Saturday, January 23, 2016


They could sense her approaching before they ever saw her: Hope Escher. The Woman From the Edge of Town. The Cock-Breaker. The Glitch-Bitch. The Broken Lady.

The forty-five year old woman didn’t appear particularly noteworthy. Five and a half feet tall, a slim build, a small bust, and a rather plain face. Light blond hair cut off at the shoulder, grey eyes, and fair skin. She could pretty herself up quite nicely if she tried, but she was average enough that under normal circumstances, no one would notice her in a crowd. Although the rejuvenating nature of Sex Magic gave her the body of a twenty year old, you could tell she was really middle-aged. She carried herself like an older woman, kindly stoic, almost matronly, dressed in simpler, more practical clothing. Slacks, a white blouse, flat brown shoes, and a light green cardigan sweater. She even drove an old, clunky scooter, not a common vehicle to be sure, but just the sort of utilitarian thing for a quick run into town for errands.

Hope was just an average woman going about her day, but when she entered town, everyone took notice, whether they wanted to or not. She tried to make the trip quick. Just zip into town, stop by the grocery store, post office, gas station, and back home. Her old scooter puttered worryingly as she steered onto the main street. She was going to have to get it fixed, and she wasn’t sure she had the money for that. Her budget was tight this month.

Pulling up into the parking lot of the grocery store, she tried to ignore the glares. Living in a tiny town meant she only had a couple places to go for supplies, and that meant repeatedly interacting with the same women who just wanted to punch her teeth in.

Along with the glares, she tried to ignore the near-screaming psychic hum of every penis within a hundred yards straining at maximum hardness from her presence. Men were bending over at the waist, clutching their thighs or their crotches. Some tried to act tough, refusing to cup themselves, or perhaps unable to, and stood there with teeth grit, sweating bullets. When she got far enough away, even the tough guys would collapse against the nearest supporting wall, vehicle, or significant other, gasping with relief at the sudden loss of tension.

The women around her might have once thought it a funny little trick. But that had been when the Sex Magic was new and interesting. Now, the trick was an invasive, unwelcome pain. The men couldn’t take it. The women resented that Hope’s aura of sexual tension overwhelmed their own spells and protections to make their men suffer. And, more to the unspoken point, none of the women in town liked the idea that their boyfriends’ and husbands’ and subs’ dicks yearned for her ten times harder than for them.

Most of these women would have to consciously project the sort of erection-inducing aura Hope broadcasted automatically. There were a few others that, like Hope, broadcast the signals that awoke men’s dicks without trying. But they weren’t nearly as strong, and they could reign the signals in with little effort, just a conscious thought to mute the effect.

Not Hope. Her broadcast was overclocked so high up, it was only the healing side effects of the magic that kept men’s dicks from bursting the moment her aura touched them. Even straining to her utmost to reel her magic in, to tamp it down as hard as she could, the best she could do was make it hurt a bit less for the men. Some women tried to block Hope’s signals from reaching their men, but it was a considerable effort on their part; most couldn’t block it completely.

Well, there was nothing she could do. She had to come into town if she wanted food to eat and to make money through her deliveries to the post office. If nothing else, she had managed a routine. She only needed to go into town a couple times a week, and as long as no one gave her trouble, she could minimize the suffering she inflicted on others.

Okay. Ten to fifteen minutes at the grocers. Twenty if the lines didn’t clear a path for her. She knew exactly what she needed. Breathe calmly. Push the aura down. Walk quickly. Ignore the glares. Don’t hesitate or linger if anyone runs or faints, just keep going about your business. She grabbed a cart and started shopping. People let her pass; they’d learned the best thing to do was to just let her get her shopping done. Giving her trouble just meant she’d take longer to leave.

As she went, she sensed a couple young men break, unable to stand her aura any more, and dash off to the bathroom for the illusion of privacy. They were already grabbing themselves and masturbating furiously before their pants hit the floor. They didn’t care that Sex Magic let every adult woman around immediately know they were masturbating and what they were thinking of while they did it. Stimulating the men’s penises did wonders to soothe the ache of their erections. Still, even if they came, it would do nothing to lessen the tension.

The woman the young men had been standing next to, their sister if Hope remembered right, shook her head disapprovingly at the boys’ behavior. Normally there sudden loss of control and furious self-pleasure would earn them a scolding and someone would make them stop. With Hope around, the other women were lenient enough to let them do what they had to, but they were still going to get an earful from their sister afterwards.

The store was staffed almost entirely by men, with a female store manager. Since the arrival of Sex Magic some years ago, it was an unfortunate necessity that men were regulated to grunt work. Hope felt some pity. The men at the registers could barely do their jobs and the two at the deli retreated for a sudden “smoke break” all the way past the back lot. They’d no doubt get chewed out for leaving their post. Hope tried not to think about the poor guys’ inevitable fate.

Eggs. Milk. Cheese. Ham. Apples. Bread. Bananas. Peas. She was forgetting something. She checked the small pocket of her cardigan sweater, and muttered a curse as she realized her list was gone, probably having fallen out when she drove into town. If she’d forgotten, she’d have to make do. Everyone who could see her was giving her long glances and expectant stares, expressions urging her to hurry the hell up. Livvy, the store manager, was pursing her lips in that way she did when she was about to go off on someone. Hope actually spared her a quick glower. She wasn’t sure if Livvy had always been a total cunt or she just let the power of Sex Magic go to her head. She had no qualms threatening to manhandle Hope out of the store if she took too long.

Hope hurried to the first check out, the customers vacating it for her. She passed through the alcohol aisle on the way. She was tempted to grab one of the large bottles of wine as she went through, but reminded herself she didn’t have the money.

“H-h-h-hi,” gasped the young man at the register. He clutched the edges of the counter with a white-knuckle grip. Hope gave him a warm smile and held up a hand, indicating he didn’t need to talk. She felt awful for the boy. Barely eighteen, first job, had only just started a couple weeks ago. He was the newbie, so he got to be the one to deal with the Glitch-Bitch.

Even worse, it seemed the boy had it rough at home. She could sense his balls were several weeks overdo for relief. Hope couldn’t help but glance through his thoughts and blanched. His mother was one of those super strict mistress-types who thought denying her son masturbation and orgasms would shape him into a good little submissive for a future wife. His current girlfriend didn’t even have her powers yet, and she was already proving to be a real ball buster, figuratively and literally. Hope considered giving the kid a break. Tonight, while she was at home, she could reach out with her power, find the boy’s cock, and give him an orgasm. Give him several, even, before his mother could stop it, just to give the poor kid some relief. It was the least she could do for making him put up with her super-intense aura.

Of course, he’d probably just get punished harder, if his memories were any indication. Not all the women in town were such intense control freaks, but enough were. Hope wondered, if her own power didn’t force her to live on the edge of town, if she had been allowed to integrate into the local culture, if she’d be just as much a cock-controlling bitch to the men in her life. In a way, she was grateful she hadn’t been given the chance.

Hope glanced up at Livvy, who was watching from the customer service counter. Livvy was still glaring at her. Hope glared back. Why the hell wasn’t Livvy running the register? She could have checked Hope out without a problem, while this kid could go nurse his erection at another station. Instead, she was just being a bitch, because she hated Hope, and wanted Hope to feel terrible for making the kid suffer. Fucking cun—

The boy, Sam his nametag indicated, gave a sharp squeak and bent over, dropping the milk he just picked up. Hope immediately gave him an apologetic look. She almost reached out to touch his shoulder, but forced her hand back down. Being this close to her was bad enough for most guys. Touching them tended to make them black out from a sudden spike in the already unbearable sexual tension. Sam already looked like he was about to pass out.

