Friday, August 29, 2014

The Pixie's Reward

Duncan had been driving home from the factory in the wee hours of the morning when he encountered a pixie. It smacked against his windshield with a rather loud “THWAP!” as he idled at a stop light. The pixie groaned as her form splayed almost comically across the glass. Duncan frowned and observed the small creature with that perfect deadpan look only those tired to the bones, yet not in a position to fall asleep, can master. He put the car in park long enough to step out and scoop the small thing up, before depositing it on the passenger seat. He then drove the rest of the way home, ignoring the impulse to question his sanity. Such lines of inquisition could wait for a better time, one when he wasn’t having to use most of his willpower to keep his eyes open and on the road.
As he drove home, though, he stole a couple glances at the thing he had rescued. It was the very image of a classical pixie: a fully grown, beautiful woman only six inches tall, wearing a simple green dress, with two sets of translucent, iridescent wings sprouting from her back. Her long red hair came down to nearly her ankles, and her slim, fit figure had a nice set of curves.
She did not awaken as Duncan pulled into the driveway of his small, one-story home. He cupped her gently with one hand as he went inside. Grabbing a clean hand towel, he set up a small “mattress” on the kitchen counter, and lay her down atop it. Then he plopped down on the couch, and turned on the TV. As the sights and sounds of late night programming lulled him to sleep, he wondered if his little hallucination would still be there in the morning.
He was assured of this when, eight solid hours later, he awoke to a tapping on his cheek. With a snort, he blinked awake and nearly leaped out of his skin as he saw the diminutive creature hovering right above his face. Still half asleep, he swatted at it, thinking it was some kind of large bug. She easily dodged his hand, floating up to the ceiling.
“Hey!” she called down, in a voice surprisingly normal sounding for one so tiny. “Careful!”

Duncan groaned and rubbed his eyes as he sat up, wincing at his aches. He clicked off the TV, and looked up at the pixie. She smiled down at him, and floated a bit closer. “Crap,” he said. “You’re real. Does that mean I’m crazy now?”
The pixie cocked her head at him, giving him a curious look. “Why would that be? Have you never seen a pixie before?” She tapped her chin with a thought. “Hmm. I guess you might not have. What realm is this?”
“Realm?” said Duncan.
“Yeah, you know, realm. Plane. World. Planet. Whatever you call it. Where am I?”
“Um, this is the planet Civero. You’re currently in the nation of Bellamy. Where are you from?”
“I’m from a realm called Arcovia,” she said. She floated down to the coffee table, and sat down upon a short stack of magazines. “Sheesh. Civero, huh? That’s pretty far from where I was trying to go.”
Duncan rubbed his head. “Okay, well, if you got places to go, then I can let you out.”
The pixie shrugged. “I’m going to need to wait a while for my magic to charge, before I can try and do another realm shift. Besides, I need to pay you back for saving me!” She flew up to Duncan, giving him a look that was somehow both chipper and stern. “So, I can’t leave until I repay my debt! Is there anything you want from me?”
Duncan backed up a step as she flew right into his face. “Um… no… that’s okay. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I know the old folk tales. I don’t need to be getting wrapped up in any shady deals.”
The pixie cocked and eyebrow at him and crossed her arms. “Hey, now, I take offense to that! Who told you fairies were shady?”
“Just what the old tales say,” said Duncan. He went into the kitchen. “Still, I don’t mind the company, I guess. You can stay here for a few days if you need to. Just don’t, you know, touch anything.”
“That’ll be a challenge,” said the pixie, eyeing the cluttered house. It wasn’t a dump per say, but several clothes were strewn about the floor, and several magazines and comic books were scattered over the tables. She fluttered over to the kitchen counter, and sat on the microwave. “Still, there’s nothing I can do for you?”
“Nope,” said Duncan. He started cooking some bacon and eggs. “You want anything?”
“Some warm milk and honey would be nice if you have any,” said the pixie. She laughed. “But seriously, you can’t keep helping me out and not expect me to repay you!”
Duncan shrugged. “I figure I’m still hallucinating,” he said, as he poured some milk into a shotglass and mixed it with some honey. He stuck it in the microwave for a few seconds, before setting it before her.
“Why’s that?” said the pixie.
“I’ve just got done with an 80 hour work week,” he said. “I figure its delirium from overworking.”
“Oh, dear,” she said. She stood up and leaned over the glass. Fluttering her wings to maintain her balance, she touched her lips to the surface of the liquid, and drank. She sucked down about half the glass before coming back up for air, wiping her mouth and giving a satisfying gasp, followed by a tiny burp. “Whew!” she said. “That hit the spot!” She sat back down on the towel, a little flushed.
“I’m glad,” he said, flipping the eggs and bacon.
“You’re very kind.”
“Sure. I’m kind to all my hallucinations.”
“I’m not a hallucination!”
“That’s what they all say.”
The pixie pouted and lifted the glass to her lips, using both hands. She then downed the rest of her drink, looking at him thoughtfully. “Well, are you working today?” she said.
“Yes, but not at the factory, thank god,” he said. “I need to get some art finished.”
“Art?” said the pixie, her features brightening. Her wings fluttered a bit. “You’re an artist?”
“Yeah, I draw.”
“Oh, can I see, can I see?”
“Sure. Just don’t touch anything.”
The pixie put her hands on her hips. “Hey, you! I’m not a chaos sprite. I’m not just gunna zip around your home breaking everything.”
Duncan chuckled, sliding his eggs and bacon onto a plate. He ate them quickly, standing there in the kitchen, then set the plate and skillet down in the sink, soaking them for later. He walked off to another part of the house and the pixie followed him. “So, you live alone, I take it?”
“That obvious, huh? Guess it has been a few weeks since I cleaned up.”
“Does it bother you?”
Duncan paused, then shrugged. “I guess. But I’m so busy with my jobs, I don’t have much time to think about it.” He opened a door, leading to a small art studio. Several pictures, some black and white, some color, lined each wall. A large, well-lit table sat against the far wall, holding several pages with drawings in various states of completion. He sat down at his desk, cracked his knuckles, and picked up a brush. Dabbing it into some ink, he began to retrace over the lines of pencil on one of the pages.
“So, what is this stuff?” said the pixie. “Looks like a story scroll.”
“I do art for a couple comic books,” he said.
“Comic books?”
Duncan picked up a magazine and held it up. The cover proclaimed its title as The Centurions in a large bold letters; below the title, numerous colorful characters were drawn in a large battle scene. She raised a hand, and the magazine floated out of his grip. She flicked her hand to the side, and the comic opened, slowly flipping pages as if by itself. “This is your work?” she said.
