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Super Tease and Denial

This was my first erotic story posted online, under the SilkenBunny name, back in 2000 on the NTCWeb, then reposted in 2003 on the Orgasm Denial forums. It definitely isn’t as refined as my current stuff, but I feel it best to just post it as is.

The characters in this story are based on many of my early fantasy characters and sex powers concepts. The thorough reader of my stories and articles can probably see where some of these have been adapted into later works, not only in Sex Mage concepts, but in Civero and Jahi’s Invasion stories.

Super T&D #1: Mistress

Sighing, I laid back on the bed. I was tired. Very tired. Over worked and stressed out from all the stupid homework I had to do. College could be a lot of fun, except for the damned schoolwork. This being my third year, I had opted to live in an apartment, rather than go back to my dorm. I quickly realized this cut out a lot of the fun factor in college. Although much more peaceful than the dorm, there was hardly anyone to talk to, I didn’t have the steady Internet connection, and the place was overall boring as hell. With the schoolwork suddenly increasing a lot in difficulty, I really didn’t have much time for fun anyway. I sighed, again. This was another one of those times when I could have used a girl friend to hang out with.

Whenever that thought popped into my head, I almost always remembered some stupid fantasy of mine from when I was in High School. I’d always had the weirdest fantasies. Usually, it involved the woman doing me, but in strange ways; the women would have bizarre superpowers they used to fuck me. I had several women who were entirely fictional, whom I’d given distinct powers, but even when I fantasies about real girls, they always had some weird psychic ability. Okay, that wasn’t always the case, but it was more often than not.

It wasn’t until college that I even knew what the terms Tease and Denial and Milking meant, but I realized it was the kind of stuff I’d always fantasized about. Well, okay, the denial of orgasm part wasn’t something I’d thought of before, but the basic idea was the same: a woman, or group of women, would tie me down somehow and go to work on me while I pleaded for mercy.

Tired as I was, I felt like going straight to sleep. However, I wanted something to relax me, so I stripped naked and tried thinking of a fantasy to masturbate too. Unfortunately, my mind wasn’t really on the task, my thoughts kept wandering. After managing only a half-hearted semi-hard on, I just gave up and let sleep overcome me. At least I could sleep in tomorrow. That was a plus. Ugh. God, I needed a woman. Something to make my life more exciting than the mundane work, eat, sleep it had become.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, my sleep was disturbed by a gentle shaking. Mumbling a bit, I gradually opened my eyes to see what was going on. The shaking stopped when I sat up.

“Whazzat?” I mumbled, rubbing sleep out of my eyes.

“Mmm… now there’s an inspirational face,” came a light feminine voice.

“What the?” I jerked around thinking the voice had been from behind, but nothing was there. “Is anyone there?” I asked after a minute.

Suddenly, I felt something crawl up my leg, along my inner thigh. I jerked. I ripped off the sheet, expecting to see a spider or something, but there was nothing there. I did notice that my penis was incredibly hard, however. I forced myself to calm down, thinking it was just my nerves. Then I felt something brush against my balls. I gasped and jumped. My balls had always been very, very sensitive to the touch of others. But I distinctly saw nothing. I reached to click on the bedside lamp.

“Ah, ah,” said the voice. I felt something grab my arm and pull it back.

“What…?” I felt something gently push me down by my chest. I let my arms drop to my side, but then I felt something move them. Suddenly, something jerked my limbs apart, and I was laying spread eagled on the bed. I couldn’t move; when I tried to lift my arms or legs, it was like they were tied down. But I didn’t feel any ropes or cuffs. I just couldn’t lift up my arms or leg. It felt more like something was pushing them down, but nothing was there.

“What the hell is going on?” I said. My only response was the feeling of fingertips lightly tracing over my thighs, to brush against my balls again. This took me by surprise, and I jerked. But the invisible hand stayed there, the fingertips whispering across my scrotum. I shuddered.

Then, I felt the fingers trace up along my length, and alight on the very tip of me. The fingertips of the invisible hand massaged my tip and I couldn’t help but moan. “What’s… what’s doing this?” I said, in a voice just above a whisper.

A soft giggle from nowhere in particular was my answer. Then the fingers left my tip, and I felt a hand wrap around my cock, which was fully engorged and twitching. I realized then how incredibly horny I was. The hand began to slowly go up and down. Despite the creepiness of all this, I found myself moaning lightly, enjoying the sensations. Then, the hand became faster. I felt the skin of my penis slide up and down faster and faster. My moans became louder, and soon I had to bite my lip to keep from shouting. I felt myself going towards the edge. The invisible hand was stroking me very fast now, and I knew I was seconds from cumming. I gasped as I felt the juices surge within me. Suddenly, the hand simply stopped, just before it was about to send me over.

I gave a short cry and lay there panting. I tried to move, but again, I couldn’t.

“Aw, poor guy,” came the voice. “I didn’t want you losing it just yet.”

“Who are you?” I asked. “Where are you?”

“Come, dear, you haven’t forgotten us so soon, have you?” the voice asked.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said, in all honesty.

“Mmm. I’m rather disappointed in you then.” I felt the invisible hand close over me again. This time, I felt something warm lightly brush against the tip of me. I felt it slide down over me, a ring of pressure slowly engulfing my head, while the invisible fingers slowly jerked me off. My head suddenly felt very warm, and something wet began sliding over it, playing with the tip.

I realized I was receiving an invisible blow job. I gasped. Though again, there was nothing actually there, I could feel the lips sliding back up over my head, leaving me with a loud smooching sound.

I shivered. “You like that, don’t you, my dear?” came the voice. “You like having your penis kissed. Want me to do it again?” Without waiting for me to answer, I felt the invisible mouth engulf my head again, using it’s tongue to tickle the slit.

I gasped as I felt something cold drip onto my stomach. I looked up, and noticed a thick thread of pre-cum oozing down the flat of my head, dripping of the rim. Even though I could feel the sensations of the invisible lips, since they weren’t actually there, the pre-cum wasn’t getting spread around. I wondered at this. But then, the lips left me.

“Would you like me to do it again?” said the voice. The hand stopped, and gently squeezed me. I moaned. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

The hand left me, but then, I felt the lips press against the tip again. Suddenly, the tips plunged down to the root, and I could felt the bottom lip brush against my scrotum. I cried out as my whole cock became engorged in a warm wet heaven. I wondered if this was what it was like to be deep throated.

“More or less,” said the voice. Man, it knew what I was thinking. “But most women can’t do this.” I felt a warm, wet muscle, the invisible tongue, snaked around my cock like it was a rope being tied around. I felt it flex, rhythmically squeezing my cock, as the warm wet tunnel slid up over my shaft, stopping just when it was about to leave the tip. Then, it plunged down on me against, and I felt it humping me, quickly. I was writhing and panting, the sensations were intense. I was going to cum in seconds. But then, just before I was about to explode, the mouth suddenly lifted off me, and the tongue just squeezed, hard. I tried to hump up to gain some kind of friction, enough to push me over, but it didn’t work.

“Know who I am now?” asked the voice.

“God, no, I don’t know,” I said. Actually, part of me greatly reminded of a certain fantasy or two I had when I was younger, but I was too out of it to put two and two together.

“Aw, too bad,” said the voice.

The hand went back to work on me, slowly jerking me off. I felt the tongue play over my head, teasing the tip and circling the rim. I moaned and writhed again. “Please,” I said. “Oh, god, please make me cum.”

“I don’t know,” said the voice. “If you can’t even remember an old friend, I don’ think you deserve it.”

“Oh, please, please, please,” I said.

“I’m hurt,” said the voice. “Why should I let you off when you’ve hurt my feelings.”

“God, I never met you before!” I screamed. “Who are you?! I don’t even know what you look like!”

“It shouldn’t be too hard to remember,” said the voice. At the mention of the word “hard”, the lips closed over me again and sucked me. I shot towards the brink of orgasm, but she cut it off.

I groaned in helpless frustration. All I felt now was a light tickling just under my head. I moaned again, squirming my hips. “I could make you cum this way,” the voice said. “Just sit here and lightly tickle here and there… But that would take quite a while. Especially considering what I can do to extend you, ah, longevity.”

I bucked my hips, trying to press it against the hand I knew wasn’t actually there.

“Please,” I said. “I’ll do anything.”

“Oh, come, my dear, there’s hardly anything that dramatic,” came the voice. At the word “come” she again tormented me with her sucking lips, but she stopped before I could squirt.

“Just… a little hint… please…” I begged.

I suddenly felt a finger press against my chest. It slowly traced up, then down, then, up, then down again. The finger had traced an “M”.

“If you need anything more than that, you are not going to cum for months,” said the voice.

M, m, what about m? The finger continued to tickle me.

“But I don’t have months to tease you,” said the voice. “I am going to tell you my name in ten seconds. If you can’t say it by then, I will use my powers to give you a permanent hard on that can’t feel any kind of stimulation.”

“No!” I yelled. Somehow I doubted she would actually do it, but I wasn’t going to take chances. This woman, if it was a woman was able to fuck me with out actually touching me, after all.

“1, 2, 3, 4” As she counted, her hand once again gripped me, and began jerking me off with increasing speed.

“No! Please! I just don’t--”

“5, 6”

“No, M…”

“7, 8; better hurry up, dear. You aren’t going to cum at all if you can’t do it.”

“No, Mssss”


“No Mistress! NO! Please, God, no!”

