Friday, August 21, 2015

Billy's Night

Billy was trembling as he slowly opened the door to his step-sister’s room. Inside it was dark, with only a dim nightlight allowing for vision. His step-sister was currently away at a friend’s house, and his parents were out for a night on the town, leaving Billy alone to fend for himself at the house.

Specifically, to fend for himself against the incessant, wicked teasing of the mysterious woman who kept calling him when he was alone, and used the delightfully evil powers of Sex Magic to force him into humiliating situations. Billy, a twenty year old still living with his parents after dropping out of college, body still boiling with hormones, was absolutely helpless to resist his mysterious mistress’s commands. No matter how much he tried to fight her wicked, unending teasing, his penis and testicles were all too ready to betray him, working with his mistress to coerce him into doing everything she said. If he didn’t, well, all she had to do was think it, and he would be left drowning in a sea of agonizingly intense pleasure, with no hope for release.

“Have you gone inside?” cooed the sweet, seductive voice on his cell phone. Billy was naked, but needed his hands free, so he used an armband and ear bud headphones to carry the phone and listen clearly. He didn’t need to respond. While she had him in her power, his thoughts were as clear as day to her. “Gooooood,” she said huskily. “Now, do as I told you. Go to her closet.”

Billy hesitated, trembling, his cock twitching in anticipation and defiance of his will. He swallowed hard. “Billy?” came the voice. “Continue into her room.”

“I’m going to be caught!” Billy said in a shaky voice. “Please! Please don’t make me do this!”

“Aw, you’re not afraid of your sweet, innocent little sister, are you?” said his mistress. “She’s not even old enough to have Sex Magic, is she? Although, she’s not too many months away from turning nineteen. She’ll get them soon enough. Heck, maybe she’ll turn out to be an early bloomer and get them before!” Billy gasped as he felt two deep, wet, hot licks along his penis, phantom tongues keeping him just shy of the brink of orgasm. His mistress had been psychically licking him for nearly two hours as she broke down his will until he could no longer resist her orders. Now, all it took was an occasional lick to keep him right near the burning edge of release and to coerce him into further action.

The maddeningly frustrating part was that he couldn’t even touch himself to try and finish the job. All it would take is a single stroke of his shaking hands, and he would shoot clear across the room. But he was unable to touch his own penis. Had been unable in the two and half years since he turned eighteen. His Step-Mother’s rules.

Not that it would have mattered. Just to make sure he wouldn’t get any ideas, his Step-Mother had also sealed away his orgasms. He was completely unable to cum, unless she, or another woman, cast a spell to undo the magic block. It was a small spell, she said, but its effects were absolutely devastating. She only permitted him orgasms a maximum of once a month, and she would often change her mind and make him wait even longer for any sort of perceived slight or defiance. And that was usually only the first level of punishment. As of now, it had been nearly four months since Billy’s last orgasm. Almost as long as his mysterious mistress had been calling him and routinely teasing him.

Knowing exactly what he was thinking about, his mysterious mistress cooed again over the phone. “Aw, maybe that’s why you’re so afraid. You know Mommy will catch you. And she’ll punish you again, won’t she? How many more months will she deny you? Two? Three? Five? A whole year?”

Billy’s cock swelled with shameful arousal at the thought of his Step-Mother denying him, embarrassed at how turned on he was by the thought, almost angry at how childish it made him feel. Sure, she wasn’t his “real” mom, but she was his father’s wife, and had helped raised him since his early teens. To have his Mother, even a Step-Mother, still control his orgasms now that he was in his twenties, it made him a laughing stock to all the women in town. Not that she cared. Particularly since, to his shame, his Step-Mother’s control made him cross-eyed with lust. The fact that she was a walking goddess of a supermodel, and an expert cock torturer made it even harder to resist.

His new mistress took advantage of his arousing thoughts by giving him five more long, searing licks. Billy was on his knees, half in the doorway, his hips bucking futility, before the first lick finished. His penis clenched and jerked wildly trying to cum, but his mistress didn’t even pretend to try and loosen Step-Mother’s orgasm block.

His mistress let him pant and get himself somewhat back under control. As he stood and took his first full step into his step-sister’s room, she gave him one more quick lick, and he almost stumbled to the floor again. Billy flushed a deep crimson, and his cock twitched again, as he heard his mistress’s musical laughter over the phone. Embarrassing, but so arousing.

“Now, then, Billy, enough dawdling. You know what you need to do.”