“Well, several people’s work,” he said. “I do the penciling and usually the inking. Another guy does the writing and lettering, and we got two people alternating as the colorist.” He shrugged. “We’re not with one of the major publishers, exactly, but the title’s been going for about fifteen years. I’ve been working on it for the last four.”
“Interesting,” she said. She squinted at the comic. “Hmm, I can’t read the writing.”
“Really? You’re speaking Grannin well enough.”
“Grannin? Is that your language?” Duncan nodded, and the pixie smiled. “I’m actually speaking in the Etwin Lai tongue. I’m just using a bit of magic to translate our words.”
“Convenient,” said Duncan. He went back to inking his pages. The pixie watched him work, fluttering around the studio occasionally to look at his other drawings.
“You’re quite good,” said the pixie. “Your creature drawings are very neat, your men heroic and handsome.” She smiled. “And I notice your women are very beautiful.”
“Heh, well, it’s a superhero comic book,” he said. “Everyone’s either supposed to look cool or gorgeous, preferably both. Scary, if they’re a bad guy or something.”
“I see,” said the pixie. “So, tell me, which of these women do you desire the most?”
Duncan blinked and paused mid-brush stroke. He turned and looked at her. “Excuse me?”
The pixie motioned to the posters of some of the superheroines. “These women you draw. Which would you most desire?”
“Um, they aren’t real,” said Duncan, giving her a curious look.
The pixie shrugged. “But if they could be, who would you desire?”
“I don’t desire any of them,” he said.
“I see.” She floated up to a poster where three of the heroines were posed in a fairly erotic fashion, dressed in skimpier versions of their standard hero costumes. They each gazed at the viewer with lascivious looks. “Then why do you draw them like this?”
Duncan sighed. “Well, because, that was for a, you know, a swimsuit issue sort of thing.” He waved it off. “You know, one of those cheesy gimmick comics, for teenaged boys to drool over.”
“Or guys who live alone?”
Duncan almost flinched at that. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
The pixie floated over to his table, sitting on the top of its slanted frame. “Only that a workaholic bachelor must feel rather lonely. Don’t think I didn’t notice the kind of magazines you had lying around.”
Duncan blanched. “Wonderful. My hallucinations are now judging me. I truly have snapped.”
The pixie sighed, flew up to his face before he could react, and bopped him on the nose with her fist. Duncan flinched. The blow actually stung a bit, though not badly. “I am not a hallucination!” she said with a huff, her hands on her hips again.
“Okay, okay, sorry!” said Duncan, rubbing his nose. He gave her the first hard look since he’d “met” her. He swallowed. “So you’re really a pixie?” He held up his hand and she dropped onto it, standing tall on his palm. “Wow. I, uh, I don’t know what to say…”
“Answer my question,” she said. She motioned to his drawings. “Which of these women do you desire?”
“Why do you want to know that?” he said.
“Because I intend to repay you for your kindness, as I said. You saved me last night, when I fell into your world.”
“You landed on my car and I just—”
“If you hadn’t brought me to your home, I would have spent the night on that road, unconscious, and any stray animal or other danger could have claimed me. But you gave me shelter, and just a few minutes ago, you gave me a meal. I must repay your hospitality.” Her wings fluttered and she floated up to his eye level again. “I can tell, you’re stressed out, overworked, and lonely. What you need is a little loving. Fortunately for you, I am quite skilled in the erotic arts. I can give you an experience you’ll never forget.”
Duncan swallowed. “I, uh, I don’t know. I mean, I never really thought about—”
“Liar,” she said. She floated up and pointed to the poster with the trio of lustful heroines. “Come on. That isn’t the drawing of a man who didn’t at least consider for a moment what it’d be like.”
Duncan blinked, still not fully believing this was happening. Still, he felt compelled to see just how far this craziness could go. He pointed at the figure in the center of the picture, a small and cute, but very fit young woman in a provocative rendition of a ninja’s outfit. “Her, I guess. Razor.”
The pixie nodded in approval. “Very good. I shall bring to life an illusion of her, and she shall fulfill your sexual fantasy of her.”
Duncan nodded dumbly, then suddenly, his eyes widened as the pixie’s last words fully sank in. “No, wait—!”
But it was too late. With a wave of her hand, there was a great burst of white smoke. When it cleared, there she stood, in the center of the room. Razor, the ninja girl, with her toned curves and cute face, smiled at him. Duncan’s eyes went wide and he gulped.

Before Duncan could say anything, Razor stepped up to him, picking him up bodily and pushing him against the wall. She kissed him fiercely. With a deft motion, she whipped out her combat knife and sliced off his clothes with impossible dexterity. Duncan briefly wished he’d showered before falling asleep, but Razor seemed not to care about such things. As his clothes fell away, his cock responded quickly to his sudden lover’s embrace. He became erect as Razor pressed against him, undulating her body in a way that made him shiver with excitement. One hand grasped his balls, while her other hand cupping the back of his head; she kissed him so passionately, it stole his breath away. Duncan noticed the pixie, watching with fascination. She seemed almost confused, perhaps wondering at Razor’s aggression.
Duncan blushed at the idea of being watched, and then winced, as he felt something cinch tightly around the base of his cock. Razor pulled away. Trailing from her hand was a thick wire, which she had deftly looped around the base of his cock and testicles, then around each separate testicle, then once more around his cock just above his balls. She made a tug on the wire, and Duncan let out a gasp as the loops tightened around his cock.
“Now, then, boy,” said Razor, her voice at once commanding and sultry. “On your knees.”
Duncan obeyed, knowing any protest was futile. He felt himself go flush with arousal as he kneeled before the ninja woman. She stepped behind him and almost faster than he could react to, his wrists were bound behind his back, and then secured to his ankles. He was forced to spread his legs at the knees so as not to fall over. Razor then pulled a strip of black cloth from some hidden pocket, and used it to blindfold him. The last thing Duncan saw before Razor covered his eyes was the pixie staring at him with a dropped jaw.
He heard Razor then sit upon his chair. He felt a tug at the wire, and his cock twitched in both excitement and tension, the loops forcing his cock to maximum stiffness. “Come here, boy. You know what to do.” Duncan heard a shifting of cloth as he shuffled forward as best he could, bound as he was. When his knees touched the legs of his chair, he felt two strong legs snap closed over his head, and a pair of feet resting on his upper back. Two hands pushed his head down and forward; his lips met the wet, hot folds of Razor’s pussy. She tugged on the wire, and his cock jumped again. “Come on, boy,” she said.
