Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wicked Sisters

“Kelly! Kelly come on, check this out! Come on, Kelly!”

Kelly Dayne sighed as her twin sister Katie nearly bounced in place at the foot of her bed. For a nineteen year old, she had the energy and enthusiasm of a nine year old sometimes. Kelly yawned and mumbled, “What time is it?”

“It’s half past noon, you slacker! Now come on! I gotta show you something!”

Kelly mumbled and got out of bed, not bothering to change out of her oversized shirt. She followed her sister to the adjacent bedroom, and said, “Alright, what’s the big deal?”

Katie giggled and held up a digital camcorder. “I’ve been practicing my Sex Magic! And I’ve gotten pretty good at it, too!” Kelly winced. She and Katie had only just gained Sex Magic all of a month ago, and while Katie seemed to be a real natural, Kelly still had trouble with the basics. “Listen! Can you sense it?”

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The young woman at the bar seemed intent on being alone, despite being dressed to kill. Bedecked in an eye-catching red dress, her golden hair cascading over her shoulders, she continued to sit at the bar, slowly sipping a Rum and Coke. Several slick-looking guys came over to hit on her, but before most of them even got the first word out, a piercing glance from her bright green eyes silenced them immediately. They would stop for a moment, as if paralyzed, then gulp, and dash off. Anyone who cared to look might have noticed them lewdly tenting their shorts as they did so. After a few moments, most of the people there opted to just leave her alone.

And so she sat for nearly two hours, watching people flirt and dance and drink, while the band on stage played a rocking beat. She seemed nearly ready to leave, when suddenly, someone entered the dance floor who immediately caught her eye. She smiled and watched as a tall, muscular clean cut young man sauntered into the crowd. Almost immediately, several women clustered around him, wanting to be the first to bump and grind with such a hearty specimen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Map of Civero

Because, yeah, you people come here for the geography lessons.

First time making a fictional map, so I kept it pretty basic, didn't bother including terrain features like the Titan Mountains (which divides the three countries of Gran), the Elyss Desert (which separates Elyss from the rest of Sarkovia), and there's probably a couple hundred little islands I'm missing and I didn't bother with the major lakes and rivers that I'm sure are there somewhere, but most of those are probably too small to see at this scale anyway. So, not bad, I'd say, mostly shaped how I had it in mind, though I'm sure the figures are probably off from my guidebook descriptor. Oh, well. Funny, thing, actually had to make up the ocean names on the spot, since I never thought about those prior to this.

Yeah, I know, it ain't erotica. Sorry for the lack of content lately. Summar/fall just seems to be a less productive time for me, and I haven't fully resolved my writing conflicts yet.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cruel Wife

Greg had only an hour left at work when he suddenly stiffened. He flushed red with embarrassment as his cock went almost instantly hard. He tried to hunker down in his cubicle, even though he knew that did absolutely nothing to keep his females co-workers from “hearing” his erection. He winced as his cock stiffened even further, becoming almost painfully hard. Letting out a breath, he reached for his cell phone, and answered the call before the first ring could sound.

Without waiting for a greeting, his wife Hannah said, “Come home. Now.”

“I’ve only got an hour left—” he said and winced as he felt five strong phantom fingers grip his testicles and squeeze. He sucked in a breath and grit his teeth. Stupid. He knew better than to even attempt resistance by now.

“You have five minutes. If you’re not in your car, heading home—” The fingers squeezed harder.

“Okay!” he yelped. She hung up, but the phantom hand didn’t slacken, and his cock stayed diamond hard. With shaking hands, he called his bosses office. “M-m-maggie, my wife needs me to—”

“Go ahead, Greg,” his boss said, an amused tone in her voice. “You’re almost done for the day anyway. Just come in early tomorrow… if you can.”