“Please… please, I’m begging you, don’t make me do this…”

“Well, you don’t have to do it, Billy. As always, you have a choice. But you know the consequences of choosing to disobey me…” Lightly, the phantom tongue returned, flicking playfully along his length, and Billy let out a choked almost-sob. Yes, he remembered quite well. An entire weekend, writhing on the floor of his room, the ghostly forms of five phantom women fucking him for hours non-stop, and never once being able to cum. The torment had ended only when his Step-Mother had returned from her overnight shift at the hospital. She had been very, very displeased to see her stepson engaged in sexual relations she did not approve of. She had immediately used her power to cease the magical assault on his helpless body from his mysterious mistress.

Then her own punishments began. Even now, as he remembered her emasculating disciplined, Billy could feel that humiliatingly pleasant tingle in his asshole where his Step-Mother’s stiletto heel now routinely explored and humbled him.

“Alright, we really are stalling too much, Billy,” said the sultry voice on the phone. “Go to the closet now, or I will assume you wish for the alternative.”

Billy, caught between a rock and a hard place, made the decision that he prayed had even the slimmest chance of him being punished slightly less. Had he not already stepped into his step-sister’s room, he might not have been able to choose; as it was, he was already started towards one decision. There was little point in not seeing it through now.

Billy half-crept, half-stumbled to his step-sister’s closet, stepping around her bed, and the various girly things she left cluttering the floor. He pulled the door open and pulled the light chain. There, tucked against one side of the door, was his step-sister’s hamper. Draped off the edge, as if intentionally inviting, was a pair of polka dot panties. Freshly worn and discarded, perhaps mere hours ago as his step-sister changed before heading to her friend’s house.

Billy gulped and stood like a deer in headlights, his hard, twitching cock threatening to drip pre-cum all over the closet floor, mesmerized by the panties. It took a few more phantom licks form his mistress to force him into motion again. He staggered in place and pitched forward, leaning heavily against the door frame as he gasped from a fierce edging.

Not for the first time, Billy could only wonder in tormented awe at how powerful Sex Magic could be. His mistress was who knew how many miles away, was some woman he’d never seen or even talked to, or so she claimed and yet with a simple thought, she made him feel sensations that could shatter the will of the strongest of men. It wasn’t fair. And goddess in heaven, that just made him even more aroused, enslaving him even more to his traitorous penis, and the women who controlled it with their mere thoughts.

Billy dropped to his knees before the hamper, eyes fixated on the panties. “You know what to do, my sweet,” said the voice in a low, sensual whisper. Billy’s hands trembled as he reached for the panties. He gently pulled them away from the hamper, as if lifting a fragile feather, holding it by the ends of the waistband. He then brought the panties to his face, pressing the crotch to his nose, and inhaled deeply.

The scent was intoxicating. His head swam and his dick stiffened to the point of pain. Without any further stimulation, his hips bucked as he tried to cum once again. He wanted to tear the panties away from his face, but even without any magical coercion, he could not bring himself to do so. He was utterly entranced, too entranced even to feel ashamed.

And this his mistress broke the spell, if only briefly. “Good. Good boy. Now. One more thing. You remember?”

Billy’s whole body turned red with humiliation as he nodded, knowing his mistress could see him with her magic. He paused as he began to stretch out the panties. His lip trembled and a tear ran down his cheek. “Please…” he begged in a barely audible whisper.

“Billy,” came the reply, nearly as quickly. “I know this makes you feel uneasy. But you’ve been such a good, fun little toy for me these past few months. Do this and I will reward you. I will remove your orgasm block. You’re so riled up, all it will take is a single, firm lick, and you’ll explode everywhere. But you must do this one last little thing.”

Billy nodded, gulped, and then pulled the panties over his face, the fragrant crotch on his nose. He then pulled his phone out of its holder, and activated the camera feature, holding it above his head. He waited until the lighting adjusted to get a clear view of himself on the screen, then hit record.

“M-m-my name is B-billy Jonston. I’m a l-l-little panty b-bitch boy, and m-m-my Mommy controls my orgasms. Please, please, Mommy, let me do a cummy!” He remained beat red with embarrassment, and even more humiliating, he cock was dancing with excitement throughout the little display. He stopped the record with a shudder of near self-loathing. He then sent the little video to his mistress. His face still burned with shame. Within the hour, the video would be on his FapReport profile, diligently updated by his mistress, with links sent to all the girls her knew.

Of course his Step-Mother and step-sister were going to find out. Even without magic, they would find out, as a friend of a friend of either woman saw the clip and forwarded it to one of them, who would no doubt share it with the other, and with their other friends in turn. He dreaded to think what sort of punishment awaited on that day. But for now, his heart suddenly lifted in a glimmer of hope as he remembered his mistress’s words.

