Monday, October 12, 2015

Sally Goes Sadistic

Jake moaned softly as he felt the pleasing sensation of several slick, warm hands firmly stroking his penis. He leaned back in his car seat, eyes closed, but mouth open as he breathed heavily, his breath lightly fogging the air.

Next to him, Sally was watching him with a smile, leaning sideways against the driver’s seat of her car to face him fully. Neither of them was directly touching Jake’s manhood. Instead, Sally was using her recently awakened powers of Sex Magic to stimulate him with her thoughts, making him feel the sensations of several slow, sensual hand jobs at once. This was only the third time she’d been able to practice her powers on him, and she was already good enough she could have him shooting off in half a minute if she wanted. But of course, she had no desire to end things so soon, and thus, slowly and steadily teased him with phantom pleasure.

Jake let out a shuddering gasp as his penis swelled, and even without looking, Sally could sense his impending orgasm. Even going slow, she was “touching” him just right, and with several sensations all at once. Jake couldn’t last long, even though she’d barely been at it for five minutes.

Jake grit his teeth and clutched the armrests of his car seat as the pleasure surged. This was the point at which Sally had, on the previous two nights, given him an orgasm unlike any he’d managed to give himself with his own hand.

But this time, just as he was about to go over the edge, the sensations stopped. Jake’s whole body remained stiff, his penis at full tension, and his eyes popped open in surprise. Letting out small surprised grunt, he sagged back into the seat.

“W-what?” he said huskily, giving Sally a confused look. “Why did you stop?”

Sally sighed. “I dunno, Jake, it’s just, don’t you think it’s kind of boring if it’s over too soon?”

Jake swallowed hard and frowned. He’d been dreading this moment since Sally had first approached him with the proposal to practice on him. “But I was just about to cum! Please don’t stop.”

Sally pouted. “I’ve seen you cum before. Dozens of times. I’m not in any rush to see it again just yet.”

Jake blushed. It was true. This was only the third time Sally had driven him out of the edge of town to play with his cock, but she had informed him that she’d been spying on him with her powers ever since she got them. It was difficult not to, she said, what with them being next door neighbors, and Jake being a teenage boy in the peak of hormones. When he was masturbating almost three times a day regularly just to handle to excess arousal of living in a Sex Mage World, the whole neighborhood was going to sense it. And while most women just blocked it out, Sally was too new to her powers and too fascinated, watching him masturbate, seeing his every naughty fantasy, sensing the psychic and physical signals his body gave off at the point of orgasm. But she was curious to see more than the usual now.

“Okay,” said Jake, hoping this was just going to be a little side game that she’d quickly finish, and then go back to finishing him. “What else did you want to do?” He hesitated, then said, “Did you want me to play with you now?”

Sally smiled with amusement. “No, silly,” she said. “My body’s not for you.”

“Come on,” said Jake. “Please? I want to. To make up for you helping me out.”

Sally tapped his forehead. “Liar. I can read your naughty thoughts. You just want to see me naked and play with my tits for your own fun. Sorry, but no and no.”

Jake swallowed, but nodded. She’d seen him fully naked and masturbating dozens of times, had brought him out here to pull out his cock for her to play with thrice. And yet, he’d never even seen her in a one piece swimsuit yet.

Sally glanced at Jake’s penis and decided it had cooled down enough. With a thought, she resumed the sensations of the phantom hands, only one pair this time, and moving even slower than before. It was more than enough to make Jake gasp and stiffen, and make his cock twitch and clench in her psychic grip. She moved the ghostly hands in just such a way to keep him in pleasurable haze, but would take a while to make him reach climax.

“So, I was thinking about it the other day,” said Sally. “Reading stuff on the internet, talking to my friends, and my mom. And today it occurred to me, like really, actually dawned on me, that I really do have absolute control of your penis and testicles. Complete and total.” Jake’s penis twitched as she said this, and not just form her psychic hands. She smiled as she saw a powerful bloom of arousal in his mind, just from her words.

“So,” she continued her voice taking an a husky tone. “It occurred to me that if I felt like it, I could make you do anything I wanted. Anything at all. You would have no choice to obey, because if you didn’t, I could just pleasure torture you without relief until you finally cracked and gave in.”

Jake let out a small gasp and jerked in his seat, penis clenching. Sally immediately ceased the sensations on his cock and watched it jump about. Her words had riled him up so much that even the slow stimulation had shot him to the edge. She could sense the semen crawling up through his cock. She narrowed her eyes and concentrated. She’d hoped to test her finesse a bit more, but she was still practicing, and she didn’t want to ruin everything so soon.

In the split second before Jake would have had a ruined orgasm, she focused on his penis just the way her mom had described, and then she mentally pictured forming a block deep within the base. Just before the first drop could escape, Jake let out a cry as his orgasm was forcibly cut off, the semen backwashing into his body, and his penis jerking fruitlessly. He let out a grunt, and his hands flew towards his cock, thinking he’d just been one or two strokes shy of release.

Sally reached out and slapped his hands away. “NO!” she said, raising her voice with a sudden, scolding tone that shocked Jake out of the moment. He looked at her a little dazed.

“Sally, seriously,” he said. “I was right there!”

Sally smirked at him. “Did you not hear what I just said? I can make you do anything I want. I’m being completely serious. And right now, I’m ordering you to keep your hands off! Only I am allowed to play with your penis right now. Understood?”

Jake scowled. “You can’t be serious.”

“Totally serious. And since you’re giving me an attitude about it, I think I want that to be the case from now on.”

Jake gave her a confused look. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you’re not allowed to masturbate anymore.”

Jake’s brow furrowed. “What, you mean, like at all?” He scoffed. “Alright, look, I don’t mind playing games with you, but I’m not going to do that. You can’t just make me not masturbate.”

Sally grinned, and in a mock of Jake’s own voice, said, “Are you serious? I can totally make you do that!” She concentrated on him once more, seeking the mystic lines that only a Sex Mage could sense. She could see the invisible network of desires and actions that made up a sexual tapestry throughout his body and mind. She sought the connections between his penis and his hands, and with some effort, she twisted them, snapped them, and reconnected them at criss-crossing angles.

“Okay, go ahead,” she said. “Try jerking off.”

Jake hesitated, then tried moving his hands towards his cock. His fingers twitched, but that was all. His eyes widened. He raised his hands up, then in a small circle to test them. He wasn’t bound down. But the moment he tried to touch his penis, his hands refused to move!

“What the hell?”

“Having some trouble?” said Sally, smirking.

“I—I can’t—What did you do?”

Sally rolled her eyes. “Are you listening to me at all? I just said, you can’t masturbate anymore. Try to touch yourself, and you just can’t.”

“What… but… how…?”

Sally shook her head, as though he was asking what direction “up” was. “Sex Magic! Jeez, has no other woman ever played with you before? Did your mom or sister never punish you this way?”

Jake blushed. “I was just… told not to… sometimes…” He struggled in his seat, trying to reach himself, but to no avail. “God, this is freaky! Undo it, turn the spell off or whatever.”

“Nah, I think I like you like this. Jeez, I had no idea you were such a magic virgin!” She peeked inside his head again, his increasing state of arousal making it ever easier to sift through his mind. “Wow, you’ve barely even been orgasm blocked! Do you have any idea how rare that is for a boy these days? You know, most every guy in town can’t cum at all any more. They only get to spurt when a woman casts a spell to let them.”

Jake almost growled with frustration as his cock twitched helplessly and his hands came no further to touching it. “Come on, stop!” he said. “Change it back!”

“No.” She leaned back and folded her arms, trying to look stern.

“You have to! You can’t leave me like this!”

She couldn’t help but giggle a little. “Bullshit I can’t!”

Jake stubbornly struggled and grunted as he fought against her spell for another minute, as if he honestly thought he could will power his way through her magic. But even as he got angrier and more frustrated, the dawning realization that he actually wasn’t able to do a damn thing tickled the core of his libido, keeping him fully hard and excited.

Finally, Jake seemed to give up. “Okay,” he said, a little breathless from all his squirming. “Okay, fine. You’ve made your point. I get it. Really.”

“Are you sure?” said Sally.

“Yeah,” he said. His face was red, not just from exertion. “Now, could you please undo your spell?”

Sally rubbed her chin looking at him thoughtfully. “Hmmm… that’s not how you should ask. I have all the cards here, and I have zero reason to indulge your request. You’re going to have to learn a different approach.”

Jake’s brow furrowed. “What are you talking about?” he said.

“I mean, what will you do for me to convince me to let you touch yourself again.”

Jake’s jaw worked. “I… well… I mean, you won’t let me pleasure you, so… I don’t know what…”

“It’s not what you can do to me, rather, what can you do for me.”

Jake’s brow furrowed. He glanced down at himself, specifically his pocket. He fished out his wallet. “Are you asking for money?”

Sally sighed, but couldn’t help but roll her eyes in bemusement. “I’m not a whore, Jake.” She paused, then took his wallet and pulled out a twenty, folding it up and sticking it in her bra. “Though I could use some gas money.”

“Hey!” he said. “If that’s not going to count, then give it back!”

Sally smirked. Then, without showing any indication of it, she cast another spell on him, once again tracing and rewiring the mystic sexual network of his mind and body. “Alright, so come get it.” She leaned forward a bit, presenting her cleavage to him.

Jake was a little surprised at the offer, but tried to reach for her. And then his hands stopped just a few inches from her breasts. Just like with his cock, he couldn’t move his hands any closer to try and touch her. In fact, as Sally leaned forward another inch, Jake’s hands retreated as if on their own.

Sally laughed as Jake look panicked. “Well, I did say my body wasn’t for you,” she said. “So, I guess I’ll be keeping the twenty.”

Jake gave her an angry look, and his penis almost shrank a bit. “Damn it, stop! Stop casting these weird spells on me!”

“Make me,” she said, giving him a casually confident look. That look alone made his cock throb back to full tension. “God, I love that. You’re getting pissed, but the more helpless you realize you are, the hornier you get. I’m not even using a spell or anything, that’s just how you naturally are.”

She giggled. “It seems so counter-intuitive for a guy. Most of you think you want to be dominant in the sack, use a girl like your own little fuck toy, and make her beg to suck your cock. Apparently, that’s how it used to be before Sex Magic. But they’ve been doing studies, you know? Women are discovering something interesting about the first couple generations of boys born after Sex Magic appeared, as they grow up and sexually mature. Apparently, no matter how much their testosterone makes them want to be alpha males, something like 90% of the men are growing up to be naturally submissive. Being dominated by a woman just turns them on so much, even if they consciously hate it.”

She reached out, and with the very end of her fingernail, tapped the side of his cock to make it wag in the air. Jake’s hands clutched at the armrests of his car seat as a jolt of pleasure shot through his loins like an arrow, causing his cock to jerk rapidly. “Guess we can count you among them, eh?” Sally giggled again.

Jake, blushing, just sulked in his seat. “Sally,” he said. “Come on, Please. This was supposed to be just a little fun.”

“I’m having fun,” she said. “And I haven’t even really started yet.”

Jake opened his mouth to say something, but instead jumped and let out a gasp as the sensations of several slick hands returned to his penis, expertly stroking him a half-dozen different ways at once. Jake grit his teeth and bucked his hips against the phantom sensations, but since there wasn’t anything there, he got no added friction. Sally smiled with amusement as she watched him twist and squirm in his seat, his cock dancing as his hips jerked.

She kept the phantom hands going until Jake reached the edge of orgasm once more. To his credit, he managed to last almost a minute, but he succumbed just the same. This time, she didn’t stop, but let the hands keep stroking him, intensifying to moment before release. Unfortunately, the next moment never came as his climax slammed hard against her orgasm block, and could not budge it.

She let Jake writhe for a minute more at the razor edge of release, leaving him gasping and moaning her name pleadingly, before suddenly ceasing the sensations again. Jake collapsed back in his seat, heaving for breath.

