Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kat's Boytoy - The Party

Ben was running down a corridor, through an empty house that seemed to just keep going. No matter how many doors he opened, or how many hallways he found, he could not seem to find any exit. I smiled and laughed as he ran around in circles, while I followed behind, a ghostly figure always just at his heels. He’d given me a merry chase, but his efforts were futile. This was a castle of my own creation, and no man could escape its twisting confines if I did not desire it. I chased him until he could run no more, and he finally collapsed onto his hands and knees, gasping.
I smiled and walked around to the front of him. He looked up and swallowed hard as he beheld my completely nude form. My body was too much for his mortal senses to bear and he shivered as lust rose quickly within him. Within seconds, he was utterly entranced, helpless as I leaned down and cupped his face in my hands.
“Poor little boy, no escape for you,” I said. I smiled wickedly at him. “You’re all mine now. Once my spell is complete, you will belong to me, body and soul.”
“N-n-no!” he whispered, fighting me with every ounce of his will. “You won’t… take me…”
I laughed and leaned forward, kissing him. He moaned in utter rapture, his body trembling, as my mere kiss filled his every nerve with pleasure. I pulled away, and he all but hung in my grasp, gasping for breath. I could see his cock straining to escape his pants. I laughed, and with a wave of my hand, his clothes vanished, leaving him as naked as myself.
“Fight me as much as you like,” I said sweetly. “In the end, you will submit to me.”
“I w-won’t…” he said. “Y-you won’t… b-beat me!”
I chuckled, and leaned close, whispering into his ear. He shuddered as my breath tickled him. “Well, then, I propose a little challenge. If I make you cum with just my kiss, you will be mine. But if you can resist, I suppose I might give you another chance to run.”
Without waiting for a reply, I kissed him again, and he let out a loud moan. He brought his hands up to try and push me away. However, he could not bring himself to do so, and instead he clutched at me. He was shaking, hips bucking, as I continued to kiss him, overwhelming him with inhuman levels of pleasure. He tried to fight me, he really, did, but it was too much, too fast, and despite straining with every once of his will, his submission was inevitable…


With a tremendous yelp, Ben lurched awake just as he came, splattering his semen all over himself, a few shots even hitting his face. When his orgasm finally subsided, Ben raised his head, dazed, trying to get his bearings. He was lying on my bed in my new apartment; I was sitting in a chair next to the bed, watching him with a huge smile on my face.
“Good morning, lover,” I said with a laugh. “Have a pleasant dream?”
“Holy fuck,” he croaked. “What was that? Did you make me dream that?”
I nodded. “I’ve gotten pretty good at this dream control stuff. And since you ate me out so good last night, I thought I’d give you a treat this morning.” He blushed and I laughed. I leaned down and licked the drops of semen off his face and gave him a deep kiss. He reached up and threaded his fingers through my dark hair, returning the kiss with gusto.
“That was incredible,” he said, dreamily, when we finally parted.
“You always say that,” I teased.
“Only cuz it’s always true!”
“You have a point there.” We laughed and kissed again. I reached over and handed him a hand towel to dry himself with.
He stood and stretched, looking at the clock. Eight in the morning. “Oh, shit,” he said. “Good thing you woke me when you did.”
“Not going to be late for class, are you?”
“No, I got an hour, but I keep forgetting it’s a longer trip from your apartment,” he said. “I hate to shoot and run, but—”
“Go on, then,” I said with a smirk, giving him a swat on the butt.
I watched him get dressed, and when he was done, he gave me one more long kiss, before taking off for class. I watched him go, feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Four months had passed since I had taken on Ben as my submissive lover. As an Esper, I possessed psychic powers and had used them to seduce and play with Ben after I realized he not only had a submissive streak, but also a massive crush on me. My first attempt had been a little, well, overly aggressive; I psychically took control of him and dominated him without really giving him a chance to consent. But afterwards, we talked it over, and decided we really did want to continue our sexual relationship.
It was rather amazing, if I do say so myself. Ben let me try all sorts of freaky things on him, using my powers to enhance our sex life in ways non-psychics couldn’t even imagine. Still, in all honesty, sex was more or less the only thing we got together for. We liked each other well enough, but we figured out early on a real romance wasn’t really going to work. And yet, we were still exclusive with one another, at least with sex. When I thought of him sleeping with other women, it grated me; I knew the thought of me sleeping with other men likewise bothered him. It was strange like that; exclusive, yet not committed. Intimate, yet uninvolved. Aside from a first couple of awkward dates, we didn’t even bother hanging out when we weren’t fucking any more. And yet, when I was with him, I felt comfortable. I felt good. Maybe we didn’t talk much, but then, funnily enough, there wasn’t much that had to be said. We enjoyed one another sexually, and that was all we needed.
Still, sometimes I fancied what it might be like if we could work out something romantically. And then I’d scold myself for being silly. I didn’t have time for romance; time spent being romantic was time we could spend fucking! I chuckled at the thought, and got up to do the day’s work. I didn’t have any classes today, but I did have some papers that needed to be done by next week and I was a little behind. As I settled in to type away, I suddenly heard a knock on my door. Instinctively, I extended my psychic senses to see who it was before I’d even stood up. I was rather surprised when I received a telepathic message as I did so.
<Hi!> came a chipper, female voice, telepathically “speaking” directly into my head. <My name is Jasmine. I’m an Esper, like you!>
Another Esper? Aside from my family I’d never even met another psychic before. <Uh, hi> I said hesitantly. <Hang on a second.> I stood and went to the door, peeping through the eyehole. A girl almost as tall as me, with curly brown hair smiled back at me, looking me right in the eye through the lens. I pulled open the door, and said, “Um, hi. I’m Kat.”
She giggled. “Yes, I know.”
“So, can I help you?”
“Well, not really, I just wanted to introduce myself. I think you and I are the only Espers in this whole town!”
“Yeah, you’re the first I’ve run into.”
“Well, what a coincidence we’re neighbors then! I live a couple floors up.”
“Really? For how long?”
“A couple months,” she said. “I know you’ve only been here a couple weeks, yourself.”