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kat's Boytoy - The Party

Ben was running down a corridor, through an empty house that seemed to just keep going. No matter how many doors he opened, or how many hallways he found, he could not seem to find any exit. I smiled and laughed as he ran around in circles, while I followed behind, a ghostly figure always just at his heels. He’d given me a merry chase, but his efforts were futile. This was a castle of my own creation, and no man could escape its twisting confines if I did not desire it. I chased him until he could run no more, and he finally collapsed onto his hands and knees, gasping.
I smiled and walked around to the front of him. He looked up and swallowed hard as he beheld my completely nude form. My body was too much for his mortal senses to bear and he shivered as lust rose quickly within him. Within seconds, he was utterly entranced, helpless as I leaned down and cupped his face in my hands.
“Poor little boy, no escape for you,” I said. I smiled wickedly at him. “You’re all mine now. Once my spell is complete, you will belong to me, body and soul.”
“N-n-no!” he whispered, fighting me with every ounce of his will. “You won’t… take me…”
I laughed and leaned forward, kissing him. He moaned in utter rapture, his body trembling, as my mere kiss filled his every nerve with pleasure. I pulled away, and he all but hung in my grasp, gasping for breath. I could see his cock straining to escape his pants. I laughed, and with a wave of my hand, his clothes vanished, leaving him as naked as myself.
“Fight me as much as you like,” I said sweetly. “In the end, you will submit to me.”
“I w-won’t…” he said. “Y-you won’t… b-beat me!”
I chuckled, and leaned close, whispering into his ear. He shuddered as my breath tickled him. “Well, then, I propose a little challenge. If I make you cum with just my kiss, you will be mine. But if you can resist, I suppose I might give you another chance to run.”
Without waiting for a reply, I kissed him again, and he let out a loud moan. He brought his hands up to try and push me away. However, he could not bring himself to do so, and instead he clutched at me. He was shaking, hips bucking, as I continued to kiss him, overwhelming him with inhuman levels of pleasure. He tried to fight me, he really, did, but it was too much, too fast, and despite straining with every once of his will, his submission was inevitable…

Friday, June 1, 2012

Red Handed

Oh, thank god, thought Kevin, as he watched his parents drive off. They were going to be gone all weekend, visiting a friend over in the next state. Likewise, his older sister was off at college, while his younger sister had, for the sake of her sanity, moved in with their aunt once her powers kicked in. For Kevin, this would be the first time in quite a while that he had the house to himself, completely free of women. And that meant he could finally take care of the ache between his legs without worrying about disturbing anyone else.

Thankfully, his mother was a conservative. She considered the whole practice of sealing a boy’s ability to masturbate or orgasm once they came of age to be downright cruel and barbaric. So, she had never done that to her son, even though he was now 20 years old, and yes, still living with his folks. But! Only because, since he’d been taking classes at a local college, it was cheaper to remain living at home than living in the dorms, especially  when he only lived five miles from campus.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just A Little Scene: Some Help

Andrew grit his teeth as he tossed and turned. His cock was hard as fucking steel and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. But his damnable step-sister Becky… he could hear her moaning through the walls, the sound of at least two vibrators buzzing away inside her. She was masturbating again, for the tenth night in a row, and it was driving Andrew insane!

She knew exactly what she was doing to him, too. She knew she had no control over her Sex Magic yet; she’d only had it for a month. When she was aroused, she radiated that arousal to all the men nearby. When she masturbated, it filled the men with incredible need, giving them intense “hard attacks.” Andrew wanted nothing more than to reach down and touch himself, to jack off like he used to be able to, before he turned 18, and his masturbation and orgasms became legally sealed away by his step-mother.

Magic prevented him from touching himself. His family never allowed him to masturbate no matter how much he begged, how well he behaved, or how many chores he did to perfection. His step-mother considered the practice utterly vile. And Becky, well, she could care less. She’d never liked him. She didn’t hate him, exactly, but she made a point to be utterly indifferent to him. Even after three years, she could care less how her new power affected him.

Apparently, Becky had always been an excessive masturbator (for a girl) or she her new powers just pumped her libido to an all-time high. She’d had the magic for 32 days. She’d masturbated for at least 28 of them, and every time, Andrew had to lie there and suffer. His balls throbbed with pain and his cock jerked in the air, desperate to be touched by something, anything to bring relief. But he couldn’t even hump the mattress; even if he could, it would bring no relief.

Finally, he could stand it no more; confronting Becky would do no good. He’d pounded on her door one night, yelling for her to stop. She’d just tripled the flow of arousal, until Andrew was curled into a ball in the hallway, crying with painful need. She took an extra long time finishing herself that night. His only recourse was to call his friend for pity.

He dialed Angela’s number. A childhood friend, Angela lived only four blocks away. She was the only girl who remotely pitied him. In the last seven months, he’d managed to get only three orgasms, and they’d all been from her.

Angela answered with a sleepy, “H’lo?”

“Angela,” he gasped. “Help! Please!”

There was a sigh. “Becky’s really killing you isn’t she? Jeez, I can sense your cock from here!” She made a small gasp. “God, it sounds painful.”

