Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The young woman at the bar seemed intent on being alone, despite being dressed to kill. Bedecked in an eye-catching red dress, her golden hair cascading over her shoulders, she continued to sit at the bar, slowly sipping a Rum and Coke. Several slick-looking guys came over to hit on her, but before most of them even got the first word out, a piercing glance from her bright green eyes silenced them immediately. They would stop for a moment, as if paralyzed, then gulp, and dash off. Anyone who cared to look might have noticed them lewdly tenting their shorts as they did so. After a few moments, most of the people there opted to just leave her alone.

And so she sat for nearly two hours, watching people flirt and dance and drink, while the band on stage played a rocking beat. She seemed nearly ready to leave, when suddenly, someone entered the dance floor who immediately caught her eye. She smiled and watched as a tall, muscular clean cut young man sauntered into the crowd. Almost immediately, several women clustered around him, wanting to be the first to bump and grind with such a hearty specimen.

The woman in red stood up and strode to the table, not bothering to pay for her drink. The bartender, however, seemed not to notice as he watched her ass sway. The woman strode right through the crowd, which seemed to instinctively part so that she could go straight the tall man with the muscles. He noticed her just as she came up to him from the side, and blinked as she all but stepped into him. Before he could say a word, she reached up and kissed him deeply. The man was almost taken aback, but then the feeling of her lips tingled across his, and her tongue probed deep. He was suddenly compelled to kiss her back, and did so, running his hands through her hair and over her buttocks. The people around them watched with interest and a bit of jealousy.

“You’re late,” she said when she finally pulled away. “You’re usually here by eight.”

“I, uh… I got held up…” said the man, looking a little dazed. He paused and gave her a quizzical look. “Do I know you?”

“No,” she said. “But I know you. You saved my life once…” she leaned up to his ear “…Solar Man.”

The man’s eyes went wide and he pulled back from her. “How did you know?”

The woman in red smiled and gripped his hand. “Come along,” she said. “I want to thank you personally.”

Still a little stunned, “Solar Man” turned and grinned at the people on the dance floor, shrugging with a “whaddayagunnado?” look. He let himself be let out of the club, and into city streets. “So, does my rescuee have a name?”

“Whitney,” she said, still leading him by the hand. “Do you have a real name?”

Solar Man said, “Used to be called Duncan.” He felt a little silly at being tugged along like a little boy, but then again, he was getting a terrific view of her backside, so he wasn’t ready to complain.

“I see,” said Whitney. “Not any more?”

“Secret identities aren’t really in style anymore,” he said. “Even still, how did you know who I was? I don’t recall a time my mask ever came off in public—”

“I’m a telepath,” said Whitney. “Well, more accurately, I can see people’s daydreams and fantasies. Three months ago, you saved me from some zombies that had flooded the streets. You remember? The Voodoo Master, I believe, was the one responsible.”

Solar Man nodded agreeably, even though he did not have the slightest recollection of seeing this woman. And she was definitely a looker. Still, they’d had to evacuate nearly a third of the city that day; she was probably just one of hundreds he’d personally kept from becoming zombie food. “Yeah, yeah,” he said. “I think I remember you.”

“No, you don’t,” she said, but with a slight smile. “It’s okay. There were a lot of people that day.”

They finally stopped when they reached her car, a blue Firebird. She let go of his hand to unlocked the car. “Get in,” she said, motioning to the passenger seat.

Solar Man took a step back, and smiled amiably. “Okay, miss, let’s say we slow down for a second,” he said. “Maybe we should get some coffee before zipping off to your secret abode.”

Whitney paused. “Funny,” she said. “Your little fantasies indicate you’re quite a fast player.”

“Okay, first of all, quit reading my mind,” he said, blanching a little. “Second, you know who I am and what I do. I have no clue who you are. I like a good time, but I’m not an idiot.”

Whitney frowned, then stepped up to him, giving him a wide-eyed look. Even though he could tell a blatant attempt at manipulation when he saw it, there was something about her eyes that was just entrancing. She let her body press fully to his, and giving him a perfect view of her cleavage. Solar Man swallowed as he felt her arms gently wrap around him. “I’m just a woman who wants to thank her savior.”

