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The Metis Academy Experiment


Metis Academy was billed as a social experiment wherein young men and young women, just about to enter the age of Sex Magic empowerment, were to live in a boarding school environment with a completely female dominated culture. This was supposed to begin a long-term study on the impact that growing up in a hardcore female dominated society would have on upcoming generations.

Only four years had passed since Sex Magic’s arrival, and it was already quite obvious that total female supremacy was going to be a way of life, whether men or women wanted it or not. Metis was an attempted projection into a small-scale society of total female supremacy enforced through Sex Magic, a micro-Queendom all its own, before Queendoms came to be the default form of government across the world.

However, there was another purpose for the Academy: to see if normal Sex Mage women could be rapidly enhanced into Archmages. Even though the power ranking classifications we know of today weren’t officially recognized until year 6 of the Goddess Era, it was already apparent that there were different levels of power among women. Most notably, it seemed that many attractive female celebrities and porn stars had stronger powers than most women; it was believed that the large number of men who fantasized about and masturbated to, or otherwise admired, these women somehow lent extra power to them. Although most Archmages appear to be born at their level, there are rare cases of some women who, after frequent and persistent use of her powers and after taking many lovers and admirers, start to display stronger than average abilities.

A single porn star or famous actress who already had tens of thousands of admiring men masturbating to her pictures and videos would likely already be starting with an Archmage level baseline of power when Sex Magic first spread across the globe.

Metis Academy was to see if young women who were already co-existing with a large group of constantly teased, obedient, and desperately horny young men, whom they were all at liberty to play with, and frequently encouraged to do so, would get a similar jump-start on their abilities.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


They could sense her approaching before they ever saw her: Hope Escher. The Woman From the Edge of Town. The Cock-Breaker. The Glitch-Bitch. The Broken Lady.

The forty-five year old woman didn’t appear particularly noteworthy. Five and a half feet tall, a slim build, a small bust, and a rather plain face. Light blond hair cut off at the shoulder, grey eyes, and fair skin. She could pretty herself up quite nicely if she tried, but she was average enough that under normal circumstances, no one would notice her in a crowd. Although the rejuvenating nature of Sex Magic gave her the body of a twenty year old, you could tell she was really middle-aged. She carried herself like an older woman, kindly stoic, almost matronly, dressed in simpler, more practical clothing. Slacks, a white blouse, flat brown shoes, and a light green cardigan sweater. She even drove an old, clunky scooter, not a common vehicle to be sure, but just the sort of utilitarian thing for a quick run into town for errands.

Hope was just an average woman going about her day, but when she entered town, everyone took notice, whether they wanted to or not. She tried to make the trip quick. Just zip into town, stop by the grocery store, post office, gas station, and back home. Her old scooter puttered worryingly as she steered onto the main street. She was going to have to get it fixed, and she wasn’t sure she had the money for that. Her budget was tight this month.

Pulling up into the parking lot of the grocery store, she tried to ignore the glares. Living in a tiny town meant she only had a couple places to go for supplies, and that meant repeatedly interacting with the same women who just wanted to punch her teeth in.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pandora Secret Files

In year 5 of the Goddess Era (2015 A.D.), the Pandora Research Facility was founded to scientifically explore and study the limits of Sex Magic. While the origins, purpose, and logic of Sex Magic continue to escape scientists, Pandora has worked to discover ways Sex Magic can stretched and warped and combined with existing natural phenomenon and entities to expand its use as a power to change the world.

The name Pandora was intended as a tongue-in-cheek label, a joke about women messing with forces they don’t understand, much like the Pandora of myth. Opening the “box” of Sex Magic could potentially invite disaster on the world.

Unfortunately, this in-joke name proved prophetic. Despite making a handful of useful discoveries, the Facility also created its own calamity in the early autumn of 10 G.E. After the disastrous awakening of the Created, Pandora became ground zero for the Cascade Event.

Files on the Pandora Project are now under heavy security by the Special Task Force. What follows are up-to-date files on various successful Pandora Projects, compiled by the STF’s primary science officer, Dr. Fumi Wakahisa. More information and files may be revealed as more are recovered.