I cocked an eyebrow at her. “How’d you know that?”
She giggled. “Well, let’s just say you and your boy toy put on quite a show.”
I think I actually blushed a bit. “Um… w-wait, what?”
She giggled again. “You haven’t exactly kept your thoughts under wraps when you two are going at it.”
I suddenly realized what she meant. I’d never had a problem unintentionally broadcasting thoughts to others, even when lost in the throws of passion. However, an Esper could still pick up unguarded thoughts, and I’d never bothered creating a psychic screen when Ben and I were having our little sessions. Jasmine had no doubt caught a front row view of everything we’d been doing.
I blushed again, deeper this time. “Oh! Oh, my.” I wasn’t sure what to say. “I’m sorry?”
Jasmine smiled warmly at me. “There’s nothing to apologize for,” she said. “I rather liked what I saw.”
“Um, let’s talk about this inside.” I let her in and she wrinkled her nose at the heavy scent of sex. Ben and I had been at it for quite a while last night. But never mind that now. “So, you were deliberately watching?” I said.
“If you make no effort to not be seen, I won’t make an effort to not watch,” she said with a shrug. I suppose I could not fault her logic there.
“Actually, your little sexcapades are the reason I’m here,” she said.
“I’m sorry. I’ll put up a screen to block the signals.”
“No, no, not that,” she said. “I’ve seen how kinky you two are, and, well, I think we’re rather alike, you and I. I, too, have a pretty active sex life, and I also like to be the dominant one.” She tapped her forehead. “I suppose it’s natural, when you have this kind of power.”
“I suppose,” I said.
“So. I was wondering. Would you be interested in joining a little gathering that I have with some of the Mages in town?”
I blinked. “There’s Mages in town?” Mages were people with magical powers, quite different from my own psychic abilities. I’d only known two before in my life, both from a family I used to live near years ago. We didn’t exactly get along, and to be honest, they had always unnerved me. Mages could do things Espers couldn’t even hope to accomplish with their powers.
“You bet!” she said with a laugh. “They’re all cool. Man, you need to get out more; isn’t it lonely being the only superhuman you know?”
I scowled a bit; to be honest, I’d never given it much thought. But, I suppose, it would be interesting to get to know some other “supers” outside my family. “Well,” I said slowly, thinking it over. “I guess it’d be cool to meet up with some others. What kind of meeting is it?”
“Well, basically, it’s a monthly party the Mages put together, and I got invited into. It’s something of a dominant/submissive kink party. The mages and I bring in some normal people we are masters off, and we have, shall we say, a good, intimate time together.”
I blinked at that. “Wait… so… you’re inviting me to a sex party?” I looked at her a little incredulously. “Um, wow. That’s, uh… Well, I’m flattered, I guess, but I don’t even know you.”
Jasmine frowned. “I guess that was too sudden. I apologize.”
“Um, well, I just… I mean… I dunno. Ben and I are kinky, sure, but… I mean, we’re not into the group scene thing.”
“Well,” said Jasmine, “you don’t have to play with any of the others. I can let them know you’re a couple, and you two can just watch for a night. Actually, that would probably be best, give you a chance to get to know the others a bit first, get a feel for the situation.”
I thought it over, and Jasmine just watched me expectantly. “I’d have to talk with Ben first,” I said.
“Of course, of course,” said Jasmine. “If you want to just come by yourself, as well, that would be fine. If Ben does come along, he’ll still have to participate in few ways.”
“Like how?” I eyed her suspiciously.
“Oh, nothing major,” she said, smiling reassuringly at my expression. “We just make our subs play nude waiter,” said Jasmine. “We keep them naked and excited all night. But as for actually touching and teasing, we can leave Ben alone if you want him to yourself. Though if that’s how it’ll be, I’m afraid I’ll have to insist the other boys will be off limits to you. Fair is fair.”
“Hmmm… well, like I said, I need to talk to him. Even if he doesn’t show.”
“I understand,” said Jasmine. “Sorry, I realize this is probably kind of creepy. I tend to be overly forward. Just, uh, consider this a sort of club invitation. I’m not trying to stalk you or anything.” She grinned a little sheepishly. “Actually, uh, I feel kind of awkward being the only Esper there. So, it’d be nice to have another. Not that the Mages are bad or anything, just, you know. I feel like the black sheep.”
It kind of was creepy, her just coming out and proposing this to me. Then again, was I any less creepy when I all but raped Ben when I first tried to seduce him? Maybe this was just how it was with Espers. Having psychic powers tended to make personal boundaries a little harder for us to acknowledge. And hell, speaking of Ben, our relationship started off pretty much just as abruptly. I decided I’d give her the benefit of the doubt for now.
“Consider me intrigued,” I said. “On one condition: quit peeping on us.”
“You got it!” said Jasmine, smiling brightly. “Hope to see you there. Hopefully, by the end, you two can loosen up enough to have a little extra fun.” Jasmine winked.
“And if we don’t?”
Jasmine shrugged. “If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. It’s not like we’ll hold a grudge.” She grinned as she looked me over though. “I think you’ll enjoy it once you see it, though. And Ben, well, I think he won’t mind if you don’t.”
“Well, we’ll see,” I said. “Thanks for the invitation.”
“Sure thing,” said Jasmine. “You know where to find me when you decide.”
“Sure,” said Jasmine, turning to leave. “Oh, and one more thing,” she said, when she reached the door. “I won’t insist on it, but we usually don’t let our boys cum for a while before the party. If you do decide to come along…” She grinned at me.
“I’m sure that won’t be an issue,” I said, with a smile.

Ben swallowed hard as he thought about it. The idea of being naked and hard, serving several beautiful, powerful women excited him even more than he thought it would. He grew very hard at the idea, but looked at me with hesitation. “I don’t know,” he said. “I mean… we’re not… this isn’t going to turn into seeing other people is it?”
“I don’t know,” I said, truthfully. I held his hand. “Whatever happens, I’m not going to toss you aside. You’ll always be my number one boy.”
He smiled and kissed my hand. “Well, I mean… we aren’t committed, right?”
