Friday, January 18, 2013

Kat's Boytoy - Wild Lust

It’s me, Kat the Esper again, for another little tale of erotic adventure!

A year and a half had gone by since I had first seduced Ben into being my sex slave. Just a couple weeks ago, we had attended a sort of swingers party with a group of kinky mages and had decided that, kinky as we ourselves were, that sort of thing wasn’t really up our alley. The experience also left us both feeling a little sexed out, so we hadn’t fooled around or anything since then. I knew by this point, however, Ben must be getting antsy; one of my psychic tricks was to put a limiter in his mind that prevented him from masturbating or achieving orgasm without my permission, and two weeks was quite a while for the poor guy to endure.

Usually, we had our fun over at my place, but I decided today I would surprise him. About mid-afternoon, once my classes were over, I popped over to his place. I spread my psychic senses out to make sure he was actually there. If not, I’d make myself comfortable and wait, but if so, I considered tricking his senses into not being able to see me, and then play a prank or two on him whilst I was “invisible.” Childish? Sure. Fun? Heck, yeah!

However, as I extended my senses, I detected another mind in the apartment besides Ben. A female mind. I paused, blinking, feeling a slight sting. I stopped myself from jamming my psychic senses into the room to investigate. I chastised myself; there was nothing wrong with Ben having other female friends besides me. And no reason they couldn’t hang out in his place. Alone with him.

I fought a scowl. Even though Ben and I were in a sort of psychic BDSM relationship, we weren’t actually a romantic couple. Still, I was rather possessive of him. Perhaps a little too much so. Taking a breath, I forced myself to not get paranoid. I could just broadcast an invitation to my place in his mind. Or I could just send him a text on the phone. No need to interru—oh, who was I kidding?

I opened the door quietly, and made my way down the very short hallway to the edge of the doorway which led to his living room. I blinked again, a little stunned. Ben was there on the couch, looking intently at a text book, finger scanning the page. Next to him was a very tall woman with large white wings sprouting from her back. The ends of her fingers ended in sharp talons. It was a Demihuman, an Aven specifically.

As I watched, Ben read a phrase aloud. “Svet iklhj sha utoovek.”

Ewetuuviek,” said the winged woman, tapping the spot on the page Ben’s finger had just passed.

Ee-yoot-uyu-vike,” Ben tried.

The Demihuman repeated the correct pronunciation, and Ben sort of got it right after three more tries. The word was oddly stretched in certain places, while requiring an odd click at the end.

I knocked on the edge of the door frame gently. Ben jumped in surprise, having been so focused he hadn’t noticed me until just then. He grinned and said, “Hey! I didn’t know you were coming over.” Next to him, the Demihuman tilted her head up and gave me a calm smile. I couldn’t help but do a surface scan of her mind. She’d already known I was here before I put the key in the door.

Demihumans creeped me the fuck out.

I smiled anyway. “Hello,” I said. “Just thought I’d give you a surprise visit.” I winked knowingly at him, and he smirked. I glanced the winged woman. “Didn’t know you had company.”

“Oh, this is Savik,” he said, motioning the woman. “She’s helping tutor me in High Zoan.” She stood and gave me a polite bow. I couldn’t help but gulp a little. She was nearly seven feet tall at the head, and the bend of her wings brushed the ceiling whilst they were folded. Even though she was lithe of frame, she seemed to loom over us in the limited confines of the room.

“I see,” I said. “I’m Kat.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said in a surprisingly deep voice. She glanced between me and Ben, and seemed to instantly know what I was there for.

“Well, I think we’ve done enough for today,” she said. “I’ll leave you to your guest, then.” She departed with a silent stride, and I couldn’t help but shiver a little as she stepped past me.

When she was gone, I looked to Ben. “So. High Zoan, huh?”

Ben shrugged. “Yeah. There’s this internship I want to try for which could also get me to study abroad. Specifically, there’s an immigration outpost off the coast of Zoaheim…”

“Zoaheim?” I said, my jaw dropping. “Woah, hold the phone. Why the hell would you want to go there?”

Ben held his hands up reassuringly. “Um… well… I mean, I wouldn’t be on the continent, I’d be on one of the islands. Actually, it’s on the border of Iteru waters, so technically, I wouldn’t even be in Zoaheim territory.”

I calmed down a bit. “Okay, but, why?”

Ben gave me a puzzled look. “What do you mean why? I’m a Linguistics major. I want to be a translator.”


