Monday, January 4, 2016


Frank was just finished polishing the chrome of his new motorcycle when a young woman walked up his driveway, right up to him. He recognized slim, brunette girl from several houses down the street. He blushed as he realized she was wearing only a tight white sundress, a rather short one at that, and very obviously nothing else. She was even walking barefoot.

Frank felt a flutter of nervousness. The young woman had a certain poise and expression that showed a complete confidence in what she was doing. Almost like a cat about to pounce on a mouse.

“Nice bike,” she said, in a slightly sultry voice, exactly the sort of voice that Frank found incredibly alluring. She stood, on hand on her hip, which she cocked slightly to the side. The girl had modest curves, but they were impossible not to scope out, just from the way she held herself. She knew exactly who was in charge here.

Frank stood, dusting off his jeans. In his mid-thirties, tall, and already sporting a tinge of grey at the temples, he felt like he was addressing a little girl. How old was she again? Just a few years ago, he’d sometimes seen her taking the bus to school. Seventeen? Sixteen?

“Nineteen, as of last month,” said the girl. She glanced over the bike once more, bringing a hand to her chin as she appraised it.

Nineteen? Oh. Oh shit. No wonder she held herself with such confidence. And no wonder she’d already guessed what he was thinking. A newly awakened Sex Mage. What was she up to?

“Not so new,” she said, still looking at the bike. “I’ve had my powers for several months now. An early bloomer. You know what that means?”

Frank felt a small pang of unease grip him. Early bloomers. Not only were they more powerful than the average woman, it meant that by now, this girl was well practiced in her abilities. Frank glanced around the neighborhood. No one was out and about, and his wife was at her mother’s condo for the next couple weeks, so she wasn’t going to be of any help here.

“I’m Selina, by the way,” said the girl. She reached out and ran her hand over the seat of the motorcycle. Frank jumped slightly as, at the same time, he felt a soft stroke of fingertips lightly trace the length of his penis. Looking at the hot young thing, he was already a hair’s breadth from getting and erection, and that little phantom touch was all it took to get the blood pumping. He started growing hard.

“Did you want something?” Frank said, trying to will down his erection.

She looked at him, making a point to glance at his crotch. Her doing so just made his cock grow harder. Frank had no idea if it was a natural reaction, or if she was using magic to coax his dick.

“No magic,” she said, clearly reading his mind. “You’re just a pervert, like all men.”

Frank, still standing next to the bike, moved a bit so the bike was between the two of them, the handlebars partially blocking his crotch. He knew that would do absolutely nothing to protect his cock, or his dignity, from her, but it was something.

“So, what did—”

“I’m taking this bike,” she cut him off, with a tone of finality.

Frank’s eyes widened. “Wait, what? You can’t do that!”

“I can and I will,” she said. She settled her hand on the seat again, tracing her fingers back and forth. Frank felt the phantom fingertips return, tracing up and down his length. His penis wasted no time going fully erect at the feeling. “I’ve put a Voodoo Cock spell on your seat here. Anyone who sits on it, you’re going to feel the sensation of them sitting on your cock, feel the vibration of the engine running through your organ.” She smirked. “Trust me, you’re not going to want to try driving it yourself. You’ll probably get distracted and end up in an accident.”

Frank stared at her. “What—why—why would you do that?! I just got this bike! I haven’t even had the chance to take it for a spin yet!”

“Here’s the deal,” she said. “You let me borrow this thing for a few days. When I drive it, I’ll be sure to sit on it with my bare pussy.” She lifted he bottom of her sundress for just a moment, revealing she indeed wore nothing else. The flash of a young, bare pussy made Frank’s cock surge. Her constant light stroking of the seat, and thus his cock, was now a bit more intense, and his organ flexed in his pants.

Selina continued. “When I’m done, I’ll return the vehicle, and I’ll remove the spell from the seat. If, however, you refuse to let me use the bike, then I’ll just take it anyway, I’ll get some sandpaper to sit on, and I’ll leave the spell on when I’m done. And don’t forget, I’m an early bloomer. My spells are much stronger. I don’t think your wife will be able to remove the spell.” She smirked. “Of course, hearing her and my Mom talk at the last neighborhood block party, your wife might not even bother trying.”

She was outright rubbing the seat with the flat of her hand now. Frank’s cock flexed in his pants. “You can’t just… that’s… that’s theft!” he huffed.

“Not stealing,” she said. “Borrowing.”

“I… I… uh…” she was rubbing the seat faster now, more firmly, her fingers curled around the curve. The phantom hands gripped him fully now, jacking him off in just the way he liked. He couldn’t help but grip the handlebar of the motorcycle to steady himself as the sensations took him by surprise at their intensity.