Among the powers of Megami, and some Archmage women, is the ability to create magical duplicates of one’s self. These duplicates seem to be fully flesh and blood copies of their creator, with their own thoughts and initiative, and may even be able to channel Sex Magic of their own, and yet, are invariably subservient to their creator. Moreover, they appear to be sustained and maintained entirely through Sex Magic. Once the Sex Mage in question cancels the spell that created the duplicate, or the lust energy that sustains the spell runs out, the duplicate vanishes. No known duplicate has ever protested this disappearance, lending credence to the idea that the duplicates are nothing more than projected constructs of the original, and are not actually independent, self-aware entities, despite the seeming ability to act on their own initiative.

Pandora attempted to use a combination of genetic engineering and Sex Magic to see if full cloning could be achieved. Dozens of failed attempts were made, despite the success of Sex Mage scientists to use their powers to perfect test tube conception.


Subjects: Jim, Jim2, Jim3, Jim4

Procedures: Similar to test tube conception, semen samples of the subject Jim were taken and combined with donor eggs. Genetic information from the egg was suppressed, while information from the sperm was sorted and reconfigured, until it aligned with Jim’s own genetic code, effectively creating a “clone” of Jim through sexual reproduction. The embryos were then speed-grown in a matter of days to simulate Jim’s physical age of 20 years old. Telepathic procedures were used to copy Jim’s own memories and transplant them into the clone’s minds.

Description: Jim is the original test subject, while Jim2, Jim3, and Jim4 are his clones. The clones have all of Jim’s physical features and most of his personality quirks. However, it seems as though the clones have a more domineering personality than Jim.

An interesting side effect of this experiment: the clones have what seems to be a heavily diluted and singularly focused form of Sex Magic. The clones are able to, at will, cause the original Jim to feel whatever sensations are happening to the clone’s genitals on his own genitals. For example, if Jim2 is masturbating, he can cause Jim to feel the sensations of masturbation. When a clone does this, the sensations on the clone’s penis fade.

The clones can even control to a fine degree how much sensation is transferred to Jim; they can still feel some of the sensation while Jim feels most of it, or make Jim only feel a little of it, while they feel most of it. They can even selectively send some sensations and not others. If Jim2 is using one hand to stroke his shaft, and his other hand to slap his balls, he can send the ball slap sensation to Jim, while keeping the stroking feeling to himself.

All three clones are able to do this at once, causing Jim to feel multiple sensations from the three sources at the same time. The clones seem to delight in doing this to Jim, touching themselves together and causing Jim to effectively feel three simultaneous hand jobs.

The clones seem unable to exchange sensations among themselves, but have, reluctantly, shown that they can reverse the effects on Jim, stealing sensations from his penis so they can feel it themselves.

Interestingly, this ability seems to extend to Sex Mage spells themselves! The Jim clones are able to send the effects of spells cast on them straight to Jim, anything from phantom stimulation to orgasm blocks. Attempts to use Magic on the clones invariably results in only the original Jim suffering for it as the clone redirect the spells at will. In fact, after sending orgasm blocks to Jim, the clones were able to likewise “steal” orgasms from him, giving themselves climaxes when Jim was edged with Sex Magic intended for the clones. This effect can immediately bypass even magic shielding.

The clone’s aforementioned domineering of the original Jim leads them to frequently use their unique power over him to sexually tease him, and sometimes even bully him. Whether this desire to tease and dominate their original’s penis is due to Sex Magic driving them to it, some subconscious kink unknowingly put in place by the women who transferred Jim’s memories, or just the clone’s way of rebelling against their creators, it has caused no end of distress for Jim. Attempts to discipline the clones merely result in Jim being punished, and attempts to aid Jim are stolen by the clones.

An attempt to separate Jim from his clones did no good. In fact, taking Jim away angered the clones, and they used their abilities to torment Jim constantly from afar until he was returned to them. Notably, though, once Jim was returned, the clones became much nicer to him, cutting him breaks and their torments reduced to simple teasing. They even tried to be friends with him, at least for a while.

