely hard now, painfully tenting his pants, but he didn’t dare adjust himself in view of Julia. Instead he leaned forward and crouched slightly behind the counter, to try and hide the tenting.

Julia shrugged, then turned back to the books, and Frank took the moment to try and adjust himself, pushing his cock so that it throbbed against his stomach, held in place by the waistband of his jeans. However, instead of easing his discomfort, his cock seemed only to get more tense, becoming almost painfully hard. He was having a Hard Attack! Some woman was using Sex Magic to force an unnaturally tense erection on him!

Over by the card table, a couple of the guys shifted uncomfortably as well, obviously dealing with sudden erections of their own. The guy at the long boxes blushed and crouched down, ostensibly to check the lower shelf of boxes, but no doubt to hide his own sudden erection.

Julia turned back to Frank and stepped up to the counter. Frank let out a gasp as his erection intensified with every step closer she took. Frank’s eyes bugged out as he put two-and-two together. It was her!

“You know, I still don’t think that was fair, you kicking me out like that,” she said. “Just because I kept mopping the floor with you nerds at Magic and YuGiOh.” Over at the table, a couple of the card players grunted, and one dropped his cards with a gasp, gripping the edge of the table. “And okay, I know I used to butt into your dumb little comic book ‘who would win’ debates, but I just wanted to join in the fun.”

Frank let out a small groan as he felt a building sensation of tingles flowing over his cock, and a horribly intense compulsion to start jerking off. His cock wanted to be touched. It had to be touched! He was going to go crazy if he didn’t touch it! He held the edge of the counter in a death grip, refusing to give the girl the satisfaction of trying.

“J-j-julia! You’re… you can’t…”

“Hmmm? Oh, right. My Sex Magic. I just got it a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool, huh?”

“You’re like a sophomore in High School!” Frank gasped. “How could you have it?!”

Julia laughed. “I’m a senior, idiot! And I got held back a year in grade school. I turned nineteen a couple months ago!”

Frank gawked at her, or tried to, even as his face scrunched into the grimace of need. His cock clenched in his pants as the tingles increased, tickling every nerve. He was so aroused, the slightest touch to his cock would probably make him blow his load!

“I’ll take it as a compliment on my youthful looks, I suppose,” said Julia, setting her comics down on the counter.

One of the guys at the card table let out a whimper, and lost control of himself. Brazenly, he held the edge of the table and rhythmically pressed his crotch against the edge, humping it. The other three, unable to concentrate on the game anymore, just flushed crimson and looked away. Julia smiled sympathetically towards them.

“Poor nerds,” she said, loud enough for them to hear. “You so rarely get a chance for relief, don’t you? All the mean bitches in your lives think it’s funny to keep you locked up, and mock you for being fat or too skinny for a guy or just dorky looking.”

All four guys let out yelps as Julia extended her power to all of them. All four bucked in their seats as her magical thoughts caressed their delicate, needy manhoods. In just seconds, all four guys let out squeals and grunts as their cocks jerked under their clothes, and they came like fire hoses. Huge stains bloomed from the crotches of their shorts, and after several more seconds, the guys sagged back in their seats, trying to catch their breath.

“You owe me a game or three for that, boys!” said Julia with a laugh. The guys nodded, one of them giving her a thumbs up.

Julia than glanced at the middle aged guy still crouched near the bottom shelf of long boxes. He gave her a pleading look. “Please… I can’t… my wife…”

Julia blinked, then put a hand to her mouth and her eyes widened a little. “Oh! Oh, of course, I’m sorry.” She winked at him, and the man let out a sigh of relief as she pulled away her magic influence, letting his cock soften.

Instead she funneled all the magic towards Frank, invisible, irresistible energy beaming straight from her pussy into his cock. Frank out a girly whimper and fell to his knees as his cock became so tense, it began to vibrate in his pants. The tingles, the tension, the sheer need to be touched, all became so intense that his body couldn’t take it anymore. Just from sheer arousal, he attempted to cum.

But Julia didn’t let him. Just as her power flooded his nerves, she had pinched off the reflex that allowed him release, blocking his orgasm. Frank bucked and gasped, falling forward onto his hands and knees in the small space behind the counter, humping the air.

Julia leaned over the counter, and scanned in her purchases, then used the register herself, paying cash. Grabbing a bag, she slid her comics inside and gave Frank a bemused look. “I expect my pull box to be up to date next time I come by.”