The hand suddenly stopped. I gasped. I had been seconds from cumming again. My penis throbbed and pre-cum had pooled into a thick, small puddle just above my pubic hairs. I feared she’d done as she’d threatened, and I was left with a never-ending unfeeling hard-on. But then, I felt cool air brush past it. I let out a breath. The light clicked on next to my bed.

A tall, naked, mind-bogglingly good-looking woman with wavy blond hair was leaning over me. She looked around 25 or so, with medium sized breasts that seemed to defy gravity. Her eyes shown a deep green, and her ruby lips smiled down at me.

“How sweet, you remembered,” she said.

Before I could react, she leaned down and kissed me deeply.

When she finally broke the kiss, I could only gawk at her. “Mistress, how? How could?”

“Shhh,” she said, putting a finger to my lips. Here finger traced down my chin and neck, and down my chest. I was again acutely aware of my throbbing penis. I felt like I was going to burst, and I moaned from my horniness.

“Please, Mistress, please,” I pleaded.

She nodded, letting her finger drift lower, until it almost touched my tip. Then, she removed her hand, and squatted down at the side of the bed, her head level with my cock. She opened her mouth slightly, and for a moment, I thought she was going to suck me off. But then, all she did was pucker her lips and lightly blow cool air across my throbbing member. I felt a powerful sensation come over me, hitting me like a hammer. I exploded.

I writhed and cried out, my hips jerking with every convulsion of my teased penis. Thick, powerful spurts of cum splashed against my face and shoulders. It was a bout a minute later when my orgasm finally died down entirely.

I lay their breathing heavily, barely bale to stay conscious. My eyes were closed and my body was limp. I was no longer held down, and I pulled my limbs closer together to get more comfortable. I felt Mistress kiss my lips. I tried to return the kiss but was too exhausted.

“Don’t worry about it,” I heard her whisper. “If you wish for something long enough you just might get it. And so you have. I’m only the first.”

The next day, I woke up feeling very refreshed. I yawned. I vividly remembered what had happened last night. There was no trace ofMistress, but I had a vague feeling around my groin, much like after I masturbate. It certainly felt like had had some action. But I couldn’t see any cum stains anywhere, either. I lay back and sighed. If it had been only dream, it had certainly been the most vivid on ever.

As I got up to get dressed for class, I remembered her last words. “I’m only the first.” I could guess what it meant, but I was skeptical. However, it was then that I noticed a black, silk blanket folded up at the edge of my bed.

SUPER T&D #2: Touch and Silk

It was not long after my encounter with Mistress that found myself once again being tortured by an incarnation of my high school fantasies. And this time, I got more than just a taste.

Walking back home from classes, I found myself suddenly being stopped by a woman with long red hair, down the back of her knees. “Hi, there!” she said, cheerily. I had no idea who she was.

“Um… excuse me,” I said, trying to step past her.

Rather than move, she suddenly wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply. She pressed herself against my body, and I could feel her breasts press against my chest. This aroused me, despite my shock. She pressed her abdomen against my chest. I suddenly jerked. She began to rhythmically press herself against my hard on as she kissed me. My penis was fully aroused and the motion of her slight humping move sent wonderful sensations through my groin. Amazingly, I felt as though I was about to explode, right there on the sidewalk! Instinctively, I managed to push her off.

“What’s the big deal, lady?” I said. “I don’t even know you!”

The woman looked at me with her deep azure eyes. “Oh, you poor boy,” she said. “You’re going to wish you hadn’t done that.” I looked at her, confused. She suddenly whirled and ran.

On instinct, I ran after her, but she had a head start. When I rounded the corner, she was gone. It was as though she had vanished. I stood there, amazed. Suddenly, I was painfully aware of my erection, still stiff under my shorts. Although I no longer felt the urge to explode, I really needed to masturbate. I practically ran back to my apartment.

Once back, I stripped bare and began jerking off, slowly at first, then faster to build up. The feelings were wonderful. I’d never felt quite such sensations from just my own hand before. I couldn’t believe how sensitive I felt. I guessed it had to be an after affect of the kiss.

It was about an hour later that I finally realized something was wrong. I had been steadily masturbating and my wrist and arm were aching, not to mention my cock. I hadn’t let up once in my self-manipulation, and though by now I was steadily leaking pre-cum, I could not achieve an orgasm.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I said. I needed to cum. I really needed to cum. Despite this, I managed to force myself to stop, and simply lay there on my bed, waiting for the feeling to die down. It eventually did, and my hard on even slacked off a little, but it was still mostly hard.

“Woah,” I muttered. “Man, I feel horny.” Despite this, I managed to drift off into a short snooze. Maybe a nap was all I needed.

I really shouldn’t have let my guard down. The first thing that I noticed when I awoke was that I felt very relaxed. I tried to roll over, but found that I couldn’t. My muscles just wouldn’t respond. It was about then that I noticed the feeling of a hand resting on my shoulder. I opened my eyes.

I would have jerked up again, if I had been able. I saw the woman with the red hair standing over me, a hand resting on my bare skin. All she wore was a smile.

“What the… how did you get in here?” I asked.

She simply smiled. “Don’t bother talking,” she said. “You’ll need your energy for later.”

“Why can’t I move?” I said.

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, my,” she said. “Mistress was right. Your memory really does need jogging.”

I blinked. Mistress. If this woman was another like her, then I had a sneaking suspicion who she was. The woman was idly tracing a finger over my chest and let it slide down my belly. Upon traveling towards my lower region, my penis responded, stiffen quickly.

“Oh, my, you must be very eager,” she said, in a husky voice. Her fingers ever so slightly brushed against my tip. It was like someone lit a match to my groin. I cried out and felt the juices boil within me… but I didn’t cum. My penis didn’t even convulse; at most, it twitched due to the pulse of the blood flow.

“Touch,” I whispered. The woman smiled down at me.

“Wow, you do remember,” she said. “And do you remember what I can do?”

I nodded. It explained why I couldn’t move. She could control a person’s nervous system, allowing her to alter the sensitivity of any part of a person’s body as well as the signals sent to the muscles. The reason my muscles wouldn’t respond and why my penis hadn’t convulsed when she touched it was that she was using her powers to prevent it. The one drawback of this power was that she had to maintain physical contact. However, since Touch was a very physical person, this didn’t matter to her.

“Mmm… So, my dear… did you have a little trouble after you saw me?” she said.

“What did you do? You can’t control me from a distance…” I said.

Touch laughed. “No, I can’t. You mustn’t have masturbated since Mistress went to work on you.”

“What’s that got to do with… guh…” I moaned as Touch massaged my head with her fingertips. Once again a shot towards the edge, and gasped.

“Well, at first I was surprised Mistress let you cum so soon, especially considering your recent fetish with orgasm denial,” said Touch. “But, I guess she just wanted to give you a welcoming present, seeing as how you’re new to this. Anyway, that’s not the point. Just before she left, she used her powers to make it so that you would be unable to cum except when one of us were working on you.”

“What? But… what if… I needed it… and none of you… were available?!” I stuttered, trying to talk despite the pleasure of her fingers.

“Well, why do you think she left the blanket?” said Touch. She rolled her eyes again as if I had asked a stupid question. I probably had.

“The blanket?” I gasped. “Oh… Touch, please… stop that…” Touch finally stopped fingering me. I breathed hard, sweating.

“The blanket is Silk, duh,” she said. “Jeez. She was left here incase you ever need any assistance. Of course, you’re not the best one to judge when you need release, so she wouldn’t have simply let you off whenever you wanted.” Touch’s hand left my shoulder for the briefest of moments. In that instant, my body was once again my own to control. I seized the opportunity to leap up. At least I tried. Touch saw me start to rise, and placed a finger on my chest. That was all she needed, and I collapsed back onto the bed. “Oo… naughty-naughty.” She waved her finger in a tsk-tsk motion at me. “That wasn’t too smart.” She leaned down and blew lightly across my cock. It felt like feathers stroking my sensitive member. I cried out again. This was insane. My nap hadn’t helped at all. All that horniness from earlier combined with her ministrations was driving me insane. I simply had to cum, but I couldn’t even convulse my penis to try!

“Hm… I don’t see Silk around,” commented Touch. I looked up into her eyes. She had a mischievous gleam in them. “You didn’t throw her out, did you?”

“No!” I said. “Of course not! She’s in the drawer over there!” Touch turned to look.

“Come on out, Silk,” said Touch. “I think we should teach him a lesson for neglecting you, don’t you think?”

Suddenly, one of my dresser drawers opened up, and a black, silk sheet tumbled out. The sheet morphed into the form of a naked woman, with straight black hair flowing down her back. Her body was still pitch black, her eyes silver.

“As you wish,” said Silk.

“Excellent!” said Touch. “Silk, become ropes and hold him down would you?”

Silk complied, morphing into braided cords and tying me spread-eagled to the bed. Touch removed her finger, and I immediately tried to get up, but Silk held me fast.

“You know,” said Touch. “Looking at your throbbing cock had made me really horny. I could use a nice tongue to get me off right now.” Touch’s hand traveled down to her red bush and she slowly rubbed herself. “Okay, here’s the deal. I know we’re here for your pleasure, but I could use some attention too. I wasn’t going to let you cum today, despite all the teasing, but I will let you.”

“Really?” I said. “I doubt it.”

Touch smirked. She leaned down towards my penis (making her breasts sway very prettily), kneeling so her bosom and arms rested between my spread legs. She reached back and took a lock of her incredibly long hair, twirling it between her fingers. Her other her reached down to feel herself.

