Saturday, January 4, 2014

Girls Talk

Becky, Marceline, and June were in Marcy’s room studying, when Marcy suddenly looked up, head tilted as if trying to listen to something she could just barely hear. She “listened” for a few moments more, then let out a sigh that was somehow half-annoyed, yet half-amused. Becky looked up at her, cocking an eyebrow. “What’s up, Mars?”

“I think… I think Todd’s jacking it to thoughts of me,” she said.

The two other girls’ eyes widened. “No way, Todd Berman?” said Becky. “Oooh, that stud? I’m totally jelly!” Becky sat up and stretched. “All I get is Bobby and Tim, those dweebs. I guess because I got glasses they think I’m nerd-cute or something.”

June frowned. “Hmph. Nobody ever jacks it to me.” She looked herself over. “I guess cause I’m so fat.”

Becky sighed and gave her friend a poke in the arm. “You are not fat, you’ve got a healthy amount of meat on your bones.”

“And you two look like beanpoles,” said June. “And that’s what the boys like!”

“Speak for yourself,” said Becky. She cupped her breasts, which barely fit the small bra she wore. “At least you’ve got tits! You could smother a guy in those babies! I don’t even have a good handful.”

June scowled. “I guess Little Miss Mars is the perfect one, then!” June glanced a little enviously at their friend.

Marceline “Mars” Dean, was rather stunning with her bright red hair and trim figure, which still maintained a wonderfully developed bust. Mars shrugged. “Look, I work out and take care of myself, guys, don’t blame me if you don’t bother to do the same!”

“Bullshit,” said Becky. “I’ve seen you pack down sweets and soda like a six year old in a candy store.”

“It’s probably the boys,” said June wistfully. “When you absorb the sex energy from them, it charges your body, makes you more fit and healthy. You probably got dozens of guys masturbating for you, Mars.”

Mars smiled a little bashfully. “Nah, not that many…”

“Well, with the number of times Tim and Bobby spank it to me, you’d think I’d be a supermodel if that was the case!” said Becky. “God, and they have such weird fantasies, too!”

“You know, you could just cast spells to make them unable to touch themselves,” said June.

Becky sighed. “Nah. Poor guys have it rough at home. And besides, they’re harmless, really. Plus, ever since my powers manifested, all my allergies have been going away, probably thanks to them.” She turned back to Mars. “So, what’s Todd thinking about?”

Mars blushed a little. “Thinking about?” she paused, and her gaze seemed unfocused for a moment, as if she was looking off in the distance, through the bedroom wall. “Hmm. Well, he’s finished now. That was quick.”

“You didn’t help him a long, did you?” said June, smirking.

Mars’ bashful smile returned. “Maybe just a little.” She stuck her tongue out. “Couple psychic licks at just the right moment, and POW! Right across the room!”

“Damn,” said Becky. “He musta been backed up!” She nudged Mars’ leg. “So, come on, what was he thinking about?”

Mars blushed slightly. “I don’t want to say.”

“Oh, come on, give us a hint at least!”


“Let me guess,” said June. “He was picturing you tied up and hanging from the ceiling, and fucking you in the butt.”

Mars’ faced went crimson and her eyes widened. “How did you…?”

June chuckled. “I have a class with him. I sensed him thinking about Holly and Jackie the same way. Guy’s a real bondage freak. And an anal lover. That’s like what ninety percent of his porn collection is.”

“Wow,” said Becky. “Who knew? Still, I wouldn’t mind being tied and fucked by him like that.” She noticed Mars squeeze her thighs together a bit. “Oh my god, are you getting a little wet there, perv?”

Mars scowled and crossed her arms. “No!” she huffed, even though her face was still red. The other two laughed.

“So,” said Becky. “What’s the absolute weirdest fantasy you’ve seen from a guy?”

June rolled her eyes. “God, that’s like asking what’s the orange-ist carrot you’ve seen is. Guys have the freakiest, weirdest ideas about sex! I mean, sure, plenty of times, they’re just thinking about fucking or getting a blowjob, but every guy I’ve looked into always has some really fucked up fantasy buried in their somewhere.”

“Such as?” said Becky.

June sighed, and thought for a moment, then said, “Okay, so, like, you know how they remade that giant ape movie last year?” The other two nodded. “I was just getting my powers that week, so I wasn’t able to block anything out. I could barely pay attention to the movie at some parts, because of all the little fantasies guys kept having about the actress.” She paused and smirked. “Although she was a hottie-potattie, so I can’t blame them.”

“Lesbo,” Becky said with a smirk.

“Speak for yourself, rug-muncher,” said June.

“Offer’s still on the table!”

“No thanks.”

“So you were saying?” said Mars. “Ape movie?”

“Right,” said June. “Well, you remember the scene where the explorers all fall into that deep valley, and they get attacked by the bugs?”