“Right,” I said. “So this should be okay.” Neither of us sounded completely convinced, however. I cleared my throat after an awkward silence. “Well, either way, the first session would just be observing. If we don’t like it, we don’t have to go back.”
“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, I think I’d be okay giving it a shot.”
I squeezed his hand affectionately. “Alright,” I said. “I’ll let Jasmine know.” Then I smirked and reached down to caress his hard cock through his pants. “But remember. If we go along, we should follow her advice.”
Ben looked at me ruefully. “Come on… ten whole days? That’s longer than usual.”
“That’ll make it more fun!” I laughed. I leaned forward and kissed him deeply, withdrawing my hand. “Tell you what, I’ll be nice and not edge you at all before hand. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have sex.” He swallowed hard as I stood and slid down my own pants. He grinned as I did the same with my panties, removing them at a slower, teasing pace. I sat back down in my chair, legs spread; Ben eagerly kneeled before me and proceeded to go down on me.


True to my word, I didn’t touch or tease his cock at all for the next ten days, and did not even let him masturbate. Having him give me oral every night, however, certainly affected him well enough. By day ten, the poor boy had a nice set of blue balls.
Finally, the day of the party came. It was set at the house of a Mage named Andrea. As we approached the house, I could feel the lust radiating from it before we even pulled into the driveway. I tried to make a quick mental scan to see what I could expect, but there was a psychic or mystical haze of some sort acting as a privacy screen, not letting me peek in. I’d just have to wait until I was inside.
I parked the car, and looked to Ben, who was already hard as a rock. I smiled and took his hand. “You ready?”
He smiled at me and nodded. “Yeah,” he said. “This should be interesting.” He leaned close, and I joined him in a deep kiss.
“Okay,” I said. “Just remember, this’ll probably be a lot rougher on you. If anything happens you don’t like, if it gets to be too much, you let me know, and we’ll leave. Okay?”
Ben kissed me again. “Yes, mother,” he said.
I smiled. “Alright, then, son, come along.” We went up to the house, both nervous, but excited. As we got closer to the house, I noticed I was also getting more aroused, just from the aura of excitement radiating from the house. Ben was as well; I realized the aura wasn’t just from the excitement of the people inside. This was an actual, deliberate broadcasting of arousal intended to affect others. I couldn’t tell if it was a psychic broadcast or a magic one; it might have been a bit of both. Ben, lacking any innate psychic or magical defense, seemed to be affected a lot stronger than I. I could practically hear his cock throbbing by the time we got to the door.
I rang the door bell and after a few moments, it swung open, revealing Jasmine in a set of sexy black lace lingerie. The brunette smiled brightly at us, and Ben’s eyes went wide at the sight of her. I suddenly felt a little silly, having shown up in rather modest jeans and tee-shirt, and wondered if I’d be the only one. But then, I hadn’t been planning to invite the other men at the party to scope me out, either. “Hi, Kat! So glad you could make it!” She gave me a hug, and then turned and winked at Ben. “Ready for a night you’ll never forget?”
Ben swallowed nervously and nodded, trying not to look too intently at Jasmine’s curves. “Yes, ma’am,” he said. “Thank you for the invitation.”
Jasmine chuckled, then went over and kissed him on the cheek. Ben flushed, and tried not to feel a little jealous. “As polite as he is cute! I can see why you want him all to yourself.” She laughed, and waved us in.
Ben let out a small gasp as he stepped into the foyer, and I could sense his arousal spike up nearly three times in intensity. I almost flinched as I entered as well. The aura of lust had been strong coming up to the house, but in here, it was so thick, I could actually “see” an ethereal haze in the air with my psychic senses. I actually had to raise my mental defenses some to keep it from overwhelming me.
“Oh, yeah, sorry,” said Jasmine, smiling a little sheepishly. “There’s a few arousal spells and some psychic aphrodisiac fields flooding the house. It’s mostly to tease the subs for the night, but also to keep everyone generally in the mood.”
“Jeez,” said Ben, looking a little dizzy. He reached over to me to steady himself. I could sense his blue balls were aching sharply, and his cock was actually so hard it was hurting a little. I looked to Jasmine, but she caught my concern before I voiced it.
“Sorry, here,” said Jasmine. She touched Ben’s shoulder and a moment later, Ben seemed to relax a bit. “We have it cranked up a little higher than normal, since we got more guests than usual. That should halve the effect for you. Better?”
“Y-yeah,” said Ben. “I think I can handle this.” I noticed his cock was still throbbing harder than it had been on the porch, but he seemed to be managing it for now. At least, the ache had subsided.
“Okay!” said Jasmine. “Now, then. You know the rules. Clothes off!”
Ben swallowed and blushed. I expected him to hesitate, but boldly, he went through with it. In fact, he stripped rather quickly. I realized various spells drenching him with lust probably made him desperate to be nude, if only to free his cock from the discomfort of his now too tight pants. Jasmine and I watched as his cock sprang excitedly from its cloth confines, ready and eager to play, completely ignorant of what it was getting itself, and Ben, into. As if to illustrate the point, stripping did not ease any of Ben’s tension; if anything, being naked now made his cock throb even more intensely.
Jasmine took Ben’s clothes, and set them on a set of small shelves, where I noticed several more sets of clothes were filed away. “Okay then, follow me, you two,” said Jasmine. The way the house was laid out, the foyer opened to a short hallway, affording some visual privacy from the rest of the house, although we could hear people talking and laughing, and some light music playing. However, only a few feet away, there was a doorway opening up into a dining room, and just past that was a large living room, where everyone was gathered, sitting around on several couches or chairs, or standing and chatting.
Jasmine introduced us, and everyone gave us a friendly greeting, telling us they were glad we could make it, and complimenting us both on our looks. Ben was bashful, but returned the compliments with thanks, as did I.
I was a little surprised; there was indeed more people here than I thought there would be. Six men and four women were already present, not including Jasmine. With her and us, that made a total of thirteen people, and, going by the nude-to-clothed ratio, there were only five of us who were Mages or Espers. I was a little surprised to notice one of the men was clothed, while two of the other women were naked.