She looked at me and smirked, and then, began to stroke me very lightly with her hair. I moaned. Every time her hair touched me, my penis became extremely sensitive. Pleasure spiked through my cock with every stroke. But I couldn’t cum, because she wouldn’t let my penis flex to make me spurt. Every time her hair left me, my cock would spasm, but by that time, the stimulation was gone. I moaned, and writhed in Silk’s bonds.

“Okay, now,” said Touch. “Here’s the deal. I will mount your face so you can tongue me. Don’t worry; I can control myself enough so I won’t smother you.” I looked at her, my eyes wide. “Well, okay, I’m not really sure, but Silk will be able to stop me if anything. Now, while you’re going to work on me, Silk is going to stroke you. It may take a little while, but if you are stimulating me, I will allow you to cum. Of course, if you stop, Silk will stop stroking you.”

“How… do I know… you’re going to let me?” I said.

Silk merely continued to stroke me with her hair. The strands were now whispering over my head, and the sensations were extreme. Then Touch reached down a little lower and grazed my balls with them. I groaned. “Either you pleasure me, or I will do this too you all night.”

I nodded vigorously. “Okay, okay!” I gasped.

“Good!” said Touch. She immediately flipped her body up onto mine, her buttocks slapping down on my chest. Her pussy, blazing red with curly pubic hairs, glistened with wetness. She rolled over so that her chest faced mine. Silk formed a little seat for her butt cheeks to rest on, leaving her pussy fully exposed to my tongue. Silk lowered Touch’s womanhood to my face.

Meanwhile, Silk formed a hand near my crotch, which wrapped around my throbbing cock. I moaned. “Remember,” said Touch. “She’ll only stroke you if you’re licking me.”

Hesitantly, I raised my head a little (Silk formed a support for me so I wouldn’t strain my neck), and stuck my tongue out. I had never done this before, and was a little intimidated. I hesitantly reached out with my tongue and felt the swollen bulb of her clit. I heard Touch moan. “Yes, right there,” she said. “Just message that with your tongue.” I pressed my lips against her pussy lips and gave her a kiss. I felt Silk’s hand gently begin to stroke me.

I went to work, licking at Touch’s clit at alternating speeds. Touch moaned and groaned with pleasure. I guess I wasn’t doing too bad. I became bolder and stuck my tongue inside her, tasting her juices. It wasn’t the most pleasant taste, but right now I didn’t care. Touch moaned again. “You’re doing nicely,” she said. “How are you holding up?”

The truth was, I was so riled up with the need to cum, I could cry. Silk’s hand stroked me steadily and firmly. I could feel the pre-cum drip down. I bucked my hips trying to move in time with her hand to get even more stimulation. But for some reason I still couldn’t come. I could only make the weakest of flexes with my penis. It wasn’t enough to propel to the cum boiling in my balls. I moaned into Touch’s pussy. Touch moaned in response. “Oh, that was nice!” she said.

But by then, I couldn’t take it any more. “Oh, god, let me cum!!!” I cried, gritting my teeth and bucking my hips. I knew that the reason I hadn’t cum already was because I Touch was using her power on me as I ate her out.

However, just as Touch promised, Silk stopped her stroking, and simply held my cock. “NOOOO!!!” I bucked my hips, trying to gain the proper fiction, but Silk moved her hand to match my bucking so I felt nothing. “NO! DON’T STOP!”

“Listen to your own advice!” snapped Touch.

“God, please, I can’t cum, your teasing me!”

“Come on, I’m giving you a little leeway,” said Touch, sounding exasperated. I knew she actually wasn’t as pissed as she sounded. The sudden increase in her vaginal fluids showed me this was just making her even hornier. “I can’t believe you haven’t even cum yet. At first I thought you were just being considerate, that you were holding off to please me, but then I find out your simply too inept to cum.”

“You’re not letting me!” I yelled. “You’re cruel!”

Looking at me past her swaying breasts, Touch smirked at me. “Wrong. I’m your hormone-driven dream come true. Now, stop yapping and put your tongue to good use. You can still cum, if you really, really try.”

I groaned in frustration, but went back to work. Silk’s hand resumed it’s stroking, and I moaned again as I was kissing Touch’s clit. “Oh, god, yes, that’s so good,” said Touch. I took the hint and continued the technique, moaning to vibrate my lips against her clit. Considering my own stimulation, the moaning wasn’t too hard to achieve. Moments later, Touch came in my face, splashing her juices all over my face. I gasped and leaned my head back for a moment, watching her pussy convulse. It was a beautiful sight. It also reminded me just how much I needed to cum myself. And of course, Silk had stopped stroking once I stopped with Touch.

“God… please… I’ve pleasured you, now let me cum,” I said.

“Hey, I told you how to do it,” said Touch. “Besides, that was good, but it wasn’t nearly enough.” She winked. Letting out a groan of defeat, I went back to work on her clit.

It was nearly two hours later when Touch collapsed over my body, finally satisfied. I lay underneath her, sweating and breathing hard. My tongue was sore; my cock was worse.

Touch had cum at least eight more times. My face and hair were soaked with her vaginal fluids. Silk had kept me on the edge for virtually all those two hours, except when it became too much and I had to rest my tongue, or I simply couldn’t take the stimulation anymore. I didn’t stop for long, though, because by that time, the sheer need to have my penis stimulated was overwhelming. I thought that eventually Touch would finally let me have full reign over my penis and finally let me spurt. I was wrong.

Now, Touch laid on top of me, breathing heavily, her vagina well exercised and satisfied. Silk’s hand finally let go of me, soaked with pre-cum. My penis remained hard and throbbing with need.

After a moment of rest, Touch lifted herself off me. Though Silk still kept me tied down, she formed her full woman form, connected to the braids, which restrained me. Touch smiled at me. “Well, that was wonderful, lover. Thank you so much.”

She looked down at my member. “Oh, my, look at you. You never did cum that whole time did you? Look at how swollen you are! You look like you might burst!” She laughed. “Well, for satisfying me so well, I think I will give you a reward.”

Touch leaned down and grabbed my penis. I felt my member jerk in her hand. I was so horny; I thought that all she had to do was breath on me to make me cum. I saw her lean forward even more, and before I knew it, her lips were kissing my tip. With a sudden motion, her mouth engulfed my head. Her ruby lips contrasted with the deep purple shade of my engorged head. Then, in one swift motion, she deep throated me.

I moaned and writhed as the sensations overwhelmed me. My hips bucked as I tried to go deeper, even though her lips were pressed against the root. While she did this, she took a strand of her hair and brushed it against the base of my balls. I feel the pressure in my cock build up immensely. My penis convulsed, straining to release my load. Touch was taking me farther then she had ever let me go. I was crying with joy, and crying out with pleasure.

For a full minute, my sensitive, tortured penis was trapped inside her throat. Her tongue massaged me, while she gagged, stimulating my head immensely. The wicked hairs continued to send arrows of pleasure through my groin.

I was a mere second from the most powerful orgasm of my life…

… when Touch simply lifted off of me, and said, “You reward is that I will be leaving, and stop torturing you for tonight. Thanks again! Bye!” Then, she walked out of the room.

I was stunned. My penis, swollen to full capacity, glistening with a mixture of pre-cum and saliva, ached severely for attention. Finally I found a voice:


Which was cut off when Silk gagged me with her hand. The roped became undone, and Silk wrapped around me like a sheet, leaving only her upper torso still formed. She brushed my cum-soaked hair out my eyes and let mouth free to give me a soft kiss (her lips, though made of silk, had the surprising feel of warm flesh). “Relax,” said Silk. “Just try and get some sleep tonight. I’ll be your blanket.”

I moaned pitifully.

“Shhh, shhh, I know,” said Silk soothingly. “That was very mean of her. Let’s just hope she or whoever else shows up next will be nice and let you off the hook.”

All I did was moan again and buried my face in her bosom.

I don’t know how I managed to sleep that night, but somehow I did. The last thought on my mind was that there were still three more women who hadn’t shown themselves yet. I wondered who was next.

SUPER T&D #3: Whisper

I was sitting in the campus dining hall, thinking of all he bullshit homework I had to do. The best thing would be to do it tonight, because I had a feeling I would wind up having an eventful weekend. Silk said that she would let me off this weekend, if she felt I really needed it. Silk had already let me cum a few times. Which is not to say I had a real orgasm from it. She did some trick where I oozed out my semen, but got no pleasure from the act. I was surprised that such a technique was real, and I was grateful for it to some extent: this decreased what pain I would start to feel from too much unreleased teasing. Of course, I was yearning for a real orgasm. Since Silk had revealed herself to me a week ago, she had insisted I use her as a blanket. Of course, she also insisted that I sleep nude. Somehow, I was able to get enough sleep to wake up rested even after only a few hours (this no doubt due to another trick of Mistress), but that only meant I had all the more time to be teased by Silk throughout the night. She would often just wrap around me and use the part closest to my groin to “feather” my penis. When she did her oozing semen trick, she would usually tie me down and give me head play for several hours afterwards. I don’t know how I my penis managed to not get chaffed raw from all the attention. Chalk it up to another trick; just like how I couldn’t cum except when being fucked or teased by my fantasy women. No matter how much I begged, how pathetic I sounded or looked, Silk would not let me achieve a true climax. All she would say was that it would come, sooner or later, whether by her hand or someone else’s.

I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat, my penis hardening very quickly at the thought of my nightly activities. It was still very hard to believe that somehow, my fantasy women were real, and that they were affecting me physically. But whether I believed it or not, the fact remained that I had not had an orgasm in two weeks, and it had been a week since I had been driven nearly insane with teasing by Touch and Silk. They hadn’t let me cum then, and Silk showed no signs of indulging my need. I moaned in frustration just then, and let my head drop onto the table. A few passers by gave me weird looks, but I chose to ignore them.