Duncan kissed her lips and began to lick her. Her scent was lovely and intoxicating, the earthy musk of a woman in heat. Razor threaded the fingers of one hand through Duncan’s hair and gripped him firmly, letting out a small gasp as his efforts pleased her. If this really was happening as he fantasized, then her other hand was currently working her breasts. “Oh, yes,” she breathed. “Good boy. Good, good boy…”
Duncan moaned in response as he licked her deeper, pausing only to suckle her clit; he rolled it gently between his teeth as he repeatedly thrust his tongue against it, before licking her deeply again. Razor moaned loudly, and her fingers clutched him tightly.
All the while, his cock twitched and throbbed, almost quivering in excitement. As he licked her, Razor would flick the wire, causing it to lightly brush against his cock. It seemed to strike just the right spots in just the right amount, soon causing him to buck into the air. However, the touches were just brief enough, and the wires tight enough, that even though his cock quickly reached a point of maximum tension, swelling to point just before orgasm, not a drop of fluid escaped him. Razor let out a low scream as she came, hard, against Duncan’s face; Duncan himself nearly whimpered as his excitement peaked to a point where he should have already had an orgasm. He was so aroused, the slightest touch should have made him cum; Razor’s wire flicks should have been more than enough. But the wires cruelly cut him off from that release, making him to buck helplessly beneath her as he was “forced” to please her, over and over.
Finally, after what had to be her tenth orgasm, Razor let him go, pushing him back. She leaned back in his chair, gasping. Duncan, his face covered in her fluids, panted as he remained helplessly bound. His cock was harder than it had ever been in his life, swollen to maximum tension, a livid reddish purple in color. Razor extended one foot towards him and tapped the tip of his cock with her toe. Duncan gasped as he nearly came just from that touch, but again, the cruel wires cut him off. “Not bad, boy,” Razor said, leaning down to purr into his ear. “For an appetizer.” She slipped off the blindfold, and Duncan could see she had covered herself again, not allowing him to see her breasts and pussy. She smirked as with a flick of her wrist, the wires binding him suddenly became loose. Duncan pitched forward, now on hands and knees, hips jerking, cock twitching.
“Don’t cum,” said Razor. “Don’t you dare cum.”
Duncan had to bite his thumb to will down the urge to spurt all over the floor. When he finally got himself under control, Razor smiled, and extended her foot once again, patting his cheek with the bottom of her foot. Duncan turned and kissed her, holding her foot lovingly in his hands. “Good boy,” she said. And then, suddenly, she vanished.
Duncan gasped in surprised, blinking. The pixie then floated down into view, sitting on the edge of the chair, looking at Duncan with utter shock. “Holy fuck,” she said. “That was your fantasy?”
Duncan blushed deeply.  He realized he was still naked, and he hastily snatched up what was left of his clothes, holding one of the larger strips of his shirt in front of his still throbbing genitals. “S-so what?” he said, not looking her in the eyes. “So I’ve got a submissive streak! What’s wrong with that?” He grew even redder as the pixie exploded into laughter. “Shut up!” he said.
“Oh my god,” she said. “That wasn’t just a submissive streak! That was downright masochistic!” She flew over to him, zipped to the side so she could see around his cover. “You didn’t even get to have an orgasm!”
“Hey!” he said, pressing the cloth closer to himself. “Cut it out!” Despite his attempt to hide, however, his cock was still stubbornly hard, and tented his make-shift cover nonetheless. He started to head out of the room.
“Where are you going?” she said.
“Shower,” he said. “And don’t follow me!”
The pixie giggled as she watched him go. “Shower, huh?” she floated over to another of his drawings. “Let’s see here… ah, she should do nicely!” She pointed at a picture where a woman appeared to be forming out of water and grinned.
 Duncan stepped into the shower and sighed as he waited for the water to heat up. His cock and balls ached badly with tension, and he was still flushed with excitement. He could not believe that had just happened. He’d just been sexually dominated by one of his own superheroine characters! He could still taste her on his lips. He closed his eyes and imagined her thighs were wrapped around his head. He reached down to stroke himself, and he knew he’d shoot off in mere seconds.
Suddenly, he felt something grab his hand before he could touch. He’s eyes snapped open and he jumped as he saw a woman made of water reaching out of the shower. “R-r-rain?” he gasped. Rain, the woman of living water, smiled and reached out to him. Myriad tendrils of water rose from the tub, snaked around his body, and pulled him in with her. The tendrils pressed him against the shower wall and the woman pressed her body against his. She smiled and leaned forward, kissing him. As she pressed herself against him, his cock slipped into her liquid body, sinking inside until it was lined up with where her pussy should be. He felt the warm wetness squeeze him, just like a real woman’s sex. But unlike a real woman, the pussy he felt undulated its walls, stroking him with a rapid, continuous downward motion.
Duncan gasped and broke the kiss, tilting his head back and moaning. Already teased and caught off guard, he felt himself trying to cum once more. Then his eyes snapped wide open as he felt something begin to press against his penis slit. “No!” he gasped, as he felt a thread of water push into his cock. “Oh, no, please, don’t!”
Rain put a finger to his lips and shushed him. “It’s okay,” she whispered. “Don’t be scared. This won’t hurt.”
Duncan moaned as his cock clenched mightily, the muscles trying to force the invading liquid out. However, it was all for naught as the water pushed, gently but steadily, deeper inside him. Crazily, the sensation felt quite strange, but oddly pleasurable. The water was touching off his pleasure receptors both inside and out. Duncan’s hips bucked against her, and just as he felt the water reach the base of his cock, he let out a shuddering gasp; he tried to cum again. But the water inside his cock held back his release, containing his orgasm. “Oh fuck,” cried Duncan. He writhed as he tried to grasp at Rain, but the water tendrils holding him the wall were as hard and unmoving as steel. He thrust repeatedly against her, and she held him, caressing his face and kissing his neck, as she rippled the water around his cock more frantically, driving him to try and cum more, even as she wickedly prevented him. She began to gasp as his motions seemed to pleasure her, despite her elemental form. She clutched him tightly as she pushed her sex against his, working herself towards a powerful climax.
Duncan heard a giggling to his left, and to his dismay, he saw the pixie shaking in mid air, pointing at him. He blushed, utterly humiliated. “Please, stop!” he gasped.
“No way!” she cried. “This is too fun! Oh, sweet mother, are all your fantasies like this? Tied up and begging for relief while women use you for their pleasure? Good lord, no wonder you’re alone!”
Duncan flinched. He grit his teeth and said, in a low voice. “Stop. Now.”