For some reason, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that there would be male doms and female subs in this party. It made sense, of course; Jasmine hadn’t specified this as femdom/malesub exclusive, but I guess my own experiences had just led me to assume that was the case.
I could tell Ben was a little turned off by the sight of the other nude men. However, the aura of lust generated by the aphrodisiac spells and psychic emanations didn’t let that sober him, or any of the others up. Even if they had been outright homophobic, they were so aroused, they didn’t care. Sexual heat aside, the atmosphere was fairly relaxed and accepting, so Ben managed to settle in well enough, even sitting next to one of the men when Jasmine motioned to the open spot.
“So,” said Jasmine. “We’re all here, we can get started. We’ve got cards, movies, snacks, the usual. Pool table is in the back, and if anyone wants to use the hot tub, that’s working again now. So, Kat, let me introduce you more fully.” Jasmine guided me over to the clothed individuals. I was somewhat relieved to see that the others dressed more casually, like myself, shirts or blouses and pants. Jasmine was just enjoyed showing off, I guess, or maybe she just liked dressing up for these things. She certainly got a lot of looks from the subs.
Andrea, a blond woman dressed in white, was a Biomancer, studying nursing at the same college Ben and I attended. The brunette haired Chase was a shadowmancer of minor skill, also going to the same college, studying engineering, and who tended bar on the side. Rodger was a Kinetomancer, who had just graduated from police academy. He was also gay, and I learned two of the nude males were his subs.
After introductions, we made small talk, and set up a card game. Our subs were permitted to do whatever they liked for a while, as long as it wasn’t sexual. Most of them watched a movie, though a couple of the guys, including Ben, played some pool. For now, they were essentially on call, one of us motioning when we wanted something, and our subs fetching it for us. I couldn’t help but be a little amused, watching the naked men’s cocks bounce as they walked.
“So, uh, this isn’t really a sex party, then?” I said. I sucked at cards, so I mainly just went through the motions as we played poker.
The others laughed good naturedly. “Did you expect us to immediately break out the whips and chains, or something?” said Rodger.
“Honestly, I have no idea,” I said.
“We’ll get to the sex,” said Andrea. “First hour or two, though, we just like to have a nice, relaxing evening.” She grinned over at one of men, who smiled back, then gasped as Andrea flicked a finger at him, and his cock jumped. “Well, relaxing might not be the word, but, you know, let the subs be a little more comfortable being nude and horny around each other.”
“Then, once everyone has kind of settled in, the fun really starts,” said Rodger.
I nodded. “So what do you guys usually do then? I mean, during the sex part?”
“Play with them using our powers,” said Chase. “Make ‘em squirm and beg and cry.” She grinned. “You know, all that evil stuff.”
“Now, now, don’t be giving the wrong impression,” said Andrea. “We do play around and it can get kind of intense. But it’s all in good fun.” She drew a good hand, and raked in the chips. “By the way, the card game also determines who gets their pick of the subs for the night. Winner gets first pick, runner up gets second, etc. So, you might want to brush up on your skills a bit.”
I blinked, and looked at Jasmine. “Oh, don’t worry, not tonight. They all know, you and your boy are off limits.” She grinned. “Unless you’ve changed your mind?”
“I think I’ll wait and see what’s in store,” I said.
The others nodded sagely, though Jasmine pouted a bit. She beckoned one of the nude girls over and she brought a fresh glass of water for Jasmine. Jasmine smiled, then traced a fingertip up the girl’s leg, and touched her very clearly swollen clit. The girl’s face contorted into a mask of intense pleasure, and she let out a cry. Jasmine kissed her on the belly, then waved her off. The girl stumbled away, shaking, fluid practically gushing between her thighs. I could sense she was still feeling Jasmine’s finger, gently rubber her clit via psychic strokes.
The game went on that way for about an hour, while the subs tended to us, and either chatted, watched TV, or played pool. On occasion, one of the other doms would cast a small spell or make a motion towards one of the nude subs and they would lock up and let out a gasp or a shudder of pleasure, and I could sense their arousal spike. I realized all the men were sporting some rather impressive blue balls, and even the women appeared to have been denied orgasms for a while before the party. Ben came over a few times to fill my drink and refill the snack bowl. He was trembling a little the last time he came over. Even with only half effectiveness, and none of us teasing him directly, the arousing ambient energy was getting to him. I couldn’t imagine how the other subs were able to stand it at full blast.
One of the other subs in particular, a young man named Jim, was really hurting for release. Jasmine seemed to have it out for him. A quick scan revealed he was Jasmine’s sub, and she had kept him denied for nearly nine weeks! She had been sure to tease him plenty in that time. All throughout the party, as well, Jasmine kept zapping him with little pleasure bolts, more so than anyone else.
Jim was shaking so bad that he dropped Jasmine’s drink when he fetched it, spilling it over her lap. Jasmine scolded him, and paused the game to make Jim kneel before her and slowly lick the spilled drink off her thighs. I could see Jim shaking, tears in his eyes, from the act. His cock was beet red with need, but he didn’t dare beg her for mercy. I could sense that he knew better.
Even still, she didn’t relent. As he stood back up, she grasped his rigid penis and he froze, body rigid as though petrified. It was some kind of response to a psychically induced trigger. Smiling, Jasmine slowly removed one of her stockings and tied it loosely around his penis. He gasped and began to tremble. She pushed him back a little, and he mechanically backed up until his back touch the wall, where he stood, shaking and making tiny whimpering sounds. Soon, his face contorted into one of orgasmic bliss, and his hips twitched. He was trying to cum.
I raised my eyebrows as I watched Jim suffering. The stocking was clearly another psychic trigger; when tied around his cock, it produced incredible pleasure in him. But, like I had with Ben, Jasmine had implanted a psychic block on his orgasm. No matter how long the stocking was tied to his cock, he wouldn’t cum.
Sheesh. Now that I could see it happen from the outside, it was rather brutal. I kept glancing at Jim throughout the game, but even after five minutes, Jasmine seemed to be in no hurry to release her boy. The other subs in the party nervously avoided looking at Jim. When Ben came over to check on me, he gulped when he saw the other man, suffering intensely, just from Jasmine’s stocking.