It was then that I heard the seat across from me being pulled out, and I raised my head to see who it was. A very attractive-looking black woman was sitting and smiling at me. Being white, I am not normally attracted to black people. (Not that I’m prejudice, it’s just that black women don’t turn me on. Nor do Oriental woman, either.) But for some reason, I found myself eyeing this woman, and it wasn’t just because I was horny. My hard-on stiffened to full, as I looked her over. Her skin the light brown of milk chocolate, her eyes were light brown, and her hair was curly, and black, cut fairly short, just above her shoulders.

“Hello,” she said. Her voice was warm and soft. “I think you have a problem. I would like to help.”

Boom. It clicked just then why this woman was so attractive. She was another of my fantasy women. The only black one, at that. She had the power to make whoever she was talking to do feel the sensations she described, if she wanted.

“Whisper,” I said. “Please tell me your going to relieve me. I can’t stand going this long.”

“Make no mistake, I will be visiting you tonight,” she said. “But it remains to be seen what I will allow.”

I became annoyed again. “Whisper, cut the crap. I didn’t mind so much when Mistress did me. I always thought I’d enjoy a few hours of teasing, but this is fucking ridiculous.”

Whisper blinked. “Wow, I didn’t know you were going to be this bent out of shape over it.”

“Ask Silk,” I said. “She the one who’s had to listen to my bitching. What’s worse it that its wasted on her; she’s really just an intelligent sex toy. Sentient, but forced to follow the orders of you women.”

“True,” said Whisper. “A little sad, I guess.”

“Is there a point to this visit?” I said. I couldn’t keep the bitter edge out of my voice. “I have a lot of work to do, you know.”

“Yes,” she said. “I suggest you finish it all tonight. Because by tomorrow, noon, you’ll be feeling very needy for attention.” She abruptly got up and left.

I blinked. “Crap,” I muttered. I hurried home to get my homework finished, knowing I wouldn’t have time for it later.

I had managed to finish all my homework fairly quickly. It was easier than expected. I expected Silk to start going to work on me once I’d finished, but oddly enough she didn’t make a move. I took the opportunity to do some other activities. When I went to bed, I was surprised to see that Silk wasn’t there to join me. She was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room. I asked her why she wasn’t trying to get on me like usual.

“I was told not to touch you,” she simply said. “Sorry. You’ll have to do without.” She looked at me sympathetically, but she didn’t make a move. I shrugged and went to bed. I still had trouble sleeping though, even without her ministrations; I was hard with thoughts of the teasing I usually endured. I probably got less sleep that night, all because I wasn’t actually getting any attention to wear me out.

Case in point, I woke up close to noon. Silk was still off in the corner, watching me. I went to the bathroom and ate breakfast, a feeling of expectation heavy on my mind. It was when the clock turned twelve that I finally cracked.

I was stiff as a board and it had been almost a day and a half since my member had gotten any attention. I walked to Silk and begged her to touch me.

“Please, I need you to play with me,” I said. “You always do.”

“Sorry,” she said. “I can’t.”

I grabbed her hand and placed it on my penis. “Please. I don’t even care if I cum or not, I just have to be played with.”

Silk’s hand slithered out of mine like a liquid, and she stood. “If you want attention, attend to yourself,” she said, and promptly dissolved into a velvety puddle, which raced out of the apartment, slithering under the crack of the door.

I stood there, feeling hurt. I almost ran after her, but I realized I was still completely naked and it wouldn’t do to go streaking through the halls. I sat on the bed and tried to play with myself, but it wasn’t enough. I needed another person’s hand, I needed a woman to play with me, when I couldn’t resist at all.

Suddenly, the phone rang. I picked it up, still nursing my hard-on. “Hello?” I said.

“Good afternoon,” said Whisper. “Are we feeling up for some action?”

“Whisper? Please, come up here right away! I have to be touched. Silk won’t play with me, and I’ve just got to have some play with my cock!”

“Oh?” said Whisper. “Just anyone?”

“You!” I said. “I need you!”

“I think you’re just saying that,” she said.

“Yes! No! Crap, I don’t know! I just have to have a woman whack me off! I need one of you women to do it!”

“Us women?” she said. “Not just me?”

“You, Mistress, whoever! Silk just ditched me, so I know one of you told her to leave me hanging. I need whoever else is willing.” I know this wasn’t exactly what a specific woman probably wanted to here from the man she was playing with, but I didn’t care.

“Well, at least you’re honest about that,” said Whisper. “I appreciate it, actually. Honesty can be very attractive. But I don’t know. You seemed very bitter to me yesterday.”

“How the hell do you expect me to act?” I said. I winced as I became very aware of how horny I was. “God, I know you’re doing this to me. I have to be touched! It… oh, god, it doesn’t even matter if I don’t cum!”

“Are you sure about this, dear?” she said. “You were just telling me yesterday how much you desperately needed to shoot. I can see you’re not really thinking this through.”

“Dammit, please, anything!” I said. “See how desperate you’ve made me?”

“All right, then, honey, don’t get so riled up,” she said. “Pussy.”

I gasped. I felt something warm and wet envelope my cock. “A nice, warm, pussy,” continued Whisper. “Feel it slide over you, pressing it loving form against every inch of your cock. Slowly humping, gyrating, consuming your desperate member.”

I moaned loudly. Indeed, it felt like a hot, wet, tight vagina was enveloping my rigid member. I felt the described womanhood slowly go up and down on me, twisted to the side here and there for further stimulation.

“Now, this won’t be enough to get you off, but it’ll do until I get there,” said Whisper. “Now, just lay back and enjoy it. I’ll be there in a little while.” All I could do was groan. I heard her hang up, and I did so as well, then lay back on the bed. Pre-cum was already beginning to seep from the tip, and I writhed and moaned as the imaginary pussy slowly fucked me.

A half hour later, Whisper walked into my room. I was sweating and gasping from the stimulation. “Hello, my sweet,” said Whisper, while she quickly stripped off her jeans and blouse. She walked over to me, then leaned down to kiss me full on the lips, mounting my leaking cock in the same motion. I gasped as her pussy replaced the imaginary one and I bucked into her, going as deep as I could manage. She stopped me with a simple command, and I could only lay there, helpless as my cock stayed buried in her pussy. I lay back and sighed. After so much teasing and tormenting, merely being inside her felt like Heaven. Heaven didn’t last long, however. She quickly slipped off of me, taking the imaginary pussy with her.

I gave a hurt cry, and tried to get up, but Whisper commanded me to stay put, so I couldn’t leave the bed. Whisper looked at me, smiling slightly. “Please,” I said. “This is too much. I have to cum *right now*.”

“Oh, but I thought you said it didn’t matter if you came or not,” said Whisper. I groaned in frustration. Whisper sighed. “I told you, you weren’t thinking it through when you were talking on the phone.”

“Please, Whisper, have mercy, I can’t stand it,” I whimpered. “You women have me so horny I’m not thinking straight.”

“No kidding,” said Whisper with a laugh.

“Damn it, Whisper!” I said, struggling to get up.

“Hey, just relax, I’m here aren’t I?” she said. She walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down. I crawled over to her, grasping her arm. “Ah, you just like to be touched, don’t you?” she said. “I don’t think you actually care about cumming at all. I ran into Silk downstairs, you know. She’s disguising herself as curtain for one of the windows in the hall. She told me all about your nights with her, where she just spends hours stroking you and stroking you.”

I moaned and collapsed onto the bed. My head rested on Whisper’s lap. I could feel Silk’s delicate material wrapped around my cock, stroking me slowly. I writhed, gripping Whisper’s arm tightly.

“Oh, my,” said Whisper. “I can see how much your suffering. Look at you head! It’s so purple! Mmm… I could just suck it for hours!” I felt a warm mouth close over my head, gently sucking me. I cried out. I tossed and turned in her lap. My nose brushed against her crotch, and I could smell her fluids. She was rather wet, actually. I was suddenly fascinated with this scent, and I reached out with my tongue probing for her clit. She jumped when I licked it.

I glanced up at her reaction. She looked slightly stunned. “I’m giving you such a hard time and your trying to please me, regardless?” she smiled.

“Thought it might sway you?” I said, hesitantly.

“Mm, I’d rather be fingered,” she said, spreading her legs.

I reached up and hesitantly stuck two fingers into her pussy, then began to move my fingers in and out, using my thumb to massage her clit.

“Mmm… that feels very nice,” she said in a low voice. Somehow, despite the distraction of my own cock’s stimulation, I kept up my efforts on her. Concentrating on her helped me ignore my cock somewhat. Unfortunately she must have caught on.

“Oh, I think I’m going to cum,” she said. “Go faster…” I quickened my fingers, but then, the imaginary hand began to move faster on me. “I think… yes… very soon… don’t stop…” The mouth began to suckle me harder, and I felt a warm tongue massage me from tip to rim, and alternating circles. I moaned loudly, in unison with Whispers growing moans.

“Oh, god, yes, that feels good… oooooh!!!!!” I felt her pussy muscles contract sharply. I buried my fingers deep inside her and rubbed her clit roughly. I bucked and writhed and nearly screamed as I felt myself approach orgasm. The feelings were extreme!

“DON’T CUM!!!” she shouted, as she exploded into my hand. We both cried out, her moaning with the pleasure of release, me groaning with frustration as my orgasm was cut off at the last second. I was held at the very brink as she enjoyed her climax.

