Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sami tried to navigate out of the way of the oncoming cluster of students, but with the stack of books she had, she couldn’t maneuver quick enough without spilling them. The cluster of students didn’t seem to care about this, and the tall, strapping young man almost directly in front of her didn’t bother getting out of the way. He glanced at her and barely hid a sneer as he purposefully angled his elbow to hit Sami’s shoulder, causing her to jerk back. Her books tumbled to the ground and she tripped over one, landing with a grunt on her hands and knees.

Sami sighed as she heard the young man let out a short guffaw, and his two buddies snickered as well. Two of the three girls with them giggled along, while one frowned, but didn’t say anything in Sami’s defense. Of course, she wouldn’t. Sami was a Demihuman. In their eyes, the mere fact that Sami was on a college campus and wasn’t either pulling weeds or pushing a mop was an affront to their sensibilities. Even here in the supposedly “open minded” nation of Argonia, Sami was a sub-human as far as most people, and even the law itself, were concerned.

Sami started assembling her stack of books, her long reddish-blond hair and long rabbit-like ears falling over her shoulders, forming a curtain around her face. She didn’t need to see the other students, and faculty, watching her. It’s not like any of them were going to—

“You need some help?”

Sami almost jumped at the voice, and looked up to see a white-haired young man with icy blue eyes looking down at her. He gave her a soft smile, and crouched down, helping pick up her things. “Uh… thank you…” said Sami, cautiously. She stood, hefting her mostly-complete stack, and waited for the boy set his part of the stack on top of hers. When he just kept them tucked under his arm, she gave him a perplexed look. “Um…”

“Where are you headed? Can’t be too far, right? I’ll help you carry these,” he said.

Sami blinked. “Um, no, I got this, just set those on here,” she said. She tapped her chin on the stack she was holding.

“It’s no trouble, really,” he said. “In fact, I can take some of those, even.”

Sami looked at him for several seconds, until he cleared his throat to try and break the uncomfortable silence. Finally she nodded and said, “Just grab a couple, I can manage the rest,” she said. The boy complied, adding to his stack. “Thank you,” she added hastily. She glanced around and noticed a few people giving them disdainful looks.

“No problem,” he said. “Lead the way.”

Sami did so, resuming her trek down the hall with as easier pace. She was content to take the trip in silence, but apparently, the young man was feeling chatty. Sami wasn’t used to this from a human.

“So, uh, what’s your name?” he said.

“Sami,” she said.

“Sommy? Huh. Never heard that one before. I guess it’s a Zoaheim name, huh?”

“I guess,” she said.

“Are you from there? You don’t sound like you have an accent.”

“No. I was born in Argonia.”

“I see. So, where are we going with these?”

“Up a floor. History department.”

“I see.” More silence, and Sami hoped it would stay that way. The last time a random human stranger had acted this chummy with her, it hadn’t gone well for either of them. Alas, the young man continued, “So, you’re a Lopfollo, right?”

Sami sighed inwardly. “Yes. Obviously.” She twitched her lopped rabbit-like ears for emphasis.

“Don’t you guys have little horns on your heads?”

“That’s only the males, and only ones of a certain bloodline.”

“Oh. Well, anyway, it’s pretty rare seeing any kind of Demihuman at a college. Are you actually, like, studying here?”

“No, I work for the history department.”

“Still, even just working here. That’s pretty cool.” He cleared his throat. “Um, sorry, if I’m prying, I’m just curious, but… are you like, owned or…”

Sami scowled. “No, I have a visa to live and work here.” They reached the stairs, and Sami started up them at a faster than necessary pace, her long legs skipping to every third step. The young man kept pace with her, however, bounding up just as easy.

“I’m sorry, I hope I’m not bothering you. Or asking anything insensitive.” Sami glanced at him, and noticed he seemed to be almost blushing a bit. She stopped suddenly, which startled him.

“Why do you want to know?” she said.

“Um… well… see, I…” the young man cleared his throat nervously. “I was wondering if you were, uh, free to hang out… sometime… maybe get a coffee or something?”

Sami cocked her head to the side, which made him blush a bit more. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“I guess so?” he said.

Sami sighed outwardly this time, turned, and started walking again. “Don’t.”

The young man scowled. “Hey, come on. I just…” he struggled for the right words. “Look, I’m sorry. If you’re not interested in humans, I understand. I just, uh, well, I’ve noticed you a few times around campus and… um… I think you’re kinda cute.”

Sami scowled again. “Let me guess. You’re doing some kind of fraternity initiation. You have to bed a Demihuman by week’s end.”

“What? No!” he said. “What gave you that idea?”

“The last college boy who asked me out,” she said. “He even offered to pay me.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. But no, it’s nothing like that.”

Sami glanced back at him, and he really did look regretful. She considered saying something friendlier, but by then, they had reached the offices of the history department. She stepped into the door, giving a nod to the receptionist, who gave a curt nod back. She ignored the stares from the newer students awaiting their meeting with a teacher or the department head. Some of them had probably never seen a Demihuman before.

The boy followed her as she went into the set of hallways lined with small rooms for the teachers. Going down to the end of the hall, she went through the only open door. A tall, dark haired woman currently on the phone greeted her with a smile and motioned towards a cluttered desk. Sami set her books down, took the remaining ones from the young man’s arms, and stacked those on top. She then waited for the teacher, Mrs. Celmen, to finish her call. Mrs. Celmen glanced at the young man, then gave Sami an inquisitive look. Sami shrugged and turned to him.

“You can leave now,” she said.

“Um, well, about that coffee?” he said. Mrs. Celmen’s eyebrows raised, and gave Sami an even more intrigued look. Sami just gave her a helpless one back. Mrs. Celmen held up a finger, indicating the two should wait a moment. Quickly, she ended her call, then gave the boy a wide smile.

“And who are you, young man?”

“Robert Talon,” he said. “Sorry, I don’t have any classes with you, I was just helping Sami here.”

“So I see. What’s this about a coffee?”

“He’s hitting on me,” said Sami, giving him a dismissive wave.

Really?” said Mrs. Celmen. She grinned again. “I’m jealous, to be hit on by such a cutie.” Robert chuckled a little nervously.

“If you say so,” said Sami.

“Ouch,” said Mrs. Celmen, mock wincing. “You should be nicer to such innocent youth.”

Sami frowned, but said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Sorry,” said Robert, looking embarrassed. “I’ll just be going…”

“She didn’t exactly say no, as far as I can tell,” said Mrs. Celmen, giving Sami a wink.