“Oh, god, I don’t like the sound of this,” muttered Becky.

“Well, there was that one bug, that worm thing, that extended out this, like mouth on a tentacle, and snagged one of the explorer’s arms, and another worm did the same thing and snagged the guys head.”

Mars’ eyes widened. “Some guy was thinking of that happening to his dick, wasn’t he?”

“Oh, even better,” said June. “The guy sitting next to me, his cock went rock hard, and he started imagining his girlfriend had some of those mouth tentacles in her pussy. So he imagined his girlfriend extending those tentacles to tie him up and give him some kind of weird blowjob/fuck. And he even imagined one mouth closing around his penis head and then extending another, thin tendril down his urethra, and tickling his prostate on the inside.”

The two girls looked a little green, shuddering. “Ugh! Why would you want that?” said Mars.

Becky grinned. “It’s like I always say, guys secretly wish they had pussies. They want to know what it’s like to get penetrated.” She laughed. “But I can top that! Bobby and Tim both have weird ones about me, imagining I’m an alien dominatrix, and I’m abducting and hypnotizing them and such. But the weirdest one I’ve seen was Mark, my old neighbor. He had this one fantasy about our chemistry teacher.

“He imagined her as some kind of witch, brewing potions. She had him tied up, and then was force feeding him some of her potions. And then suddenly, like a hundred dicks spring up all over his body. Legs, chest, arms, forehead, he’s just covered in extra penises!”

“Balls, too?” snickered June.

“No, just dicks,” said Becky. “Anyway, the witch then lifts he skirt, and this little pixie fairies swarm out from underneath. They fly over to Mark, and each one starts licking and rubbing against one of his dicks, all but his real one. The pleasure from each of the extra dicks feeds into his real dick. They can’t spurt, because they’re not connected to his balls or whatever, so they’re just extra stimulation. But his real dick starts twitching, and then the witch drips some magic wax onto the tip. His real dick tries to shoot, but the magic wax keeps his spunk contained, so he can’t cum.”

“Wow,” said Mars. “That is freaky. And funny that he’d actually fantasize about orgasm denial.”

“Oh, lots of guys do,” said June. “I’m not sure if it’s because it’s become so common, but more do than you’d think.”

“Yeah,” said Becky. “Where do you think we got the idea from?” She looked to Mars. “So, what’s your weirdest?”

Mars tapped her chin in thought. “Gosh, I dunno, nothing like that. Although, a couple times before I moved out of the house, I sensed my brother thinking about fox girls.”

“Fox girls?”

“You know, like, a fox with a human body, tits and all.”

“Wait, so like, furry porn?” said June.

“I guess,” said Mars. “I dunno, I made a point to block him out.”

“You know, I hear there’s a queendom that has actual furries,” said Becky. “Like, they’ve used Sex Magic to actually turn themselves into animal people.” She shuddered. “God, what weirdos.”

“Hey, don’t know it till you try it,” said June, with a wink. “I hear cat’s tongues are pleasantly rough.” She glanced over at the fluffy grey cat that had been sunning itself on the window sill this whole time, ignoring them.

Mars threw a pillow at her. “You keep Mr. Fluffles out of this!”

June laughed. “Okay, okay, I was kidding! Jeez!”

“That’s still really gross,” said Mars.

June shrugged. “What can I say, looking at guys’ fantasies, I don’t really find anything shocking anymore.” She smirked. “So, ladies, what’s your weirdest fantasy?”

Mars had to think that one over as well, so Becky went first. “Hmm… I think being tied up by Scarlet Johnson, dressed up as that superhero. The Crimson Widow? Yeah. Her tying me up and being rather creative with her little tazer.” Becky shivered. “Mmm, damn, just pushing her breasts on my face, making me suck them, and she’s got her tazer sparking just an inch from my clit…”

June sighed, “I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Offer’s still on the table,” said Becky with a grin and a wink.

“Maybe if I’m feeling exceptionally lonely some night,” said June. “And Mars doesn’t answer her phone first.”

Becky a hand over her heart, and made a mock pout. “You wound me, my love.” The two girls chuckled. Becky turned to Mars. “Come on, Mars, it can’t be that difficult.”

“Um, well, I had this one fantasy about making love to Todd on a white horse,” said Mars.

Becky gave her a flat expression. “How is that remotely weird? That’s like the most cliché fantasy there is.”

“Well, I mean, like, actually have sex while on the horse,” said Mars. “Like, I’m on top of Todd, whose riding the horse, and as the horse gallops, it bounces us up and down.” She blushed. “Oh, whatever.”