“You think he’s had enough?” I said to Jasmine, nodding to the boy.
Jasmine glanced back and shrugged, as if she’d completely forgotten about him already. “Eh, he’ll be fine. I’ve done worse with him. Besides, he deserves it.” She grinned and winked at me. I decided not to press the issue and forced a small smile.
Finally, the game was over, with Chase being the winner. The subs were called over and told to line up against the wall, except for Ben, who was allowed to kneel next to me and Jim, who remained in his spot. Chase made a wave with her hand, and suddenly, bands of darkness wrapped around the subs’ eyes, blindfolding them.
Rodger spoke a word and pointed, and I could see visible arcs of electricity spark up between their legs, bouncing along the girl’s pussy lips and looping around the boys’ cocks. It didn’t seem to hurt them or leave any marks, but the energy stimulated their genitals intensely, as if by an electrostim device. All seven of the subs began to shake and gasp. Already overdue for orgasms, they had been simmering in heightened arousal for over an hour, and this intense stimulation shot them straight to the edge. However, some spell or psychic block prevented each of them from cumming, causing them to writhe and suffer in place.
As they either tried to grab themselves or started to fall to their knees, Andrea made a few hand motions, and bands of light formed around their wrists and ankles, holding them in place.
Jasmine turned to Ben. “You sure you don’t want to join in?” He was staring wide eyed at the assembled line of over-stimulated subs, a little stunned. He glanced at us and I could tell by his expression he was a little freaked out. He looked at me, and I shook my head.
“Maybe next time,” I said.
“Alright, then,” said Chase, licking her lips and rubbing her hands together. “Eany-meanie-miney… moe!”
Chase picked two of the guys in the group, then Andrea picked two, then Rodger picked two, leaving Jasmine with one. Each pair was called over to their mistress or master, and when everyone was done, the spells on them were all released. The poor, heavily teased subs then kneeled before their mistresses/masters, and pledged to serve them for the night.
Then, we all migrated to the living room, where Jasmine popped in a DVD on the TV. As we sat there and watched what turned out to be a cheesy soft-core flick, the subs began to massage their mistresses and masters, kissing and caressing them. The movie was as much for the subs’ benefit, or should I say, teasing, as for our own enjoyment; there was some vague plot about a hot, young, yet world weary detective trying to solve a mystery, but mostly, the movie was about showing off the actress’s tits and the detective having sex with a bevy of babes to “interrogate” them.
Ben kneeled in front of me to give me a foot massage. His hands were unsteady until he gripped me, and he did his best to concentrate on me feet, as if that would help him focus through the arousal. Given that I’d used my feet to play with him before, however, this only increased his arousal, as I had practically given him a foot fetish by this point.
Regardless, his touch was wonderful, as always. I decided to reward him halfway through my left foot, by extended my right big toe and lightly tracing along the underside of the shaft. Ben’s hips bucked forcefully and he gasped, letting out a shuddering groan. All the girls laughed, including me. He’d been so aroused by the constant waves of lust, that my simple touch had nearly made him orgasm! I smiled sympathetically at Ben as he looked at me with pleading eyes, his body shaking with pent up need. He was a total wreck!
As the movie came to end after about two hours, I pulled Ben towards me and whispered into his ear, “You about had it?” He nodded vigorously and I gave him a kiss. “Alright, we’ll go soon.”
“Well, guess it’s time to get to business!” said Jasmine enthusiastically. She pulled her chosen boy to her and gave him a deep kiss. The other doms did the same with their subs for the night. Slowly, they started to strip down. Jasmine turned to me. “Well, dig in guys!”
“We, uh, we’re going to do it right out here? Together?”
Andrea giggled. “Aw, are you guys shy? We’ll have to do something about that.”
Chase nodded sagely and motioned to me. “Yeah, don’t we even get to see you naked?” Already having taken off her top, she slipped her bra off, revealing her breasts. I heard Ben gulp next to me, and didn’t even need my powers to know his eyes had gone wide at the sight. Chase was quite a looker. Me, though… I suddenly felt bashful at the thought of stripping for these people.
Ben and I shared a glance. “Um… if it’s all the same… I think we’re going to take off,” I said.
“What?” said Jasmine, sounding stunned. She looked utterly crestfallen.
Everyone else paused, but nodded. One look at Ben told them he was about to die from frustration, and I was looking uncomfortable myself.
“No, come on, stick around!” said Jasmine. “You can use one of the other rooms if you want privacy.”
I shook my head, but smiled. “Thank you, but I think we’re tapped out for the night.”
Jasmine frowned, then narrowed her eyes at Ben. “You need to toughen up.”
“Oh, leave them alone, Jasmine,” said Chase. “If they’ve had it, they’ve had it.” She turned to me and Ben. “We didn’t freak you out too much, did we?”
“No, no, I just think we’re done for the night.”
Andrea reached over and took my hand, giving it an affectionate squeeze. “Hey, no pressure. If you still want to come to the next one, just let us know.”
I smiled back. Andrea had quite a sweet, calming presence. “Thank you.”
“Kat!” Ben gasped. He was really shaking now. I stood and helped him to his feet, using my powers to dull the intensity of his need, if only so he could walk straight. Jasmine saw us to the door, looking a little glum, but she insisted the others continue their festivities. Not needing to be told twice, the subs started caressing and kissing their doms as they stripped them. Moans and sighs of pleasure followed us to the door.
“I really wish you could stay,” said Jasmine a final time, watching Ben hastily get dressed.
“I know, I’m sorry,” I said. “Maybe next time.”
“That’s a no,” said Jasmine. She sighed. “Alright, well, whatever. I hope you had fun still.”
I smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I did. Did you, Ben?”
Ben nodded, but I could tell the only thing on his mind was emptying his balls. After a final goodbye to Jasmine, Ben and I all but ran for the car. As soon as we were inside, Ben pulled me to him, unable to wait a second longer. We yanked open his shorts, and I ducked down, taking his cockhead into my mouth just as I removed his orgasm block. He instantly exploded into my mouth. I swallowed every drop he gave, and he collapsed against the seat, exhausted, but relieved. I smiled and kissed him once more.