Update: Jim and his clones were released to the public, living together for a few years before finally breaking up and traveling to different Queendoms, using their ability to bounce spells back to Jim to get them out of trouble. The original Jim remains in a care home paid for by his clones, suffering the spell effects they send to him. Interestingly, the clones have notably aged more than Jim, or rather, Jim is aging much slower than normal. It is believed that Jim is benefiting from the healing side effects of the spells being sent to him, concentrated from all three clones. That at least is a silver lining for Jim, that the clones can’t split up the spell effects, so they cannot steal the healing effects while sending only the sensations to Jim. This indicates Jim will outlive his clones by a fair margin.

Current Status: The STF has assassinated Jim’s clones, and after a year of therapy, Jim has been released to the public. While in small part this was done to spare the sanity of Jim and allow him to live a somewhat normal life, the primary priority of this act was to prevent the abnormality of his clones’ abilities from bringing undo attention to them and causing undo trouble. The STF does not want the Pandora experiments to be repeated, and the continued existence of the Jim clones was a loose end that threatened such a possibility.


Subjects: Jake and Jane

Procedures: As with the Jim clones, test tube conception procedures were used, this time manipulating the genetic code to create a female clone.

Description: Jane is a female clone of Jake. As a female, she gained Sex Magic of her own almost immediately upon being awoken. The effects of her magic are very evident on Jake, but seem greatly muted around other men.

While Jane can sense other men who are nearby, she has a difficult time reading their minds, and can’t seem to project thoughts to them as other women can. Her physical-oriented spells have little effect on men, making only weak orgasm blocks and only light phantom sensations.

By contrast, however, Jane’s magic seems vastly stronger on Jake. She can read all of his thoughts, not just his sexual ones, and can control Jake’s entire body with ease. The effect of her magic on Jake seems to be almost Megami-levels, although she does not demonstrate any of the Megami’s more esoteric powers like body morphing.

Furthermore, Jane’s magic seems to be constantly “on” when around Jake. She seems to broadcast an aura of magic that exists just between Jake and herself, and Jake is utterly overwhelmed by it. Just by being within 100 feet of her, Jake’s penis remains at maximum hardness and highly sensitive. Jane claims that this effect is fully subconscious, that she can’t shut it off even if she wanted to. Jane merely touching Jake sends his cock into an overload of sensations that can knock him unconscious if Jane doesn’t make a point to force him to stay conscious. Jane touching his penis directly has proven almost fatal to Jake from the sheer amount of overload, even despite Jane’s magic having a powerful healing effect on Jake.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jake’s orgasms seem to be permanently sealed. Jane again claims she isn’t doing it on purpose, but Jake seems incapable of orgasms. Instead, whenever Jake is about to cum, Jane experiences an orgasm of her own.

No amount of magic from other women seems able to protect Jake’s cock from Jane’s power, even Archmage level staff members can’t seem to break the bond. Physically separating the two by at least one mile seems to finally mitigate Jane’s aura on Jake’s body, but she can still affect him easily at will, and he still is unable to cum.

Jane unfortunately seems quite resentful of Jake and is more than willing to use her powers to repeatedly brutalize him for no other reason than a desire to see him suffer. She constantly degrades, bullies, and humiliates him. Whether this is some kind of self-loathing made manifest in Jane or some kind of extreme domination fantasy gone wrong in Jane is unknown, but Jake is to be kept under a watchful eye, to be recovered whenever Jane goes too far and almost kills him with her attentions.

Update: Jane seems to have mellowed greatly since her creation in regards to Jake. Possibly due to gaining her own experiences to temper whatever instincts she had upon awakening, Jane has relaxed much of her negativity of Jake. Although she still torments him on occasion, she is not nearly as brutal, and doesn’t seem to do it out of hatred so much as a natural fetish for powerful domination. Jake being far and away the most effected by her powers, he is naturally her best partner.

She claims to have come to terms with her creation, and that her previous behavior was a combination of resentfulness at her artificial nature combined with a brutal domination streak that Jake often fantasized about in women he liked. This caused her to especially resent being cloned from Jake himself. While she doesn’t regret what she’s done to Jake, she now feels a degree of sympathy for him.