Finally, she sighed and relaxed. The sharp edge of my own cancelled climax finally subsided, and I lay there gasping. “Oh, my that was so nice,” she said. “And so very thoughtful of you. Thank you!”

I almost smacked her. “God damn it, why did you torture me like that?!” I said. “I was so close!”

Whisper frowned, and gathered me up in a hug. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said. “I thought you’d like it better that why.” Her hot pussy brushed up against my throbbing erection, and I shuddered.

I pushed her away, more gently than I actually felt like doing. “What the hell made you think that?” I said.

Whisper sighed. “Well, to be honest, if I let you cum now, it’ll be much worse for you later on.”

“How so?” I asked. Whisper merely smiled and leaned down, becoming eye level with my cock. I tried to move away, but she stopped me with a hand to my leg.

“You don’t know how much I would like to please you, run my tongue along you, suck you to climax, and make you cum like there’s no tomorrow. After two weeks the pressure must be intense.”

I shuddered, feeling the tip of a tongue trace along the rim of my head, travel down my length, licking at my most sensitive spots.

“But if I do this, you’ll have to accept this little gift,” she walked out of the room and came back, holding a stuffed rabbit in her hand. It was about two feet tall, and had purple fur. “It’s a cute little thing, don’t you think.”

I eyed the rabbit suspiciously. “Last time I got a gift, it was a tease toy.”

“Uh, huh,” said Whisper. “And can you guess what this is?”

“Oh, please, don’t,” I said, my eyes widening in horror. “Not her, please!”

“Well, then, I won’t let you cum,” said Whisper. “You’ll probably have to put up with her eventually, anyway. But if you refuse her now, you’ll get to wait a while longer for her torments. You won’t have to deal with her teasing fingers, feathering your cock.”

I gasped and collapsed onto the bed, writhing, as I felt a soft, fuzzy hand tickle my penis and balls. “No, no, no, please, no…” I moaned. I felt myself approach the brink.

“Won’t have to feel your member trapped in her breasts,” continued Whisper. I felt my member become trapped between two warm mounds. “Imaging a tit fuck from her; in your present state, I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that!” My cock was massaged as kneaded as the imaginary set of boobs went up and down on me, slipping effortlessly as though well lubed. I felt my balls boil with unspent cum. Pre-cum leaked steadily. As the pleasure built, my ability to think began to dissolve. I was consumed with the need to cum. It was all I could think off.

“God, stop! Please! I… have to… I to cuh…”

“What’s that?” said Whisper. “If you really want to cum, I’ll let you. But I’m warning you: you might wind up regretting it later. Are you sure you want to cum? An orgasm now, or an even better one later, without having to put up with Bunny’s torture?”

I could only moan. I knew this was just a trick. I knew what I was in for if I asked to cum, but it was the only thing I could think of now. The described tit-fuck was driving me insane. A whole week of unsatisfied stimulation, two whole weeks without an orgasm, had eroded my judgment. I had to hold on… I had to stop myself from being drawn in… I knew I’d regret it. I had to be strong enough to…


I felt myself slip into something warm and tight, and I looked up to see Whisper had mounted my and was steadily humping me. I bucked up into her.

Horny as I was, it was mere seconds before I exploded. I screamed. I felt my cock convulse longer and harder than I thought possible, and I filled her with my cum. I heard Whisper gasp. Finally, my orgasm died down, and it was at least a minute before I could finally start to relax. My cock still twitched a little, but was starting to shrink. I lay back, gasping, covered with sweat.

I felt Whisper slide off of me. I looked up to her. “I thought… you wanted to… suck me,” I said.

Whisper shrugged. “I thought you might like some pussy instead. You’ve already been deep throated twice. I thought a little variety might be nicer. Besides, less of a mess.” She patted her belly. “Man, that was incredible. I almost wish the tables were turned. That you were the woman and could feel yourself explode inside me. It was amazing.”

“You’re… not gunna get pregnant are you?” I said. It felt like a stupid question, but I still wasn’t thinking straight.

Whisper laughed. Not insultingly, but in good humor. “Don’t be ridiculous. Of course not. Anyway, I’m sorta glad you chose to cum. I felt I owed you one.”

“Not that you were giving me much choice,” I said bitterly.

“True,” she said. She picked the stuffed rabbit off the floor and set it on the chair.

“Well, have a nice weekend,” said Whisper. “I might run into you later. Hopefully, the next visitor won’t be so mean. Take care.” She went over to me and gave me a quick kiss, and an affectionate pat on the hand. “I release you from the bed now.”

I watched her pick up her clothes and leave. I lay back on the bed and sighed. Silk came in a few minutes later, and asked how I was.

“Just don’t tease me for a little while,” I said. Silk nodded. I tried to rest, and not think about what was in store for me next weekend.

SUPER T&D #4: Silk and Bunny

Yet another week had gone by. All that week, Silk slept with me, but did not perform much of her usual teasing. I asked her about it, and she merely said she was letting me take it easy for the time being. She said I was going to be getting a lot of attention this coming weekend, and thus I should try and enjoy the break as much as possible. I dreaded the coming weekend. And all my dread came from the stuffed rabbit sitting in the chair in the corner of my bedroom.

It had been left there by Whisper, my last visitor in the succession of fantasy woman who had appeared to tease and torture me with sex. I still had no clue as to how they could be alive and real, but I was becoming almost used to the fact that they were. This did not make me very comfortable.

Case in point, the stuffed rabbit was something from my previous fantasies as well. It was a stuffed toy that became a woman, whom I imaginatively called Bunny, who had the power to make me incredibly horny and give me intense orgasms. Once she was set on having me, I was pretty helpless form there. Within seconds, Bunny could, with but a certain look in her eye, or a brush of her hand in the right spot on my skin, make me go mad with lust. I was putty in her hand, so to speak. On top of that, she could bring me to a massive orgasm with just a few strokes, or spend hours keeping me on edge with an occasional brush to the right spot. I never really bothered to try and figure out to the letter what her powers were, but the point is, she was capable of literally driving a person insane with lust and make them experience such powerful orgasms, they would black out for hours. Stupidly extreme, but hey, it was a fantasy; it wasn’t supposed to be real.

If only my fantasy women knew that…
Finally, the next Friday afternoon arrived. I walked into my apartment, locked the door, and stripped bare. I knew what I was in for. No sense fooling myself and trying to pretend nothing was going to happen.

And thus did nothing happen. I was confused. I searched the whole apartment, but I could find no sign of Silk or Bunny.

At least, not until I felt something slither around my cock and suddenly pull tight. I gasped and looked down to see my cock and balls bound by silken thread. The shaft had been tied at the base, twice beneath the scrotum, and twice above. My balls had likewise been tied, threads forming an X across the sac, thus separating them form each other and pulling the skin fairly taught.

I felt ropes suddenly warp around my arms and legs, wrapping up from wrist to shoulder, ankle to groin. I felt myself pulled into a sitting position, and found myself sitting in the overstuffed chair, locked into a sitting up straight position, my arms placed on the armrests. I looked around, trying to see where Silk was… this was her doing. I gasped as I felt something sliver around my shaft and tickle the rim of my head. Threads now curled lightly around my cock, which had become swollen to capacity. The threads binding the base were acting like a cock ring of sorts. The head was swollen full, and the veins were bulging like tiny cords. I hoped to god that this wasn’t going to do any permanent damage, that Mistress had done something to keep this kind of treatment from hurting me.

“Silk…” I said. “What are you doing?” The threads wrapped around my shaft began to slither lightly across my member, and I gasped, moaning.

“This technique makes your penis quite sensitive,” said Silk. She suddenly slid out form under the chair and morphed herself into her woman form. “Don’t worry, it won’t harm you. It will make it so we can take you even farther than before, but you still won’t get off, because this will be cutting off your semen.” She accented this by slightly tightening the threads. The threads now gripped my shaft lightly and began to move up and down, stroking me. I groaned. The feelings were very strong for the first strokes. Regardless, the main thing that was keeping me erect was the fact that the binding threads were cutting off the blood flow, forcing my penis to maximum hardness.

“You know… I don’t think I could get off anyway,” I said. “I’m not really in the mood.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” said a sweet new voice. I looked up to see a tall, naked woman, covered in light purple hair. The hair was very short and fine, so at first glance, you couldn’t even tell it was hair. She had two rabbit ears sticking out of her head, through straight dark purple hair, which fell to her shoulders. As she walked up to me, I could just see a white, fluffy ball of a rabbit tail swishing just above her buttocks.

Bunny leaned down until she was at eye level with my cock. She looked up at me, and I become lost in her deep lavender eyes. “You’re not in the mood?” she said. “I’m sorry to hear that. I hope I can do something to change your mind.”

I could only look at her. I felt myself become very aroused. If I hadn’t been hard then, I would have quickly become so. I saw Bunny purse her lips and lean forward, blowing air lightly across my cock head. I moaned.

“Would you like me to touch you?” she said.

“I… I… I don’t…” despite her influence, I tried to maintain my resolve, remain pissed off enough to resist them. Unfortunately, her eyes, wide and innocent, maintained contact with my own, and I felt very small and helpless before them.

Once again, she blew lightly across my head, and I shivered. One of her ears bent down, and I felt the tip just graze my tip. I would have jumped if Silk hadn’t bound me so thoroughly. “Touch you…” continued Bunny in her sweet, seductive voice. “Like this?” I shuddered and moaned, as the tip of her ears went from my tip to a place just below my cock head, and rubbed there, lightly.