“God, I shouldn’t have been taking it so easy on you so far,” said Sally. “This is much, much more fun!”

Jake looked at her with pleading eyes. “You’ve made… your point…” he said, still breathing heavily. “Please… stop… let me… cum…”

“Is that all you can say? ‘Please, Sally, give me a cummy, I need it so bad!’ You’re starting to sound like a broken record.”

“Please! If you won’t… let me cum… then let’s just… go home!”

Sally gave him a taken-aback look. “Go home? It’s just past nine o’clock! We have all night to go.”

“I can’t take any more! I’ve never been—teased—like this before! Can’t you give me a break?”

Sally gave him a frown, then gave a small sigh. “Oh, fine,” she said. She paused a moment for effect, then just as Jake started to visibly relax, she broke into a wicked grin. “When you earn one!”

And then the sensations were suddenly back, even more intense. “Nooo!” howled Jake and he all but thrashed in his seat, gasping between cries, as the phantom hands played with him again. This time, Sally let it go for three minutes, and Jake couldn’t even form words by the end, though in his mind, he kept yelling “stop!” over and over.

Then, once again, she stopped the sensations as suddenly as they began, leaving Jake shaking and gasping. Sally then glanced around outside the car, taking her eyes off him for once. They were parked on a small cliff, overlooking part of their small town, at the edge of a wooded area that had become the unofficial town park. It had been a popular make-out location for young lovers long before Sex Magic, and even now, Sally could sense others fooling around in other parts of the park. Well, sense the penises involved, at least, just as the other girls could not doubt sense Jake’s. But their current spot was clear of any immediate witnesses she could see or sense.

“It’s getting a little stuffy in here, with all your gasping and sweating,” she said. “Let’s get some air.” So saying, she got out of the car, and waited for Jake to calm down enough to be able to stand up again. Jake started to try and zip up his fly, but the spell that prevented his masturbation seemed to stop him from doing that as well.

“Um… Sally… I can’t… um…”

“Zip up? That’s okay, I think you use a cool down anyway. Just step out.”


“Step. Out.” She sent a little mental tap at his cock, and he jumped. Blushing, he got out of the car, holding his pants up by the hips, as he cock waved in the breeze. Sally smiled. “You know what? I don’t want you to have to hold your pants up like a retard all night. Lose the clothes.”

Jake blinked. “What? No!”

She rolled her eyes. “No one else is around to see you right now, and I already know what you look like naked. So does every Sex Mage woman. So strip.”

Jake blushed at the reminder that he had no sexual privacy against an empowered woman, but he tried nonetheless. “Well, it’s not just that, it’s kinda chilly out here.”

“You need to cool off anyway.”

You’re wearing a jacket! I don’t want to be cold.”

“I don’t care what you want. Take all of it off. Shoes, too.”

“There’s gravel and sticks and shit on the ground. And it’s cold!”

“That doesn’t sound like my problem.”

“Goddamnit! Now you’re just being a fucking bi—aaaaah!” Before Jake could finish the last word, he let out a cry and fell to his knees on the ground. His arms shook as he desperately tried to clutch at his balls, but the magic wouldn’t allow him.

Sally gave him a cool look. She had just sent the sensation of a hard slap to his testicles. She waited for Jake to catch his breath, and when he did, he looked up at her with anger. He tensed, and Sally could tell he was about to lunge at her. Apparently, the slap had been the final straw. And yet, she noted with amusement, his penis was harder than ever.

“You. Fucking. Bi--AAAAAAAAHHH!” A harder slap this time, and Jake fell face first onto the ground, flopping like a fish.

“What was that, Jake?”

“I said you’re a FUCKING BI—AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Another slap made his whole body buck off the ground like he’d been kicked. Jake rolled and pounded his fist on the ground. There were tears in his eyes, and he moaned as he tried to catch his breath.

“I’m a what Jake? I still didn’t catch that.”

“Screw you,” he hissed, but stayed on the ground.

“You really do wish, don’t you?”

Jake didn’t answer, just swallowed hard as his face burned with anger, confused arousal, and shame when he realized that third slap had made him edge against his orgasm block. Sally couldn’t help but grin as she sensed the halted climax as well. She then cleared her throat and forced herself to return to a cool demeanor as he slowly, cautiously rose back up to his hands and knees.

“Okay. I’m sorry about that. I did it without thinking.” It was sort of true. Sally hadn’t intended to do any ball busting tonight, but in the heat of the moment, it just came out of her. “Still, if you can mind your manners, I promise I won’t do that to you again. I’ll be nice and sweet the rest of the night.”

Jake glowered at the ground.

“Okay, now, get up and strip.”

Jake stood, and almost stumbled again, as his pants had already gotten halfway down his legs when he fell over. He pulled off his clothes and shoes, and set them on the car. The chill air made him shiver a bit, but despite the temperature, his penis wasn’t shrinking even a bit.

“Okay, so now what?” said Jake cautiously.

Sally didn’t answer at first, just picked up the clothes and shoes, opened the trunk of her car, and locked him inside. “I’m keeping those. They’re my clothes now.”

Jake gawked at her. “You can’t be serious! My wallet and phone are in there, and that’s my only pair of shoes!”

“No, they’re not. They’re mine now. Maybe I’ll give them back. Maybe I won’t. We’ll see.”

“What the hell? Did you just bring me out here to rob me tonight?”

“No,” said Sally. “I’m trying to illustrate a point. It’s just like a said, I can do anything to you, and you cannot stop me. At all. Ever. Because if you try…”

Jake was still trembling slightly, and not just from the cold. His penis was so tense, Sally swore she could have made him pop off with one stroke, even without magic. She opted to test the theory by sending another phantom sensation, this time a single, slow, hot lick down his shaft.

Jake let out a cry and his hips bucked once more. He nearly fell to the ground again as his body shook with pre-orgasmic spasms, doomed to a lack of follow through. Sally just watched, smiling, as Jake took a minute to get back under control. He stood in an almost shrunken posture, turned slight to the side, hands hovering near his hips, as if to try and protect his genitals at any moment. An utterly useless instinct.

“Okay,” he said slowly. “Okay. I got it. Can we please stop now? I swear, I won’t tell anyone about this. Really. I don’t want to do this anymore. I didn’t think this is what you meant when you said you wanted to experiment.”

Sally smirked. “It wouldn’t matter if you did tell anybody. No man is going to be able to stand up for you against a woman. And if you think any woman is going to sympathize, well, you’re out of luck. If you could sense the things the women do to the guys in this town, you would shit yourself.” She giggled again. “At least you’re not going to mess your pants at this rate..”

Jake’s eyes widened and he swallowed nervously. And still, his cock twitched with excitement. Sally’s smirk became another grin. “Besides, your penis disagrees with you. It wants me to do this. It knows who’s in charge, and it wants so badly to be a good little man for me. Isn’t that right, Jake’s Penis?”

Jake jumped as he felt a little tingle make his cock jump a few times once more. Sally laughed, saying, “See? It’s saying, ‘Yes, Mistress, yes, please, please play with me some more! Don’t listen to this pathetic moron I’m attached to! We’re not together any more! I’m completely yours!’ Well? Isn’t that right?”

Sally laughed as Jake’s penis bounced with excitement, and another tingle along the length made him grunt and flinch. “I’ll take that as a yes. Great! That’s my penis now. And my testicles, don’t want to forget them. Hmmm, you know I’m pretty sure there’s a special spell that can let me actually remove your genitals from your body.”

Jake went pale as a ghost and stepped back, wincing a bit as he walked over some gravel. “Oh, god, no, you can’t be serious! Don’t castrate me!”

Sally’s smile became a bit more sympathetic. “Oh, no, nothing like that. It removes your penis and balls harmlessly, just, detaching them from your body like it was a clip-on part. But you’re still connected to it. You can feel everything that’s done to it, it can still go erect from your blood, you’ll still shoot your semen from it.” She paused, then frowned thoughtfully. “I guess you’d still have to pee from it, too. Hmm. That would be a little annoying. I’m sure you can adjust it so the guy pees from his own crotch, still. Of course, you’d have to sit down like a girl to do it.”

Jake was only slightly less horrified by the idea. “Don’t, please, don’t!”

Sally laughed again. “God, you’re so easy to freak out, you know that?”

“That’s because you’re doing freaky shit!”

“Yeah, it’s fucking awesome!” She shook her head, still grinning. “Don’t worry, I’m not lopping your dick off or anything. I think at most, I’ll just buy a nice dildo and use the Voodoo Cock spell on it. I just need to look up exactly how that works.”

Jake shivered again, as the chill caught back up to him. “Can we please go back into the car now?”

Sally shrugged. “I’m good.” She sat up on the trunk of her car, setting her heels against the bumper. They were silent for a few moments, Sally watching Jake and studying both his physical reactions and the play of thoughts and urges that churned in his mind and nerves. Even though he was rubbing his arms and shifting his weight from foot to foot, his cock remained stubbornly hard. It wasn’t truly cold out, merely an autumn chill, so he was hardly in danger of freezing, especially not his genitals.

Finally, Jake said, “Are you going to keep playing me like this?”

“Like what?”

“Being mean. I didn’t sign up for this.”

Sally smiled sympathetically again, and sent new sensations along his cock. This time, the hot, wet, pressure of two phantom mouths slowly, lovingly sucking and licking his cock started up, and Jake jumped, letting out a breath.

“Poor baby,” said Sally in a mock voice. “Can’t handle a little teasing? That’s really too bad, because yes, I’m going to keep doing this. But like I said, I can be sweet if you just behave yourself.”

Jake squirmed and huffed again as the mouths sucked him deeply, squeezing and sucking him in ways he knew only a well practiced porn star could have physically done. And to think that now, even a frumpy, virginal, asexual spinster could cast spells that would utterly melt a man with a pleasure. Give that power to a sexy, horny teenager, eager to learn, and with a kinky imagination?

Jake had grown up next to Sally for nearly ten years. Only now did it occur to him that he had no idea what she was capable of. Not just what she was able to do now with her magic, but what she was willing to do.

Sally smiled widely as she watched Jake helplessly struggle against her power. Jake was soon on the ground again, writhing and moaning, not feeling the cold or the pokes of the twigs and gravel as Sally continued to torment him with the psychic mouths. He was soon continuously trying to cum, repeatedly failing from her block.

And then, suddenly, she stopped the sensations. The sudden absence shocked Jake almost as intensely as the edging, and he flopped like a fish, jaw working as he tried to catch his breath. Sally let him recover just enough that his cock went from overcharged down to full mast, and Jake was just about able to breathe enough to form words again. And just as he opened his mouth to protest, Sally hit him with the phantom mouths again.

Five full minutes of relentless oral pleasure, followed by a few minutes recovery. Then repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Jake was practically screaming by the fifth round and openly bawlng by the sixth. He really hadn’t ever been teased like this before! She’d reinforced her orgasm block twice out of worry that he might get so worked up he’d bust through it somehow.

Sally finally relented after the seventh, when it was clear Jake was beginning to feel more pain than actual pleasure from the teasing. She wasn’t quite sure how to regulate the feelings to lessen the pain aspect and make the pleasure more intense. Intertwined as the two sensations could be at this level, it took some definite fine-tuning. She’d have to look it up and practice more later. She went over to him and soothingly stroked his hair.

“There, there,” she said. “Good boy. We’re done no—”

Jake’s fist shot up with the speed of a snake-strike, punching Sally square in the nose, so hard, she actually lifted of the ground and fell right back on her ass, rolling back and slamming her head on the ground. She lay there stunned, half-curled up as she lay, blinking on the ground.

Slowly, she pushed herself back up into a sitting position. Jake was looking at her wild eyed, fist still held out. But as the adrenalin and overdose of sexual tension faded, he came to his senses and realized with donning horror what he’d done.

Sally blinked at him, rubbed her nose, then the back of her head, and finally her ass. Aside from the faintest little soreness in her nose, which she was almost sure was just her imagination, she was in no pain. More to the point, a punch like that should have crushed her nose into a bloody smear against her face, and a blow to the back of her head like that should have given her a concussion, but she was totally fine.