“Ooh, that’s a good idea!” she said. She narrowed her eyes slightly, and then Frank felt a second grip on his cock, though this one was still. He let go of the handlebar, and the grip released. His eyes widened again, as he realized she’d Voodoo Cocked the handle bars! He watched, entranced, as she reached out with her other hand and clasped the other handle, then turned her hand back and forth, rubbing it in a circular motion. Frank could feel her other hand now gripping his, rubbing back and forth, a strangely pleasurable twisting.

With Sex Magic, Selina could have made him feel all this and more just by thinking it. But somehow, the fact that she was bothering to physically use her hands, even if through an enchanted proxy, made it much hotter. God, his wife never did kinky shit like this!

Frank’s breathing was heavy now, and his cock flexed hard in his pants. “Well, Frank?” Selina said, huskily. “What do you say? You going to let me take this baby for a spin?”

“I… I, uh… I don’t…I can’t…”

“Come on, Frank,” she said. Her rubbing became more insistent. “It’s happening either way. The only difference is how much you suffer for it.”

Frank knew the real trick here was how much his wife was going to punish him if she found out he’d just “let” Selina take his bike. While he didn’t want to feel his cock get scoured by sandpaper for several days and didn’t want to not be able to use his bike, he knew letting Selina go and, fuck, and actually enjoying the feel of her hands and body on him for a couple days was going to earn him a year without any sex at all.

But, fuck, his wife was so dull in the sack, and almost resentful about sex, even with her powers. Hell, probably because of her powers. If he was lucky, they’d have sex, missionary style, maybe twice a week. Maybe during holidays, if she was drunk, she might give him a quickie psychic blowjob that was over. She never used her magic to play around. Never dressed sexy. She let him jerk off whenever he wanted, but she always glared at him afterwards.

This hot young woman, this fucking girl, she was totally in control, using her powers to wind him up and make demands he couldn’t refuse. And Frank could feel, deep in that lizard brain part of his psychic, that turn him on in a way his wife hadn’t in fifteen years of their relationship. Fucking. Looking at her young body, stroking his bike, and giving him that sultry look, Frank wondered if she’d even need her powers to convince him.

Selina smiled slyly as she easily read his thoughts. “Such a tough choice, isn’t it? Feel my body rock yours for a whole weekend, and go a year without sex from your shrew wife? Or feel a weekend of pain so you can keep getting that bi-weekly pity fuck. Assuming she’ll let you even if you resist.”

Frank was gasping now. He backed up from the bike, and his back hit the garage door, only a couple feet away. He stared, glassy eyed at Selina as she hiked up her dress and she planted her bare pussy on the seat, then gripped the other handlebar. She squirmed on her seat, and started rubbing both handles outwards and inwards, stroking linearly. Frank felt her moist, warm pussy pressing against his shaft, rubbing him deeply, while two hands jerked him off in synch. It was too much. Frank’s hands tried to grip the door as his hips bucked and he gasped loudly. His cock flexed rapidly, and then…

Then the sensations were gone, at just the last second. Frank gasped and bucked and resisted the urge to grab himself as he was cut off just before he could cum in his pants. He blinked at Selina. She was floating a couple inches up from the seat, hovering in the air. Her hands were outstretched, away from the handle bars. He could still feel the slight brush of her dress on his cock as the hem touched the seat, so the spell was still in effect. She’d just edged him, the good old fashioned way, stopping just before he could nut.

Frank slid down the garage door until he was sitting on the driveway, looking at her in wonder. Fuck! How many women mixed their powers with good old fashioned handy-work? Most would have just thrown an orgasm block on a guy and let him ride it out. This girl had actual skill to go with her magic talents.

“Well, Frank? I’m waiting,” she said, gazing down at him with bemusement, but also an authority that kept his excitement high.

“T-take it!” he said. “Go ahead!”

“That’s what I thought,” she said with a smirk. She let herself drop back down onto the seat, and Frank grunted, as he felt the weight of her settle on his cock. He could feel her pussy lips envelope the length of his shaft and her fingers curl around it. She reached down and started the bike, revving it up.

Oh, god, with the vibration from the engine, the sensations were even more intense! Frank, still not cooled down from his edging, felt himself heading for orgasm a second time already!

This time, however, Selina didn’t stop the stimulation. Instead, he felt her magic seize his genitals, felt something shift, and then, when his orgasm hit, he felt it rebound off a newly formed orgasm block. Frank groaned and squirmed as Selina smiled and winked at him, then backed out of his drive way, and drove off. All the while, he felt her pussy and hands vibrate and stroke him. He stumbled into his house and peeled off his clothes, collapsing onto his couch. He let his cock flex and jerk in the air, edging over and over as she rode on.

Would she let him cum at all before she got back? Would his wife ever let him fuck her again after this? Such concerns quickly melted as he endured the hottest, most sensual torment he’d ever felt. And goddess help him, even as he knew he’d be out of his mind before her trip was over, he couldn’t help but love it.

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