“You… can’t… aaaah!“ Frank cried out as the tension somehow, impossibly, increased! He collapsed fully onto the floor, grinding his cock against the ground.

“Look, I get it, you were just pissed a girl kept showing you up at your own geek hobbies,” she said. “And I know I was a little obnoxious last time, but I’ll cool it if you let me come back without an argument again, okay?”

Frank just groaned an attempt at a cuss word.

“What was that, little boy?”

Frank could barely form the words, between both the exertion of his humping, and the sheer tension taking his breath away. “F-f-fu-fuck—AAH!—F-fine! Okay!”

“Excellent,” she said with a smile. All at once, she shut off the magic, leaving Frank to gasp and twitched, momentarily stunned from the sudden absence. She left the store, giving a small smile and a wave to the other customers.

Frank managed to get back onto his feet, taking several minutes to try and calm himself. His erection, although no longer painfully intense, stubbornly refused to quit. The guys at the card table were taking turns going into the bathroom to try and clean up at little. As the middle aged guy came up to the counter.

Frank scanned his purchases, red faced, and the man obligingly didn’t look him in the eye. He did, however, break the awkward silence, saying, “So, ah, you really kicked her out? I wondered why she wasn’t around the last few months.”

“She was being a little bitch,” muttered Frank. “Driving off customers.”

“If you say so,” said the man.

Frank’s erection still throbbed. Had she made it permanent, or was he still just so turned on by how she’d just manhandled him with her mere thoughts? God, he’d been jacking off to thoughts of her for weeks! Did she know? She had to know! Bad enough she beat him at every card game and always made him look like an idiot at comic trivia, it just wasn’t fair that a girl that fucking cute was so good at those things!

As the drawer of the register popped open for him to take the other man’s cash, Frank noticed a paper note had been slipped on top of the twenties. He quickly finished the transaction, and as the man left the store, he read the note:

I’ve blocked your orgasm and given you a permanent stiffy. If you want to fix that, give me a call tonight. If you can beat me at a little trivia, I’ll release both those conditions, and you can jack off to thoughts of me all you like. If not, well, there’s all sorts of other games we can try. – Julia

Frank swallowed hard and his cock throbbed. He was going to have to brush up on his comic knowledge and fast.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Resisting Is Futile

Devin swallowed nervously as he heard his phone beep in his pocket. He checked it and almost cursed. Jecky hadn’t forgotten.

Come upstairs! The party’s started! the text read.

Devin sighed and quickly typed: That’s okay, I’m not feeling that well.

You liar. I told you, you need to get out more! Jecky typed back. Come on up and join the fun!

You know I hate those kinds of parties, he responded.

But I like parties, and I want you here. :(   Devin was about to type another response, when he felt something stir in his loins. He let out a small gasp as his penis grew hard. Not just hard, but throbbing. He felt an overwhelming need to touch himself, but he resisted. His phone beeped again: If you come upstairs, I can take care of that for you.

Devin cursed softly. He felt another glimmer of magic, and his cock flexed hard in his shorts, the tension increasing. His heartbeat quickened as his blood rushed to his organ, filling it as much as humanly possible.

Jesus, okay! Just stop! Devin texted back frantically.

It’ll stop when you get here, she replied. You have two minutes. If you aren’t at least on this floor by then, I’ll start sucking.

Devin let out another small gasp and pocketed his phone, heading for his door. He was wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt, but didn’t dare waste time finding a better outfit. He slipped on his sandals and exited his tiny, studio apartment, heading for the stairs.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

JALS: Arm Wrestle

“Come on.... this isn’t… fair…!” Pete was grunting and sweating with exertion as he tried his damnedest to move his girlfriend’s arm back. The two were kneeling on the floor, arm wrestling with their elbows on the coffee table. Across the table, Haley grinned at her boyfriend’s expression, red faced with effort.

Pete easily dwarfed his girlfriend, at six-foot-seven, and rippling with muscle built from years of weight lifting. Haley, meanwhile, was quite petite, five-foot-two, and still skinny as a bean poll. And yet, the scene was comically reversed as Pete’s thick, muscular arm flexed tightly, trying to push down girlfriend’s stick thin arm.

Of course, his arm wasn’t the only part of him flexing; his cock was erect and throbbing, straining to the limit with sexual tension. His erection fueled Haley with the energy that powered her Sex Magic abilities, giving her total control of his physical and mental sexuality. It also boosted her own body to superhuman levels, hence the harder his cock was, the easier she could hold back his arm. And with a simple mental command, she made his cock as hard and needy as humanly possible. She wasn’t even trying to push his arm down yet, just fending off his efforts.