Robert turned and gave Sami a hopeful look. Sami glanced between the two and held back another sigh. “Fine,” she said. “You free tonight?” Robert nodded. “Seven o’clock. Meet me here.”

Robert smiled. “Will do!” He left, still smiling, with almost a skip in his step.

Sami shook her head in partial annoyance. “What’s the matter dear?” said Mrs. Celmen. “A human boy who likes a Demihuman is a rare thing. You could stand to make a few more friends around here.”

“Easy for you to say,” said Sami. “You’re human.”

Mrs. Celmen frowned deeply. “Human-Demihuman relations aren’t going to improve if people don’t take these kinds of steps.”

“I repeat my statement,” said Sami. “With respect, ma’am.”

Mrs. Celmen rolled her eyes. “Well, you don’t have to see him,” she said, with a slight huff. “If it’s that much of a bother, just stand him up.”

Sami bit back her words with practiced ease. “We’ll see,” she said instead.

It was not Mrs. Celmen’s fault, really, that she didn’t understand just how delicate a Demihuman’s situation was. Being book smart didn’t mean a person couldn’t also be ignorant in other ways. Or perhaps, more accurately, too focused on her own ideals to see the complications of reality. Mrs. Celmen, advocate for Demihuman rights and Sami’s only real friend here at the school, saw Robert’s offer as a great step forward for Demihuman kind. Apparently, Sami’s own level of interest in Robert, or lack thereof, wasn’t an important factor in that vision.

The middle-aged teacher, good natured though she may be, probably didn’t even realize how lucky Sami was to even have this job. It had been a million-to-one chance that Sami’s father had served the school’s President for two decades as his personal attendant. Only through great convincing, had the President allowed Sami to assume clerical duties for the school itself; the largest contributing factor, Sami later found out, was that it had been a publicity move to garner some more financial support from the school’s more liberal benefactors.

Even then, the History Department was the only one who accepted her, largely due to Mrs. Celmen’s insistence. Virtually any other situation, Sami would be scrubbing dishes in a crummy restaurant, sweeping trash off the streets, or at best, busting her back in an underpaid factory job. It wouldn’t take much for that to become reality. Just last semester, one of the Demihuman gardeners on campus, one of the winged Aven, was fired for getting involved with a few curious students, and having a threesome in one of the sororities. The whole thing had been entirely consensual, but the sorority in question was too concerned with their reputation. A Demihuman fraternizing with their girls? Good heavens! They weren’t one of those houses!

And so the incident treated as an “alcohol-induced lapse of judgment” on the girls’ part. Just to be sure it didn’t happen again, the Aven was sacked, and told it would be best to seek employment in another town. A pity, too. He’d been nice to Sami the few times they’d talked. She felt a bit ashamed that she’d never actually learned his name.

Understandably, Sami didn’t want to end up in the same situation. Depending on how things went down, she could be fired in a heartbeat to avoid more negative press to the school. She didn’t need to lose her job over a misunderstanding blown out of proportion into another scandal.

Still and all, maybe Mrs. Celmen was right. There was nothing scandalous with just talking to a boy. As Sami walked back out of the office, she caught a scowl from one of the newer teachers who hadn’t gotten used to her presence yet. Sami was more than used to such reactions; maybe it’d be nice to get to know another human who didn’t look ready to throw her into oncoming traffic.

Half a day later, and Sami waited patiently by the door to the History Department’s office. She passed the time by reading, not really expecting Robert to even show up. She’d give him ten minutes past seven, and then she’d go home.

At nine minutes and fifty seconds past, Robert came dashing into the hall. He skidded to a halt in front of Sami and bent down, hands on his knees, gasping. Sami blinked in surprise.

“S-sorry,” gasped Robert. “Had a test… went longer than… I expected…” He caught his breath, composed himself and stood tall, grinning sheepishly. “Well. Shall we go?”

Sami smiled amiably. “Certainly.” Sticking her book in her backpack, she stood and let Robert lead her down the stairs and out of the building.

“So, do you have a preference of where to go?” said Robert, as they walked towards the edge of campus.

Sami shrugged. “I don’t drink coffee, so anywhere’s fine.”

“Oh, okay.” Robert nodded. “You like chocolate?”


“Mocha Joe’s is just down the street,” he said. “They have some sweet stuff, too.”

“Sounds nice,” said Sami.

Robert frowned. “You, uh, don’t sound very interested. Look, if this makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to go out with me.”

Sami looked at him, then shook her head slightly. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I don’t mean to sound disinterested. Let’s just say you learn to be cautious as a Demihuman.”

Robert nodded. “I can relate.”

Sami cocked a curious eye at him. “Can you?”

Robert glanced around, then nodded towards a cloister of trees at the edge of a small park. As they came around the trees, gaining a small degree of privacy, Robert stopped and held up a hand; in the palm, Sami saw several white specks form, swirling in a small whirlwind. More and more specs formed, and Sami recognized them as snowflakes. Strange, given that it was late spring. Soon, a palm-sized tornado of snow balanced on his hand, until it suddenly poofed out, leaving behind a small, rabbit-eared snowman. He smirked as she looked at it with wonder.

“You’re a Mage?” Sami said, her ears perking up as she looked at him, fascinated. She’d never actually met a magic-wielding human before.

“That’s what I tell people,” he said. “But no, I’m not.”

“What, then?”

Robert smiled. “You’ll understand a man wanting to be cautious.”

Sami frowned and took a step back. “And you’ll understand a girl wishing to avoid a very risky situation.”

“Fair enough,” Robert chuckled and glanced around again. Then, in a low voice, he said, “I’m a Djinnoa.”

Sami blinked. “A what?”

“A Djinnoa,” he said. “I’m the son of a Djinn.”

“What’s… a Djinn?”

Robert frowned and thought for a moment. “Boy, if you don’t know, I don’t know if it’s okay to tell you.”

“Well, you’ve started to, so you may as well.”

“A Djinn is a type of fairy.”

Sami still looked clueless.

“A type of… I dunno… a being of magic? In this case, a Djinn is an elemental.”

“Ah,” said Sami, starting to understand. “So, you’re some kind of snow elemental?”

“Kind of,” said Robert. He tossed the little snowman to the side, where it disintegrated into a puff of loose flakes on the ground, then started walking again, motioning for Sami to join him. She stepped into place next to and slightly behind him and the two proceeded down the street.