Jake, meanwhile, has undergone therapy to help him cope with the trauma of being Jane’s sexual chewtoy. He and Jane are kept separate by a mile so he can be safe from her aura, but doesn’t resist when he feels her power take hold of him to play.

Current Status: Jane was eventually relocated to a Glitch Commune in New Quebec, where her seemingly weak powers were seen as a Glitch condition. Despite being thousands of miles away, Jane’s power still affected Jake quite easily, but Jane had given up playing with him by that point.

Jake was kept behind at the facility to allow him more therapy and recovery. Unfortunately, this meant that he fell victim to the Created, and is now deceased.

Jane was immediately aware of his death, and at that moment she lost all of her powers, rendering her a “normal” woman. Although still naturally immune to other women’s magic, she lost even her weak ability to affect other men. Jane remains in the Glitch Commune to this day.


Subject: The Spermies

Procedures: Test tube conception was attempted using only sperm cells, using fine tuned magic to combine DNA strands from multiple sperm to create one fully functioning embryo. This proved very difficult, requiring a Megami-class geneticist to actually mutate some sperm cells into faux-egg structures before bonding could take place. Eventually, successful conception was achieved.

For half the subjects, speed growth procedures and telepathic knowledge implants were used to hasten the experiment, creating two dozen young men aged to about 20. The other half of the subjects were allowed a regular growth cycle as a control experiment, to see if the speed-growth and telepathy techniques were actually responsible for the strange behaviors and quirks of some clones.

Description: The adult-born Spermies resulted in ordinary human males that seemed especially vulnerable to Sex Magic. Just being near women who were even actively suppressing their magic, the Spermies remained hard and blue balled, only getting relief from this effect when fully separated from all women by at least one hundred feet. When merely touching a woman, they would feel pleasure that would quickly make them reach the edge of orgasm. However, they were also naturally orgasm blocked, though there was no resistance to reaching climax if a woman willed it for them, even without actively using magic to release the block; she could simply tell him to cum, and he would be able to in that moment.

Simple spells intended to only give light stimulation effects instead felt very intense to the cloned men. More over, their lust energy output was nearly five times stronger than any average man. Interestingly, the adult Spermies had an intuitive understanding of the female body; they proved to be superb lovers if their female partners used magic to dull their hair triggers.

The adult Spermies (a nickname they all hated, and the staff loved to giggle at them over) were kept on staff as assistants, as their energy output proved a great boon to aiding the female staff in fueling their magic. Treated all around favorably, the adult Spermies settled into their rolls as assistants.

A dozen baby Spermies were created, and sent to the nearest town. Raised together in a nursery and foster home, they were noted to have no deviations from ordinary males. Results are inconclusive as to whether this proves the speed-growth/telepathy procedures have a corrupting effect on the subjects, but this seems very possible.

Current Status: All the adult-born Spermies fell victim to the Created, and are deceased. Possibly, their added energy effects are what gave her such a boost in power when she first awakened.

The baby-born Spermies had already been transferred away to other homes across the country through adoption, several years before the Created wiped out their home town. Their records were lost in the subsequent battle to defeat the Created. The baby-born Spermies have thus been lost into the general populace.

However, some years after the Created’s demise, there were reports of young men whose lust energy output was several times greater than the average man’s. These men have been referred to as “Radiants,” and are quickly snatched up by the Megami Queens. Could these young men actually be the baby-born Spermies all grown up? Scattered reports give no indication that these young men are especially vulnerable to Sex Magic or women’s presence the way the adult-born Spermies were, but the numbers seem to match up so far. Other theories are that Radiants were formed by the Cascade Event as the Megami were, but further research has not been possible to determine this one way or the other.


Subject: Kayla, the Created

Procedures: Test tube conception was attempted using only eggs, using fine tuned magic to combine DNA strands from multiple egg cells to create one fully functioning embryo. This proved easier to do than with sperm cells, but still took a lot of trial and error to get right. Speed growth and telepathic procedures were used to form the woman as an adult with full knowledge.