“I speak four languages, you know. Which is a rare thing in Argonia, so it’s an in demand career.”

“Huh. Somehow I never picked up on that.”

“I guess it never came up.”

“But for Demihumans? Really?”

“What’s wrong with Demihumans? I think they’re cool.” He shrugged. “Besides, not just them. I also speak Ashi and Curra. It’s just this internship would look pretty damn good on my resume.” He cocked his head as he looked at me. “What?”

I shivered again and sighed. “Nothing. Forget it.” I glanced around, and noticed the winged woman had left a long, stiff feather on the couch. I tapped my chin. “Anyway, you can probably guess why I’m here.”

Ben nodded, and I smiled slyly. “Well, what are you waiting for?” I said, taking a seat and giving him a firm look. Ben gave a grin and stripped naked before me. I pointed down, and he kneeled before me. “Touch yourself,” I said. Ben’s eyes widened a bit. I rarely ever allowed him to masturbate. In fact, since I’d taken control of his penis a year ago, you could count the number of times he’d touched himself on one hand. Truthfully watching a boy masturbate was actually quite a turn on for me, especially if it was me they were doing it to. In Ben’s case, however, it was even more of a turn on to frustrate him.

Ben didn’t hesitate; it was so rare that he got to touch that he almost forgot how he liked it. It took him a few experimental strokes to get the rhythm again, but once he did, he was steadily working himself up. I smiled as I watched him play with himself, feeling the warmth grow in my own genitals. I reached out with my mind and grasped the now familiar array of psychic switches and dials I had mapped out in Ben’s head. I made sure the orgasm block was secure, and then I slowly turned up the sensitivity of his genitals. Ben let out a small breath as the pleasure of his own hand grew at an expected rate. Soon, he was jerking as his body neared orgasm, though he fought to maintain control of himself. It was a valiant effort. Unfortunately for him, his last release was two weeks ago. And even more unfortunately, I kept slowly easing up his sensitivity. It took only half a minute for him to crack, and Ben tried to stop.

However, I wasn’t going to let him. I quickly crossed a few mental wires in his head, and to his dismay, he continued to stroke himself; he was now incapable of not masturbating, and could not even slow down. He could, however, stroke faster, and he fought mightily not to, as his orgasm hit him. Of course, he failed to shoot off, and instead, he bucked and gasped there on his knees, face contorted into that silly grimace of pleasure.

I enjoyed the show for a couple minutes, squeezing my thighs together as my pussy grew quite damp. I let myself stew in my own lusts a little before finally allowing myself to indulge. As Ben continued to jerk and moan before me, barely able to stay on his knees, I slowly stripped nude, causing his lust to increase without any psychic help from me. His resolve broke, and his stroking became frantic.

I stepped up to him, pressing my body flush against his. I stood between his legs, and parted mine, forcing him to splay his knees as wide as possible. I cupped the back of his head and, after giving him a lustful smile, pressed his face against my pussy. With his free hand, he clutched at my leg, while his lips instinctively closed around my clit. I gasped. I ground myself against him as his tongue drove deeper into me, followed by sucking my clit fiercely. I let out a low, shuddering gasp as I fucked his mouth with gusto.

His hand was moving as fast as possible now, and I could sense it was starting to ache. I reached into his head and allowed him to finally stop. He gave a relieved moan as he let go, and clutched at my other leg. However I did not give him even a moment’s reprieve from the throbbing edge. I shifted my legs and trapped his cock between my calves. Flexing my leg muscles to squeeze him, Ben moaned loudly as he instinctively began to hump between my legs.

The position was a little difficult for me as my own body was twitching and trembling as Ben’s mouth drove me towards my own, unhindered climax. I clutched his hair and nearly doubled over, gasping, as my hips bucked fiercely against him. I let out a low cry as I came, shuddering hard. At that point, neither of us could maintain our balance, and I toppled forward, causing Ben to fall backwards.

We landed with Ben’s face between my breasts. Once I was able to prop myself up on my hands, Ben immediately reached for them, his mouth closing over the right nipple, while one hand squeezed my left breast. As I moaned again in pleasure, I shifted my hips and gasped as his cock slid firmly inside me. I squeezed his cock fiercely with my pussy, and he lost himself in the moment. With a burst of renewed energy, he flipped us both over, and began fucking me like a high-powered piston. I let him take me, screaming and digging my nails into his back as his desperate thrusts drove me to several more orgasms, until he was too exhausted to move.

