Saturday, December 26, 2015

Riding with Girls

Doreen Stevenson smiled and waved as she pulled up in front of the Johnson’s house. She was giving her daughter Jenny, and Jenny’s friends, a ride to the beach, and this was their last stop. Jenny sat up front, Lindsey and Tessa sat in the two bucket seats of the van’s second row, leaving the back row for the Johnson siblings.

Cathy and Blake Johnson were already standing in the yard, Cathy wearing a bikini top and short shorts, Blake wearing only gym shorts and a tee-shirt. He looked a little embarrassed as he realized the van was full of Cathy’s friends.

“Hey, I thought this was an all-girl hang out,” said Jenny, frowning at Blake, who shifted nervously under her gaze.

Cathy shrugged apologetically, then looked past Jenny to Doreen. “Really sorry, Ms. Stevenson, but my mother was supposed to drop Blake off at the library. She had an emergency and had to jet. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind giving him a ride? It should be on the way.”

Doreen Stevenson looked at Blake. “Of course, honey. If he doesn’t mind being trapped with a bunch of cute girls for a while.” She gave him a wink and a grin.

Blake blushed. “No, it’s fine. Thank you, Ms. Stevenson.”

The older woman chuckled. “Aw, so polite! It’s no problem at all. And please, call me Doreen.”

Jenny rolled her eyes. “Ugh, Mom, have some standards, will you?”

Doreen rolled her eyes right back. “And here I thought mothers were supposed to be the prudish ones.”

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Subway Ride

After a long day at work, Peggy was not in the mood to deal with rude assholes on the subway. One would think a few years of Sex Magic would make any man wary of being disrespectful of a woman, but not every guy was as appreciative of the power a Sex Mage could wield.

Case in point, the subway car was packed with businesswomen and men heading home from work and those not working coming home from errands. Every seat was taken, and every bar already had enough people around it.

Only one bar remained relatively clear. Or at least it would have, if the douchebag leaning on it didn’t insist on taking up the whole thing by leaning his whole butt, back, and head along every available spot Peggy could have comfortably reached. The man looked like a real punk, too. Leather jacket, ripped jeans, a buzzcut, lanky but tall, with a thin facial scar indicating he’d once been in a knife fight. He was Latino, and the green bandanna around his head indicated he belonged to one of the gangs still lurking in the alleys. What the hell he was doing in this part of the subway, looking like a tough guy among all the suits and casuals, Peggy couldn’t guess.

On the Quad

Suzy yawned and stretched as she looked up from her text book. She leaned back against the tree she’d be studying under and looked out over the rectangular field around which the college’s main classroom buildings were situated. Dozens of other students were taking advantage of the beautiful day. Sunny, only slightly cloudy, warm, but with a cool breeze. Many were sitting around studying or drawing or just hanging out with their friends. Most everyone was dressed in shorts and tee-shirts, Suzy and her boyfriend included. Some of the girls were stretched out on beach towels, wearing only short shorts and bikini tops, sunbathing. Suzy couldn’t help but smirk.

Suzy glanced at her boyfriend, Jim. The blond boy was reading a comic book instead of studying like he was supposed to. He was also glancing up fairly frequently at the hot college girls lounging around or walking by in their skimpy clothes. Even if she hadn’t been watching him from the corner of her eye while she studied, the mystic power of Sex Magic let her detect every time his libido sparked whenever a particularly cute or sexy girl came into his field of view, briefly drawing his gaze before he forced himself to look back at his comic. He made a few furtive glances back at Suzy, but the brunette sophomore acted like she hadn’t noticed his wandering eyes.

Jim wasn’t the only guy giving appreciative glances, of course. Suzy could sense dozens of little sparks from all the guys on the campus quad as they noticed a set of bouncing tits or the curve of a stretched out leg. Several guys were fighting to keep from getting erect, so as to avoid too brazenly drawing attention to the fact they were looking. Several guys failed, and Suzy was quite amused as she sensed at least one guy on the far end of the quad, hiding behind a set of bushes, trying desperately not to cry out as his hard cock was being teased with a feather-light stroking spell by some other girl with Sex Magic. He didn’t even know who it was, but he didn’t dare try to run, lest he draw even more attention to himself. For now, it amused the women around him to let him panic over his predicament, letting him sweat out if he should leave or not.

Suzy, ever mischievous, decided she’d had enough Calculus for the day, and closed her book, relaxing against the tree. Next to her, Jim sat cross-legged, keeping his head down and focused on his comic.

“Hey,” said Suzy. “I’m bored.”

“Oh, yeah?” said Jim. He gave her a smile that was both suggestive, but also a bit nervous. “I’m bored” was usually the code word for upcoming Sex Magic shenanigans. Suzy had no qualms playing around with Jim, even in public, whether it was suddenly giving him a quick psychic blowjob while he walked down the street or making him as hard as possible while at a restaurant, causing all the women to notice.

“Yeah,” said Suzy, giving him a sly grin. “Take your clothes off.” 

