Thursday, November 5, 2015

Metis Academy - Guy Time

Steve, Chuck, and Jerry just wanted to get away from the girls for just a few hours. It was brain-numbing, constantly being assaulted with sexiness and cock teasing everywhere they turned. What they needed was some good old guy time.

Unfortunately, Metis Academy was a stand alone facility at least a dozen miles from the nearest town, and trips to said town were only one weekend a month. Equally aggravating, the few “secret places” on campus had all been converted to “private areas” where girls could have some alone time with boys they particularly liked.

Of course, when boys were involved, no area was remotely private. Every time a boy found an unused room or a quiet nook or a nice tucked away spot in the far bushes, his hard penis would alert every female to his presence, and his secret spot was no longer secret. The boys suspected this was one reason why their cocks had been made permanently hard by the women’s magic upon first entering the Metis Campus; it was even more efficient than a GPS tracker for knowing exactly where every boy was at all times.