I left him alone for the ride back home, but I was still very riled up myself. As soon as we were back in my apartment, I all but threw him onto the bed, and rode him hard, letting him cum thrice more. I reached about twenty orgasms myself before I blacked out.

Ben and I didn’t bother with sex the whole next week. The party had pretty well tapped us out. But, horny bastards that we were, he was already back at my place the following weekend. Wanting a nice, slow build up, I had him lay on the bed while I teased him with telepathic thought strokes, keeping his body locked in place. As I sat in my chair, Ben squirmed and moaned softly on my bed. I watched him with a smile as I reached down and gently touched myself.
Yeah, this was definitely more my speed.
Then, there was a knock on my door. Casting out my senses, I saw that it was Jasmine. Or, rather, I sensed a psychic screen blocking my scan attempt, and instead I heard her telepathically greet me. <Hi! Can we talk?>
I frowned a bit. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk with Jasmine again. But, we hadn’t talked since Ben and I all but fled the party, so I guess I owed her at least some sort of explanation.
<Yeah, hold on> I said. I paused and looked back at Ben. I almost let him go, halting my tease, but then, something made me reconsider. This conversation shouldn’t take too long, but it might be a little fun to see how Ben reacted to the idea of Jasmine being in the other room as he lay here helpless. I went over and kissed him, telling him to “sit tight.”
Then, I answered the door, letting Jasmine in. I sensed Ben freak out a little as he heard the door open, shy at the idea of someone else seeing him like this. I telepathically assured him it was okay, giggling in his mind to tease him. “Hi,” she said again. “So, I guess I’ll get right down to it. The party weirded you out, didn’t it?”
I hesitated. “Well,” I said. “It was interesting, but… look, Ben and I are pretty kinky, but we’re just not into doing stuff with others. No offense.”
Jasmine waved me off. “No, no, it’s my fault. I should have prepped you better, should have had you meet the others before we did the party. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t too freaked out.”
I smiled reassuringly. “No, it’s alright.”
There was a sudden louder moan from the bedroom, and Jasmine glanced to it and grinned. “Having a little fun in there?”
I smirked. “Catching up for the week,” I said. “And no, you can’t peek.”
Jasmine pouted. “Aaaw.” Then she laughed. “Alright, well, I guess you’re busy now. But, I was wondering if you’d like to, you know, hang out sometime, maybe get a drink or something?”
I thought it over. I didn’t drink much, but it might be nice to get out of the apartment for a bit. And, of course, it would be an interesting little tease for Ben; it always drove him crazy when I’d leave him all by himself as he lay helpless, stimulated by my powers and not knowing when I’d be back. I never did it for too long, of course. I figured an hour or two wouldn’t hurt him.
I went back into the room, and I gave him a kiss on his forehead, then his lips, then his penis tip. He moaned softly and I whispered in his ear that I’d be back in a couple hours. He moaned again, and I could sense him become anxious. I chuckled and kissed his lips again, reassuring him he was okay. Then, I gave another kiss to his penis, very slowly taking him into my mouth until I had nearly deep throated him. He tensed and shivered, moaning loudly. Then, I slowly withdrew, making sure to really drag it out as my lips slid over his sensitive penis head. He whimpered a bit as I finally pulled away, and I giggled. “Don’t go anywhere now!”
I left him paralyzed on the bed, a gentle tingle of stimulation sliding up and down his penis. Enough to make it twitch like crazy and keep him hot and bothered, but not enough to overwhelm him. By the time I got back, he’d be more than ready to fuck my brains out all night, and I’d let him cum any way he wanted.
“Alright, let’s go,” I said, grabbing my purse and leading Jasmine out the door.


Jasmine and I went to dinner, taking our time chatting throughout the meal. I hadn’t expected to chase said dinner down with a martini. Then a second one. Then a third. Suffice to say by that point, we took our sweet time getting back.
Jasmine and I stumbled into the my apartment somewhere around 2 in the morning, giggling like a couple of loons. I don’t really even remember what we were talking about, just that pretty much everything either of us said seemed hilarious at the time. We more or less collapsed onto the floor, catching our breaths from the walk back.
A few moments passed before I became aware of the high pitched moans and whimpers coming from the bedroom. For a minute, I couldn’t figure out what that noise could possibly be. I stood and went over to it, swaying slightly in my drunken haze, and saw Ben lying on the bed. For a brief moment, I wondered what he was doing there. Then I saw his penis jerking rhythmically, and I suddenly remembered.
“Oh, shit.” I had completely forgotten about him. He was still here, still psychically paralyzed, teased, and unable to cum. It was a regular part of foreplay for us, but it usually never went on for more than an hour, maybe two if I was feeling extra playful.
However, this time, he had been left suffering continuous sexual teasing for the better part of six hours! I cast my senses over him and realized with a small shock that the sensations were also far stronger than I had left him with.
Poor Ben. Tears streamed from his eyes, and his voice was hoarse from so much moaning and whimpering. His penis was an ugly shade of dark red, and sizable pool of pre-cum had collected and partially dried on his stomach. “Oh, you poor thing, I’m so sorry.” I went over and kneeled next to him and reached out to pet his cock.
I paused, however. I gazed at his cock in wonder. Aside from the dark color, the veins were bulging out grotesquely, and the penis head was swollen so large, it looked like it would split. His balls were fully engorged and taught. I thought I had never seen his cock like this before, but then, I realized I had. I remembered what that boy Jim’s cock had looked like at the party. It looked like such tension would be incredibly painful, and yet the cries from Ben were ones of pure ecstasy. At least for now, they were. In my drunken stupor, I watched his cock throb and bounce, nearly entranced.
Suddenly, Jasmine dropped down to her knees on the floor in front of me with a loud thump. I jumped, not having heard her come in. “Holy crap, that looks fucking delicious,” she said, “I amped up your pleasure signal as we left, and boy, it’s really done a number on him!” Then, she leaned forward, grasping Ben’s cock and popping his penis head into her mouth. This happened so suddenly, I was too stunned at first to stop her. Her head bobbed sloppily on Ben’s cock, her tongue lapping at the head, and Ben let out a near scream that made us both jump. Jasmine burst out laughing, letting him go.