Description: The Created is the disaster that brought an end to the Pandora Research Facility and nearly the entire world. The Created was grown and awoken into a fully mature adult woman. Immediately, the Created also awoke with an utterly enormous level of Sex Magic powers, the strongest ever witnessed, surpassing even those of the Megami. So strong, and so instinctively intuitive, were her abilities, that she was able to effect women with her magic as easily as men. She claimed to be able to see the “seams” that existed in a woman’s natural immunity to Sex Magic, and could pierce a woman’s natural barriers within ease by threading her magic through these seams.

Despite all the knowledge telepathically given to her by her creators, the Created lacked humanity. Having just been born, she lacked any form of emotional maturity, empathy, or real living experience. Upon her awakening, she immediately set upon her creators with her powers. Her motivations are not known. Whether she was resentful of the idea of being a lab experiment, curious to experiment with her power and didn’t care who she used it on, or if she did it simply for amusement, she immediately determined to escape the facility and use her power on everyone she could find.

The Created was able to permanently, and instantly, trap all men and women she encountered into a comatose state wherein their mind was trapped in an endless dream of extreme sexual torment, their bodies wracked with sensations far beyond human tolerance. Even despite the healing side effects of Sex Magic, the Created’s spell was so powerful that death by sensory overload was inevitable was a severe risk. Women who attempted to telepathically dive into an effected person’s minds were immediately lost in the spell themselves, unable to escape. What’s worse, these women would then broadcast this spell to all men around them as well as any man with whom they had ever been intimate. These men would in turn broadcast it to all women, creating an exponentially widened chain of Sex Magic entrapment that eventually spread across the whole of the world. This phenomenon is known as the Sex Magic Cascade Event.

As the Cascade poured copious amounts of Lust Energy into the world, bathing it in radiation, the Created sucked in the energy, gorging upon it. However, the effect of this was to deprive the victims of Sex Magic’s healing capabilities, leaving them in comas to die of neglect, exposure, sensory overload to the point of brain damage. Likewise, many died in accidents as the Cascade knocked them unconscious whilst in dangerous situations.

Having triggered the Cascade, the Created destroyed everyone in the facility, and proceeded to walk to the nearest town she could sense, draining the Lust Energy as she went, and leaving whole towns and cities for dead.

Only the emergence of the Megami saved the world that day, as the Cascade awoke several dozen women of power close to that of the Created herself. As most of them used their new found powers to reverse Cascade, several Megami confronted the Created in a vicious battle. During the fight, it was determined that the Created needed a constant supply of Lust Energy to survive. Three Megami wrestled the Created into the sky, carrying her all the way to the Moon, slamming her into it hard enough to stun her. They then immediately high-tailed it back to Earth, leaving the Created on the Moon, cut off from any trace of sexual energy. Satellite imagery shows the Created disintegrating within mere minutes as she rapidly burned through her energy reserves just trying to get back to Earth. She didn’t even make it past lunar orbit before she faded away.

Were it not for the Megami, humans would no longer be alive today, except perhaps as fields of comatose Lust Energy “crops” to feed the Created, assuming she would have eventually learned enough restraint to not just eat through her entire food supply.

The Created, and the Cascade Event she caused, is the direct reason the world is the way it is today, with isolated Queendoms containing what’s left of the human race. The risk of such an entity ever being made again is too great, and thus all Queendoms have banned the pursuit of cloning and genetic engineering research. Likewise, the Moon is now considered off limits to human contact, as none want to risk somehow resurrecting the Created by bringing humans to her last location.


CONCLUSIONS – Conclusions on Clones are that they should not be created. Normal magical duplicates created by Sex Mages of themselves definitely seem to be purely creatures of lust, manifesting as extensions of the magic, but at least are under direct orders from their creator. Fully developed clones created as independent entities lack that direct control, and thus are free to run rampant when things go wrong.

Clones created by Sex Magic seem to always result in complications. Heterosexually formed clones seem to be innately driven to torment people with said magic, almost as though they are running on some kind of instinct, or as though the magic itself, if given some kind of sentient vessel through which to operate directly, will perform its function like a force of nature. Homosexually formed clones using males seems safe enough, but if female clones would regularly result in more entities like the Created, then that is reason enough for the STF to consider further attempts at such a creation to be on par with a war crime.