Rain paused in her actions and looked him over. The pixie forced her laughter down.
“Let me go,” said Duncan, looking suddenly sullen. He was clearly no longer in the mood. Even teased as he was, his cock began to wilt inside his liquid lover.
Rain glanced to the pixie, who suddenly looked regretful. She waved her hand and Rain vanished. Duncan let out a sigh as he slid down the shower wall and sat in the tub.
“Oh, Duncan, I’m sorry,” said the pixie, fluttering over to him. “Jeez, I don’t know why I said that.” She landed on the edge of the tub. “I’m so sorry.”
“Just leave me alone,” he said. “Go away.”
The pixie floated up in front of him. “Please, really, I’m sorry. It just slipped out. I thought maybe you’d, you know, like it.”
Duncan gave her a curious look. “Why would I like being insulted?”
The pixie shrugged. “I dunno, it seemed to go with your fantasy. I thought you were one of those guys who liked being sissified or something.”
“That’s not it,” he said. “I… I like being teased and taken and denied. I’m not into that name calling, sissification stuff.”
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” She landed on the edge of the tub again. “Wanna talk about it?”
“No,” said Duncan, getting up. “I want to shower.”
“Okay,” said the pixie, sullenly. She flew out of the room.

Duncan quickly washed himself, not bothering to stroke off. He couldn’t get back into the mood. When he was done, he dressed in some loose sweatpants and a tee-shirt, and went into the kitchen to get some coffee. The pixie sat on the microwave, looking saddened. He intended to ignore her, but he kept glancing at her, catching her furtive looks in his direction. He finally sighed and said, “My ex-wife freaked out when she learned about my submissive streak. It’s one of the reasons we got divorced. She wanted some macho man that would do all the work at romance, be the aggressor to sweep her off her feet, the way a ‘proper’ Bellamian man should be. I gave that to her, played the lustful hunk she wanted, but when I told her about my fantasies, she looked at me like I was crazy. I finally convinced her to try it; she tied me up once, gave me a half-hearted handjob, then quit and said she’d never do something that stupid again.” He shook his head. “Damn thing of it was, she was a mage, too. She could use magic. She could have fulfilled my needs in ways no ordinary woman could have. But I guess it was too much to ask.”
The pixie looked up at him. “So she left you because she didn’t like your sexual kinks? How awful.”
He shrugged and sighed. “Well, there were other reasons. The difference in sexual tastes was just one of the things exacerbating the other problems. She said I worked too much at the factory, and was never home. I was home three full days a week. Unfortunately, it was usually on the days she was working. We didn’t see much of each other; I guess we couldn’t help but start drifting apart.
“But I had to pay off the mortgage to this place, so I couldn’t quit my factory job. Then, I got picked up to do the Centurions comic, and, well, I didn’t have time for much of anything at that point.” He sipped his coffee thoughtfully. “To be honest, I kind of threw myself into the work to avoid her at that point. I mean, I always wanted to work in comics, been drawing them since I was a kid, but, I chose that over taking time to work on the marriage. Not surprisingly, we divorced just a couple years ago.” He hung his head. “Anyway, you didn’t know, so, don’t feel too bad about it.”
“No, I shouldn’t have overstepped my bounds,” said the pixie. “You just seemed like you really needed some loving, but then you’re fantasies were so… unexpected… I had to see it again!” She floated up to him and sat on his shoulder, smiling. She tickled at his earlobe, making him shiver. “I find your fantasies very intriguing.”
“Yeah, okay,” he said, brushing her hand away as he blushed deeply. “I’m glad you enjoyed the show. Now, I think its best you just let me get back to work. I need to have these pages done by next week.”
The pixie pouted, but said, “Okay, okay.” She stood, but shuffled her feet on his shoulder. “But, could I watch you work?” she said. “I won’t bug you. It’s just, like I said, it’s going to be a while before I can recharge another teleport spell to get out of here.”
“I guess,” he said. He let her ride his shoulder as he went back into his art room. The scent of sex hit him as he entered, however, and he paused. The memory of what had just happened here hit him powerfully, and he swallowed as his cock began to erect, unbidden. He glanced down at himself and blushed. “Um, actually, I need to, uh, take care of something real quick.”
The pixie smiled. “You want to masturbate?”
His blush deepened and he looked away from her. “You don’t have to be so blunt about it.”
“My goodness, you’re such shy one.” She giggled and kissed his cheek. “But how about this? If you hold it in, I’ll make it worth your while.”
Duncan blinked. “What do you mean?”
“Oh, I think you can guess. If you hold it in, I’ll make more of your fantasies come to life!”
Duncan swallowed nervously. “I don’t know, I don’t think I can handle any more of that! I mean, the fantasies are intense; in real life, I could actually get seriously hurt!” He motioned to himself. “I’m surprised Razor’s wire didn’t slice my dick off.”
The pixie’s eyes widened and she put a hand to her mouth. “Oh, my god, you don’t have castration fantasies, do you?”
“What? No!” He shuddered at the thought. “I mean, her wires were really tight. They kind of hurt!”
The pixie smiled reassuringly. “Don’t you worry about a thing. I’ll use my magic to keep you safe and healthy, okay?”
Duncan thought it over. “Okay,” he said, nodding. “Alright. But I really do need to finish my work. I still have at least five pages to draw and seven to ink…”
“So, draw and ink away!” said the pixie. She floated down to the bulge in his shorts, and gave it a tap with her fingertip. “Just don’t let this little guy distract you until you’re done!”
“Hey!” said Duncan, blushing again. “It’s not little!”
The pixie giggled, flew up and kissed him on the nose. “You’re so easy!” She tussled his hair. “Now, get to work! Then we can play!”
Duncan nodded, and sat down at his bench. He tried not to think of what might be in store, but it was difficult. His cock kept erecting as he drew the female characters of the comic, and several times, he found his pencil lingering over a curve, imagining what it might feel like pressed against him. He had to shake his head and concentrate on not screwing up the lines. He couldn’t believe he was seriously thinking about sex with superhero characters. Heck, most of them weren’t even his creations; he’d only invented about a handful of the characters since joining the book.
The pixie just watched him work, noting which characters he seemed to react to the most. Otherwise, she occasionally flitted about the room, looking at his other drawings. She even brought him some water, levitating it as she flew.
Finally, some seven hours later, with only a quick lunch break and a couple bathroom breaks in between, he was finished for the day. He shook the aches out of his hand and looked over his work, nodding in approval.
