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Magic Lina: Seducing A Hero

My first attempt at incorporating a superhero into the mix, Meteora would later be changed to the Centurions hero Ion. I guess technically, this could mean that Magic Lina is actually part of the Centurions Universe, and Meteora just changed her name not long after this encounter. I like the conflict between the two women here; Lina is clearly the "bad guy" in this little scenario, but the encounter reveals Meteora/Ion has her own sense of sensual sadism, something that is seen again in the Ion's Wicked Lesson story.


Of course, Ben hated it when I brought over friends to play with him. I was bad enough, I suppose, always playing with him, my sexual magic keeping him hard and unable to cum, even as I teased him for hours with just my thoughts. He was used to me using him like a living dildo whenever I needed some real, throbbing flesh between my legs. But truly, I almost did pity him when my friends would come over. Ben could barely handle my pussy alone, which I will humbly admit was exceptional. Add another, or, say, another and another and another, and well, poor Ben could only take so much.

But who was I to deprive my friends of fun? It was already a weekly event, hat I would have a friend or three over to enjoy the show as I made Ben writhe and squirm and shudder with my thoughts. And if any of my friends were having frustrations with their own sex life, well, I saw no reason not to share my favorite toy with them.

But he particularly hated when I showed him off like this to today’s guest. He would blush with humiliation in that special way, going truly red with shame and, I dare say, butterflies in his stomach. He had a little crush, you see, and while I suppose I would normally punish him further for being so smitten over another woman, in this case, I couldn’t possibly blame him.

Sandy was just too goddamn adorable. A contrast to my own tall, red-headed self, Sandy was rather short, five foot tall with mouse brown hair cut off at the chin and deep green eyes, and the most perfect body you could imagine. Toned like an athlete, with B-cup breasts that were perfect for her body’s proportions. She was so delicious. And she was a fucking Superhero to boot. You certainly wouldn’t think it as she sat there, in short-shorts, sandals, and a tank top, sipping ice tea as she giggled at Ben’s current state: we were in my living room, and Ben was bound down onto the coffee table with my power. I held his penis so it pointed straight to the ceiling. I wasn’t stimulating him with my thoughts for once; Sandy was taking care of that. One foot had been freed from its sandal, and her soft toes gently caressed his thighs, balls, and shaft. Little sparks of energy flickered from her foot, causing Ben to jolt every time as each tiny speck of energy sent a powerful surge of pleasure through him. Sandy giggled in that way that of hers that was so cute and simultaneously so hot, it made me moisten and Ben swoon.

I thanked the gods once again that I had managed to make her an ally and not an enemy. People say that I am very powerful. And I guess that’s true; I’ve been known to sexually stimulate people on the other side of the world, or turn a hundred-count party of dignified socialites into a mindless orgy. And of course, ask my boys the inhumanly intense ways I tease them and make them stay conscious throughout. If you wanted to be all sci-fi technobabble about it, you might call me a biokinetic, able to read and manipulate flesh and blood and nerves and bone with the power of my mind.

But Sandy, her power was frightening if fully unleashes. She had immense powers over energy, able to generate, control, and even become any and all forms of energy and forces: fire, lightning, gamma rays, magnetic, gravity, etc. And her finesse and scale of her power was beyond anything I could dream of having. Even now, she had such fine tuned control, that as she gently caressed poor Ben’s aching penis, she sent the tiniest of electric currents to dance along his nerves, stimulating him intensely with a controlled current of energy. Contrast this to the fact she could reduce a city the size of New York to a smoking crater with a single blast of power, and, well… thank god I got her on my side.

Perhaps I should tell you how. A previous boy toy of mine, Jonathan, had been woefully inept at resisting my power. Within a week, he was a gibbering, sobbing mess, and all I’d done so far was tease him with my thoughts every night. I even let him cum a couple times. Made him swallow his own seed, of course, but hey, give a little, take a little right? Well, John decided he wanted to stop. I decided I didn’t. I had been prepared to invest at least a month in this man, and he was going to deliver, just like he agreed.