Monday, December 21, 2015

An Instant Messenger Story

AOL Instant Messenger Log
April 9th, 2010
CyberEDD logged on. CyberEDD wants to send a message to RadicalRiley.
CyberEDD: Hey! So, how you enjoying Colorado!
RadicalRiley: Hey there! It’s good so far! Moved in and unpacked already. Roommate seems nice so far. Summer classes start in a couple weeks, so I can get used to campus. Seems like a nice town, if kind of small.
CyberEDD: Cool. Podunk, West Virginia hasn’t changed since you left.
RadicalRiley: Haha! How are your classes going? Final coming up soon, yeah?
CyberEDD: Another month.
RadicalRiley: Ah.
CyberEDD: Still a little jealous you get to go out of state. Always wanted to see Colorado. My Dad grew up there.
RadicalRiley: Eh, I lucked out on getting the scholarship. And yeah, you’ve said. Well, now you’ve got an excuse! You can come visit sometime!
CyberEDD: Haha, just might do that.
CyberEDD: Hey.
RadicalRiley: Hi!
CyberEDD: So, um, this is gunna sound kinda weird, but
RadicalRiley: Uh-huh?
CyberEDD: Have you heard anything about this “Sex Magic” stuff people are talking about?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cherry Spies

Cherry giggled as she watched the pool boy struggle in her mother’s invisible bonds. He was being disciplined again for some probably imagined slight or mistake her mother cooked up. The boy was eighteen, but was tall and rippling with muscle, clearly making an effort to build up his body. Her mother, on the other hand, was a petite woman with a slight figure, elegantly attractive. She wore her red silky gown, while the pool boy was naked, his penis straining towards the sky, throbbing and jerking like mad.

The pool boy was pinned spread eagle against the wall, his eyes kept shut, his whole body shaking, his muscles flexing and clenching as he struggled against the magic bonds that held him in place. Her mother lay back in her seat, legs crossed, giving him a look of bored tolerance. With only her thoughts, she teased the poor pool boy’s cock with pleasures, perhaps a phantom handjob or blowjob or maybe some psychic fucking. Or maybe all three, the way he was struggling.

And of course, even as his hips jerked and his cock bounced, even as he moaned and gasped and whimpered and made an “O” face, he was unable to cum, his balls swollen and dark with unspent semen. Her mother said one of that the simplest, yet most devastatingly effective spell in a Sex Mage’s arsenal was the orgasm block, and Cherry could believe it, seeing how much the pool boy was suffering. Her mother had also sealed the pool boy’s lips to gag him, but even from her hiding spot in her mother’s closet, where she peered through the thin spaces between the slats, she could make out the muffled cries the boy was giving, consisting largely of words like “mercy,” “please,” and “cum.”

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Metis Academy - Guy Time

Steve, Chuck, and Jerry just wanted to get away from the girls for just a few hours. It was brain-numbing, constantly being assaulted with sexiness and cock teasing everywhere they turned. What they needed was some good old guy time.

Unfortunately, Metis Academy was a stand alone facility at least a dozen miles from the nearest town, and trips to said town were only one weekend a month. Equally aggravating, the few “secret places” on campus had all been converted to “private areas” where girls could have some alone time with boys they particularly liked.

Of course, when boys were involved, no area was remotely private. Every time a boy found an unused room or a quiet nook or a nice tucked away spot in the far bushes, his hard penis would alert every female to his presence, and his secret spot was no longer secret. The boys suspected this was one reason why their cocks had been made permanently hard by the women’s magic upon first entering the Metis Campus; it was even more efficient than a GPS tracker for knowing exactly where every boy was at all times.

Friday, October 16, 2015

So how would you change the SMW?

Reader Discussion! Everyone has their own personal ideal of a sex fantasy universe, and I always like to suggest that if someone else would take on a Sex Mage World-type story, they make it there own instead of worrying about strictly sticking to my (mostly-non-existent) canon.

If you were to write your own Sex Mage World-like story, how might you change things to better suit your taste? What elements of the magic, the setting, the cultures, etc, would you use, drop, or change?

Answers that amount to "I would remove all the Magic and make it a non-magical femdom world" don't count!  >: P

(So we're clear, I'm not looking for suggestions, I'm merely curious for the sake of discussion.)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sally Goes Sadistic

Jake moaned softly as he felt the pleasing sensation of several slick, warm hands firmly stroking his penis. He leaned back in his car seat, eyes closed, but mouth open as he breathed heavily, his breath lightly fogging the air.

Next to him, Sally was watching him with a smile, leaning sideways against the driver’s seat of her car to face him fully. Neither of them was directly touching Jake’s manhood. Instead, Sally was using her recently awakened powers of Sex Magic to stimulate him with her thoughts, making him feel the sensations of several slow, sensual hand jobs at once. This was only the third time she’d been able to practice her powers on him, and she was already good enough she could have him shooting off in half a minute if she wanted. But of course, she had no desire to end things so soon, and thus, slowly and steadily teased him with phantom pleasure.

Jake let out a shuddering gasp as his penis swelled, and even without looking, Sally could sense his impending orgasm. Even going slow, she was “touching” him just right, and with several sensations all at once. Jake couldn’t last long, even though she’d barely been at it for five minutes.

Jake grit his teeth and clutched the armrests of his car seat as the pleasure surged. This was the point at which Sally had, on the previous two nights, given him an orgasm unlike any he’d managed to give himself with his own hand.