I placed a hand on Ben’s forehead, and tried to cut off the psychic sensations teasing his cock, but trying to use my powers in my current state proved too difficult. I only managed to calm Ben down slightly, before my concentration broke.
“Hey,” I said, my words slightly slurred. “Turn it off. We should just let him rest.” I made another attempt to reach into his mind and fumbled with the psychic “latch” that held him prone and teased. I kept slipping. “Shit, this isn’t working. Come on, help me turn it off.”
“Nah, why waste the moment? I didn’t get my chance with him at the party!” said Jasmine. She stood back up, and yanked her shorts down, stumbling as she kicked them off. Before I could even protest, she was on top of him.
“Hey!” I said, moving to push her off. However, she had already positioned herself to take Ben inside her, so all my push ended up doing was make her drop down onto his cock, burying his full length inside her.
Ben lot out a howl of pleasure and his body convulsed. I redoubled my concentration and reached into his head, trying to snap him out of his tormented state. This time, I got a firm grip on the mental latch, but it refused to budge.
“Oh, no you don’t!” said Jasmine. I realized she was holding the latch down with her own powers. She raised herself up and dropped back down, letting out a pleased sigh. She started bouncing on Ben’s hideously engorged cock. I tried again to free him, and realized with a start that Jasmine was preventing my efforts.
“Stop!” I said.
“Oh, don’t—oh!—don’t be a—nnn—a prude!” said Jasmine. She started to twitch, her breath coming in short gasps as she already neared orgasm. I was amazed; she had been riding his cock for less than a minute. She let out a loud cry as she came, and slowed her hips until she was sitting still upon him, flexing her walls against his cock. “Oh, this is so fucking great,” she said breathlessly. “He’s so fucking wired up. You need to try this Kat, just open your mind to him, and you’ll cum in an instant!”
“I don’t…” I said, but then I felt Jasmine’s psychic hands inside my mind. I was stunned at how adept she was, despite her drunken state. I felt Jasmine grasp something in my mind, and pull it towards Ben’s psyche. I felt something click, and then I could feel it!
Oh, god, it was just like at the party, the arousal rushing at me, only this time, I couldn’t block it out! I immediately collapsed on the floor, letting out a cry. Pleasure overwhelmed me, pleasure so sharp it cut through my core like a knife, striking each of my hot spots with surgical precision. Instantly, I was drenching my shorts in my juices. I bucked and writhed on the floor, my hands clutching and grasping for something to hold onto. I felt a hand grasp mine, and I held on for dear life. Jasmine had gotten off Ben and was kneeling next to me. She gathered me into her arms and held me, even as she forced the connection between my mind and Ben’s to go on. I thrashed and screamed and cried as orgasms hit me in such rapid succession, I felt as though I were experiencing a single continuous release, lasting forever.
Finally, Jasmine broke the connection and I melted into her arms, shivering. She stroked my hair and whispered soothingly into my ear as I got control of myself. “There, there,” she said. “Wasn’t that good? Wasn’t that just so fucking good?”
“Too good,” I gasped. “I need to lie down.”
“Come on,” said Jasmine. She helped me up onto the bed next to Ben, and then lay down on the other side of him. She grasped my hand and waited for me to catch my breath. “Alright,” she said. “Let’s try it again, something a little lighter this time.” I gave her a helpless look. I was already exhausted. She just smiled and coaxed me further. “It’s ok. This’ll be a lot easier.” I felt her mind caressing my psyche even as her hand caressed my arm. Still a bit doubtful, I consented, and we opened our minds once again to Ben’s. This time, we only opened up a crack, letting ourselves feel a steady, but low stream, perhaps only ten percent of what Ben was feeling. We both let out gasps as the sensations ran through our pussies, vibrating against our clits and g-spots. The connection ran invisible fingertips around and around our pussy lips, and a steady pulse throbbed inside us, like a phantom penis moving lovingly inside it. It wasn’t enough to send me instantly spiraling into orgasm, but a few minutes of this, and I would probably cum.
“I love doing this,” said Jasmine, a bit breathlessly. “Just riling up my boy and then buzzing off his pleasure all night long.” A minute passed and she began to gasp, orgasming on the spot. She caught her breath, though, and rode the buzz some more, cumming again a few minutes later, with me joining her.
That’s how it went for both of us. We snuggled against Ben, and talked and giggled over random things the whole night, the steady hum of pleasure giving us small orgasms every few minutes. I lost count of how many mini-climaxes we had; Jasmine probably had double mine, she was such a hair trigger. Poor Ben never had even one. Eventually, we came ourselves to sleep, the connection severing as we drifted off, the sounds of Ben’s whimpers lulling us into our slumber.

I woke up feeling groggy and having a mild headache. Only vaguely aware of my surroundings, I stumbled out of bed, and went to the kitchen to gulp down some water. After a few minutes of orienting myself, my psychic senses suddenly picked up feelings of distress from Ben. I went back into the bedroom, and my eyes widened. Ben was still laying there, naked, helplessly paralyzed by psychic suggestions. His cock twitched away as psychic stimulation continued to tease him. Next to him, Jasmine was curled around his body. She moaned softly as she roused, yawning. She blinked awake and took a minute to recognize where she was. She glanced at Ben, then down at his cock and smirked. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and her hand curled around his cock.
I felt something inside me tighten, and I yelled, “Get off him!” Jasmine literally jumped off the bed, stumbling over the side. She hadn’t even noticed me in the doorway yet, and was taken completely off guard.
With my head clear, I went into Ben’s mind and shut off the phantom stimulation, and undid the paralysis locks. He’d already fallen into unconsciousness hours ago due to exhaustion, but it had been a restless, pained sleep. I eased his mind into a deeper state, and he instinctively curled up clutching at the pillow and shivering as he settled into a new position.
“Cripes, Kat,” said Jasmine, rubbing the kinks out of her neck and arms. “What’s the big deal? We were having so much fun last night!”