Okay, I admit, technically, it was rape. Technically, I rape all my boy toys. This isn’t to say they don’t want it. Even without screwing with their heads, every boy I take into my collection, they always want it, even if secretly. Of course, they have no idea what I can do to them until its too late, and by then, well, they’re in it for the long haul whether they like it or not. And more often then not, they like it… they just get to a point they just can’t handle it. And sometimes that comes sooner than I like.

Well, Jonathan, unlike my other boys, had connections. His best friend’s roommate’s girlfriend’s cousin apparently knew Sandy somehow, some way, at least knew her superhero guise as Meteora. Word got down the pipe, and it just so happened the night I was physically paying Jonathan a visit at his apartment to discuss the terms of breaking it off, “Meteora” paid us a visit.

To her credit, Meteora was unphased by the scene of Jon, suspended in the air, with me lightly tickling his balls with my long fingernails. I whirled as the room suddenly lit up with intense blue light. Meteora hovered in the room, a being a pure energy in womanly form, glowing electric blue, with white lightning crackling around her. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

With a flick of her hand, Meteora did some sort of energy trick which freed Jon from my power. He instantly came all over my hand as my orgasm restriction no longer worked. Jon fell back onto his bed, gasping with relief. I trained my power on Meteora, but in this form, she was made of pure energy. There wasn’t a damned thing I could do to her. She on the other hand.

Faster than I could blink, she was suddenly infront of me. Her left hand clamped down on my head, while her right boldly grabbed my crotch. I had time to widen my eyes before I felt a sudden bolt of pain shoot from my clitoris to my temples, and back again. Meteora let me go, and I staggered back, almost blacking out.

“Consider that a cold shower,” she said, her voice soft and soothing, resonating with power. I could detect a faint European accent, but couldn’t place the country. I touched my head and my pussy, and my eyes widened. I felt my pussy again, probing with my fingers. I was numb! I couldn’t feel myself down there! I looked at Meteora in awe and anger.

“It’s just temporary, hon,” she said with a giggle. “But seriously, if I catch you abusing someone, anyone, like this again, I won’t just make it numb, I will burn it off. Slowly.” I shuddered a little inside at the thought. “Leave.” She pointed to the door, and I beat a hasty retreat.

That fucking bitch had done something to my body somehow, fucked with my synpases or whatever, because for the next three days, I couldn’t feel my pussy, and apparently, my powers were completely shot. My other boy toys on the side were still affected by the conditions I set on automatic, but I couldn’t use my powers for anything else. God it was frustrating, and yet it made me so wet. It had been a long time since someone had dominated me so decisively, and never before had they done it so easily. Meteora was as far beyond me as I was beyond my boys.

I would get her back for that later…

I suppose biokinesis doesn’t really cover all my powers. I’m also a little telekinetic, a little telepathic, and, best of all, have extremely long range clairvoyance. I not only can tickle and tease a tease someone on the other side of the world, I can see and hear everything they do while they do it. Its like having your very own porno your directing in your head, true blue visuals and sounds and all… and of course, some poor sap on the other side of the planet is the real life star, having no idea where the sensations I give are coming from.

It also has other uses, such as tracking people. When my powers finally kicked back on, I quickly devoted myself to finding Meteora. It wasn’t hard. I spotted her a few nights later, saving a city from a rampaging wild fire, by absorbing the flames before they spread any further. My vision followed her back home (three thousand miles away, crossed at light speed, no less… if she hadn’t left an energy contrail, I never would have been able to track her). I saw her enter her home, a modest house somewhere in the suburbs of Spain. Fucking Spain. She actually flew all the way from Spain to California to make me back off from a guy? Man, she either owed somebody, or she was honestly just that much of a do-gooder. Though the way she grabbed my pussy made me think the later was less likely…

But that wasn’t what was important. What was important is that as she flew into the woods behind her house, there was a small flash… and from the woods emerged the cute, brown-haired, green eyed, nicely toned body of Sandy. The flesh and blood body of Sandy.