“Why is that a secret?” said Sami.

“Well,” he said. “They say Fae creatures are dangerous. I don’t think I am, but...”

“But people don’t care what you think,” said Sami, with a nod. “Still, at least you can hide it.”

“I guess,” he said. He offered his hand and after a puzzled moment, Sami took it. He clasped her hand gently. Sami’s eyes widened.

“You’re cold!” she said. He was indeed quite cool to the touch. Not freezing, but he felt as if he’d just been playing in the snow barehanded.

He nodded and let go of her. “Easy to hide if you never touch anybody.”

“I see,” she said. “Shame. I bet there’s lots of girls who’d like to touch you.”

He blushed. “You think so, huh?”

“I’m not really one of them, mind,” she said.

“Oh,” he tried, and failed, to hide a crest fallen look.

“Don’t take it personally,” she said, giving him a small smile. “You’re not my type, but I’d say you are pretty dashing, for a human.”

They came up to the coffee shop where Robert had been leading them. He held open the door for her. Sami hesitated, looking at him and the door. He gave her a curious look, then waved her through.

“Um, I should be doing that for you,” she said in a low voice.

“I don’t care,” he said. “Politeness knows not the boundary of species. Go on in. People are gunna notice more if I keep holding the door open.”

Sami frowned slightly, but the sincerity in his look convinced her. She stepped in and he got into place behind her. Immediately, at least a dozen people gave her curious stares, which turned into looks of false understanding when Robert stepped up beside her. Then the looked went curious again when Robert motioned her to walk in front of him.

“You go first,” she said.

“I dunno what I want yet,” he said, glancing over the menu above the counter.

She sighed, then grabbed his arm and deftly pushed him in front of her. He was a little startled at how easily she manhandled him right then. She was stronger than she looked, and to her surprise, that actually made him blush a little.

“You have to act like I’m assisting you,” she said in a low voice. “Or people will start talking.”

“Is it really that big a deal?” he said.

“Do it, or this date’s already over,” she said. Robert nodded and complied, stepping up to the counter despite not quite being ready.

Of course, people had been giving them sidelong glances all the way over here, something Sami was used to, but Robert was obviously made very self-conscious by. Of course, Sami thought, he might complain that it was hard to be different, but he still looked human. Even if he had to be careful who he touched, he could blend into a crowd without a problem. Not so easy for a Demihuman. She may have had a completely human shaped body and face, but her skin was covered head to toe in a coat of very short, fine white hairs. Even without the fur, her rabbit-like ears drew plenty of attention by themselves.

Sami lowered her head a bit, and assumed a meeker stance. Robert ordered a mocha and said he’d pay for whatever Sami wanted. She decided a slice of cheese cake would be nice. The person at the counter was quite friendly, but still hesitant as she took Sami’s order. Robert led them to a seat afterwards.

“Jeez, why’s everyone staring so much?” he said in a low voice.

Sami sighed slightly, then tugged on one of her ears. “You really don’t see it?” said Sami.

“See what? I mean, you’re a Demihuman, okay, but, I mean, jeez, it’s not like your twenty feet tall and spitting fire.”

“You said it yourself. Rare to see one of us around a college.”

“I guess.”

“And rare to see one of us just hanging out with a human, rather than walking in one’s shadow.”

Robert opened his mouth to say something, but then their order was called out. Robert moved to stand, but Sami stopped him. “I’ll get it,” she said, and the tone in her voice indicating there would be no argument. She fetched the drink and slice of cake, and made her way back, having to nimbly side step a couple people who didn’t bother moving out of her way.

Setting his mocha in front of him, she sat down and slowly took small bites of the cake, savoring the treat. She didn’t often get to indulge like this. Robert slowly sipped his drink as he looked at her. She glanced at him, and he again looked nervous, as if trying desperately to think of something clever to say. Sami looked back down and thought about how to parse her words.

“You really are interested in me, aren’t you?” said Sami.

“I am,” said Robert softly. “I know, it’s weird, but I guess I just have a thing for Demihumans.”

Sami shrugged. “Not as weird as you think,” she said. “A couple of others in my apartment work as strippers and prostitutes.”

Roberts eyes widened a bit. “Really?”

“Yes,” said Sami. “Now, are you sure you’re genuinely interested, and this isn’t just some kind of weird fetish thing?”

“What? No!” he shifted nervously. “I mean, well, some people would call it a fetish, I guess, but I just, I dunno, I’ve never been all that interested in human girls. I know that must seem weird.” He shrugged. “I guess I can just relate to Demihumans better.”

“I see,” she said. “Well, even still.” She took another bite of cake and let it melt in her mouth as she thought it over. “Well, first thing’s first, I’m not attracted to you. I’ll just put that right out there. But I do find you intriguing. I suppose I wouldn’t mind hanging out with you.”

“Really? That’s great!” he said, face lighting up brightly. Then, he composed himself, saying, “I mean, um, hey, that’s fine by me.”

“If you want to do anything else…”

“I won’t force you,” he said.

She paused. “No one would try to stop you, you know.”

Robert gawked at her. “Look, I’m not going to—”

“I just want you to understand that,” she said. “People might consider you disgusting for it, but no one would really care if a Demihuman got taken advantage of. So you can see why I would be cautious.” Robert slowly nodded, frowning at the thought. “Either way, though, people are going to talk, seeing us together like this. You may find yourself getting more negative attention than you need. I definitely will, and I don’t need that kind of trouble.”

Robert swallowed, but nodded. “I understand,” he said. “So, how would you prefer to handle this?”

Sami looked at him with a new kind of appreciation. He was actually listening to her, taking her direction. Very unusual for a human to do. But then, he wasn’t quite human, was he? “First, we shouldn’t meet in public like this, but I’ll give you my address. It’s in a... well. It’s not really a good neighborhood. But humans don’t really pay attention to what goes on there.”

“I don’t suppose you could come to my place, huh?”

“Where do you live?”

“Apartment on the edge of campus.”

“Yeah, no. Way too risky. You realize I could lose my job if the wrong people found out I was fraternizing with a human.”

Robert frowned. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was that complicated for you.”

“It is what it is,” she said. She pulled out a pen and paper, and wrote down a location. “Be there tomorrow at eight.” She stood and gave him a bow.

“Thank you!” he said, grinning.

“So, how did it go with the boy?” said Mrs. Celmen. “Did you meet with him?”