But this time, just as he was about to go over the edge, the sensations stopped. Jake’s whole body remained stiff, his penis at full tension, and his eyes popped open in surprise. Letting out small surprised grunt, he sagged back into the seat.

“W-what?” he said huskily, giving Sally a confused look. “Why did you stop?”

Sally sighed. “I dunno, Jake, it’s just, don’t you think it’s kind of boring if it’s over too soon?”

Jake swallowed hard and frowned. He’d been dreading this moment since Sally had first approached him with the proposal to practice on him. “But I was just about to cum! Please don’t stop.”

Sally pouted. “I’ve seen you cum before. Dozens of times. I’m not in any rush to see it again just yet.”

Friday, August 21, 2015

Billy's Night

Billy was trembling as he slowly opened the door to his step-sister’s room. Inside it was dark, with only a dim nightlight allowing for vision. His step-sister was currently away at a friend’s house, and his parents were out for a night on the town, leaving Billy alone to fend for himself at the house.

Specifically, to fend for himself against the incessant, wicked teasing of the mysterious woman who kept calling him when he was alone, and used the delightfully evil powers of Sex Magic to force him into humiliating situations. Billy, a twenty year old still living with his parents after dropping out of college, body still boiling with hormones, was absolutely helpless to resist his mysterious mistress’s commands. No matter how much he tried to fight her wicked, unending teasing, his penis and testicles were all too ready to betray him, working with his mistress to coerce him into doing everything she said. If he didn’t, well, all she had to do was think it, and he would be left drowning in a sea of agonizingly intense pleasure, with no hope for release.

“Have you gone inside?” cooed the sweet, seductive voice on his cell phone. Billy was naked, but needed his hands free, so he used an armband and ear bud headphones to carry the phone and listen clearly. He didn’t need to respond. While she had him in her power, his thoughts were as clear as day to her. “Gooooood,” she said huskily. “Now, do as I told you. Go to her closet.”

Billy hesitated, trembling, his cock twitching in anticipation and defiance of his will. He swallowed hard. “Billy?” came the voice. “Continue into her room.”

“I’m going to be caught!” Billy said in a shaky voice. “Please! Please don’t make me do this!”

Thursday, June 25, 2015

SMW - Awkard Living Arrangements

Henrietta was just finishing her late night snack when she sensed the growing arousal of a young man in the room above her. Glancing upwards, she frowned as her mystical sexual senses zoomed in on the thoughts and energy spilling out from her nephew as the young man began to masturbate in the so-called “privacy” of his room. Henrietta shook her head a little as she stepped into the living room to go back to her reading.

Sally, her daughter, was sprawled out on the couch. She glanced up from her magazine and pulled out her earbuds, cocking her head to the side, she seemed to “listen” to an unheard sound. Sally had only just gained her Sex Magic powers two weeks ago, and everything was still new to her, the sensing of erections still unusual. To Henrietta, the sensation was just ambient noise anymore, though a hard penis in close proximity, such as the one just a few feet above her on the next floor, tended to be hard to ignore.

“Is Fred masturbating?” said Sally, squinting at the ceiling.

Henrietta sighed. “Yes, dear,” she said.

Sally blanched. “Eww, gross!” The young woman could now see her cousin straight through the ceiling, her psychic senses enabling her to psychically visualize any naked and aroused man if she focused on the signal of his erection. “Does he not know we can sense him?”

SMW - Medical Miracles

“I want you to understand, Mr. Stone. This procedure will require us to continually imbue you with pleasure, using our magic.”

Chuck smiled a little nervously. “Well, I can’t say I’d complain about a week long blowjob,” he said. “Even if you did hold back my cum.”

Dr. Kaufman frowned a bit, but looked to Sharon. “I’m going to have to ask some personal questions, Mrs. Stone.”

Sharon nodded. “It’s alright,” she said. “It’s not like it’s easy to hide such things.” She nodded to Chuck, and the doctor nodded sagely. Sex Magic allowed women to easily see the sexual fantasies and memories of any man. The doctor could have easily pulled the information from Chuck’s head without even asking. But she was a professional.

“Mr. Stone, may I see into your mind?” she said.

Chuck shifted nervously. “I’d… rather you didn’t…”

“I would only be looking at your sexual memories,” she said. “Nothing else.”

“I’d still rather you didn’t,” he said.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Femdom Magic the Gathering

So,going back to my original intent to make some Porn Parody Magic the Gathering Cards, I went ahead and used a Card Editor to slap together a 30 card set you can actually use in the game for sexy fun times! There's not even any magic themes this time around, actually.

Instead, like MtG's own self-parody sets, Unhinged and Unglued, the cards instruct players to do things not normally associated with playing the game. In this case, some cards insist that sexual actions are taken, others provide boosts or hindrances based on sex.

Of course, this is me, so the game is skewed to massively benefit female players over male ones. In fact, only female players may use these cards in a given deck, while male players must use a normal deck. Anyone into nerdy foreplay and femdom and Magic might get some fun out of this one. Use these cards, or use an Editor to make your own deck.