She woke up with her pussy dripping wet the next morning, and she vigorously masturbated herself. But even after her first orgasm she wasn’t satisfied, and so she continued to a second. Then a third. She was moaning and shivering with frustration as her climaxes just would not sooth the ache between her legs. With an intense blush, she realized how much she was soaking the sheets. She converted herself into pure, controlled heat to dry them off, and as soon as she did, I lost my control over her.

She seemed to realize it, too, looking around (well, in the form of heat, it was hard to tell what she was doing, but the way the woman-shaped ripple moved, I could only guess she was doing a double take). She converted back to flesh, a look of anticipation on her face. I decided to let her go this time.

Over the next month, even as I found a new pleasure toy in Ben, I made Meteora, Sandy as I later found out her real name was, suffer a little bit each day. Every time she converted to flesh, she found herself horny. Sometimes it was just a little itch, other times it was an intense ache, and at least three times a day, she would break down to masturbating, however subtly. It was a little frustrating that I couldn’t just set the condition to automatic like I could almost anyone else. Every time she converted to energy my power left her, so I had to consciously reset my power every time she turned back.

It took a month, but eventually she realized that if she just stayed in energy form, she would be free of this maddening horniness. But as she quickly found out, that was only a temporary solution at best: I’m pretty sure she could remain in energy form indefinitely. She didn’t really need to eat or sleep or anything, able to absorb energy directly, but old habits died hard, and she frankly just couldn’t stand not being able to become human. She needed that to balance out the craziness of her superhero life. But of course, every time she converted to flesh, there I was, tickling her clit with my thoughts, suckling her nipples with my mind, driving her bat-shit crazy. So it was either turn human and go crazy with lust, or remain as energy and go crazy from not being able to just relax and be yourself. Poor girl.

Yet another month, and she finally caved in, reverting to flesh again, despite the repercussions. I decided to give her rest, and let her have the next three days torture free. In the meantime, however, I bought Ben and myself a plain ticket to Spain.

She didn’t recognize me when she answered the door. I doubted she would. She saw me for maybe all of five minutes over two months ago. She looked visibly relaxed and happy. I didn’t doubt she’d spent her first days relief from my power masturbating all the frustration out, and had had a nice, relaxing weekend.

That was about to change.

“Hi, Sandy,” I said. “My name is Lina, and this is my friend, Ben. May we come in?”

“Do I know you?” she said, not moving aside to let us in. Her stance was casual, not the least bit worried. So overconfident.

“Not very well,” I said. “But you left a very big impression on me when we last met.” I began to tickle her clit with my thoughts. Sandy jerked a little, and I saw her pretty face grimace slightly for a moment.

“Well, um, I’m sorry, but now isn’t really a good time,” said Sandy. My little thought-strokes came quicker, a little harder. Sandy winced, and she backed up a bit. “I-I-I’m sorry, I have to, um… have to get back to some work…”

“It’s alright, Sandy, don’t fight it,” I said. Sandy’s eyes widened. She jumped back and tensed her body to shift into energy. Instead her eyes widened further when nothing happened except the thoughts against her clit increasing their speed and intensity. Sandy stumbled back, falling onto the hardwood floor.

“N-n-no!” she gasped. “What’s going on?” She was shuddering already. My but this girl was so sensitive down there. I like to think I had a little something to do with that. “What did you do to me?” she shouted.

“I’m biokinetic, hun,” I said, stepping to the house, Ben following behind. “Your powers, however mighty, are still a function of your body. And I control the body.” As if to prove my point, I flooded Sandy with lust and pleasure, send a shower of gentle kisses all over her body, even as I removed her clothes. Her netherlips glistened with flowing wetness and Sandy shivered. I laughed with delight.

Of course, I make it sound like this was effortless, but it was seriously taking nearly everything I had to keep Sandy’s powers in lock down. I could feel the sweat pool on my forehead as I concentrated. Fortunately, it didn’t take much effort to simply tease Sandy’s poor, now totally helpless body.