“It is! Please, can you do something? I’ll do anything you want, let you borrow my car for a week, I’ll do your history essay, anything!”

There was pause. “Make it two weeks and my history and english essay.”

“I-I-I don’t know… I n-need the car next week for…”

“You want to cum this month or not?”

“Yes! Okay, two weeks! And both essays!”

“You realize if I make you cum, that’s not going to stop Becky from affecting you.”

Andrew let out a groan as the arousal spiked up as Becky came hard. For a moment, he hoped she might stop early for the night, but no, she was just getting started. And then, it got worse… he felt the effects of a second wave of arousal!

Oh, god, no, please, no! His step-mom almost never masturbated, since she had his dad to service her. But he was out of town. Maybe tonight, she just decided to indulge. Or maybe it was his neighbor Jenny. She’d just turned 19 last week. Was she already awakening to the power?

Andrew let out a shuddering cry as the dual waves of lust threatened to completely overtake his senses. He shook as he lay on the bed, the pressure in his genitals crushing his sanity.

“Well, what’s it going to be, Andrew?” said Angela. “I’d like to go back to sleep now.”

“Do it! PLEASE!”

Angela yawned. “Alright. Tomorrow morning. If I remember.”


“I told you, if I made you spurt now, it wouldn’t help you too much. You’d still be soaking in their magic, and you’d be just as desperate, and your cock would hurt even more from having just cum. Heck, you might even experience some nice post-orgasm torture.”

Then, Andrew could almost hear her grin as she said, “Unless you’d like to feel that?” He felt a wet, soft mouth close over his cock. He stiffened as the phantom mouth slooooowly slid down his cock, then slooooowly slid up to the tip.

“Ah! No! Please don’t!”

“Why not?  I am getting a little tired of you always begging for help.” The sensation continued, a long, slow agonizing loop. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be enough to make him cum, but as insanely aroused as the waves of lust were making him feel, a single swipe of a feather could make him shoot off.

He cried out as he felt something shift slightly deep inside him, and he knew his orgasm blocker had been temporarily lifted. He grit his teeth as he tried not to cum just yet. “Well, try to hold it in as long as you can. I’m going back to bed. I expect your car to be in my drive way tomorrow night.”

“Angela, wait—!”

“Night-night,” she said and hung up.

Andrew thrashed as he clutched the sides of his bed in a death grip. He fought as hard as he could to hold back, even though every cell in his body was absolutely dying for release. But if he spurted now, the torment would only get worse! Much worse! Oh, god… he could do it… he had to do it… if the mouth stayed this slow and light, he might just be able to hold until Becky and the mysterious second masturbator finished for the night. If he could just—

Then Becky all but howled as she activated a third vibrator. Andrew didn’t even last another five seconds. But Becky, and the second woman, kept going for nearly two more hours… 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


“There must be some mistake,” said Kevin told the representative standing before him. “I didn’t ask for this.” He cocked his thumb at the young demihuman woman who had been presented to him. The young woman bowed her head, looking even smaller as she stood in the large office.

“I assure you, sir, do not let her small stature mislead you,” said the other man, giving Kevin a warm smile. “She is quite strong and nimble. And her smaller size will make it easier to house her.”

“Easier to get underfoot, too.”

“She also won’t require as much food.”

Kevin eyed the young demihuman woman thoughtfully. She was a Rouccuan of the more feline persuasion, with a cat-like tail, ears, and eyes, and a jaguar-patterned coat of short, fine fur over her body. Kevin noted that her fangs and claws had been surgically removed. The Rouccuan kept her gaze lowered, but kept sneaking glances upwards at her prospective buyer.

“You’re sure she speaks Ashi?” said Kevin.

“Quiet well,” said the man. “See for yourself.”

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teased Tutor

It’s a boring spring day at school. We’re both seniors, in math class, pre-calculus. You are really good at math, always eager to answer questions in class and always being the one person to break the curve. Because of this, though, you’re kind of pegged as the nerd of the class. Even though you’re pretty cute, most girls are more interested in the jocks.