“Wow,” said Sally in a still slightly dazed voice. “They weren’t kidding. Absorb enough sex energy from a boy, and you become super tough.” Then she blinked a few more times, and her face became a stern mask. She looked to Jake, who went pale as a ghost. “You just hit me.”

Jake put up his hands defensively. “Wait, please, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know what I was doing, I was flipping out. It was an accident!”

Sally slowly stood. “You don’t accidentally throw a perfect jab.”

Jake cringed back onto the ground, one arm over his face, the other and close to covering his crotch as possible. He was ready to receive a bone-rattling ball slap, psychic teeth on his cock, a hot poker on his asshole, something absolutely horrible in return.

What he didn’t expect was Sally to open her car door, start the engine, and drive away, leaving him naked and cold on the cliff, five miles from home. He just stared, stunned, as he watched her rear lights disappeared around the curve of the road. His jaw worked for a moment before he finally said, “Hey—HEY! What the fuck, man?!”


Jake’s wasn’t the only penis throbbing in helpless desperation that night. As Sally drove home through the cluster of neighborhoods, chuckling over the thought of Jake having to walk home naked, she could sense the psychic tension hum of nearly three dozen cocks either being actively teased, pleasured, or just diamond hard with unrelenting arousal. And yet, there was one penis in particular she identified several blocks before she pulled into her drive way.

Her own older half-brother, Mark. Twenty-five years old and still living with his parents, on account of not being able to land a secure job anywhere in this town, or the five others within reasonable driving distance.

She sensed her brother slowly stroking himself, and his thoughts bloomed brightly in Sally’s psychic vision. He was fantasizing about her best friend Shelly, the gorgeous red head who’d slept over a hundred times over the years, and had blossomed into a total knock-out. She’d gotten her own magic powers recently, and Mark didn’t know it yet. Shelly had giggled through recounts of his fantasies of her, Mark in his own mind a strapping hunk who Shelly kneeled before and begged him to put his cock in her mouth, or presented her ass to him so he could fuck her from behind.

Sally, of course, had zero interest in her own brother’s sexuality, half or not. It was more than a little annoying having to sense him like this. She’d been spared the absolutely relentless onslaught of his teenaged hormones while she was growing up, but even with a six year difference between them, his libido hadn’t lessened that much since his own teen years. She recalled their mom’s frazzled nerves as she’d tried to shut him out, freaked out by the unexpected insight Sex Magic had given her to her own son.

Nowadays, their mother was able to ignore all but the most intense sexual outbursts from him. She’d never married Sally’s own father, and he’d skipped out on them years ago, so thankfully Sally didn’t likewise have to worry about her Dad’s sex life. Mark’s father had been out of the picture for even longer, of course, divorcing their Mom before Sex Magic even arrived on Earth.

Sally frowned, and, not in the mood to “hear” her brother masturbating all night, sent a mental signal to his balls, a squeezing sensation similar to what their mom would do to him if she just wasn’t in the mood to put up with his jerking. Immediately, Mark’s hand whipped away from himself, a response trained into him since their mother had decided she had to lay down the law.

Sally could sense the bloom of shame in his mind as he realized he’d been discovered, and his first thought was that he’d awakened their mom from her sleep with his masturbation. Their mom was still asleep, but Mark wasn’t about to try and check. Instead, he grabbed the sides of the bed with a white-knuckled grip, bit the inside of his cheek, and forced himself to calm down.

Sally waited a few minutes to let Mark try and cool off, waiting until she sensed his penis finally start to soften. Then, on a sudden whim, she sent a sensation of soft feathers lightly tickling and caressing his testicles. She also beamed an image of a topless Shelly into his mind’s eye, and smirked as she sensed him whimper and grip the bed even harder, his hips bucking under the sensations. But the moment he loosened his grip as he gave in and his hand started to reach towards himself, Sally sent the squeeze to his balls again, and his hand shot back, gripping the side of the bed even tighter.

Maybe Jake was right. Maybe she was turning into a bitch. She couldn’t help but smirk as she finally exited the car and entered the house, walking to her room. Mark’s room was right across from hers, and while Sally’s room had a door, complete with a lock, Mark’s had been removed years ago, a constant reminder of his lack of privacy. She could see him laying almost spread eagle beneath his blankets, eyes squeezed shut as he pretended to be asleep. In the dim light, she could even see the tent his cock made twitch in time with the tensions pulses she sensed with her power.

The bathroom they shared was adjacent to Mark’s room, and Sally took her time to brush her teeth and comb her hair, leaving the door open and making enough light noise to let Mark know that he wasn’t yet in the clear. After ten minutes of listening to Mark’s torturously hard cock throb, she finally went back to her room, locking the door loud enough for Mark to hear.

She stripped and flopped back onto her bed. After teasing Jake so much, she was so charged with energy, she wasn’t even tired. She reached down and began to caress herself, lightly stroking her inner thighs for nearly a minute, before she slipped two fingers of her left hand into her moist pussy, and used two fingers of her right to rub her clitoris in slow circles.

As she did, she intensified the feather sensations on Mark’s balls. She could practically hear the grinding of his teeth as he fought not to touch himself. Thrice, she sensed Mark crack and reach for himself, and did the ball squeeze on him, leaving him to go mad with need and no way to relieve himself. A quick check with her powers showed he hadn’t cum in nearly three weeks. Mom was being hard on him this month, for whatever reason. Probably from getting sick of sensing his hard cock all the time. If she had to put up with it, she may as well milk it for energy, right? Sally felt a bit of pity for a moment, and considered just giving him an orgasm with her magic. A quick burst of pleasure, and he’d probably shoot so hard, he’d spurt straight through the blanket, given how backed up he was.

Nah. He was her brother. That would just be weird. Instead, she increased the feather sensations a bit more and just in case, put a small orgasm block on him, just strong enough to last through the next day. Frankly, she was rather amazed he’d gone this long without one and not wet dreamed by now. Almost as amazed as she was that she was even doing this. She wasn’t sure what had possessed her to be such a bitch, but it was like once she indulged in the possibilities of dominating Jake, she suddenly felt like some kind of door had opened. It suddenly felt as though tormenting any cock within reach was the most right thing in the world.

Or maybe she was just that horny. As soon as she started touching herself, the pleasure bloomed in her core faster and more intensely than she’d ever felt. Maybe her own hormones were making her crazy.

Sally pleasured herself for nearly twenty minutes as she listened to Mark suffer in the room next door, and imagined Jake making the long, cold, embarrassing walk back to town. Finally, she came hard, gasping and giving a few sharp cries, loud enough that Mark was sure to hear it, then fell asleep to the sound of frustrated cocks humming in desperation.

The next morning, Sally was in her room reading, when Mark knocked tentatively on her door. She sensed Mark’s usual bit of resentment that Sally got to even have a door, whle his room was always open. She made a point to jiggle the lock a bit as she opened it just to drive the feeling home.

Good goddess, she was being a real bitch. She wasn’t sure what was coming over her, but she found she was enjoying herself way more than she should. She surprised a giggle when Mark forced himself to look at the floor as she revealed herself. She was wearing tight Yoga pants and a tank top, and to his utter shame, he was so sexually wired up, even seeing his own sister’s curves threatened to make him tent his shorts.

“Hey, Mark. What’s up?”

The tall, sandy-blond haired young man actually didn’t look too worse for wear, despite being up all night with an unrelenting erection and teased balls. Another benefit of the Magic, it worked its protective energies on the men, too. So, even though Mark probably didn’t get more than an hour of sleep, he wasn’t a total zombie this morning. Still, he looked rather haggard. She supposed she should have canceled the feathers before she fell asleep. Oh, well.

“Peggy’s at the door,” he said.

Peggy. Jake’s mother. Whoops. For some reason, she hadn’t even thought of what her next door neighbor’s reaction to tormenting and ditching her son would be.

“Is Jake with her?” she said.

Mark looked away, uncomfortably. “Yeah, and he’s, um, naked.”

Sally’s eyes almost widened, but she managed to keep her cool. Jake was still naked? She was sure Jake would have gotten himself dressed by now. Peggy didn’t seem the type to involve herself in her own son’s sex life. What was she up to?

Sally came to the front door and stepped out onto the porch, where Peggy stood, dressed smartly in her business suit, while Jake, red with embarrassment, did indeed stand nude behind her. He kept his gaze to the ground and tried not to flinch whenever a passing car would honk, or one of the other neighbors would give out an appreciative whistle.

Peggy got straight the point, speaking before Sally could greet them. “Sally, did you leave my son out by the cliffs and make him walk back home?”

Sally nodded. “Yeah. He punched me.”

“She was torturing me!” Jake protested finally looking up. Sally cocked an eyebrow at him, and he shrunk back, instinctively moving to cover his crotch.

Peggy’s eyes widened. “Punched you?” she turned to her son, who shrunk back even more under the two women’s gaze. “Goodness, dear, this is why you need to restrain a man when you tease him. They tend to get out of control and lash out otherwise.”

“Yeah, I know that now. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.”

“Did he hurt you?” said Peggy, cupping Sally’s face in her hand and looking more closely.

“No, actually, I barely felt it. Must have been all the energy he was giving me.”

Peggy smirked as she pulled away. “He is a rather productive young man, in that regard.”

Jake gawked at his mom. “She was torturing me!” said Jake “And she stole my clothes, my wallet, and my phone!”

Peggy turned to him. “That’s still no reason to get violent. What have I been telling you? Now that you’re of age, and playing with girls, you need to learn how to handle yourself. I know you probably didn’t mean it, but that’s not an excuse. It is never okay to hit a woman.” She paused, then smirked. “Well. Unless she wants you to.”

“But… but…”

“Frankly, I’ve been way too lenient on you,” said Peggy. “I thought you’d be more mellowed out and appreciative if I allowed you to cum regularly. But Sally just let you pop off, what, three days ago, and one little night of extra teasing turns you into a woman-beater?”

“She hit me first!” Jake said, almost yelling. “She was slapping my balls with her powers!”

Peggy glanced to Sally, who shrugged. “Were you being bad?” said Peggy.

Jake gawked even harder. “Being—no! She was making me do things I didn’t want to!”

“Like what? Nothing harmful, I would assume.”

“Making me get naked outside.”

“Like you are now?”

Jake blushed, almost as if he’d forgotten. All this time, his cock was still hard.

“Is that all? Really? You couldn’t handle that simple request? Every woman who wants can see you naked through your clothes anyway.”

“God, Mom, whose side are you on? She stole my stuff, hurt me, and ditched me in the middle of the woods!”

“I don’t think she really hurt you,” said Peggy, giving his balls a quick glance. “The powers don’t do any real damage, even if they make you ache. I should know. I’ve done things to your father that—” Peggy paused, grinned, then cleared her throat. “Well. We can talk about that some other time. Anyway, as I said, she didn’t really hurt you, and you punched her in return. I’d say ditching you was a fair enough response. I know I wouldn’t want to drive home a boy who thought it was okay to hit me.”

Jake couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His own mother was selling him out! And how was it remotely fair that the women could abuse him and use him through his penis like this, but one (completely ineffective) punch when he was going crazy, arguably in self-defense, was inexcusable?

Both women saw this thought and smiled together. Simultaneously, they said, “Because we’re the ones with the Magic, silly boy.” The two women blinked and glanced at each other, then laughed.

“Well,” said Peggy. “Great minds do think alike!”

Jake, red with anger and the embarrassing realization that their laughter was making his cock twitch back to full mast, just mumbled, “Can I please just get my stuff back?”

“Whose stuff?” said Sally.

Jake grit his teeth as his cock twitched excitedly. “Your stuff. Can I please get your stuff that I was holding back?”

“Sure,” said Sally. She went to her car, fished out the clothes, and handed them back. Jake checked that the wallet and phone were still in the pockets, his house key still in his wallet. “Anything else?”