You can view all the cards on my Caption Blog:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sex Magic the Collecting

A Sex Mage World “Non-Collectable” Card Game

This began as, and mostly still is, a “Porn Parody” of Magic the Gathering, with my own Sex Mage World twist to the terms and themes. However, as I started taking it a bit more seriously, the game developed to have a few of its own mechanics. It still largely plays like MtG in that it uses Spells (Sorceries and Instants) and Servants (Creatures and Artifacts), while using a different Mana Generation system. Those interested in actually playing this game could probably improvise something with actual MtG cards and some dice.

And hell, who knows, if this gets developed any further, I could even make a non-sexual spin-off for some kind of official version.

Anyway, the theme here is “Sex Magic battles” between Megami/Queen Megami to settle international conflicts. Rather than try to kill one another, they attempt to seduce and steal away the Men that the enemy Megami is using as a power source for her spells. The Megami Sex Mage who finishes the fight with the most Loyal Men is declared the winner.

The game requires dice and Sex Magic the Collecting cards (examples to be provided using a Card Game Maker/Editor program, feel free to make your own). Each player needs exactly 50 cards in their deck. The game also requires a minimum of 1 twelve-sided die (1d12) and 5 six-sided die per player (5d6). 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Just A Little Scene: Sleep Over?

I'm not sure where this was going. Had another idea for a weekend-long sexy teasing contest, set in the Sex Mage World, but lacked ideas for the challenges and scenes. However, I did get this "first night" scene written up, and as usual, I hate letting good scenes go to waste!


“Well,” said Lucy, holding up the sheet and patting the spot next to her. “You going to join me?”

Frank scowled a bit. “You’re just going to tease me,” he said.

Lucy smirked. “Oh, I’ll tease you no matter what. So the choice is yours: be teased while you shiver in a corner, cold all night. Or be teased all warm and snuggly with me.” Her smirk became a mischievous smile as she watched Frank wrestle with his choices, his cock twitching in anticipation of his inevitable fate.

Finally, he caved. “Alright,” he said quietly, and came over to the bed, sliding between the sheets. She dropped the blanket over them both and had him turn so his back was to her. She spooned against him and he let out a breath as he felt her breasts press against his back. She snaked a hand around and boldly grasped his penis. He jumped at the contact, expecting a sudden rush of pleasure again. But she didn’t use her magic. Instead she gave him a gentle squeeze and slowly stroked him.

She leaned forward and kissed the back of his neck, then trailed her lips up to his ear. She whispered lightly, her breath tickling his ear and making him squirm. His hand grasped her arm just behind her wrist, but he didn’t dare try to pull her hand away from his cock. “Thank you for playing along, Frank,” she said. She kissed his cheek. “I love you so much.”

“It’s not like I… have a choice…” he said.

“Sure you do,” she said. “But every choice has consequences. I keep telling you.”

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Contest of Climaxes (unfinished)

Rooting around in my "Unfinished Folder", I found a story I'd started a couple years back, but ended up writer's blocking on like a truck into a brick wall. Haven't really come up with a good way to continue, but I like what I wrote so far, so I figured I'd give it a post. Enjoy!

(This is a World of Civero story, not an SMW one.)


When Jude opened his eyes, he expected to find himself staring at the dull grey ceiling of his apartment, the ceiling fan making its slow rotation and casting continuously warping shadows on the walls. He expected his girlfriend to be snuggled up next to him, and to be dressed in his pajamas.

He did not expect to find himself in a strange, all-white room, sitting in a chair, facing three other men, and all four of them to be naked. “What the hell?” he muttered. The other three men glanced over to him. The man across from him had long red hair and piercing blue eyes, This man was the first to speak, giving him a polite nod. “Howdy stranger,” he said. “Before you start panicking, take a deep breath. We don’t know what’s going on either.”

Friday, April 10, 2015


Lindsay sighed as she approached her house. She could sense Paul’s extreme arousal all the way from her office, three miles away, the hum of his diamond-hard penis thrumming in her mind, louder and louder as she drove home. She walked up the steps with a deliberately slow pace, and took her time fishing her keys out of her purse. She pursed her lips as she opened the door, and saw her husband writhing naked on the floor, gasping and whimpering, his hard penis jerking repeatedly in the air. She was surprised he wasn’t humping the floor, horny as she was, but then, she remembered the no-masturbation spell she’d put on him prohibited humping attempts.

She closed the door a little louder than normal, getting Paul’s attention. He looked up at her wide eyed for a moment, starting to sit up, before a bolt of pleasure made him cry out, and knocked him on his back again, his hips thrusting into the air. He was drenched in his own pre-cum, and Lindsay watched a thread of the clear, thick fluid fling itself from his cock to land on the puddle on his stomach.

She let out an exasperated huff, dropped her purse on the nearest chair, and walked up to her husband, hands on hips, looking down at him with a scolding expression. Paul was shaking and gasping and reached out to clutch at her calf.

“Having fun down there?” she said, in an annoyed voice.

“Lindsay… baby… please…”

“Please what?”

“Please… make it stop…”

“I’m not doing it to you. This is some other woman, pleasuring you behind my back. Who is it?”

Paul’s expression scrunched to one of helplessness. “I don’t know! Please! I don’t know!” Tears welled up in his eyes, and she could see his hands shaking, fighting to clutch himself, and unable to from her restrictive magic.

Lindsay crossed her arms. “Really? So you’re saying some random woman just randomly started teasing your cock for no reason?”