He collapsed atop me, still inside me, his genitals on fire with the need to release. I trembled as I came down from my orgasmic high, clutching at him. I caressed his hair as he rested his chin on my shoulder, both of us basking in the glow of my multi-climax.

He looked up at me, eyes pleading. “Kat… please… it hurts…”

I gave him a sympathetic frown, then kissed him deeply. I squeezed his poor penis once more with my vaginal muscles, causing him to shiver. Then, I pushed him away, forcing him to slide out me and roll onto his side. “Good,” I said. “Because I’m not done with you.” He opened his mouth to protest, but I put a finger to his lips. “Lay on your back. Spread your limbs.”

“Kat, please!” he said softly. His genitals really were aching. I reached down and gave his balls a very light pat, causing him to wince.

“Do it now,” I said firmly. Ben swallowed and complied, laying spread eagle on the floor. I reached into his mind and with another telepathic tweak, I froze him like that, binding him as if with invisible ropes. I then sat up, giving a moan as I stretched lazily. We were near enough to the couch that I didn’t have to stand up to reach for the long feather still on the floor, left by the demihuman woman. I examined it closely. It was soft, but stiff, and nearly as long as Ben’s cock. It would be an excellent tool for my purposes.

With the feather in one hand, I rolled over, propping my head up on one hand, and idly twirling the feather with the other. Ben’s eyes widened. “Before I let you cum, I want to set a few things straight with you.” As I said this, I reached into his mind once more, and turned the dial of his sensitivity even higher, until I could have probably made him cum just softly blowing on his cock. Testing this sensitivity, I tenderly trailed the very tip of the feather down his length.

Ben bucked fiercely and gasped, his balls drawing tight against his body, cock twitching. A thick bead of precum seeped from the tip, but my orgasm block held strong. I smirked. “Now, then,” I said. “About this little trip to Zoaheim…”

“I was going to tell you, I jus—aaaaAAAH!” Another swipe, another sharp edging.

“Oh, I’m sure,” I said. Another swipe and he shuddered in another failed attempt to climax. I swiped the feather every few second, bringing him to the edge each time; just when he started to calm down from the sharp pleasure, I would swipe him again, never giving him a moments break. He was unable to answer me, so I read his mind.

“Hmmm… I see. Didn’t want to tell me unless you knew for certain. Well, I can see that. Let’s see… couple months before you’d go anyway, but… four month internship… helping possible immigrants go through the paperwork process… ooh, get to spend weekends on one of the more exotic islands of Iteru! Thinking maybe you’d hit up one of their nude beaches? Heehe, well, you are now!” The image popped up in his mind, sunning himself on a beach with hot, topless women all about.

“You know I wouldn’t let you do anything with them, right?” I teased. I increased the frequency of my feather strokes, this time targeting his other sensitive spots, the ridge of his penis head, the nook between his balls and thigh. “Can you imagine that? Sitting there with your cock pointing to the sky, but every time a girl comes over to see if you need a little help, you have to turn her down? How frustrating!”

Ben whimpered and mentally begged for mercy, but I just grinned and slid the feather over his cock continuously. He writhed and gasped in place, his cock jerking wildly. “And you can forget about cumming, of course. Leaving me for four months like that… the nerve! Maybe if you’re real lucky, I’ll let you cum as much as humanly possible just before you go.” After another minute of torture, I finally withdrew the feather. He shivered and moaned as he came down from the fierce edging, blinking tears of frustration from his eyes.

“I dunno how you could do it, myself,” I said. “Demihuman’s creep me out, you know. Only ever seen a few others, but they send a shiver down my spine. They’re so... inhuman.” I chuckled. “Course, I’m the weirdo with psychic powers, so I guess I can’t say anything. Not like I hate them or anything, I’m just not comfortable with them.” I tapped my chin and grinned. “What about you, lover? You think they’re cool, as you said. Maybe you like them beyond that? Maybe you’ve got a secret fetish?”

His eyes widened, and he shook his head. He didn’t, but I saw an excellent opportunity to fuck with him. I went over to him and cupped his head with my hand. “Are you sure? You’ve never thought about one, or two, or three of those catgirls crawling all over you, their tongues on your dick?”

Upon mentioning it, Ben thought of that very scenario, of course. The idea didn’t quite appeal to him, but before his erection could wilt, I reached into his mind and caught his interest, holding it aloft. I carefully crossed a few mental wires, bypassing certain biases, until Ben suddenly found the idea of catgirls very alluring.

