Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Map of Civero

Because, yeah, you people come here for the geography lessons.

First time making a fictional map, so I kept it pretty basic, didn't bother including terrain features like the Titan Mountains (which divides the three countries of Gran), the Elyss Desert (which separates Elyss from the rest of Sarkovia), and there's probably a couple hundred little islands I'm missing and I didn't bother with the major lakes and rivers that I'm sure are there somewhere, but most of those are probably too small to see at this scale anyway. So, not bad, I'd say, mostly shaped how I had it in mind, though I'm sure the figures are probably off from my guidebook descriptor. Oh, well. Funny, thing, actually had to make up the ocean names on the spot, since I never thought about those prior to this.

Yeah, I know, it ain't erotica. Sorry for the lack of content lately. Summar/fall just seems to be a less productive time for me, and I haven't fully resolved my writing conflicts yet.

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