There is certainly evidence that cloning projects were adversely effected by use of speed-growth and telepathy procedures. The idea of clones as fully formed duplicates of an existing person has existed in fiction for some time, but while Sex Magic in its own way allows for such things, the nature of the magic would seem to corrupt the intent. This was probably not helped by most clones being kept at the Facility, and thus delayed their ability to gain their own independent experiences away from their creators and “parents.”

However, the baby-born Spermies indicate that a clone allowed to grow and develop at a normal human rate would turn out fine. Perhaps, had the Created being allowed to develop in such a way, even she might have grown to merely a powerful, but balanced individual. However, the STF is unwilling to risk further testing of this hypothesis.

Considered separate from pure cloning, these experiments take ordinary humans and see how Sex Magic can expand upon their physicality. It is already known that Megami and some Archmages can use Sex Magic to transform themselves, other women who allow it, or men into different forms. They can be shrunk, made giant, turned into animals or animal/human hybrids. Some very powerful versions of this ability allow a person to be transformed into an inanimate object while keeping them aware, such as a dildo or pair of shoes.

Depending on the application, effects can be temporary, or can be made permanent. Often, just making someone smaller will require energy to do the transformation, but once completed, as long as the person can still survive their new form, they will remain small until another spell turns them back. Similarly with humans who have been transformed to have bestial features such as ears and tails, tend to retain them without a need for active magic once these features are formed.

Transformations that totally defy biology, however, require constant sex energy to sustain. Turning a man into a pair of panties and wearing him requires a large amount of energy charged into the spell or a continuous feeding of the energy, usually by somehow keeping the man teased in his panty form (how this is possible is yet another mystery of Sex Magic). Once the magic runs out, the person automatically returns to human form.

Genetic engineering projects were attempts to see how far transformations could be carried. Some cloning procedures were part of the experiments, but most involved already existing humans.

Experiments have proven remarkably fruitless. Despite numerous and extensive transformation effects, all samples collected from transformed subjects reveal only normal human DNA. Even sample materials taken from subjects transformed into inanimate objects, such as a man turned into a bowl of candies, show that the “candy” is somehow a crystallized form of human cells. How this is possible and how such a biology can even function completely eludes scientists to this day.

What has been discovered is that genetic modification of humans does not carry over into off-spring. Clones created from, for example, a man and woman transformed fully into a dog and a lizard, resulted in a normal human. Attempted “crossbreeding” had similar results: a woman turned into a humanoid cat and a man turned into something resembling a tree had sex. The cat woman was successfully impregnated and the resulting fetus developed and was born into a normal human.

CONCLUSIONS – Genetic engineering seems to only work on a case-by-case basis, the nature of the magic making such effects temporary to the person. Traits do not carry over and it would seem that actually attempting to alter a person’s DNA on the fundamental level isn’t possible.

It is already known that Sex Magic does not extend to other species. Even apes, the closest genetic relation to humans in the animal kingdom, remain unaffected by human Sex Magic. This may be what prevents modification of human DNA into anything that isn’t human; the magic simply can’t make such alterations, as it cannot affect non-humans in the first place.

And yet, humans can be given traits and abilities not found in humans at all. A human turned into a horse is somehow still a human that just has a horse shaped body. Even if such a physicality is able to sustain without constant magic, it remains effectively a human. We may never be able to understand how this is possible, as this is a case where the effects of magic override scientific procedures whether we want them to or not.

Despite extensive results gained from Cloning and Engineering Projects, the majority of Pandora’s research yielded frustratingly little results.

Numerous attempts to turn Sex Magic into a technological power source, or to link technology and Sex Magic, have all failed. The ethereal essence of “lust energy” that men and women radiate, which only women can sense, and which fuels their spells, cannot be detected by technology. No instrument by any mechanism, on any wavelength can so much as detect this so-called lust energy, much less catalogue and study it.

