Thursday, November 5, 2015

Metis Academy - Guy Time

Steve, Chuck, and Jerry just wanted to get away from the girls for just a few hours. It was brain-numbing, constantly being assaulted with sexiness and cock teasing everywhere they turned. What they needed was some good old guy time.

Unfortunately, Metis Academy was a stand alone facility at least a dozen miles from the nearest town, and trips to said town were only one weekend a month. Equally aggravating, the few “secret places” on campus had all been converted to “private areas” where girls could have some alone time with boys they particularly liked.

Of course, when boys were involved, no area was remotely private. Every time a boy found an unused room or a quiet nook or a nice tucked away spot in the far bushes, his hard penis would alert every female to his presence, and his secret spot was no longer secret. The boys suspected this was one reason why their cocks had been made permanently hard by the women’s magic upon first entering the Metis Campus; it was even more efficient than a GPS tracker for knowing exactly where every boy was at all times.

So, a little exploration was necessary. Walking through the trails along the woods, the three boys discovered a small cave about three miles out from the campus. While it was unlikely the girls couldn’t sense them, they hoped the distance would lessen the signals their penises gave off, and with so many other horny guys still on campus, they would drown out the trio’s more distant signals.

So, the boys sat there in the small cave, nude and erect, but feeling more relaxed than they had in weeks, just being able to sit down in a space with only guys, no girls teasing them or getting in their face or distracting them with their delicious curves and sexy giggles and… Steve grunted as his cock twitched and he embarrassingly looked to the ground, desperately trying to think of something else.

Chuck obligingly pretended he didn’t see his friend’s reaction. But Jerry glanced at Steve’s cock, and his gaze lingered a bit longer than necessary. He then glanced at Chuck’s cock as well, then swallowed, nervously. He tried to look away, but kept glancing back at the other boy’s cocks.

Finally Steve noticed this, and scowled. Jerry caught his eye and swallowed nervously again. Jerry tentatively said, “Have you guys ever, um, you know… uh…”

“Before you ask, no, even if we could masturbate, we’re not doing in front of each other,” said Chuck. “Please, let’s try to think of something other than cumming and sex for just five minutes, okay? It’s why we came down here.”

“But… I…” Jerry’s cock was twitching. It was impossible to know whether it was Jerry’s own doing, or a girl tickling the back of his mind to spur him on. “I was just wonder… I mean, I’m just putting this out there… um…”

Steve sighed. “Just say it and get it out of your system.”

“Have you ever, um… sucked dick?”

Both guys’ jaws dropped and then they scooted further away from him. “Dude! What the fuck?” said Chuck.

“No!” said Steve. “Get out of here with that shit.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know it’s stupid, I just…” Jerry shook his head. “They haven’t let me cum in like four weeks!”

“Three for me,” admitted Steve.

“Four days,” said Chuck, a smirk on his face. Both guys glared enviously at him. He had a Mistress, and she turned out to be kinder than most of the other girls. Chuck was one of those lucky few who sometimes got to cum more than once a week!

“Why do you ask?” said Steve.

“I dunno, it’s stupid.”

“Well, you brought it up,” said Chuck. “Go ahead. Spill it.”

Jerry frowned. “Okay, well… I had this friend, right? And his neighbor, some hot MILF next door, put a spell on him so he couldn’t masturbate. But he could still cum, if he could convince someone to make him. She did the same to me when I confronted her about it.”

“So you sucked each other off?” said Chuck.

Jerry nodded, blushing furiously. “I… I’m not gay… I’m not… but… when you’re that fucking horny… and you’re desparate…”

“Forget it,” said Steve. “That’s not how the conditions work here. They have our orgasms locked down tight.”

“But maybe the spells can be tricked!” said Jerry. “Like, the girls know when we’re masturbating, right? Maybe they won’t know if we… um… handle each other. And maybe the spells won’t kick in…”

“They can sense any sexual thing that happens to you, doofus,” said Chuck. “Whatever. I’m not doing it.”

“Okay,” said Jerry. “Sorry.”

Steve frowned, but his own cock twitched at the thought of a possible orgasm. “W-well… I dunno about sucking… but what about hand jobs... do you think…?”

