Friday, August 21, 2015

Billy's Night

Billy was trembling as he slowly opened the door to his step-sister’s room. Inside it was dark, with only a dim nightlight allowing for vision. His step-sister was currently away at a friend’s house, and his parents were out for a night on the town, leaving Billy alone to fend for himself at the house.

Specifically, to fend for himself against the incessant, wicked teasing of the mysterious woman who kept calling him when he was alone, and used the delightfully evil powers of Sex Magic to force him into humiliating situations. Billy, a twenty year old still living with his parents after dropping out of college, body still boiling with hormones, was absolutely helpless to resist his mysterious mistress’s commands. No matter how much he tried to fight her wicked, unending teasing, his penis and testicles were all too ready to betray him, working with his mistress to coerce him into doing everything she said. If he didn’t, well, all she had to do was think it, and he would be left drowning in a sea of agonizingly intense pleasure, with no hope for release.

“Have you gone inside?” cooed the sweet, seductive voice on his cell phone. Billy was naked, but needed his hands free, so he used an armband and ear bud headphones to carry the phone and listen clearly. He didn’t need to respond. While she had him in her power, his thoughts were as clear as day to her. “Gooooood,” she said huskily. “Now, do as I told you. Go to her closet.”

Billy hesitated, trembling, his cock twitching in anticipation and defiance of his will. He swallowed hard. “Billy?” came the voice. “Continue into her room.”

“I’m going to be caught!” Billy said in a shaky voice. “Please! Please don’t make me do this!”