He then turned to the pixie, but noted she was suddenly gone. Frowning, he came out into the living room. He jumped as he saw three women sitting on the couch, waiting for him. All smiled as he entered. He recognized them all as more Centurions characters: Spark, a petite blond with electrokinesis; Starlight, a tall woman with chestnut curls, who could fly and generate light; and Ghost, a white haired telekinetic who could become invisible. Sitting on the back of the couch, between Spark and Starlight, was the pixie, smiling broadly.
“Come on in, Duncan,” said Starlight, waving to the center of the room. They had moved the coffee table over to the side and pushed the couch back a little, providing a larger open space in the living room.
His cock already going erect, Duncan stood in the room. He blushed and put his hands over his groin, trying to hide the tent he was making. The women chuckled, and Ghost motioned with her hand. Duncan found his arms pushed apart. He was then floated into the air, and his clothes slid off his body, slowly, removed by Ghost’s telekinesis. The women made catcalls and whistles as his body was revealed to them. He was decently fit, his job at the factory keeping him physically active, but even still, being watched by four fully clothed women as his nude body was revealed to them made him very self conscious. His blush deepened as his underwear was pulled down, and his cock sprang up like a jack-in-the-box, happy to come out and play, heedless of his dignity. When he was fully nude, he was set back down. He tried to cover himself again, but Ghost prevented him, again pulling his hands away, revealing him fully to the women. His cock twitched excitedly, and they all laughed.
Spark extended a finger, and a little bolt of lightning leapt from her finger. It curled around his cock and Duncan gasped. The little lightning bolt danced and leapt over his organ, zapping him with pleasurable tingles along every sweet spot on his cock. He gasped and trembled, and the superheroines giggled, watching him shake. The little bolt moved quicker, causing sharper tingles, and Duncan was on his knees once more. His cock flexed rapidly and he gasped. He was already going to spurt!
“Tsk, tsk, Duncan,” said Starlight. “Such a premature ejaculator!” She snapped her fingers, and a ring of solid light formed around the base of Duncan’s cock. He felt the energy band cinch tightly, and a moment later, his orgasm was blocked by the cruel ring. He let out a cry as the lightning bolt moved even faster, and he shook.
He gasped, “I-I-I’m not! Really! It’s just b-been a while!” He went down to hands and knees again as his hips bucked. “Oh, fuck!” he gasped. The sensations of the electric bolt were incredible; he’d never tried electro-stimulation before, but if this was how it felt, he was sorry he hadn’t invested in it! It was like the energy reached deep under the skin to stimulate nerves he hadn’t known he had! Oh, gods, but the ring! It forced him to stay just at the edge of release as the energy stimulated him crazily! “Oh, god… okay… please, give me a break! Let me cum!” He blushed deeply, ashamed to be begging already, but he was in no way prepared for how incredible this felt.
They laughed at his helplessness. “Poor thing,” said Starlight. “Honestly, a normal guy thinks he can handle a super powered lover?”
“Maybe we should teach him not to be so overconfident,” said Spark. She snapped her fingers and the lightning bolt doubled in size, writhing over his cock wildly. Duncan shuddered and cried out.
Ghost raised her hand, and Duncan found himself lifted into the air. He was flipped onto his back and made to lay spread eagle, hovering two feet off the ground. She then turned invisible and he could hear her undressing. He felt her hands touching him, tracing down his chest and stomach. He could feel her leg come over him, and then, she was straddling him. He felt her warmth and soft flesh as she lay atop him, and purred into his ear. He moved to reach her, but her telekinesis bound him thoroughly. He could do nothing but shiver and gasp as he felt her slide his over stimulated cock into her pussy.
She was dripping wet, blazing hot, and very tight. His eyes bulged as her pussy squeezed his cock fiercely. She let out a soft gasp, then moaned as she motioned herself upon him. The stimulation of her pussy combined with the electrical arc, and he wailed under her attentions. Then, she sat up on his body, and Duncan’s vision was obscured by Spark’s ass as she promptly sat on his face. She pushed her naked pussy against his mouth, spurring him to lick her. Instinctively, he did, driving his tongue deep, causing her to gasp.
Then, he was suddenly aware of Starlight lying on the ground beneath him. He could hear her moaning softly, no doubt masturbating as she watched him writhe. And then, he felt something, a warm, smooth rod, slide along his ass crack. Duncan moaned loudly, trying to shake his head.  But his pleas fell on deaf ears, as Starlight slowly slid a dildo of solid energy into his ass. She worked him slowly, almost lovingly, but he shuddered violently at the invasion. Beneath him, Starlight laughed, and she kissed the back of his neck, tickling the erogenous zone there. At this kiss, he felt himself relaxing, and then, the dildo in his ass began to work steadily. To his shock, and humiliation, he felt a pleasure begin to bloom in his anus. It joined the hyperstimulation of his cock, and then his whole body was writhing in helpless ecstasy as the three women orgasmed all around him.
Duncan had no idea how long this went on. The women would shift positions, but he remained prone, helplessly servicing them while they tormented his cock. The pressure in his loins was immense; he had always fantasized about this, but had never experienced it before. It was truly maddening: the pleasure, the pressure, the absolute need for release. But the women would not stop! Utterly merciless, they continued to fuck him relentlessly, long into the night.

Duncan awoke in his bed, his entire body aching sweetly. However, as he slowly sat up, he winced as he felt the painful pressure in his balls. The pixie flew into the room, giggling. “Oh, good, you’re awake!” she said. “So, did you enjoy my gift?”
Duncan nodded in wonder. “That was incredible,” he said. “I don’t even know what to say.”
The pixie giggled, blushing a little. “Aw, shucks.”
He winced again as he stood. “Ooph. Maybe a little too incredible. If I don’t shoot one off right now, I’m not going to be able to walk straight!”
“What? You can’t ruin it so soon!”
Duncan laughed nervously. “Come on, seriously. I can’t take this kind of treatment for very long. No man can. I appreciate all you’ve given me, but it’s enough now, okay?” He noticed the sunlight coming from the window. The angle of the sun meant it was definitely not early in the morning. “Jeez, what time is it?”
“Getting close to noon,” said the pixie.
“Shit! I need to get to work!” said Duncan. He tried to hurry, then winced as he walked again. “Okay, first things first.” He sat back down on the bed, grabbed a tee shirt, and began to touch himself. He let out a sigh, stroking quickly. At this point, he was so in need, he didn’t even care that the pixie was watching him.
“Wait!” said the pixie. She flicked her hand at him, and his hands were suddenly pulled away.
“God, what?” said Duncan, wincing as his dick twitched, cut off from achieving release yet again. “Enough okay? I need to cum already!”