I sauntered up to Sandy, and she clutched at my leg. “Oh, god, oh please…” she gasped. I had expected a superhero to have greater fortitude than this, but then, I remembered how much I’d teased her the past month. Clearly, she wasn’t used to this kind of torment. Now that I thought about it, I wondered when the last time she’d actually gotten laid was. My observations of her showed no evidence of a boy or girlfriend. Well. We would fix that right quick. I lifted Sandy with my power, beckoned for Ben to follow, and took them both into the living room of Sandy’s house.

It was a nice room, decorated with a sort of lodge theme, wooden framing deep autumn colors and d├ęcor. The floor was covered with a thick carpeting, with vaguely Indian designs, while two leather chairs and an overstuffed couch surrounded a coffee table in front of a stone fireplace. This would be a nice place.

I motioned Ben to sit in one of the chairs, and myself on the other, while I spread Sandy out, spread-eagle but sitting up on the couch. My power was wreaking havoc in her pussy, deeply massaging her G-spot, filling her and spreading her open as if she was taking in the biggest cock her pussy could hold, while soft, velvety tongues danced and swirled around her clitoris, her nipples, and that special spot on the back of her neck. Sandy was thrashing and crying, fighting to shift to energy even as her body was wracked with waves and pleasure.

I heard a quaky groan to my left. I glanced over and laughed as Ben’s eyes widened comically, completely transfixed by this erotic display. He was naked now, having quickly stripped before sitting down, and his own penis, teased and tormented for the past few months, throbbed an angry red. A sensation of tight, hot, soft wetness was slowly sliding up and down his dick, and pre-cum streamed from his tip like a leaky faucet. I paralyzed him there, and all he could do was blink and breath as he took in the scene of me destroying this woman sexually as my power slowly, slowly fucked him.

I suppose that was a mistake. I should have left the autopilot do its work, because the moments distraction cost me. A bolt of lightning ripped out of Sandy’s thrashing body, arcing around her and then lashing out at me. I fell out of the chair trying to dodge the lash, and before a knew it, Sandy had tackled me to the floor. Her fingertips found my temples and another blast of pain struck me, and I lost all my power over her.

What happened still soaks my panties when I think about it. Sandy formed bands of energy to lock me to the floor, bond wrist and ankle, and then proceeded to mount my face. Still in flesh form, she trapped my head between her legs, practically crushing me between her thighs as she dug her fingers into my hair and crushed my lips to her clit.

For once, I was overwhelmed. I was helpless. I was stunned. “Come on, you fucking bitch!” she screamed at me, and I knew at once what my place was. Vigorously, lovingly, I sucked and kissed and licked at Sandy’s beautiful womanhood, the pussy I had teased mercilessly these past two months. She howled and dug her nails into my scalp and shuddered like an epileptic as she came once, twice, three, then four, then five times. She so flooded me with her juices, I was afraid I was drown, when she finally let me go, and collapsed, wheezing, over y body. Her thighs released me, and I gasped for breath like fish out of water, my body soaked with sweat. Sandy weakly reached back and touched my clit with her finger. I cried out as I felt a bolt of energy rip through my lions, and I felt my pussy go numb again. Then, everything went black…

I awoke on the couch, my pussy aching, and not necessarily in the fun way. Sandy was humming to herself as she fixed up something in the kitchen adjacent to the living room. I heard a whimpering to my side, and I looked up again.

Poor Ben. Apparently, the phantom pussy was still slowly, slowly teasing him. His penis was beet red now, the head a dark plum purple, the veins budging grossly. The pressure in his dick was immense. I realized my power had continued to autopilot even as Sandy had made me eat her, and all through however long we’d been passed out. I glanced at the clock and was stunned to see four hours had gone by since we’d walked into the door. Poor, poor Ben. I was stunned Sandy had left him like that.

Just as I thought of her, Sandy stepped into the room with a tray of tray and two tea-cups. She was dressed and had clearly taken a shower.

“Well, I have to say, Lina, you certainly know how to eat a girl,” she said, handing me some tea. It took me a moment to respond.

