Friday, August 4, 2017

Straying Thoughts

As Hank got ready for bed, stripping down completely naked, he kept glancing nervously over to his wife. Maggy was dressed in her white nightgown, brushing her long blonde hair and humming softly to herself. Hank swallowed nervously and slipped beneath the covers. His cock was already getting hard, being naked only because he knew his wife preferred it. His nudity and her state of nearly full dress was a simple, but powerful symbolic reminder of their new dynamic. There were times she even made him stay naked all day at home, and there was very little he could do to resist, when it meant suffering hours and hours of cock teasing from her Sex Magic.

She’d had her powers for almost two years. To Hank’s blue balls, it felt like eternity. But there was still love and affection and she still took care of him since he’d been forced to downgrade to a mere copy boy at his office. If it made her happy, he could suffer her sudden bouts of manic horniness. But there was something he’d heard today that had set his heart churning with concern and dread.

As she sat at the mirror, drawing out her hair-brushing, she could feel his eyes on her back. She hid a soft smile, angling in her seat so he couldn’t see it in her reflection as he outright stared at her from the bed. His cock was twitching away, hard as a rock as it always was when they were going to bed together. She didn’t need to use her aura or even do anything sexy any more to keep him primed. Just knowing he’d be spending the night pressed against her toned, sexy body, wanting desperately to fuck her until he came his brains out, but knowing all it would do is make his blue balls ache that much more, the frustration, to his shame and confusion, constantly revved his motor. She played with and fucked him enough that he didn’t even bother trying to seduce her into it anymore. When she was in the mood, she would take him or tease him or both.