“God…” I felt my resolve crack… “Please…” Then crumble. “God, yes, please, fuck me… please! PLEASE!!!” In seconds, Bunny had turned me from an irritated captive to a lust-crazed beggar.

“That’s more like it,” said Bunny. She stood, and sat down on the chair, her buttocks resting between my thighs. “Hmmm…” she said. She slid back a bit, and I suddenly felt her fluffy round tail brush against my cock. I looked down with wide eyes, staring at the little tail, seeing the hair lightly resting against my throbbing shaft.

“What could I do for you?” said Bunny. Her tail twitched. I gasped. The edges of her tail whispered over my extremely sensitive balls and cock, sending sharp arrows of pleasure through me.

“Oooo…” I moaned.

“Hm… I just can’t think of anything,” said Bunny. She turned to look at me. “I’m sorry. I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait around until I figure something out.” She leaned back so that her body was resting on mine, but managed to avoid pressing against my cock. Instead, all I could feel was her tail, which swished gently back and forth.

I was sweating and moaning as Bunny’s tail tormented me, while Bunny herself made wistful sighs, claiming how she just couldn’t think of anything to do. This continued for nearly an hour.

By the end of that hour, I was straining hard against Silk, but I could barely move. If she hadn’t tied me down so thoroughly, I would have been thrashing like a wild man. Bunny’s tail tickled over my tip and head, feathered my sensitive balls, now made more sensitive by Silk’s bonds. I felt cum boiling in my balls, but Silk’s bindings made it impossible for them to escape. Bunny could have feathered me all night long, and I wouldn’t have spilled a drop. I had been moaning and groaning steadily, making pathetic begs for release.

Finally Bunny leaped up, and gave me a stern look. “I know why I can’t think of anything!” she said. “I can’t think with all of your chatting!” Silk suddenly formed a gag over my mouth, inserting a piece of herself into my mouth and expanded it, making a small ball which forced my jaws apart and made it impossible for me to speak.

“Much better!” said Bunny. She squatted down and leaned forward, her chin resting on the chair between my legs. Her wide eyes fixated themselves on my cock, giving it an almost wondrous look. “So big and swollen…” she said. Her ears bent down and slightly flickered over my tip, and I cried into the gag. “And very purple. Purple is my favorite color, you know. I just love a deep plum-colored head. Don’t you?”

Silk nodded. Her threads, which were wrapped around my cock, pushed my cock down a little, so the flat of it could easily be seen by someone sitting on the floor.

“Oh! You know what I would like to see?” said Bunny. “I’d like to see your big juicy cock head squirt! I’d just love it to cum all over me and get my fur all sticky. Will you cum for me, sweetie, please?” Bunny batted her wide eyes. She approached my cock, her lips slightly parted. She was a mere inch from the tip, and I could feel her breath on me. She looked up and we locked eyes again.

I moaned pitifully, my mind filled with images of Bunny sucking me off, my cum staining her fur and hair. I tried to fight it, but it was all I could think of.

Silks threads began to slither over my shaft, and Bunny’s ears lightly tickled the rim and tip of my head. My muscles spasmed like crazy, my whole body tense and struggling at their ministrations, but I was so tightly bound, I still could barely move. It was maddening to not even be able to writhe at their touch, to be forced still as a statue while some of the strongest sexual sensations I had ever felt were shooting through my groin. By now even my head was tightly held into place. The only part of my body that had any free movement now was my penis, which twitched and jerked furiously, trying in vain to ejaculate.

“You’re not cumming,” said Bunny, pouting. “But I want you to cum so bad. I need you to cum. Please! Please cum!”

I screamed into the gag, but at most, it sounded like a pathetic moan.

Bunny turned to Silk, who sat behind her, cross-legged. “He won’t cum for me,” said Bunny. “He’s not even trying!”

“I think he’s being spiteful,” said Silk. “I don’t think he likes us very much.”

“Is that so?” Bunny said. She whirled around, stood up, and faced me. “Now, listen, buster I want you to cum. I’m going to let you inside me, and if you don’t cum, I will be very disappointed. Now, do you want me to let you inside?”

I tried as hard as I could to shake my head, but Silk would not allow it. Instead, she forced my head into a nod.

“And will you cum if I let you inside?” said Bunny. Again, Silk made me nod. Bunny smiled brightly. “Okay!” She straddled me, gently grabbed my member, and guided me into herself. Silk’s interior felt warm and soft, not wet, but like a wonderfully soft pelt tightly enveloping my cock. I know, that sounds very weird, but believe me, the sensations were incredible.

If Bunny had grabbed me off the street, taken only enough time to get me hard and then started riding me, I would probably have cum in less than a minute. Now, after so much stimulation, I would have exploded at the first brush of her furry pussy lips. I was buried deep inside her, and Bunny slowly ground herself against me. My penis felt like it was on fire, the sensations were so intense. It was almost painful. Bunny kept this up for about a minute. I gasped and moaned and screamed into the gag, but to no avail.

Bunny finally lifted off of me. She looked disappointed.

“You said you would cum if I let you inside. I didn’t even feel a single love drop.” She reached down and rested her palm on the flat of my head. I gasped. She slowly began to rub her palm over my head in a circular motion. I again screamed into the gag, as her wicked palm rub sent arrows of pleasure through my groin, so intense, I could feel the sensations shooting through my thighs. “I am very disappointed in you. It is clear you don’t want us here. If that’s the case, we will leave.”

Suddenly, the bonds which held me became undone as the rest of Silk slithered off me. The last to go were the threads trapping my cock and balls. I immediately began to leak pre-cum, large globs of it oozing out as my cock was finally able to release the fluids that had built up. Silk, now entirely in her woman form, and Bunny stood a few feet away and looked at me indifferently.

“Fair well,” said Silk. “You’ll never see us again.”

They turned and walked off.

“NO!!!” I shouted and leapt after then. I trip and landed flat on my ass. My penis, still stiff as a board, flopped clumsily, sending a thread of pre-cum splashing on the floor. When I tried to get up, my heel slid on the spill. “Please! You have to help me!”

Silk and Bunny walked out the door and slammed it shut. I immediately began to masturbate, fighting back tears of frustration and rage and hurt. I had to cum so badly, it was insane. I couldn’t think of anything else except the fantasy women who had visited me, all fucking me and making me cum.

“Damn it!” I said as I tried to force myself to stop, tried to regain my sanity.

I finally managed to stop masturbating, knowing that no matter how good it felt, I would never be able to cum without those women.

SUPER T&D #5: Pixie

All through Friday and Saturday, I stayed in my apartment, my penis seemingly locked in a perpetual hard-on. I was exhausted and just lounged around the apartment, draped over the couch or chair, or lying on the bed. I couldn’t get the women out of my mind. I even dug out my old sketchbook and started drawing them. The pictures were crappy, but basically accurate. It didn’t help. They still plagued me as I lay there, my penis throbbing with need.

The thing that bubbled up in my mind the most was Bunny’s words. “You’ll never see us again.” I had thought she was just playing another game; that she’d be back later that night to torment me, maybe scold me for “giving them the wrong impression.” But neither she, nor Silk, came back, and that had been almost 24 hours ago. I hadn’t slept much since, but when I did, it was short little naps, riddled with short dreams of the women: Whisper, Touch, Silk, Bunny, Mistress. But then I woke up, and the wonderful sensations in my penis faded, and I had to struggle to keep from touching myself, for that would have been a useless and even more frustrating experience. So all that remained from the dreams was a small, cold puddle of pre-cum oozing onto my stomach.

“Damn it,” I said out loud. “I can’t stand this… I need them so bad… but I can’t stand this torture… I can’t stand them.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” said a new voice. I sprung to my feet. The voice had been light and feminine, and I thought maybe one of the women had returned to me. I suddenly felt invisible fingers gently grip my penis and slowly stroke me. I collapsed back onto the coach and enjoyed the sensations. I sighed with relief.

“Mistress,” I said. “Is that you?”

“Not quite,” said the voice. Suddenly, a light appeared above my cock and flashed brightly, so that for a moment, I couldn’t see. When my vision cleared, I saw a tiny woman, no more than six inches tall, sitting atop the head of my cock. Her buttocks rested on my tip, somehow managing to stay on, despite the pre-cum that was already beginning to seep out, and her feet rested lightly on the rim, her legs spread apart. The woman had long, red hair, straight, which was about 5 inches long. Although tiny, she had the body of a well developed 18 year old, though her real age was impossible to determine. She had green eyes, and of course, she was naked. She bore a resemblance to Touch, but it was definitely someone else.

“Pixie…” I whispered.

The little woman smiled up at me. “Hello, sweetie. Did you think we had all abandoned you?” She began to slide her buttocks in circles around my tip, slowly and sensually. She lifted her legs and dipped her heels in my pre-cum, and began to slide her tiny feet over the flat of my head. I shuddered.

“Pixie… please…” my breath was short as her motions pleasured me intensely. “You have… no idea… what Bunny and Silk did to me… god… I need to cum… I can’t think of anything else…”

“I know, dear, I know,” said Pixie, soothingly. “It’s all right sweetie, just relax.”

“I can’t relax!” I shouted. “After what they did to me, I feel like I haven’t cum in months! It’s driving me insane!”

Pixie laughed. “I made them girls pretty good, didn’t I?” she said, a smile on her lips. “Of course I know what they did to you. I created those two, remember?” She smirked. “I also know what the other women did.”

Pixie stopped her motions and peered up at me. “You know,” she said, her face taking a curious look. “You wouldn’t even have encountered those other women if it weren’t for me.”

