Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wicked Sisters

“Kelly! Kelly come on, check this out! Come on, Kelly!”

Kelly Dayne sighed as her twin sister Katie nearly bounced in place at the foot of her bed. For a nineteen year old, she had the energy and enthusiasm of a nine year old sometimes. Kelly yawned and mumbled, “What time is it?”

“It’s half past noon, you slacker! Now come on! I gotta show you something!”

Kelly mumbled and got out of bed, not bothering to change out of her oversized shirt. She followed her sister to the adjacent bedroom, and said, “Alright, what’s the big deal?”

Katie giggled and held up a digital camcorder. “I’ve been practicing my Sex Magic! And I’ve gotten pretty good at it, too!” Kelly winced. She and Katie had only just gained Sex Magic all of a month ago, and while Katie seemed to be a real natural, Kelly still had trouble with the basics. “Listen! Can you sense it?”

Kelly paused and concentrated, trying to “hear” the sounds that their magic enabled. After a few moments, Kelly finally detected a combination humming and buzzing sound coming from off to her right. Kelly turned to the window in Katie’s room which looked out into the neighbor’s backyard. Kelly turned back to Katie and smirked knowingly. “Are you being mean to Bryan again?”

Kelly giggled and held up the camera, then went to the window, pulling open the curtain. “Test number thirty-three. Trying to break an orgasm block without actually lifting it! Subject: Bryan Kerns!”

Kelly moved to the window to see. Sure enough, their neighbor Bryan was out in the backyard. He had been swimming, evidently, and was now sunning himself dry. However, as the two girls watched, he was not having a relaxing time of it. Bryan was clutching the arms of the lawn chair in a death grip and his body lurched in place, hips bucking. He was wearing a pair of speedos, but they did nothing to hide the huge bulge of his erection.

“So, this is Bryan, struggling with a little orgasm blockage,” said Katie in a mock-serious tone. “With my powers, I can deduce that it’s been almost three weeks since his last spurt!

Kelly frowned. Katie could already sense that kind of thing? Kelly could barely see through Bryan’s speedo, and seeing a boy naked through his clothes was one of the first tricks a girl learned!

“Since he’s eighteen years old, he’s not allowed to masturbate or cum without permission from a female, and it looks like his mom’s been a total tyrant lately! That’s definitely her block on his cock, and man is it strong! I can’t even budge it directly with my powers, and I’m pretty sure no matter what I do, it’s not going to be enough to force an orgasm through. Doesn’t mean I can’t try, though! Let’s see how he likes… a double blow job!”
Below, Bryan began to thrash in place, as Katie used her magic to simulate the sensations of two hot, wet, hungry mouths slathering Bryan’s cock with intense affection. Katie cracked the window open a bit, and they could hear his loud moans. Kelly didn’t even need to concentrate anymore to hear the humming of his arousal, and the buzzing of his blue balls.

“Come on, Bryan,” giggled Katie. “Take the speedo off! It might help!” As she said it, she projected the notion towards Bryan. Seconds later, Bryan jumped up from the chair, stripped his miniscule clothing off, bearing his huge, hard penis for all to see. Bryan stumbled back as the sensations only increased in intensity, causing him to fall back on his butt and thrash in place with a helpless wail.

“I’m surprised he’s not trying to stroke it,” said Kelly, mesmerized by the scene.

“He can’t, he’s got a spell that prevents that, too,” said Katie. She giggled as she watched his hips buck fiercely, cock dancing in the wind. “Oh, my god, can you sense what he’s thinking right now?”

“That he wants to cum?” said Kelly with a wry grin.

“Besides that! He’s fantasizing about you!”

“What?! Really?” Kelly concentrated fiercely on Bryan, trying to trace the sexual energies back into his head. She could only manage to catch glimpses, however, but the glimpses did indeed reveal he was thinking of her tits and legs, dreaming of her being the one sucking him.

“Hmph! No Fair. I’m the one giving him the pleasure right now!” Vindictively, she tripled the intensity of the sensations on his cock, and Bryan curled into a shuddering ball, clutching his thighs, and crying.

“Well, let’s be fair, you’re not the one who ‘accidentally’ let him catch you sunbathing topless.”

“You’re such a slut!” said Katie, sticking her tongue out at her sister, but the two broke down into giggles.

Below, Bryan had crawled to the house, and was stumbling into the door. Katie burst out laughing, even though she could no longer see him. “Oh, man, he’s so riled up, he’s humping the carpet in his living room!”

Kelly nodded as she concentrated, and got a vague impression of the activity. Bryan desperately trying anything to relieve the pressure in his groin and helpless to do more than buck his hips.

“Oh, man, this is going on Fap Report and MageTube right away!” said Katie, switching off the camera and reaching to plug it into her computer.

“So, you going to just leave him like that?” said Kelly. “You don’t want him to get rugburn on his cock, do you?”