Chuck gawked at him. He threw up his hands and let out a grunt of disgust. “Are the girls screwing with your heads? Gross, man!”

“Big talk from Mr. I Got To Cum Four Days Ago!” snapped Jerry.

“But that’s the scary part, isn’t it?” said Steve. “The girls could be making us think this, and we wouldn’t even know it!”

“Oh, you’d know it,” said Chuck. “I can always tell when my Mistress or another girl is in my head. You can just feel her, you know?”

“Not necessarily,” said Steve. “What if they did something while you were asleep? Put in hypnotic triggers or something? You know Frank, down the hall, two of the girls were doing that to him, waiting till he was asleep, then switching around his fetishes. Remember when he suddenly got up and started humping the floor, right there in the middle of class, and couldn’t stop? That’s because a couple of the girls put a trigger in his head so when the teacher was wearing red socks, he’d just lose it.”

Jerry couldn’t help but make a soft groan as his cock twitched and swelled to maximum tension just talking about this. “Why the hell did I agree to sign up for this school?”

Chuck let out a grunt of a laugh. “Probably the same as the rest of us, because you thought it would be a 24/7 orgy, with non-stop orgasms. Also, the money.”

“I know, I just…” Jerry swallowed hard. “They’re just so powerful! It isn’t fair! We can’t do anything to them! Not one thing! Just one of those girls, one, can put the entire boys’ dorm on their knees, and there’s over a hundred of them, and there’s nothing we can do about it!” Jerry grit his teeth and winced. His cock was positively throbbing now, the veins bulging with tension. He had to force himself to breathe slowly and evenly.

“Hey, hey, calm down, okay?” said Steve. “If you get too excited, they’ll definitely come find us and tease us even more!” His own cock was throbbing as well. He looked around in the small cave. This is what they were reduced to, naked and cowering in a hole in the ground, just like primitive cave men. Except primitive cave men had been scared of wild animals; they were scared of horny girls!

It just wasn’t right! The girls that they should be out banging and making suck their dicks, now had magic which made a man’s own desires for them the ultimate weapon and shackle. Nature gave man a penis which compelled them to yearn and compete for women. Women had always been able to exploit that, but they had their own desires and wants and competitions as well. But Sex Magic had changed everything. With Sex Magic, women were all powerful, and men were just playthings, toys that could be used and dropped on a whim.

And yet, as much as the idea terrified them, it made all three of boys horny as fuck! Steve realized with a start that his hands were trembling, hovering a few inches near his crotch as he had subconsciously tried to masturbate. Only the Metis teachers’ anti-masturbation spells stopped him from jerking off. His cock twitched in excitement even as he let out a frustrated groan.

Steve glared at Jerry. “You ass,” he said through grit teeth as he tried to will himself to calm down. His cock remained stubbornly at attention, twitching as the blood pulsed hotly through its turgid length.

“I’m sorry,” said Jerry. He was biting into his arm, not enough to draw blood, but enough to hurt, hoping the pain would counter his arousal. It did so only slowly.

And then, suddenly, such efforts proved less than useless as all through boys felt an all-too familiar tingle along the cocks and balls, the sensation of a woman’s power wrapping around their genitals. Chuck felt a warm, wet sensation off a tight mouth enveloping his cock, an energetic tongue wriggling and swirling against all his sweet spots. Steve felt small, but firm fingers grip his cock and begin a two-handed stroking. Jerry shuddered as he felt two feet close around his cock, the soles rubbing his length, while the toes wriggled to tease his head.

Jerry stiffened and tried to jump up. But he suddenly couldn’t stand! All three boys found themselves stuck in place, sitting where they are. They could move, but they could not get off their seats. “No!” yelled Jerry, tears welling up in his eyes. “No, please! Mercy!”

“Boys?” there was a soft voice from the mouth of the small cave, and a petite young woman came around the corner. Steve recognized her as Minah, from his art class. She was the only Asian girl on campus, being half-Korean, but she wasn’t bothered by it at all. On the contrary, at least a dozen boys on campus had “petite Asian cutie” as their biggest turn on, so she had become very popular fantasy material for them, which gave her plenty of sexual energy from her admirers. Steve himself was one of them, a fact which made him feel extremely self conscious and vulnerable as she entered the cave, and smiled warmly at the three.