Lust Energy Dynamo
The Lust Energy Dynamo was always a pipe dream. With the collapse of the global economy, entire sections of the world were thrown into crisis as international shipping of resources, ground to a near halt, including oil, coal, and radioactive elements. Every country was quickly forced to find ways of becoming self-sufficient, before trade eventually resumed.

The Lust Energy Dynamo was proposed. Research and testing eventually produced prototypes, but ultimately, these machines were simple energy collectors. The true “mechanism” of the LED remains the female operators themselves. Techniques were discovered to allow women to generate electricity or heat, through use of Sex Magic and Lust Energy, to alter their own bio-electric fields to produce higher levels of biological energy. These LED “technicians” then feed the electricity or body heat into the Dynamo, which then stores and/or redirects that energy into controlled electrical currents that can be used by the power grid of a nation.

Sex Magic has no effect on any creature on Earth other than humans. Even the great ape species, humanity’s closest cousins in the animal kingdom, are completely unaffected. The reason for this is unknown. Theories have been posited that Sex Magic may have been usable on ancient human ancestors and subspecies, such as Neanderthals and Homo Erectus, but this is, of course, impossible to test.

Another theory posits that Sex Magic may only work between members of species that can crossbreed. For example, canine Sex Magic may affect only other canines, but domestic dogs, wolves, coyotes, and all other canine species would be able to affect one another, while being unable to affect any other life form. As Sex Magic does not seem transferable to any species any more than it can affect them, there is no way to test this.

Some posit that it may be possible that Sex Magic has spread to other species on Earth, but that only humans have the imagination and awareness possible to recognize and utilize it. This seems extremely unlikely, as species who display higher intellect, such as apes, monkeys, and dolphins, would seem more than capable of recognizing and utilizing the magic to at least a limited capacity, and there have been no such confirmed behaviors. All supposed reports of animals displaying such powers have proven to be transformed humans.

Non-living human tissue cannot be reanimated by Sex Magic. Only the most skilled of medical Sex Mages are able to use the magic to revive a recently deceased human, the way one might revive someone who has just drowned or gone into cardiac arrest. Once past this natural threshold where revival becomes impossible through mundane medical and technological means, Sex Magic ceases to function on the body.

The Paranormal Investigation Bureau gathered information on countless magical rituals and techniques, collected from superstition, mythology, religious texts, and even popular fiction. The Pandora Facility briefly worked in conjunction with PIB operatives to experiment on every form of magic discovered. In some cases, Sex Magic was used as an attempted catalyst, for example, attempting to use old alchemy formulas to turn lead into gold, and directing transformative spells at the lead.

No form of magic has worked. The few promising leads turned out to function only due to Sex Magic actually causing the effect, such as turning a human into an animal being just a sexual transformation spell, or summoning a “demon” just being an illusion cast through Sex Magic sensory deception.

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Demi Loving Care

Demi Loving Care is a three-story collection set in the World of Civero. Demihumans, and the humans they serve, navigate the strained relationships between their races in order to find unexpected pleasure and comfort in one another. The stories combine light, playful female domination with a little bit of heartfelt soul searching. Demi Loving Care combines the previously released short stories "Sheila" and "Sami" with a brand new story, "Tyrga."

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Kat's Boytoy: The Complete Series

The complete Kat's Boytoy story, all in one volume! As with most of my work, the stories in here can be found on this blog or Literotica for free, but this book is slightly touched up from those versions to allow the stories to flow together a bit better. Kat's Boytoy has always been one of my more popular series, and I hope new readers will enjoy it as much as old readers, who I hope will enjoy it all over again! Thanks again for your continued support!

If you so desire, purchase the book here:

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Sex Mage World: Quickies!

Finally, a new ebook is on the shelf!

Acquire it here:

Sex Mage World: Quickies is a collection of many short and long scenes and mini-stories that I've been writing over the years. Just so you know, all of these stories are available online for free, either here on my blog, on my Literotica page, or on the and story forums. However, if you like my writing and would like to support my work, or just want a nice, sexy collection with another crappily slapped together cover to grace your favorite ebook device, consider purchasing a copy!

