Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cruel Wife

Greg had only an hour left at work when he suddenly stiffened. He flushed red with embarrassment as his cock went almost instantly hard. He tried to hunker down in his cubicle, even though he knew that did absolutely nothing to keep his females co-workers from “hearing” his erection. He winced as his cock stiffened even further, becoming almost painfully hard. Letting out a breath, he reached for his cell phone, and answered the call before the first ring could sound.

Without waiting for a greeting, his wife Hannah said, “Come home. Now.”

“I’ve only got an hour left—” he said and winced as he felt five strong phantom fingers grip his testicles and squeeze. He sucked in a breath and grit his teeth. Stupid. He knew better than to even attempt resistance by now.

“You have five minutes. If you’re not in your car, heading home—” The fingers squeezed harder.

“Okay!” he yelped. She hung up, but the phantom hand didn’t slacken, and his cock stayed diamond hard. With shaking hands, he called his bosses office. “M-m-maggie, my wife needs me to—”

“Go ahead, Greg,” his boss said, an amused tone in her voice. “You’re almost done for the day anyway. Just come in early tomorrow… if you can.”

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kat's Boytoy - The Party

Ben was running down a corridor, through an empty house that seemed to just keep going. No matter how many doors he opened, or how many hallways he found, he could not seem to find any exit. I smiled and laughed as he ran around in circles, while I followed behind, a ghostly figure always just at his heels. He’d given me a merry chase, but his efforts were futile. This was a castle of my own creation, and no man could escape its twisting confines if I did not desire it. I chased him until he could run no more, and he finally collapsed onto his hands and knees, gasping.
I smiled and walked around to the front of him. He looked up and swallowed hard as he beheld my completely nude form. My body was too much for his mortal senses to bear and he shivered as lust rose quickly within him. Within seconds, he was utterly entranced, helpless as I leaned down and cupped his face in my hands.
“Poor little boy, no escape for you,” I said. I smiled wickedly at him. “You’re all mine now. Once my spell is complete, you will belong to me, body and soul.”
“N-n-no!” he whispered, fighting me with every ounce of his will. “You won’t… take me…”
I laughed and leaned forward, kissing him. He moaned in utter rapture, his body trembling, as my mere kiss filled his every nerve with pleasure. I pulled away, and he all but hung in my grasp, gasping for breath. I could see his cock straining to escape his pants. I laughed, and with a wave of my hand, his clothes vanished, leaving him as naked as myself.
“Fight me as much as you like,” I said sweetly. “In the end, you will submit to me.”
“I w-won’t…” he said. “Y-you won’t… b-beat me!”
I chuckled, and leaned close, whispering into his ear. He shuddered as my breath tickled him. “Well, then, I propose a little challenge. If I make you cum with just my kiss, you will be mine. But if you can resist, I suppose I might give you another chance to run.”
Without waiting for a reply, I kissed him again, and he let out a loud moan. He brought his hands up to try and push me away. However, he could not bring himself to do so, and instead he clutched at me. He was shaking, hips bucking, as I continued to kiss him, overwhelming him with inhuman levels of pleasure. He tried to fight me, he really, did, but it was too much, too fast, and despite straining with every once of his will, his submission was inevitable…

Friday, June 1, 2012

Red Handed

Oh, thank god, thought Kevin, as he watched his parents drive off. They were going to be gone all weekend, visiting a friend over in the next state. Likewise, his older sister was off at college, while his younger sister had, for the sake of her sanity, moved in with their aunt once her powers kicked in. For Kevin, this would be the first time in quite a while that he had the house to himself, completely free of women. And that meant he could finally take care of the ache between his legs without worrying about disturbing anyone else.

Thankfully, his mother was a conservative. She considered the whole practice of sealing a boy’s ability to masturbate or orgasm once they came of age to be downright cruel and barbaric. So, she had never done that to her son, even though he was now 20 years old, and yes, still living with his folks. But! Only because, since he’d been taking classes at a local college, it was cheaper to remain living at home than living in the dorms, especially  when he only lived five miles from campus.