He felt his cock twitch to life as she pressed herself more fully against him and drew him into another deep kiss. As they did, he suddenly heard her voice, as if echoing into her head. <And I have so many ways to thank you> she telepathically spoke.

Solar Man reached to pull her off of him, but he stiffened as he felt something seize him. Whitney broke the kiss and settled her body against his. “Don’t worry, my savior,” she said. “I’m not going to hurt you. Not really. I just want to enjoy you for a while.”

Solar Man tried to move, but found he could not budge even a single muscle, other than to blink and breathe. And, apparently, get erect. Whitney reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his stiffening cock. Why was he getting hard? This was no time to be giving into the temptations of such a… oh… oh, wow…

As her fingers curled around his cock and began to stroke it, Solar Man was filled with an amazing pleasure. It was just a simple hand job, but somehow, it filled him with intense sensation, as though his cock were more sensitive than usual. A lot more sensitive. Despite himself, Solar Man moaned a bit as her hand moved faster.

“I was hoping to do this in private, but here will do,” she said. She then leaned forward, and her lips closed over his cock. As she drew him deep into her throat, Solar Man let out a choked gasp. The sensation was incredible, the warm wet sucking seeming to jumpstart every nerve in his organ, her tongue slowly sliding over ever hot spot with uncanny accuracy. Clearly, her telepathy told her just where to touch and how. But more than that, it felt as though his cock had become a hundred times as sensitive, as if even a gentle breeze could have stroked him to orgasm. Was this also a trick of her telepathy?

Fucking hell, she’d been sucking him for barely thirty seconds, and already, he could feel an immense orgasm welling up inside him! He began to gasp in sharp whimpers as his balls clenched and his cock jerked in her mouth. Caught up in the moment, he forgot his suspicions, and tried to warn her that he was about to cum. But then, it was too late, and he felt the climax overtake him—

—only for, somehow, it to be blocked! Solar Man groaned loudly as he felt his climax hit some kind of wall, as if something in his body and mind wouldn’t let him release. As if… oh, god… what was she…?

A chuckle sounded in his mind, as Whitney’s telepathic voice spoke to him, even as she continued to suck him. <Not so fast, my savior. Don’t you want to savor this pleasure?>

<What the hell are you doing?> Solar Man thought back.

<Just showing my appreciation. I want to give you a wonderful gift of pleasure for saving my life!>

<But this is so… oh, god… so…>

<Intense? Surreal? I know, I’m cheating a little, using my powers to increase your sensitivity, and hold back your release. Trust me, when I let you pop, it’ll be the most amazing orgasm of your life!>

<But why… freeze me like this… if you wanted to fuck…>

<Aw, but I thought you’d enjoy a little kink, the big, brave superhero trapped by the whiles of a sexy villainess? I can see it in your mind, you know. You’ve stroked off more than a few times to thought of one of your sexier enemies putting you in a trap and playing with you… that’s why this was so easy!>

<Wh-what… what was… easy… oh, fuck!> It was getting hard for Solar Man to think. As a superhero, one tended to build a considerable force of will, but everyone had there weakness. It was true, Solar Man may have been the suave pretty boy who could have the ladies eating out of his hand, but deep down, he’d thought about what it would be like to be at a woman’s mercy. And now, it seemed, that wet dream was coming true. He just hadn’t imagined it’d be something this sudden, this intense! This woman had completely blindsided him, and he was helpless under her physical and mental carress.

<There, there, don’t try to think your way out of this. Just enjoy.> Whitney continued to bob her head on his cock, her perfect sucks and licks combined with telepathically induced pleasure strokes burning away his every thought. Solar Man moaned helplessly as he became utterly lost in a world of pleasure and the need for release. She cupped his balls, which were beginning to ache with pent up tension.

She continued this for several minutes, sucking him right there in the parking lot. A psychic screen to turn away onlookers, and the fact that she was parked in the less well lit area of the lot, gave them some privacy, but even still she didn’t want this to take too long. She slowly intensified the sensations even as she sucked him harder. She could feel his climax roiling desperately behind the mental block she’d put up against his release.

