Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Miss Feri's Movie Challenge

Miss Feri walked into the classroom with her usual chipper smile. As always the teacher wore her white lab coat, and kept her wild mane of brunette hair in a fluffy pony tail. The young woman had also taken to floating when she walked, adding a couple feet of height to her short, slim stature. While she could handle the student body thinking she was eccentric, even for a Metis Academy teacher, she was a little tired of her female students not taking her very seriously, when she looked like she could be their kid sister.

Unfortunately, the floating trick didn’t seem to be helping her image. Several of the girls snickered as she “air walked” into the room, her labcoat flaring out behind her a bit, almost like a cape. She sighed inwardly at the giggles, but maintained her smiling poker face. Maybe after today’s lesson, they’d at least start paying more attention.

At least the guys knew to respect a woman with Sex Magic regardless of appearance. The poor, nude, teased young men, with the permanent erections, sat up straight as she entered the classroom. She sent a welcoming little tingle over their cockheads that made some of them shiver. Most of the guys here hadn’t cum in a couple weeks at least, and as the second semester of the Metis school year rolled on, more and more of the girls were awakening to their powers. This meant the guys were being hit with relentless teasing, as the girls eagerly practiced the powers they’d been sent to Metis to perfect!

“Okay, class, today I thought we’d do some focus-training!” she said. She set down her briefcase and pulled out her laptop. “So today, we get to watch a movie!” She opened the laptop and clicked a program to link it up with the ceiling-mounted projector via BlueTooth.

“Is it a dirty movie?” said one of the girls, and most of the class chuckled.

“The dirtiest.” Miss Feri grinned and winked at them.

The class faltered. “Wait, seriously?” said one of the girls. “You’re gunna show us a porno?”

“No. I was kidding. You dumb kids.” The brought a few chuckles, but some of the girls looked disappointed. A few of the guys looked honestly relieved.

It’s not like showing pornography to these students would have been remotely shocking compared to everything that went on across campus. This was probably the most sexed up gathering of young adults in the entire country. A year at Metis meant basically living a porno for nine months. But Feri supposed that the fa├žade of being a school still had its aesthetic expectations. Watching a smut film in class would just be a little too on the nose.

She pulled down the projector screen, dimmed the lights, then clicked the video file to make sure it would play. She paused it on the title screen, where the word “AKIRA” was emblazen in red over a giant crater.

“Oh, Jesus, is this one of those Japanese cartoon movies?” said one of the girls.

“I thought you said it wasn’t a porno!” joked one of the guys.

Feri chuckled. “Well, I’ll warn you ahead of time, there’s about two seconds of bare titties partway through. I trust that won’t be too much for you boys.” She held up a finger. “NOW! This is not just a slack-off movie day! This is actually a multi-tasking skills test!”

She pointed at the class. “Each of you ladies is going to practice using your powers on the boys around you! Pick three random guys. While the movie is playing, I want you to actively cast a single Tease Spell on him! I don’t care what it is, but you must be using the spell in real time. You cannot just set a single sensation on a loop and let it run. I can, and will, be monitoring every spell on each cock, so I’ll know if there’s an auto-spell set, and I’ll cancel it. I’ll also be counting them all, so I’ll know if even one of you is shirking.”

She jerked her thumb back at the screen. “At the end of the movie, you may stop your teasing. I will then give you a thirty-question quiz about it.”

There was some grumbling and confusion. “Wait,” said another girl. “Wait, so are we watching the movie or teasing the guys?”

“Yes,” said Miss Feri.

“Um…” More confusion. The girl who’d asked the question was not the brightest student in the school, if Feri had to put it politely.

“You will be expected to perform multiple teases at once, and also pay attention to the movie. As I said, this is a multi-tasking skill test, of both spell-casting and awareness.”

“Um, what about us?” said one boy. “Do we have to take the test?”

“Of course!” Feri said with a laugh. “Obviously, you aren’t going to practice spell casting, but consider this a test in focus. Can you keep your wits about you while you’re being teased?” She grinned. “If you need some motivation, how’s this: any of you that manage to get all thirty questions right, I will suck your cock right here in class, until you cum in my mouth."

The students’ eyes all widened in shock, and all the boys' cocks throbbed at the idea. Then, they sobered up quickly, knowing that there was no way the teacher wouldn't rig the test to make sure that didn't happen. But it was a pleasant thought.

“Okay, guys, I hope you paid attention to the opening sequence, because that had one of the answers already!” There was some protest, but Feri hit play and didn’t backtrack. She then got up and went to the back of the classroom, folded her legs up from under her, and hovered as if sitting on an invisible chair mounted on the back wall.

The girls began immediately. As in most classrooms, the seats were arranged so it went in a checkerboard of girl-boy-girl-boy, then boy-girl-boy-girl, ensuring every student had someone of the opposite gender on as many sides as the room allowed.

Presently, the class had twelve guys and twelve girls, plenty of fun to go around. Immediately, each of the guys gasped, jumped, gripped their desks or chairs, and made other such signs that they’re helpless cocks were feeling sensations they were powerless to stop. Phantom hands and mouths and feathers and pussies stroked and teased them. She even sensed a few phantom feet and breasts being used, and possibly a phantom ass.

The boys tried to keep themselves under control, but it was a futile effort. Even if they weren’t undergoing hellacious amounts of teasing and edging at Metis, no guy would be able to handle so many sensations at once. She quickly cast a few spells to keep the guys from crying out too much, and kept their butts glued to their chairs so they didn’t fall out of them.