Instead, Hope renewed her efforts to tamp down her aura. Livvy had distracted her, almost gotten her worked up. The aura was even worse when Hope got emotional. Hope forced herself to maintain her stoicism, concentrating as hard as she could to suppress her aura. After a moment, Sam got himself enough under control to resume scanning the items.  Hope offered him a small smile. Sam blushed, and refused to meet her eyes. She could sense his turmoil. She was torturing him worse than any woman had before just by standing near him. And yet, he found her pretty, he knew she didn’t mean it, and he knew he was getting short-changed by his fellow employees. He wanted to hate her, but couldn’t, and felt bad for wanting to.

“Th-thirty—thirt—uh!” Sam gave up trying to speak and tapped the read out in front of the register. $35.67.

Hope place two twenties down on the little counter. “Keep the change,” she said in a low voice. She could have used the change for stamps, but the poor kid was going to need a drink after this little encounter.

“Th-th-thank—thanks!” he said. He moved to bag the groceries, but Hope waved him off, bagging everything herself and quickly walking out of the store. Right as she got back to her scooter, she cursed, as she realized she’d forgotten the Oatmeal. She glanced back at the store and sighed. She could see and/or sense everyone moving, resuming their routines and duties. The two teens who’d dashed to the bathroom were stumbling out. Two orgasms apiece and now their dicks were just more sore from being forced hard post-climax. They were getting scolded by their sister now, despite everything.

Hope sighed. It wouldn’t be worth it going back in. She started the scooter and headed off to the post office. Again, the scooter puttered worryingly. She had just enough gas to make it to the gas station; she hoped the engine wasn’t going out. She didn’t feel like torturing a mechanic today on top of everything else.

The post office visit went smoothly. A female clerk was available to help her, and she’d quickly and efficiently gotten Hope’s packages processed, while the male staff all but cowered in the far corner until she left. At the gas station, she used her credit card at the pump, while men throbbed in or behind their cars. There was even a young woman at the pump farthest from Hope who did a very poor job hiding the fact that she was grinding her crotch against the edge of her car’s trunk.

Hope looked away, slightly embarrassed. For some reason, she found the idea of arousing women a bit mortifying. Men were supposed to be vulnerable to Sex Magic, but women normally were immune to one another. Hope’s lustful aura seemed powerful enough that, while it wasn’t nearly as potent on them as it was for men, even some women were affected. Every trip to town, at least a handful of women were left squirming from Hope’s presence.

Her errands finished, Hope started to drive back home. She got three blocks before her scooter gave a loud bang, and died on her. A few failed starts, and Hope let out a loud sigh, hanging her head. She knew where the mechanic’s shop was, and she knew no one was going to dare give her a ride. She wheeled the scooter to the side, and walked it the fifteen blocks to the shop. If there was one benefit of her aura affecting so many people, it’s that the ethereal energy of their sexual tension fueled Hope with plenty of stamina to make the walk.

As much as Hope wished she didn’t have to live by herself, she was quite glad to be back when she finally returned three hours later than planned. The scooter’s engine had been shot. Hope wasn’t much of a mechanic, and despite trying to do a little maintenance, she couldn’t keep the old clunker from giving up the ghost. Repairs would have cost more than just getting a new scooter, and she couldn’t afford that, either. She’d had no option but to junk the damn thing. The mechanic was quick to shove her out the door when it was clear the scooter was a lost cause; there was no way he or his three male employees could get any work done while she was in the shop.

The one female mechanic, a young redhead named Emily, had been gracious enough to give Hope a ride back home, if only to get her out of town quicker. The head mechanic had given her a disparaging look; thanks to Hope, they were behind schedule. The redhead had just given him a stern look, and he buckled on the spot. Hope didn’t even need her magic to know the two no doubt had an “arrangement.” Hope glanced through the older man’s thoughts anyway.

Ah. Emily was his niece, freshly awakened to her own Sex Magic. She “secretly” used her powers to tease the guys she worked with so they’d give her the easiest jobs and do her little favors. If they were too hard on her, well, her mom would have some words with her uncle, and her uncles wife would have more to say afterwards. The poor man was almost as bad off as Sam, just old enough to know resignation to his fate was the safest recourse.

The redhead just scowled as Hope sat in the truck, looking out the window. Hope lived on an old farm house, ten miles out from the edge of the city. I was a long enough trip for the awkwardness between the women to become quite tangible. Emily was ticked that Hope had such a disruptive effect on her little space. What good was a queen bee when the attention of her drones went astray?

Hope wasn’t all that sorry when she noticed the girl also squirming in her seat, squeezing her thighs together, face flushed with angry embarrassment. Apparently, she was affected by her aura, too, and did not take well to such humbling.

Hope glanced over to the girl, trying to think of something to break the ice. She had a feeling that anything she said would just set her off into a tirade, so she remained silent, letting the younger woman seethe.

They were still six or seven miles away from Hope’s house, following the winding road that curved through a small forest, when she finally cracked, glaring furiously at her passenger. “What the fuck is your problem?!”

Hope glanced back at her, giving her a calm look, saying nothing. It was a very common question. That just made the girl angrier. “Seriously, why do you bother us? Why do you come into town and fuck with us like this?”

“Why do you think?” said Hope. “Can you guess?” As she said that, she made a slight motion of her arm, causing the grocery bags in her lap to crinkle.

Emily didn’t get the hint. “Because you’re a psychotic bitch who loves to torment us.” She grit her teeth and shivered slightly. “They say you can’t control your powers. I don’t believe it. Most women who have problems with their magic, they’re weaker than average. They can barely effect one person at a time, they’re influence is like half that of a normal woman. And if they aren’t weaker, if their abilities are stronger, it’s always something that effects them negatively. They can’t shut out men’s thoughts, they’re vulnerable to women as men are.”

Emily shook her head and she stiffened, making a small gasp. The truck lurched. Hope clutched at the door and the seat. Emily took a breath and slowed down. “Fuck. Glitches, broken bitches, they don’t have the kind of power you do. They can’t light up three blocks just standing around. They can’t affect other women.” Emily shuddered again and grit her teeth, trying to keep her car under control. “Goddmanit, I’m trying to block you out, and it just—”

Hope reached out and grabbed the wheel turning it to follow the curve of the road before Emily ended up driving straight off it and into a tree. Emily gasped and slammed on the breaks. The truck screeched to a halt and Emily shivered, fear momentarily eclipsing the lust building in her body. Emily looked at Hope and swallowed hard. Hope gave her a slight smile. “If you don’t mind, I think it would be better if I drove.”

Emily nodded. She seemed stunned out of her anger for the moment. She put the truck in park and got out. Hope let go of her pages, arranging them on the passenger floor, then slid across the seat to the driver’s side. Emily got back in from the other side, almost reluctant. Hope waited till she was settled, then put the truck back in gear and smoothly returned to the road.

“See?” said Emily, her voice low, body shivering. “I’m not gay, not even bi. I’m trying to block you out, and you’re making me wetter than—” Her eyes widened and she bit back her words, blushing even harder. “A real Glitch can’t do this. You’re so powerful! And it doesn’t affect you at all!”

Hope frowned. “Of course it affects me. I can’t set foot in town without the lot of you wanting to lynch me. I can’t be with anyone or I’ll accidentally kill them.”

“You’re lying,” said Emily, shaking her head. “You do this on purpose. You have to be doing it on purpose! You—nnngh, fuck!” Her hands had started drifting towards her crotch, and forced them to grip her thighs instead. After another moment, she sat on her hands. “Fuck! Can’t you stop? Why won’t you stop?!”

Hope frowned. “I would if I could.”

“What are you?” said Emily, gazing at Hope with a mix of fear, resentment, and growing lust. She was trying to stay angry, but the haze of lust was relentless. If anything, her heightened emotional state was making it worse. The younger girl was so used to being in control, making guys squirm and cry and bend to her every whim, but such control had been handed to her on a silver platter, just like every other woman. And she was still too young and inexperienced to appreciate that she needed to learn her own self-control.