Katie waved her off dismissively. “Sure. The magic will keep him safe from injury.”

“True, I guess,” said Kelly. “Still, it is pretty mean. Poor thing.”

“Bah, you only pity him because he fantasized about you.”

Kelly laughed. “True enough. Still…”

“Tell you what, I’ll let it fade in an hour. But this is a pretty good opportunity to build up your magic, you know? Why not go sunbathing again, and soak up some extra energy in the process?” Katie giggled. “I’ll even entice him to peek at you from the window!”

Kelly whipped her oversized shirt off, revealing she wore only panties beneath. “Sounds good to me!” The two sisters giggled, as the sounds of Bryan’s desperate genitals blared loudly in their minds.


An hour later, the sucking sensations to Bryan’s genitals ceased, but uncontrollably horny as he was, he continued to hump the floor of his living room for several more minutes, before he could force himself to stop. Gasping, Bryan spent another ten minutes just trying to relax until he could stand again. When he did, he slowly got to his feet and stumbled up to his bedroom.

He collapsed onto his back, and looked with dismay at his cock, which stubbornly remained steely hard. This was the tenth time over the past few weeks that he’d suddenly gotten attacked by Sex Magic. He had no idea who could be doing it. Surely not his mother, though he could swear that she took actual pleasure in denying his release. Not one of his classmates, surely? Most of them weren’t quite old enough to gain the magic yet. One of his neighbors? Well, he did accidentally see Kelly nearly naked the other day… god she had been gorgeous…

A sudden notion entered his head to wonder if she was out there right now. Wouldn’t that be just his luck? Getting sniped by a magic tease from afar, only to be further tormented by the sight of his sexy neighbor?

However, the urge to look suddenly seized him more strongly, and despite his better judgment, he couldn’t help but peek out the window, getting up from his bed and pulling back a blind. He blinked and gasped. As if she’d read his mind, Kelly was out there, stretched out on her own lawn chair, soaking in the sun, wearing only a light pink pair of cotton panties. Bryan’s cock twitched excitedly at the sight, and his eyes widened. He dropped down onto his knees to better hide behind the wall, and peeked over the window sill to look at her.

He knew he should look away. He couldn’t remember if Katie and Kelly were old enough to have Sex Magic yet, but if they did, they would no doubt sense his looking at them. Maybe they could already sense him and were pushing him to look! No, that was just crazy, wasn’t it? He couldn’t just assume, just because they might have the magic. But then again, to be teased like that, thinking of Kelly, and then there she is, practically baiting him to look?

God, the Magic was so frustrating! Any woman who had it could do anything she wanted to a man, and he could never be certain it was her if she didn’t want him to know. Bryan swallowed at the thought of Kelly knowing he was staring at her, knowing his cock was twitching and aching for her, even though she was facing away from him, and he was hidden up in his room. Was that a smile on her lips? Was she smiling because of him?

“Oh, fuck,” whispered Bryan as he gripped the windowsill until his knuckles went white. He wanted to look away, but he just couldn’t. It was like he was cemented in place, utterly entranced by the site of her nearly nude body. If only he could stroke himself, if only he could cum...

BRYAN! You get down here this instant!”

Bryan blushed fiercely as his mother’s powerful voice bellowed up from the first floor. Bryan’s first instinct was to grab for a pair of shorts, or a towel, anything to cover himself, but he forced himself to not bother. When his mother said, “this instant” she meant it! And as she and other women had pointed out time and again, clothes did nothing to protect his modesty.

Bryan stumbled downstairs as fast as he could, though it seemed to almost physically hurt to turn away from the view of Kelly. He realized with a start as he passed the clock on the wall that he had been staring at his neighbor for nearly an hour! He had completely zoned out, and hadn’t even noticed his mother come home.

Bryan saw his mother, a petite young woman who looked barely twenty years old herself, standing with her hands on her hips, looking up at him. Bryan came down the stairs and, keeping his head bowed and his hands firmly at his side, he said, “Y-yes, mother.”

“You were staring at Kelly Dayne next door,” she said icily.

Bryan felt a little pulse of pleasure travel sharply down his cock. He flinched with a short gasp, and said, “Yes!” Another sharp pulse shot down from the tip to the base. Bryan shuddered, but stayed on his feet.

“You naughty, naughty boy,” she said, sternly. Three more sharp pulses hit him, and Bryan couldn’t remain standing anymore. He fell to his knees, hips bucking hard, as each jolt of pleasure shot him straight to the edge. In rapid succession, the sensations created a sensual torment that took his breath and his will away. His mother always did these intense “lashes” of pleasure to punish him when he did something wrong.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, mom, please, I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it!”