Because of this, you are a virgin, and worse still, you turned 18 two months ago. As per societal decree, upon your 18th birthday, you are no longer pleasure yourself, initiate sex, or cum without help from a female. Sex Magic binds you to these rules, making it physically and psychologically impossible for you do these things. Unfortunately, you’re mother is no longer with you, and you have no siblings, meaning you can’t even rely on a female family member to help you out. Maybe your aunt, if she didn’t live halfway across the world. And wasn’t a complete bitch. And, so, you suffer in silence, your balls aching, but with no chance to do anything about it. The other girls won’t give you the time of day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just A Little Scene: Created

She heard voices as she slowly awoke. She groaned and opened her eyes, waiting for her vision to shift into focus. She was laying on a bed, naked, numerous pads and wired and needles stuck into her. She also felt wet, as though she had just been pulled from a bath. Standing over her were several women and men in lab coats and doctor’s masks. A light shone done over her and its light was harsh to her eyes.

“Okay, here we are,” said one of the men. “She’s awake.” He pushed the light back and leaned over her. “Welcome to the world,” he said. “I am Dr. Kathix. I am one of your creators.”

She looked at him confused. “Creator?” she said, her voice sounding weak and strained.

“Yes,” he said. “Do you feel well enough to sit up?”

“I guess,” she said. Several hands grabbed her and helped her up. She felt weak, as though she’d been bedridden for several weeks. However, after a moment, she was able to orient herself, and she sat up without the need for support. Her thoughts were becoming clearer, and her awareness sharper. She looked around, and could make out the features of the doctors better, her eyes adjusting to the light. She was in a hospital room, with several machines beeping as they took readings of her pulse and who knows what else. The equipment wasn’t a standard heart monitor. There were a total of eight doctors surrounding her.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lustful Wilds expanded edition now available!

When an explorer named Mike crashes his helicopter into the forest of Zoaheim, the Forbidden Continent, he doesn't expect to make it out alive. However, by a stroke of luck, he is saved by a mysterious woman, intent on helping him escape the dangerous wilds. But in this land of monsters and savage demihumans, even a savior can be a deadly threat.


Lustful Wilds is an expanded version of an older story posted on Literotica. This new version is nearly twice as long, adds new characters and conflicts, and some female domination and teasing scenes. Some details have also been altered.

You can purchase the story here at Smashwords:

There may, however, be some uncomfortable elements in the story for some readers, namely the following:

1) A few sex scenes involving demihumans, humans with bestial features such as horns and tails. This may skirt too close to bestiality for some.

2) The lead female character is subjected to some abuse. It's nothing graphic or gory, but this may not sit well with some.

If you aren't sure whether or not you'd care for this tale, you can read the original version, still free on Literotica:

If you like the original, I think you'll like the expanded version.


He shifted over a bit, to try and catch the downwind again. It struck him as silly, but he really wanted to catch that scent again. He sniffed at the air a bit as the breeze wafted over him, and he thought he caught one or two hints. Suddenly a crazy idea came to him, and before he could stop himself, he blurted it out.

“I think we should sleep together,” he said. Jane glanced at him again. “Wait, that came out wrong. I mean, we should sleep next to each other. For warmth.”

“You’ve got the blanket in your pack,” she said.

“Er, well, yeah, but, I mean, you don’t have one.”

“I have a jacket.”

Having already committed himself, Mike struggled to find a way to make the idea a reality. “Well, yeah, but—”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to tough it out.” Jane stood and started walking away from the fire.

“Hey, wait, I’m sorry,” said Mike. “Don’t be offended, I just meant—”

“I know what you meant,” said Jane. She said it plainly, with neither accusation nor degradation, which eased some of Mike’s worry. “Just stay there, and keep quiet. I’m going to use the bathroom.”

Mike’s eyebrows raised. Jane disappeared behind a bush, and he tried very hard not to think about her slipping her pants off. He opened his canteen and took a swig of cool water, hoping it would ease the warmth inside him. His erection pulsed in his pants, and he unconsciously pressed the flat of his palm against himself. His eyes closed as he unthinkingly started masturbating, rhythmically pressing himself through his jeans for a few minutes. He let out a soft sigh, and before he knew it, he found himself nearing climax. It felt good, but part of his mind panicked just in time, reminding him that he probably didn’t want to spend the next two or three days with a huge cum stain in his pants. Mike forced himself to stop and opened his eyes.

He nearly jumped out of his skin. Jane was standing just a few feet away, her mouth slightly open, staring at him. She had an odd look in her eye. He could only guess she’d been watching him for at least a minute. Mike felt a flush of embarrassment, which died halfway up as he kept looking in her eyes. There was a strange, almost hungry look to her expression. Suddenly, her eyes focused on his and she blinked. She closed her lips and snapped her head to the right, looking away from him.

Mike found his voice again. “Jeez, don’t sneak up on a guy like that,” he said, trying to sound more amused than spooked.