“I don’t know,” said Hope. “I’ve read there are other women whose power is far greater than average. Archmages, Megami. But they’re not only powerful, they have great control over their abilities. And they can also do things most women can’t. Making duplicates of themselves, turning into animals, that sort of thing. I can’t do any of that.”

Emily’s eyes widened. “So you’re a, what, some kind of Megami-Glitch?”

Hope shrugged. They were exiting the woods now, entering the disused farmland that surrounded her property. After a quarter mile, she turned onto the gravel road that led straight to her house. Another few minutes passed, the sound of the crunching gravel and the occasional whimper from Emily as she fought to control her urges the only sounds to break the silence. Finally, they arrived, Hope’s one-story home coming into view past the row of shrubs that served as a natural fence.

She parked the truck at the edge of the bushes. They were just far enough that if Hope went to the back of her house, Emily should be just outside of the range of her aura. Hope glanced at Emily. The girl was fully concentrated on trying not to masturbate. There was a growing stain in the crotch of her pants from the persistent flow of her fluids. Hope blushed and looked away. Emily’s attitude aside, she felt bad for the young woman. She hadn’t had to give Hope a ride.

Hope left the truck running and came to the passenger side and pulled out her grocery bags, loading them on one arm so she could use her house key. “Thank you,” she said.

“Fuck off,” Emily gasped, still furious even as she looked like she was about to cum right where she sat. Hope sighed and obliged her. It took the girl a couple minutes to calm down enough to drive again once Hope got herself out of range. She made a point to obnoxiously peel out as she drove away, kicking up gravel and dust as she went.

Hope sighed, watching her go. That was the closest she’d had to company in months. Not pleasant, but she’d take what she could get.

As Hope lay down in her bed, she was suddenly aware of the attentions of a male’s thoughts. Even this far from town, she could easily sense when a man was fantasizing about her. It was a common effect of the Sex Magic, alerting a woman to when a man was using her as fantasy fodder. The farther away she was, though, the less likely she was to pick up on the guy, unless it was a man she was particularly keyed into: either a lover or a devoted admirer who frequently masturbated to thoughts of her.

Hope could easily detect such signals even from men she had never interacted with, and even this far out from town. She supposed any man caught in her aura would count as being “teased” by her, so perhaps in that way, she made connections to the men without realizing it. She was thankful her Glitch condition didn’t let her be overwhelmed by such signals; she could tune them out as easily as most other women if she chose. Curiosity got the better of her, however. After a trip to town, it was reassuring to know that not everyone hated her guts, even if they just thought of her as wank material.

Hope traced the psychic signal back. In her mind’s eye, a window opened, giving her a clear view of a nude young man in bed. She recognized Sam from the grocers. She was a little surprised, and surprisingly flattered, to find him fantasizing about her; he was thinking about being in the grip of her intense sexual aura. Of course, in his fantasy, her aura wasn’t as painfully overwhelming as in real life. The fantasy was strong enough that she had detected it without him even touching himself.

Poor guy. He lay in bed, trying to get some sleep. His penis had other ideas, however, and remained hard and throbbing, demanding attention. Hope glanced through the psychic network of his body and mind, her mystic senses tracing the web of signals representing men’s sexual desires and responses. She saw the tightly wound conditions that prevented him from touching his penis or testicles when he had an erection. She saw the ethereal knots tied that blocked his orgasm, three solid blocks. Overkill in most cases, but it wasn’t completely unheard of for some particularly persistent men to manage to break or loosen a block with enough effort and get relief. Sam’s mother wanted no room for error when disciplining her son.

She thought again about giving the poor guy a break. She knew the boy would get in trouble if she did, but a quick check through his thoughts showed his bitch of a mother was going to find something to punish him for no matter what he did. No doubt she was going to chew him out just for fantasizing about Hope in the first place. So, really, a little mercy now wouldn’t change anything other than to give the kid some rest.

Hope decided she would go for it. She had to do it fast, though. Unfortunately, if she tried to be sweet a take a little time to work him up with a nice blowjob or handjob sensation, no doubt his mother would sense it and promptly try to cut him off. Hope was pretty sure she could overpower his mother’s magic, but she wasn’t about to get into a “fight” through Sam’s body. He didn’t need that kind of treatment. So, okay. Just like town. All business. In and out and to the point.

Hope reached out with a tendril of her magic and quickly popped the blocks off the path of Sam’s climax. Then, she wrapped his cock in a gentle, but firm grip. A warm, wet, silky feeling, not quite like being inside a woman, but close. She let this sensation soak into his penis, where she could sense the myriad tiny dots of his pleasure receptor nerves lighting up, like tiny lights along a net of thin wires. She reached out and clasped every nerve with her power, softly caressing them all with her mind. This technique gave a man pure, uncut pleasure, deeper and more sensual than any physical rubbing.

In an instant, Sam gasped, his head thrown back, and his hands flew to the sides of the bed, gripping them tightly. This wasn’t the first time Sex Magic had stimulated him, but he’d never felt a technique quite like this. And Hope couldn’t help but smile softly as she saw, in his mind’s eye, his fantasy of being in her power coming sharply into focus. He had no idea who was doing this to him, but he imagined it was her. If only he knew. Hope couldn’t help but feel a small, pleasant pride in that. Just to be sweet, she sent the sensations of a gentle kiss to his forehead and the tip of his penis.

Okay, no stalling. His mother was going to sense this any second now, if she hadn’t already. Hope funneled the magic along his nerves, stimulating him deeply. Sam let out a cry that was almost a whimper as his every muscle clenched in the moment before orgasm. His body was rigid, his penis taught as a drum and quivering in the air.

And then Hope sensed another orgasm block suddenly ensnare his cock. She frowned and snapped it immediately, then imagined a protective sheath over Sam, blocking off any other women’s spells. She could see him in his bedroom, sprawled on his bed, body frozen in the instant before climax, blanketed in her power. For a few breathless heartbeats, the moment seemed to go on forever.

And then, he was cumming, hard and long, thick ropes of semen launching out of his cock and splattering against his chest, face, and headboard. He let out a cry with every blast. As his climax subsided, Hope pushed her magic once more, and a second climax, even stronger than first, surged out of him. Sam’s eyes went wide, almost panicking, but euphoric. Men didn’t know what multiple orgasms were really like until a woman made them feel it.

Suddenly, Sam’s mother burst into the room. Hope had a crystal clear view of the room and everything going on in it; she could easily see the fury in his mother’s face. “What the fuck is going on?!” the other woman shouted. “Stop that this instant! You’re not allowed!” She was throwing orgasm blocks on him like she was trying to plug holes in a leaking dam, but Hope’s protection kept the spells off Sam. Hope decided to rub the bitch’s face in it, and as his second climax started to fade, she spurred him into a third, right in front of her. This time, the semen he provided hit the wall above the headboard. Sam thrashed like a fish out of water, his cock swinging wildly, and the last few stray shots went wide.

One glob of semen struck his mother right in the face. She froze, utterly stunned, looking like she’d just been slapped. Hope decided that was as good a crescendo as any, and finally released Sam from her power. Sam collapsed, boneless, gasping, and smiling beautifully. Hope couldn’t help but smile as well, even as the scene faded, her senses losing contact as Sam’s sexual tension was relieved.

Hope sat back in her chair and smiled, feeling warm and fuzzy inside. She realized she had grown wet. It had been awhile since she’d relieved her own tension, and Sam was rather cute, if young for her.

What the hell. A little time with the vibrator and thoughts of Sam would be a nice way to relax. She could have used her powers to stimulate herself, but she honestly preferred the use of her toys. Of course, she preferred an actual man even more, but with the way her powers worked, merely touching their skin was enough to knock them out. Touching their penises, much less having sex? That was almost enough to kill them.