I looked down at her. “What do you mean?” I said.

Pixie suddenly lifted off me, and floated in the air, a few inches above my cock. “I’m the reason they were here, sweetie. I’m the reason they exist in this world.”

“What are you talking about?” I said.

Suddenly, the room around me shifted. I found myself in my old room, in the house I grew up in. I saw my younger self, naked, lying on the bed, masturbating, while jotting down something in a notebook. My younger self would stop writing for a moment, and begin the slow his stroking, then started it up again after a while, jotting more notes. Then, he stopped again, but this time, his strokes were steady. I saw my younger self cum onto his chest, then clean the mess up with a paper towel, and stash the notebook under the mattress, a guilty look on his face. He apparently didn’t see me or Pixie (or the couch we were still on)

Seeing my younger self have an orgasm made me very aware of how much I needed to cum. I moaned. Pixie patted my head sympathetically. It was like she wanted to make me come, but for some reason, she honestly believed it was for my own good if I didn’t. I knew it was bullshit, but Pixie had a way of making it seem genuine.

When my younger self left the room, Pixie flew over to the mattress and used her powers to pull it out with her mind. She absent minded flipped through the pages. She flew over to me and rested on my shoulder, the notebook floating over so I could see what was written.

It was a story about Mistress and me. Mistress had me tied down with her mind, and was using her powers to stroke me. I was begging her to stop, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She stated matter-of-factly that until I told her what part of the female anatomy turned me on the most, she would make me cum over and over again. In the story, I didn’t want to tell her, because I knew she would use that against me and it would be even worse for me. But I had to get her to stop. The story ended when I finally told her what it was: at the time, breasts. It was a story I never continued.

“Oo… very erotic,” said Pixie. “So, you liked boobies?” Pixie waved her hand, and a small, petite girl, with long dark hair shimmered into view in front of me. She was no one I had seen or thought up before, but she was very cute and sexy. Pixie made my legs spread apart, and the girl crawled over to me. She had an ample bosom, not huge, but fairly large, just right for tit-fucking. The girl leaned forward and trapped my swollen member in-between her orbs, and slowly began to slide up and down; my pre-cum made a natural lubricant, enough to do the job, and the little woman slowly tit-fucked me. I moaned and gasped. The sensations were wonderful and my hips squirmed.

“You were always very creative,” said Pixie, admiring her handy-work from her vantage point on my shoulder. “Even when it came to sexual fantasies. I know you always thought them weird… but to be honest, I found them very attractive. You see, it wasn’t long after this incident we just witnessed that I came across you and your stories. For a while I hung around your room, invisible, watching you masturbate, reading your little stories and observing the fantasies you played in your mind. It was a year later that I revealed myself to you.”

Despite the sensations in my groin, I managed to look at her, confused.

Pixie continued. “I’m a fairy, in some sense of the world. Most of us are extinct; the only ones left are the immortal ones, like myself, who possess strong magic. There aren’t any more than 15 of us last I counted. We’ve spread out over the world. Most of the others live in the wild, protecting the environment. A few act as muses, giving inspiration to writers and artists. Me… I’ve always had an interest in human sexual activity. You can’t believe how elated I was when sex became much more open and varied in this past century. Since then, I’ve visited many people, men and women, and viewed their fantasies, helped them along, and even revealed myself to a few, giving them sexual experiences beyond belief.

“You were one of those people. I liked your fantasies. You were creative, even without my help, with the women you made up. You were always into being dominated, even before you discovered orgasm denial. But you tried to give each woman a distinct personality and way of acting; you tried to develop them as characters, somewhat. That made them special, didn’t it? I like that about you, and so, I decided to reveal myself to you, and help you out.” She giggled. “Oh, the fun we used to have.”

My mind was suddenly filled with images. My first meeting with Pixie, how she masturbated me with just a look; of the time she crawled into my pants one school day and at every class break, I had to race to the bathroom so she could jerk me off and make me cum, relieving the hard on she had given me all the previous hour. Of the time when I had the house to myself all day, and Pixie created “clones” of all the hot girls in my class to fuck me senseless. I remembered when she created Bunny and Silk, and how those two drove me wild even when Pixie wasn’t around to tell them to. Those and many other memories flooded to mind. And with every sexual memory, my penis felt the sensations of each scenario.

“I stuck with you for about two years, but then, I had to move on,” she said. “There are a few fairies who don’t like me or what I do too much, so they try and chase me away from my favorite partners. One day, I was making you writhe as I had this hot girl from your English class jerk you off…”

As Pixie related the tale, I saw my younger self lying on the bed, limbs spread eagle. This very sexy girl with tan hair cut short and small, but firm breasts, was slowly masturbating me, kissing my head with every third stroke. Every sixth stroke, she gave my head a quick suck and kiss. I suddenly found myself in the perspective of my younger self. I was on the bed, and my penis, with all the built up sensitivity of the past few days, was being slowly stroked and kissed by this hot girl I hadn’t even thought about for nearly four years. I writhed and moaned. I saw Pixie in two places: her self at the time of this scenario, sitting on the night stand giggling at my plight, telling me how much I’m enjoying it, how I should be thankful she “convinced” this girl to come by my house and do me. Then, there was the Pixie of the present, who was standing off in the corner, watching me coolly. She and the dark haired girl were sitting on the couch, and I seemed to be the only one who could see them.

I felt myself approaching orgasm, and I moaned and gasped, begging the girl to make me cum. She smiled and whispered, “of course”, and began to slowly suck me off. Her mouth quickened its pace and her head bobbed up and down rhythmically. I felt the cum boil up inside me, and I moaned, “Yes, yes, yes, oh, please, god, yes…”

Suddenly, there was a tremendous booming, and I looked up to see three tiny people hovering over my bed. There were two men, and one woman. The woman, and one man were about 7 inches tall, while the other man was about 6.5 inches. They all wore simple tunics, and each had a different hair and eye color: the woman had black gold hair and lilac eyes, the taller man had blond hair and silver eyes, the shorter man had green hair and red eyes.

The girl jerking me off suddenly vanished into thin air. “NO!!! Please, don’t stop! Come back!!!” I looked desperately at Pixie (the one on the night stand). But she was backing away slowly from the other three hovering above me, a worried look on her face. I suddenly found myself back on the couch. Pixie was again on my shoulder. The dark hair girl hugged me around the waste and began to slowly jerk me off with her hand. Despite this distraction, I stared, fascinated, at the scene before me.

“Once again, Pixie, you torment humans by exploiting there sexuality,” said one of the men in a harsh voice. Below him, my younger self writhed, begging for release. The man’s face wore a disgusted look. “Illial, if you would please take care of this one?”

“Certainly,” said the woman. She floated down to me, alighting on my chest. “Calm down, young man, it’s all right.” My younger self stopped struggling.

“Pixie, this has disgusting behavior has got to stop,” said the other man.

“Fuck you,” said Pixie. She suddenly, began to float away. The two men pounced on her, grabbing her arms, and then, they all vanished.
The other fairy woman, Illial, waved her hand over me, releasing me from the invisible bonds. She went over and gave the tip of my younger self’s penis and quick kiss, and he exploded, having a massive orgasm. Illial used her magic to clean the mess up, then floated up to my younger self’s forehead. “It’s best you not remember her. Otherwise, you’re memory will call her to you again. Whether or not you truly want her, this kind of treatment is disgusting. I know you never expected it to get this bad.”

“Thank you,” I heard myself say, and Illial gave his forehead a quick kiss, then vanished. I saw my younger self blink, then look around confused, as though wondering why he was naked. Then, the vision faded, and I was back in my apartment.

My penis was painfully stiff by now, and the dark haired girl was giving my head a tongue bath. I reached the pull her head down and fuck her mouth, but Pixie forced my arms away.

“And that is how we parted ways and how you forgot me,” said Pixie. “But, by pure chance, I found you again. I saw how much you wanted a girl to be affectionate with, and so I thought I would bring back some old memories. And now, I’m here to bring you’re fantasies to life.”

“N-no,” I said. The dark haired girl stopped her ministrations and looked up at me curiously. I ignored her. Pixie gave me a confused look. “NO,” I repeated firmly. “Pixie, its one thing to have a partner, someone to sleep with and be physically affectionate with, maybe even try a little sexual game with now and then. But this kind of treatment is hell. Sure, it’s fun to fantasize about, but in real life, it’s horrible. A few hours of tease and denial is one thing, but this is insane. When Mistress did it to me, that was a little scary, but that was about as far as I think I ever want to go in real life. Even Whisper I could handle, if it wasn’t too often. But what Touch and Silk and Bunny did to me, some of things you did to me in the past, those are things I can’t handle.”

Pixie looked a little shocked. “But… honey, I’m just trying to give you your fantasies. You always looked forward to them before. Even when you said you didn’t, I always sensed a part of you really wanted me to do it to you.”

“I was young and horny as all hell back then,” I said. “For god’s sake, I was barely through puberty when you first showed yourself to me! I didn’t know just how insane this all was.” I sighed. My anger was coming back, and despite my horniness, I couldn’t ignore it. “I may not have the most exciting of lives now, Pixie, but I have a life. I have school and work to worry about, and this past three weeks have been hell. I can’t concentrate on things that need to be done, I’m wasting all my free time in my apartment. I have friends I’d like to do things with, you know, but no, I’ve had to tell them every weekend I can’t do anything because I’ve got things to do, when really, all I’m doing is getting tortured through sex.”