“I could sense your cock from campus, Steve,” she teased, glancing at his achingly rigid organ. “And I could sense your idle hands trying to touch yourself. So naughty.”

The three boys didn’t say anything, other than to moan softly at her psychic ministrations to their genitals. She was manipulating all three boys, giving each a different sensation while keeping them pinned, and she didn’t seem hindered by the divide of attention. Although she could have cast self-perpetuating spells, too.

Minah came into the middle of the small cave, standing between the three. She wore only a thin, strapless sundress, no bra beneath, and only sandals on her small feet, topped with a pair of slightly nerdy looking glasses, which made her appear even more adorably sexy. She leaned back and bent down, as if to sit, even though there was nothing behind her to sit on. And yet, she managed it anyway, literally sitting in mid-air, using the boys’ sexual energy to create a telekinetic seat for herself. She crossed her legs, and the boys’ hearts almost skipped a beat at the half-second peak up her dress. They had not seen any hint of material; she wasn’t wearing any underwear!

Jerry let out a shuddering groan, and Minah cast her smile upon him. His eyes went wide and he let out a louder moan as she intensified the sensations of the phantom footjob on his desperately throbbing cock.

“So, you thought this would be a nice, safe place to hang out?” She glanced around at the dirt and stone walls and blanched. “So primitive! You guys can do better than this!”

“Please,” said Steve between sharp breaths. “Please leave. We need some guy time.”

Minah glanced at him, and for an instant, a dozen of his own sex fantasies about her flashed through his mind. The phantom hands stroking his cock tightened their grip and quickened their pace. “Silly boy,” she said. “You don’t get it, do you? You don’t get to have guy time. Ever. Even after you leave Metis, women will be able to see you and tease you, no matter where you go. You need to learn to accept this.”

“F-f-fuck you!” blurted out Jerry, tears streaming down his face. “You fucking b-bitch! You c-c-cunt!”

Minah’s gaze was cool as she turned to look at Jerry. She didn’t say anything, or even do anything more with her powers. Just her gaze was enough. Jerry’s anger faded into fear, his red face went pale, and he trembled. He tried to bow and said, “S-s-sorry… I’m s-so sorry… please…! I didn’t mean it! I’m j-just so…” He stiffened. “Aaaah!” he shook in place as the psychic footjob became even more intense, and his weeks-denied cock tried to cum, only to be denied once more.

Chuck cut in, struggling to steady his voice, despite the sensual blowjob he was feeling. “Hey, Minah, please, go easy on him. He’s really having it rough.” He shivered as the sucking sensations became stronger and the phantom tongue moved faster.

“I know,” she said. Jerry let out a panicked yell as the sensations in his cock intensified further, and his whole body shuddered in one fail attempt after another to climax.

“Please… please… no… please… cum… please…” Jerry could barely draw breath to speak. Thankfully, the healing power of Sex Magic meant he was in no danger from lack of oxygen. Unfortunately, that just meant Minah had no real incentive to stop.

“Please don’t!” said Steve in a small voice, nearly a whimper, as he felt his own orgasm reflex welling up. His balls ached with the need to release, and he was only seconds from edging against his orgasm blocks. “Please, mercy, please!” He grit his teeth as he felt his orgasm hit him and he jerked in place, crying out. “Stop!” he cried. “STOP!”

“Make me,” said Minah. She continued to torment the boys, increasing their pleasure, grinding them hard against their orgasm blocks. Chuck soon succumbed, and then all three were thrashing and yelling like madmen as she pumped more and more teasing energy into their dicks. Then, after several minutes of this, she cut off the sensations. After a few seconds of lingering tension, the boys sagged in their seats, and gasped and jerked as they cooled down from their fierce edgings.

“Wh-why?” said Jerry, breathlessly.

“Because I can, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me,” said Minah. She was still smiling warmly at them. “And you need to learn to live with that.”

“How?!” whined Jerry. “How can we?! You girls torture us for kicks, constantly, no matter how good we act!”

“Yep. It’s our right to do that. Because this is the world you live in. A woman’s amusement and pleasure is the only reason needed to play with you boys and your silly, helpless little cocks. And the secret you won’t let yourself admit is that you like it this way. Your cocks actually crave, they need women to play with and use them. Really, using our magic like this is very magnanimous of us!”