Briefly, Jake considered asking for his twenty dollars back, too, but he would settle for his wallet and phone. He just wanted to get out of here now. “I’m sorry I hit you. Really sorry.”

“It’s alright,” she said. “I suppose I was being a bit of bitch. Next time, I’ll play nicer.”

“I don’t want to play anymore,” said Jake, turning to leave.

Peggy held up a hand, and Jake jolted to a stop as he felt something seize him by the testicles. The invisible grip twisted, forcing him to turn back around, giving a little cry of surprise.

“Jake,” said Peggy, giving him a stern look. “It is clear to me that I have been spoiling you. This little incident has taught me that you need someone to teach you humility and proper respect. I thought I was helping you, but frankly, I’ve long been more than tired of putting up with you rampantly masturbating and cumming like you own that thing between your legs. You don’t. Women do.”

“I know already!” said Jake, almost pouting.

“See? That’s what I’m talking about. Attitude.” Peggy glanced to Sally. “I’d teach him myself, but, well, he is my son. It would be awkward. Would you be interested?”

Sally’s eyes widened a bit. “Wait, you actually want me to keep playing with him?”

“If you don’t want to, that’s fine,” said Peggy. “I can find someone else, but you two have known each other for quite awhile. It makes a better impact when it’s a girl the boy knows.”

Sally smiled. “I would love to keep learning with your son.”

Jake looked mortified. “No! Mom! Please, no! I’ll be good, I promise! I don’t need some kind of trainer!”

“You really don’t have a choice, I’m afraid,” said Peggy. “This was going to happen at some point anyway. If I don’t hook you up with a girl to humble you now, you could wind up freaking out and doing something terrible, and then you’ll really be punished. You could wind up on the Bench or even serve time at Tlazol.”

Jake went pale as a ghost. He’d heard of both things, the stuff of a poor, teased boy’s nightmares. The Bench was a sort of modern day stocks, where men who’d committed small crimes (or just seriously pissed off their mistresses) were kept nude and frozen in the town square and teased relentlessly by every woman in town as they walked by, to the point of insanity. Their own town hadn’t implemented the practice yet, but a few of the surrounding towns had. There were talks already of a Bench being constructed for their own town in the coming months.

As for the Tlazol Correctional Facility, it was a special prison designed for men with particularly egregious crimes against women. Professional Sex Mage Tormentors utterly destroyed the men there with their magic for days on end. Even though the sentences were short, barely more than a month at maximum, every man who left had experienced several lifetimes worth of sexual torture without relief. It boasted a 100% reformation success rate, as no man in their right mind would ever do anything to warrant a return there. Of course, “right mind” wasn’t always guaranteed upon release. And it was an open secret that sometimes, even innocent men could be sent there under “special circumstances,” usually involving a rich woman and some under the table arrangements against a male political or business rival. Or ex-husband.

Both women laughed again, seeing Jake’s cock throb despite his terror. “Oh, don’t worry, dear,” said Peggy. “Just learn to be a good boy, and it’ll never happen.”

Defeated, Jake said, “Okay, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, first things first,” said Peggy. “Sorry to cut in immediately, Sally, but I’d like some new rules, myself. No touching yourself anymore. I’ll just reinforce the spell Sally already put on you.” Jake flinched as he felt her magic tingle over his hands and cock. “You can touch your penis only for washing and urinating purposes. The moment you attempt any sort of masturbation, your hands will be pulled away from yourself. Oh, and just to be safe, no trying to hump things, either.” Another flinch as the tingles swept over his hips.

“Secondly,” Peggy continued, “say good bye to your orgasms.” A jolt to his balls, and Jake stumbled in place.

“What?” he said. “No, come on! Please don’t block me!”

“Orgasm denial is a way of life for men, dear,” said Peggy. “Sorry, but it really is. You’re exceptionally lucky that I let you go this long. You know, in some Queendoms, most boys’ orgasms are sealed before they even learn to masturbate! And then, once they discover that, that’s taken away, too.”

“Jimmy and Aaron have never had a real orgasm in their life,” chimed in Sally, referring to the teen boys who lived across town. “Jimmy’s had a handful of ruined ones, Aaron not even that.”

“You’re not really going to take them away forever, are you?” Jake’s voice was small, but his cock was now at full mast. God, why was his penis so ready to utterly betray him?

“Of course not,” said Peggy. “You’re just never going to be able to reach them on your own. For now, you will cum when Sally decides you can. And, maybe, I’ll give you a break on special occasions. But don’t come to me begging for your orgasms! That would just be weird.” She looked to Sally. “Is that agreeable to you?”

Sally nodded, smiling. “Of course!”

“Good,” said Peggy. “Now, then. Anything you’d like to add, dear?”

Sally thought for a moment. “Well, even if he can’t masturbate, what’s stopping him from just forcing himself on a woman?”

Peggy smiled. “There are spells to prevent men from attempting to initiate sex, but don’t worry. No masturbation or humping translates into a general ‘no self-pleasure’ protocol. So he won’t be able to try and have sex with you or anyone purely for his own needs. He may try to seduce you, but he can’t attempt rape, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“But you can rape us,” muttered Jake under his breath. Both women heard him anyway.

“That would imply that thing between your legs actually belonged to you,” said Sally, and the two women chuckled. “It’s like stealing, yeah? It isn’t theft if it already belongs to you.”

Then, suddenly, Sally and Peggy became very aware of a second cock erecting to full mast, and of an extremely needy young man fighting to will his traitorous penis down. Both women could sense Mark in the kitchen, our of sight, but next to the open window adjacent to the porch. The women’s conversation had drifted within Mark’s hearing, and despite himself, he was aroused by their discussion of women’s power, and how easily they were making Jake’s life a living sexual hell with just a few casual decisions.

“Mark’s having it rough still, I see,” Peggy said quietly.

“Yeah,” said Sally. “He really needs someone to take a load off for him.”

“Poor guy,” said Peggy. “Maybe I’ll go inside and say hello. I swear he’s been hiding from me lately.” She winked at Sally. “Jake can tell me of your rules later.”

“Be my guest,” said Sally, winking back, opening the door for Peggy.

Jake stood there, wanting to warn Mark of his impending doom, but knew it was pointless and would likely just get him punished again. He just stood there, sulking, holding his clothes. “You know, most guys would have gotten dressed by now.”

Jake almost jumped at the realization. He’d been naked for so long, he’d almost gotten used to it. He dropped his clothes and started to put them on, but Sally held up a hand. “Uh-uh. Don’t bother. I want you naked. Whether you’re at your house or mine, or even out on our yards, you stay nude.”

“Seriously?” said Jake. “It’s going to be winter in a few months!”

“Just for now,” said Sally. “You need to get used to your vulnerability.” She smiled slightly as she sensed Mark’s penis jolt. He’d tried to retreat to the far side of the house, into the laundry room, but Peggy had unerringly tracked him down by the psychic hum of his erection. He’d been just about to try touching himself again when Peggy caught him, sneaking up on him and tapping him on the shoulder. Mark hadn’t even gotten his shorts off yet.

“Vulnerability my ass!” said Jake. Apparently, he had a bit more spine without his mother around, or at least when only faced with one woman instead of two. “It doesn’t matter if I’m naked or not, you can still do your freaky magic on me!”

“That’s true, but that’s not the point,” said Sally. “Like I was telling you last night: Total control. Nothing you can do. So, you’ll do as I say, or I’ll make you.” Jake scowled. “Remember the mouths from last night? I can do those at any time. I can make the sensations ten times as intense. A hundred times, if I want. And I can make them last for days instead of minutes. You’ll be providing energy for the whole town by that point!”

“Yes, I get it, you can edge me,” said Jake.

Sally smirked. “You really have no idea. I can do other things, too. I sensed some of the stuff your mom does to your dad. You know her favorite way to make him cum?”

Jake didn’t want to hear about his parents’ sex lives, or of the ways women could torment a man, but he figured it best to be informed of potential punishments. “She makes him get on his hands and knees and suck her toes,” said Sally. “And she uses phantom fingers and tongues to dig around in his asshole, tickling his prostate. Then makes him beg for cummies in a girly voice. I’ve sensed his thoughts. He wants to absolutely die from the emasculation, but it feels so good, he’s utterly helpless to enjoy it. She’ll work his ass like that for hours, until he’s kneeling in a whole puddle of his own precum before she finally lets him explode. Then she makes him lick it all up.”

Jake let out a shuddering gasp. His cock was diamond-hard just listening to that story, but he feared experiencing it for himself. Sally laughed. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m not really into butt stuff myself. Yet.” She tapped her chin in thought. “Hmm. What else should I make a rule?”

As they talked, Sally sensed Mark go down on his knees. His shorts were now at his ankles, his penis freely bobbing in the air. She sensed Mark’s cock throbbing at the edge of release as Peggy teased him with expert spells. Such light, gentle, feather-like caresses in just the right spots, and Mark was almost as worked up as Jake had been under Sally’s phantom mouths. Sally could sense her brother jerking in place, hips bucking, giving out small whimpering gasps ad Peggy talked sweetly to him, but refused to let him climax.

Between Mark and Jake’s cocks blaring their need at her in full stereo, she found herself getting rather wet. She wasn’t ready to give Jake the satisfaction of her body yet, and of course, she wasn’t about to do anything with Mark, even if Peggy wasn’t already playing with him.

“I have an idea,” said Sally. “As well as being naked, whenever you’re in my presence, you must keep your body no higher than my pussy.” Jake gave her a perplexed look. Sally tapped her own crotch. “You can’t stand, or kneel, or sit, any higher than this.”

Jake took a second to process exactly what she meant, then hesitantly got down on his hands and knees. Looking up at her, he said, “Like this?”

Sally stepped up to him, until her crotch was right up against his face. Kneeling down, his nose came just an inch short of her clitoris. Jake swallowed hard, being nearer to her sex than he’d ever been. Sally smiled, then put a hand on his head, and pushed his head down until he was looking at the floor, and the back of his head was just below her crotch.

“There, like that,” said Sally.

Jake started to raise his head, “But I can’t see forward if—”

She lightly batted the back of his head, and he lowered it quickly. “You’ll figure it out,” she said.

Behind her, she heard a tremendous shout, and sensed a massive burst of sexual energy, as Mark’s penis exploded in orgasm. Sally turned her attention to her sexual senses, and saw the scene of Mark also on his hands and knees, Peggy smirking over him, as the surgically precise feather sensations along his cock and balls, and the sensual phantom sensations of a tongue rimming his asshole, caused him to hose the laundry room floor down like it was on fire.

After nearly a minute of bone-crushingly intense orgasmic spasms, Peggy allowed Mark to collapse face first onto the floor, utterly drenching himself in his own seed, barely conscious. She heard, through sensing Mark’s thoughts, Peggy lean down and whisper, “Good, good boy. Good boy. Now, when you can move again, make sure the floor is nice and clean for your mother. Use your tongue to clean out the corners if you have to.”

Sally shook her head with a grin, wondering what Peggy’s obsession with butt-play and floor-licking was all about, but unable to deny the results.

“What was that noise?” asked Jake.

“Mark got a little treat,” said Sally. “And if you want a little treat, you’ll be a good boy like him. Understand?” Jake, blushing, his penis hard with lustful envy, nodded. “Alright, you can get up now. But when I say, ‘down, boy’, you will return to this position below my pussy without a single moment’s hesitation. And you will stay there until I say otherwise. Understand?”

Jake got to his feet and said, “Yes.”

Sally frowned. “Yes what?”

“Yes, Mistress. Sorry. Sorry, Mistress.”


Peggy finally returned. “I think your brother is going to be out for a while, but he should be a bit more relaxed now. Hopefully your mother won’t mind.”

“Guess we’ll find out,” said Sally.

Peggy smiled at her still nude son, and a quick scan of his mind told her everything. “Ooooh, nice rules! We’ll save on laundry for sure!”