Jane swallowed hard, and said, “Sorry.” The breeze picked up behind her again, and wafted towards Mike. He suddenly got another strong noseful of that scent. For a moment, he felt heady, and then, a strong sensation of arousal seemed to flood over him. His erection, temporarily spooked into shrinking, immediately throbbed to full mast.

“Oh,” said Mike breathlessly. He started to get up, and walk around the fire to Jane, whose features seemed to positively glow in the firelight. Jane jerked back when he reached for her, and in a flash, her gun was in her hand, and pressed against the bottom of Mike’s chin. This immediately sobered Mike up. Mostly.

“Keep your fucking hands to yourself,” said Jane. However, her voice wavered a bit, and she said the words without as much conviction as it sounded like she intended.

Mike backed away, hands up. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” He felt like an idiot. He wanted to smack himself. In fact, he did just that, smacking the sides of his face a bit and shaking his head as if to ward off some mental fogginess. “I don’t know what came over me. I guess it’s just been a while since I did anything, and you’re just so pretty, and I was just sitting there and—”

“Stop talking,” said Jane. She holstered her gun and backed away from him. She sat down on a large rock several feet away, where the shadows began to overtake the firelight. “Go to sleep.”


“Just. Go. To. Sleep.”

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just A Little Scene: Special Delivery

Sandy opened the door while still topless, her pert breasts free for all to see.

“Hello, I have a pizza for—” the pizza boy’s eyes went wide as saucers. “Oh, wow, um…”

Sandy giggled at the young man’s utterly stunned expression. “Yeah, that’s us,” she said. She reached over and took the box, setting it down, and handed him a twenty dollar bill. She leaned close, and traced a finger along the growing bulge in his pants. “You keep the change, hon,” she said, and the boy let out a quaky groan. “And, if you could one little thing for me?” He nodded dumbly. “Think about me when you masturbate tonight?”

She traced along the bulge again, and it flexed lewdly. He let out a gasp, then blurted out, “I c-c-can’t! My girlfriend! I-I-I’m not allowed!” He blushed furiously.

Sandy opened her eyes and put a hand to her mouth in mock surprise. “You’re not allowed?!” She wagged her finger at him. “You shouldn’t let your girlfriend boss you around! Why, if my girlfriend told me I couldn’t masturbate, I’d tell her to stuff it!”

“B-but I can’t help it!” he gulped, blushing furiously. “She used her Magic, and now I, uh, I can’t!”

“Oh, my,” said Sandy, not quite able to hide a grin. “That must suck! So, how long as that been going on?”

“Please, can I just go? I have to get back to do more deliveries?”

“Just answer my question, please,” said Sandy, reaching down and tracing the bulge once more.

“Thuh-thuh-three weeks!” he squeaked.

“Goodness! I can barely go a day without touching myself!” Sandy giggled as his eyes went wide as saucers, and the thought of her masturbating filled his mind. His eyes zeroed in on her exposed chest as he imagined her playing with her nipples. “Well, I hope she’s letting you cum regularly at least.”

The young man shook his head, still entranced by her breasts.

“Hey, up here slick!” she said, pushing his head up with a finger to his chin. He swallowed and forced himself to look her in the eyes. “So, that’s a no, huh? Well, how often then?”

“Only twice every w-week,” he said, voice thick with lust.

“Oh, well, that’s not so bad!” said Sandy. “Honestly, for a moment there, I was starting to feel sorry for you, but twice a week is plenty!” She leaned closer, and said, “You know, a lot of men are lucky to cum twice a month!” He shivered as her breasts nearly brushed against his chest. His hands shook as he instinctively began to reach up to touch them.

Immediately, she slapped his hands away and gave him an angry look. “Woah! Down boy! Bad! Did I say you could touch my breasts?”

“No!” he squeaked.

“Did I say you could even look at them?” she said. She thrust her chest out as she did so, and it was only through a Herculean effort that he did not drop his gaze back to them. In fact, he actually looked to the ceiling to avoid them. “Well?!”

“No! Please, I have to go!”

“Apologize first!” she snapped.

“I’m sorry!” he said.

“Look me in the eyes when you say it!”

He tried to look her in the eyes, but she thrust her chest out once more, and his gaze instinctively dropped to her tits. “Hey!” she yelled. “You did it again!”