The thought soured her mood as she contemplated. She had just stripped and settled down on the bed, about to turn the vibe on. Instead she frowned. Thoughts of Sam faded into thoughts of her ex-husband, of the ways he made her melt into a puddle of helpless climaxes in the first couple years they were together, before Sex Magic. Screaming with pleasure as he ate her out or fucked her hard from behind or gently caressed and teased her to the brink until she was begging for his cock. Then he’d give it to her, and her world would go white with ecstasy.

Then those memories segued into the few times, after her powers awoke, when they had tried making love, and he’d buckled under her touch in an instant. He couldn’t even be near her without passing out. Almost desperately, he’d told her to just fuck him while he was unconscious, puppet his body if she wanted. She hadn’t relished the idea, but they both wanted their love life back. So she’d tried, and in less than a minute, she’d needed to call the hospital because even the healing magic couldn’t prevent him from having a heart attack from being inside her. A very healthy, fit man in his twenties going into cardiac arrest just from his wife’s touch.

And then, of course, thinking about her husband led to thoughts about her son. Thoughts she immediately banished from her mind before she was tempted to do something self-destructive.

Hope sighed. She tossed the vibrator aside, the moment ruined. Why did she always spoil her moods with such thoughts? Going into town always left her in such a funk. So instead, she grabbed the book at her bedside and read until she fell asleep.

Hope jumped up in her bed, startled from her sleep by her sexual senses. She could “hear” the psychic hum of three extremely hard penises outside of her house. In her sleep, her signals of arousal radiated without any restraint and she instinctively tried to reel the power in as much as she could. Then she reminded herself that this was her property, and people who came knocking on her door knew the risks going in. She wasn’t going to strain herself in her own home. Especially since visitors tended to not be very nice.

Instead of dialing the power back, as little as she could manage, she zoomed in on the cocks with her senses, letting the signals open a visual of their owners and their immediate surroundings, directly to her mind’s eye. She could “see” three teenaged boys, each walking stiffly towards the house. A quick scan of their thoughts showed they were being all but forced by their girlfriends.

Apparently the three boys had been put up to approaching her house on a dare by their girlfriends. Whichever boy got closest to her door without passing out from the intensity of his erection, the three girls were going to let that boy cum his brains out, all over the girls’ tits, while the second closest would have his next orgasm allowance pushed back a week. The third boy would have his pushed three weeks back.

Lord, the games these kids played. This was the sort of behavior you’d expect from elementary school kids, “I dare you to ring the door bell of the creepy old guy’s house.” Instead, these three boys, almost twenty years old, were being put up to childish games by silly girls, no doubt newly awakened to the magic and delighting in the things they could make boys do.

Hope sighed. She went up to her door, opened it, and leaned against the door frame with her arms crossed. All three boys froze, mouths agape, each shaking where they stood. They actually seemed almost shocked Hope had come out to see them, and had no idea what she was going to do next. The farthest boy, behind his comrades by a good six feet, would have probably pissed himself if his erection wasn’t so intense.

Hope cocked her eyebrow inquisitively at the three. “May I help you with something?”

“Oh, g-g-god… shit… s-sorry!” squeaked the boy closest to her, still a hundred feet away. He was breathless, Hope only really heard him thanks to her magic sensing his immediate thoughts. The panic in their brains was nonetheless drowned out by the psychic blaring of their full balls. Not one of them had cum for at least a month. No wonder they had decided to do this ridiculous game. If they refused, Hope was sure their girlfriends would have made all three wait another month.

“P-p-please, we d-didn’t mean to disturb you—Ah!” the middle boy dropped to his knees. Hope decided to take some pity and dialed her aura back some. As usual, it wasn’t enough to spare the poor boys much more than a few extra breaths.

“I don’t like being bothered,” she said, her tone of voice firm, but not unkind. “Tell your girlfriends they should find better pranks for you.”

“S-s-sorry,” gasped the middle boy. “W-we’ll go.” He staggered to his feet and th three started to limp over to the car parked just outside her reach.

Hope frowned slightly, a thought occurring to her. She debated if it was wise to keep tampering with other women’s spells like this; it was an unwritten rule that you didn’t mess with another woman’s men. But if they were going to send their men to mess with her, even as she tried her best to minimize the damage of her presence, then she wondered if she really owed them any social graces.

“Hey!” called out Hope.

The three boys jumped and turned back to face her. Hope did a quick scan of their bodies and minds; she sensed the boys had orgasm blocks that all three of their girlfriends had worked together to make, much stronger than the average woman could manage. It would no doubt take all three of them to break one, so there was no chance some random girl who took pity on the three could give them a break.

Well, Hope was certainly not average. She gave the boys a small smile and a wink. The three boys gasped sharply as they felt a powerful, warm pleasure surging through their loins. Hope flicked a finger at them, and for a brief second, controlled their bodies so they could yank down their pants. The three boys then collapsed on their hands and knees, howling as the pleasure bloomed more intensely. It was overwhelmingly intense, and yet somehow felt like a loving caress. The boys reached the edge of climax and shot past it almost instantly. As they did, Hope snapped their super-tough orgasm blocks with the ease of snapping a twig.

The three nearly screamed as cum exploded from their dicks, firing long and hard, again and again. Hope’s pleasure spell milked every drop it could from them, leaving the boys kneeling in a huge puddle of their own cum. Then she dropped the spell and let them collapse onto her yard, gasping and shivering in the aftershocks. With another thought, she used her power to levitate them in the air, made them pull their pants back up, and floated them back to their car. She set them back down, just beyond the influence of her aura, where their dicks could finally grow soft.

As their cocks went flaccid, she felt her control slipping, and she let them go. Leaving the three to recover, she shut the door and went back to her room. Almost seven in the morning, according to the clock. Time to get up anyway, and after receiving the energy from the boys’ orgasms, she was more than energized to face the day. Twenty minutes later, when she left the house to do some yard work, she saw the boys and their car were gone. She smiled to herself. Maybe being the town boogeyman could be fun once in a while.


Unfortunately, the boys were not her only visitor that week. The very next day, as she was making herself some lunch, she sensed the approach of another man onto her property. She sighed and set her meal down, going to the door again. This time, however, it was no playful teenagers.

A man in his forties dressed in a business suit was coming up the driveway. He had parked his car only a few feet within her powerful aura, forcing himself to stop before the intensity of erection made him crash into her fence.

Hope once again leaned against the door frame, arms crossed. This time, she wore a slight frown, her expression calm and no nonsense.

The man, tall and swarthy, wearing mirrored sunglasses, a dark suit and red tie, shifted uncomfortably as he came up to the small concrete platform that served as a meager porch. He resisted the urge to adjust his pants, attempting to maintain a professional air. Hop couldn’t actually remember the last time she’d seen a man in a suit like his, aside from on the news. Most men didn’t have jobs that let them afford such luxuries, unless their wives wanted to dress them up.

“May I help you, sir?” said Hope.

“My name is Maxwell Corden,” he said. “I work for my wife, Mary Corden. She specializes in Sex Magic related lawsuits. We usually operate out of Tulpa City, but we’ll handle cases in small towns like this.”

Hope blinked. Sex Magic lawsuits? Oh, no…

“You’ll forgive me for not offering a handshake,” Max continued. “I am led to believe that would not be pleasant. For me, anyway.”

It was a wonder the man wasn’t already on his hands and knees, clutching himself, but a quick scan showed he was protected by a mystic shield, the sort women might put on their husbands if they wanted to make sure another woman didn’t touch them with her powers. It was holding strong, but it wasn’t strong enough to fully block out Hope’s aura.

Still, it was enough to keep Max from stuttering and gasping out his words. This was actually a rather refreshing change of pace from Hope’s usual attempts to talk to men up close.

“I don’t suppose you could turn it down some?” the man said, swallowing. His cock was tenting his pants quite far.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “If you know enough to not try and touch me, you know about my condition. You’ll have to just bare it or leave.”