“No, Duncan,” said the pixie. She floated down in between his legs, eyeing his cock with a sudden predatory gaze. “No, I don’t think so. I’m having too much fun.”
“Come on,” he said. He tried to move, but found himself frozen by the pixie’s magic. “I thought you were just paying me back for saving you. You’ve done that ten-fold by now! Please, just let me finish!”
“Well, yeah, I was paying you back,” she said. She reached out and touched his cock, and he shuddered as an intense wave of pleasure surged through his loins. She giggled as his cock jerked and his hips bucked. “That was before I realized how fun this was! There are all sorts of things I can do to you, Duncan. I can make every fantasy you’ve ever had come to life. I can give you everything you’ve dreamed about, forever.”
Duncan’s eyes widened. Given the kinds of fantasies he had, forever seemed like a nightmare! If he thought his balls were hurting now…
“Pixie, please,” he said. “Please listen to me. I can’t do this indefinitely. I have to go back to work at the factory after tomorrow. I have to work on the comic today. I can’t do that if you’re playing with me all the time!”
“Phooey,” said the pixie. “Why do you have to work all the time? You should make time to play!” She touched him again and he nearly fainted from the sensation. His balls ached sharply as that little touch shot him straight to the edge of orgasm. But maddeningly, he failed to cum yet again!
“Oh, fuck, please,” he said. “Don’t do this. Please! Let me go! Let me cum!”
The pixie floated up to his face and smiled. Her smile was not friendly anymore, but very, very wicked. “No,” she said. “Don’t worry. When I go back to my world, you won’t have a need for your jobs. I’ll take you home with me! You’ll be my adorable pet, and I’ll play with you every chance I get!”
“What the fuck?” said Duncan. “No! I don’t want to be your pet! What’s gotten into you?”
The pixie laughed. “Whatever do you mean? This is your fantasy, isn’t it? Fairy folk like me love nothing more than to bring fantasies to life! And your fantasies are so deliciously intriguing! Your desires are so strong, and yet at the same time, you’re so conflicted over them! A perfect cocktail of mortal emotions.” She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock, and he nearly fainted again. He clutched the bed and grit his teeth as he saw stars, so intense was the pleasure surging through him.
He gasped out his next words, “Please… I beg you… don’t do this…”
The pixie frowned and tapped her chin. “Gosh, what am I doing wrong? Isn’t this what you wanted? To be taken by a powerful, dominant woman?” She kissed his cock again, and this time, she caressed it with her hands, continuing to rub him. “Teased and denied, over and over, made helpless by her strange powers?”
Duncan let out a shuddering groan. It was unbelievable. This pixie, this tiny little woman, not even as tall as his own cock, was utterly destroying him with just a few mere touches to that very organ! As she hugged his member and rubbed her body against it, he was shaken to his very core, the pleasure threatening to burn out his mind. His cock was painfully hard, his balls aching sharply. He cried out for mercy, begging between high pitched whimpers for her to grant him release, but she only continued to torment him.
When she finally stopped, he was drenched in sweat, shivering and gasping, his vision unfocused. “Well, then,” she said. “I guess I shouldn’t hold you up! As you say, you have work to do, and the sooner you get it done, the sooner we can play!”
Duncan gave her a baleful look, but could only meekly nod, and stagger off to the art room, where his day’s work awaited. It took him almost an hour to calm down enough that he could draw without his hand shaking. But his cock remained stubbornly hard all day long.
When he was done, the pixie was there waiting for him, with three more of the Centurion women. Starlight again, this time joined by Razor and Rain. They fucked him long into the night, Razor binding him in wires once more, as Rain proceeded to fuck his ass with a dildo of solid water. Again, they took turns straddling his face and riding his cock; his genitals were on fire from sensation overload and the agonizing need to cum.

The next day, the pixie was finally tired of hanging around the house; as Duncan lingered in his bedroom in the few hours he had before his factory job started, the pixie went into the backyard, where a small flower garden was set up. As Duncan watched the pixie flit around the flowers, taking in the sun’s rays with a smile, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number he had sworn he’d never call again.
He waited anxiously as the phone rang. Just before the voicemail could pick up, however, a voice answered with a, “Hello?”
“Mia? It’s Duncan.”
There was a cautious pause, before his ex-wife said, “What do you want?”
Duncan swallowed. “I’m really sorry to call you like this, but I wouldn’t unless it was an—”
He heard her sigh. “Just out with it, Duncan.”
Duncan blanched, and considered hanging up. However, he didn’t know anyone else to turn to. “I need your help.”
Another pause. “Alright. What’s the problem?”
“Really? You’ll help me?”
“Tell me what the problem is, and I might.”
“Do you believe in pixies?”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake…”
“No, listen to me! There’s this, this pixie thing in my house! She’s got magical powers and she’s using them to, uh… well, she’s using them to…”
“To what?”
“She’s, well, she’s been using them to, ah, play with me.”
“Okay. Assuming you’re not hallucinating, so what? You could stand to make a new friend or two.”
“You don’t get it, she’s using her magic, and it’s getting to be too much. But she doesn’t want to stop. I think—I think she intends to kidnap me!”
Yet another pause, excruciatingly long. “It sounds like you’ve got a mage or an esper screwing with you.”
“Well, you’re the only mage I know.”
“I’m not doing it,” she said. “If I was going to use my magic on you, it wouldn’t be to create some dumb pixie fairy to tease your cock.”
Duncan swallowed, blushing. “How did you, uh, know that’s what I was—”
“You always get this little hitch in your voice whenever you talk about sex.”
“Yes. It’s embarrassing.”
Duncan flinched at that. “Alright, fine, but, I really need help! You’re a mage, can’t you do something?” Her heard her give an exasperated sigh, and Duncan blanched. “Damn it, come on, you can’t hold this against me! I’m just a normal guy! How do you expect a normal guy to handle to something like this? You think I like having to ask you for help?”
Mia said, “Calm down, Duncan. Look, I’m not sure how to help you.”
“Well, can’t you just, I dunno, cast a spell to banish her or something?”
“I’m not that kind of mage. I’m a shadowmancer, remember? I create illusions. I can’t summon or banish strange creatures.”
Duncan sighed, checking to make sure the pixie was still fluttering around in the garden. “Well, what am I supposed to do?”
“Have you tried SOS?”
There was another sigh. “Seriously, Duncan, can’t you do anything for yourself? Supernatural Operations Specialists. They handle cases like this.”
“Oh, yeah,” he said. “I, uh, I didn’t think of that.”
“You know, you don’t have to be such a bitch about this.”
