Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Miss Feri's Movie Challenge

Miss Feri walked into the classroom with her usual chipper smile. As always the teacher wore her white lab coat, and kept her wild mane of brunette hair in a fluffy pony tail. The young woman had also taken to floating when she walked, adding a couple feet of height to her short, slim stature. While she could handle the student body thinking she was eccentric, even for a Metis Academy teacher, she was a little tired of her female students not taking her very seriously, when she looked like she could be their kid sister.

Unfortunately, the floating trick didn’t seem to be helping her image. Several of the girls snickered as she “air walked” into the room, her labcoat flaring out behind her a bit, almost like a cape. She sighed inwardly at the giggles, but maintained her smiling poker face. Maybe after today’s lesson, they’d at least start paying more attention.

The Creature

Queen Rose no longer slept. She hadn’t needed to since the day of her ascension. Sex Magic had transformed her body into a hyper-efficient machine of organic perfection; even without any magic at all, she would only need to physically rest perhaps an hour a week. But of course, even that was unnecessary. The constant background radiation of ambient Lust Energy throughout her Queendom provided more than enough to keep herself at the height of strength, focus, and balance, just taking little sips of the energy every now and then.

But even a goddess occasionally needed some form of respite. For all the Magic had changed her, she was still, at her core, only human, and a mortal mind needed a break every now and then. And so, without the need for sleep, she meditated.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Gallery

Their vacation to Costara had gone better than Tim expected. He’d always heard that the big cities of Midland were cocktease hellholes, and his wife Jodie had found it rather amusing to paint a picture that their five-day stay was going to involve Tim crawling naked on hands and knees while they stayed at her sister’s condo.

However, the costal metropolis was not, in fact, the worst dickpocalypse south of Victoria, as he’d been led to believe. Much like their home city of Rockland, Costara seemed to be filled with normal people going about their normal day. He’d expected to see cockteased men stuck to street lights to used by women as casual Lust Energy fountains, expected to see nude men being flown around by barefoot women as Boy Boards, and other such dramatic displays of Sex Magic’s incredible femdom power.