“Yes,” said Sami as she filed away some papers. “He was a nice boy.”

“And? What did you do?”

“Got coffee and cake.”

Mrs. Celmen blinked. “That’s it? Coffee and cake?”

“We talked a bit,” said Sami. She didn’t want to divulge more than she had to.

“Fine, fine,” said Mrs. Celmen, taking the hint. “I’m glad you at least gave it a shot.”

“Actually, I’m, uh, meeting him again tonight,” she said.

Mrs. Celmen beamed. “Really? That’s wonderful!”

Please don’t tell anyone. You know I could get into trouble.”

Mrs. Celmen pursed her lips. “I know, I know. I’m sorry. It’s just, you’re such a serious young woman, and I think you could stand to have a little fun. I know it’s tough for you Demihumans, but—”

Sami’s normally calm voice betrayed a hint of exasperation. “No, Mrs. Celmen, you don’t. I know you mean well, but you haven’t the slightest clue.” Mrs. Celmen blinked, a little stunned. Then her expression darkened. Sami quickly realized her error. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean that! It’s been a frustrating week, and—”

Celmen held up her hand. “No,” she said. “You’re right. I don’t get it. Obviously I wouldn’t, right? God forbid a human have the ability to empathize with a mon-.” She caught herself before she could complete the word, but they both knew what she had been about to say, and Sami winced. “Monster.” It wasn’t the worst insult Sami had heard, but coming from her friend...

Stupid, thought Sami, I should have watched my own language in the first place. Sami took a breath and said, “I’m sorry.”

Mrs. Celmen waved her off. “No, no, it’s my fault. I know I can be overly enthusiastic about things. But Sami, I do know it’s tough for you. That’s why I want you to try and find friends, so you don’t think every human is a scumbag.”

“I don’t think you are.”

“I appreciate that, but aside from me.” Mrs. Celmen looked at the clock. “Look, you’ve only got a couple hours left, and there’s not much left to do. I can finish up here. How about you take the rest of the day off?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. It’ll give you some extra time to prepare for your da—your meeting.” She gave Sami a warm smile.

“Thank you,” said Sami, bowing again. She grabbed her backpack and headed out. She sighed. Why had she snapped at Mrs. Celmen like that? She was usually a lot more tolerant of her unintended aggravations. The answer was obvious, though: Robert.

She’d been thinking all night and day about what she was going to do when Robert showed up at her apartment. It was clear Robert’s interest in her was at least partially physical, but she herself still had no attraction to him. She wasn’t repulsed by the idea of cross-species relations. Her first and so far only boyfriend had been a Rouccuan, one of the cat-like Demihumans, but she just didn’t see humans that way. Robert’s elemental power aside, he was still too human in appearance for her taste. The white hair was a nice touch, but he didn’t even have any fur. But what the heck else were they going to do together? Talk some more?

It took her forty minutes to walk to her apartment complex. A bus would have been faster, but she preferred the walk to being trapped in a metal box with several dozen humans shooting her dirty looks. Of course, most humans getting off at her stop weren’t the type one would want to associate with anyway.

Her apartment was a former motel that hadn’t been properly maintained in years, aside from the barest basics necessary to not get the place condemned. It would be hard pressed to say this town had a full-sized slum, but if one were to label an area as such, this would be it. The apartment was a large complex of three long buildings, holding almost all of the city’s Demihuman population, a whole fifty in total. A few humans even lived here, but they usually moved out quick once they were able to afford better accommodations. Of course, other humans came here now and then as well, but their interests were purely recreational in one way or another.

As Sami came up to her room, she sighed as she noticed the door had been kicked in again. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. A moment later, the door next to hers opened up. Her neighbor Zetta popped her head out and gave Sami a sympathetic smile. “Yeah,” said the middle aged Worgen woman. “Happened around noon. Woke me up from a nap.” The diminuitive, monkey-tailed Demihuman came out and gave Sami a pat on the lower back, which was as high as she could comfortably reach. “I chased him off, but, well, I think he grabbed a few things.”

“Third time this month,” said Sami, answering in High Zoan as well.

“I know,” said Zetta. “I’ve contacted the land lords about maybe arranging for some guards or something to patrol the place, but you know they can’t be arsed to spend a dime over anything less than just keeping the building from falling down.”

Sami pushed open the door, and looked around. Zetta had prevented the man from rummaging through more than a couple drawers and her book shelf. She looked through them and sighed. The intruder had taken two books, which she’d already read, and an old portable cassette tape player, which didn’t work anyway. Those she didn’t care about. However, as if to add insult to injury, she noticed he’d also taken her vibrator. She could only imagine why. He probably just grabbed the first thing he saw that wasn’t clothes when Zetta burst in. Well, great. There went her stress relief plan for the afternoon.

“We’ve got to figure out something,” said Sami, sounding more exasperated than anything. “I can’t keep coming home to this.”

“Well, you could always ask one of your well-educated human friends to put you up,” said Zetta, leaning against the broken doorframe. “Go be someone’s nice little pet.”

“Haha,” said Sami. She frowned deeply as she poked at the splintered section where the door knob used to latch. “Great. And right when I’m having company, too.”

Zetta cocked an eyebrow at her. “Company?”

Sami nodded. She’d planned on letting Zetta know anyway. “I’m having a… uh… a boy over. A human boy.”

Zetta’s other eyebrow joined its sibling in new heights. “You with a human? Why, Sami, I didn’t know you had it in you!”

“It’s not like that,” she said, waving Zetta off. She paused. “I think.”

“You think?”

“Yeah, I dunno, okay? I think he wants me, but I’m not into humans.”

“Well, doesn’t mean you can’t make use of them,” said Zetta, knowingly.

Make use of them, thought Sami. Right. More like let them make use of me, and hope they pay me afterwards. Her frown deepened. Humans. Such pains in the ass. And, really, was Robert going to be any different? Sure, he was a half-elemental, maybe he understood a little, but even he seemed shocked by how cautious she was, because he didn’t get how cautious she had to be just to keep her relatively lofty station in life. He didn’t really get it any more than Mrs. Celmen, did he?

She clenched her teeth and her fists, and this time didn’t force herself to hold back. Her fist shot out and struck the wall which sectioned off the bathroom, her fist putting a hole clean through it. Zetta smiled sympathetically, and pat her on the back again. Sami took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down before she tore the entire wall apart.

“The intruder did that,” said Sami, in a dull tone.

“Of course, sweetie,” said Zetta.