“Haley… please…! You can’t just cheat like this!” Pete was trembling, not only from the effort of arm-wrestling her impossible strength, but from how badly he needed his cock to be touched. He’d be masturbating furiously right now, if her spells weren’t restricting him. “Come on!” he whined. “You’re not using your power to hold my arm back, are you?”

“Nope!” said Haley, grinning wider. “Just the strength your boner gives me. If I was going to use my powers, I’d just do this.” She winked at him, and his arm flew back and down, the invisible force of her will casually pinning his arm to the table.

Pete gasped and tried to lift his arm up, instinctively fighting her, even though he knew it was futile. After a moment, she let his arm go, and he shook it, holding his forearm with his other hand. “Enough!” he said. “I yield, okay?”

“Pussy!” she said with a laugh. Pete blushed and looked to the side, ashamed. He’d worked for years to build his body up, and all his girlfriend, hell, all any woman needed to do was give him a boner, and she was stronger than him without even trying.

Haley looked past the table. She was still dressed in shorts and a tank top, but she wasn’t letting Pete wear clothes at the moment, and his cock strained towards the ceiling, a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip, crying for her attention. She licked her lips. “Speaking of pussy, you certainly need some, don’t you?”

His blush deepened, and he mumbled, “Uh-huh.”

“Well, too bad. You have to beat me at something before I let you inside! And I’m sticking to my rule, no matter how badly you need it: you cannot cum unless it’s inside me.” For just a moment, she thought about his cock entering her, and Pete gasped and jumped as he briefly felt the sensations of a tight, hot, wet pussy sliding down his sensitive length. The sensation vanished just as the phantom pussy lips reached the base of him, and he took a moment to catch his breath. His balls ached with unspent cum, his cock attempting, futilely, to get rid of it in that moment, before her orgasm block smacked it right back into his balls. He grunted at the kickback.

“I can’t!” he said, unable to stop his voice from breaking into a whine. “The longer I go without, the stronger you get!”

“Hahaha, I know! That’s what makes it fun!” She sent a short sensation of her hands squeezing his tender balls, making him jump. She did it again, then again, sending the sensation every couple of seconds, squeezing him rhythmically. He leaned back against the couch and squirmed. “You’re so big and strong. You could probably break me in half with one arm. And yet, you’re completely, utterly helpless against my mere thoughts. All because of that silly thing between your legs!”

Pete was gasping, wincing at every squeeze. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but it jolted his nerves every time. “Ah! Please! Mercy!”

Then, the sensations stopped being brief blips, and the squeezing sensation stayed, phantom hands grinding in his testicles and holding him. Pete yelped, his hips squirmed, and he let out a long groan. “Please! Goddess please!”

Then, the phantom sensations of that tight, hot, wet pussy came back, and this time, it didn’t disappear, but rode him slowly. Up and down, up and down, twisting slightly, milking him with pleasure. His cock, already swollen to maximum tension, darkened and jerked in the air rapidly. Pre-cum oozed freely and his hips bucked, his cock stabbing the air desperately. “Aaaaah! PLEASE!”

Haley put her arm up on the table. “Hey, I can do this all day. Tell you what, all you have to do is move my arm a little. You don’t even have to fully push it to the table; if you can move it back just three inches, I’ll suck you off while I ride your face tonight. That counts as inside, so you can blow your load right down my throat. I’ll even let you use both arms!”

Pete was thrashing and gasping too much to respond, so she reluctantly canceled her spells, letting him calm down. Even so, she felt his tortured cock feeding her with even more male desperation energy, filling her with even greater strength. She waited until Pete was cognizant enough, then repeated her wager.

Blushing with how easily she overpowered him, Pete couldn’t think of any other resource. Maybe if he wasn’t so insanely horny, he could have thought more clearly, but Haley wasn’t about to spoil her fun letting him off easy. She grinned at him as he resumed the arm wrestle, putting both hands on her one and putting his whole weight into the push. Her arm wavered, and she actually had to push back some. But not enough to make her worry.

Poor Pete. He tried so earnestly, but his mere male muscles could only do so much. She considered briefly cutting him some slack. Then she smiled, and cast a little spell that tickled his cock with feather-light tongue tips, and giggled as his desperation made it even easier to fend off his efforts.