”YES! No! I don’t know!” Paul gasped. “I don’t know who it is! But I--!”

“Don’t yell.”

Paul groaned, gritting his teeth. Lindsay could sense every nerve ending in his penis was being stimulated at once, a combination of feathers, tongues, and slick hands playing with him, driving him to the edge of orgasm over and over and over, but refusing to let him cum. Of course, her own orgasm block probably helped with that last part.

“Lindsay, come on! You know I can’t help it! The magic, it’s too strong! And any woman could be doing it!”

Lindsay frowned, shook her head in irritation, and stalked off, leaving him writhing. He started to beg some more, and she flicked a finger at him. His mouth clamped shut and he couldn’t speak.

It was half an hour later, after Lindsay had changed into casual clothes, gotten some water, and made herself comfortable on the couch, that the magic assaulting Paul finally ceased. The man lay in a sweaty, pre-cum covered, boneless sprawl. It took him several minutes to get the wits and strength back to stagger to his feet. He looked to Lindsay and tried to open his mouth to say something. Lindsay flicked her finger again, and his mouth was freed.

“What the fuck was that?” he said.

“I’m getting tired of bailing you out,” Lindsay replied, looking back at the TV. “If you don’t like it, stop doing whatever it is your doing to antagonize women into teasing you.”

Paul took a step forward, and his still stubbornly hard, red cock bounced. A thread of pre-cum began to drip. Lindsay glanced at it, and gave him a hard look. “Don’t drip on my carpet.”

Paul, who had looked like he was about to chew her out, jumped as he felt a sharp jolt on his cock. He held a cupped hand down below his penis head to catch the pre-cum thread, as close as he could manage to get to his penis, still several inches away.


“Christ, Paul, go fucking shower first,” she said pointing to the stairs. “You’re fucking filthy with your own slime.”

Paul’s jaw worked, and he opened his mouth, then shut it again. She was about to jolt his penis again, but then he turned and started trudging upstairs. She did it anyway, and watched him stumble onto the steps, panicking for a second as he tried desperately to make sure his pre-cum didn’t touch the floor.

“And don’t get dressed,” she called after him, once he was out of sight. She shook her head and continued to watch the TV. A game show of sorts, where women tried to guess words and phrases that men were reading on index cards, by reading the men’s thoughts through their cocks, and the men tried their best to confuse the women, by thinking a jumble of non-sexual thoughts while they were reading. More often than not, the women figured them out rather quickly, no doubt using a few psychic teases to coax the answers out of the men’s minds.

Paul came downstairs a few minutes later, nude, his hair damp. His cock was still rock hard, twitching occasionally, but the color had faded to a less angry shade of red. He looked grumpy as he sat down next to Lindsay on the couch. Lindsay feigned ignoring him, watching him out of the corner of her eye. Several times Paul glanced at her, opened his mouth to say something, then shut it. His cock twitched now and then, still stubbornly refusing to go soft after so many edges, as if demanding she do something about it.

Lindsay suppressed a sigh. Men and cocks. So needy. Sure, their frustration fueled women’s sexual magic, but the constant neediness could get grating after a while. Paul opened his mouth, then shut it again for the dozenth time, and Lindsay finally turned to him, giving him a flat look. “What?”

Paul swallowed, uncertain he should speak. Lindsay didn’t bother reading his mind, content to let him wrestle with himself to voice his thoughts. She remembered when they were first going out, how bold and assertive Paul had been. Unafraid to say what he wanted, even as a girl had him on his knees, shaking and burning for relief. Twenty years of Sex Magic, however, had blunted his assertiveness quite a bit. The same went for almost all men, really.

“I just…” Paul began, then hesitated again.

“Spit it out.”

“You just… I…” Paul was almost shaking as he tried to force himself to find the words.

Lindsay turned back to the TV and gave him several minutes to attempt to articulate his thoughts. She listened to the psychic thrum of his cock, the buzzing of his full balls, rise and fall as his fear almost started to ease his sexual tension, only for his lust-drenched thoughts to make the tension surge again.

Ten years ago, Paul would have been on his feet, standing firm, jaw set, as he gave her a piece of his mind, talking her down from tormenting him, demanding she respect him and his needs. And while she might have tried to seduce him into submission, seeing him stand strong would send a tingle through her pussy. Such “arguments” usually ended with him shooting his load down her throat or deep into her pussy. She felt that tingle now, just thinking about it.

But it had been quite a long time since then. Passionate love making, surrendering to his power, had gradually given way to more and more pity fucks, until that was all it was anymore. She barely allowed him to cum at all, never let him touch himself. A part of her wanted to pity him. There really was no way a man could help it. They couldn’t stop the magic, they had no way of resisting. It really wasn’t their fault. And yet, seeing her husband reduced to a simpering toady sex toy by her mere thoughts, there was just no denying how turned off she felt.

Such a cruel irony, really. The more helpless horny and worshipful he became of her, the less interested she became. But just telling him that, somehow, would be worse. He’d be faking it just to try and please her. It wouldn’t be the genuine dominance he used to have, that sheer male power that had made her weak in the knees and obsessed with his cock. By the time she realized the tables were flipped, however, it was too late to fix.