Sami forced a smile. “Alright, I’m good now.”

“You sure?”


“Let me know if your boy gives you trouble.”

“Oh, trust me, I’ll be sure to let him have it if he does.”

Satisfied with that, Zetta left. Sami pulled out a tool box from her closet and set to the task of fixing the door. This was a problem the landlord would probably make sure to get fixed, but would be in no hurry to do so. She wasn’t going to let her door just hang open for the next three days on account of his laziness. “Humans,” she muttered to herself. “Who needs ‘em?”

When Robert arrived at her door a few hours later, he wore an apprehensive expression. “You weren’t kidding about the bad neighborhood,” he said. “Three people tried to sell me some drugs in the last block alone.”

“Yeah, welcome to the slum,” said Sami, unable to hide the bitterness in her voice. “Sorry, but its’ not much better in the daytime, either. Come on in.”

Robert blinked in surprise when he saw the makeshift door repair. A piece of wood from some discarded furniture had been nailed into the frame to brace the splintered section. The handle had been poorly hammered back into place, and was still a little loose. “Uh… did you… have a problem earlier?”

“Break in. They happen.”

“Oh! I’m really sorry. Are you okay?”

“Fine. Happened while I was out. My neighbor chased them off.”

Robert nervously tried to think of something comforting to say. He settled for, “Is there, uh, anything I can do?”

“Like what?” she said darkly.

Robert paused. “Um, well, I dunno. If you needed help with anything?” He noticed she was practically glaring at him. “Okay, um, I’m thinking this is a bad time. I can just come back another—”

“No,” said Sami. She closed and locked the door, then grabbed Robert’s hand and led him to the bed. “Let’s get this over with.” As they reached the bed, she started to pull her top off.

“Woah, what are you doing?” said Robert, grabbing her hands.

Sami gave him a flat look. “You just want to fuck me, right? Let’s just get it over with.”

Robert looked at her, a little hurt. “No! I mean, I’m attracted to you, yeah, I’d like to, uh, have sex with you, but not like this. I want to get to know you. I’m not interested in just a quick lay.”

“Look, Robert, this isn’t going to work out, okay? I’m in a precarious position as it is, I can’t be caught fooling around with a student. We’re pretty much stuck here in this shit hole if we want to hang out together, and it’s not like there’s anything else for us to do.”

“We can’t just talk?” said Robert.

“Oh, sure, we can stall the inevitable,” said Sami. “But in the end, this is going to come down to you bedding me, and once you’ve done that, you’ll get over you’re little obsession and drop me like a bad habit. I’ve seen it happen with my neighbors, I’ve seen it happen with other Demihumans on campus. Let’s not pretend this is anything other than it is: fulfillment of one of your sick jerk-off fantasies.”

Robert looked at her, stunned for a moment. Then his expression darkened. He stood and Sami could see his own hands had balled into fists. She felt a sudden wave of cold emanate from him, and his breath fogged in the air. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “It seems I had the wrong idea about you. But before I go, let’s set the record straight on whose pretending what. This is about you being too afraid to take a chance even associating with me. I get that you’re scared, and if you truly want nothing to do with me, I’ll leave you alone. But the least you could do is have the common fucking decency to own up to your feelings. But no, instead you resort to those mental gymnastics women do to avoid feeling responsible, to convince themselves they’re somehow the victims when they treat men like shit for no good reason.” He strode towards the door, leaving Sami to be stunned. “Cya around.”

As his hand touched the doorknob, instantly covering it with frost, Sami jumped up. “Wait!” she said. “I’m sorry!” Robert paused. He didn’t turn around, but didn’t open the door yet, either. Sami went up to him and touched his shoulder, ignoring the cold of him. “Really, I’m sorry.”

Robert turned and held her gaze for a moment, then nodded. “Alright,” he said. “Let’s start over.” This time, he led Sami to the bed, and they sat on the edge of it, facing one another. “So. Let’s talk, huh?”


They spent the next few hours chatting, talking about school, their jobs, television, the music they liked. They made a point to try and avoid talking about the problems they faced as half-humans, but the topic kept sneaking its way into the conversation anyway. By the time they were done, it was the wee hours of the morning, and both were getting quite sleepy.

“Jeez, three o’clock already,” sad Robert. “Didn’t mean to keep you up.”

“S’alright,” said Sami, yawning. “Um, the bus isn’t going to show up for another few hours, and you kind of don’t want to be out on the street around here this time of night. So, if you want to just crash here…”

Robert glanced around the one bedroom apartment. “There’s just one bed.”

Sami looked a little shyly to the side. “Yeah. Um. I don’t mind. If you don’t.”

“Heh. One date and we’re already sleeping together.”

Sami gave him a flat look. “I’d hardly call us talking a date.”

“Well, look,” he said. “How about we actually try to go on one sometime? We can go to the to the next town over if you’re that paranoid about people seeing you.”

“Alright,” she said. “That might be nice.” She got up and pulled the blanket back, sliding onto the bed. She patted the empty spot next to her. “Come on, then.”

Robert blushed a little as he lay down next to her, and she pulled the blanket over them. He lay on his back, whilst she lay on her side, facing away from him. After a moment, though, she turned and faced him. “Thank you for staying,” she said. “And I’m sorry again for taking out my frustrations on you.”

“Sure, don’t mention it. I understand.”

“I suppose you do,” she said. She noticed Robert fidget a little, the blush still on his cheeks. She glanced downwards and noticed an unmistakable bulge in his pants. She frowned in thought. He really was hot for her. Maybe inviting him to sleep with her in her bed wasn’t such a good idea. She didn’t mind it, but she imagined he was in a very frustrating predicament. She decided it wouldn’t hurt to indulge him at least a little.

“You know, if you have something you need to take care of you can go ahead,” she said.

Robert’s blush deepened. “Uh, no, I uh—”

“You’re going to tear a hole in your pants,” she said with a slight smirk. “You’ll never get to sleep at this rate. So, you can go ahead.”

Robert swallowed hard. “I’ll, um, go the bathroom.” He started to sit up, but Sami pushed him back down.

“You can do it here,” she said. She pulled away the covers. “Just try not to mess up my sheets.”