“Fine. Look, I’ll call them for you, alright? That’s the best I can do.”
“Thank you.” Duncan swallowed. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t apologize. Just man up next time.”
Duncan felt a hot flash of anger. “Man up? Man up?! Don’t you fucking start with me, Mia! This isn’t something you—”
Duncan?” came a voice. He jumped, nearly dropping the phone as he saw the pixie flutter into the room. “Who are you talking to?”
“Oh, uh, nothing! I mean no one! Just, uh, my editor!”
“Whose that?” said Mia, sounding curious. “Your little ‘pixie’ friend? Doesn’t sound like a pixie.”
“How would you even know?” said Duncan. He could almost hear her dismissive shrug.
“That’s not your editor,” said the pixie, flying in close. “Hey! Are you upsetting my boy? I’ll kindly ask you to show some respect.”
“Put me on speaker, Duncan,” Mia commanded.
“I don’t think that’s—”
“Do it,” she said, her tone low and authoritative. Duncan swallowed and switched the cell phone to speaker mode. “Hello? Is this that little pixie?”
The pixie put her hands on her hips and gave the phone a stern look as Duncan set it on the desk. “Yes, it is. Who is this?”
“His ex-wife. Listen, I’m happy Duncan’s found a kinky little girl to fulfill his little bitch fantasies, but you have to understand, he can only take so much. You need to back off whatever you’re doing, because he can’t handle it.” Duncan put his head in his hands, utterly embarrassed. And yet, to his greater shame, his stubbornly hard cock twitched in his pants, hearing Mia belittle him.
The pixie glanced at Duncan, noticing his cock twitch. Her eyes widened, and she grinned. “Hey, now, that’s not fair,” she said. “He’s held in there very well for himself.”
“Oh, sure. That’s why he felt the need to call me up for help. Because he’s not man enough to take it. You need to back off, before you break him.”
The pixie forced back a giggle as she saw Duncan’s cock twitch again. A wicked idea crossed her mind and she flicked a finger at Duncan. Duncan, to his surprise, found himself sliding down his pants, and grasping his cock. He tried to stop himself, but his body moved out of his control. He shook his head, mouthing, “No! Stop!” to the pixie, but then he was stroking himself steadily.
“Not man enough, huh?” said the pixie. She flicked a finger at the phone. “Tell me more!”
Suddenly, Mia began to babble. “Yes, not man enough! I’m sure you know the things he likes to do, don’t you? To be forced onto his knees and have his face fucked. He wants to be tied up and made to whimper and beg like a little bitch. He wants to be fucked in the ass like a cheap whore. Sure, he could pretend to be manly and strong for a while, but every time we made love, his little bitch tendencies would take over.
“He’d be fucking me, but he couldn’t handle my pussy for more than half a minute! He’d beg me to make him last longer with my magic; it was so pathetic. I did it a couple times, but after that, I just told him to hold it in. But he never could. I think the most he got in was ten pumps before he was shooting his goo. And then, he had the gall to ask me to tie him up and tease him! What kind of a man wants that? What kind of pathetic excuse for a—”
She paused as she suddenly heard Duncan’s heavy breathing, the tiny whimpers he was making as he tried to hold back his moans. “Oh, my god! Duncan are you masturbating to this? You sick fuck!”
“I c-c-can’t help it!” gasped Duncan. “Sh-she’s m-making me!”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake— This is why we broke up, you pathetic shit! I can’t believe you! At least have the decency to take responsibility for your actions.”
The pixie was laughing hysterically now, almost rolling in the air, covering her mouth with both hands to keep from laughing out loud.
“Oh, god, M-mia!” Duncan gasped, moaning.
“Oh, no, don’t you dare! Don’t you dare! I’m not going to be part of your sick little game! You don’t deserve the satisfaction!”
Duncan cried out as his orgasm was blocked by the magic barrier. But the pixie finally relented, and with a snap of her fingers, the barrier vanished. Duncan let out a cry as he exploded, right there, with his ex-wife on the phone, and the little pixie no longer able to contain her laughter. Long streaks of cum shot from his cock, splattering the far wall. When it was over, he collapsed onto his chair, gasping.
“Oh, fuck, Mia, I’m sorry—”
“Oh my god. You stroked one off while talking to me! I can’t fucking believe you! What, did your pixie friend tell you to?” She made a disgusted grunt. “Well, are you satisfied now, you little bitch? Did that make you happy?”
Duncan’s cock twitched again, even despite having just cum. “Mia, please, wait,” he said breathlessly, “It’s not what you think!”
“You know what, Duncan? You deserve whatever’s coming to you. Have fun with your new playmate, you fucking pervert!” With that, she hung up.
The pixie laughed. “Oh, my god, that was amazing! So you do like being insulted! But only by your ex! I guess that makes sense, if she’s still your special someone.” She flew down to his cock and touched it. Duncan jerked as his cock surged back to full mast, gasping as a series of magical strokes primed him back up. He grit his teeth as the pixie rubbed him gently, and he was once again overwhelmed by her mere touch. “I knew it! You pathetic little stroker boy. Did you get hard every time you two had an argument? No wonder she thought you were a sick pervert!”
“P-p-please stop!” said Duncan. Despite having just cum, his balls were aching again as she magically teased him. His cock lurched as the pleasure became too much and another orgasm rose inside him. However, the pixie laughed, and with a snap of her fingers, she cut him off. He bucked helplessly as she teased him, stroking him with her tiny fingers, feeding maddeningly intense energy into him.
“No, I won’t stop,” she said. “Because the truth is, this is exactly what you want. Isn’t it, you little stroker bitch?”
Duncan flushed with shame. Yes, this was everything he fantasized about. This is what made him hot. Being taken, being dominated, used like a fuck toy by women who could break him in half with ease, then those women mocking him for it. Gods help him, he’d wanted this so bad for so long it hurt. And yet, when given the opportunity to make those fantasies real, it was too much. Far too much. His fragile human body and mind could only handle so much sensual torment. Mia was right, he couldn’t handle it. He couldn’t take it at all! And, worst of all, that very fact just riled him up even more!
The pixie giggled and finally ceased, letting Duncan sag in his chair, exhausted and thoroughly re-blue balled. “Now, then, I recommend you call in sick to work today. You’re going to need the time off.” She flitted out of the room, leaving Duncan to shakily pick up his phone and do just that.

Ten minutes later, Duncan came out of the bed room to grab a bottle of water. He nearly leaped out of his skin when he saw Mia sitting on the couch, smiling. The pixie sat on Mia’s knee.