If not, hey, I understand. I'm a cheapskate too! : P

Nah, butt seriously, every purchase is very much appreciated! Thank you for your support and I'm glad to have entertained you thus far!  : )

Also, for better or worse, I've made my previously de-published books available once more, so "Naughty Mages & Erotic Espers", "Civero: Sensually Sadistic", and "Prize Student" are back up. Aside from certain parts of Prize Student, everything in those books should also be free on my blog or on Literotica.

I have also adjusted some prices to the books, increasing a few, though not all, by a dollar or fifty cents.

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On My Settings

Alright, so who wants to read a long-winded, rambling monologue about my creative process? Nobody? Great! Let’s get started!

So, after half a decade of writing my particular strange brand of femdom erotica, I’ve built up a decent backlog of stories, captioned images and even a few novellas. The vast majority of these have been set in my Sex Mage World setting. But that was hardly my first setting, and probably won’t even be my last. However, it has far and away been my primary focus over the years, since its inception.

Some readers have lamented this, and even I had, on a few occasions, decided I was done with the Sex Mage World, and intended to quit using it in favor of new settings or returning to older ones. And yet, when it came down to it, I kept coming back to the Sex Mage World time and again, while other settings gather dust.

I guess for me, the Sex Mage World so well encapsulates my personal fantasies, that it’s difficult not to set any given fantasy I have in it, now that it’s been conceived. And of course, my stories come from those fantasies. Or, even if my fantasies aren’t set in the world of Sex Mages, the women in my fantasies are almost always have Sex Mage powers. My inspiration for erotica stems from my libido, and my libido is obsessed with the Sex Mage concept. It always as been, really, even before I had the official idea of what a Sex Mage was or what a world full of them would be like, so it makes sense I would remain fixated on it. Frankly, at the end of the day, I just can’t get into my other erotica settings the way I can the Sex Mage World.


Frank was just finished polishing the chrome of his new motorcycle when a young woman walked up his driveway, right up to him. He recognized slim, brunette girl from several houses down the street. He blushed as he realized she was wearing only a tight white sundress, a rather short one at that, and very obviously nothing else. She was even walking barefoot.

Frank felt a flutter of nervousness. The young woman had a certain poise and expression that showed a complete confidence in what she was doing. Almost like a cat about to pounce on a mouse.

“Nice bike,” she said, in a slightly sultry voice, exactly the sort of voice that Frank found incredibly alluring. She stood, on hand on her hip, which she cocked slightly to the side. The girl had modest curves, but they were impossible not to scope out, just from the way she held herself. She knew exactly who was in charge here.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


A little discussion on a forum thread inspired me to go back and expand on one of my Captioned Images to make this little scene. Warning: No sex. Also probably depressing. One wonders how you'd even jerk off to it. Butt, I believe you'll find a way.  ; )


Joe stepped nervously into his new boss’s office. He glanced around and couldn’t help but feel envious. A big desk, nice rug, window view of downtown. Joe had had his eye on this room for over a decade. He should be the one in here, not the ditz who’d once done little more than fetch his coffee and look good in a tight skirt.

Joe swallowed hard as he waited for Susan to acknowledge him. The athletic brunette still looked good in a tight skirt. She looked good in a whole suit. Jesus, did she have to wear such a tight outfit? He was pretty sure formal wear wasn’t supposed to show off every sexy curve, and wasn’t supposed to show so much cleavage.

Susan had been rooting through her filing cabinet when he came in. Joe scowled and waited impatiently for her to finish, trying very hard not to ogle her smooth, sexy legs. Legs he’d once quite often thought of wrapped around his hips while he rubbed one out back home. He’d think of being in this very office, and Susan his cute secretary bringing in his drink or some papers, and then he’d grab her and push her against that desk, and she’d giggle her stupid little giggle, and wouldn’t even wait to get their clothes off before she was wrapping those fantastic legs around him, humping him, and moaning…

Joe grit his teeth and clenched his fists and forced himself to think of anything else. He hoped he’d suppressed the fantasy in time, but he saw the slight curling of the corner of Susan’s mouth. Was that bitch smiling? Was she amused by his fantasy?