Friday, June 1, 2012

Red Handed

Oh, thank god, thought Kevin, as he watched his parents drive off. They were going to be gone all weekend, visiting a friend over in the next state. Likewise, his older sister was off at college, while his younger sister had, for the sake of her sanity, moved in with their aunt once her powers kicked in. For Kevin, this would be the first time in quite a while that he had the house to himself, completely free of women. And that meant he could finally take care of the ache between his legs without worrying about disturbing anyone else.

Thankfully, his mother was a conservative. She considered the whole practice of sealing a boy’s ability to masturbate or orgasm once they came of age to be downright cruel and barbaric. So, she had never done that to her son, even though he was now 20 years old, and yes, still living with his folks. But! Only because, since he’d been taking classes at a local college, it was cheaper to remain living at home than living in the dorms, especially  when he only lived five miles from campus.

Besides, when he heard of the things that went on in college dorms, he’d have been glad to commute even if it was a hundred miles. He had a friend lived in the dorms, who recounted a few of the weekly “incidents” that occurred there. How almost every weekend, a handful of girls would stay over in their boyfriends’ rooms, and in the middle of the night, they’d start pumping out waves of pure arousal, usually by masturbating. Minutes later, two hundred boys would be writhing and gasping in their beds, their cocks hard as diamonds, but most them unable to touch or cum, as the girls Sex Magic overwhelmed them.

And then there were the Rock Parties. Ostensibly, these fraternity and sorority house parties weren’t forced on you, but if you were a guy who knew what was good for you, then you wouldn’t turn down an invitation to one. His friend had been to one. Dozens of guys and girls, and the guys all had to be naked. The girls would radiate a soft aura of arousal, making the guys unbearably hard and horny, but the girls would (mostly) refuse to do anything sexual with any of them. One by one, the guys would break down and beg to be touched or allowed to spurt, or whatever; once they did, they’d be “punished” for being a pervert, made to stand up in line against a wall or in a corner, until finally only a handful of guys remained. These lucky few bastards would then be treated to a mind-blowing orgy while the poor bastards on the wall had to watch and suffer and need. If they were lucky, their girlfriends, or a sympathetic stranger, might take them home and help them relieve their aches. If not…

Kevin let out a breath as he settled onto his bed, nude, and grasped his cock in his hand. He was lucky that the women in his family allowed him to masturbate, but none of them really wanted to put up with his habits. His younger sister had to move out because she couldn’t stand the thought of sensing her father and brother’s erections, much less having to “watch” while the masturbated or had sex. His older sister tolerated sensing them, but didn’t want to watch. His mother was the most understanding, but even though she would allow him the privilege, Kevin was honestly just too mortified at the thought of doing it while she was within sensing range.

Well, granted, any of them could have easily sensed him from a thousand miles off if they really wanted to, but the farther away they were, the easier it was for them to tune him out; beyond about ten miles or so, they would have to actually seek him out in order to hear him. Kevin swallowed and decided it was best to stop expositing to the reader about his situation, lest he start fantasizing about his family members giving him a personal Rock Party.

As Kevin stroked himself, he let out a soft sigh as he let his thoughts drift towards the hottest thing he’d seen this week: his neighbor Jenny, the gorgeous High School cheerleader who lived four houses down. She’d been working in her flower garden this morning, wearing skimpy shorts and a sports bra. Somehow, the streaks of dirt on her figure had made her all the hotter; she had the body of a Victoria Secrets model, but wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty. Something about seeing her on her knees…

“Oh, fuck yeah,” muttered Kevin, as he imagined himself standing before her. “I’ve got some seeds you can have…” His hand moved faster and he felt himself already building to a climax; he was two weeks overdue for this as it was. He’d just pop one off real quick, then settle in for a much longer session, really build up to a good one...

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. Kevin blinked, looked over at it, and sighed. He was going to ignore it, but he felt a sudden urgency to pick it up. He let go of himself and answered without looking to see who it was.

Before he could even say anything, an unfortunately familiar voice said, “That has got to be a dumbest pick-up line I’ve ever heard.”

Kevin went pale as a ghost. “J-j-jenny?” he said.

“Hi, Kev,” she said. “Who gave you permission to perv over me?”

“I… uh… but… how did…?”

“You do know about Sex Magic, right? It’s only been around for about thirty years.”

“B-but I thought you were… I mean… aren’t you only like a High School Junior?”

“Yes,” she said. “But I got held back a couple years.”

Kevin went even paler. “So… you’re actually…”

“Nineteen,” she said. “Just got my powers last month.”

Kevin gulped. “H-how did… I mean why...?”

“I did a couple years in juvie. But don’t change the subject.”

Kevin’s jaw dropped. Juvie? As in prison? The drop dead gorgeous girl who liked gardening had been to prison? Oh, shit.

“Yeah, ‘oh, shit’ is right. I’m coming over.” The phone hung up.