“Fair enough,” he said. “Anyway, I regret to inform you that the town of Rungton has issued a demand for you removal.” He held out an envelope with her name printed upon it. He swallowed hard as Hope reached for it. She made an effort to suppress her aura as she did, but even still, the man swayed a bit as her hand neared his. She plucked the envelope from his hand and opened it.

“Sexual assault and forced infidelity?” she said.

“It would seem your little stunts with some of the young men in town have drawn the ire of the women who have claimed them,” he said. “As well, many of them are quite upset that your repeated jaunts into town have caused their husbands’ or boyfriends’ attentions to wander and their bodies to suffer without consent. A few of the women also feel rather violated that your aura affects them so.”

Hope glanced at him. “I regret that my power has such effects,” she said. “However, let’s be fair here. Women pull pranks on each others’ men all the time. Suddenly it’s worth suing over?”

Max shrugged. “I don’t pretend to understand the mysteries of female thought,” he said. “However, if I were to wager a guess, it was not so much the casting of a few spells, but that you allowed the men to, ah, release afterwards.” Hope just stared at him. He cleared his throat and looked aside for a moment. “It’s, ah, not cheating if the man does not achieve orgasm. Or so my wife has informed me.”

Ah, thought Hope. So, this had likely been brewing for a while, but making those four young men cum was the last straw, apparently.

She noticed Max shift a bit uncomfortably, sensed a flash of self-conscious panic, tinged with a bit of resentment, a dash of embarrassment, and a shame-inducing pinch of arousal. His thoughts leaked a bit through the shield, and Hope could see a little fantasy of her forcing him to cum, just like she’d done with those boys. It would apparently be his first release in quite a while. Hope pursed her lips, and took a deeper peak into his mind. It was tougher with the shield, but a hard penis meant a man had no secrets from any women who wished to look. And they didn’t get much harder than when they were in her aura.

“Tell me,” she said as she spied a particularly intimate tidbit of information. “How does it feel to be a cuckold?”

Max turned his gaze back at her, his face flushing slightly. His cock twitched, and bead of sweet ran down his forehead. “Ah,” he said. “Well…”

“Do you like it when she casually teases men with her spells, right before your eyes?” she said. “Do you like it when she does that, but when other women try to tease you back, nothing happens because of her protection?” Hope leaned a little closer. His cock was clenching in his pants. Hope, for once, consciously raised the pressure of her own aura, just enough that any non-protected man would black out immediately within her range.

The man before her shivered, his breath starting to stutter as her aura squeezed against the mystic shield his wife had put around him. More of her power was seeping through it. “Do you think the little shield she put on you is to protect you, Max? Or do you think she only put it on you, because she knew it would torture you more to not have other women be able to play with you as casually as she does others?”

A small dark stain appeared at the tip of the bulge of his pants. He was producing pre-cum from all the tension, and her words reverberated across his psyche, threatening to send him into a heady daze.

“She barely even plays with you, doesn’t she?” Hope scanned his mind, his thoughts coming through clearer and clearer as her power started cracking the shield. “Goodness, she hasn’t even physically touched your cock for years. Once a month she gives it a small pleasure spell and if you’re lucky, a ruined orgasm.” Hope increased the pressure of her aura once more.

Max let out a shaky moan and backed away and stumbled off the concrete path leading to her door. He fall back on his butt and looked up at her, a seemingly plain middle-aged woman, with awe. No woman had been able to read his mind since his wife had put her shield on him. He was realizing just how powerful Hope was. “P-please,” he whispered. “Don’t!”

Hope looked down at him with a cool expression. She was tempted to increase the pressure of her aura a little bit more. His shield was already on the verge of breaking. A little more pressure from her aura and it would disintegrate.

“Why’d she even send you instead of coming herself?” said Hope. “Knowing the effect I have on men, why send her little cuck to deliver the letter? Maybe she’s hoping I’ll be mad enough to punch through her protection and do to you what she does to other men, only harder. Then she’ll have an excuse to really punish you when I send you back home with your slacks drenched in cum.”

“NO!” he shouted, eyes wide with panic. “You do that… and I’ll…” He was about to say his wife would lock his dick up with her magic for years. No orgasms at all, not even her little pleasure spell, and she might even just outright fuck other men right in front of him. But Max maintained enough composure to say, “You do that, and you’ll have another charge added on that lawsuit!”

Hope nodded. “Touché,” she said, and dialed her aura back from heart-attack-inducing to merely overwhelming. She let the man catch his breath, sensed his cock become slightly more bearable in tension, and waited for him to get to his feet.

“Alright,” he said, pulling out a handkerchief to wipe his brow. “Alright. Well. As the letter states, you have two options. Pack up and move to another town. Or if that will be too difficult, Rungton will accept you remaining where you are as long as you do not enter their town again or exercise your powers on any of their citizens.”

“Do I even get a hearing?” said Hope. “Or has this already been decided?”

“This isn’t up for debate,” he said. “The laws of our Queendom demand a harmonious co-existence. Troublesome elements are not given much leeway. As it stands, you’re lucky you aren’t being immediately deported. If you go into town again or play with any of them, you will be.”

“So what am I supposed to do for food? Supplies? What little money I earn is though crafts that I mail out, so I need access to the post office; the postman won’t come to me. Even if the next nearest town was a reasonable distance, I imagine I’ll have the same problems.”

“I don’t know,” said Max. “Perhaps if you could arrange for an errand boy? Or girl?”

“Tried that a few times,” she said. “Didn’t work out.”

“I see. May I inquire as to why?”

“Bitches get jealous,” she said. “Make of that what you will.”

“Uh-huh,” he said. “Well. Perhaps something could still be arranged? I can see about making that part of the agreement.”

“That would be swell,” said Hope. “Have a nice trip back.” She smirked. “And do try not to think of me too much while you lay in bed with your wife.”

Max blinked and cleared his throat, then quickly departed. Hope watched him go, and her sly expression fell to one of depression. She looked around her house and yard. It was a nice home. She didn’t want to lose it over a few harmless pranks. And the really stupid part, she mused, was that if she’d used her powers to just torture the boys more, she probably would have been let off the hook.

Another couple of days, and her groceries were already thinned out. She was down to her last roll of toilet paper. She wasn’t sure what she should do. Her pitiful internet connection and landline phone were her only safe contacts; she didn’t bother leaving the grounds of her home. Rungton was the only place close enough to even try walking to and that was off-limits.

Max had called just this morning and told her that finding a courier for the town would be impossible. Even though a couple people spoke up as willing, it was clear none of the business owners would take her custom, even through a proxy. Even the post office had agreed to it, leaving her stranded even from her money making attempts.

Hope fretted in her kitchen, looking at the half-finished crafts she’d been wanting to mail out today, but hadn’t even bothered working on until she could confirm where to go or what to do. Now there wasn’t a point. She was, in a word, screwed, and not in the fun way. Never in the fun way.

What were her options now? Moving to another town would just result in the same problems. It was possible she could go elsewhere and set up an errand person ahead of time, someplace where the people didn’t already hate her. That seemed the most sensible. But then again, she didn’t have the money to just buy a new residence, that didn’t take care of the food and supplies she needed by tomorrow, she didn’t want to just go into a new town and snatch random people up for the task. She’d have to get settled in, arrange to meet people locally somehow, interview them, perhaps.

It would be so much easier if she could just seize control of a guy and puppet him to doing stuff for her. Some of them, she wouldn’t even need to puppet, probably. Just take Sam and wrap his cock in her magic, tell him to buy some groceries, and then she could probably just pick him up and float him all the way to her house. Then she’d float him back and give him a nice, long, sensual blowjob, and give him an orgasm that would make any other man in town jealous. But the moment she tried something like that, other women would figure her out, and then they’d have grounds to have her removed. She’d have to fight the whole town. Dominate it.