The poor boy couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m sorry!” he shouted, squeezing his eyes shut and turning to run. However, before he could even turn halfway, he suddenly froze. His eyes flew open, wild, and he looked at her with terror. Sandy smiled as she admired her handiwork. It was the first time in a while that she’d instantly frozen a man in place with her magic; she was pleased at how well she bound him with just a split second to act.

“Rude!” she said. “I don’t even know if I should pay you for such rude service.” She reached out and grabbed the twenty out of his hand. His brow furrowed, but he could not move to stop her.

“Please, I can’t just return without the payment!” he said.

“I’m sure your manager will understand when she finds out you were ogling my tits,” she said. She laughed as he started to protest, “Oh, yes, I know your manager is a woman; just a couple years older than you, at that. I can see your little jerk-off fantasies about her. Well, former jerk-off fantasies. I can see why your girlfriend cut you off.”

He trembled. “Oh, god,” he said. “Look, I’ll pay for the pizza! Just please, let me go!”

“Now, now, I’m just teasing. Of course I won’t steal a pizza! I want you guys to deliver to me in the future, after all.” She giggled, and reached over, tracing the bulge once more. She could sense his cock flex mightily, and his balls start to clench against his body. He was maybe on stroke from cumming, and he accentuated this with a lustful gasp. “In fact, I’d really like it if it was you next time. I’d like to know how your girlfriend reacted to her boy coming home with a stain in his pants.”

“What, wait, no!” he said, but then his mouth was sealed shut. He could only stand there, helpless, as Sandy slowly unzipped his pants, and slid the twenty, along with an extra five, inside his open fly. She made sure to drag the bill in such a way that it slipped through the slit of his boxers and grazed the bare skin of his ragingly hard cock. He let out a loud moan and shuddered as this was more than he could take. He instantly exploded in his pants, one shot, two shots, thre—

He let out a muffled scream as Sandy made a pinching motion with her two fingers and the pizza boy’s orgasm was immediately shut off, mid-spurt. His body shuddered as the semen was forced back down, slowly, torturously, until his balls were almost refilled. Then, Sandy gave him a smack on the ass and he could move again.

Sandy laughed her ass off watching him go, as he stumbled, wincing and moaning back to the car, pulling the cum-covered money from his crotch, face beet red with frustration and shame.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Witch's Castle, now available for purchase!

Presented for your enjoyment, is a sample of my new story, The Witch's Castle! This is a story I've been meaning to write for a long time, but never quite coalesced until now. The rest of the work is available for purchase here, at:

This is a World of Civero story. It has Magic! Thieves! Tease and Denial! Golden Hooks! A Castle! There might even be Witch in there somewhere!

You can read a sample at the Smashwords site, but for further tempation, I shall post a blurb here:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slashing the Veil: The Year 100 Story


100 years have passed since Sex Magic came to Earth, empowering all adult women on the planet, and rendering men their helpless playthings. No one has ever managed to discover its origin. No one has ever found a way to empower men. Until now.

Alright, one of the projects that kept dead-ending on me was this particular story. For various reasons, I have ceased writing this one, and I do not think I’m going to pick it up again. However, I do like what I did write here so far. Besides, this is where pretty much all the actual erotic stuff happens; the remainder of the story, still to be written, comes down to super power battles, military combat, and something rather sick and twisted mass murders by insane cultists. Not really the sort of story fit for a femdom erotica blog.
Still, I like what I put here, especially some of the world details, and some of the interactions, and I felt it would be a waste to never show this to anyone. So, while my break continues, I figured I’d just show this off.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Spell