I went over to Ben and put a hand on his forehead, scanning his mind. He wasn’t exactly traumatized, but he was stressed well past the point I would usually stop at. He would recover with some rest, and maybe a little assistance from me. But for now…
I turned to Jasmine. “Get out. Now.”
Jasmine looked at me both confused and hurt. “But… Kat…”
“Out!” I said. I shook my head. “I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, letting you in here last night.”
“You were probably too drunk to think,” said Jasmine, smirking.
“Thanks to you,” I said. Last night was starting to come back to me. Particularly the part where Jasmine fucked him. “What the hell? I told you Ben and I were exclusive!”
“Oh, posh,” said Jasmine, picking up her clothes and getting dressed. She seemed to not even have a hangover. “Such a waste. You two are such naturals, you shouldn’t horde each other.” She motioned to Ben. “Sure, he could use a little more stamina, but a few more parties out to help him with that.”
“We’re not going to any more parties,” I said. “Now, leave.”
Jasmine looked at me as if she was genuinely confused, as if she couldn’t understand why I was being so selfish. “Kat…” I crossed my arms and glared at her. She frowned and started getting dressed. “I’m sorry, Kat. I really am. I just thought maybe you were shy and needed a little nudging. I didn’t realize you two were actually that serious.” She paused and gave me a look of genuine curiosity. “Are you in love with him?”
I blinked at that. “I… no…”
Jasmine set her mouth firm, then nodded. “Alright. I’m sorry again, Kat.” She paused before heading for the door. “If you don’t want to speak to me for a while, that’s fine. But I really would like to be your friend.”
“I think about it,” I said. “Now leave.” She complied, heading quickly out the door. I sighed and looked at Ben, then lay down next to him. He slept easily now, and as I curled up against him, he snuggled against me. I looked at his cock, still hard and twitching, still unrelieved from last night. Frowning, I traced his organ with my fingertip and watched it jump.
No, I didn’t love him. I did like him, but when you got down to it, it wasn’t love. I just wanted him. I’d been the one to find out his secret fetish when he didn’t have the guts to even ask me out. I’d been to one to seduce him. I’d been the one to fulfill his every freakish fantasy, and in return, he fulfilled mine. That throbbing organ between his legs was mine, not his, not anyone else’s! I wouldn’t even allow him to touch his own cock without permission, and even then, only when I could watch.
Frowning, I rolled him onto his back, and straddled him. My pussy was already wet, and I guided him into me. I let out a lustful breath as I rocked back and forth on him. His cock jerked inside me, despite his unconsciousness, but in my sudden feeling of possessiveness, I clamped down on his climax, even with how badly I needed it.
“You’re mine,” I gasped. “All mine. Only mine.” I moved my hips faster. “You understand? ONLY MINE!” I came right then, shuddering, but I didn’t stop. Ben, of course, could only sleep so long with me pistoning on him like this. He awoke with a gasp and immediately clutched at me.
I leaned down atop him, grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back. I bit him on the shoulder as my hips bucked even faster. I growled in my passion as I came again.
“K-kat! Ow! Kat! Please!” He clutched at me like his life depended on it, and jammed his hips upwards, thrusting in time with my pumping.
“Say it! Say your mine!” I growled in his ear.
“I’m y-yours!” he gasped. “I’m all yours!”
“You won’t look at another woman! You won’t even think of another woman!”
“I-I-I w-won’t look! I won’t th-think of another—Ah!—another woman!”
“Your penis is mine, you hear me? If you ever touch it without my specific orders, you will never cum again for the rest of you life!”
“It’s yours! I’m yours! Kat, please!” His words dissolved into cries for mercy as I fucked him so hard, I heard part of the bed frame crack. I came again, and this time, I didn’t stop, multiple orgasms blending together in one long climax. And just before I blacked out, I finally reached inside Ben and released my block. He nearly screamed with relief as I felt him empty his seed deep inside me, and that was all I remembered before my world went dark.


I woke up, aching sweetly in every muscle of my body. I felt myself curled almost into a ball, with two strong arms wrapped around me. My head was laying on Ben’s chest, and he was softly stroking my hair. With a moan, I looked up at him. He smiled warmly at me, leaned down, and kissed him.
“Hey,” he said softly.
“H-hey,” I said.
“You okay?” he said. “What was that all about?”
I frowned and looked over at his shoulder. My teeth marks were still evident; I saw that I actually drew a little blood. I gently kissed him there and he flinched. I looked up at him, but he smiled at me again, reassuring. I lay my head back down on his chest and snuggled against him.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I went a little crazy.” After a long pause, I said, “I just don’t want to share you.”
“I gathered.”
I held him a little tighter. “But that’s not really my call, is it? I mean, we’re not a real couple. We’re not committed to each other.”
“Well, you are my mistress,” he said. “I’d say that counts for something.”
“That’s just part of the game,” I said. I reached down and gently grasped his now flaccid genitals. He winced slightly, as they were very tender, but I rolled them in a soothing motion that relaxed him. “I’m not supposed to actually get psychotic about it.”
“Well, it’s natural to want to be your lover’s only partner,” he said.
I looked up at him. “But I’m holding you back, aren’t I? What if there’s a woman out there who really loves you? What if you’re too busy kissing my feet to ever notice her?”
Ben swallowed. “You’re not talking about Jasmine, are you?”
I chuckled a bit. “No. But, I dunno, seeing her playing with you, and then insisting we should see other people, it just got me so angry. This was all just supposed to be a fun kinky thing between us, I didn’t know I could actually feel this possessive about a person.”
“Kat, I’m still with you because I want to be,” he said. “If I really wanted anyone else, I’d have told you. Heck, I wouldn’t have to, you can read my mind. Read it now.”
I did so, and it was true. He didn’t love me either, fond of me as he was, but he still wanted me as bad as I did him. He kissed the top of my head. “You make me happy, Kat. I don’t need anyone else.”
I smiled and kissed him deeply for that. Snuggling closer against him, I sighed and said, “Well, even if we never go back to the party, it might not hurt to hang out with them again. After all, we could always stand to learn a few more tricks.”
Ben and I chuckled, and I felt “my” cock twitch at the thought.


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