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A little discussion on a forum thread inspired me to go back and expand on one of my Captioned Images to make this little scene. Warning: No sex. Also probably depressing. One wonders how you'd even jerk off to it. Butt, I believe you'll find a way.  ; )


Joe stepped nervously into his new boss’s office. He glanced around and couldn’t help but feel envious. A big desk, nice rug, window view of downtown. Joe had had his eye on this room for over a decade. He should be the one in here, not the ditz who’d once done little more than fetch his coffee and look good in a tight skirt.

Joe swallowed hard as he waited for Susan to acknowledge him. The athletic brunette still looked good in a tight skirt. She looked good in a whole suit. Jesus, did she have to wear such a tight outfit? He was pretty sure formal wear wasn’t supposed to show off every sexy curve, and wasn’t supposed to show so much cleavage.

Susan had been rooting through her filing cabinet when he came in. Joe scowled and waited impatiently for her to finish, trying very hard not to ogle her smooth, sexy legs. Legs he’d once quite often thought of wrapped around his hips while he rubbed one out back home. He’d think of being in this very office, and Susan his cute secretary bringing in his drink or some papers, and then he’d grab her and push her against that desk, and she’d giggle her stupid little giggle, and wouldn’t even wait to get their clothes off before she was wrapping those fantastic legs around him, humping him, and moaning…

Joe grit his teeth and clenched his fists and forced himself to think of anything else. He hoped he’d suppressed the fantasy in time, but he saw the slight curling of the corner of Susan’s mouth. Was that bitch smiling? Was she amused by his fantasy?

Fuck! These fucking cunts and their fucking Sex Magic! Five years of this shit, not being able to so much as notice a woman’s tits without her catching it. Was a man not entitled to the privacy of his own thoughts? Almost everything else Sex Magic let the women do, see men naked, touch them with just their thoughts, block their orgasms at will, Joe could have handled all of that, if only they couldn’t have read his mind. Joe let his anger simmer away any sexual interest in Susan’s body.

But it was difficult to maintain. Goddamn, she looked like she hadn’t aged a day since she got hired. And her legs were so silky smooth, yet appealingly toned, and her red lips so fucking pouty, just begging for a cock to—Joe pinched his leg through his slacks, trying to focus his thoughts. His cock had started to go erect, but he managed to stave it off at a quarter-cub.

Jesus, why was it so hard to focus right now? Was Susan doing something with her magic? Was she casting an arousal spell? Was she pushing thoughts of her legs into his head right now? He didn’t feel like she, or any other woman, was tinkering in his head, but there was no way to tell!

Fuck! Why was she still riffling through her filing cabinets? Did the dumb bimbo never figure out the filing system in all the years she’d worked here? How did she even get this fucking job? He would have assumed she’d slept her way into the position, but he knew all the positions above him, hell most of the positions at his level, had been re-staffed entirely with women. Maybe she was a rug muncher?

“I am quite straight, I’ll have you know,” said Susan with a slight smirk as she finally located the files she needed. Sliding the drawer shut, she swiveled in her chair and rolled up to the edge of the desk. She smiled at him in a look that was almost sympathetic, set the file down on the desk, and motioned to the chair opposite her. “Please have a seat, Joe.”

Joe sat down hesitantly, then said, “Please stop reading my mind. Ma’am.”

Susan’s smile waned a bit. “It’s rather difficult no to when your right next me, thinking sexy thoughts, and staring at me body like you want to—well. We both know what you’d like to do.”

Joe declined to comment, just staring at her. He tried not to glare.

Susan cleared her throat. “So. Joe. I called you in here because we had a little incident over the weekend. You’ll notice that you’ve been locked out of the company’s computer systems, except for basic e-mail.”

“Yes,” he said. “I’d like very much to know what that’s about.”

Susan frowned, and she gave him a look of sympathy. “Joe, this isn’t easy for me to say, especially not to you. I know for a fact that you don’t think much of me, but I always respected you for your hard work and dedication. You’ve worked for the company for twenty years, getting steady promotions. But then, of course, those promotions stopped when Sex Magic appeared.”