“Well,” she said. “You certainly know how to dominate one.” I winked. Ben made a shuddering gasp and I felt his penis throb a little more intensely as he looked to Sandy.

Sandy looked to him and smiled slightly, causing Ben to blush. She looked to me. “He’s been like that since he sat down, I guess. I offered to release him, but he shook his head no. He’s got some impressive will power.”

“Yes, he does,” I said. “He’s special.”

“So, seriously, if you just left him there, and forgot about him, would he just stay like that, unable to move, and constantly stimulated, and never cum?” said Sandy.

“Yeah, pretty much,” I said, finally sipping the tea. It was delicious. “The power is set on automatic, and that’s just a matter of setting the right systems in a loop. He could stay like that for the rest of his life if I, or someone with a similar power, didn’t pull him out it.”

“That’s amazing,” said Sandy, sipping her tea. “Well, he seems to be enjoying himself, so I guess I can’t punish you for this one.”

“Well, today’s an extra special treat,” I said. “As he tells it, you saved his life once, and he’s had a bit of a crush on you ever since.” I turned to Ben. “Never thought you’d be naked and hard in front of your favorite superhero, huh?” Ben let out a lust-filled gasp, blushing deeply, and looking away embarrassed.

Sandy giggled, saying, “Always a pleasure to meet a fan.” Then she turned to me. “Yeah, about that. We’ll be keeping that a secret, of course.”

“Of course,” I said. I was in no position to argue.

Sandy sighed, setting down her tea. “I can’t say as that I’ve had much in the way of sex, considering my rather… hectic… second life. And I can’t say I’m totally pleased with your treatment of me these past few months, but as far as villainous revenge plots go, I have to admit, it was a little… fun.”

“Ha!” I said. “I knew you had a kinky side to you!”

“Well, being a goody two-shoes all the time can be dull,” said Sandy. “I gotta vent my darker urges a bit some how.”

“Well, any time you need some fun, feel free to stop by,” I said. I motioned to Ben, who let out a huge sigh as the phantom pussy finally stopped. “I know Ben would love to see you.”

Sandy smiled coyly. She stood and stepped over to Ben, kneeling in front of him. His eyes nearly bugged out as she leaned close to his raging hard dick. “Well, friend, you look to be in quite a bit of distress,” she said, addressing his throbbing penis. “Perhaps I should perform a rescue.” Sandy leaned forward, rounding her lips into a tight “o” as she descended upon him. Ben’s breath began to come in rapid gasps as she got closer and closer.

I smiled and nodded as Ben glanced at me. “It’s alright, Ben, you may cum for her. She is your hero, after all, and a hero deserves her praise.”

Sandy stopped just a hairsbreadth away from Ben’s tip, and her warm breath washed over him. Ben’s cock jerked and pulse, pre-cum oozing forth. Sandy laughed lightly, and give Ben’s penis tip a quick little lick, sending a visible jolt of energy that arced like a little lightning bolt from his tip to his balls. Ben’s body surged in the chair, despite my paralyzing hold, and he thrashed and screamed as his penis clenched hard. And Sandy simply laughed and stood up, as Ben rode the brink of orgasm, but the jolt to his nerves prevented him from cumming.

Sandy turned to me, grinning, as I bust out laughing at my poor boy, pleasantly surprised by Sandy’s display of wickedness. “I may avail myself of your services after all, my dear Lina,” she said. “But not today. I think I’m a bit sexed out, and I have some stuff to get done. You need a ride home?”

“No, we can manage,” I said, still chuckling. I unanalyzed Ben and helped him get shakily to his feet ad dress. “Wouldn’t want to keep a hero from her duties. And the plane ticket for him is non-refundable.”

“Well, happy trails, then,” she said, walking us out the door. “And nice meeting you, Ben.”

Ben blushed furiously, and that night, I let him masturbate while I replayed the images of of Sandy making me eat her out over and over in his head.

And as for tonight? Well, Sandy is going to continue teasing Ben with her foot, sipping a glass of whine, while we wait for another friend of ours to arrive, and the real fun can start. But that tale of friendship is for another story…

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