In theory, she had sufficient power to bring the majority of the men under heel. In theory, she had the power to affect at least a quarter of the women in town, probably a lot more if she actually made a hard effort. With those women under her sway, and the men giving her all that energy, she could overpower the town, make it hers. She could dictate policy. Hope smirked a bit at the fantasy, amused at the petty revenge of it. But the smirk quickly faded. She would never do something like that, even if she could. She wasn’t that kind of person.

Maybe that was the problem. What was the point of hanging onto your virtue if all it did was screw you over? It seemed like every other woman in town, hell, probably the whole world, had all but decided to throw men under the bus for their own gain. Maybe not every woman, but the vast majority had decided they enjoyed the benefits, and the fun, of total sexual dominance and control. Nearly two decades had passed since Sex Magic’s arrival; the latest generations had never known a world without it, and it was obvious that whatever inhibitions their parents had, the next generation readily threw off.

Hope once again considered that if her powers hadn’t been glitched, she could very well be just like them. If for the past twenty years, she’d been able to play with men at her leisure, had a group of girlfriends she shared with her men with, was able to walk into town and cast teasing spells on boys without anyone knowing it was her, and being able to just fuck a man blind at a moment’s notice without fear of killing them from the uncontrollable overload, then yes, she could very easily see herself being a teasing, demanding, manipulative brat of a woman. She’d still have her husband, she’d probably be making him kneel naked at her feet, massaging and kissing them while she watched TV, enjoying the needy humming of his cock. And by now, he’d be a simpering yes-man, bowing and scraping to her every demand. And she’d be disgusted by the loss of his manliness, and she’d just punish him more for it, figuring if he didn’t turn her on, she could at least enjoy his suffering.

And God only knew what would have become of her son by now. Would she have been like Sam’s mother? Locking the poor boys orgasms down, scoffing when he complained how much it hurt? Hope swallowed hard as a hideous thought crossed her mind: would that have been a better fate for him?

She grabbed one of the half-finished crafts, a birdhouse made of sticks carefully woven together with dry reeds, decorated with hand-carved, hand-painted wooden emblems. She smashed it on the floor. Why would she ever, for even a moment, entertain such an idea about her son? Is this what Sex Magic did to people? Is this what power did to people?

No wonder so many women turned into the heartless cunts they did. Men were just resources and fuck toys to most of them. Even the men they really liked, the men who could somehow keep their dignity, had no chance to stay strong and inspiring, when their lovers could break them with just a thought. The new generations growing up, they never even had a chance, so many raised by bitchy mothers and pushed around by bratty sisters. It was sickening.

Hope chewed her lip in thought. If she controlled the town, she wouldn’t let something like that happen. She’d keep the men shielded, let them have a spine, let them get a word in. Only let the women so much as touch them if they showed they earned that right. Hope knew there were Queendoms where the women went out of their way to protect their men, keep things as socially equal as possible, policed each other when it came to abuse. But those Queendoms didn’t seem common, from what she’d read online, and even then, there were pockets of hardcore dominance to be found. Could she move to one of the nicer Queendoms? Montana? The Carolinas? Would they accept a glitch like her? Or would she disrupt the system? Christ, she just didn’t know.

Hope fretted for several minutes, so caught up in her thoughts, she jumped when she sensed another cock come into the range of her aura. A rather familiar one. Hope blinked, looking towards the front door, wondering what Sam could possibly be doing here. She took a breath and calmed herself. She realized tears had welled up in her eyes, and she hastily grabbed a paper towel and dabbed at her eyes. Taking a few more breaths, she made her way to the door. Sam was halfway up her driveway when she opened it. The boy almost jumped when she appeared, and he stood, frozen with indecision, even as his legs shook a little from how hard Hope’s aura made him.

“H-hey,” he called out. He was still a hundred feet from the door. He held up a walkie-talkie, and tossed it towards her. It landed with a thump in the grass, still several feet away. “I-I’m gunna…” he pointed behind him.

Hope smiled at him, then winked. Sam felt her power envelope his body like a giant, gentle hand, picking him up, and carrying him to the far end of the field, beyond the range of her aura. She quickly snatched up the walkie-talkie and retreated to her front door. She waited for him to catch his breath.

“Hi,” he said into the walkie-talkie. He now sat cross-legged in the grass.

Hope sat down on the edge of the porch. “Hello,” she said back into the device. “What are you doing here? Won’t you mother be mad?”

“Fuck her,” said Sam.

Hope winced. “She’s going to know you said that.”

“I told her to her face already,” he said. “She yelled and yelled, and I finally just said I’d rather be on the street. So she kicked me out. Said my girlfriend can have me, but I didn’t go to her place yet.”

“Oh.” Hope paused. She glanced around; there wasn’t a car. He’d walked the whole way. She was almost surprised his mother had even let him keep his clothes. “I’m sorry, Sam.”

“I’m not,” he said.

“Well, not for her. For you.”

“I know. It’s okay.”

“Um… So… you know I can’t really take you in if that’s what you’re here for.”

“No, I know. I wouldn’t do that to you. I just wanted to thank you. I know it was you the other night.”

“Oh. Um. Well, you’re very welcome.” She paused and frowned in thought. “Although I guess I should have asked first, shouldn’t I? I guess I get caught up in the idea of getting back at, well, the town. And I guess I wanted to, um, give you…” she paused.

“A pity cum. I get it. Believe me, I’m not mad at you. I mean, I was fantasizing about you, so, you know. I guess you had the right.”

“That’s not how that should work, Sam.”

There was a long pause. “I guess it isn’t,” he said. “But that’s what my Mom always told me. If you think about a woman, you’re using her for your pleasure without permission. So it’s only fair she do the same to you. And some girls, they get so mad when they catch you jerking it to them, or even just fantasizing. Or they get furious if you think about someone else.

“But guys can’t help what they think, you know? And I just… I’m sorry. You just turned me on so much. You’re so powerful, but you’re just… nice. I know it’s dumb, we didn’t even talk, and it was only for a few minutes.”

“I’ll tell you a secret. Women can’t help what they think either. They want men to think they are in complete and total control, even of themselves, but it’s just a bluff.”

“Ha. Yeah. Every man knows that. They think we’re too stupid to see through it. We all know what’s going on. Hell, with Sex Magic, women don’t even try to hide how crazy they are.”

“I’m getting that impression, too.” They paused for a long time, before Hope continued. “Did you want something else?”

He shrugged. “I just wanted to talk I guess. To some one who wasn’t a simpering bitch or psychotic cunt.” Another long pause. “I don’t know what to do now.”

Hope frowned again. “I don’t either. The lawyer says the town won’t even meet me halfway.”

“I offered to courier for you,” he said. “A couple guys did. There was even a girl who volunteered. Most of the town wants you gone.”

“I gathered. Seems they want to starve me out.”

“I’m really sorry,” he said. “I’m really, really sorry.”

“For what? Sam, it’s not your fault. None of this is.”

She saw Sam stand up. Even from over three feet away, she could see the seriousness in his features. “You don’t understand,” he said. “I’m not the only one, but I started it. When I bitched out my Mom, I did it out in the open. We were out shopping, and she was making me haul all her shit around. Punishing me for that orgasm you gave me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, no, I’m not… listen… Hope, I started some shit, okay?”

Hope stared at him for a few moments, then said, “What happened?”

“Nothing big,” he said. “There wasn’t, like a huge fight or anything. But a bucnh of guys just started chewing my Mom out. And then when their wives and girlfriends started trying to talk over them, the guys chewed them out, and everyone was arguing, and then the women just used their powers and shut the guys up and marched them home or put them in a corner or whatever. And my Mom was so furious, that’s when she kicked me out. That’s probably the only reason I got to just leave, she disowned me. And the other women, I dunno, I guess they were too concerned with their own guys.”