“You don’t need to remind me,” he muttered. “Five years stuck in a cubicle when I should be in…uh…“

“Should be the one on this side of the desk?” said Susan.

Joe frowned, not wanting to just outright say it. For all this bothered him, she was his boss. “So,” he continued. “What’s this about? are the other managers complaining about my wandering eyes again? If they have such an issue with it, they shouldn’t wear such tight, low-cut suits.” He tried not to emphasize the point with a glance to her cleavage, but, well, he was only human. A male human.

Susan smiled softly, somehow not losing the sympathetic look. “Actually, the ladies around the office appreciate your appreciation of them more than they’ll let on. No, this is something more insidious. And even though it’s not your fault, I’m afraid you’re going to suffer the most for what happened.”

Joe blinked. “What… what happened?”

“Someone used your passwords and clearances to hack our system and screw around with our data. We almost lost a hundred accounts because of it. We’re still working to fix the damage and recover what we lost.”

Joe blinked again, trying to process that. “What… but… but I didn’t… I’d never…”

“I know, Joe, I know,” said Susan. “It wasn’t you. We, uh, we checked. In your mind.”

Joe stared at her. “You what?”

“We checked on your over the weekend. I checked on you. You didn’t do anything work related over the last two days, much less sign onto our system. We still haven’t traced the origin of the hack. Too many false leads. I dunno, I’m not good with computer stuff. But I am good with the male mind. Think what you will of me, but it doesn’t take much for me to gain access to a man’s thoughts. And if I’ve had sex with him, or he’s been masturbating to thoughts of me a lot, well, I can even go into his non-sexual thoughts, up to a point. So I can confirm you had nothing to do with this.”

Joe’s jaw worked. He wasn’t sure what made him more furious. That someone had done a hack job with his company profile as access, or that this bubble-headed bimbo bitch had gone routing through his mind.

Susan winced. “Joe, please understand. If I hadn’t done that, you’d be in the security office getting reamed with questions. I pulled for your innocence. I’ve been pulling for you for a while, now, keeping you in your position, instead of letting you get laid off or demoted. But that was a mistake, apparently. I can’t protect your job anymore.”

Joe could only continue to stare. “I don’t… I don’t understand… someone hacked my account, but… and…”

“Have you noticed almost every position in this company beyond copy boy and mailroom grunt and janitor has been replaced by women? You’re one of maybe three men in any position of authority left in this building. And sadly, I’m afraid that’s going to change.”

“But how?! Why?! So my account got hacked. That could happen to any of you!”

“Actually, no,” said Susan. She frowned. “You know those phantom blowjobs you’ve been getting the past few weeks?”

Joe flushed crimson. He knew his sexual thoughts and memories were an open book to any woman, but to just flagrantly talk about them like this? This fucking cunt—

Susan sighed, closed her eyes, and took a breath. “Joe, it’s getting really difficult to stay sympathetic to you when your every thought of me includes the words “bitch” and “cunt” in the descriptor.”

Joe’s face was red with anger now and he stood up out of his chair. “Can you fucking blame me?! Stay the fuck out of my head!”

Susan laced her fingers together, leaned back in her chair, and gave him a stern look. Joe just glared at her. The two locked eyes until Joe was able to simmer down and collect himself. Resentfully, he sat back down.

“As I was saying,” Susan continued. “We think those phantom blowjobs were not just some woman playing a prank on you, like you suspect.”

“Some fucking cocktease or another is always pulling that crap on random guys,” muttered Joe. “I thought it might be one of my ex’s, fucking with me.”

“We called them,” said Susan. “And while I can’t read their minds, I’m pretty sure they were telling the truth that t wasn’t either of them.”

Joe almost reacted with a flash of anger again, but at this point, he wasn’t surprised she’d fished his ex’s contact information from his mind. And with that thought, another one hit him: the teasing phantom blowjobs that left him quivering hard the past few weeks. They would be all it took for another woman to read his mind as easily as Susan could.