Come on, she thought. Stand up for yourself. Give me one inkling that you still have a spine left, and I’ll suck the cum out of your cock until you don’t have a single drop left. She felt the tingle between her legs grow, and she flexed her thighs. Come on. Yell at me. Try to hit me. Try something, you gutless little shit.

Paul swallowed hard again and set his jaw. Lindsay felt the tingle in her core, waiting for him to give her what she wanted, what she realized she needed. What they both needed.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” Paul said meekly.

Lindsay felt the tingle immediately go still, felt the moist heat between her legs dry up almost instantly. Lindsay glanced at him, her expression cold. She let out an exasperated sigh. Then, with a thought, she channeled her magic at Paul’s penis. Paul cried out as the sensations he’d felt earlier, the feathers and tongues and slick hands, returned to his cock, three times as intense as before. His cock jerked as it went as hard as possible, immediately trying to cum. His balls burned with the need for release she denied him.

Paul whimpered and mewled as he flopped onto the floor, writhing and begging between gasps. Lindsay let out another sigh and stood, clicking off the TV and going up to their bedroom. She left Paul there on the living room floor, helpless, tormented, useless to her, save as a battery for her magic. She would leave him there for the rest of the night. Maybe after a good nights sleep, she’d feel enough sympathy to release him.

Stripping off her clothes and laying on the bed, she let the waves of Paul’s lustful energy imbue her as she reached down and touched herself. She masturbated to memories of Paul dominating her with his powerful, manly bearing, huge cock, and his ability to put her in place. It had been years since he’d been able to do that, but the memories were still sharp and fresh in her mind. She cried out and softly begged Paul for mercy as she took over an hour to tease herself, building herself up to climax, only to back off and let the tingling warmth shiver through her.

When she finally let herself cum, she shrieked Paul’s name. Downstairs, Paul was too far gone in his own sexual torment to notice. Bitterly, Lindsay tripled the intensity of sensations Paul was feeling. She let Paul’s howls and pleas lull her to sleep.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Retail Hell

“Look, I just want to get a little bit of a discount, okay?” the cute, twenty-something blond woman leaned forward a bit as she showed the picture frame to Mark. She held the frame up and pointed at it in just such an angle that Mark was unable to avoid seeing her cleavage from her low-cut shirt. Mark swallowed hard as his cock flexed in his pants. “See, there’s a little nick in the corner here.” The woman’s cherry red nail tapped at the corner of the frame, indicating a small, slightly discolored groove. However, given that the frame itself was already sporting a complex weave design, it was difficult to tell if the “little nick” in the wood was not actually part of the design. As far as Mark could tell, it was supposed to be there. But this would not be the first customer to try and fret over a miniscule detail in the hopes of shaving a couple extra pennies off the price.

“Ma’am, I really think it’s part of the—” Mark gasped as he felt the sensation of a hot, warm tongue suddenly lick along the length of his cock. He swallowed hard as his cock flexed once again, straining in his pants. “P-part of the design! I d-don’t think I can give you a—” He felt the tongue lick him again.

“Are you sure?” said the woman, giving him a doe-eyed innocent look. “Not even just a little discount? I’m kind of on my lunch break here, I don’t have all day to haggle.”

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Bench

Phil had given up struggling against his bonds. There was no breaking the women’s magical restraints, and even if he somehow could break them, it’s not like he could go anywhere to hide. In a world of Sex Mages, and especially in a small town like this, he’d be lucky to get a block before a woman would catch him and “put him back where he belonged.”

Where he belonged right now was sitting on the recently constructed wooden bench that circled the garden and fountain centerpiece of the town square. He, and a few other men dispersed among the bench, sat with their arms pinned over the backs of the bench, their feet planted firmly on the ground, with their legs spread wide. They were all nude, and frozen in place, the only movements they could make being to blink, breathe, and twitch their rock hard cocks. These were the modern day “stocks,” and had become the primary means of punishment for male criminals since the town had become part of a new Queendom.

Men who were punished this way were pinned for days to the benches with magic, their genitals free game for any woman who wished to tease them mercilessly, without relief. On the plus side, the magic’s healing side effects kept the men from getting hurt; they suffered neither sunburn nor chill nor hunger while they were pinned, and despite not moving for hours on end, their muscles didn’t cramp, nor did they suffer sores.

However, such pains would have been nothing compared to the agony of teasing they received. The sheer sexual tension drove the men to the brink of insanity, their penises and testicles aching with extreme need, even as the women of the town visited pleasures upon them so frequently and intensely that the pleasure itself became a sort of pain, magnified by the refusal to allow the men to cum.

This was Phil’s first turn on the stocks. He’d been skimming money from the registers at the store he worked at, careful to avoid any security cameras while he did so. Stupidly, he’d thought he’d get away with it, because his intentions and actions weren’t in the least bit sexual, thus women weren’t going to detect his thoughts on the matter. He’d always heard a woman could only read the sexual thoughts and memories of a man. Apparently, that was only to start with. A woman who’d been in enough sexual contact with a man could go deeper. So when his ex-girlfriend appeared at his store and took a peek in his mind, he’d been found out instantly. Ever ready for payback, she’d reported him immediately.