It happened just as Angie and Scott were about to go to bed on Thursday night. As they got under the covers and snuggled together, she snuck her hands between his legs and gave him a playful rub. Scott naturally reacted, growing erect, and when he did, Angie could suddenly hear a humming. Thinking her ears might have been ringing, she tensed her jaw to make it go away as she turned to the side. Scott hugged her from behind, and they lay there, spooning for a few minutes. Sandy could feel his cock pulsing against her backside, and as she wriggled a bit to tease him, the hum grew louder. She frowned and looked up.
“Scott? Do you hear that?”
“Hear what?” he said sleepily.
“That humming, that… there’s this weird sound…”
Scott listened. “I don’t hear anything.”
Angie looked around trying to trace the sound. It was very strange; the more she thought about it, the more it seemed like she wasn’t actually hearing it, but merely thought she was hearing it, the way one might sometimes still think they hear their ears ringing, even when the actual ringing had ceased. However, she could not push the sound out of her mind; it kept intruding in her thoughts, like a song stuck in her head.
“I can still hear it,” she said.
“I don’t hear anything babe,” he said, sleepily. He pulled her back onto the bed. “Come on,” he said, kissing her cheek. “Just ignore it, maybe it’ll go away.” He then dozed off.
Frowning, Angie decided to take his advice, and tried to ignore it. After a while, it did go down, slowly fading. She let herself drift off as well, and decided to forget it. She settled herself a bit more comfortably against Scott, and slid into that point halfway between sleep and consciousness, letting her thoughts drift. Drift away like the sound, like her husband’s erection…
Her eyes snapped open. She could feel Scott’s cock soften as he faded to sleep, and as it did, the sound lowered. Angie turned slightly, and looked at Scott. Then, she scooted her butt forward a bit, and reached behind to gently rub at Scott’s crotch again. His body reacted as before, his cock stiffening. As it did, the humming in her head rose.
“Scott!” she nearly shrieked, sitting bolt upright. “Scott, wake up!”
“Whuh-what?!” he said, bewildered. “What is it?!”
Angie reached forward and grasped at his crotch, taking him by surprise. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply, rubbing him some more. His cock hardened fully, and she broke the kiss just as suddenly, giving him the biggest grin he’d ever seen.
“I’ve got it, Scott! I’ve got the Sex Magic!” She nearly squealed in delight.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Please Support: Salamando!

So, after putting it off for far too long, I have finally set up a Smashwords account in order to sell my stories. Yes, that's right, I’ve become a money grubbing Sell Out. Isn't capitalism grand?

You can purchase my stories in a here:

In all seriousness, I want my readers to know that I appreciate all the kind words, and even the unkind ones, I’ve gotten for my writing these past couple years. I really didn’t expect my particular brand of femdom story to be as popular as it was. Your encouragement kept me writing, and my writing has kept me sane.

However, there comes a point where you spend so much of your time and effort on something, that you need to start considering if all that work is really worth just the occasional compliment here or there. While I’ll always write foremost because I love to, and share my stuff because I want people to enjoy my work, at this point, I need to either start monetizing, or I need to find another hobby to make better use of my time.

The other reason for this move to ebooking is that I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck, so anything extra I can pull in on the side will be a big help. The way things are, I’m not getting a better or second job anytime soon, so selling my writing is my next best option to supplement my income, even if only by a little.

All I ask if you do purchase my work is that you do not then pirate, or otherwise freely distribute it. Please don’t copy it and then post on this site, for example. I think my prices are pretty reasonable. Also, if I publish stories that I have already posted on various sites, such as Literotica, I will leave those stories online so the old drafts can still be read for free anyway.

Now, to address a few anticipated questions:

Okay, so you make a buck, but how does this really benefit me, the reader?
One of the reasons I held off on publishing for so long is that up until recently, I have never taken this hobby very seriously. Ergo, I would often hastily post my work almost immediately after writing it, leaving them with many typos, half-assed endings, and sometimes just outright incomplete.

This will no longer be acceptable. If I’m going to ask you to pay for something, then I must my raise my standards to make the product worth your dollar. I will make sure every story I publish is thoroughly proofread, complete, and an all-around superior product to what I have been producing up to this point. If you’re going to pay for my stuff, the least I can do is step up my game.

What stories are for sale?
Over the next couple weeks, I will be focusing primarily on publishing my older stories, putting them in compilations or publishing them as stand alone short stories depending on their length. They will all be getting minor edits, but for the most part, it shouldn’t be anything too drastic. Again, I will leave all my old stuff for free to read online, so if you don’t want to pay for the newer versions, there’s no reason to. Nonetheless, I would appreciate any sales I could get off these older stories.

That said, there are a few old stories I plan on overhauling or expanding as well, however. In these cases the new versions of the stories will only be available in ebook form. But, again, if you don’t want to have to pay for them, the old versions will still be online to read for free. Still, when I overhaul these old stories, I will be making them bigger and better, so I encourage you to check them out.

After that, however, any new stories of sufficient length, I will be distributed via ebook form. As many erotic authors do, I will post samples, and then the rest of the story you will have to buy. In the case of longer stories, I will post the first couple of chapters. If the new work is a compilation of shorter stories, I will post the first story or two. Smashwords already enables you to sample part of a work before you buy, as well.

Will you be posting any more free stories in the future?
I will still post most flash fiction I make, such as the Just A Little Scenes, for free online. Likewise, if I feel the story I’ve written doesn’t have a whole lot of substance to it even if its long (as in, it’s really just a giant sex scene with no real plot), I will likely still post that for free, even if I compile it into an ebook later.