He paused to compose himself. Hope gave him a minute before saying, “Go on.”

“That’s when they called an emergency meeting, and called that lawyer. That’s when they shot down any chance of working with you.” He sagged in place, sitting back down. “I fucked it up, Hope. You were nice to me, and I fucked you over.”

Hope frowned deeply. What had they done to this poor kid? Used and abused and backed into a corner, and when he finally snapped, they made him feel like it was all his fault. They punished her, and somehow made him feel responsible. If anything, this was on her. Her glitch condition wasn’t her fault, but what she chose to do with it was.

She could have gotten a courier years ago, worked harder to work arrangement before it got to this point. She could have kept her nose out of the town’s business, left the boys’ cocks alone. Sure, the town was full of a bunch of women who’d be considered criminals in a world before Sex Magic, but this wasn’t that world anymore. In this world, Hope was the glitch. She was the boogeyman. So lonely for contact, she went to a town that hated her, just so she’d manage some human interaction. She needed to see and talk to people just as much as she needed the food and supplies. Even if she had a truck to haul her supplies, and enough money to only have to venture into town maybe once a month or two, she’d have still found excuses to go into town, just to see and hear people.

“Hope,” said Sam. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not you’re fault,” she said. “None of this is.” She fought back the welling up of tears again, forcing herself to stay composed. If nothing else, it wouldn’t do to let Sam see how devastated she was. She at least still had her house, even if only for a short while longer. He actually didn’t have a home.

“I wish I could help you,” said Hope. “I wish—” Her voice cut off as she felt a sudden sensation wash over her. She felt her clit and her nipples stiffen, felt her sex moisten, all unbidden. She felt her body warm, a tremor of forced pleasure shivering through her. She dropped her walkie and got to her feet. “Wh-what—?” she said, confused.

“Oh fuck,” said Sam. “Hope! Above you!” She could sense his cock stiffening, almost as hard as her aura could make it, even though he was still beyond its natural reach.

Hope gasped as she felt a sensual warmth bloom in her core. It might have been pleasant under normal circumstances, but it wasn’t natural. A forced state of arousal. Just like her own aura. Not painful, not yet, but it was strong, so strong! Hope shuddered and fell to her knees, panting. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sam start to get up, only for an invisible force to push him back down. She could even sense his mouth being clamped shut. She attempted to reach out and free him, but her magic, normally able to rip through other women’s spells like tissue paper, met a solid, impenetrable wall.

And then, the tension in her body spiked. The sensual heat became an almost painful burn, and she felt a surging of need, a sheer, primal hunger, to feel a penis inside her. She ached. She yearned. She collapsed onto the ground, and clutched at the grass, whimpering. Tears that had threatened to well up from emotion earlier, now spilled free just from the pain of need. Her pants were already soaking with her fluids, and that made her squeeze her legs together, as if she could somehow pinch off the pressure. Instead, it just increased until she was curled into a ball.

This was what she made the men feel. The women, too, who were affected by her. This was her own power reflected back. The psychic nature of the magic had made her understand just how badly the victims of her aura yearned, allowed her to sympathetically sense the pain of their need. But to feel it directly like this, to have it forced on her? She had a new appreciation for what she had inadvertently forced on others.

What was doing this? Had the town full of women somehow pooled their powers? Hope was so strong, even an Archmage shouldn’t have been able to penetrate her defenses. The only thing could even try to do this would be a Megami.

“Yes,” said a firm female voice. “A Queen Megami, to be exact. Your Queen.” The words seemed to ripple across Hope’s mind, filling her with a heady euphoria and a deep, hollow ache when they ceased.

Hope turned her head, blinked through the tears, and looked up to see a woman floating down from the sky. She was petite, with a cute pixie-cut of light brown hair, but her sheer presence and the way she hovered made her loom large in Hope’s eyes. She was dressed in an elaborate white garment with pink lining, somehow looking like a military uniform crossed with a formal dress. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties at best, but it was difficult to tell these days. The healing effects of Sex Magic kept women, and even the men they played with, healthy and youthful. The woman could be older than Hope, yet look half that easily.

“My age isn’t your concern,” she said. “Your concern is whether or not I’m going to kill you when this conversation is over.”

Once her dramatic entrance was achieved, Queen Rose used her power to float both hope and Sam into Hope’s house, coming in behind them. She was able to easily shield Sam from Hope’s aura, and the boy had been placed in Hope’s room, told to not come out until given permission.

She set Hope on the floor of her living room, then sat upon the two-seater couch. Despite the cushions being designed to easily let a person sink deep in, Queen Rose sat up, barely making a dent in the cushion. She sat as though on a throne, back straight, legs crossed, with her hands folded on her knee, a regal air about her.

She had calmed her aura down, letting Hope breathe again and compose herself. Hope knelt on the floor before her, still dizzy from the sudden surge of forced arousal. Her clit and nipples were still stiff, and she could sense Sam’s cock was as well. This did not seem to be a forced effect from an aura. Crazily, it seemed her and Sam’s sexual responses were their bodies standing at attention for the Queen. No pain, no aching need, just a constant salute to the one clearly in charge.

“That is the case, yes,” said Rose, easily reading Hope’s mind. The mental rippling effect of her words had also been suppressed, so Hope could focus. “It seems a stubborn side effect of being a Queen. A small thing, really, and I’m sure you understand uncontrollable side-effects. But I don’t mind. You should be reverent of your ruler. I do, after all, maintain peace and harmony in my nation.”

There was a pause. The Queen’s eyes, a deep blue, seemed to gaze into Hope’s very soul as she made eye contact with the woman. Hope felt herself becoming lost in their depths, until the Queen blinked. Hope’s gaze dropped and she sagged, her breath heavy. She hadn’t even felt the Queen’s power and yet she knew she was an open book to her.

If the Queen felt any empathy for Hope’s plight, she made no outward show of it. Her expression unreadable, passive, but cunning; no telling whether she was about to smile, snarl, or just stare you into a cowering ball. She was in absolute control of herself. But then, a Queen Megami had to be, didn’t she?

“You are a pitiable woman. A Glitch condition that makes others suffer instead of you, and yet your compassion means you suffer in turn because of it. Meanwhile, your stupidity ensured you’d back yourself into this corner. So many things you could have done to make this work for you, and you’re only now giving them serious thought. Even when the ideas occurred to you, you were instead chained down by sentimentality.”

Hope had nothing to say in her defense. She clearly didn’t even need to speak for Rose anyway.

Rose’s gaze held steady. “This would be so much easier if you were a monster. If you’d have just attacked the town and proven to everyone you really were just a lunatic.”

Hope’s brow furrowed. “My Queen? I don’t understand. You would have wanted me to attack the town?”

“It would have shown you were just a lunatic, and we wouldn’t be facing a potential revolt. And fixing the problem would have been as simple as tossing you into orbit.” She paused, sensing Hope’s bewilderment. “It’s the easiest way to execute a powerful rogue Sex Mage.”


“But, you’re not a monster, are you? You’re just a wreck. So what am I to do with you? I can’t put you in a Glitch commune or the Blasted Zone or exile you to Haven, you’d be riling up women there, too. I suppose I could just dump you on an island or the middle of a large forest, but you clearly never bothered to learn wilderness survival. You’ve stayed stubbornly reliant on modern conveniences.”

“I need people,” said Hope. “I can’t just bottle myself away forever. I’d go crazy.”

“I know,” said Rose. “That’s what makes this tricky. I don’t wish to kill you, but I can’t let you stay in my country.”

Hope blinked, feeling a pang of dread. “I can’t just be set up in another town? The courier thing didn’t work out with Rungton, but—”

“I sympathize with you, Hope, more than you can know. But I have a people to consider, and disruptive elements like you, disturbing the peace, inspiring revolt? I will not have it.”