“I think your friends would be jealous,” said Pixie, lightly laughing. “Come on, dear. Are you really saying you don’t want me, you don’t want your fantasies? I can bring a few of those women back to life and leave them here, even if you don’t want me anymore. I’m offering you your greatest sexual desires. I, the women I can bring to life… we can do things to you that no other woman on Earth could come close to doing. They could bring you to greater heights of pleasure than you even… well, okay, you probably have dreamed of such heights, but they will let you achieve them.”

“And I’m telling you it’s too much!” I yelled. Suddenly, the dark hair girl vanished, and I found my limbs freed. Pixie floated up and away, and I stood up, facing her down. “This is the stuff of fantasy! In fantasy and fantasy alone, can you achieve such things and not have it backfire. In reality, this kind of treatment is a living hell!” I threw up my arms. “Good, god, this is enough to make me swear off sex until the day I die!”

Pixie just stood there, shocked. “I had no idea…” she said, stunned. Then her face hardened. Then she smiled. “Somehow, dear, I don’t think you’re being entirely honest. You said yourself you enjoyed Mistress and Whisper’s treatment. I know for a fact that when Touch was done with you, you couldn’t have stopped thinking of her even if she had let you cum. You enjoyed Silk sleeping with you, did you not? And Bunny… there was always something about Bunny that you found alluring. And me. I know you always had a small fetish for the idea of a tiny woman, not even as tall as your fully erect cock, so helpless and fragile seeming, over powering you with but a wave of her hand.” Pixie giggled. “You thrive on this stuff!”

I suddenly felt strong, feminine arms wrap around me. Out of thin air, Mistress, Touch, and Whisper appeared, clamping themselves onto my body. The warm bellies and soft breasts pressed against me; their firm, gentle hands swept over my body, making my every nerve scream with spikes of pleasure. My penis wasn’t all that desired to be touched anymore… every inch of my body desperately craved their touch. They smothered me with themselves. I felt light-headed and could barely breath.

I cried ought and jerked as I felt something tickle my balls. I managed to see down past Whispers cleavage to see Silk and Bunny kneeling on the floor, each using a soft hand to stroke one of my testicles. I gasped and shuddered.

“No… nononono… stop… stop… STOP IT!!!” I screamed, gasping. I heard Pixie laugh, and she alighted on my hypersensitive cockhead, sitting on the tip again. She reached behind her and placed her hand on a spot just below where the head and skin connected, and began to rub it there. I cried out and my knees buckled. The women slowly guided me to the couch, holding me up. When we got there, I laid back against Mistress, sitting on her lap. Touch and Whisper hugged me form either side, Silk and Bunny each clinging to a leg. Pixie looked up at my straining face, her bright eyes staring directly at mine. My body trembled, my balls screamed for release, and my penis convulsed violently, trying to force an orgasm. But Pixie would not allow it.

“Please, it’s so obvious you want us,” said Pixie. She shifted herself so that her tiny pussy now pressed against my tip. She began to rub herself against it sensually. I shuddered and gasped as her sex tormented my own. “Come on, honey, just say you want us. Even if it’s just one of us. Just admit it to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with admitting if you’re wrong. You have to stop beating yourself up and denying yourself the pleasure you deserve.”

“STOP IT!!!” I screamed at them. I couldn’t stand it. I was probably seconds from mentally snapping as the women overpowered me with their presence.

“Admit it,” said Touch, her breath tickling my earlobe. “You want me to force you to pleasure me. You want me to make you sensitive beyond belief.”


“Admit it,” said Whisper, her breath tickling my other earlobe. “You want me to tease you with my voice. You want me to play with you and tickle you lovingly.”


“Admit it,” said Mistress. Her lips brushed the back of my neck, making me gasp. “You want me to play with you, to stroke you with invisible hands, while I watch from the shadows. You want me to make you long for my body while I tease you without having to touch you.”

“No… stop it, god, stop it, please…”

“Admit it,” said Silk and Bunny simultaneously.

“You want me to bind you, and tickle your cock with my soft body,” Silk. “You want to use me as your blanket that can pleasure you while you sleep.”

“You want me to make you horny beyond belief,” said Bunny. “You want me to give you orgasms so intense it’ll leave you breathless and giddy.”

“no… nonono…” The women’s hands slowed to an agonizing pace; my nerves were on fire. Pixie renewed her rubbing with a slowly quickening pace, building one up to climax as slowly and as excruciatingly intense as possible.

“Well, then, you must want me,” said Pixie. “Admit it. You want me, who can make your every fantasy come true, who can make your wildest dreams an exquisite reality. With me you can still have all these others. You want that. Admit it. ADMIT IT.”

“Please… fuck… make me cum… MAKE ME CUM!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Just say the word,” said Pixie. “That’s all it will take. One word. Just answer my question. Do you want me?” She ground her pussy against me.

“N-n-nnn… please… y…”

“What’s that? Speak up. Do you *want* me… to make you cum. Do you want *me*… to do that?” I couldn’t think. I knew, I needed, only one thing; I needed to cum. I needed release from this agonizing pleasure. It was the only thing in the world.


“Just say it. You can do it. Just… say…”


“…just… say… yeh…”

“…ssss… y-yeh… sssss”

“I think you’ve almost got it.” Pixie stopped the movement. My mind was dead. My cock was on fire. I would do/say anything anyone wanted if it only meant my release. “You want to cum so bad. I can help you. I’m the only one who can help you. Just say that you want me. Just say it. Just say YES!!!”

I opened my mouth to scream it. And then, there was a thunderous explosion of light and sound.

I found myself sitting in the overstuffed chair, alone. I looked around stunned. My fantasy women were gone. I felt something touch my penis, and I suddenly noticed a small woman standing between my legs. It wasn’t Pixie, but it was another tiny woman, with black gold hair and lilac eyes, only 7 inches tall. Suddenly, the woman grew to the height of a normal woman, about six feet tall. I looked her up and down. In my lust-crazed state, I saw only her naked form, and that’s all that mattered. The woman promptly straddled me, sitting on my member and taking its full length. She began to ride me and slightly gyrating her hips. The feelings were divine, and all that I needed to achieve an unhindered climax. It took only seconds to explode. I thrust into the woman as hard as I could, and she hugged me tightly, pressing herself down as though help me go in further. She held me as I bucked and writhed, cried and screamed into her breast.

My orgasm seemed to last an eternity, but after a minute, it finally began to subside, and eventually, I lay back, gasping, my whole body relaxing. The woman stood up, letting my member, now becoming limp for the first time in over a day, slip out, satisfied at last. I took a minute to catch my breath. It was then that I noticed the frustrated screaming somewhere off to the left of me:


I looked over to see Pixie being held down by two tiny men and two tiny women. I immediately recognized the men from before: they were the two fairy men who had tackled Pixie in the flashback. I looked back to Illial, the fairy woman who had satisfied me. She had returned to her normal height of 7 inches, and was wearing her tunic again. She floated over to me and alighted on the armrest of the chair.

“I am so terribly sorry you had to go through all that,” said Illial. “We thought she would never find you again. What bad luck she just happened by while you were here. We are so very sorry.”

“What the hell is her deal?” I said. I was still exhausted, but that didn’t inhibit my speech.

“She’s a nymphomaniac,” said one of the men. He and the other four had to struggle to keep Pixie from getting up again. She was thrashing like a fiend. Finally, one of the other fairy women managed to hold both her feet down, while the other one walked over and slapped her across the face. That seemed to stun her, because she didn’t move anymore, just lay their blank-faced.

“She always has been, even when our race was still around,” said Illial. “We immortals had a certain high stature in our society, like High Priests or minor gods in yours. Pixie was the ‘goddess’ of sex, and she gave sexual pleasures to the lesser of our kind, fulfilling their deepest fantasies. When our race died out, she moved on to humans, though she took a very clandestine approach to it; with the exception of those few she revealed herself to in person. She still sees herself as a goddess of sex, and she feels she must seek out other’s fantasies to fulfill. None of us need, or want, her services, so she goes after humans, as I said.”

“Unfortunately,” said the shorter male. “A human’s fantasies can far exceed what a human being can actually withstand in reality. That wasn’t the case with our race. Pixie does not actually seem to understand that you humans have limitations in the physical world that your fantasies ignore.”

“Or, more to the point,” said Illial, “she knows of the limitations, but does not actually believe them. She can make a human body be able to withstand the treatment she gives it, but there are other factors she ignores. Like the emotions and personal life of her ‘partner’.” Illial turned to me. “Again, I can’t stress how sorry we are. If there’s anything we can do…”

“Just get her away and keep her away,” I muttered. I had a bitter tone to my voice I couldn’t help and hoped Illial didn’t think it was directed at her and the others as a whole, just Pixie. Illial seemed to understand, though and nodded.

“I can erase your memory of this again, but this time, I will put up a barrier so she’ll never be able to find you, even by accident. We haven’t usually had to do that, you understand, but perhaps we should do that to everyone she torments like this just to be safe. Oh, yes, and you should have no problem achieving orgasms, now, either.”

“Wait,” I said. Illial looked at me curiously. “Don’t make me forget. Just put up the barrier, or whatever it is.”

“Are you certain?” she said.

I nodded. “This is great fantasy material,” I said. “There’s no way in hell I want to go through it for real again. But… it doesn’t hurt to think about it.”

Illial nodded, then waved her hand over me, I guess performing whatever magic to keep me safe from Pixie. She smiled and said good-bye. Then, she and the other fairies vanished.

I got up, got dressed and went to bed. As nice as it is to have a woman to sleep with, I was looking forward to just spending some alone time and going straight to sleep.


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