“Oh, no,” said Duncan, his cock going iron hard. “Please, don’t. Not her!”
The pixie laughed and flew up. “Why not? I was being silly making your little superheroes come to life to fuck you. I should have known the one person who could rile you up like nothing else would have been your wife!”
“Ex-wife!” said Duncan, as “Mia” stood and stepped towards him. He backed away, swallowing hard. She was dressed only in a semi-transparent silk robe, decked with oriental draconic designs, the one she wore whenever she wanted to get frisky. “Come on, don’t do this. Fictional girls I can handle but…”
“But nothing, you pathetic wuss,” said Mia. She flicked her finger at Duncan, and his arms were suddenly bound behind him. Mia grabbed his shirt and easily tore it clean in half. She then gently brushed his nipples with her fingertips. Instantly, they hardened, and Duncan let out a gasp as the embarrassingly sensitive spots hardened.
“No… don’t…” he said, but could not bring himself to resist her advances. Mia pushed him against the wall, and rolled his nipples between her fingers gently. He shivered with pleasure, his cock twitching in his pants. Mia yanked his pants down, revealing his tense cock. With one hand, she made a circle with her finger and thumb, and Duncan felt a ring of pressure form around the base of him, even as her other hand resumed its playful teasing of his nipples. His hips began to buck; the touch to his nipples was exciting him so much, combined with the previous teasing, that he had very nearly cum from that alone!
Mia smiled wickedly. “Still a premature ejaculator, I see,” she said with a laugh.
The pixie landed on her shoulder, giggling. “Isn’t he, though? That’s okay. Makes edging him real easy!” She flew down and slowly brushed her fingertips along the length of his shaft, making him shudder and buck.
“Oh, god… Mia…” he gasped, looking at her with lust-glazed eyes.
“You want to fuck me, Duncan?” she said. She parted her robe slightly, letting him get a teasing glimpse of her womanhood and the inner curve of her breasts. “Want to ravage me, like you used to? With my little spell, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to hold it in, just like before.” She then suddenly pinched his nipples, hard.
Duncan hissed and curled into her, resting his head on her other shoulder, gritting his teeth. He tried to reach up and push her hands away, but his arms were too thoroughly bound by Razor’s wires.
“Or would you rather I shove you to the floor and ride your face?” She twisted her grip and Duncan cried out. “Oh, why even ask? I know it’s the later. You just love being the little bitch, don’t you?”
“Please… please let me…” he gasped. “Let me lick you! I’ll make you cum… so hard… please…”
Mia laughed. “Oh, will you? Think it’ll make me merciful? Think it’ll convince me to let you blow your load?” She shook her head, reached down, and tightly gripped his balls. Duncan gasped out loud. “Look at you. You’re so turned on by my bitchiness, you’d spurt all over me right this very instant if I called you a little bitch just one more time.” As if on cue, his hips bucked and he let out a savage cry as he tried to cum, only for the magic ring to block him once more.
“Oh, god, Mia, please! I-I-I know you’re j-just an illusion, but… oh, fuck… take me… use me… please!”
Mia smiled then bodily threw him to the floor. His limbs were pulled away from his back, and he was then bound on the floor, spread eagle. Mia crouched over him, shedding her robe, revealing her body, too beautiful for him to bear. He nearly came again, just looking at her.
“Gods, look at you! I haven’t even put inside me yet, and you’re trying to cum! You don’t deserve to be used by me!” Despite her words, she slid down and promptly took him inside her. Duncan let out a loud cry and writhed in his bonds as his cock was ablaze with pleasure. His ex-wife’s hot, tight wetness swallowed him, burning him straight to the core. He was now trapped at the very moment before orgasm, but unable to go over, as she rode him hard and fast. Soon, she was crying out herself, almost snarling in her passion. She lay atop him and nearly smothered him with her breasts. He thrashed even harder, completely overcome.
“Little… shit… little… bitch! Can’t take… my pussy… can’t take… my tits… not even… my hand!” She made a motion, and Duncan felt a phantom hand clamp hard onto his balls. He shuddered violently and for a moment, he thought he might, just might, push past the cruel magic barrier on his cock and cum. But even though he got so close, he could nearly feel the cum straining in his cock, he was nonetheless denied.
Vaguely, he was aware of the pixie watching them, shouting “More, more!” At her insistence, the illusion of Mia fucked him harder. Duncan could only lay there, shuddering, gasping, and crying, as he was taken in ways he had only dreamed of before. Then, suddenly, he heard the pixie whisper into his ear. “It’s time, Duncan. I have enough energy now. I’m going home, and you’re coming with me.”
Somehow, Duncan fought through the haze of lust and gasped, “N-no! Please! I d-don’t want to go!”
“Come on, Duncan. With me you can live this dream forever. Or would you prefer this paltry existence? Would you prefer working your ass off every single day, all alone, with no one to turn to for help but an ungrateful bitch?”
Duncan began to cry. The illusion of Mia slowed her fucking. Now, her motions were gentle, loving and she pet his hair soothingly as she moaned softly into his ear. Even the phantom hand on his balls released their death grip, rolling them gently. Duncan shivered and buried his face into “Mia’s” neck.
The pixie kissed his cheek. “Come, my pet, my dear boy. I’ll make sure you’re never lonely again.” She giggled. “And I’ll make sure you’ll never cum again, either. Won’t that be sweet?”
Duncan moaned loudly, and for a brief moment, his reason maintained a valiant struggle against his primal desires. But it was all for naught. He couldn’t resist his desires. “Take me!” he cried.
The pixie smiled, and then, his vision went white. “Good boy, Duncan,” she said.



  1. Replies
    1. Oh and BTW, I find a bit of inconsistency in your story. You wrote that Duncan thought Pixie was not real, and yet Mage and magic exist in his world?

    2. He was tired to the point he wondered if he was genuinely delirious. Fairy/Djinn creatures come from another dimension, and so rarely actually appear on Civero (in this time period anyway) that the chances of actually meeting one are exceedingly slim. Most of the time a person does supposedly meet one, it's actually a fake created by a Mage, or it may be a monster that only appears like a Fairy.

      Undead-style vampires don't exist on Civero either, so if one actually did show up, a Civero native would be skeptical of it, even though Mages exist, and the Lust Walker condition exists, and either could convincingly simulate a vampire.

    3. Oh ok, I'm new to your blog. Haven't got the chance to read the past posts. Just finish the introduction to Civero. Now I understand a bit more about your world and stuffs :)

    4. No problem. Happy to entertain. :)

  2. I would love to see a sequel to this story or another similar pixie story this was awsome