Jake blushed. “Mom, come on, quit it.” His cock still twitched.

“Well,” said Peggy. “What do you think? He hasn’t tried to clock you one again, and he seems to have accepted his place for now. Do you want to cut him a break and let him pop one?”

Jake’s eyes widened a bit and he looked at Sally hopefully. Sally shook her head. “Fuck no. Not for two more weeks, at least.” The dejected look on Jake’s face made both women laugh.

“Alright, well, unless there’s anything else for Jake to do for you, we’ll be heading home,” said Peggy.

“Sure thing. Take care, Jake! Don’t get mad and punch your mom!”

“He’d never cum again in his whole life if he did!”

Both women chuckled again as Jake wordlessly gathered his things and followed his mother back to their house. Sally went back inside and returned to her room, locking the door. For the second time in twelve hours, she stripped down, lay on her bed and masturbated. This time, she paced herself more, nearly forty minutes of slow, then vigorous, then slow, then vigorous rubbing. She got so into it, that as she felt the pleasure pulse through her core, waves of sexual signals emanated from her body, activating every penis in range.

In the laundry room, her brother’s penis, half-flaccid and sore from his mighty orgasm, surged to full mast, growing torturously hard. He was still too out of it to react much. She could sense Jake’s penis respond, still hard and aching, now quivering with too much tension, until he was squirming and gasping. Her other male neighbors, as far as three houses away in all directions, found their own cocks growing unbearably hard. A few started masturbating to try and take care of themselves, but most were unable to, either because spells prevented it, or their wives or girlfriends ordered them not to, leaving them white-knuckle gripping their desks or chairs. She even sensed a couple of those poor helpless cocks start to get teased by magic from other women, though she had no idea who. She didn’t care. She pleasured herself to three powerful orgasms of her own, each sending a shockwave of edging signals to all the men in range.

Then she cleaned up, dressed, and decided it would be a lovely day to do a bit of shopping.

Sally opted to walk to the business district, only half a mile away from her house. Her town was small enough it didn’t really have a good “shopping area”, but the town square was sufficient for most. Among the stores was a bookstore where her friend Shelly worked.

Well, “worked” and “bookstore” might be overstatements. The store made more sales on coffee than it did on books, which most people read at the store anyway and there was usually barely any customer traffic during the weekdays. Still, the store kept puttering along. If nothing else, it was a nice weekend hangout, and the town liked their little comfort spots.

As she walked, she couldn’t help but sense more sexual activities through her mystic awareness. Her mother had warned her that the rush of sensations could be overwhelming, that she would need some time to adjust, but despite only having her powers for six weeks, Sally found she was already getting quite used to it all.

Rather than being shocked by constant sensing of hard cocks and male fantasies, like most women supposedly were, she more surprised to see just how active the women of her town were with their magic. Even growing up and seeing signs of the women’s teasing, and the occasional man forced to walk around naked as a punishment, she’d never quite considered just how constantly inundated the men were.

Maybe they would be horny all the time anyway, but Sally was quickly learning that it was probably impossible for the guys not to be constantly worked up, as she sensed just how much they were played with. Since getting her powers, she’d been sensing no less than a dozen guys getting utterly wrecked by their women throughout any given day. Growing up next to Jake, who’d been allowed regular orgasms, and with her half-brother, who had been permitted semi-regular releases himself, she hadn’t realized just how rampant the cock teasing in town was.

She’d assumed, for the most part, that guys were just naturally super horny all the time, and that provoked the women to play with them as much as they did. Turns out, horny as the guys were, it was the women who were really the provocateurs. Of course, it was more fun to pretend otherwise; it gave the women plenty of excuses, let them play coy and innocent while they scolded the boys for their “lack of self-control.” And if the boys tried to call the girls on their bullshit? Well, that just gave the women even more reasons to “retaliate.”

She’d probably have felt more sorry for the guys if sensing their desperation didn’t happen to feel so damned good. It was a shame, really, that the two closest boys in her life had missed out so much! She’d certainly have to do her part to fix that little anomaly.

Speaking of rampant cock teasing, she could sense a penis achingly hard and repeatedly failing to cum as she neared the bookstore. As she walked in, she traced the psychic tension hum to the apartment upstairs. “Someone’s having fun,” Sally said.

Shelly was at the counter looking bored, but smiled brightly when she noticed Sally. “Yeah,” she said. “Todd got a little handsy this morning, after told him his hands are grounded for a week. I’m giving him a piece of my mind.”

“What piece?” said Sally.

“The piece that feels like my ass grinding against his cock,” said Shelly. The two girls chuckled. Shelly sent an extra zap of pleasure at Todd, straight through the ceiling and the girls heard a thump as the man bounced his hips off the floor, producing another round of chuckles.

Todd officially owned the store, inheriting it from his parents last year after they’d moved away. The twenty-three year old now lived in the apartment above it. He hadn’t been seen much since Shelly, his only fulltime employee, had gained her magic barely a month ago. Apparently, he’d been masturbating to her Facebook and Twitpic pictures for a while, and had never considered the consequences for when Shelly gained the ability to read his mind through his dick.

Shelly hadn’t exactly minded, but there were proper customs and protocols to catching a boy jerking it to your image without your permission. Now it was understood that, all but officially, the store and apartment belonged to Shelly, as did Todd’s penis and testicles. And she’d certainly wasted no time practicing her magic on the man.

“So, I heard you put Jake in his place last night,” said Shelly. “Becky said she caught him walking home naked. Gave the guy a ride out of the park, but booted him back onto the sidewalk once they reached town.”

“That was nice of her,” said Sally, slightly sarcastic.

“Well, you could have given him his shoes back,” said Shelly. “Making him walk on gravel and dirt barefoot was mean. The healing power of the magic doesn’t kick in for the guy if you’re not actively teasing him.”

Sally frowned. “Fine. I’ll tease him extra hard next time to help him out.”

Shelly grinned. “Atta girl. So, how far have you gotten with him? You know, physically.”

“Haven’t even touched him,” she said. “He still hasn’t touched me, either. Or seen me.”

“You tease,” said Shelly with a giggle. “I’ve at least let Todd see me naked. Let him masturbate while looking at me.”

“And here I thought you were mad about him jacking it over you.”

Shelly laughed. “Only when he kept trying to do it with my pictures. It’s much more fun in person. Especially when he’s begging to pop and the only magic I need is a little orgasm block to keep him on edge, while he does all the work.” The two girls chuckled as Shelly sent another sharp pleasure zap at Todd, and another thump came through the ceiling, as well as a muffled moaning.

“So was Jake pretty pissed?” said Shelly.

“Oh, I’m sure,” said Sally. “Doesn’t matter, though. I’m officially his mistress now.”


“Oh, yeah. His mom marched him, still nude, over to my house, and we talked about it. She wants me to take control of him.”

Shelly’s eyes widened. “Oh, wow. Really?”

“Yeah.” She shrugged. “I dunno if I really want to keep him long term, but for now it’s handy to have carte blanche on a boy. Especially one next door. Most of the guys in town are taken as soon as they’re legal.”

“What about your half-bro?” said Shelly.

Sally rolled her eyes. “Gross,” she said.

“Not too gross, I would imagine. Pretty sure that was you putting my tits in his mind’s eye last night.”

Sally laughed. “Heat of the moment,” she said. “Not a brother-fucker.”

“Aw, he ain’t that bad. And he’s only half.”

“Half enough.” Sally rolled her eyes again. “Sheesh, you want to see him teased so much, you do it.”

“Aw, I got Todd,” said Shelly. Another invisible zap, and Todd pounded his fists on the floor above in sensual agony. The girls giggled as they could hear muffled pleas, though his thoughts were very loud and clear in their minds as he begged for mercy.

“Yeah,” said Sally. To her senses, Todd’s cock was all but screaming like a banshee from the sexual tension, his balls throwing off sensual mystic heat like they were literally on fire. “Might want to give him a break, let him breathe a little.”

“Oh, fine. I guess two hours is enough to make my point.” Shelly flicked a finger towards the ceiling, and Sally could sense her spells canceling, releasing Todd from the unbearably intense stimulation. But not, of course, releasing his orgasm block.

“So, anything to recommend?” Sally said, waving at the shelves of books. “Almost finished with my current read.”

“Just the usual trash fantasy and sci-fi schlock and boring ass biographies,” said Shelly, giving the shelves a dismissive wave.

“Hmmm,” said Sally, glancing over a shelf next to the counter. This particular row was the “impulse buy” shelf, which regularly had its contents rotated for different recommendations and the occasional new release that Todd was able to acquire. Nothing in particular grabbed her attention this week, however.

Several minutes later, Todd came half-stumbling downstairs, his hair damp from a cold shower that did nothing to shrink his raging boner. But girls snickered as they saw the enormous bulge in his shorts, the head resting just above to waistband to try and keep it from poking forward. Todd looked frazzled as he said, “Jesus Christ, I told you it was an accident! I was half asleep! You don’t have to try and kill me with…” He trailed off as he noticed Sally, and gulped.

Both girls could immediately see Todd flush, and sense the pulse of his cock. From his mind, they could see a recent sexual memory of Todd kneeling, masturbating in front of Shelly, all while making him confess fantasies of a threesome with the two friends. Sally looked at Shelly with a half-surprised, half-amused expression.

“Oh, uh, hey Sally…” he said. He shifted uncomfortably, as his cock throbbed. “I, um, I’m gunna make some more coffee…”

“Just made a fresh pot, hun,” said Shelly. “Why don’t you re-organize the books again.”

Todd, still flushed, nodded and turned away, hurrying off to the far corner of the store. Sally grinned as she turned back to Shelly. “I guess I’m not the only one using my own friends to dick around with guys.”

“It’s why we get along so much,” said Shelly with a laugh.

At that moment, three young men came in, each barring a longbox of cards. Mike, David, and John, a brunette, a blond, and a redhead, respectively. The three guys, barely eighteen, noticed the two young women at the desk, nodded and blushed a little, then shuffled over to the far table. Pulling out decks, they started to set up a game.

“What’s with them?” said Sally, in low voice.

Shelly shrugged. “They come here to play their Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! or whatever, to get out of the house. Becky says it’s to get away from the girls always teasing them.”

Sally grinned. “Really?” She glanced at the boys, who were making a point to focus on their cards, even though she could tell Mike and John were sneaking glances at her and Shelly. David probably would, too, if his back hadn’t been turned.

“So, picked up any good tricks yet?” said Sally, raising her voice. She maintained a casual conversation volume, but the store was small enough the boys could hear her if they weren’t talking themselves. At present, they were sporadically muttering out the names of their cards as they played them.

Shelly grinned back, catching on. “Actually, yeah. I’ve been going to an orgasm denial forum, classic site from before the Magic appeared. There’s a whole plethora of stuff their. For example, you know how when we masturbate, if we’re into it enough, we start throwing out signals that make guys hard?”

Sally smiled, remembering how she’d done just that not even an hour ago. “Yeah?”

“Well, there’s instructions on how to broadcast that signal with just your thoughts, no masturbating required,” said Shelly. “Here.” She switched her tablet from the e-reader to the browser, and searched for the forum thread. “There’s this one girl who said she and ten of her friends went to a nearby community college, and sat in the computer labs of the school. They pretended to work on some papers, and all the while started broadcasting the signal. Ah, here it is.” She showed Sally the page, and Sally took the tablet, skimming over the forum post.

The three boys, meanwhile, upon hearing about girls masturbating, immediately started getting hard. Shelly and Sally bit back giggles as they sensed the boys trying desperately to think about Magic and pinching their arms to try and will their cocks down. But it was hopeless as the two girls continued, sensing the psychic hum of their erections grow louder.

Shelly continued. “They had over 500 guys crying for mercy, and they just did not stop. The girl and one of her friends are supposedly Megamis, so none of the other women could cut their signals off, and being bolstered by the other girls in their group, it was a total cock massacre! They had to shut the school down for the day.”