“Clearly,” she said, lashing him six more times with the pleasure pulses. Bryan wailed and fell to the floor, shaking like a leaf, his cock jerking forcefully in one futile attempt to cum after another. “Such a helpless boy. So lacking in self-discipline. That will be another week without release—”

“Mom, no!” said Bryan in horror, but another six lashes silenced his protests.

“—and unless you start proving to me you can control yourself, it could be a whole lot more!” She huffed and stomped over to the back door, and opened it. “Now, go out there and apologize for being a pervert!”

“B-b-but sh-she’s still t-t-topless…” Bryan tried to reason. Then he let out a cry as another bolt of pleasure shot through his cock. Only this was no mere pulse, but a steady, sensual burn that seared his nerves like a hot knife. Bryan felt his breath torn away and he flopped on the floor like a fish out of water.

“Then you better not look at her when you apologize. Now do it!” She snapped her fingers and pointed out the door. She did not, however, let up on the sexual death grip of her magic. Bryan, barely able to see straight, found himself levitated clear off the floor by his mother’s magic, and callously floated out and dumped out into the backyard, after which, she slammed the door.

As soon as Bryan was out of sight, she lessened the sensations on his cock, though she did not release it completely. She dashed upstairs and barely had time to tear her clothes off before she flopped back on the bed and immediately began to masturbate, vigorously rubbing her clit. Good god in heaven, did she love tormenting her son. It was a horrible, evil thing to do, but she could not resist the temptation. She had done the same things to his father until he’d passed away, and now that Bryan was of legal age, she was free to do the same to him. It not only made her horny as fuck, but the immense sexual energy such a fine young man could provide was part of the reason she appeared so young; a master at manipulating the energy, she used it to slow her own aging process long ago.

She smiled as she watched with her sexual magic as Bryan approached the fence that divided the two back yards. She was quite aware of what the teen girls next door had been putting Bryan through, after all, and she knew this would be a fantastic opportunity for all three of them to enjoy her hapless son.

For Bryan, however, it was nerve wracking as hell. His mom’s psychic touch still clasped his cock firmly, causing it to jump and jerk and twitch like the phantom mouths earlier had. He kept his gaze down, as he leaned heavily on the fence.

Bryan?” came Kelly’s voice before he could say anything. “Bryan, is that you? What are you— are you naked?!” Kelly, barely hiding a grin, jumped up and came over to the fence.

“I-I-I’m sorry!” said Bryan. “I’m s-sorry for being a pervert! I-I-I caught a peek of you… of y-your breasts… and I k-kept peeking!”

Kelly grinned as she watched the boy shaking like a leaf. At this range, his cock was blaring loud as an air horn in her mind, and she could sense he was being stimulated. Was Katie still teasing him? “Are you okay, there?” she said.

“M-m-my m-mother…” he gasped. The pleasure burn, even at a low setting, was getting to be too much, and his hips jerked forward. “Sh-she’s… uh…”

Kelly grinned. “Your mother is punishing you? Wow. Just, wow.”

“I’m sorry! Please! I’m sorry!”

Kelly laughed. “As you should be! If you happen to see me, that’s one thing, but that doesn’t mean you can stare! No wonder you’re being punished. Didn’t your mother teach you better?”

“I c-can’t help it!” said Bryan. He was really shaking now, and he felt the psychic pleasure burn slowly begin to increase. “S-someone’s been playing with me so much lately, and I haven’t cum in weeks, and g-g-god, I can’t… I c-c-can’t…!” He feel down and curled into a ball again, crying once more as the sensations in his cock intensified to his mother’s “lash” strength, holding him like that.

“Yeesh,” said Kelly. “Look at you. So pathetic. I’ll forgive you this time, only because you’re not worth staying mad at.”

Bryan nodded hastily, squeaking out another, “Sorry!” The sensation suddenly ceased, and he let out a gasp of relief. He collapsed out spread eagle on the ground, gasping for breath. Kelly giggled as she got a full frontal view of his body. Bryan blushed, but was too exhausted to get up, and he didn’t dare try to cover himself. It wouldn’t have worked anyway, he couldn’t even bring his hands within a foot of his cock once erect.

“Wow, those are some deep blue balls you got there,” remarked Kelly. “No relief in weeks, huh?” Bryan nodded. Kelly tapped her chin. “Hmm. You know, pathetic or not, you’re still pretty cute. Tell you what. To make up for peeping at me, how about we do a little arrangement.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“Maybe if you come over and do a few things for me and my sister, we’ll help you take a load off,” said Kelly.

“Really?” said Bryan, sitting bolt upright. His expression was like a kid being told he could get a trip to Disneyland if he did all his chores.

“Sure,” said Kelly. “What’s a good neighbor for?” She paused, and grinned. “I guess you’ll have to ask your mom, first, huh?”

Bryan gulped, but nodded, and said, “I’ll be right back!” With that, he bolted into his house.

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  1. Love this intense erotica. Hope you consider more installments of the wicked sisters and their horny next door milf.