“You think whoever was doing that got my passwords,” said Joe. Susan nodded. The anger slowly deflated some. He sat back in his chair, looking stunned, gazing at the ceiling. “Fuck.”

“I know,” she said. “I’m sorry. I really am. But you being a man, unfortunately, it makes you more of a liability here than an asset. Your skills and knowledge are, unfortunately, open to anyone who would want to continue any further corporate sabotage attempts.”

Joe looked at her. “So, that’s it? I’m fired? Nothing that could be done?” He paused as it all sank in. “I mean, okay, no more promotions, I could live with that, but there’s no way to stay on?”

Susan shook her head. “I can’t give you any position that gives you access to company secrets or data.”

“So I’m done,” he said. He sagged in his seat. “This is happening everywhere, isn’t it? I’ve seen all the scandals in the news. I couldn’t even try to get another job like this at another company. Fuck.” He put a hand to is head. “Oh, god. Is that why the suicide rate is skyrocketing? It’s not just macho guys scared you bitches can shove men around through their dicks. You’re just tearing men from all the positions they’ve worked so hard for.”

Susan looked to the floor. “I wish I had something better to tell you, Joe. I really do.”

“You’re just going to fuck it all up, you know that? Goddamned feminists bitched for years about not enough women CEOs. Well, most women don’t want to be CEOs. Men get those positions because they break their backs to get there. They fucking sacrifice years off their lives to do it. Even the born-rich fucks, they gotta have the ambition and the talent to actually pull off doing the job. Fucking women don’t want to shave a few hours off their precious maternity leave and sick days just to earn that bonus, they just expect to get it because they flash their tits…”

Susan sighed once more, putting a hand to her head while Joe continued to mutter angrily. She gave him a few minutes.

“…fucking cuntlicking whores, gunna wreck the fucking economy worrying about feelings over results and spend more time bickering over whose got the flashiest handbag over getting the goddamned contracts signed…”

“Joe,” said Susan, sternly.

Joe paused his rant, his eyes refocusing on her. His jaw worked for a second, then he blushed red with shame. He’d started to get himself worked into a lather again, but the hot air deflated immediately.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered.

Susan frowned, looking at him. “Look, you have two choices here. My own boss wants you gone. She’d rather see all the men booted, but as you say, finding other work is going to be very difficult. So, you can quit if you want. We’ll give you a good severance package. Or, you can take a rather steep demotion. You’ll be a paid intern, effectively. Making copies, fetching coffee, handing out mail, that sort of thing. Although I would recommend taking a week off to collect your thoughts so they’re not so vindictive.”

Joe didn’t meet her eyes. “You think I can just do that? Go from upper management to being the office bitch? You think I’m not going to come in resenting every day I have to pass around papers when I know I could be doing much, much more?”

Susan shrugged. “I’d offer you a janitor position, but those are filled, with a waiting list. Otherwise, you’re looking at grunt labor wherever else you apply to. Minimum wage jobs, probably.” She frowned in sympathy. “I’m sorry, but at the end of the day, you can be the Office Bitch, or you can try your luck elsewhere.”

Joe just looked dejected.

Susan cleared her throat. “Of course,” she said. “Office Bitch might have a few other perks for you.”

“Like what?” said Joe.

“Some of us get achy feet walking around in heels. And some of us get awful tired burning the midnight oil. Some of us are willing to sacrifice time out of our lives to get things done. We have to, if we’re going to keep the company going, don’t you agree?”

Joe looked up and cocked an eyebrow at her. “Yeah...?”

“So, it would behoove us to have a nice source of rejuvenating energy to keep us going throughout the day, and help us ease our aches.” Joe just looked at her confused, until Susan turned her chair to the side a bit, and stretched her legs out onto her desk, crossing them at the ankle. “Someone to perhaps keep us a little more motivated to work hard.”

Joe, despite his funk, couldn’t help but look at her legs. And then her words sank in. “You… you want me to… to rub your feet?”

Susan smiled slightly. “Rub our feet… massage our shoulders… maybe even…” she blushed slightly and looked to the side, and fiddled with the edge of her skirt, in that way she knew Joe fantasized about her. “Maybe do other things for us.”