“Revolt? My Queen, some men blew their tops, but surely—”

“The boy came to you. Other men were inspired by his example. Had they not been clamped down on by their women, would they also have come to you? What would you have done, with such a group of desperate men, looking for someone to help them? Perhaps guide them? Perhaps show them a new way?”

Hope’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What are you—?” Then her eyes widened. “No! My Queen, I would never! I would never try to form another one of the Cults. Or, or, or try to steal any of your territory, or whatever it is you’re thinking!”

“You don’t think you would. But how do you think the Cults got started? Desperate people looking for desperate solutions.”

Hope grit her teeth, feeling anger well up. “And why shouldn’t they be desperate? Your people torture each other. The women torment the men, and they get worse every year. The men get treated like shit, and the women just egg each other on. You want monsters? Look at the maniacs your protecting!”

Hope started to rise to her feet. Rose flicked a finger at her, and Hope felt the other women's magic seize her, invisible strings gripping her from the inside. Hope was shoved back down on her knees, hard enough to sting.

“Maniacs who still abide by a system,” said Rose. “Men may resist, but they are controlled. Some women may sympathize, but the majority wish to maintain the status quo. For now, and for the foreseeable future, it works, as long as rogue elements are controlled. The Cult Wars happened because the world wasn’t vigilant while it adjusted to Sex Magic’s appearance. We Megami took over the world, so something like that could never happen again. Part of that means people like me have to nip any potential threats like you in the bud.”

Hope shook her head. “It’s going to blow up in your faces eventually. Even if it takes years. Decades.”

“Perhaps. But for now, the system works, while we plan something better.”

Hope scowled. “If me making a couple guys cum out of turn is all it takes, then your system is—”

“I wouldn’t expect a country bumpkin to understand the nuances of governance,” said Rose. Her words carried a hint of the mental ripple that had so overwhelmed Hope before. Hope was immediately reminded of her place, and stayed silent. Queen Rose stood, and Hope bowed her head. “You have exactly two options, Mrs. Escher. You will leave my country, or I will kill you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, my Queen,” Hope hissed the last word bitterly.

Rose ignored the insult. “I’m not your Queen anymore.” She went to the door, then paused as she touched the handle. “I will return in three days. Either you will be someone else’s problem by then, or you will be no one’s problem ever again.” She then exited, flying into the air like a rocket as soon as she was out the door.

Hope let out a long breath, feeling mentally and physically drained, overwhelmed by the unfairness of it all. She curled into a ball on the floor and started to sob. Sam came out of her room, figuring it was safe to come out now. The Queen’s shield still holding for the moment. He went over to Hope, and put his arms around her. For the first time in years, Hope was able to let herself be touched. The sudden feeling, as well as the stark reminder of how much she missed it, just made her cry harder, clutching him tightly to her.


An hour later, Hope and Sam sat on her couch, just staring at the far wall. They sat in silence, holding hands. Hope’s eyes were still a bit red, but the cry had done wonders to clear the emotional turmoil for the moment. Sam’s touch was a comfort she wished could last forever, but she could already sense Queen Rose’s shield was starting to dissolve. Hope was catching glimpses of Sam, to his shame, wondering if it would be possible to have sex with her now. His cock was already half-erect. Soon enough, her aura would be forcing him harder than humanly possible, and her mere touch would be sending him into a coma.

“Sam?” she said. “Can I ask you to help me?”

“Sure,” he said. “Anything.”

“Don’t say that,” she said. “A girl might take you literally.”

Sam smiled slightly. “Well, within reason, of course.”

“Of course,” she said. “I don’t have a vehicle. But if I had a man to give me energy, I could just fly myself where I needed to be. And take him with me, of course.”

“You want me to be your helper or something?”

“I don’t know where to go or what to do, yet,” she said. “I have almost no money. But the magic can keep us, well, not fed, but we won’t starve, and we won’t really be in danger from bad weather. We won’t even need to sleep. If you can tolerate staying in my aura some of the time, if you let me tease you for a while, the magic can keep us going until we find a place where we can try to live.”

“I can be your courier still, wherever we go,” he said.

“I would like that a lot,” she said.

“Where were you thinking of going?” he said.

“No idea,” she said. Then she paused. “Well, actually, I know plenty of places not to go. I want to try for one of the nicer Queendoms. Montana, the Carolinas.” She made a laugh. “Hell, I’d even try for that Furry Nation; we’d have to let ourselves be turned into, like, cat people or something, but they treat the men there pretty okay, if what I read was right.”

Hope sensed a clear thought of herself looking like an anime-style catgirl in Sam’s mind. His cock flexed at the idea, even though it weirded him out a little. Speaking of which, his erection was fully stiffening. Hope reluctantly pulled her hand away from his. “Sorry,” she said. “I think your shield’s breaking down already.” She paused, then leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. “And thank you. That meant more to me than you could know.”

Sam blushed and smiled, almost beaming. “No problem,” he said. “So, when do you want to leave?”

She stood. “No time like the present. Just let me pack a bag and put a sign on the door. Do you need anything?”

Sam shrugged. “Nothing worth going back for.”

“Okay,” she said, then paused. “Um, well, if it’s alright with you, it would probably be smart to start building your energy up.”

Sam swallowed nervously, but nodded. “Yeah, sure,” he said. “Maybe, um, start with something a little less intense?”

Hope smiled. “How about a nice old fashioned blowjob?” Sam grinned and nodded, his cock fully erecting. He adjusted himself, then flinched slightly as he felt a warm phantom mouth close over his organ, and start sucking him in a slow, sensual draw. He lay back on the couch, letting himself be coaxed towards the edge of climax, and for once not minding as the magic kept him from releasing, embracing it’s teasing power.

An hour later, Hope, wearing a large backpack, was carrying them both in the air, keeping him just at the edge of her aura, still playing with him. He didn’t mind at all, though. And Hope was going to make sure she repaid him in spades. Until then, the horizon beckoned.



  1. I could see her basically establishing her own queendom surrounding the town in response to this. Basically using her power to take over everything local.

  2. I really like this one. I like that she has a nice side, unlike the total bitches you usually write about. To me, I prefer when the women tease, and can be mean, but do sometimes reward their boy toys. Most of your stories have been more over the top mean than that, which was getting redundant.

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    By the way, love what you did with her name. Hope implies greater things amongst bleak circumstances. And boy did you supply that from the life she currently leads foreshadowed by the life she lost. She clearly loved her husband, and as you stated he did her as well. How did it end, since he is now her ex, that means he is still amongst the living. Did he leave simply unable to endure her presence, or did she push him away out of her love for him and not wanting to be the cause of his suffering? And to tnat matter what of her son? Its nice to see you create a genuinely good hearted character again. Fingers crossed you decide to continue what clearly is riveting story.

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    I mean... if you were to continue with this then I'd love to read it, but for your stories, writing stories without a climax works very well. ;-)

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  6. Sections 4-6 seem to have been added to this story since the last comment.
    Great characters in this story. It seemed a little disappointing when the queen came and overpowered Hope, but maybe it's for the better, since it prevents Hope from making a morally questionable power-grab in the town.
    A followup in the furry nation might be interesting. (Come to think of it, have you written anything set in the furry nation before?)

    1. I've condensed separate entries into one to better organize the archive.

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)

      I know some readers are just dying for a cathartic story where an all-powerful goody-good Sex Mage punishes all the bad women, but Hope is not that character, and the SMW has never been that sort of wish-fulfillment universe.

      I haven't posted any "furry nation" story, although I so have one started. I do have a set of Captioned Images set in the nation of New Bestia, so that's about as close as it gets so far.

      Officially, Hope actually ends up joining the Special Task Force, so she does become one of the "superheroes" of the world, even if only in a supporting role. That said, I haven't done any actual STF stories, either, so make of it what you will.