And so, here he was on the stocks. He’d only been there for a day, and he was already ready to cut his penis and testicles off with a rusty spoon if it meant never having to experience this kind of punishment again. He was so horny, so agonized by the need for relief, he was all but delirious with lust-fever. And not a single woman who passed him by gave him even a hint of pity, even as fresh new sensations tenderly assaulted his genitals and libido, lovingly brutalizing him the way only a woman could.

“So stupid,” he heard a woman say. His attention drew towards his right, where a few feet away, another man was pinned down. He couldn’t quite make out who it was, as he couldn’t turn his head to look. But he could see the two women, dressed in business suits and standing with their arms crossed, clucking their tongues at the other man. From the way he was slouched, Phil could just barely see the man’s penis, beet red with tension, quivering between his legs like a vibrator. The women laughed at his suffering. “You’d think these boys would realize at some point how powerless they are. But some men just never quite believe what we can do to them. Isn’t that right, Frank?”

Frank… Frank… he’d heard something about him in the paper. Frank had tried to force himself on a woman he’d thought didn’t have her powers yet. Absolutely desperate from months without relief. Now, they were saying he’d be fixed with a permanent orgasm block, even after a week on the Bench. Phil felt a sympathetic pang of dread for the man. Of course, he shouldn’t have forced himself on the woman. But then again, the things women did to them, driving men out of their minds with lust whether they deserved it or not…

Phil blinked as he saw the women snap their gaze towards him, sensing his thoughts. One of them smirked, and sauntered over to him, while the other stayed focused on Frank. The woman, dressed in light grey business attire, appraised Phil, and smirked as she saw his penis throbbing. “So, what did you do to be here, hmm?” Brazenly, she grabbed his penis, and gazed into his eyes. She could feel her mind rooting through his thoughts. “Robbery, huh? And you thought you’d get away with it because it didn’t have anything to do with your cock?” She pulled her hand back and watched his cock jerk in a futile attempt to cum, just from her brief touch. “Silly boy. Your cock is all you are.”

A muffled cry suddenly sounded, and Phil glanced back over to Frank. He was flushed and sweating, and his penis looked even harder and darker than before, if it was possible. It was also literally vibrating now, actually causing a low buzzing sound. The woman standing before him had a wicked grin on her face. Frank was mewling pitifully, his tormentor visiting maddening sensations upon his genitals without even bothering to touch him.

“Hey. Cock.” Phil glanced back to the woman standing in front of him. “What’s the most humiliating thing a woman has ever done to you?”

Phil tried desperately not to think of it, but of course, it was fruitless. Tell someone not to think of pink elephants, what’s the first thing that will flash into their minds? And so, Phil blushed as he remembered a time at a college party, when his then girlfriend, drunk on booze and her newly awakened Sex Magic, had made him strip naked and get on all fours in front of everybody. She and her sorority sisters had made a game of blind “pin the shoe on the ass.” The girls, drunk and stumbling, had tried taking a five inch heel and burying it in his asshole. His girlfriend had managed it, and she had worked it in just right that he had almost orgasmed right there.

Of course, he’d been orgasmed blocked, but every woman sensed his edging, and roared with laughter, taking pictures as he thrashed and cried at edge of release, his girlfriend freezing him in place with her magic as she slowly worked the heel in and out, twisting it to probe his prostate. The next day, he’d broken up with her, and pictures of him getting buttfucked with a shoe had been plastered over his FapReport page.

He had been just one of a dozen men played with at the party that way, but that had remained the most embarrassing moment of his life. The woman before him giggled as she read his thoughts. “Oh, my,” she said. “You poor thing. Well. I’ll make this feel gentle then.” She winked and Phil’s eyes went wide as he felt that hauntingly familiar sensation of a hard heel penetrating his sphincter, the edges lightly scratching along his walls, before rocking slowly back and forth.

Oh, God, why were women given this power? To just, with a mere thought, send a man spiraling into an utter hell of inhuman ecstasy without release? The woman laughed and leaned forward, her lips and breath tickling his ear in a way that made him swoon, even despite the torment she was visiting upon him. “Because, sweetie,” she said, huskily. “It’s what you men deserve. You were meant to be tortured by us women. It’s what you were built for. The Goddess wouldn’t have given you penises if she didn’t intend for us women to play with and tease them.”

She then laughed again and stood tall, giving him another wink, before walking back over to her friend and Frank, leaving Phil to stew in the sensations assaulting his ass. And poor Frank all but bellowed as the other woman rejoined in the fun, doing something to Frank that Phil couldn’t even imagine. But he had his own torment to worry about now, and all he could do was squeeze his eyes shut and try not to cry from the frustration and humiliation.

The sensations lasted a few more hours, sending him into a heady haze, even as other random licks and strokes and feather swipes and squeezes assaulting his genitals over and over. He was leaking pre-cum like a faucet by this point, staining the wood of the bench. He occasionally came out of his stupor as a few more people came up to play with him in person. At one point, two girls he vaguely recognized as new hires at his store, sat on either side of him. They were not quite old enough to have Sex Magic of their own, but compensated by bringing feathers to idly tease him with while they chatted about teenager nonsense.

At some point, they left, and some other young girl was there, holding his cock between her ample breasts, staring at his face with wide, curious eyes. Energy was flowing from her skin into him, supercharging his cock. She would occasionally lean her head down and lick a drop of pre-cum from his tip, but he was already steadily leaking over her breasts. A younger woman, perhaps only just gaining her Magic, and curious to try it out, studying her effects on him. He lost track of time, but it was getting dark by the time she left.