Sally whistled and nodded. “That’s pretty fucking impressive.”

“That’s fucking hot,” said Shelly. “Imagine, the two of us, plus Becky, Jenny, and Heather, if we went to the mall and started doing that. I wonder how many guys would be whipping their dicks out of their pants to try and relieve themselves?” She giggled. “If any were even allowed or able.”

The boys were fully hard now and shifted in their seats. Todd, as well, was throbbing in the other corner of the store. The boys looked almost pained. Sally could sense it had been a couple weeks since any of them had orgasmed, though Mike was distinctly more tense. Focusing on their cards didn’t help much; she could see in the boys’ minds that they each had a couple cards with sexy women on them.

Sally shook her head. Boys really were idiots. Why try to distract yourself from your dick by waving sexy pictures in front of your face? Despite how tense the boys sounded, and the sour faces they made as they struggled to get comfortable with their rock hard cocks straining their pants, she couldn’t find much pity for them if they were going to be so dumb.

“I don’t think we’re that strong, even five of us,” said Sally. “Not enough to stop other women from cutting us off.”

Shelly chuckled. “You kidding? Haven’t you been sensing all the teasing that goes on in town? I’d be amazed if half the women didn’t join us! Mmm, just imagine every hot thing in town thinking ‘hard’ all at once at every boy they could think of.”

There was a low moan at the boys’ table as Mike’s hips jerked in his seat. The other two gave him a wary look as Mike looked like he was about to cum in pants! Both girls glanced at him, and they could sense he was being stimulated. Not by either of them, but some mystery woman from who knows where in town.

The two girls laughed. “Case in point,” Shelly said, as Mike dropped his cards and gripped the table, gasping. “You make a mess, you clean it up!” she called out. Mike could only grit his teeth and shake his head, while John and David sat frozen, waiting to see if they’d be next. Todd, meanwhile, looked about to double over with how hard his cock was, especially after Shelly’s two-hour “lesson.”

“Stop… please…” begged Mike softly.

“Yeah, come on, we just want to play our game,” said John.

Sally frowned a bit. “Hey, we’re not doing anything. Just having a conversation. You’re the ones perving out.”

John opened his mouth to protest, but closed it. He stared at his cards, and Mike let out a huff as the stimulation on his ceased. Perhaps his mysterious groper had heard him or had only intended a quickie. Or she’d wanted to stop before Mike got a chance to stain his pants. David grumbled something.

“What was that, Davey?” called Shelly.

David frozen, swallowed, then took a breath and said, “I said fucking cunts.”

Shelly’s eyes widened in mock shock, as John and Mike’s eyes bugged out. “Goodness me,” she said. “Such language!”

“David, you asshole!” hissed John. “Now she’s going to fuck with all of us!”

“I don’t care!” said David, throwing down his cards. “Jesus, we can’t go anywhere and just get some fucking peace from these bitches.”

Shelly frowned, shared a glance with Sally, who went up to the table. She sat down at the fourth seat, back to the window, and smiled sympathetically at the boys. “Now, now. There’s no reason for name calling.” Her voice was honeyed, yet held a note of condescension, like a teacher almost enjoying disciplining a disruptive student. The three boys looked at her almost fearfully, even David despite his apparent bravado.

“You seem super-frustrated, all of you,” said Sally. “And we women aren’t without mercy.” She glanced at the cards. “Magic, huh? Never played it myself.” She scooped up some of the dropped cards from Mike and Dave, shuffling through them, but not really looking at them. Instead, she focused on the pulsing throb of their erections, rock hard despite their apparent frustration at their situation. She set the cards down on the table, not bothering to re-separate them.

She continued, “Alright, boys, I’ll show a bit of feminine mercy. Shelly?” The redheaded girl at the counter nodded, smiling. “How about the first one of these guys who wins a total of three games gets a nice hard orgasm from us.” The guys’ eyes widened in surprise, and she looked to each of them. “We’ll both use our powers to pop open your orgasm blocks and give you a psychic double-blow job until you shoot.”

She held up a hand with two fingers raised. “Two conditions. One, you have to play with your pants off. And the two losers have to clean up your mess.” The boys’ eyes got even wider, and Sally immediately sensed a cold spike of disgust and fear as “clean up” immediately made them think of licking up their own spunk. Apparently Peggy was far from the only woman in town who liked that idea. Instead Sally laughed, “No, not with your tongues, you queer-lords. I’m sure Shelly can spare a few napkins.” The boys audibly sighed with relief.

“Don’t get any on my books, or you’re buying them!” Shelly said with a chuckle. She glanced over at Todd, who looked mortified and at the same time jealous. He wanted to ask if he could join the game, but Shelly could see in his mind that he didn’t know how to play, and he knew Shelly would somehow sabotage him if he tried.

“Just, uh, just one of us?” said David. “We can’t, um, each win three and—”

“Just one,” said Sally, firmly. “Otherwise, you guys might cheat and try to help each other win, and where’s the fun in that.”

The three boys exchanged glances. Three horny as fuck young men, friends since they were little, connected in their mutual suffering at the hands of the women in town. Any alliance they might have had was almost instantly shattered at the promise of an orgasm. Sally held back a laugh. This is why boys always lose, she thought. Sexual competition. Get a man horny enough, and even the strongest bond of bros will break, and a guy will sell out every friend he has for a chance to cum. Especially now, in a world where sexual relief was solely in the hands of women.

For just a moment, it seemed like the boys might hold out. But even knowing the wicked tricks women played, their genitals would here none of it, demanding each young man look out for himself. The boys stood and, blushing, pulled their pants down, letting them drop to their knees. “You can’t use your powers to cheat either,” said David, trying to sound stern.

“Well, you don’t get to make the rules, so yes, we can,” said Sally. She held her hand up to silence protest before it could start. “But rest assured, we won’t. And if other women interfere, we’ll try to block them. Or failing that, we’ll pause the game until their spells pass, okay?”

Already committed, the boys were in little position to protest, so they reshuffled their decks and started anew. Sally got up from the table and went back to chat with Shelly. As she did, she pulled out her phone, and made a few text messages to other friends.

The game went long, nearly four hours. A couple times, the boys simply ended up deadlocked in their matches. But other times, the boys had to stop as they found their cocks assaulted by phantom touches, sucks, licks, and feathers, coaxing them to the edge for minutes at a time. Shelly and Sally, being too new to using magic, found out they “couldn’t block other women’s signals very well.” Which was only partially true. They did try, Sally just hadn’t specified how much effort they’d put into it. And besides, why would she want to spoil the fun of all her friends she’d invited to secretly tease some helpless cocks at the bookstore?

David kept accusing the two of cheating, but of course, Sally and Shelly kept their word that they weren’t using their magic to tease the boys. Nevertheless, each was randomly targeted, sometimes for only a few seconds, other times for several minutes, at varying intervals throughout the game, necessitating frequent pauses.

Todd couldn’t take anymore, watching from the sidelines. He tried to retreat back upstairs, but Shelly would drag him back, tugging his cock with her magic, to make him stay and enjoy the show. No other customers showed up during the time, but several women passing by the window took the opportunity to take pictures of the scene from outside and laugh.

Red with embarrassment and frequent teasing, the boys squirmed and puffed and shuddered there way through six games. Miraculously, each boy had won two thus far, with the last game ending in a stalemate. A statistical anomaly, perhaps. Perhaps subtle influence from the absent friends playing from afar.

The boys were now in game seven, for once, their cocks were being left alone as the game ground on. All three were playing defensive strategies, and no one was getting anywhere. At this point, it was likely each boy was going to run out of cards before they lost enough life points. A loss either way, but working down one’s deck one draw per turn was certainly the most tedious way. And that suited Shelly and Sally just fine.

They’d stopped chatting now, even about Sex Mage tricks they could practice just to rile the boys up, and were watching the display of horny male stubbornness as the three boys glared at each other over their cards. Each was stretching out their turn, maybe hoping, praying, that one of the other two would crack under the suspense and give up. But of course, all three were so hopped up on arousal, one single finger tap from the edge just from the hours of teasing, and the time since their last release, none of them were going to give in. Their cocks and balls weren’t going to let them.

Finally, David’s turn came up, and he pulled a trump card. In one move, he wiped all the cards from all three of them off the board, reducing all their hit points to 1. A dangerous gamble, leaving all three of them vulnerable, but at an equal stand off. It would take at least two more rounds to draw enough cards from what remained of their decks to do any damage. And even with a perfect draw, attacking one player would leave the boy open to being attacked by the other.

A round of draws. David’s eyes lit up as he got a land card, critical to playing the other cards in the game. The other two boys looked crestfall as they drew regular spell cards, useless without a land card. Another round of draws. David pumped his fist. A one-cost attack spell. He could knock out one of the others. He paused, glancing between John and Mike. His next decision could cost him a friendship. He swallowed, pulled a quarter from the pocket of his pants around his ankles, and flipped it. He picked Mike.

“Fuck!” yelled Mike. He jumped up from the table and his hands gripped the edges, about to flip it. But as he rose, the end of his dick smacked against the edge, and he grunted, backing off and cupping himself instead. Sally and Shelly stifled a laugh. Shelly used a thread of magic to make the pain in Mike’s dick fade away, at least sparing the boy that much.

Now David and John were staring each other down. David’s turn was over, and John was moving to draw a card. He hesitated. Even if he would draw a land card, the attack spell in his hand would cost three land to use. The best he could hope for was drawing three land or drawing a land and a one-cost spell, and pray David didn’t get another one-cost of his own.

John drew. Another spell card. He swore. David drew. Another land. Not bad, per say. But a spell would have been better. John drew. Land card, finally. David drew. Another land. David swore this time, and John drew again, hopeful. Another land. Looking good. David drew. Another fucking land!

And then, the tongues started up. Both boys stiffened as phantom tongues wetly, lightly licked at their cocks. They grit their teeth and tried to ignore the sensations. They weren’t going to pause the game now, no way!

John drew again. Another spell card, too costly to use. David drew. A spell card! He grinned, even as he gasped and squirmed in his seat. He raised his hand to play the card, and John looked crestfallen.

And suddenly, Mike snatched the card and tore in half. The other two boys, Todd, and even Shelly and Sally gawked at them. Mike was fuming, his own cock twitching and jerking as he also felt the tongues.

David jumped up and socked Mike in the face. John backed up from the fight, scrambling to pull his pants up, as Mike and David fell to the floor, kicking the table and chairs aside as they grappled with each other, anger briefly letting them ignore the phantom tongues, and even the fact that their cocks were smacking against one anothers’ legs.

“Hey!” yelled Shelly. “No fighting! Stop that!” She cast a spell, and the magic seized the two boys by their cocks, freezing their bodies. She lifted her hands and pulled them apart, and the two boys floated into the air and away from each other. Each was still struggling, both just to break free, and then to clobber the other.

“Well!” said Sally, laughing as she went over to straighten up the furniture. “I think that’s a forfeit, don’t you, Shell?”

“Oh, definitely!” said Shelly, grinning once more. “Naughty-naughty boys! I thought you wanted to cum, and instead you just want to make a different sort of mess!” She set the two down each on a chair at opposite sides of the store, their pants still around the ankles, their cocks still beet red with tension.

John looked up hopefully. “So, if David forfeits, do I win?”

“Fuck you!” yelled David, face red with anger. “I was about to win! I was about to kill your ass! That shouldn’t count!”

“Well, you didn’t actually play your card, David,” chided Sally. David opened his mouth to yell again, but Sally pointed at him, and his mouth snapped shut. She turned to John. “And you didn’t actually win, not really. David still had a point left.”

John’s eyes welled up in tears. “No, come on,” he said. He got down on his knees. “PLEASE! Tell me you’re not that evil! Come on, you have to follow through sometime! You can’t just set us up and tease us this long and leave us all hanging! You promised one of us could cum!”

