Saturday, January 4, 2014

Girls Talk

Becky, Marceline, and June were in Marcy’s room studying, when Marcy suddenly looked up, head tilted as if trying to listen to something she could just barely hear. She “listened” for a few moments more, then let out a sigh that was somehow half-annoyed, yet half-amused. Becky looked up at her, cocking an eyebrow. “What’s up, Mars?”

“I think… I think Todd’s jacking it to thoughts of me,” she said.

The two other girls’ eyes widened. “No way, Todd Berman?” said Becky. “Oooh, that stud? I’m totally jelly!” Becky sat up and stretched. “All I get is Bobby and Tim, those dweebs. I guess because I got glasses they think I’m nerd-cute or something.”

June frowned. “Hmph. Nobody ever jacks it to me.” She looked herself over. “I guess cause I’m so fat.”

Becky sighed and gave her friend a poke in the arm. “You are not fat, you’ve got a healthy amount of meat on your bones.”

“And you two look like beanpoles,” said June. “And that’s what the boys like!”

“Speak for yourself,” said Becky. She cupped her breasts, which barely fit the small bra she wore. “At least you’ve got tits! You could smother a guy in those babies! I don’t even have a good handful.”

June scowled. “I guess Little Miss Mars is the perfect one, then!” June glanced a little enviously at their friend.

Marceline “Mars” Dean, was rather stunning with her bright red hair and trim figure, which still maintained a wonderfully developed bust. Mars shrugged. “Look, I work out and take care of myself, guys, don’t blame me if you don’t bother to do the same!”

“Bullshit,” said Becky. “I’ve seen you pack down sweets and soda like a six year old in a candy store.”

“It’s probably the boys,” said June wistfully. “When you absorb the sex energy from them, it charges your body, makes you more fit and healthy. You probably got dozens of guys masturbating for you, Mars.”

Mars smiled a little bashfully. “Nah, not that many…”