As people went home for the night, the teasing relented, until he could get his wits about himself. He and the other men sat in the dark, still unmoving. Phil wondered if they would finally be granted a reprieve, be allowed to sleep and rest before the teasing torment picked up again the in morning.

No such luck. Less than hour after the shops around the town square closed, and the pedestrian traffic dried up, the street lights went out, dousing the men in nothing by starlight. And then, they could hear footsteps approaching.

Phil’s heartbeat quickened as he saw the silhouettes of women approaching. One in particular came towards him, and though it was hard to tell with only starlight to light the area, he realized she was naked.

Even as she came right up to him, he couldn’t see her face in the darkness. He could, however, feel her warmth, her soft but firm skin as she brushed against him. She climbed onto his helpless body, sitting on his lap. He could feel the wet heat from her pussy, less than an inch from his cock. She leaned forward and lightly pressed her breasts to his face, then shifted to the side, lightly dragging her hard nipples over his lips. Instinctively, he tried to open his mouth to fasten his lips around her breasts, entranced by her touch. Even as badly as he needed to cum, his male instinct was to try and pleasure her, to draw affection from her body.

And then she hugged him, pressing his face between her breasts until he couldn’t breathe, before shifting her hips and taking his hard cock fully inside. Phil screamed in both panic and painfully intense pleasure. She rocked her hips and her breath became husky as she fucked him, first sweetly slow, then gradually increasing to a wild pistoning. She gasped and cried and whimpered as she pleased herself with his helpless body, using him like a living dildo. All the while, she kept his face pressed against her, preventing sight, and breath, her magic keeping him sustained even as his lungs screamed for air. But even the need to breathe was eclipsed by the intensity of his need to cum.

His mind went into a surreal headspace, half-unconscious, but unable to pass out, pleasure and pain pounding through his body. He heard feminine shrieks of pleasure, and felt her body shudder in orgasm on his, and her climax briefly spiked the sensations even stronger. But she kept going, as he could swear he heard the gasps and cries of other women and man as well. The other men on the bench must also be getting used, but at the moment, he was too far gone to logic that out. He thought he was hallucinating from the sensation overload, or that the woman riding him was using some kind of psychic trick.

He didn’t know how long she was on him, but eventually, the sensations faded, and he gradually became aware again. He must have been permitted to pass out at some point, because when his eyes fluttered open again, it was morning, and the town square was already bustling with people starting their daily routines. The woman was long gone.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His cock was throbbing, but no one was teasing it at the moment, and the ache of tension had faded. He’d been in the stocks for only a day, it already felt like forever. He didn’t think he could take three more days of this.

He became aware of a shadow falling over him, and he opened his eyes. If he could have moved, he would have jumped, but all he could do was blink. His cock twitched as he recognized his most recent ex-girlfriend, Julia.

“You seem to be having fun,” she said, giving him a look of bored tolerance. She squinted at him a moment and he could feel her in his mind, probing his thoughts. “Wow, you got lucky last night. First time actually touching a woman since me, huh? Ouch, and she was rough.”

Mentally, he was trying not to panic, the rush of sexual memories making his heart beat faster, and his cock throb. Julia smirked as she watched his memories stream by. She reached down and gave the end of his cock a sharp flick. He blinked, the closest he could come to wincing. “What did I tell you about thinking that way about me, hmm? We’re not a couple anymore, so you don’t get to have erotic thoughts about me.”

Phil let out a pitiful moan. As if he could even remotely help it! And she knew he couldn’t, either. And she didn’t care. Any excuse to punish him.

“Stop it,” she scolded. She flicked the end of his cock sharply several times, something she loved to do to humiliate and chastise him when they’d been together. So of course, the flicking did nothing to help him stop thinking about their time together. Her fingers drifted down to his swollen testicles. His eyes widened, but he could do nothing to stop her as she flicked them hard with every syllable. “I. Said. Stop. It.” Tears streams from his eyes as pain exploded in his balls, and he instinctively fought the mystical bindings to try and curl up. He barely managed to twitch his fingers and toes, the most movement he’d managed since being bound down.

Julia shook her head and tsked at him. “Hopeless,” she said. She gave his penis head one more flick, gentler this time, and turned to walk away. Then she paused and turned back. “Almost forgot,” she said, and dug into her purse. She pulled out a black thong, the kind she used to wear when they were first dating. “Wore this for three days straight,” she said as she affixed the lingerie to his head, the stained crotch right over his nose. Her scent assailed his nostrils, and he couldn’t help but remember all the times she’d ridden his face while his cock went untouched all night. “There you go,” she said, and laughed. She pulled out her phone and took a few pictures. “A few for the profile.” She laughed again as she turned and walked off, leaving him to grow dizzy from her scent burning through his nostrils with every breath. As she walked away, a new wave of feather sensations picked up on his balls and shaft, swirling around the head, making his penis burn with pleasure too intense to handle.

He’d only been on the bench a single day and night so far, and he had two more to go. At this point, he would have rather taken a few years in prison. He had no idea how he was going to survive the Bench with his sanity intact.