Some spark of reason managed to fight its way through the haze, as Solar Man realized this had gone beyond mere kinky play. Something was wrong here. Even if Whitney was sincere in her desire to show her gratitude through sex, she was taking it too far. <St-stop… please… enough…> His mind struggled to form the thoughts.

Whitney continued to increase the sensations and the pressure, cooking him with sexual fire. Ironic given Solar Man’s own power was that of pyrokinesis. <So, my savior, do you surrender?>


<Yes. Do you surrender? Do you accept defeat?>

<I… I… uh…>

Whitney dialed back the intensity just enough to let him comprehend her words. <Solar Man, I have a confession to make. You did save my life once, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I want something from you. I want your power.>

<I don’t… what are you…?>

<You see, I discovered a strange power. I have the ability to steal other superhumans’ special abilities by making them cum in submission to me. I didn’t realize I had this power until I started having sex with my boyfriend. He was actually the telepath, see, and one time, he wanted me to tie him up and tease him. I was kind of a natural, I guess, I really let him have it! I made him beg and beg and beg, and finally, I let him pop, while he was deep inside me. And then it happened. I stole his powers.>

Solar Man’s eyes widened, and for the first time since this started, he really attempted to struggle. He tried to move his body, but her telepathic commands kept him locked in place. He tried to call upon his powers, to generate the flames from whence he derived his “code name.” But he couldn’t. Somehow, she had turned off his fire powers with her psychic abilities as well. He struggled to block out what she was doing, to try and recall his senses and will power his way out of her grasp.

It was useless. Whitney simply increased the intensity of the sensation and pressure even higher, and Solar Man let out the most pathetic whimper she’d yet heard from a man. She pulled off his cock and smiled as she studied his desperate face. She kissed the tip of his cock and said, “Don’t worry, my savior. This won’t hurt you. All you’ll do is lose your special powers. Of course, if you really want to keep them, all you have to do is hold out. But …” she dragged her fingertips over his throbbing shaft, right as she tripled his already inhuman sensitivity, “…I should warn you, I can do this all night, if I have to.” She then
took him in her mouth again, and sucked him fiercely.

Solar Man couldn’t even moan now, he could barely draw breath. He could barely even think. All he wanted, all he needed, was the release she was so cruelly denying him. If she took his powers, there’s no telling what damage she might do. But… but… oh, god, the pleasure, it overwhelmed his every sense. Sight and sound seemed to blur away, feeling was all he could understand. The rest of his body felt numb compared to the blazing hot core of his cock, which had become his entire world. A world that was going to shatter, and take his sanity with it, if he did not achieve release.

No! He couldn’t give in! She was villain! That’s what this came down to, didn’t it? He was a superhero, she was a supervillain, and he couldn’t let her get away with her crime! If he could just hold onto that thought, that single line of reason to keep him focused, maybe he could… he could…




<please… make cum… please…!>

Whitney drew him as deep into her mouth as he could go, deep throating him until her lips pressed against the root of his cock. <Do you surrender then, my savior?>

<YES! Please! I surrender!>

Whitney reached inside and undid the telepathic block. Instantly, he exploded into her throat, firing shot after shot of cum, which she swallowed greedily. As he did, she could feel an intense heat unleash from his body. Flames burst around his form, and enveloped her as well. Whitney flinched as the heat of the flames felt for a moment like they would burn her… but then, her body seemed to adjust, the pain of the heat lessening, though she could still objectively feel its intensity. She felt herself gain some instinctive control over the fire, and she forced it down, even as she continued to suck down ever drop of cum Solar Man could give.

The orgasm went on longer than humanly possible, as she sucked him well past the point he had nothing left to give. Solar Man whimpered and cried and pleaded for mercy as she lovingly tended to his hypersensitive cock. Finally, after another minute of post-orgasm stimulation, she released him, both from her mouth, and from her telepathic binding. Solar Man collapsed onto the ground, immediately going unconscious.

Whitney sat back against her car, catching her breath. That had been far more intense than with her boyfriend. She smiled, however, as she tested her newfound ability, holding out her hand and summoning a ball of fire in the palm. She grinned wickedly as she started planning for which other superheroes, and perhaps even supervillains, she could steal more power from.

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