Robert’s eyes widened a bit, but she smiled at him in what she hoped was a sultry expression. It seemed to work. Robert reached down and unzipped his pants, pulling out his erect penis. The organ was very tense, and Robert let out a soft sigh as he wrapped his fingers around himself. Sami watched carefully as he stroked, noting his technique. Occasionally, she would glance up at him and smile. He was looking at her in a lustful daze. She sat up and pulled her top off, revealing the fine, smooth coat of fur that was so short it almost just looked like white skin. Her modest bust was held by a simple black bra.

This was more than enough to rev his motor, and Robert soon made a small gasp as his hand moved faster. Less than a minute later, he came, shooting little white arcs all over his front, staining his shirt.

Once he’d calmed down, that sudden moment of emotional vulnerability hit him, and he looked down at himself. “Shit,” he said. He looked up at her, and his blush deepened even further. He carefully removed his shirt, balled it up, and dropped it onto the floor. “Um, sorry.”

“For what?” Sami smiled.

“For being such a pervert,” he said, as he zipped his pants back up.

Sami lay back down and snuggled against his now bare chest. He was a bit thin, but his muscles were well defined. He was still cool to the touch, but not uncomfortably so. “Don’t be. We’re all perverts in our own way.”

“Thanks,” he said. “Um, this may sound weird, but I, uh, I really enjoyed you watching.”


“Yeah,” he said. “So, um, if you never want to have sex, I understand, but, if you don’t mind, I’d like to do that again.”

She reached down and pat his crotch, causing his semi-hard dick to flex. “Well. We’ll see. Now, go to sleep.”

It took Robert several minutes to finally doze off, basking in the afterglow of climax. Sami stayed up for a few minutes longer, mulling over this turn of events. She was surprised how much she’d enjoyed it as well. To have him gaze at her like that so lustfully, but restrain himself and follow her direction instead, there was a sense of power to that which she hadn’t felt before. She couldn’t help but wonder what other silly things she could convince him to do.

The next morning, Sami awoke to Robert trying to slip from her grasp. She snapped awake and jumped up, causing Robert to start as well. It took her a moment to remember she’d let Robert sleep over, as her mind recalibrated to wakefulness.

“Woah, it’s okay, it’s me!” said Robert, noticing the slight deer in headlights look Sami had.

Sami shook her head and rubbed her eyes. “Ugh, yeah, sorry. Not used to having overnight guests.”

Robert pat her hand. “Sorry to wake you. I just needed to use the bathroom.”

“Sure,” she said with a yawn, waving him towards it.

After a few minutes doing their morning business, Robert came out and noticed his shirt wadded up on the floor. He blushed a little, remembering how it got there. “Um, I don’t suppose you got a shirt I could wear?”

Sami went to the closet and riffled through it. Robert was a good three shirt sizes larger than her, so all she had to give him was a light pink oversized shirt she sometimes wore as a nightgown. She tossed it to him. “Funny, usually it’s the girl wearing the boy’s shirt the morning after.”

Robert chuckled. “Well, not like we went all the way last night.” Slipping the shirt on, he paused. “Speaking of which, shall I return the favor in some way?”

Sami shook her head. “Don’t worry about it.”

“You sure? I don’t imagine it was much fun for you.”

“Actually,” said Sami, a little hesitantly. “I did kind of enjoy it.”

Robert blinked. “Really?”

“Sure.” Sami stepped up to him, and boldly traced a finger along his crotch, causing Robert to jump. “Seeing this little guy all stiff for me was kind of flattering, I admit. And seeing you stroke it for me was rather amusing.”

“Amusing?” said Robert with another blush.

Sami gave him a sly smile. Mentally, she couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she was acting before she could stop herself. “Yes, amusing. So amusing, I think I would like to do this again.” She tapped his crotch again, and his cock began to harden. “Later, of course. I’ve got things to do this morning. But, say, next week, we can meet back here? Same day, same time? And then you can show me what you got. Maybe for a bit longer than last night.”

Robert’s blush deepened. “Hey, now, I was just nervous last night.”

Sami’s smile became one of bemusement. “I’m sure.” Then an idea struck her on a whim, and she said, “However, I want to make sure I get a good show. So I want you to do something for me in the meantime.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t touch it until I say.”

Robert’s eyes widened and he gulped. “Um, well…”

“Well, what? I know how you boys are. Even after last night, the first thing you’re probably going to do when you get home is whip it out and stroke it while you think about me watching you. Well, you can think about that all you like, just no touching. Okay?”

Robert hesitated. He was rock hard now, bulging his pants lewdly. “I, uh, y-yeah, okay.”



“If you come back, and I find out you’ve been playing with yourself, then the whole deal is off, alright?”

“I promise, I won’t touch myself until you say I can.”

Sami gave him a pleased smile, and pat him on the cheek. “Good boy. Now, I’ll see you in a few days, alright?”

“Okay!” said Robert eagerly.

“Take care now.” With that, Sami led him to the door, waited patiently as he tried to will down his erection, then watched from the door as he left the apartment complex. When he was out of sight, Sami closed the door and leaned against the doorframe, letting out a long breath. She felt suddenly shaky. What had possessed her to do that? Robert was a nice guy, and after their very first date, she’d just made herself into his masturbatrix. The thought, to her surprise, sent a tremor of pleasure through her body.

She went to her underwear drawer and pulled it open, before remembering her vibrator had been stolen. She blanched, but didn’t let that ruin her growing mood as she stripped naked and lay on the bed. She let her fingertips trace her inner thighs a few times, before pinching her clitoris between two fingers and rolling it back and forth. Her pussy moistened quickly, and she switched to a back and forth rubbing. She closed her eyes and brought her free hand to her breasts, squeezing them, and rolling the nipples between her fingers. She imagined it was Robert’s hands on her body, that she was spooning against him, and he was pleasuring her, while his rock hard cock pressed against her backside. He was straining for her, to be inside her, but she would not allow it.

She slipped three fingers inside herself, rubbing at a quickened pace, and squeezing her breast fiercely. Her breath came in quick gasps, and she imagined Robert breathing heavily into her ear, his cool breath washing over her and tingling against her neck and ears. As her hips squirmed, she imagined him squirming against her, thrusting his cock against her backside, but she would scold him, tell him he had to remain still. She imagined him begging her to touch him, to let him inside, but she would not allow it, forcing him to please her with his hands while his cock was left tense and desperate. He would beg her for mercy, and she would just laugh as she writhed and moaned in his shaking arms…

Sami let out a sharp cry as she climaxed, her whole body clenching hard. She shook and brought her free hand up to her mouth to bite down on her knuckle as she thrust her other fingers as deep as she could. She shook for several moments in ecstasy, and found herself moaning Robert’s name. When her climax faded, and she lay cooling down on her bed, she looked at the ceiling with a slightly stunned expression. Normally, she needed a vibrator to be able to cum that hard, but somehow, just imagining Robert under her power had driven her to an unmatched height of ecstasy. She’d never realized she had these kinds of feelings before.