“Oh, silly boy, leaving you hanging is what it’s all about!” laughed Shelly.

“Come on, Shell,” said Todd from his corner. “They’re too young for this shit. You’re gunna fuck them up for life.”

Shelly rolled her eyes. “They’re eighteen. That’s the official age of no-holds-barred!”

“Aw, Todd has a point,” said Sally. “They’re not even ours anyway. We should be nice and let one of them pop, like we said.”

“Well, who? Mike lost flat out, and David’s not getting my vote for almost breaking my window.” Shelly motioned to the chair David had shoved aside to get at Mike, the back of it leaning against the large shop window. There wasn’t a crack, but an obvious scuff mark had been made.

“John kept himself under control,” said Sally. “Let’s let him.”

“Oh, fine,” said Shelly. She raised her hand to cast a spell, but Sally held up a hand, one finger extended this time, a mischievous grin returning to her face.

“But, he didn’t outright win, either. So. If we’re going to do this, I call for one more condition.” Sally eyed all three boys with wicked amusement as she pulled out her phone and selected the camera option.

A few minutes later, John left the bookstore with a slightly swaying limp, his body looking relaxed, but his face red with shame and emotional confusion. Another minute later, Mike and David left the store, their faces red with helpless anger, rigidly limping from the ache in their loins, and spitting and gagging furiously. They glared venomously at John, then at each other, before picking different directions and storming off, leaving behind all their cards and the laughter of two wicked young women.

When Sally got home, she saw Mark was scrubbing away the cum stains from the laundry room floor. Either he’d cum more than humanly possible (certainly magically possible, though), or he’d been passed out all day from the intensity of his climax. He was, thankfully, spared the fate of having to lick the floor clean, and instead was permitted to use an old toothbrush to clean out the corners. Mark glanced up at Sally as she stopped at the door, and she smiled a little, causing Mark to blush fiercely. He lowered his head and resumed scrubbing.

“How’re you feeling, champ?” said Sally, squatting down to be at his eye level.

Mark’s blush maintained. “Go away,” he said.

“Come on, don’t be like that,” she said. She reached out and pat his head, ruffling his hair, as if he were the younger sibling. “I don’t think I’ve seen a guy blow a load that huge before. You must be pretty relieved, yeah?”

“Get away!” he said, batting her hand away, though gently. “I don’t want to talk about it with you. It’s gross when it’s you.”

“How do you think I feel? It’s hard not to watch these days.” She tapped her head.

Mark scowled and looked away from her. Sally glanced around. “Looks clean enough,” she said. “I think you can stop.”

“Mom’s home,” he said. “She said we’re going to have a talk when I’m done.”

“Ah, delaying the inevitable, huh?” said Sally. She smirked. “But then, isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Mark blanched and shuddered, immediately getting her meaning. She sensed him feel a twinge of revulsion at the knowledge that her curves had gotten him hard that morning. “Would you just get lost? Please?”

Sally sighed, then stood, but still had an amused look on her face. “Alright, big brother. You go have fun with mom, then.” She walked out of the laundry room, and moved deeper into the house.

Abby, her mother, was sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine, while the TV played on low volume. She was a petite woman with round, dorky looking glasses and a frizzy black hairdo. A few inches shorter than Sally herself, dressed in frumpy, loose clothing that hid her slim figure, she looked older than she was, even though Sex Magic made her body as fit and healthy as someone half her age. Abby never talked much about sex, didn’t even seem to care for it much, but couldn’t complain about the benefits the magic gave her, even if having to sense her own son’s rampant horniness annoyed her all the time.

“Peggy called me, told me about your little adventures,” said Abby.

“And about the huge puddle she made with Mark’s cock?” said Sally with a smirk.

The older woman sighed. “I suppose I’ve been keeping him bottled up too much, just to keep from seeing him jerk it. Guess I should be grateful she wrung him out real good. Maybe the next couple weeks his balls will stay at low volume.” She chuckled. “Maybe I should ask Peggy to do that every weekend, in exchange for her dumping her son on you.”

“Aw, Jake’s alright,” said Sally. “He knows his place.”

“I don’t want you sneaking him into the house at night, you hear me?” she said. “I can sense him loud and clear from his own house. Right next to my bedroom, and I won’t get any sleep.”

“I can keep taking him out to the cliffs, if you want,” she said.

“You should have told me that’s what you were doing,” said Abby.

“Just practicing my powers. It’s not like I’m fucking him.”

“Good. Teasing is one thing, but once it turns into fucking, well, that’s a whole extra set of baggage.”

Sally rolled her eyes. “Come on, not every guy out there is Dad, okay? I’m not gunna let myself get—” she stopped as Abby raised an eyebrow at her. She cleared her throat and continued, “I’ll be careful, alright? I haven’t even let him touch me yet. And even if we did fuck, he can’t get me pregnant, and almost no one has STDs anymore.”

“I meant emotionally, Sal,” said Abby.

“I know, mom.” Sally took a low breath. Talking to her mother had gotten irritating lately. Even as a younger teen, she’d gotten along well with her mom, but since getting her Sex Magic, interacting with her was almost as awkward as it was for her brother.

“So, anyway,” said Sally. “Jake. Do you want him to not come over any more at all, or what?”

“He can come over, just he needs to leave when I’m off to bed,” said Abby. “And, frankly, I don’t want you playing with him around me. If you must stay home, keep it in your room, unless I’m out of the house.”

“Okay. He has to stay naked around both our houses right now.”

“Yes, I know. Whatever.”

“Okay. Good. Anything else?”

Abby rubbed her temple and sighed. “I’m sure something will come up. Anyway, go tell your brother to quit stalling and get in here.”

Sally nodded and turned, going to do just that. Mark was already on his feet and heading out of the room, however, clearly having been listening. So, Sally just gave him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder as she passed him by and headed up the stairs.

Flopping down on her bed again, she pulled a new book out of her purse and set it on the bedside table, then stared up at the ceiling, thinking. She cast out her senses and immediately detected Jake’s cock, flaccid for once, as he played a game on his Xbox in his room. Sally smirked, held up a finger, and made a light tracing motion with the tip in mid-air. In his room, Jake jumped as he felt a light fingertip caress the length of his dick, coaxing it to harden, then teasing him with its maddeningly light stimulation.

Sally set the little spell to last for the next hour, then picked up her current book to finish reading, half-watching to see how Jake would try to handle the teasing when he couldn’t even touch himself.

The answer came five minutes later when her phone rang. She picked up and smirked as she said, “What’s up, boytoy?”

“Will you stop?” said Jake, almost at a yell.

“Stop what?”

“Don’t even try to act innocent! I know it’s you!”

“What’s me?” said Sally, stifling a giggle.

“You’re teasing my cock again! Can you give me a break for one day?”

“Let’s assume it is me teasing you, which you don’t know and have no proof of,” said Sally, sternly. “Why would I stop on your demand? Did you really not listen this morning, where your mom gave you to me on a silver platter? Did you completely forget last night’s lesson?”

“I get it, okay, you own me, but I’m a human being, alright? I have limits!”

“You’re a boy. And your limits are not my concern.”

Jake had no answer to that, although she could sense and almost hear, his jaw working as he tried to come up with a rebuttal.

“And anyway, it’s just a little tickle. It can’t be that bad.”

“Aha! I knew it was you!”

“Not necessarily. I can sense what you’re feeling through your dick, you know. Could be any woman in town. Or beyond. Could be your mom, fucking with your head.”

“Fine, whatever. You can say what you want. I know it’s you.”

“Whether it is or isn’t, I’ve a mind to punish you for coping an attitude with me. A little push back can be fun, but it can get old fast. I’d start minding your place if I were you.”

“Why are you doing this me, Sal? We used to be friends when we were little! I know I punched you last night, but you were torturing me, and you weren’t even hurt!”

Sally sighed. She had no idea Jake was going to be this stubbornly whiny. “Little kids don’t have Sex Magic to worry about, remember? And we quit really hanging out around puberty. How well do you really know me, do you think?”

“How well do you really know me?” said Jake. In another context, Sally might have taken that as a threat, but even if she couldn’t read his mind, she could tell he was just floundering for something to say, some measure to argue with.

“Does it matter? You’ve got a dick. I can control it with my mind. Whatever our relationship was in the past, it doesn’t matter.”

“I just, you’re going to drive me insane like this, I know it!”

“Christ, Jake, it hasn’t even been a week yet since you popped! Other guys in town can go for months, and they aren’t as whiny as you. You really have been spoiled.”

“You don’t get it, do you? Maybe the rest of the guys in town have been pussy whipped into submission, maybe some of them even like it that way, but not every guy is like that.”

“Uh-huh. And what are you saying, exactly, Jake? Are you attempting to threaten me?”


“So, what? If you’re trying to convince me to pity-coddle you, you’re doing a piss-poor job. And just for that, that little tickle your feeling? I think it’d be nice if you felt it for the rest of the day. And just for fun, let’s make it intensify a little.” She heard Jake gasp as she made the phantom finger go from a light tracing to a firm drag along his length. Just as slow and steady, but now definitely more intense. “And maybe after an hour, I’ll add another finger, make it a little firmer, until you have a whole hand stroking you. And then another hand over that. And another over that.” She checked the clock. “Why, by midnight, you should feel like a whole harem is giving you several handies at once! Doesn’t that sound fun?”

“Nnnnnnoooo!” Jake moaned, frustration in his voice. She could sense his cock jerk in a failed attempt to cum already. He was so riled up, he was probably going to edging every few seconds long before the night was over.

“If you want it to stop, you better find some way to make up for wasting my time with your complaints. Just so you know, I would have pitied you and shut the sensation off after a while if it kept on going.”

“F-f-fuck you…” hissed Jake, trying to control himself through sheer will, and mostly failing.

Sally sighed. “Alright, then.” She moved to hang up.

Suddenly, Jake shouted over the phone, “You’re father was a Cult member! Think about that!”

Sally froze for a second, staring at the phone. Then she placed it back on her ear. With a thought, she immediately jumped the sensations on Jake’s dick to a full, slick handjob. Jake gasped loudly, and she could sense, and hear, him drop to the floor, trying to hump it. But the anti-masturbation spell kicked in and forced him to roll on his back, where he squirmed and writhed on the floor.

“Listen carefully, Jake,” said Sally. She could sense that Jake could hear her, if barely, over the phone. “You bring up my Dad again, and I will use my powers to snap your dick into tiny little pieces, then feed them to you. You get me?”

Jake couldn’t answer except in gasps that may have been “sorry”, though she could sense no sincere apology in his thoughts. Sally scowled, hung up, and set another phantom hand to overlap the first, and set both of them to speed up their strokes. She set the hands to work on Jake’s cock well into next morning.

She tried to go back to reading, but after twenty minutes of going over the same two pages, she couldn’t stop her mind from brewing with thoughts. Cult member? As in the Cult Wars? Was Jake was insinuating if Sally kept tormenting him, he’d snap and go crazy like the Cults had a few years ago. Had Dad ditched her and mom because of Sex Magic? The power hadn’t even been around very long before he left. If he did leave because of it, that early on, then it meant he was weak. And more to the point, it meant the women in his life were incompetent at controlling him.

Sally frowned. Did that mean she wasn’t handling Jake properly as a mistress? She did just see him as a practice dummy for her powers, but she supposed she technically was his mistress in training at the moment. She mulled the idea over in her head. Well, alright. Maybe she was laying it on a little thick, especially to start. She had been right about Jake being spoiled. She’d gone from giving him a couple magic hand jobs, ending in easy climaxes, to switching into full sadist over night. Someone like Jake, who hadn’t been raised since at least puberty to expect the sort of things Sex Magic could do to boys, and what women would do with it, well, he probably would snap, and soon.

More annoyed than anything, Sally cut off the signals to Jake’s cock, then gave him a couple minutes to calm down, letting him breathe steadily enough to be able to talk again. Then she called him back.