Kevin was frozen on the bed in a panic. What the hell was he supposed to do now? Hastily, he tried to throw his pants on, but his phone rang again. He answered and Jenny spoke up, “Don’t bother getting dressed. And don’t you dare touch youself.” She hung up again, and ten seconds later, the doorbell rang.

Kevin was once again frozen in a panic. What the hell was he supposed to do now? He knew he had to answer the door, of course, but he couldn’t get himself to move. Then, the decision was out of his hands as he felt something grasp his still hard cock. Kevin gasped as he was floated straight up into the air, as if he were weightless. The phantom hand on his cock then tugged, and he was floating towards his bedroom door. Kevin’s feet touched the closed door, and the hand tugged a bit more insistently. He had to awkwardly turn himself in mid-air to get the door open, then was pulled by the hand into the hallway. The hand tugged him all the way down the hall, down the stairs and over to the front door, before setting him on his feet. With a nervous gulp, he unlocked and opened the front door.

Jennifer stood there with her hands on her hips, giving him a stern look. She was dressed in only a short black skirt and a red tank top. She walked right in and glanced his body over, giving him an unimpressed, “hmph.” Kevin blushed with shame.

Jenny made herself at home, going into the living room and sitting on the couch, legs crossed. Kevin followed before she could float him after her. “J-jenny, I’m really, really sorry… I didn’t mean to fantasize about you…”

Jenny just gave him a cool gaze. “First off, yes you did. Second off, I’m not mad that you fantasized. Dozens of guys fantasize about me. But they know better than to jack off while they do it.” She paused. “Of course, some of them can’t jack off thanks to spells, so maybe I’m giving them too much credit. It’s so rare these days to see a guy your age who hasn’t had that taken away from him. I guess that’s spoiled you into thinking it was okay to use girls like that.”

“I swear,” he said. “I didn’t…”

“Didn’t think I’d know? Because you thought I was 17? That just makes it worse, you pedo.”

“No! I mean, come on, I didn’t mean anything by it!”

“No? So you were just using me as fap fodder, like the tissue paper you flush once you’ve spirted?”

Kevin somehow found the guts to say, “Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never done the same, masturbated while fantasizing about someone without their knowing.”

“I don’t masturbate,” she said. “But even if I did, I’m a woman, so its not the same.”

“What… but… how is it not?”

“Jesus Christ, you’re fucking spoiled,” she said. “It’s different because guys don’t have to see the full motion, high-def, surround-sound movie of every single time some chick you want nothing to do with decides to imagine fucking you like a piece of meat. It’s easy enough to block you out when you’re just thinking it. And you can’t help thinking it sometimes, I get that. But when you guys masturbate, you blast those thoughts ten times louder. And when you fantasize about a specific girl, well, she suddenly becomes extremely attuned to those fantasies.”

“I… I didn’t know…”

“Obviously. You’re a guy. You’re so wrapped up in paranoia about when you’re next orgasms coming, that you don’t even consider how it affects the women who are nice enough to give them to you.”

Kevin got down on his knees in front of her and said, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“Bullshit,” she said. “You’re just sorry you got caught. And even worse, it’s turning you on.” She motioned to his cock, which had not gone down even a little. In fact, it was now twitching excitedly as he kneeled just inches away from her long, beautiful legs. Jenny cocked her hand to the side as she gave him a studious look. “How interesting. You fantasized very strongly about me being on my knees for you, and yet, when the roles are reversed…” she slipped the sandal off her of her crossed leg, and extended her bare foot to his cock.

Kevin let out a shuddering groan as her big toe traced once, slowly, from the tip to the base. As it did, his groin filled with incredible pleasure. A warm, tingling energy soaked into his cock and the sensation made him go glassy eyed for a second. He instinctively tried to reach for her foot, to press it firmly against his cock, to rub himself with it, but he found his body would not respond. But even so, this mere touch felt so good, he was utterly entranced by it…

Then she pulled away and the sensation ceased just as suddenly as it started. Kevin sagged, shaking, as he felt a sudden rush of aching emptiness. His balls actually hurt with the need for relief now. He shook his head to clear the daze, and looked at Jenny with a pained expression.

“P-please… don’t do that… again…”

“What, this?” she repeated her action, and this time the wave of sensation nearly floored him. He was vaguely aware of his cock jerking hard in a failed attempt to orgasm. She had no doubt blocked his climax by now. And when she pulled away, the sudden hollowing sensation of withdrawal hit him twice as hard.

“Oh, fuck,” he gasped, almost dropping down onto his hands. “D-don’t stop…” he moaned.

Jenny finally let a smile tug at her lips. “This is the first time a girl with powers has ever touched you, isn’t it?” It was true. Heck, other than that one time he’d convinced his prom date to give him a clumsy hand job, he’d never been touch by a girl at all. “Well, then,” she said. “Time to educate you on exactly why it’s so important you practice proper fantasizing etiquette.”

She then slowly uncrossed and spread her legs, revealing that she wore no panties. Kevin’s haw dropped and his eyes went wide, as she reached out and touched him once more, and the mind-numbing sensations hit him like a freight train.

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