“Hahaha,” came her musical laugh. “Yes, my sweet, good boy. Yes. You may cum.”

Tears of gratitude flowed down Billy’s cheeks as he felt something intangible shift inside his loins. Oh, god, he could feel it, he knew, that right in this moment, he would be able to cum. The fact that he was about to stain his step-sister’s entire wardrobe was not enough to dampened the sheer, joyous sense of relief at the thought of being granted a release after months of intense teasing.

“Good boy,” she said one more time, and she gave his penis one more slow, deep, sensual, phantom lick

Billy cried out and his whole body shook and clenched as the tension reached the critical point immediately. He could feel the semen surge up his cock, ready to fly free. His cock made that split-second relaxation as it prepared the first, intense spurt to begin his orgasm—

And then, something seized his penis, a painful magical grip that sent electrical pain and pleasure through his loins. He let out an animal sound of horror, pain, and sorrow, as his orgasm was cut off right at the first clench! Only a single tiny drop of semen seeped from the tip and dripped onto the floor.

“BILLY JONSTON!” came the ear-splitting bellow of his mother as the room’s lights came on.

Billy, pale as ghost, turned to see his Step-Mother standing with arms crossed in the doorway. She stared with icy coldness at her soon, kneeling, shaking, naked save for his step-sister’s panties on his face, penis twitching crazily as it fought to finish it’s desperately needed release, and failed.

With a voice that sent chills up and down his spine, she said, “Billy, what the fuck are you doing?”

Billy was too terrified to answer. His mouth worked, but no sound came out. He could only stare dumbly at her.

She stalked over to him like a tigress, and with the speed of a whip, snapped out her hand, snatched the panties off his face, and tossed them back into the hamper in one fluid motion. She stared into his eyes, and he could feel her mind burrowing into his, seeking the explanation that he was too paralyzed to voice.

She plucked the phone and ear buds away from him. In a terrifyingly calm and cool voice, she said, “I told you not to fool around with strange girls, did I not?”

“But… but… I… Mom… Mommy… please…”

She held up a finger, and Billy immediately clamped his mouth shut, knowing any further words would make what came next even worse. She glanced slowly over his naked form, then noticed the small drop of semen on the floor. She gestured towards it. “Clean that up, then meet me downstairs so we can discuss your punishment.” She promptly turned and stalked out of the room, her high heels making their distinct clicking as she went. Dimly, he wondered how he’d not heard her coming. But he knew his Step-Mother did everything with distinct purpose. She could move silently in heels when she wanted. And when she didn’t, that’s when Billy knew he was in for it.

Billy, fighting to hold back the tears that he knew would just spur his Step-Mother on further, bent down low, and licked the drop off the floor. Just as he knew she wanted, he held the drop on his tongue for a moment, savoring it as his face burned red with shame, and then swallowed. Then, penis still jerking angrily, he stumbled his way downstairs to meet his punishment. He dimly wondered if that was the closest thing he was going to get to an orgasm for a long, long while.


Thirty miles away, Maggie Jonston cut the connection on her phone, and she and her friends erupted into a fit of giggles. They played back Billy’s short video, confessing his status as a panty bitch controlled by his Mommy, before uploading it to the poor boy’s profile on FapReport. Between fits of laughter, Maggie described all the things her mother was doing to punish her perverted, hopeless, and helpless step-brother.

Poor big brother had no idea that little sister had gained Sex Magic months earlier than most girls. An early bloomer just like she’d hinted over the phone, she’d awakened to the power less than twelve hours after her eighteenth birthday. And, with her mother’s blessing, she’d been secretly practicing her power on her step-brother, and her three friends’ brothers and boyfriends, for months now. Using a disposable phone, and using a touch of the Magic to alter Billy’s perception of her voice into an older, sultrier personae, Maggie had been dutifully driving him, and various other boys, insane with relentless magical teasing.

She saw no reason to let Billy know for a good long while, either about her magic, and certainly not what she was doing with it. She and her friends were having far too much fun. And likewise, her mother loved having any excuse to discipline her helpless and hopeless step-son.


  1. I just found your blog and really enjoy your work,Thanks for sharing.

  2. 10 years since Salamando post… I walk through the empty streets trying to think of something else but my path always leads to the blog… I stare at the screen for hours to try to summon the lord. I read other writers update their blog but it is no good. I flame them on their comments section and try to resist the waves of bad orgasm denial stories but it is all meaningless. The end is near. I then usually watch some old blogs and cry myself to sleep.