Despite their intimidation, the boys could not help but be intensely aroused by her words. Jerry looked like he was about to try cumming again just from her voice alone.

“So, boys, that means that instead of sneaking off like little mice to have your precious guy time, you should be focusing on trying to please and satisfy us. Do so, and we will reward you, perhaps even with a little time to yourselves. Try to run away without earning your so-called ‘guy time’? Well, that’s just more incentive to punish you.”

“Wh-wh-what are you gunna do now?” said Steve.

Minah shrugged. “Oh, I dunno. I figure if you guys like this cave so much, you can stay here for a while longer.” She then stood up off her invisible seat and all three boy’s hearts skipped a beat as she nearly flashed them again. “Just make sure you’re back for classes on Monday. We wouldn’t want you to be late, would we?”

“No,” said Chuck. He tried to stand, but found Minah’s spell still kept his butt glued to the rock he was sitting on. He tried to get up a few more times, as did Steve and Jerry. “Um… are you gunna let us go so we can head back?”

Minah just smiled. And then, she vanished into thin air. The three boys gawked, it slowly dawning on them that Minah had probably never been there. Her sudden appearance had probably just been a vision she’d projected into their minds. She was probably lazing around in the girls dorm, or hanging out with her buddies, still on campus, miles away.

“God,” said Steve, almost wistfully. “So powerful…”

“She’s not seriously going to leave us here like this, is she?”

Chunk opened his mouth to say something, but then, he shivered as he felt a long, slow, wet lick along his cock. His eyes widened as he felt Minah’s blowjob spell return, light and slow, to his genitals. Jerry and Steve gasped as the foot and handjobs return to them as well. “Fuck!” hissed Chuck. “Not again!”

The spells continued to stimulate the boys, teasing them, edging them. An hour went by, and the sensations intensified slightly, quickened just a bit. Another hour, and they increased again. Another hour and again. And on and on it went, the boys soon howling and thrashing like madmen..

The boys had reached the cave early Saturday morning. They weren’t found and rescued until late Monday morning. And they were still punished for being late to class.


  1. Would be nice to see the female jealousy aspect

    The girlfriend lost use of the boyfriend for the weekend

    Should be repercussions to the first girl

    Similar to no way out but more subtle

    Damage to property can be fixed by magic but not instantaneously
    Thus loss of service occurs

    Situation similar to kidnapping of a husband

    Owner female might not be happy
    No dinner on table
    No kids picked up at school

  2. Guy is driving car
    Loses control due to sex magic
    Kills female in another car
    Sexmagic doesn't work as well on females
    What happens

    1. Hmm, never did a story where the women get punished for messing with another woman's man. I suppose fines would be levied. Possibly prison time depending on the Queendom in question.

      Sex Magic can't effect inanimate objects. Property damage needs to be fixed with good old fashioned labor. Unless a Megami has developed the skill for such things. But even their many powers stil revolve around body-oriented abilities and sexual context. Making clothes disappear is sexy. Filling potholes in the road not so much.

      Woman kills people with Sex Magic definitely leads to prison, de-empowering, or even death depending on the nature of the crime, the Queendom's punishment policies, the assessment of the woman's willingness to engage in lethal force in the future, etc, etc, etc. Murder and manslaughter are still crimes.

    2. In the above story the guy's mistress may have had plans for Saturday night with him

      But that couldn't happen

      It might become a high school girls fight between mistress and other girl

    3. Except Chuck's mistress could just cancel Minah's spells and float Chuck over to her, so, problem solved. It's unlikely Minah could successfully hide Chuck from his own mistress. If they're in a relationship like that, Chuck's mistress would be very keyed into his cock, so she's no doubt fully aware of what Minah's doing, and decides to let it happen.

      Of course, she could still punish Chuck for it later, just for funsies.

      If the girls want to fight over a guy, I suppose there could be some drama in that, though.

  3. Love the Metis Academy stories- by far my favorites!

    Are we ever going to get a story set inside the nurse's office?

    1. I dunno, nothing has actually come to mind for it. At this point, I think it's hotter to leave it a mystery. No one knows what the nurse does, but every boy sent to her for discipline comes out "Pussy Shocked" into total submission! : P