“Hmm,” said June. “Practical, if nothing else. Let’s see, for mine, I’d have to go with this idea I had after seeing another movie. I imagined, what if some guy I wanted was afraid of my Sex Magic, but discovered some kind of magic of his own. So he finds some kind of shrinking dust that also paralyzes my powers. So he keeps me as his little pet for a couple days. But slowly, my powers return, stronger than ever, and on the third night, I fly out of my cage and to his bed. I’m only about half the size of his penis, but I totally unload on him with my magic, and he’s utterly helpless. I stand triumphantly on his cock, laughing maniacally as he begs me for an orgasm, but I seal his away forever!”

Becky looked at her stunned. “Wow. Well, aren’t you the ultimate dominatrix!”

“Haha, actually, I lied, that’s the fantasy Mars’ neighbor has about her.” Becky looked to Mars. She’d been blushing crimson while June watched, and the two girls broke out laughing. “Oh, Mars, you know we love you.”

“Ugh, and guys think they’re the only one’s embarrassed,” said Mars, frowning. “Alright, come on, what’s your fantasy then?”

June was still chuckling. “Oh, let’s see… I dunno… I think the hottest unusual fantasy I’ve had was a foursome with the three Conner brothers. Those guys are so fucking hot, just, mmm, I want one of their dicks in each hole at once, you know? Just pound me from every angle till I can’t see or walk straight.”

Now it was Becky’s turn to blush, picturing June writhing nakedly in such ecstasy. June rolled her eyes as she noticed this, but still smiled a bit. “Guess I know who you’ll be thinking about tonight.”

“Ooo, you’re mean!” said Becky, pouting.

“Okay, so I got one, what’s the wildest thing you’ve done with your powers?” said Mars.

June sighed. “Fraid I lose that one. All I’ve done is give a couple psychic handjobs.”

“Willing?” said Becky, cocking an eyebrow at her.

“Yes, willing,” said June, rolling her eyes again. “I’m not a molester.”

“Oh, come on, there’s nothing wrong with copping a little feel now and then,” said Becky. “Especially if they’re already jacking off for you, right Mars?” She winked.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” said Mars, checking her nails nonchalantly.

“Okay, Licky,” said Becky.

“I thought that was your nickname?” said Mars, smirking.

“Man, you guys are a bunch of ball busters,” said Becky. “But let’s see, wildest powers thing… Hmm… I body surfed a girl once.”

“Really?” said June.

“Yeah,” said Becky. “You know how some of those girl skaters started using their boys as hoverboards?”

“Yeah, they’ve actually got a show on the sports channel, boysurfing races,” said Mars. “It’s totally, nuts!”

“Yeah, I’ll bet it is,” said June, and the three laughed.

“Well, anything you can do to a boy, you can do to a girl if she lets you,” said Becky. “We just don’t give off nearly as much energy.”

“So, that’s it? You just rode a girl like a skateboard for a while?”

“I had to work her up for a couple hours,” said Becky. “Not let her cum, while I licked and tickled her all over, with my body and my powers. I had phantom fingers wriggling in her ass and pussy and tickling her nipples the whole time I was riding her. But we got up pretty high, at least a hundred feet into the air. It was pretty rad.” She smirked. “Then I slipped up and she orgasmed, and we nearly fell out of the sky as that broke my concentration. Fortunately, I caught us both, and just made her keep cumming the whole way back down to the ground, she was outputting almost as much energy as a boy for half a minute there.”

“Well, that’s kinda hot,” said Mars.

“Yeah,” said Becky. “I let her ravish me afterwards as payback. She played with me for a whole day, and just let her.” Becky smiled and hugged herself. “I haven’t cum so many times in one go since!”

“Wow,” said Mars. “Well, once I caught my ex-boyfriend rooting through my laundry. He was looking for panties to sniff. I caught him red handed, dick rock hard and panties on his face. Funny thing is, I would have rolled with it, but he got all freaked out and denied what he was doing, and then tried to accuse me of making him. You can see why we didn’t stay together. Well, I put a little condition on him so that anytime he masturbated or thought of something perverted, he’d suddenly catch the scent of my panties.”

“Ha! Pervert!” said Becky. “Does he still have that condition?”

“Last I checked, though that was a while ago,” said Mars. “His next girlfriend thought it was hilarious, so she kept the condition on him, except that it was her panties instead.”

“Maybe you should do that to Todd?” said Becky.

“Nah,” said Mars. “He’s a nice guy.”

“Who wants to fuck your ass,” said June.

“I’ve never tried anal before,” said Mars. “Never wanted to before, either, but now I’m a little curious.”

“I could give you a test run,” said Becky, with a wink.

“Hell no,” said Mars. “I’ve seen the size of the strap-ons you use!” The girls laughed again. “Well. Back to studying?”

Becky sighed. “For now, I guess. But after this week is over, I say we go out and hit up a club or something. I haven’t gotten laid in like two weeks, and now I’m all in the mood!”

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  1. So cool! Great fantasies and fun to read from this perspective! Nicely done!