How can I read your stories once I have purchased them?
Through Smashwords, the stories will be available in a wide variety of e-book and computer file formats. These include Kindle, Epub, Nook, Kobo, and iPad/iBook formats, among others. As well, you can download the files as either text, rich text, or PDF formats to read directly from your computer. You can even read the stories directly on the site itself if you wish.

If you are paranoid about giving Smashwords your information, you don’t have to use your real name to set up an account. Setting up an account is free, as well.

So, that should be that. As of the time of this posting, there is only one story up for purchase, and fittingly, the story is “Violet vs. Sara”, one of the first and I believe still one of the best of my erotic works. More of my old works will be getting posted very soon, so check back to my page a few times over the next couple weeks. After that, newer material and expanded stories should follow not too long there after. Thanks in advance to all who purchase my stuff, and I look forward to entertaining you more in the future.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Centurions: The Rise of Jahi

The first thing Spark became aware of as she came to was something lightly touching between her legs. Sluggishly, she fought to consciousness, intending to shove whatever was doing that away. However, she couldn’t seem to get her arms forward. She tugged, but something was keeping her bound. Her eyes fluttered open and it took a moment for her gaze to focus. She found herself staring into the eyes of the dark haired woman in the alley. The woman was kneeling right in front of her, and Spark was slightly stunned by her beauty for a moment. A few seconds passed before Spark realized the gentle sensation between her legs was coming from the woman tracing a finger along her exposed vaginal lips, gently up and down, around and around. Spark let out a gasp as the fingertip brushed the tip her clitoris, sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine.

Sluggishly, she tried to remember how she’d gotten here. She had been coming out of a movie theater, when she’d heard a cry for help in a nearby ally. Even though she was off-duty, Spark had raced over to help, and she’d seen a woman, this woman in front her now, kneeling on the ground, sobbing. Spark had reached over to help her, then felt something stick into her leg. She’d look down to see a needle, and then… then she was waking up here.

Spark snapped out of it as another shiver a pleasure ran through her body. She tried to jerk back, only to find her legs were similarly restrained. She realized she was completely naked and bound pretty thoroughly to a chair. Looking around, she could not tell where she was. Some open, but darkened space, with a single light hanging from a hang ceiling to illuminate the spot she was sitting. Perhaps some abandoned warehouse? Spark let out another gasp as the women’s finger touched her clit again. She called up the electrical energy in her body and tried to shock the woman’s finger with a strong jolt. However, nothing happened, save that the woman just maintained eye contact and smiled slyly at Spark.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kat's Boytoy: Summer Visit

Note: This story is set in the world of Civero, and is a sequel to Kat’s First Boytoy.

The semester was over, and Ben and I were enjoying the last few days of Finals Week. We’d been studying so much, sex hadn’t really been on either of our minds for the past couple weeks, but we were one of the lucky ones who got all their tests out of the way early. The last thing we had to do was the finishing touches of a collaborative writing project for our Creative Writing class, and we’d pretty much finished it already. So, we were now having fun being frisky for a few days before we had to part ways for summer. As we lay in bed, cuddling and kissing, Ben finally asked the question I’d been anticipating.

“So, how’s this going to work?” he said. “Summer, I mean. Are you going to let me play with my cock again?”

“Whose cock?” I teased, teasing a fingertip down his chest.

He grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, your cock. Are you going to let me play with it?”

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Roommates

Jim was nervous as he rang the doorbell to his new home. He was starting his first year of college, and for the sake saving some money, his parents had decided that he would have to move into the duplex where two of his mom’s friend’s daughters were staying. Maggie and Gemma were a junior and sophomore respectively at the same college Jim was attending, and their third roommate had been a senior who just graduated. So the timing had been perfect.

Well, perfect for them. Jim wasn’t sure how he felt about the situation, to be honest. Though they three had played together as little kids, back when they’d lived in the same neighborhood, they hadn’t talked in years, not since middle school, at least. He was effectively going to move in with two strangers, both of whom were old enough to have gained Sex Magic. A guy from his High School would probably be jealous as hell. Then again, most guys from his High School didn’t have an older cousin who had qualified to go to the prestigious Metis Academy, who would then proceed to tell them exactly what kind of hell living 24/7 with a bunch of teenaged Sex Mages was like.

Well, he supposed it could be worse. At least he wasn’t still living with his parents.