She mulled it over as she took a quick shower and got dressed for the day. Unfortunately, even though it was the weekend, she had work to do at the school again, archiving books in the library. She couldn’t stay in her fantasy land for very long; duty to the humans called. As she secured the door with her make shift repairs, a thought struck her. Maybe that’s why she found the idea of dominating Robert so appealing. Maybe it was a sort of catharsis for her frustrations over how little power she actually had living among humans.

Whatever. Psychology was never her strong point.

As the week passed by, Sami got more anxious, thinking about the next coming “date.” She actually had no idea what to do; she knew it would come down to sex, but she still didn’t want to actually fuck Robert. She also didn’t want to actually hurt him, or do something that would make him feel ashamed. Even if he was naturally submissive, she didn’t think he wanted to be insulted or sissified or anything.

Mrs. Celmen noticed her seeming apprehension, but Sami wouldn’t divulge any details. For all her boss approved of her seeing a “human” boy, Sami somehow doubted she would be all that keen on sharing kinky sex tips. Of course, there was always Zetta, who occasionally turned tricks to make a little pocket change, but she also wasn’t too keen on learning the “techniques of the streets,” either.

She only saw Robert a couple times in the meantime, passing him by in the hall or going from building to building as he went between classes. The opportunity to hang out didn’t present itself, but a quick smile between them was enough. When no one was paying attention, she’d give him a small wink as they parted and wag a finger at him, and he’d blush red as a tomato, causing her to chuckle a bit and feel that warm tingle inside.

Finally, the week passed and the day arrived. Sami dressed in a very skimpy tank top and short skirt, tying her long reddish-blond hair back in a tight bun, while her long ears draped over her shoulder. The fine white fur which coated her skin made facial make-up impractical, but she wore a coat of lip gloss that made her lips appear moist and inviting. She straightened up the room, and draped a thin red scarf over the lamp to cast the room in a more alluring light.

When Robert arrived, she opened the door and leaned against it in a way that showed off her curves. His eyes bugged out, and his cock reacted immediately. She smiled. “Nice to see you too,” she said. Taking his hand, she pulled him inside and secured the lock. She led him inside to the center of the room, then had him stand at attention. She sat on the bed, and crossed her legs, letting her bare foot dangle at a sultry angle. Robert’s eyes roamed over her body, and his cock flexed in his pants.

“Strip for me,” she said. He complied immediately, moving to tear off his shirt and jeans, but she made him go slow, building up the anticipation for both of them. She had to admit, for a human, he had a nice figure. A pity he didn’t have any fur to go with it. Soon enough, Robert was nude, and he stood awaiting instruction, his cock twitching merrily before him.

Sami smiled and motioned downwards. “Kneel,” she said. “Hands behind your back.” Robert complied, spreading his legs at the knees to steady himself. “So, did you do as I asked? Did you refrain from touching yourself?”

Robert blushed and nodded. “I did not masturbate, Sami. Uh… Mistress?”

Sami tapped her chin in thought. “Madam, or ma’am will suffice.” She uncrossed her legs and leaned forward a bit, appraising him. She clasped her hands at just the right spot to block his view of her panties. “Well, you certainly seem tense enough.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You may now stroke it for me. But! Go slow.”

Robert, with an expression of relief, grasped his rigid member, and stroked. Sami made careful note of how he did it. Robert was tense indeed, and soon had to fight not to speed up. “M-may I go a little faster, ma’am?”

“Only a little.”

Robert’s hand moved a bit quicker, and Sami smiled approvingly as she saw his organ flex excitedly in his grip. After a minute, Robert let out a breath, and his hand moved a little quicker as he was already nearing climax. The whole situation was just too exciting for him, especially with a week’s worth of anticipation. However, before he could spurt, Sami interrupted him.

“Stop!” she said. “Not so fast. I want a good show, remember?” Robert pulled his hand away, breath heavy. “Very good. You are not to cum without my permission, either. Do you understand?” Robert nodded. After giving him ten seconds to cool down, she let him stroke again, only to make him stop a minute later. After several more rounds of this, Robert was starting to look desperate.

“Madam Sami, please,” he said huskily as he let himself go for the tenth time. “Please, may I cum?”

“Not just yet,” she said. Robert was shaking a little, and his breath was starting to frost up. He was so excited, he was losing some of his control, letting his innate cold extend out. Sami felt a bit of a chill as it washed over her; had her nipples not already gone hard from excitement, they would have do so right then. She decided something else was in order. She stood and she could feel her own hot wetness had soaked her panties. With no real plan, but with an authoritative air, she pointed to bed. “Lie down, and spread out your limbs.” She went to her closet and sifted through her belongings.

Robert obeyed dutifully. Sami pulled out two belts, a scarf, and an old long sleeve shirt. She hadn’t thought to get actual restraints, so these would have to do for now. She slowly tied him to her bed, binding each wrist and ankle wide apart. Then, she grabbed the sleeping mask on her bedside table, and placed it over his head as a blindfold. His penis twitched excitedly at the bondage.

“S-Sami,” he said, nervously. “What are you up to?”

“You’ll see,” she said. “Or rather hear. And perhaps feel.” So saying, she sifted through her underwear drawer and pulled out a new, silver-colored vibrator. Stripping her own clothes off, she then climbed over him and straddled his face, sitting back just far enough that her hot sex was only a few inches from his mouth. She could feel his cool breath on her moist lips, and it sent a shiver up her spine, which rebounded back down as an excited tingle.

“You want me?”

He was almost breathless. “Yes.”

“Do you want to taste me?”

“Oh, yes.”

“You want to feel my pussy? Want to release into me?”

“Yes!” He mouth was agape. He could smell her excitement, her heat overpowering his own chill.

“Tsk, tsk. Didn’t your mother tell you Demihumans were trouble?” She clicked on her vibrator, and brought it down to her clit. She let out a soft moan, as Robert let out a small gasp, realizing what she was doing.