“Aha! You do have a secret fetish!” Ben gave me a helpless look, knowing I’d just tampered with him, but helpless to fight his newfound urges. I reached in and did a few more adjustments. “And why stop there, hmm? There’s bunnygirls and snakegirls and winged women, like your tutor. All sexy in their own way, if you’re into that. And you certainly seem to be!”

Ben was now swooning as I telepathically beamed a whole host of scenes into his mind, of being tied up and played with by sexy Demihuman women, the catgirls tickling him with their claws and licking him with their rough tongues, the bunnygirls rubbing their soft bodies over him and teasing him with their fluffy tails, the winged women using their wings to run teasing feathers over his body, the snake women wrapping him tightly in their coils, forcing all the blood to his cock which they would tease with their long tongues. Ben began to squirm and moan, his hips bucking just from the intensity of the scenes I was making him experience.

“Imagine that,” I said. “Obsessed with Demihuman sex, but unable to do anything about it. Four months helping Demihuman immigrants, living with them, I’m sure a decent number will be sexy, nubile young girls, some of which might be more than willing to service a young human stud in order to gain his favor. And yet, you’d have to turn them down, wouldn’t you? That wouldn’t be proper, would it?”

He shook his head, and I giggled wickedly in his ear. “You’d have to turn them down, though of course, if they really wanted you, you wouldn’t be strong enough to resist them, would you? Most Demihumans are a lot stronger than us. Can you imagine, a sexy catgirl wants to have her way with you, traps you in a private room, and makes you her little human bitch? Hmm…” I beamed the image into his mind, and intense fantasy of being tackled and manhandled by a powerful, lithe catgirl. The catgirl in question was me, of course, with kitty ears and tail, just to really add to the effect. Ben thrashed in place, my psychic bondage almost breaking as he bucked savagely at the edge of orgasm. The psychic stimulation of the fantasy was overloading his senses.

“But that probably won’t happen,” I continued, letting the fantasy fade. “Instead, you’ll just have to sit there, watching the sexy, barely clothed Demihuman girls go through the line, trying not to fantasize about them and popping a boner in front of them all. You’re only hope would be to rush to your room afterwards and jerk off five times a day just to relieve the tension. But of course, you won’t. Because I won’t let you. When you leave, I’m going to make sure that little ‘no masturbation’ command is hard set. No orgasms either, so no matter how many wet dreams you have there, even if a sexy catgirl does have her way with you, you’re balls will just get fuller and fuller.”

His was moaning loudly now, mentally crying out for mercy. “Too bad,” I said. “That’s what you’ll get for leaving me. You know I hate it when we’re apart for too long.” I giggled as he whimpered in response. “Aw, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to masturbate for the both of us while you’re away.” He shuddered and let out a pitiful mewing, shaking his head. I just laughed and let him boil for another minute, picking up the feather and running it over his overly sensitive cock again.

Finally, I felt he had enough, as I sensed his mind reaching a threshold where the pain of need was overtaking the pleasure. I waited until just the moment before that threshold was reached. Then I reached over and give his penis a single, sharp flick. The moment I did, I released his orgasm block.

He exploded, as usual, with tremendous force, launching cum clear over his head to coat the couch a few times, before splattering himself from face to stomach with the rest of his seed. I smiled with satisfaction. Ben’s orgasms, when I let him have them, were nothing less than spectacular. I waited for the convulsions to subside, then faded away the intense fantasies from his mind as his body cooled down from the climax. I got up, grabbed a towel, and proceeded to wipe him clean as he lay there, too shaken to move.

I snuggled up next to him when he was sufficiently clean and kissed his cheek. “Man, I should do that fantasy play more often.”

“One of these days, you’re going to kill me with it!” he said when he could talk again, but laughed. He cleared his throat. “But, um… if I do go on this intership, you won’t really do that to me, will you? I remember how harsh you were over the summer…”

I pretended to think about it. I had left some of the attraction to Demihumans floating around his subconscious. “Well. Maybe I’ll let you masturbate again.”

Shrewdly, he said, “And what about cumming?”

“Oh, you know the answer to that!”

“It might be hard to get in contact with you from there. Might just be limited to e-mail.”

“Well, you better hope I remember to check my messages, then!” I giggled.


“We’ll see,” I said, and gave him another kiss.

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