Ferri made sure to keep track of the number and application of the spells, her well-trained senses picking out each and every separate spell. She hadn’t specified which guys the girls should tease, but most just cast their spells on the guys immediately next to them. A couple guys, however, were unlucky enough to be rather popular. The boy in the middle, whose cock was by far the largest in class, if not in the whole school, found himself being assailed by eleven different spells. He was completely lost in an edging, sensual hell very quickly, but none of the girls relented.

Three of the guys were lucky enough to be unpopular. Two of them were only experiencing two spells at once, while the third was only feeling a light blowjob. Feri felt that it wasn’t really fair to the rest of the boys, so she compensated by adding a few spells of her own to their cocks. Nothing too intense, of course, but enough that the huge-dicked boy wasn’t necessarily leaving class with the bluest set of balls.

Feri even caught a couple girls unable to stop themselves from masturbating, though they tried to hide it under their backpacks. This did not work well, and the guys next to them near edged just knowing their female students were pleasuring themselves. Of course, they were already edging repeatedly throughout the film anyway.

Two hours of 80s anime goodness later, the boys were a ragged mess in their seats, sweating and some even crying. The girls looked varying degrees of aroused, blissed out, or peppy. Feri floated to the front of the room, clicked on the lights and closed the laptop, then pulled out the quizzes for the students to pass down. There were only twenty minutes left for the period, so she gave all the boys a little psychic jolt to wake them up from their cocktease stupors.

The quizzes were either one-word answers or multiple choice, so she was able to grade them with a quick glance. As expected, most of the girls barely managed to get half the questions correct. Either they didn’t care for the movie, or they were far too distracted by the cockteasing. Or both. Very few of the spells slipped or faltered, indicated the girls had definitely been paying attention to that part of the challenge!

Most of the boys, as expected, did abysmally. Feri had debated threatening them with cock-torture punishments for missing questions to try and motivate them, but that would have been cruel. She hadn’t expected them to remember the name of the movie, much less anything about the characters or plot.

Except, of course, one of the guys just had to be an anime nerd. Her eyebrows raised a bit as she graded the last paper. Every single answer was right! Even the nitpicky ones! Even the joke one, where the “question” was just “KANEDAAAAA!!!”, the boy had actually put “TETSUOOOOO!!!” as his response. No one else had gotten that one. The boy must have already been a fan of the movie.

She glanced up at him, a fit looking redhead named Rodger, who was giving her a hopeful look. She smirked, shook her head and gave a little sigh. “Well, I’m a woman of my word!” She sat down in her chair and crooked a finger at the boy, beckoning him forward. Rodger’s eyes widened as he found himself lifted into the air with magic, pulled forward, and plopped right down onto the teacher’s desk. From this position, his back was to the class, hiding the act, but all the girls could sense it, and the guys knew exactly what was happening!

“Congrats, Rodger,” she said. “Don’t expect any other teacher to indulge you like this.” The boy said nothing, too stunned that this was even happening. He thoughts were a whirl of confusion and cynicism. There was no way one of the teachers was actually going to suck him off right in front of—

Rodger yelped, threw his head back, and gripped the edges of the desk until his knuckles went white, as Miss Feri enveloped his cock in her tight, hot mouth. Having just endured multiple Tease Spells, he was already one touch away from the edge, but feeling the hot teacher’s actual mouth on him was a new level of pleasure that shot him to the brink of orgasm so hard and fast that his vision swam.

Miss Feri took her time, while the whole class watched with mouths agape. Rodger whimpered like a virgin girl being deflowered, and Feri had to freeze his body in place so didn’t buck his hips too hard or smack her head with his shaking knees. She continued to suck him for the three minutes until the bell rang for class to end.

Right when it did, she broke his orgasm block, and he exploded into her mouth. The girls, who’d all been getting wet watching their teacher’s expert oral skill all jumped and shuddered, as the energy of Rodger’s climax sent a shockwave through the room. The girls all came once, creating another shockwave that made all the boys edge fiercely once more. Rodger was absolutely beside himself as Miss Feri sucked out every drop of cum.

When he could give no more, she quickly stood, hovered up to float over him, and forced his head back. She then kissed him, open mouth, and let his own seed pour into his mouth. Rodger gagged and tried to spit it back out, but she held him in the kiss until he was forced to swallow it all. The whole class, still recovering from the orgasms and edgings, could only watch in yet more stunned silence.

Miss Feri finally broke the kiss, and her Binding Spell, to let Rodger collapse in a gasping sprawl across her desk.

“Whew,” she said. “You cum like a shotgun!” She laughed at the classes incredulous stares. “What? If you don’t get moving, you’ll be late for you next session! And you know what teachers do to late students!”

The students all scrambled out of their seats, sopping-wet pussies and diamond-hard dicks making it awkward for them to run. She helped Rodger by magically jolting him awake and floating him back onto his feet. He stumbled out, still unable to believe what had happened.

Feri chuckled, stuffing her briefcase with the quizzes and the laptop. She was off the next class period, then had lunch, before her classes resumed for the afternoon. Plenty of time to find a more obscure movie and avoid another mouthful of cum. Not that it hadn’t been a fun experience, but her reputation was already dubious. It was one thing to be seen as eccentric, but she didn’t want to become known as the “easy” teacher!


  1. Great scene. Love the use of flying and telekinesis. Really adds to the display of power available to the women.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this story, thanks for writing it.