“Oh, Madam, please!” he said. His cock twitched forlornly behind her, but she paid it no heed as she worked the vibe over her pussy. She watched him squirm in desperation beneath her, and a deep spark of heat bloomed in her core. She plunged the vibe deep inside and climaxed in mere seconds. She cried out, writhing atop him, and he gasped as her juices soaked her thighs and warmed his chest. His breathing became ragged, his breath getting colder in his excitement, fogging the hot, moist air between her legs. The wave of cold made her shiver again, and this synched perfectly with the vibrator to extend her first orgasm straight into a second. She then forced herself to calm down, working the vibe slowly, and spent the next ten minutes working up to a powerful third climax.

Only after her third release, did she let him taste her, though indirectly. She clicked off the vibrator and it against his lips; and he eagerly sucked her juices off of it. Then, she finally climbed off him. She eyed his cock, which seemed even harder than before. Repositioning herself on the bed to kneel between his legs, she rubbed her fingers against her wet thighs. With her hands thoroughly lubricated, she grasped his penis.

Robert let out a small cry, not expecting her touch, despite his yearnings. “Oh, Sami…” he gasped, hips bucking into her grip.

She let go immediately. “Be still,” she said. Robert forced himself not to move, and after a few tense moments, she grasped him again. He flinched, but managed to keep himself under control. Her hands slowly slid up and down his shaft.

His cock was cool to the touch, almost cold. Not uncomfortably so, and the thin layer of fur on her hands dampened the effect, even through her juices. It was an interesting side effect of his icy elemental nature, however, that he got colder the more excited he became. She imagined the feel of it inside her, and shivered at the thought. It was probably good she didn’t plan on fucking him. A cold cock would probably feel a little too uncomfortable in such a sensitive area.

Robert, however, was enjoying her attentions very much at the moment. Sami watched him, almost fascinated, as he writhed and moaned under her touch. Studiously, she gauged his reactions as her slick hands moved faster over his cock, stroking in alternating rhythms and grips. She was a quick study, and soon had a good rhythm down to keep him on the edge. Every time he neared climax, she would stop and hold him tightly, cutting off his release, or she might let go, watching his cock jerk with the sudden loss of stimulation. He moaned with need, and begged her for release, but she only told him to shush, maintaining an air of cool detachment to his predicament. Despite her demeanor, however, she felt something well up inside her. A feeling of confidence and freedom of self that she’d never had before.

Keeping him on the edge like this, making him suffer in sexual tension, making him utterly dependent on her mercy to relieve the burning (or freezing in his case) need between his legs. She had never, not once, had this kind of power of someone. Not human nor Demihuman, and ironically, he himself was much more powerful than either. She realized, with his powers of cold, it would probably take no effort for him to break free of his bonds and flash freeze her, kill her in an instant.

And yet, he was enthralled by her, bending to her will, and helpless to her touch. It was power. Real power over another person. A power humans normally had over Demihumans and took for granted; Demihumans lived at their mercy, their generosity, and even the well meaning ones didn’t understand how stifling such an existence could be. But in this moment, here and now, this boy, this living elemental force, was at her mercy. Should could torment him all night, if she wished, and he would let her, because he had given her ownership of him, even if only in this instance of play. And that realization made her shudder in a mini-orgasm just by itself.

She kept him riding the edge of release for several more minutes. “Please…” he started to babble, finally unable to hold out. “It’s too much… Sami please… let me spurt…” he was actually crying now, “Sami please… please, mercy!” His words dissolved into moans as she edged him sharply again. She had him right at that perfect spot where he’d stay right at the apex just before release, and all she had to do was give him one or two light strokes every couple of seconds, to keep him on that plateau of rapture.

Part of her really, really wanted to see how long she could keep him that way. But now, looking at him, he seemed almost pained. His penis and testicles were dark with tension, so much pressure now that she fancied her touch was probably becoming truly unbearable. As much as she was enjoying this rush, she had no desire to harm him, especially not after he had given her such a gift of power.

She grasped him firmly and pumped his cock in a steady, deep stroke. In less than a second, his penis clenched hard, and stayed clenched for a few perilous moments, semen forcefully squeezing out from the tip. Then it relaxed for just half a second, and Sami snapped one hand forward to hold it an inch over the tip of him, shielding herself from the blast.

The first shot struck the palm of her hand so forcefully, she flinched. In fact, it hit so hard, it shot off the curve of her hand, and a glob of the chilled semen landed on her leg. The second, third, fourth, and even fifth shots were equally as fierce, and she tilted her hand so his they would splash fully against him instead. Even rebounding off her palm, several drops hit him square in the face.

She had never imaged a man could cum so hard, or so much! And to think, she’d done this with her own two hands! Although she didn’t let it show, maintaining her cool demeanor, she watched in awe as Robert drowned in rapture, shuddering violently from his release, crying out breathlessly. When he finally calmed down, he was utterly drenched in his own seed, from neck to groin, and he lay back gasping. She slowly stroked him a few more times to squeeze out the last drops of semen, then withdrew her now soaking wet hands. She fetched towel to dry them off, as well as wipe the spots from her leg. She dressed again, deciding she would save the revelation of her nude form as a surprise for a future session.

Moving back towards him, she noticed that he had actually blacked out. However, this didn’t last long as a few seconds later, he groaned awake while she untied his limbs. He looked at her with an expression of euphoric exhaustion.

“So how did it feel to be my little plaything, hmm?” she said in a mildly amused tone.

“Fucking amazing!” he said, still breathless.

She smirked and pointed to his body. “For that big of a mess, I hope so.”

He looked down at himself and his eyes widened in surprise. Apparently, he, too, had no idea a person could cum that much. He blushed fiercely, as he realized just how much she had made him lose control. He accepted the towel from her and cleaned himself off. When he’d finished, she lay on the bed with him, snuggling against him. He was rapidly warming up now, and the two savored the afterglow of climax.

After a while, Robert broke the silence, saying, “So, am I officially your sex slave now?”

“If you want to be,” said Sami. “I think I would like that.” She paused, then said, “I think I’d also like to go on a real date sometime, though. Just maybe in another town, like you suggested.”

“Is it really that big of a deal?” asked Robert.

“There was a scandal last year when a few students had ‘relations’ with a Demihuman gardner,” she said. “I might just be paranoid, but I don’t want to risk it, at least for now.”

“That’s fine,” he said. “I understand.”

With that, Sami leaned her face up to his. Robert met her lips, and the two kissed deeply. Sami noted his lips were still a little cool to the touch. It was a strange sensation, but she found she rather enjoyed it.


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