It took a few seconds for it to click into place. Joe’s eyes widened in shock and he gaped at her. “You want me to be the office gigolo?!”

Susan chuckled. “I suppose that’s an accurate enough title. The other ladies and I have been discussed the possibility. A few other offices in the area are already doing it.”

Joe just looked at her flabbergasted. “Uh… I…uh…”

Susan smiled at him. “Of course, you’ll need to prove your skills in this department.” She re-crossed her legs, and let one heel dangle off the upper foot. “Think you can manage a little hands-on interview?”

Joe blinked, staring at her feet, then looking at her. Susan waited patiently for a few minutes, then sighed, and lowered her legs back to the floor. She pouted in that way she knew usually made his cock throb. He was still too shaken up by the emotional whiplash he’d just experienced. Still, shocked by her coming onto him was far better than being dangerously depressed.

“Too sudden, Joe? Too out of the box? Maybe you should take some time to think about it. You don’t have to do any of that if you do stay on to be the Office, uh, Assistant. But if you did, well, there would definitely be some bonuses thrown in. If you catch my meaning.”

Joe shook his head to clear his thoughts. He felt like he’d just been slapped awake. But not necessarily in a bad way. “I just… I never thought of…” he swallowed. Before Sex Magic, his relationships with women had usually been playing the alpha male, acting tough, and scoring the occasional lay from a woman who bought his bluster. His only two relationships, girlfriends he’d broken up with bitterly, had been exercises in frustration trying to actually figure out how to please a woman, and eventually just giving up and railing them until they got bored and annoyed with each other. At work, he put up with women as long as they made themselves useful. Looking good in a skirt helped, but if he had to admit, it wasn’t a priority; and even if it would be, he’d still expected her to pull her weight.

Pleasing women like a servant was never his forte. But perhaps, in a Sex Mage World, it was soon going to be the only skill that really mattered, whatever else a man might try to accomplish in life.

“I, uh…” said Joe. “I need to think about it.”

Susan smiled and nodded. “Take a week off. We’ll treat it as paid vacation. Clear your thoughts. De-stress. Decide what you really want to do.” She stood, came around the desk, and extended her hand. Joe, a little slowly, did the same, shaking her hand. She maintained her grip, and used it to pull him closer to her. She whispered in his ear, in a way that tickled him in just right, “And if you want, you can masturbate to thoughts of me tonight. I’ll even send you a few pictures of my legs, if you’d like.”

That finally did it. She sensed the spark in his libido, and his cock swelled a little. The seed of interest had been planted, and she hadn’t even needed to use Sex Magic to do it. But perhaps, if he was up for it, she’d give him a taste of her power later tonight.

“O-okay,” he said, swallowing nervously. “Alright. I’ll… I’ll think it over.” She let him go and he walked shakily to the door. He paused as he touched the door handle. Without looking back, he said. “And, Susan? Thank you.”

“I hope we see you again in a week, Joe,” she said with a smile. He nodded, opened the door, and strode quickly out the door, before his cock could fully erect in front of all his co-workers. Only once he’d reached the elevator did Susan led out a large sigh, and collapsed back onto her chair.

That had been the most nerve-wracking thing she’d had to do since she got this job. Still, what else could she do for the man who, without realizing how much, had mentored her? He was either going to blow his brains out when he got home or masturbate furiously all week as he imagined his new career as servant and assistant to all his sexy co-workers, and perhaps herself in particular. Susan intended to coax the latter result out of him as much as she could, without forcing him with Magic. And if the thoughts he was currently having of her as he rushed back home to tend to his now throbbing cock were any indication, she was confident she had a good head start already.


  1. Very good. Realistic yet hot. She didn't even scare him by mentioning there will probably be a lot of sexual denial too.

  2. No, I didn't fap to it, and yet this might be one of my favorite stories here.

    And I love that someone called out some issues in the SMW and you not only acknowledged but fucking canonized it!

    1. Shit was already canon. I just hadn't made a full short story of it.

  3. Mais de quelle image est tirer cette histoire ?