Jake almost didn’t answer, spitefully glaring at the phone, but a niggling piece of his mind figured Sally would punish him again if he didn’t answer. He picked up right before it could go to voicemail. “Yes?”

“Yes what?”

“I’m not saying it,” he said.

Sally sighed audibly, then raised a hand in the air. Jake stiffened as he felt a soft, girlish hand firmly grip his testicles and squeeze, just to the point before it would start to hurt. Jake, despite his angry bravado, didn’t dare try to move. Yet, he still didn’t say, “Yes mistress.”

“You are a stubborn one. I really had the wrong idea about you. Maybe you’re not spoiled, so much as ripe. Breaking you in could be quite fun, teach me how to handle other stubborn boys.”

“Listen to me, alright? Please don’t chop my dick up, but I wasn’t just saying that about your Dad. Brotherhood of Teminus. Shoot outs in Ventusia, back when it was called Chicago. He was shot by members of the Gixis Watch, then ritually hung and set on fire, along with the rest of his group.”

Sally blinked. This was not remotely what she was expecting to hear from a cock teased boy who had his balls in a psychic vice. She didn’t sense any deception in his thoughts, but at he same time, it was too ludicrous a story to accept. Obviously, he was trying to shock her with a horror story out of no where. And if he was right? Well, fuck the old man. That had nothing to do with the stubborn boy who it was her job to break in.

“What’s your point?” said Sally. “You think I’ll torture you so bad, you’ll want to go join another Cult and go commando on some people? Hate to tell you, but the Cults were eliminated in under a year. And now we have the Queendoms, and psycho nutcases like the Cultists are taken care of before they can even think to form another. And anyway,” she gave his balls a psychic tug, “even if you did want to go completely crazy, what do you think you can do about it?”

“I’m just saying… you and all the other women… how do you think it happened…?”

“Oh my god,” said Sally, rolling her eyes. “I get it. You can’t willpower or punch your way out of this situation, so you’re trying to frighten me with horror stories about a bunch of crazies. You don’t seem to get it, Jake. The Cults thing was a mistake that slipped under the radar until it was too late, but then it got dealt with. Now? We all have a much firmer grip.”

The psychic hand on Jake’s balls squeezed until he gasped in pain. Sally held it for a few tense moments, then backed off the pressure, though she didn’t remove her hand. She was still scowling. Jake had totally ruined her mood. Well, no time like the present to try and fix that.

“Jake,” she said. “Meet me at my car in two minutes. Leave your clothes.”

“What? But—”

“Jake. No arguments. If you’re not down at my car in two minutes, I’m just going to float you down to me, and I’ll be even angrier for having to do so.”

There was a hard swallow, and Jake hung up. Sally let go of his balls, and she sensed him get off the floor of his room and run down the stairs, stopping only to tell his mother he was going out.

Sally took a little time to freshen up, splashing her face with water, washing her hands, and changing her clothes into a simple blouse, thick leggings, and boots. While it was a bit warm at the moment, the air would be cooling down soon as the sun set, so she made sure to grab a light jacket.

As she headed downstairs and out the door, she passed her mom, still sitting on the living room couch, this time flipping channels. She paused. “Hey, mom,” she said. Abby glanced up at her, raising an eyebrow again. “What, um, whatever did happen to Dad? Do you know?”

Abby blinked, set down the remote, and gave her a curious look. “No. Don’t know. Really don’t care.“ After a pause, she said. “No offense.”

“None taken,” she said. She held up her keys. “Going out with Jake.”

Abby nodded. “Try not to kill him. He really isn’t used to all this.”

“That’s what I aim to work on,” said Sally, heading for the door.

The drive was surprisingly silent for a while. Sally keeping a calm expression, while Jake sulked in the passenger seat. Despite his attitude, his dick was throbbing hard, just being in Sally’s presence. Finally, Sally broke the ice, hating to admit that Jake’s words had been niggling at her.

“How did you know that about my Dad?” she said.

Jake actually smirked. “I didn’t,” he said. “I was testing something.”

Sally blinked. They were approaching the edge of the woods, and she pulled over on the shoulder, before the road turned into the branching gravel path that lead to the various parking spots throughout. She stared at him, almost confused. “What?”

Jake leveled a stare at her. “I don’t know what happened to your Dad. That story I told you happened to a cousin of mine.”

Sally’s brow knit in confusion. “So, you lied to me. For what?”

Jake shrugged. “I can’t stop you from sexually assaulting me however you want, and bullying me with your powers. I can’t hurt you to make you stop. How else am I supposed to resist?”

Sally frowned. “I didn’t sense you lying.”

Jake smirked. “That’s because your powers work around sex, even the telepathy. You can see my sex fantasies clear as day. Thoughts about death and destruction? Unless your telepathy is fairly advanced, or we’ve been doing it for a while together, it’s just muddled waters.” Jake tapped the side of his head. “You’re not the only one who can do research. Did you think I lost all my brains when I hit puberty or something?”

Sally blinked a few times, then smirked herself. “You asshole. Think you’re so clever, don’t you? Get me all worked up over nothing, trip me up or something.” She glanced down at his cock and narrowed her eyes. She focused on the sensation of power she’d felt when she’d masturbated that morning, that wave of signals her pussy had unleashed on every helpless male in range.

Jake gasped and his hands gripped the armrests around his seat as his cock swelled to maximum tension. It quickly turned red with blood, the head dark purple, the veins bulging. His balls swelled until the skin was tight as a drum. She could sense the erection become so stiff as to be painful, and she didn’t mitigate the ache, leaving him to suffer in magical priapism.

“Aaaah!” Jake hissed. She could sense him instinctively trying to reach down and cup himself, but the ani-masturbation spells laced through his arms wouldn’t let him. Instead he grit his teeth and pounded at the armrests. “S-s-stop!”

Sally resumed driving, heading towards the cliff where they’d parked last night. “Stop being an asshole,” she said. “I get that you want to fight me, but you realize being a complete douche bag like that is just going to make it worse for you. There is literally nothing you can do to actually stop me. So being a petulant little shit is just going to make things worse.”

“Nnnn, n-no… you stop… being a cunt—AH!—being a cunt… or I’ll make this… as difficult aAAAHH!… as possible… for—AAAH!—for you!”

Sally sighed and upped the signal she was sending him. It wasn’t physically possible for his cock to get any harder, but somehow, the tension rose even higher, as it felt like all the blood in Jake’s body was trying to squeeze itself into his organ. His entire cock and balls were darkening into purple from the excess flow. “What can you even do Jake? So you threw me off guard with a little lie. Congratulations. Now I’m just going to make you suffer for it.”

“RRRRRGH! Fuck… you…!”

Sally upped the signals again. His cock, no longer able to contain the signals through erection, began to quiver, almost vibrating, as the only possible solution to bleed off the excess sexual energy. His genitals were in agony now. Instinctively, Sally was aware that the pain would lessen if only something would touch his cock to stimulate him. But Jake couldn’t and Sally wouldn’t. But even as his body reached its limits, the sexual tension in his mind continued to rise, as the arousing signal she gave off speed-dumped lust into his psyche.

“You’re just making this harder on yourself and easier on me,” said Sally. “You want to try and scare me with Cult bullshit? Bring up my Dad to shake me? I came out here to prove my point. You’re helpless. Utterly helpless. Nothing you say or do can stop me. You know its true or you wouldn’t be spouting desperate bullshit just to distract me. So. We could have done this the fun way, me teasing you over the next few weeks and maybe, eventually, I’d even touch you. Eventually, I might even let you fuck me. And then, if you did a good job pleasing me, I’d make you cum so hard, you’d think you’d died and gone to heaven. But now, Jake? Now I’m just going to break you.”


Sally waited until she reached the parking spot over the cliffs. Then she got out of the car, opened Jake’s door, and used her magic to float him out. She held him aloft in mid-air, at least ten feet off the ground, turning him upside down and forcing his limbs spread eagle, stretched so taught it almost hurt. Pre-cum was now dribbling steadily from the tip of his hideously distended cock, and she angled him so that it was dripping on his face, into his open mouth and up his nose.

Sally tapped her chin in thought. She’d just talked a big game, but she wasn’t actually sure what she could do to him that would leave a truly crushing impact on him. She shrugged her shoulders and pulled out her phone, bringing up the web browser and started looking up techniques. May as well practice new spells while she was at it!


Sally couldn’t help but scowl. Three hours of playing with him, and Jake still hadn’t submitted. She’d tried dozens of new things she discovered on the internet. Causing sensations on the inside of his body, tongues along the urethra, fingers directly massaging his prostate. She tried bending him into a ball and forcing his cock into his mouth, sealing the skin between the lips and his cock together so he was stuck like that until she separated him. Made him feel the phantom sensations of having a vagina and being fucked by a cock too big for him. Turning dozens of spots on his body into erogenous zones, like little phantom nipples, and tickling, pinching, biting, and striking those little zones repeatedly. Bending his cock back s he was literally fucking himself in the ass, even if he was only long enough for the head to barely touch his entrance. Increasing the sensitivity of his dick by several hundred times, and letting the cool breeze of the night air drive him insane with pleasure. Forcing his balls to over produce semen, making his blue balls even more blue.

Jake wasn’t surrendering. He’d somehow found an inner, Herculean strength. He was going to resist her, or either die or go insane trying. Sally wondered if maybe actually dicing up his dick and feeding it to him would be enough, but of course, she didn’t actually want to do that.

Finally, she tired of it, from frustration and a sense of tedium she didn’t think was possible this early into learning her powers. But what fun was this, really? There was no grace or nuance to what she was doing, no building tension. She was just hammering him with sensations, hoping he’d break just from the pain of it all. She may as well have been beating him with a steel pipe. She set him down on the ground, canceling all her spells. She let the magic soak into him, ensuring he wasn’t going to suffer any damage to his body, and mitigating trauma to his mind.

“Alright, you stubborn bastard,” she said. “You win.”

Jake couldn’t even form words for several long minutes as he gasped and twitched, his body cooling down from superhuman levels of painful pleasure. Finally, he was able to mumble some words between deep breaths. “Got you… you bitch…”

Sally sighed and rolled her eyes. “Don’t start getting an ego. You’re just no fun to play with.”

“So… I win… it isn’t always… fun, is it…? You didn’t… get what… you wanted…”

“I’ll be waiting in the car when you can get up again. I’ll drive you home this time.”

“Rather… walk again…”

“You sure?”

“Don’t act… like you care…”

“Alright then.” Sally went to her car. “You still can’t masturbate or cum, but I’m not going to play with you any more. Not deliberately, anyway.”

“Fuck off.”

Sally scowled, huffed, and wrenched open the door. She slammed it shut almost before she’d gotten her feet in, revved the engine, and peeled out as she left the somehow victorious boy laying on the gravel.

Sally fumed the whole way home. As she got back into the city, she cast out her senses, catching every penis within a couple blocks of her person. She sent a spell at every single one, forcing them hard, teasing them with the sensation of slick hands or a double blow job, setting the spells to last several hours. Over a hundred men were effected by the time she got home, over a hundred men writhing, moaning, and begging their unknown tormenter for mercy. A few other women opted to help their men, canceling the spells. Still others just laughed and left the men to be teased. Still others took the opportunity to assist in playing with the men, worsening their situation. Sally couldn’t help but feel accomplished as she sensed the latter sufferers, and by the time she got home, she felt a little bit less angry.

So, Jake thought he was tough shit, did he? Fine. She didn’t want a buzzkill toy anyway. But she was going to show him. She was going to become the most irresistible, mind-breaking sadist in town. No, in the whole Queendom! And then, even die-hard resisters like Jake were going to melt like wax in a fire, just from her sheer presence!


  1. Wow, that last paragraph has me really excited to see where this is going. Perhaps something like the Drake Cheerleaders Incident?

  2. When I read it i actually felt bad for Sally, how dare he defiy her. While i usally want the man to fight back. Very funny conflicted emotions.
    But she is in love with him, so he is doomed.